The gym was desolate when Karen and IRISH entered. That was just the way the couple liked it having free reign of the place to themselves. Since the virus had closed many businesses it was nice to have connections that still allowed you to get your workout in.

As they made it towards the back of the gym, near the locker rooms, Karen heard a noise from within the lady’s side. She stopped short and placed her index finger up to her lips signaling IRISH to keep quite. Her face lit up as bright as a thousand suns when she saw Demi Lovato walk out of the locker room.

Demi never noticed the two as she was walking with her head down looking down at her cell phone. It wasn’t until Karen cleared her throat loudly that she realized she wasn’t alone. Her face turned pale when she recognized who stood before her. It was only last month that Chrissy Teigen and her jumped Karen during one of her workouts. Now she was the one who had the odds stacked against her.

Karen saw the look on Demi’s face as her eyes nervously darted back and forth between IRISH and herself. “Don’t worry bitch! He is only here to watch… This time it’s going to be a fair fight!” Demi looked a little relieved knowing it would not be a two on one beat down. Concern still registered on her face as she sized up the pissed off Playmate. “Let’s get this party started!” Karen said as she took a fighting stance.

Demi with her phone still in hand tried to stall. “Wait a second…” she said. Demi stepped towards IRISH extending her cell phone out to him. “Can you please hold onto this for me until we are done?” IRISH didn’t see the harm in holding onto the phone and extended his hand to take it from her. Demi however stepped in even closer until their bodies just about touched. Gazing into his eyes she handed him the phone. Their hands touched and Demi made sure that her hand lingered in a very seductive way. This pissed off the Playmate even more.

Karen stepped over to Demi and grabbed her by the shoulder. She used the grip to spin the singer to face her and get the fight started, which was exactly what Demi hoped would happen.

Demi released her grip on her phone and allowed the Playmate to spin her to face her. Karen’s impulsiveness and rage blinded her so she never sensed that anything was wrong. What she didn’t realize was how easy Demi spun towards her and that the singer had balled up her fist into a tight ball. It wasn’t until Demi’s fist blasted into the side of her face and her knees got weak before she realized the singer’s plan.

As Karen stumbled backwards until her back met the wall, Demi pressed forward throwing lefts and rights targeting the dazed Playmate’s face. Most of them connected solidly and after half a dozen blows Karen brought her hands up trying to defend block the assault until she could get back in the fight. This left her luscious body open for a beating from Demi’s lightening quick fist.

The Playmate was going to be in for a long day if she just stood against the wall, letting Demi take target practice at her expense. Karen pushed off the wall and locked up with the smaller woman. The Playmate was starting to appreciate the lull in the action and started to regain her senses. The small brunette didn’t want to give her anytime to recover and get back in the fight. With Karen still tying up her arms, the singer used her powerful legs to drive forward.

Karen’s slid backwards towards the wall once again as her feet couldn’t gain any traction. The smaller woman had a lower center of gravity and had the Playmate off balance. Karen’s slide came to an abrupt halt when her back met the wall once again. Still driving forward, Demi flattened Karen’s breast against her rib cage with her shoulder.

Karen let out a grunt and Demi felt the Playmate’s grip start to loosen. Fighting smart she stepped back a half step only to drive forward as hard and as fast as she could crushing the Playmate’s breasts once again. Karen was unable to defend herself as Demi repeated the move three more times. With the Playmate’s arms dangling uselessly at her sides, it was now Demi’s turn to lock up her opponent. The singer grabbed the Playmate in a tight bear hug making sure to have Karen’s arms inside of hers. Karen gasped for air as she felt the bear hug growing tighter and tighter. She knew she was in trouble when she felt her feet leave the ground.

Demi was showing a great deal of strength as she shook the Playmate from side to side like a rag doll. In one fluid motion Demi jumped, spun, and tossed Karen to the ground. She never broke her tight grip and rode the Playmate all the way down to the ground landing on top of her. Karen’s body and head hit the gym floor hard. If there was any air left in Karen’s lungs, it surely would have been driven out of her as she lay flat on her back with the singer’s entire weight on top of her.

The singer glanced over at IRISH and made a comment about how pathetic of a fighter Karen was. Demi released the bear hug and placed her hand flat on Karen’s face. She then placed her whole weight on that hand as she used it to push off and stand. Karen’s beautiful facial features were distorted as the flesh squeezed between Demi’s wide spread fingers.

