The gym was quite. That was exactly the way that Karen liked it! She found tranquility as she made her way through her rigorous workout. The only sound you could here was her breathing. In through the noseÖ out through the mouthÖ She was lying flat on the weight bench as she lifted the free weights set after set. The only distraction she would allow herself was her ear pods as workout was accompanied by her play list.

In through the noseÖ, out through the mouthÖ
In through the noseÖ, out through the mouthÖ
In through the noseÖ, out through the mouthÖ
In through the noseÖ, out through ackkkkkkk!!!!

A wave of pain washed over the beautiful playmate. Her peaceful work out was interrupted when Storm D leapt on her, straddling her body. The womanís full weight was focused just about directly over her diaphragm. That wasnít the worst of it; Karenís attacker was pressing the weight bar across her throat cutting off her air supply.

Karen was in the fight of her life! Her attacker used the element of surprise and was in complete control using a combination of her own weight and the weight of the iron that Karen had stacked on the bar for her workout. Karen struggled with everything she had, arching her back, and bridging up from the weight bench. As Karen saw stars from the lack of oxygen, she was able to tilt the bar off to one side dumping the weight off of the bar. With her attacker losing some of her advantage, Karen released her grip on the bar and grabbed hold of her attackerís wrist trying to toss the woman off of her. ďIím going to fucking kill you!Ē Karen yelled with a very raspy voice as she continued to bridge and felt her attacker starting to lose her balance.


Just when Karen felt like she was making some headway against her attacker, a second combatant joined in on the assault. Karen felt another weight land on her, sitting on her upper thighs, pinning her flat on the weight bench once more. As she continued to struggle with the first woman sitting just below her breasts, the second attacker fired a punch aimed right at her belly button. The beautiful playmate had no time to react and try and tight her stomach muscles. With a flurry of several more blows striking at the very same spot, her defenses were overwhelmed.

Karenís face was a mask of pain. Eyes wide, moth open gasping for air, Storm D was able to pull her hands free from the playmate. As Storm C pounded away at Karenís belly, Storm D took the opportunity to tear open the front of her t-shirt. The playmates bra was pulled up and Storm D went to work digging her nails into Karenís tender breasts flesh. As Karen cried out in pain, Storm C now stopped pounding away had her bruised and battered belly.

Karenís hands shot to Storm Dís wrist once again trying to stop the onslaught. With no longer trying to bridge up and toss her attackers off of her, Storm C slid Karenís workout shorts and panties down her hips to her upper thighs. That was pretty much as far down as she could slide them without dismounting the playmate. No worries that was enough for Storm C to expose her next target.

Storm C pinched hold of Karenís clitoris causing a new shriek from the trapped playmate. A combination of Karenís jumping and desperation, the playmate was able to bury her fist in Strom Dís belly, knocking the wind from her. The next fist was a hard right cross to the point of the chin that knocked Storm D from her perch. Storm C was caught by surprise by Karenís sudden upward movement. As she continued to torture the playmateís neither region she was caught even more by surprise when Karen connected with a lightning fast right-left-right combination. Karen was hurt, but she knew that she had to follow up on the change of momentum. A very hard shove by both of the playmateís hands pancaked Storm Cí breasts and knocked her off of Karenís legs.

As Storm C crashed to the floor at Karenís feet, the playmate leapt to her feet and dove on top of the masked woman. Straddling her, Karen started throwing fist after fist. Having taking the fight out of her opponent, Karen pulled Storm C to a seated position. Still sitting on the masked womanís legs, Karen went to work pulling the mask off of her to expose her attacker. Grabbing it at the bottom, near the back of the womanís head, Karen was determined to unmask her. Storm C struggled with all of her strength to prevent the unveiling, but Karen was determined, and determination won out! Although she tried to cover her face, Storm Cís, or should I say Chrissy Teigenís identity was revealed.

Just as Karen cranked back to deliver another blow to the face of Chrissy, she herself was struck in the back of the head stunning her. Grabbing the playmate by the hair, Storm D pulled her to her feet and ran her head first into a nearby wall. Karen found herself trapped in the corner as the still unidentified masked woman went to work pounding away at her lush body. Tired of taking a beating, Karen charged forward at the masked woman bowling her over.

The two women crashed to floor with Karen on top. The playmate tried to take advantage of the sudden change of events, but it soon became clear that Storm D was the fresher of the two when she easily reversed positions when she grabbed her by the hair and mounted the playmate. Storm D once again focused her attack on the playmateís breasts causing the trapped woman to cry out in pain. Although she had taken a pretty good beating at the hand of the two women, Karen wasnít finished yet!

As Storm D worked on her breasts, Karen fired a punch with all she had into the ribs of her captor. Storm D grunted and the breast attack loosened. Another shot to the same spot, and another, and another had the breast attack completely cease. Next was a punch to the point of the chin and Storm D toppled to the side. Karen took just a moment to rub her damaged breast before kicking her leg up and over the masked woman. The lovely playmate immediately went to work tearing at Storm Dís mask until her identity was revealed as Demi Lovato.

Shocked at having revealed the identities of her attackers, Karenís mind raced as what to do next. Should she try to restrain the two and call Cori or should she make a run for it? That split second of hesitation was her undoing. Storm C, I mean Chrissy had made it to her feet and approached the unsuspecting playmate from behind. Grabbing Karen by the hair Chrissy pulled her head backwards and tucked it under her arm locking in an inverted face lock.

The two on one was just too much for the playmate. She struggled to break Chrissyís hold but she was fading fast. Soon Demi re-entered the fight and started pounding away at Karenís belly and diaphragm. As darkness crept into the playmateís peripheral vision, her arms dropped to her sides. Still holding the choke hold as tightly as she could with her left arm, Chrissy started hammering punches down onto the defeated womanís breasts. Totally at the mercy of her two assailants, Karenís entire body went limp as they continued to pound away.

A very badly beaten and battered playmate groggily started to awaken. Lights were flashing from flash photography. Karen found herself at the feet of Demi and Chrissy as they posed for their celebratory photos. Karen tried to pull away, but Demi held a tight grip of her hair, mainly to have kept the unconscious playmate seated upright for the photos. Now it was to make sure that Karen knew who was in charge of this photo shoot.

ďHey Chrissy, look who is joining usÖĒ Demi told her friend as she felt Karen trying to pull free. Looking down at the fallen playmate Chrissy snapped a kick square in Karenís face. The beaten womanís hair was pulled from Demiís grip and Karen fell flat on her back at her attackerís feet.

When Karen awoke again she once again found herself straddled by both women. Demi was just below her breasts, and Chrissy was sitting on her upper legs. Unfortunately for Karen, this time her arms were pinned to her sides underneath Demi. Karen valiantly squirmed trying to free herself but her freedom was not to be found. Demi worked over her breasts while Chrissy invaded the promised land between her legs. ďOK, Iím bored with this bitch! Letís put her out!Ē

Chrissy seemed to be the one in charge of the two. As she started pounding away at Karenís belly Demi pinched the playmateís nose shut with one hand and covered her mouth with the other. Soon the playmate drifted away into darkness once more. As her eyes fluttered shut, the playmate was already starting to dream of her revenge. It was an extremely painful lesson but she now knew the identities of both of the masked women.

"Karen! Karen!" It was CoriÖ She had found her teammateís battered body in the gym. Karenís discarded body was bound and gagged.

Cori pulled the ball from her mouth and asked her friend what had happened. ďUntie me!Ē was Karenís instant demand. Karen was completely inconsolable at the moment so Cori did what anyone else would have done. She placed the ball gag back in Karenís mouth and took advantage of the situationÖ