Uncivil War

The ABA Draft - The ABA vs Generation Prime

"Come on Jenny, you've got to go with Vivica Fox! She is the best choice." Demi Moore argues. "She's tuff, she's smart, and she is influential and respected, but above all else, SHE IS STABLE! There is no way that the ABA will survive long term with all the roster changes and in fighting. Vivica gives us all of that." Demi explains.

"I'm not arguing any of that," Jenny McCarthy answers. "True she is tuff, everybody at this level is tuff. I admit, she is tougher than most, but who has she beat? Halle Berry fucking humiliated her. She got her hand raised against that idiot Shannen Doherty, but Shannen made her fucking pay for it later, in the dressing room. She's smart and cunning, but I feel we need meanness and strength. We need Jenna Jameson!"

"Jenna is perfect for the old ABA, but not now. She isn't stable. She's a glory hog, and eventually will cause problems, her kind always does." Demi responds. "You're right, physically she is the best choice, but in the long term, I feel Jenna would cause problems."

Finally Lucy Liu snaps, "Demi, just shut the fuck up!" Jenny's eyes get wide and snickers at the abrasive Asian's outburst. "You too Jenny!" Lucy quickly adds. "You two have been debating this for months. Time is up. We need the fourth member now! The Fab Four is now eight girls strong. All the rest of the sheep in the league are bonding together. Time is up!" Lucy explains. "True both Jenna and Vivica can fill the role, but its really a toss up about who's the best. Here's the solution. Let me put both of them through a series of test, a little ABA boot camp, or The Trials of Lucy Liu! I like the sound of that. I'll put their asses through the wringer and we'll see who comes out on top. Although I want a third option, I want to wake the sleeper!" Lucy says dramatically.

"FUCK NO!" Demi exclaims. "She was a fucking horrible idea!"

"She was all your idea!" Jenny snaps back trying to hold back her laughter about how Demi has flip flopped positions.

"I was wrong." Demi answers, trying to hide her humility to the point of being comical. "She's ruthless, cunning and treacherous. She can't be trusted."

Jenny laughs saying, "Well, you know a lot about all of those qualities. You've got them all!" Jenny finishes to everybody's snickers including Demi. "Quick vote guys, I say wake the sleeper agent."

"Sleeper." Lucy says.

All eyes turn to Demi who says, "Okay, sleeper, but we're going to regret this."

It's a small, musty, lonely gym hidden deep in the depths of the Bronx. Its walls almost cry out with the spirit, and remembrances of the blood, sweat and tears, despair and desire of its inhabitants to escape the cage of poverty that surrounds this community. It's an unlikely place to find four pampered since childhood starlets. However, it proves to be a perfect place for them to hide.

Denise Richards stands in the center of an old wrestling ring. In one corner, Janet Jackson is crouched over, ready to attack. Christina Aguilera is in the corner, moving counter clockwise. Mya is in the next corner. Suddenly Mya charges at Denise. Denise reacts gracefully. She moves to position herself and hop tosses Mya to the mat as she charges in. While still in her follow through of her hip toss, Denise sees Christina nearly on her out of the corner of her eye. Acting on instinct, Denise does a pirouette and catches the blonde in the chest with a spinning kick as she charges towards her. Christina goes reeling before crashing to the mat. Before Denise can even catch a breath, Janet is just a couple of feet away and coming fast. Barely catching her balance after the kick, Denise is able to scoop the Icon up in her arms and spin to power slam Janet to the mat with a loud thump.

While Denise is still lying on top on a Janet, she glares down on her grimacing victim. Then Denise springs to her feet trying to hide the sly smile of satisfaction from the pain she has just delivered to the Icon.

"Ungh! Well sisters, I think grasshopper is finally ready." Janet says as she slowly rises to her feet. Mya and Christina both nod and verbalize their opinion as they walk over to Janet. "I think it's finally time to unleash her on the league." Janet continues.