Demi stood over the battered Playmate and decided that she wanted to make sure that Karen wouldn’t be coming after her anytime soon. It was time for a little humiliation of the bigger woman in front of her boyfriend. She walked over to IRISH taking her cell phone from his hands. She unlocked the phone and handed it back to him. “Feel free to take some pictures for prosperity.” She encouraged him as she handed him back her phone and turned her attention back to the fallen Playmate.

The singer reached down and grabbed Karen by the hair, and pulled her to a seated position. The dazed Playmate offered absolutely no resistance as Demi pulled Karen’s workout shirt and sport bra off, over her head. Karen was unceremoniously allowed to crash back down flat on her back as Demi tossed the clothing off to the side.

The gym was kept at a cold climate to compensate for people’s body temperature during their workout. The effect it had on the now topless Playmate was to have both of her nipples jump to the position of attention instantly!

Next Demi grabbed the waist band of both Karen’s shorts and panties and pulled them down over the Playmate’s sculpted legs and off of her body. With Karen now wearing only her boots, Demi got an up close and personal view of her athletic body. “All those muscles didn’t seem to help you at all did they bitch?” Demi didn’t wait for an answer but rather dropped to her knees and started crawling up the downed Playmate’s body.

Demi continued up Karen’s body until she sat down on the bigger woman’s belly, straddling her body. “This isn’t going to be any fun if you just lay there! Wake up bitch!” Demi commanded as she sent a blistering slap across the Playmate’s face.

The slap stung and Karen started to stir. To help the process along, Demi pinched down on both of Karen’s stiff, erect, nipples and started to twist. The larger woman nearly jumped out of her skin which brought a large smile to the singer’s face. With her arms still trapped at her sides, Karen could do little other than buck, twist, and squirm in a futile attempt to throw Demi from her dominant position.

In a fair fight, standing toe to toe IRISH knew this fight would have headed in a completely different direction. He was learning that Demi was a very smart and dangerous fighter and there was nothing that the singer wouldn’t do to gain the upper hand. Unfortunately for her, Karen was learning it too in a very painful way!

“Hey! Take my picture!” IRISH’s attention was brought back to the here and now as Demi called out to him. She flashed her biggest smile as she dominated the Playmate. “Now be a dear and text that to my friend Chrissy! She’s in my contacts…” She said to Karen’s boyfriend. He didn’t know what else to do so he did as he was instructed to. Of course he sent himself a copy of the photos as well. “Now switch it to video for this next part!” she commanded.

Demi let go of one of Karen’s nipples and then reached behind herself probing between Karen’s legs. “You recording?” she asked as she found the right spot. When IRISH nodded in the affirmative she buried her nails in deep to Karen’s most sensitive area. Karen let out a shriek as the pain was instant and devastating. Demi had let go of Karen’s other nipple and now looked like a rodeo rider… One hand waving over her head for balance, the other clamped down tight to hold on.

Finally Karen was able to kick her legs up, getting them in front of Demi’s face. She was able to power the singer backwards from atop her perch, and pulled her arms free. Demi rolled over towards the rack with all the free weights on it. After a moment Karen painfully rolled onto her belly, got up on her hands and knees, and tried to put some distance between her and Demi.

Demi used the weight rack to pull herself up to a standing position. She took a moment to catch her breath and it was then that she noticed a virtual cornucopia of weapons that she could deploy against her foe. She glanced over her shoulder to check where Karen was and noticed that she was about ten feet short of a weight bench that the Playmate could use to pull herself up. The singer selected what she thought was the best weapon for the job and headed off after the slow moving Playmate.

Karen was now within about five feet of the weight bench. And just like Demi thought, Karen planned on using it to pull herself up and get back in the fight she couldn’t wrap her head around how this plump, little, no talent bitch was kicking her ass. Things were about to change!

However, Karen was never allowed to reach the weight bench. Demi rapidly approached her from behind placing one of her feet on either side of the crawling Playmate. Karen was just about to reach out for the bench when Demi raised her weapon of choice as high as she could above her head.

With a little jump and a powerful downward throw Demi sent a medicine ball hurling down at the injured Playmate. Karen was driven flat against the floor as the speeding medicine ball crashed into the small of her lower back.

