Backlash! Jilted Jen
Jennifer Aniston vs. Mya

NOTE - This story immediately follows A WOMAN'S SCORN : Angelina Jolie vs Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer was so flipping angry after her trip to Vegas she could not stand it. "I'm so tired of people stepping on me!" she yelled out loud. "They think they can just walk over me anytime they want and get away with it!" Jennifer boils alone in her house. It used to be a home, but a house is not a home when he's not there.

The 'he' is her now ex-husband Brad Pitt. Tomb Raiding hussy, Angelina Jolie, stole Brad right out from underneath Jennifer. When Jennifer cried foul in protest, the dominatrix like bitch whipped her into submission. There was nothing Jennifer could do to stop the sexy vamp from taking her man. What was worst, Angelina further humiliated Jennifer by flaunting her conquest in public and to the press.

Jennifer stayed depressed and secluded in her house for days, many days. She cried and felt sorry for herself until she could not stand it anymore. "They think I'm weak" Jilted Jen says to the reflection in the mirror "Even Teri Hatcher shitted on me in Vegas." Jennifer reflects. "I'll show them" Despite her wholesome, 'Girl Next Door' image, it does not mean Jennifer does not have ways to defend herself. Even Bambi had teeth and knows how to bite. Right now, this Bambi wants to take a chunk out of Angelina Jolie's ass.

First, Jennifer properly assessed the situation. She is the 'girl next door type' that everybody falls in love with. Angelina is the super-sexy vamp, the hot freak momma that every man lusts after. Jennifer decides to utilize her talents and turn Angelina's against her. So, Jennifer proceeds to portray herself as the victim in the press, and swayed public opinion against the man-stealing tramp, Angelina. "Poor Jennifer" the press whined and that really started pissing Angelina off.

Second, Jennifer realized although Angelina owns Brad's body, she still owned his mind. "He still loves me, everybody does" Jennifer thought. Jennifer started calling Brad everyday. "He may love Angelina's sex, but he still loves my conversation and mind." Brad loved talking to Jennifer so much that there was nothing Angelina could do to stop it. Angelina became more furious and seething with jealousy with her boy toy.

Not only have things progressed better than planned, they have gone perfectly. At first, the press reacted to Brad & Angelina by saying, "Huh can you blame him? Angelina is HOT!" Now they are dogging her out in the press, Jennifer can see the emotional toll this is taking on Angelina and her relationship with Brad. In the mean time, Jennifer's career and popularity has been on the rise. She is slowly wearing down Angelina and have not even laid a hand on her yet.

She really wanted Angelina ever so badly. It started off about Brad, but he is just the trophy or the icing on top now. Oh sure, she definitely wants her husband back. But she wants Angelina to suffer and destroyed in the process. Her destruction is just as important or maybe more than Unfaithful Brad. Angelina and Jennifer's competition has become personal now. With every tabloid report, with every interview these two hatred is growing.

Jennifer loves how things have progressed. She knew soon the day was coming where she would confront Angelina head on again and started preparing. She hired the best trainers and coaches and worked out religiously. Finally to prepare her mind, Jennifer did a deep introspective of herself. Jennifer knew who she was. She is the charming girl next door, but that did not mean she did not know how to be vicious, and cruel. It only meant she knew how to hide it better.

While the poison she has injected slowly tears down Angelina emotionally, Jennifer decides she needs a physical test for herself. That was an easy decision too. MYA!

Jennifer really owed Mya. The R & B singer maliciously attacked Jennifer and threw her in the Las Vegas Venetian Hotel's canals. Mya is better than perfect. Jennifer could test herself and get payback simultaneously. The lure of the Hardcore Title match would be too much for Mya to resist. She eagerly accepts the title match on short notice and steps into Jennifer's trap.

Mya was thrilled to finally receive her first match in the Battle Zone, and a title shot no less. Since she had already beaten Jennifer in Vegas, she is certain she would win the hardcore belt. Her biggest concern is what outfit to wear for the fight. She finally decided on a sparkling black bustier with matching black bikini panties. It turned out to be a fantastic decision. Even the pro-Aniston audience is stunned by the lovely young lady standing in the middle of the ring, looking spectacular as she waits for Jennifer to enter the ring on Fight Night.

