“C’mon Kelly, do I have to fight Gaga?” whined Carrie.

Within about 3 months after Keira’s match, Kelly got a phone call from Raquel Welch of the league match committee telling her of a match that they’ve scheduled for Carrie Underwood.

“Yeah you do. I agreed to the match when she agreed to be our informant for the Aguilera triple threat match. Besides, I told her that if she loses this match, she has to join ‘The Resistance’ and be our spy.” Said Kelly as they were changing in the locker room of thee gym they were about to practice in.

“What happens if she wins?” asked Carrie.

“She… um… joins us.” said Kelly a bit awkwardly as she scratched the top of her head.

“Lovely.” muttered Carrie sarcastically as the walked out and went to the ring to practice. The gym that they were at was a bit out of the way. As they went into the ring Janet Jackson and Christina Aguilera joined them.

“Thanks for not holding a grudge against us about the whole ‘Divas’ thing and ending our ‘agreement’.” said Kelly to Janet.

“Well, we’re not too happy about that whole ‘Divas’ thing, but we’ve got bigger fish to fry. We still want to take down the ABA.” said Janet.

“I’d like to spar with Carrie. I’m waiting to hear back from the booking committee about my match with Gaga myself.” said Christina. Carrie shrugged her shoulders and turned toward Christina. After some brief word between Kelly and Janet, Carrie and Christina started sparring with each other. As the two sparred, Kelly and Janet were outside the ring encouraging their own teammate and giving her tips. Christina and Carrie were starting to really take it to the other as they were sparring as though it were a regular match. As Kelly and Janet watched the girls beat each other to a pulp, they took a look at each other to see how long the two will beat each other. After a moment, Janet and Christina roll into the ring and separated the two girls.

“You girls are supposed to be sparring, not trying to kill each other. It’s not good to spar with someone if you end up losing to Gaga or whomever you end up fighting. Take a breather and let’s again in a few minutes.” Said Janet. Both Janet and Kelly took their teammate to the corner to get them to relax and ask why they were so intense during the sparring match.

As they were talking, Rihanna enters the gym, “Hey girls, how’s it going?”

“We’re doing alright. We’re just getting Carrie and possibly Christina for a match with Gaga.” Said Kelly.

“Nice. I can help with that. I already beat her in a fight.” said Rihanna as she came to the ring.

“You did? When?” asked a surprised Kelly.

“I fought her when I was in India for Katy’s wedding.” said Rihanna.

“Any help would be appreciated.” said Kelly as Rihanna slid into the ring. Over the next couple hours, Rihanna gave tips to both Carrie and Christina on how to fight and beat Lady Gaga and watched along with Kelly and Janet as they sparred. Once they were done, they all thanked Rihanna for her help and headed out of the gym. Over the next week or so, Rihanna helped Carrie and Christina train for their upcoming matches.

The day of the match finally came for Carrie and Gaga. It was to take place at American Airlines Arena in Miami. The two sexy fighters arrived separately to the arena and went to separate lockers. They each stretched and prepared themselves as they waited to be called to the ring. Moments before the match, Kelly and Rihanna entered the locker room to wish Carrie good luck in her match.

Not long after that, both ladies were called to the ring, first of which was Lady Gaga. She was introduced to her song ‘Poker Face’. Unlike some of her other more attention grabbing outfits, she wore a one-piece swimsuit and a pair of boots. The swimsuit barely covered her breasts, and it had spiral designs on it that reminded you of what a hypnotist or magician would use on someone. The crowd cheered when she appeared. She waved to them and yelled, “Hello my little monsters.” She shook hands of her fans as she went down the aisle to the ring. Once there, she stretched a bit as she waited for Carrie who was introduced shortly.

Carrie came in to her song ‘Cowboy Cassanova’. She came in looking like a cowgirl in a plaid shirt with cut-off sleeves, a pair of jeans and knee-high leather boots. The crowd cheered for her as well and she smiled and waved at them from the entrance before heading down to the ring. As she made her way to the ring, she shook the hands of her fans. Once in the ring, she quickly went to her corner and stretched a bit before looking across at Gaga who was studying her movements.

The referee calls the two ladies to the center of the ring and explains the rules. The girls then barely even shake hands before taking a step back and waiting for the bell to sound. “You’re going to need Rihanna to save your ass again before I’m done with you tonight.” snorted Gaga as the bell rang.

“I’m not the one that’s going to need the saving at the end of the match Herm.” Chortled Carrie as the two started circling each other.

“I’m not a Herm, bitch.” Growled Gaga as she came in to lock-up with Carrie. The two planted their feet and pushed against each other groaning and straining their muscles in the process. Not long after they locked up, Carrie drops to her knees and uses the momentum from Gaga lurching forward to hoist her over her shoulder and onto her back. The two get back to their feet with Gaga a little slower as she recovers from the surprise move by Carrie. Carrie drop kicks Gaga before she gets to her feet, knocking her to her back once again. Gaga grabs her chest and groans in pain while she’s on the ground near one of the corners.