"Thank you masters!" Denise says taking a bow. Denise felt stupid bowing to Janet, Christina and Mya during her training period, but they made it part of her initiation into Generation Prime. It's been a long and very trialling training period that began as soon as Gen Prime returned from Las Vegas. Janet is a stringent taskmistress that puts her pupils through a grueling session, but she is very effective. Denise is still scared to get in the ring for her first match, but she knows her training could not possibly be more complete. Despite her public appearance, deep down Denise hosts a lot of fear and uncertainty. She uses it to fuel for her career, and inspiration to drive forward with ruthless aggression.

Denise was Christina's choice to replace Jessica Simpson after her defection from the group. Christina recognizes Denise's intelligence and cunning although she lacked a physical presence. Christina knows that Janet can train Denise's body, but Christina is interested in adding Denise's mind to the group. Denise is a master strategist, able to devise intricate schemes to achieve her goals. Also she is cold hearted, able to make and break alliances with a blink of the eye. Her skills rival those of the ABA's think tank, Demi Moore. Generation Prime was born to promote its members, namely its founder, Christina Aguilera. Since then it has grown into more of a family and band of sisters between Mya, Janet and Christina, a lot less successful band of sisters however. Christina thinks that Denise can help them rise back to prominence, and Mya and Janet trust their friend's judgment. Even though Denise really does not fit into their sisterhood completely.

Denise has rocketed from the trailer park to movie trailers. Denise has endured through many traitorous situations in her life. She has grown to view deceit, treatory and distrust as simply part of life. They are not, evil nor good, but part of existence and self-perseverance. They are tools to be used and discarded at her pleasure. Her tendency to take care of herself first makes it hard to fit into a group, but Christina hopes to show her another side of life.

"I think its time too Denise." Christina starts. The petite singer reaches into her pocket and claims a beautiful gold and diamond necklace. The jewelry glistens and sparkles in the light as Christina unfolds the gold chain. A profusely diamond encrusted pendent hangs on the chain forming the letters 'G Prime'. Christina starts to fasten the jewelry around Denise's neck. "We all have one of these chains. It symbolizes our friendship and cohesiveness as a group. Generation Prime was born simply as a gang to protect each other's interest and to win championship gold. But for us, the core members, it has become a sisterhood, and a way of life. We always have our sister's back, and we promote the name Generation Prime at any cost. We changed the nature of this group, and dispelled others who did not fit. Generation Prime is now our sorority, and we welcome you into our sisterhood. We hope Generation Prime will transform you as it has done us."

After Christina's passionate soliloquy, Denise's face breaks with emotion and embraces the diminutive singer. "Thank you" Denise weakly says while hugging the blonde. Similarly Denise thanks and embraces Mya and Janet.

The creaking of an opening gymnasium door interrupts the love fest. Mya Christina and Janet are totally shocked to see their allies, the ABA members, Demi Moore, Lucy Liu and Jenny McCarthy sauntering through the door. Lucy crinkles her nose as she enters, saying, "Unhh what's that smell?" under her breath.

"Huh??!? What the... Demi, Jenny how did you find us? What are you doing here?" Janet asks dumbfounded.

The ABA girls ignore Janet's confused questions and focus their eyes on Denise. Demi points at the door and calmly says, "Denise, the limo is parked outside." Denise does not say a word either. She gives a slight nod of acknowledgement then climbs out of the ring. Never looking back at her jaw dropped friends who have just opened their arms to her, Denise grabs her gym bag and exits out of the door. Denise leaves the gym and enters the back of the limo waiting for her. Once in the car, Denise pulls out the necklace she had just received. Ignoring the sentiment behind it, Denise wonders where can she auction the jewelry to get the best price.

Astonished and hurt, Janet explodes, "What the hell is going on here? Where is Denise going?" the emotional star blurts.

"Calm down Janet." Demi starts in a comforting voice. "It's known everywhere that you are the best trainer in the league. So we allowed you to finish training Denise. Now that you've finished, we've come to claim our property." Demi says. "I'm sure you've done a wonderful job." Demi adds.

