One morning while Shakira was watching television, she gets a phone call.

"Hello?" says Shakira in her Hispanic accent.

"Shakira? This is StoneRage, the commissioner." replies the familiar voice on the other end of the phone.

"I finally hear from the powerful StoneRage after months of voice messages. What can I do for you?" says an almost annoyed Shakira.

"Well, I've got some good news for you. You're going to be in a match against Faith Hill this month. You think you're up for it?" asked StoneRage in a way that showed he had given this match to her to get her off his back.

"Am I up for it? Am I UP for it? Of course I'm up for it. I'll kick that country's chick's ass so bad, she'd wish that she'd never even fought me." responded Shakira.

"Well, that's certainly something to look forward too. She said she'd follow up on what Jessica Simpson did to you. She's also asked that the match be in a twenty foot high steel cage with the winner being decided by pin fall or submission." said StoneRage.

"Steel cage or not, I'm ready for the fight and I'm going to win." responded a confident Shakira.

A week later, the two sexy blonde fighters showed up at the fight in time to prepare for the fight and for reporters to ask them questions. Both predicted an easy victory in the match. The 20 foot tall steel cage was lowered from the ceiling leaving some space around the mat in case the wrestlers take the fighting outside the ring. Shakira was introduced first to the ring. She was wearing the red outfit from the 2000 Latin Grammy Awards show and with the song 'Ojos asi' blaring in the background. The crowd cheered her wildly as she came to the ring. She smiled and blew kisses to the crowd. Faith Hill was introduced next. She was wearing a pair of black leather pants with matching boots and a corset. There was a medley of her songs playing in the background. She had a mix of cheers and boos, but mostly cheers. She had a large fan base at this arena. Both warriors were both in the ring ready to fight. The referee called them to the middle of the ring and says "Alright ladies, you know the rules. The winner is only declared by submission or pin fall. Anything goes in this match, no holds barred. Good luck ladies and may the best fighter win."

The bell rang and the two wrestlers circled each other. Faith Hill was a little nervous being that this was her first match and she was going up against someone who's been in a fight before. She charged at Shakira, but was countered by a toe hold drop. Both wrestlers got up and Faith once again charged at Shakira who hip tossed her to the mat. Shakira quickly straddled Faith's stomach, grabbed a tuft of her hair with her left hand and furiously punched away with her right fist. Faith could hardly defend herself against Shakira's attack. Once she began recovering from one punch, another one hit her. She somehow managed to reach up with her hands and stick her thumbs into Shakira's eyes. This plan succeeded in stopping the punches from raining down on her for the moment. Faith took her thumbs from Shakira's eyes which were quickly covered by her hands. Faith gut punched Shakira deeply several times and watched as her cheeks filled with air. She then pushed Shakira off of her.

Faith quickly got to her feet and dragged Shakira up to her feet as well. She kicked Shakira in her crotch with the tip of her boot causing her to double over and her mouth to form an 'O'. Faith followed up the crotch kick with several kicks to Shakira's mid-section. Shakira was taking a step back with each kick to her tenderized mid-section. Faith Hill then switched tactics and nailed Shakira with a left and then a right hook which spun her around 360 degrees and onto the ropes. Faith, feeling exhilarated that she's dominating Shakira wanted to beat her some more, so she sent Shakira hurdling toward the opposite ropes while she went off the ropes near her. Faith attempted to clothesline Shakira as they came close to her, but she ducked underneath at the last second. They both continued and went off the other set of ropes for more momentum. On the return, Shakira launched herself at Faith Hill. Faith Hill was completely caught off guard by the maneuver and couldn't react in time. Shakira started with her long sexy legs bent at first, but as they connected with Faith's chest, they were fully extended for maximum effect as she leveled Faith to the mat. The maneuver took a lot out of Faith as she lay there barely moving, prone and spread eagle.

Shakira followed up with a few stomps to Faith's stomach as she began to take apart her inexperienced opponent. Shakira then went off the ropes near Faith's legs and as she approached her on the return, she jumped up, bent her legs close to her body and landed on Faith's unprotected stomach with her butt causing Faith's body to jolt as over 100 pounds fell on her stomach and forced her to scream in massive pain. Shakira moved up, laid on her side and placed Faith's head between her thighs and squeezed tightly cutting off the air supply from Faith's head. She gritted her teeth as she squeezed as hard as she could on Faith's neck. "You give up you country wimp?" screamed Shakira.

