Shania Twain (52%) tramples Jenny McCarthy (48%) Shania stood in the ring, very nervous and scared… She was afraid to face Jenny McCarthy. Most of the people in the league hated Jenny, including Shania herself. Shania was dressed in a black tube top, with a pair of matching black trunks. She stood in the corner of the ring, a bit lost and nervous…

Suddenly, Boo'ings were shouted from the whole crowd. Shania turned around and saw Jenny McCarthy, walking with a bitchy attitude as usual, with a long feather made outfit, proudly walking on her high heels. Christina Applegate was trailing behind. She walked up the stairs and reached the ring. Christina removed her feather robe. Jenny only had a bra and panty under… Woosh…

Christina quickly got to the ringside and watched closely.

"Haha… Nervous to fight me lil country gal? Don't worry… I'll beat your ass sooo quick that you won't feel any pain…" Jenny started with a little grin on the face.

The special guest referee of today's match is the famous Chinese martial artist Zhang Zi Yi. She stood in the middle of the ring as Jenny passed in front of her without any eye contact…

Jenny placed her hands on her hips, with a bitchy grin, awaited for Shania. Shania slowly walked to Jenny.

Ding Ding Ding.

Jenny immediately rammed her fist on Shania' stomach. Shania backed off, sobbing and trying to catch her breath from the devastating blow of Jenny. The blonde slowly walked to Shania and pulled her straight back up by a handful of hair.

"You're no match for me!" she said as she began to slap Shania's pink cheeks over and over. After a dozens of slaps, she kicked Shania's mid-section, then executed a DDT on her. The country girl rested on the mat, lifeless. The blonde walked to the Shania's legs, pulled them up and locks the Boston Crab on Shania. We could here quiet sobbing of Shania! Poor girl!

Suddenly, Jenny felt something pulling her backwards. She slightly turned her head and saw Shania creeping on the mat with all her power, pulling with her hand towards the ropes. Jenny tried her best to keep Shania there, but she couldn't. Shania crept and crept, full of sweat right now, finally she grabbed the rope.

Zhang Zi Yi immediately asked Jenny to let go the hold. Jenny refused. She just shook her head with a grin. Impressive, Zhang Zi yi just pushes Jenny away, she drops Shania's legs. Jenny was surprised. She glared at Zhang Zi Yi, while walking towards the sobbing Shania.

"Not bad bitch…" Jenny said as she grabbed Shania back to her feet by the hair. Jenny rammed her knee on Shania's crotch! Ouch! Shania jumped back and crashed on the corner, sobbing in hellish pain. Zhang Zi Yi tapped Jenny's shoulder and said that was an illegal move. Jenny just pushed Zi Yi's hand away and walked towards the exhausted Shania. The blonde suddenly ripped her own bra off. She grabbed the crying Shania's head and shoved it directly on her right breast She rubbed her breast on Shania's face, all over, then she put her nipple on Shania's lips, and yelled:" Kiss them!" She laughed out loud.

Shania had a few tears left on the boobs of the blonde. Jenny body slammed Shania on the mat. The country girl was sobbing and laid on the mat defenceless. Jenny crouched down and began to remove Shania's high heel boots. Once removed, Jenny removed on sock of Shania's feet. Once again, Zhang Zi Yi came and asked Jenny to stop, that the sock is an illegal "weapon". Jenny was furious. She pushed Zhang Zi Yi to the corner and began to yell vulgar words at her.

"Would you shut the fuck up bitch?? Don't you see I'm working on that lil country slut! Don't worry! You'll be next!" Jenny yelled.

Zhang Zi Yi didn't want to argue, she just turned her face away. Meanwhile, Shania got back to her feet, still a little bit dazed, but strong enough to stay up. Jenny held her sock tight in her hand, ready to shove it on Shania's face.

"Jenny! Watch out!!!" Christina Applegate yelled from ringside.

"What??!" Jenny yelled, still mad at Zhang Zi Yi, slowly turning around.

As she turns around, she was shocked. She immediately shoved her socked hand towards Shania.