"You used us?" Christina shouts in confusion. "She is my recruit! How dare you steal from us were are supposed to be allies." Christina yells with her voice cracking from the emotion.

"Calm down" Jenny says again. "We did not steal from you. Denise called us after Kelly Clarkson totally beat the shit out of Janet and said she joined the wrong group. She said she needed a stronger organization. She begged us to take her." Jenny explains.

Janet, Christina and Mya's heads are reeling from putting months of training, time, effort and emotional attachment, for it to result in this. All three release their frustration by arguing with Jenny and Demi. Through the heated debate, Lucy remains quiet. After a while, Lucy shrieks, "SILENCE!"

"This is ridiculous! It very simple ladies!" Lucy shouts, "Your bitch chose us!" Lucy screams looking emphatically at the women in the ring. Then she turns to Demi and Jenny asking, "Why are you wasting time with these losers? When was the last time that they have been relevant? Kelly Clarkson and Gen Next have destroyed them! We need better allies than this!" Lucy says pointing in the ring. "Forget them, let's just go!"

As expected, Lucy's words were far from being well received by Generation Prime. "Losers!!?!" Christina exclaims. "If we are such losers, why don't you get your ass in this ring and see what kind of losers we are freckles."

Lucy snarls looking at the smirking blonde in the ring. She wants nothing more than to wipe that smug smile off of her face. Although she does not, Lucy knows that Demi and Jenny value their alliance with Gen Prime. While her comments were inflammatory, Demi is perfectly capable of doing the damage control, and smooth over the situation. But Christina was speaking the sentiment of the group. They have spent months nurturing and training Denise. They are livid that the ABA thinks they can come in and scoop her from her like this. They want a fight, no matter what. Christina adds fuel to the fire by picking up a towel and disrespectfully tossing it in Lucy's face.

Lucy tosses the towel asides and starts angrily climbing into the ring. Jenny and Demi freeze for a moment, trying to quickly calculate the possible results of allowing Lucy to engage Gen Prime. But after their colossal defeat on the Las Vegas streets to the Fab Four, after ousting the universally respected Christina Applegate, then getting beat down by Pam Anderson's upstart Fab Four team, the ABA's intimidation level has diminished. The tough girls must make a stand here to restore the image of the ABA. Shrewdly Demi looks at Jenny and nods, indicating that they are backing Lucy. Both start climbing into the ring after Lucy.

"Are you sure you want to do this Blondie?" Lucy smugly asks. "This is the AB fucking A! You'd have to be an idiot to fucking cross us!" Lucy says getting closer to Christina trying to intimidate the blonde into backing down.

Christina answers Lucy with a loud cracking slap across Lucy's face that echoes across the gym.

The next instant is pivotal in the progressions of both the ABA and Generation Prime. For Gen Prime, they reclaim their dignity. They have had a lot of success in the league. It was them that dethroned the seemingly unbeatable Britney Spears and Generation Next. It was their Curse of Aguilera that nearly destroyed Jennifer Lopez, and brought the Fab Four to the brink of destruction. They were the only team to dominate the Fab Four during their Escape From Las Vegas. The Fab Four were beaten, demoralized and submissively awaiting their utter destruction until Jessica Simpson snapped, and Jessica single handed defeated Gen Prime while the Fab Four lie broken on the ground. On two occasions, they have been closer to permanently dismantling the Fab Four than the ABA has dreamed of. But these accomplishments have been overshadowed recently by their failures. Losing the Warqueen title to Halle Berry, and never being able to acquire another title since. Then Kelly Clarkson and the new Generation Next's defeat and domination over the group, puts them in desperate need for some success. Now the ABA is treating them like doormats. The must fight just on principle. Win or lose they must fight for their dignity.

The ABA are not stupid. They know nobody would have ever dared to slap one of the original version of the ABA in the face. It is just a testament as to how low their intimidation factor has fallen. They are still respected because they are still main event performers and thus carry a lot of weight in the league offices. But without the intimidation factor that too will soon fade. They need to make an example out of somebody quickly. Apparently Christina Aguilera has just volunteered Gen Prime for the task.