The blow had hurt the Playmate badly. Not only physically, but emotionally as she saw her chance to get back in the fight ripped from her grasp. To add insult to injury, Demi sat down on Karen’s ass and grabbed a handful of hair. Before the bigger woman had a chance to protest, Demi pulled back as hard as she could. Before Karen had a chance to realize what hit her, she found herself trapped in a painful camel clutch.

After what must have felt like an eternity, Demi let go of Karen’s hair, allowing the Playmate to crash face first back to the gym floor. Demi rose, took a position off to the side of Karen, and drove her foot as hard as she could into Karen’s side. The big, athletic woman flipped in the air and landed flat on her back. Demi grabbed the medicine ball from where it had rolled striking Karen. The singer picked it up and headed over to the unmoving Playmate. When she arrived she straddled Karen’s body. She stood just above Karen’s waist, facing the Playmate’s head. Once again Demi lifted the medicine ball high into the air above her head.

IRISH cringed knowing that from that height it was going to do some serious damage to his girl. Damage that the Playmate probably wouldn’t be able to recover from. About this point Demi’s phone started blowing up in his hand. He saw that Chrissy was responding to the earlier text messages. She desperately wanted to know where Demi was holding the Playmate so that she could join in on the fun.

Demi looked down cruelly, waiting to make eye contact with Karen. She wanted to see the look on her face when she realized what was about to happen to her. Eye contact was made and Demi was just about to let the medicine ball fly when she made a quick glance over towards IRISH. “Hey! Are you even getting this!” she yelled as he was still looking down at the text messages.

“Sorry…” he said after finishing the last text without responding.

IRISH raised the phone to resume filming as the singer looked back down on the Playmate. Just then Karen fired a kick straight up between Demi’s legs. The yoga pants that the singer was wearing offered absolutely no protection to the well placed boot.

The singer was still holding the medicine ball high over her head. As she grew white and her knees buckled, she lost her grip on the ball. It fell straight down striking her on top of the head as she toppled over, off to the side. Karen watched this unfold in what seemed like slow motion. Unfortunately for her, she was also moving in slow motion trying to get out of the balls downward path.

We didn’t know if Demi’s target was Karen’s belly, breast, or her face but whatever it was it surely would have been checkmate! But lucky for Karen Demi’s big head got in the way a changed the trajectory of the ball enough for the wounded Playmate to roll out of the way. The ball crashed to the gym floor inches from Karen, exactly where she lay just seconds ago.

Karen rolled to her belly and once again began the slow, painful crawl over to the weight bench. This time with Demi still dazed by the blow to the head and the painful crotch kick she was able to reach it. Her body ached as she pulled herself up to her knees. After a moment she brought herself up onto unsteady legs. She tried to control her breathing and will the pain away. Knowing Demi wouldn’t be down for long she started towards the downed singer. When Karen reached foe, she stepped over the smaller woman and turned 180 degrees. When she looked up she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror that was on the gym wall. Holy shit she looked like hell! As Demi began to stir, Karen sunk her boot into the singer rolling her over onto her back. Karen followed Demi’s roll and stomped down on to the smaller woman’s belly, driving all of the air from her. Another well placed boot hat Demi rolling once more, this time back onto her belly.

IRISH was happy to see that his girl was back in the fight but wasn’t quite sure what she was doing. That was until Karen kicked Demi hard in the side once more flipping her back onto her back. Now Demi came to rest against the wall, next to the weight machine. Karen used the machine to her advantage, holding on to it, stomping and kicking the fallen singer with boot after boot into her torso. Demi couldn’t catcher her breath as blow after blow had left her belly and ribs battered and bruised.

Karen was running out of steam and felt she was done with today’s workout. The Playmate absolutely had gotten just as much as she had given during the battle. If it wasn’t for the support of the weight machine and wall she surely would have toppled over in her exhausted state. As she almost swooned, she stopped the devastating kicks and struck Demi with a double knee drop to the belly. Demi’s body jackknifed before she went limp. Her pale color was a definite indicator of her current state, the fight was clearly over.

IRISH helped Karen dress and sat her on the weight bench. He sent one last text from Demi’s phone before copying all the files to his phone and then deleting them from Demi’s. He helped her up and she was able to walk out on her own.

After about 20 minutes Demi was slapped awake by Chrissy. “What the hell happened? You were kicking her ass!” Demi’s teammate asked. When Demi looked around and saw that Karen had gotten away before Chrissy arrived, her ribs hurt even more.