Jennifer marches to the ring, fired up. Jennifer is wearing a simple white T-shirt and jeans shorts, nothing sexy at all. As Jennifer starts climbing into the ring, Mya charges across the ring to attack. Although Mya thought Jennifer was a cream puff, she wants to gain an early advantage. A pre bell attack seemed like the perfect way. Besides there were no rules in a hardcore match.

Jennifer figured a little cunt like Mya would try a sneak attack, and was prepared. As Mya ran over, Jennifer drops down off the ring apron to the floor. She grabs Mya's ankles as she approaches and jerks her feet out from under her. Mya falls onto her back while Jennifer keeps pulling on her ankles and drags her under the bottom rope and out of the ring.

Once Mya's feet hit the ground, Jennifer rocks her with three forearm shots to Mya's jaw, followed by a knee to Mya's stomach that doubles her over. With Mya stunned, Jennifer takes advantage if the situation by grabbing the back of Mya's head and slamming her pretty face into the ring apron a couple of times. Then Jennifer grabs Mya's arm and whips her into the ring steps. Mya sits on the floor, leaning against the dislodged steps trying to regain her senses. She wonders what is going on, this is not the Jennifer Aniston she remembers.

Jennifer never gives her a chance to do that. The brown haired girl finds a trashcan from under the ring and clobbers Mya over the head with it. Mya screams but is lucky enough to get her arms up to absorb some of the impact. Realizing she is getting her cute rear end kicked, Mya starts crawling away, trying to escape further punishment. It does not work. Jennifer follows after Mya, slamming the badly dented thrash can down on Mya's back repeatedly.

Finding herself trapped by the guardrail surrounding the ringside area, Mya rolls onto her back and draws her knees up against her chest. As Jennifer is drawing the trash can back to hit her again, Mya mule kicks up with both feet, and kicks the trash can back into Jennifer's face. Jennifer drops the can and reels backwards. Realizing this may be the only chance to turn this fight around, Mya ignores the pain in her body and attacks. She clobbers Jennifer over the head with both fist and knees to her midsection. Jennifer covers up to minimize the damage as best she can. Mya repays Jennifer from earlier by grabbing her brown hair and slamming the champ's face into the ring apron. Jennifer sinks to her knees.

Jennifer realizes she and Mya are really very much alike. Two good girls trying to survive in a world gone bad. In order to survive they in that world they sometimes must do bad things. The winner of this fight will be the one willing to do the most bad things. Mya draws Jennifer's head back and slams her fist in her face. Jennifer realizes to beat Angelina, she must drop the sweetness, turn cruel, and break the bitch totally, then regain her sweetness. A good time to practice this skill is right now against Mya. Mya had dropped her 'Girl Next Door' image and viciously attacked Jennifer in Vegas, and won their fight. Jennifer decides to try the same thing against Mya tonight.

Jennifer strikes from her knees with an uppercut low blow to Mya's crotch. Mya hollers and stops hitting Jennifer's very pretty face. Jennifer continues her low blows until Mya staggers back, weak kneed and holding her throbbing crotch. Thinking nasty thoughts Jennifer stands and slings Mya to the floor by two handfuls of silky black hair.

While Mya is down, Jennifer pushes a ringside attendant out of his chair and grabs the metal folding chair he is sitting. By the time Jennifer turns around Mya has almost risen to her feet, and never sees the chair coming. Wham! The chair cracks against Mya's skull and drops her like a ton of bricks. Mya lies on the floor moaning and holding her head, nearly out of it.

Jennifer reaches down and lifts Mya's head off the ground by her hair just high enough to slide the chair under Mya's face. Jennifer then quickly grabs a second chair from ringside and slams the chair across Mya's head. "Damn her shoulder got in the way" Jennifer says to herself, as she realizes Mya's shoulder took some of the brunt of the blow, instead of sandwiching Mya's head cleanly between the two chairs. But the result is the same. Mya lies unmoving on the floor.