After Lucy recoils from Christina's slap, she pounces and tackles Christina to the canvas. The crack of Christina's slap acts like a starter gun initiating a flutter of action. Mya and Jenny charge into each other with a splat and start wrestling to overpower each other. Demi and Janet square off with their fist raised flicking jabs in each other's faces.

Lucy and Christina find them selves rolling around on the mat. Lucy is muttering every cuss word in the book. Christina returns a couple of choice words back. Lucy battles full of venom but the feisty singer matches her right back. Christina is able to strike with an eye gouge that allows her to get on top of Lucy and mount the rampaging Asian.

Jenny is struggling with Mya trying to out muscle the younger girl. Jenny's opinion of Mya quickly changes. She thought she would not have much trouble with her inexperience foe. However pushing against her younger strong sinewy body was like pushing steel coils. While Jenny is concentrating on out muscling her opponent, Mya connects to Jenny's jaw with a sharp, hard uppercut to the blonde's chin. Jenny's head snaps back with a grunt. Then Mya impales Jenny in the side with a bolo punch. Jenny disengages from Mya with a howl, and holding her side. Mya lashes out with a kick to Jenny's stomach that sends her reeling into the ropes.

Demi and Janet circle each other flicking jabs and parry shots. Both have their fist raised in defense to ward off incoming shots and seeking to strike whenever possible. Both ladies are well train competitors, both are workout fanatics. At their age, it is a must to maintain their positions in their careers. Suddenly Janet shoots in underneath Demi's defenses and captures her around the waist and drives Demi to the mat. Demi immediately starts squirming and wiggling to escape, but Janet is not about to allow that to happen. Janet rises to her knees looming over the downed Demi. Janet raises her hands above her head and clasp them together. She brings them down with sledgehammer force onto Demi's belly. "I can't believe you're trying to shit on us like you do the rest of the league. We're the only true allies that you have." Janet says releasing her anger and frustration. "We're not letting you get away with this shit Demi!" Janet says as she repeatedly brings her hammering hands down on Demi's stomach.

Christina has Lucy pinned and is well in her way to clawing and mauling out a victory. Although being much younger than Lucy, Christina has logged many more catfighting hours. The blonde is systematically taking apart the Asian as she has done to many other competitors over the years. Lucy is smart and committed to her new found trade. Lucy swings and drives her thumb into Christina's throat. Christina's eyes bulge out and she releases a loud deathly gasp. Lucy grabs the front of Christina's spandex workout top and pulls Christina forward and smashes her elbow into the singer's nose. From there, Lucy easily rolls Christina off of her and gets on top on Christina. Then Lucy roars like a wild beast and starts wind milling fist down on Christina. The blonde cringes under the down pour of fist and squealing like a little girl.

Mya quickly approaches Jenny who is leaning back on the ropes wondering what she has gotten herself into. The young woman is on her as quick as a flash. Mya launches another hard side kick into Jenny's chest. Mya's foot makes a thumping sound as it crashes into Jenny's chest. The blonde doubles over groaning hoping to protect her chest from another assault. However she leaves herself open for Mya to kick her in the head. Mya's foot collides to Jenny's skull. The blonde crumples to the mat in a daze. Next Mya starts kicking the downed superstar all over her body, as Jenny desperately tries to cover up.

Meanwhile, Janet has taken a seat Demi's chest. The Iconic singer made sure she trapped Demi's arms under her knees. Janet unfastens the button of the jeans of the thrashing beauty underneath her. Janet slips her hand inside of Demi's jeans and digs deep enough to find Demi's crotch. After finding its target, Janet's hand contracts, applying a pussy claw. Demi lets out an extremely long, high-pitched shriek. Demi rocks convulse and thrusts like a bucking bronco, but Janet rides her out like an old mare. Janet always keeps the pressure on Demi's pussy and keeps Demi suffering. Electric shockwaves of pain streak through Demi's trembling body as she releases long painful wails.