Shania's held Jenny's hand! The two beauties competed with strength now. Shania used all her force, so did Jenny. They were both sweaty. Finally, Shania's hand advances abruptly and went directly on Jenny's face. The sock covered Jenny's mouth and nose, her hand is ceased by Shania's, and her other hand is wildly swinging, sign of terror and panic. Shania pushed hard on the back of Jenny's head, while continuing to push with the sock. She felt a part of the sock penetrating in Jenny's mouth. Jenny was going down. Jenny fell on the mat, the struggles weakened. Suddenly, a fist came from between the ropes and smashed Shania's face.

"Awww!!!" she sobbed as she rolled away.

Zhang Zi Yi looked, it was Christina Applegate. She jumped up on the ringside and began to distract Zi Yi by yelling bad words at her. The referee walked in front of her and warned her with disqualification of her friend.

Meanwhile, Jenny slowly got up, feeling very sick of the sock's odor. Shania was on her knees and hands, sobbing in the middle of the ring. Jenny wanted to finish this quick. She ran and jumped, quickly got on the top rope. She slowly turned around, positioning herself for a high air manoeuvre. Shania slowly got to her feet, barely able to stay still. She looked and didn't know what to do.

"You stupid chinkie slut!" Christina Applegate yelled.

Suddenly, Zhang Zi Yi execute a perfect spinning heel kick, which caught Christina squarely on the nose. Christina flew off the ringside and her head landed on the steel stairs. She bounced off and laid on the floor lifeless.

Zhang Zi Yi's kick touched the top rope, the rope moved away from Jenny's foot! Oh my god! Jenny slipped and fell, her crotch landing on the turnbuckle top hard.

"AWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!" Jenny screamed in hellish pain.

Shania shook off her dazed effect. She quickly took off her other sock, dropped it, then ran toward Jenny, jumped legs up and locked the blonde's head between her feet. Jenny tried to stay there, but couldn't. Shania pulled with her feet and executed a magnificent top rope hurricanrana. Jenny flew off from the top and crashed on the center of the ring, totally devastated. She laid there, moving her arms and legs, trying to recover. Shania restarted to be dizzy. She almost fainted. She fell on her knees and she held the ropes, trying to stay up. After a minute or so, Jenny was on her feet, very dazed and hurt. So is Shania, she turned around and saw Jenny.

Jenny quickly jointed her hands (Like some kind of hammer) and ran towards Shania. Jenny jumped up in the hair, wanting to smash Shania's head…

Shainia raised her naked foot and kick Jenny's mid-section.

"Ah!" was a little sound Jenny made.

Still in the air, Shania jumps with the blonde, locks her head in perfect position and delivers and hard stunner on the blonde.

Jenny bounces off Shania's shoulder, flips and crashes on the mat, spread eagle, totally stunned and lifeless. Shania immediately jumped on Jenny for the cover. Zhang Zi Yi slid down and began to count. Each of her taps landed on Jenny's throat!!!

OneTwoThree!!! The quick counts have eliminated Jenny McCarthy!

Shania raised her hands, her knees on Jenny's boobs and crotch, so happy of her victory. She stayed on Jenny for a good five minutes. With the cutest and sweetest smile ever, she walked back into the lockers.

Jenny woke up in fury. She looked at Zhang Zi Yi and threw a right hook towards her. Zi Yi caught her fist, repeatly chopped the semi-nude blonde's ribs.

"AHHH!!!" the blonde screamed.

Zi Yi then chopped Jenny's throat… The blonde backed off, neutralized. Zi Yi spins her kick, knocks Jenny down and rams her other feet on Jenny's throat. Jenny raised her head with some whitish fluid coming out of her mouth, looked at Zi Yi with a hard grimace, and then her head crashed back down on the mat. The blonde laid on the ring, spread eagle, lifeless. The crowd was cheering!

Zi Yi jumped off the ring and coolly walked back in the lockers………….

Shania is aged like fine wine!

Jenny gets humbled by the Country Cutie


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