Jennifer reaches into her back pocket and pulls out a pair of handcuffs. "Now to break the bitch!" Jennifer says as she slaps one end of the handcuffs around Mya's wrist. Jennifer then lifts her semi-conscious rival to her feet. Mya's head is still ringing from her 'conchairto' and has no clue to what is going on. Jennifer leans Mya against the ring apron, facing the inside of the ring. She hangs the other end of the handcuffs over a ring rope before slapping the other cuff around Mya's other wrist. Jennifer steps back and smiles watching Mya hanging from her handcuffed wrist, which is the only thing keeping the semiconscious singer from crumbling to the ground.

Jennifer walks to her captive and slowly starts unfastening the 25 buttons on the back of Mya's black bustier. After Jennifer is done, the bustier falls to Mya's feet, and Jennifer backs up a moment to enjoy her handiwork. Mya just dangles and moans with her perky sweaty breast glistening under the lights. Nobody is still sure if she knows what is going on. Jennifer then grabs the matching bottoms and yanks them down to Mya's ankles. Luckily the young singer wore a dental floss thin g-string underneath, but it covered very little. Jennifer decides mercifully to allow Mya to keep her g-string on. Besides she thought Mya's ass looked even more sensual in them as opposed to totally naked.

Finally Mya looks under the ring and retrieves a boat ore she had placed there before the match. Jennifer carefully measures her target, then swats Mya's ass with the ore. Jennifer splatters Mya's ass time and time again, magically turning her golden, high yellow butt bright red. The first strike revived the diva with a high-pitched shriek. Each of the subsequent spanks garnered a similar reaction.

"How do you like me turning your big, beautiful ass against you, huh?" Jennifer says as she finally drops her paddle. Luckily for Mya the heavy boat ore took a lot out of the already tiring champion. Jennifer is panting as she removes a thick leather belt. "Referee get the mic and ask her if she's had enough" Jennifer demands. While the referee gets the house microphone and places it in front of Mya's lips, Jennifer has already restarted spanking Mya with her doubled up belt. The ore had bruised Mya's ass, now the belts is covering it with red welts.

"You can end this anytime you want Mya!" Jennifer tells her squealing trapped prey. Mya is stubborn, and did not want to admit defeat. She realizes she severely underestimated Jennifer and that has lead to her downfall tonight. She wanted to prove she is not a sniveling, little good girl, wimp. She wants to prove she is a tough lil' bitch. Of course that is hard to prove with the house microphone amplifying her pitiful yelps as Jennifer continues to humble her. But she could not deny she has loss this fight and to continue taking punishment at this point is insane.

"Okay I give up!" Mya cries in a shaky voice.

"Who's the Greatest Hardcore Champion of All-Time?" interrogates Jennifer, as she puts all her remaining strength into spanking Mya.

"Yooouuu aaaaarrre" sings Mya barely heard over the leather belt repeatedly smacking her ass.

"LOUDER!" Jennifer screams, "AND SAY MY NAME!!!!"

"JENNIFER ANISTON is the greatest HADCORE CHAMPION OF ALL TIME!" Mya shouts as loud as she could with her broken voice.

"And don't you forget it" spits Jennifer as she drops the belt. Jennifer turns with her charming, 'Girl Next Door' smile magically reappearing on her face and waves to the cheering fans. She acts like she had not just been a mean bitch who was trying to break Mya.

Jennifer takes the handcuffs keys out of her pocket and releases Mya. Jennifer grabs the now timid acting young lady and glares into her face. "If you ever fuck with me again..." Jennifer says as she stares into Mya's eyes. "I'll make sure they carry you out on a stretcher! Got it!" Jennifer says daring Mya to respond. Mya only timidly nods her head yes and starts back to the locker room once Jennifer releases her. Jennifer smiles watching the originally confident diva slink up the aisle with her head bowed in shame, and trying to cover her nearly nude body with her arms.

"I broke the bitch!" Jennifer proudly tells herself. She grabs the house microphone and loudly proclaims, "NOW GET ME ANGELINA JOLIE!!!!!!!!!!!"

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