With Jenny distracted from being punted around like a soccer ball, Mya quickly reaches down and grabs the blonde's ankles. Mya stands over Jenny with her legs straightened and spread open. Mya leaps up and comes down forcefully on Jenny's pussy. Mya quickly rises and drops down on a howling Jenny's pussy again. Mya stands again and kicks and stomps Jenny's groin area. Then she drives her heel deep into the pit of Jenny's stomach. Mya releases the blonde's legs allowing her to curl back up into a ball. After moving around to Jenny's head, Mya drops to the mat. Mya then wraps her legs around Jenny's head in a figure four head scissors. Mya places her palms on the canvas for leverage and applies the maximum amount of pressure on Jenny's neck. Mya lifts her plump ass off the mat as she struggles to choke Jenny out.

Lucy is beating the crap out of Christina. Lucy attacked the blonde like a maniac. Her fist turned to blurs as she brought them down countless times on Christina. The berserker attack continues until Christina is totally groggy and dazed. Then Lucy pulls up Christina's spandex workout bra, to reveal the songbird's succulent breasts. Lucy licks her lips at the sight of the juicy tits and her eyes widen. Then like a vampire, Lucy bears her fangs and drops her head and bites into Christina's perfectly round boobs. Christina comes back to life with a loud scream that matches Demi's scream that occurred moments earlier. Tears start welling in Christina's eyes and her body withers in agony. Christina is quickly losing her desire to fight this wickedly crazy female, named Lucy Lui.

Janet could only hold down a bigger and very strong Demi for so long. Eventually the brunette worked a limb free, then the other soon afterward. From there she is finally able to throw Janet off of her. Demi quickly and shrewdly assessed the situation. She surmised that Janet is smart, highly skilled and tough. Despite possessing those qualities herself, and being bigger and stronger, she predicted that the enraged Jackson would far too much for her and would handily defeat her. Demi quickly searched her mind for an equalizer. Then she came up with, 'will power'. She realized she had greater will power than Janet. She had a greater desire to succeed, a greater thirst for victory. In plain words, she had to want this fight more than her opponent.

Ignoring the raging pain in her crotch, both slowly rise to their feet. Demi's slow rise is attributed to her tortured crotch. Janet's slow rise is due to her confidence that Demi is prime to be put down hard and rough. Once on their feet, Demi lunges off balance with a wild, desperate swing that lands on an unsuspecting Janet's jaw. Janet's face twists and contorts from the force of Demi's blow. Janet is momentarily stunned and her face shows the hurt but moreover shock from Demi's assault. Janet raises her fist for a counter strike, but Demi lands another walloping hit to Janet's ear. Janet stings Demi with a sharp jab, but the brunette ignores the pain and continues throwing her haymakers. Demi's head snaps back from another of Janet's hard jabs, but fighting on pure heart, the movie star zones out the pain and keeps swinging home run shots like Babe Ruth. The whole time Demi loudly grunt and yelps like Maria Sharapova at each hard swing.

Demi's arms are getting as heavy as lead, but she keeps swinging. To her relief, Janet's arms lower to her waist after a particularly hard punch. Knowing that she is running low on energy, Demi strikes with all she has with a devastating combination. Janet wobbles, but to her credit, does not fall. Demi is shock that Janet still stands, but she does not indicate it. She is definitely reconsidering making an enemy of Gen Prime, and her respect level grows immensely. It takes a long furious flurry from Demi before Janet drops to her ass with a whipped look on her face.

Lucy realizes that her tit bite has taken most of the fight out of Christina. Lucy sits up on her victim. Christina defiantly says in between sobs, "Crazy ass bitch.... I'll get youuuu......."

Christina's statement is cut off by a snapping punch to her lips. "SHUT UP, Blondie!" Lucy shouts, followed by three more raps to Christina's lips. Lucy looks to punish Christina and neutralize the blonde. Lucy pins Christina's arms underneath her knees, and goes to work on her foe's tits again. Laughing like a mad lunatic, Lucy slaps, and punches Christina's tits from side to side and all around. Lucy delights in the frowns and grimaces of her tormented opponent, and sinisterly laughs louder. "Haa Haa haaa ha, Like I said earlier Blondie, Looosserr, you're a loser!" Lucy sings.