"Never." grunted Faith.

Shakira squeezed even tighter around Faith's neck. All could see Faith's face turning red from the lack of air. Shakira asked her again if she wanted to submit, but Faith once again refused. Frustrated by her refusal to submit, Shakira release Faith from the scissor hold and dragged her to her feet. She then placed Faith's head between her thighs again, hoisted her up vertically, and dropped to her butt as she pile-drived Faith to the mat. She released Faith and let her drop limply to the mat. Shakira's lips curled up as she knew she was manhandling her opponent. She went for a cross-body pin, but Faith somehow managed to get her shoulder up just before the 3 count.

Shakira stood up and brought Faith to her feet, scooped her up and body slammed her. She then slowly and seductively walked to Faith's legs. She bent over, picked each one up individually and spread them apart. She then drove her knee into Faith's crotch causing her to scream in pain. After about half a minute of causing excruciating pain with her knee, Shakira lifted her knee off of Faith's aching crotch and sat on her own knees to ponder her next move. She watched Faith writhing in pain in front of her with her hands caressing her aching crotch. It was at this point that Faith somehow found her fighting spirit. She looked up at Shakira with rage in her eyes and before Shakira could do anything, she wrapped her legs around Shakira's waist in a tight body scissors cutting off circulation to her lower body and the much needed air to her upper body. Faith gritted her teeth as she poured every last ounce of her strength into the scissors hold. Shakira was caught off-guard by the move as her body was momentarily paralyzed. Once the initial shock wore off, Shakira responded with punches to Faith's gut, but they had little effect as Faith flexed her muscles inward with every punch. Slowly but surely, Shakira's punches were becoming weaker and slower and soon were little more than light slaps to Faith's stomach. Soon, Shakira's arms wore out as they dropped to her side and her upper body slacked as Faith's scissor-hold had taken its toll on her body. Shakira still had some fight left in her still, but was much reduced by the scissor-hold.

Faith finally released her scissor-hold on Shakira, swung her leg around, hitting Shakira on the temple and knocking her down on the mat. Both wrestlers took several minutes to recover from the punishment the other gave them. Both slowly made it to their feet at about the same time using the ropes on opposite sides to help them up. After both wrestlers made it to their feet, they approached each other a little more cautiously than before.

"I'm gonna kick your ass you Spanish whore." growled Faith.

"Please. You're going down you wannabe. You'll wish you never wanted to fight me after I'm through with you." snapped Shakira.

Faith responded with a bitch slap and the fight was back on. Shakira replied with a bitch slap of her own. The two leaped at each other attacking each other with everything they had. The intense battle raged on for several minutes with control of the fight going back and forth with neither of them totally dominating the fight. Then the turning point came in the fight when Faith was on her back on the mat and Shakira was climbing the turnbuckles for a high risk maneuver. With a burst of energy, Faith got to her feet and went to one of the sets of ropes that Shakira was standing on for support and shook it violently causing Shakira to lose her balance and fall straight down hitting her crotch on the top turnbuckle. When her crotch hit the turnbuckle, Shakira let out a painful shriek. Faith slowly made her way to the turnbuckles and got up the turnbuckle. She got into a slugfest with Shakira which she quickly won after she racked Shakira's eyes. She then dragged Shakira to her feet on the third turnbuckle and put her into a headlock, quickly followed by a suplex.

Faith got to her feet, then laid a few kicks and stomps to Shakira's bruised body. She then brought Shakira to her feet. She was hunched over and her knees bent slightly from the effects of the fall on the turnbuckle. Faith and Shakira then got into a slugfest with each other. Shakira was too badly weakened by the fight and worn out by Faith to put up much resistance as her arms soon dropped to her side. Faith continued punching away at Shakira's face driving her back to the ropes after which she charged and connected with a short arm clothesline knocking her over the ropes and onto the floor below.