Feeling like she was not punishing Jenny enough with her Figure Four leg scissors, Mya lets the blonde go. She grabs Jenny by her T-shirt and angrily snatches her opponent to her feet. She shoves Jenny back against the ropes and blasts the blonde across the lips with a hard right cross. Jenny swoons, and is quickly rocked again by an uppercut. Mya puts her hand under Jenny's chin and pushes her back. Mya bends Jenny back over the ropes till her tits are pointed straight up. Then Mya crashes her forearm down, smashing Jenny's tits repeatedly. Mya has Jenny clearly hurt and suffering. She is well on her way to demolishing the blonde. However, pinning Jenny against the ropes forced her to turn her back to her teammates. Neither Janet nor Christina are fairing nearly as well as Mya. Unfortunately Mya is completely unaware of her friend's misfortune.

Demi pounces on Janet as soon as she falls to the canvas. Demi looks to ground and pound the singer into oblivion, but that proves to be much harder than she thought. The well-trained coach, clenches and clutches Demi constantly, and does not allow her to inflict a lot of damage. Janet hears Demi blow and grunt frequently in frustration and fatigue. Janet monitors Demi's frustration level, and keep stymieing her at every turn. She can feel Demi's frustration growing and she feels the time is right to try to make it back to her feet, and escape this dangerous predicament.

Janet senses Demi's fatigue. She starts powering out and gets into position to rise to her feet. She can hear Demi's heavy breathing and feels her muscle's resistance decrease. This commonly happens when a fighter finds themselves in the guard of a supremely skilled fighter like Janet. They are emotionally pumped thinking they are about to finish their opponent, only to find himself or herself befuddled at every turn. Eventually they give up and allow their opponent to rise, after realizing they have no clue how to end the fight, and afraid of making a critical mistake, and find themselves in a submission hold.

Janet makes her move and power to her feet. She feels Demi resistance fail, just as she thought it would. A sly smile creeps across Janet's face. Janet has powered free and rising to her feet, when Demi springs like a cobra, grasping her in a steel clutch. Demi drags Janet back to the mat and captures from behind with her forearm pressed against Janet's throat. Janet let out a loud gurgle as Demi starts to choke her out. She falls to the mat, and Demi wraps her legs around the singer, immobilizing her. Janet realizes that she has been bamboozled. Demi was feinting her frustration, to bait Janet into making a crucial mistake. Now she is caught in Demi's rear naked choke, and has no options but to tap out or be choked unconscious.

Janet resists for as long as she possible can, but the situation is hopeless. She regretfully taps Demi's thigh indicating her submission. Demi does not relent in any way. She wants to make sure Janet is finished before she releases her. After Janet is limp and almost unconscious, Demi releases her victim and lets her slump to the canvas. Demi rolls Janet onto her stomach and takes a seat on her back. Demi grabs to large handfuls of Janet's silky black hair and rears her head back and slams her face into the mat. Janet is totally unresisting as Demi smashes her face into the canvas repeatedly. Janet has pushed Demi to her limits, and the actress was furious. She wanted to brutally punish Janet for giving her such a tuff match.

Even though Mya is totally concentrating on demolition of Jenny, she hears one of Christina's pitiful wails. Mya looks over her shoulder and sees Lucy punishing the badly beaten blonde. "No!" Mya exclaims and turn and runs over to help Christina.

Lucy looks up and sees Mya coming, and tries to spring to her feet. As Mya runs to rescue Christina, Demi lunges out from her perch on top of Janet, and just barely catches Mya's toes as she runs by. She grazes Mya's foot, but it is enough. Mya trips and stumbles forward. Mya stumbles off balance, giving Lucy enough time to rise to her feet. As Mya stumbles at Lucy, She launches a side kick that lands right across the bridge of Mya's nose.