Shakira made a futile attempt to get to her feet but failed as she fell down each time. Faith took a short moment to play to the crowd before stepping outside the ring to continue her assault on Shakira. As she tried again to get up, Shakira noticed Faith coming after her. She tried to scurry away but wasn't fast enough as Faith kicked her in her stomach to put her flat on her stomach. Faith lifts the apron up and rummages through some stuff underneath the ring and comes out with a pair of handcuffs. She then drags the whimpering Shakira to her feet and pushes her up against the steel cage and uses the single pair of handcuffs to cuff her hands above her head so that she won't fall down. Faith then proceeds to use Shakira's back as a punching and kicking bag as she mercilessly attacked her with her fists, knees and kicks. All Shakira could do was holler in pain. After punching and kicking her opponent, Faith continued her attack by grabbing Shakira's long main and slamming her head into the metal bars causing blood to splatter all over the place and Shakira to wail in pain. After several minutes of such torture for her younger opponent which left many welts on her body, Faith released one of Shakira's hands, turned her body around so that it faced her and cuffed it once again. Shakira now looked at her attacker face one who had a vengeful look on her. She watched her as she came in and once again use her body as a punching and kicking bag. Faith furiously punched, kicked and kneed her torso. Shakira patiently took the punishment as she knew she was defenseless and could do nothing to stop her attacker. Faith finished up her attack with several dozen knee lifts to her crotch. Finally, Faith released Shakira from her cuffs and allowed her to slump onto her own body knowing she had nothing left in her.

Once returning to the ring, Faith forced Shakira to her feet, place her head between her thighs and powerbombed her. Remembering Shakira's attack on her earlier, Faith went off the ropes across from Shakira's feet, curled her knees up near her chest and dropped her butt on Shakira's exposed gut causing her body to jolt and for her to cry out in pain. She then placed her foot between Shakira's breasts and had the referee administer the usual 10 count as she raised her arms in victory. She then looked down victoriously at her defeated opponent. She kneeled down beside Shakira and slowly stripped her body leaving her naked from head to toe with no resistance at all from Shakira. She then sat behind Shakira, sat her up and placed an arm around her neck. She then said to her "If you don't want me to snap your neck in front of all your adoring fans, you'd better do as I say. You understand?" growled Faith.

"Please Faith, I…I'll do anything you want, just don't hurt me any more." pleaded the defeated and sobbing Shakira.

"That's a good girl. I want you to masturbate in front of the crowd for me." replied a nasty Faith.

"What? No! Not in front of my family." said a surprised Shakira.

"Family? Where's your family?" asked Faith.

"O…Over there, in the front row." said Shakira as she pointed to her family.

Faith repositioned herself and Shakira so that they both faced Shakira's family. Faith still had her hold on Shakira's neck as she spread Shakira's legs as far as she could. Faith tightened her hold on Shakira and even twisted her neck a bit and once again ordered "Masturbate or else I break your neck you Spanish Whore."

Shakira at this point was afraid that Faith might actually go through with her threat as she slowly slid her hand down her body toward her aching, throbbing crotch. When she got to her crotch, she hesitated a bit as she looked at her family for a brief moment. This would be the first time not only seeing their daughter masturbate, but also being publicly humiliated. Finally, Shakira thrust her fingers into her crotch and moved them around in her own body. This was the ultimate humiliation for Shakira to be masturbating in front of her family like this. She wouldn't have minded so much if her family weren't there to watch, but it makes so much more difficult for her. Shakira soon lost herself as she feverishly began to thrust her fingers back and fort in her pulsating crotch. Her moaning increased as she mind forgot about her pain wracked body and concentrated on the pleasure of masturbating. As she began to moan faster and louder, she bit down on her lip a bit to hold it in. Faith was getting off herself as she watched Shakira manipulate herself with her fingers. She called for a microphone which she got quickly got from the announcer. Faith placed the microphone to Shakira's lips for all to hear moans of pleasure. Faith whispered in Shakira's ear "Tell everyone what you are Shakira."

"I'm a Spanish whore." said Shakira between her moans. Faith smiled as Shakira said this. She maintained the microphone to Shakira's mouth so that all could hear her moans. The jumbotron was showing Shakira fingering herself. Faith used the hand that she had around Shakira's neck to massage he breasts. Faith then began kissing Shakira's neck then her cheeks. Shakira made no move to stop Faith's advances and even moaned "Yes, Faith, Fuck me. Make me cum." Faith proceeded to Shakira's lips kissing them and sticking her tongue in her mouth. She stopped kissing Shakira after a few seconds as she spat inside Shakira's mouth showing her disgust for kissing her. Shakira's pussy was soaked and throbbing from the masturbating, her thighs were pulsating and her legs were kicking signifying that she was near an orgasm. It came to the point that Shakira leaned her body back onto Faith's body for support. Shakira's moaning was increasing in speed and loudness. Within another minute, Shakira's body had succumbed to the pleasure of her fingers as her juices streamed out of her body in a massive orgasm. As Shakira gave in to her masturbating, she yelled out Faith's name in a slightly stuttering fashion several times. After keeping her fingers in her crotch for half a minute more, Faith removed them with her own hand and brought them up to Shakira's mouth where she had her clean off her own cum. At first Shakira resisted but soon gave in to Faith's demand as she cleaned off her own juices from her hand.

After Shakira cleaned off her own hand, Faith let her go to drop to the mat, got up and waved to the crowd with a bitchy look on her face. Before she left the ring she stood over Shakira's body, leaned down and gave Shakira the double middle finger (one from each hand). Before Faith stood up, Shakira whispered to her "I'll pay you back for all this you bitch." Faith just smiled back at her and left the ring.

After a few minutes, Shakira got her strength back and was able to slowly make it back to her locker room which she trashed in anger to losing to Faith Hill. As she was pounding away at the lockers a friendly voice came from the door "Shakira? Can we come in?"

Alyssa MilanoNelly FurtadoShakira turned to see who it was and was surprised to see Alyssa Milano and Nelly Furtado. "Sure come in. What can I do for you." responded as sobbing Shakira with a quiver in her voice. Alyssa and Nelly walked in to the room and looked at the mess in the locker room.

"We saw your match with Faith Hill. We want to start by saying that you fought well and what she did to you was terrible. I would never have done that to you if you were my opponent."

"Yeah, thanks. At least either of you weren't forced to masturbate in front of your families." said a still pissed Shakira.

"We don't assume to know what it feels likes for you. We're just here to give you our support and to ask you if you'd like to join Generation Next now that we're restarting it after Britney, Mel and Madonna created their own group 'The Blonde Bombshells'. You'd be a full fledged equal member of our group. We'd have a united front against any of our enemies and have a better chance of winning and more credibility than if were lone warriors." said Alyssa extending her hand.

Shakira had a confused look on her face as she asked "You…you want me to join your group? Is there some sort of catch or condition or something here? If you haven't noticed, I haven't won a match yet."

"There's no catch or condition Shakira, unless you want to have any conditions on joining. We could use your talents in our group. You're a good fighter. Whether you join us or not, we'd like to help you clean up your locker room, give you a massage and give you a shower." smiled Alyssa as she tried to sweeten the pot for Shakira to join.

Shakira smiled warmly at Alyssa as she extended her hand and shook that of Alyssa's and said "I certainly would like to join the group and I'd like to thank the both of you for asking me to join. I do not have any conditions for joining your group. You're the first two fighters to ever talk to me in a friendly manner much less ask me to join any group. I will fight loyally beside each of you in your future battles as I hope you will in mine." She then hugged both Alyssa and Nelly and kissed them both on each of their cheeks.

"We are both with you Shakira." smiled Alyssa and Nelly.

During the next half hour, Alyssa and Nelly helped Shakira clean up her locker room and put it in order. They all then stripped naked and got in the shower. Alyssa and Nelly helped lather up and clean Shakira's sweaty body as well as massage it from head to toe. There was intense sexual foreplay between the three of them during the time in the shower where Alyssa and Nelly each brought the willing Shakira to an orgasm. They in turned allowed Shakira to bring each of them to an orgasm as well. Later that night after their romp in the shower, the three put on their club outfit and went dancing at the clubs until the break of dawn. All three of them enjoyed each other's company that night as they drank and danced the night away. They all became fast and close friends that evening.

Faith Hill has very impressive debut

Shakira looks forward to a new life in Generation Next


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