Mya is sent reeling back in the opposite direction in a daze. Mya is staggering the other way, and somehow turns in an attempt to stay upright and stop herself. She does not stop until she returns to Jenny who lashes out and kicks Mya in her stomach. Mya doubles over with a loud grunt. Although tired and whipped herself, Jenny pulls Mya's head between her legs. Then she pulls Mya's arms behind her and drops to the mat executing a Pedigree. Mya lands to the mat with a splat and does not move after.

Lucy, Jenny, and Demi all look at each other and start smiling. They realize that they have just defeated Generation Prime, and started restoring their spots on top of the catfighting world. Now to let Gen Prime know the ABA's position.

Demi sits on Janet's back and twists her arm behind her into a hammerlock. She uses her other hand to grab Janet by the hair and demeaning grind and rub her face into the mat. Demi laughs as Janet whimpers and moans beneath her. "Now Janet, don't let these silly misunderstandings confuse things." Demi coos. "We are still allies, and when we need you, you will help us understand?" Demi says grinding Janet's face a little harder, and putting emphasis on her words.

"Yes" Janet weakly answers, breaking into sobs.

"Yes what?" Demi snaps. "I am your elder remember your manners bitch! I am older than you."

"Yes... ma'aaammm" Janet answers though her sobs.

"And when we call, you will do what we say" Lucy says while seated on Christina's belly and viciously mauling her tits. "Right Blondie?" Lucy asks. After only getting a whimper in response from Christina, Lucy demands, "Bark Blondie! Now!"

"Arf.... Arf.... Arf....." The beaten blonde answers.

Mya is still face down on the mat with Jenny seated on her back. Jenny has yanked and tugged the seat of Mya's leotard until it has disappeared between Mya's ass cheeks and digs into her pussy. Jenny is pulling and sawing the fabric in deeper. "And I hope there aren't any hard feeling between us either." Jenny says. "There's no need to be embarrassed. You just caught an ABA beat down, just like everybody else in this league has. I don't see any reason for a grudge. Do you Mya?"

"No.. no grudges" Mya weakly answers. "In fact this is all our fault. I apologize for Gen Prime. Please accept our apology."

With the apology, ABA leaves the gym, and their conquest lying in the middle of the ring. Gen Prime lies there for over an hour whining and full of self pity. They have lost a lot this afternoon. They lost their prize recruit, Denise Richards. They have lost a lot of dignity and self-respect in their defeat to the ABA. However, before the three ladies picked themselves up off the mat, a new direction was plotted. They realize, they do not need new recruits. They have everything they need right there. Each woman has proven her resilience many times over in the past. By the time they leave the gym, they have regained their confidence and commitment to dominate the league. Somehow they regain their swagger and walk out looking for a victim to take out this frustration on.

The next day, Lucy Liu is standing in a dark basement looking like a dojo. Lucy is wearing an outfit looking very reminiscent of her Kill Bill character, O-Ren Ishii. Lucy paces back and forth in front of three women. They are Vivica Fox, Jenna Jameson and Denise Richards. Each are wearing black baggy pants and long shirt, and have their head bowed, like apprentices before their master.

"Ladies! You have a tremendous opportunity in front of you. One of you will be chosen to be the forth member of the ABA." Lucy begins to lecture. "This prestigious spot will give its owner tremendous respect and power in the league. She will instantly become a Main Event attraction. She will enjoy all of the benefits that comes from being a star performer: Large shares of gate receipts, DVD residuals and enough publicity to make you one of the biggest stars in the industry. All three of you are worthy of this position. Denise, you have keen strategic skills, and a cold-blooded approach that's valuable to the team. Jenna, you have a drive to succeed unparallel by any of your competitors. Vivica, you have the attitude and physical and mental attributes to be a cornerstone of the ABA. My task is to put you through a series of trials to see which one of you will shine above and beyond the others and determine who deserves this spot the most. Shall we begin?"


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