Carrie waists little time as she gets back to her feet to walk over to Gaga. She leans over and grabs Gaga by the hair to pull her up and as she does that Gaga sends a punch deep into Carrie’s gut catching her off guard making her puff out air and open her eyes wide. Carrie instinctively goes to her gut to protect it with her hands. Gaga takes the opportunity to send a series of rapid fire punches to Carrie’s head and chest forcing her back with each step. Gaga punctuates her attack with a hard kick between Carrie’s legs making her howl in pain. She quickly covers her pussy as she drop to her knees and then to her side. The crowd let out a collective groan with Gaga’s low-blow kick. Carrie looks up at Gaga and yells, “You fucking bitch!” The referee too stands before Gaga and gives a bit of a mild scolding for the kick. Gaga just shrugs her shoulders and smirks.

After the referee’s scolding, Gaga quickly steps towards Carrie and sends a couple stomps and kicks towards her stomach and chest making Carrie grunt with each kick. After a handful of kicks and stomps, Gaga reaches down and brings Carrie to her feet. She sends her hurdling towards the ropes before hurdling towards the opposite set of ropes. As they get close, Gaga extends her arm out for a clothesline, but Carrie had ducked down just before that. As the two passed each other, Carrie sent her own punch into Gaga’s stomach. This punch stopped Gaga in her tracks and doubled her over. Carrie continued to the ropes, bouncing off of them and heading back to Gaga. When she got closer, Carrie jumped in the air towards Gaga folding her legs at the knee as she does. She then grabs Gaga’s hair as she got near and slammed her head into the mat as they came down. Gaga’s head hit the mat in a thud and she hit the mat with such force, that her body bounced off the mat and she rolled to her back. She was dazed and groaning on the mat as her eyes fluttered while she looked up. Carrie herself was still recovering from the kick to her pussy, but she was slowly making it to her feet.

Carrie looked down at Gaga as she stood over her planning her next move. She soon leans down grabbing Gaga by the hair and pulling her up to her feet and this time there was no punching to the gut. Carrie sends Gaga hurdling to the corner and quickly followed after her. Once Gaga hit the turnbuckles, Carrie slammed into her with a body splash making Gaga hit the turnbuckles again and groan with each time she hit them. Carrie grabs Gaga and spins her around in the corner and sends a series of quick kicks towards her stomach. She then bends over; grabs the second rope on either side of Gaga and starts to slam her shoulder into Gaga’s stomach. Gaga groans with each kick and then shoulder hit to her stomach. After a few shoulder hits to her stomach, Gaga somehow finds a chance to send both her fists down onto Carrie’s upper back at the same time. They weren’t terribly strong punches, but strong enough to stop Carrie’s attack.

Carrie stands up holding with a slight pain in her face. Gaga strikes out with a right hook towards Carrie’s head snapping it to the side. She went for another punch, but that one was blocked by Carrie who countered with her own hook to Gaga’s jaw. The two went back and forth for just over a minute, blocking ever other punch from each other until one time Gaga went for a punch and instead of blocking it; Carrie swerved and took a step back making Gaga whiff. This had and unintended side-effect of having Gaga loser her balance and stagger along the ropes for a couple steps. Carrie was on her before Gaga could fully turn to face her with a kick to her stomach making Gaga groan and lean back into the ropes for support. Carrie took a step back, turned sideways as she stepped towards Gaga and kick her square in the stomach making Gaga fold in half as she was forced between the top two ropes to the outside of the ring. Gaga hit the hard mat outside in a thud and then held herself as she groaned in pain. The referee started the twenty-count for Gaga.

Carrie slipped through the ropes and jumped down to the mats by Gaga. She leaned down grabbing Gaga by the hair and pulled her to her feet with little trouble and turned her towards the apron of the ring. Carrie quickly slammed Gaga’s face a half dozen times into the apron before grabbing onto her lower swimsuit, hoisting her up and tossing her into the ring. She quickly rolled herself into the ring just as the referee was about to count her out. Carrie gets to her feet and walks over to Gaga and once again brings her to her feet before thrusting her head between her legs. Gaga can barely stay on her own two feet, even if it’s between Carrie’s legs. Carrie then wraps her arms around Gaga’s waist, hoists her up in the air and slams her down in a power-bomb. While she’s still between Gaga’s legs, Carrie leans forward and presses her hands down on her shoulders confidently believing Gaga to be out of it. The referee comes over and slams his hand down three times and then calls for the bell. Carrie jumps and smiles as the referee held her hand up in victory. After that, she goes around the ring and plays to the crowd. She goes from corner to corner and stands on the second turnbuckle and waves to the crowd.

“Carrie!” calls out Gaga as Carrie is about to leave the ring for her locker room.

“What is it Gaga?” asked Carrie somewhat pointedly as she turned to face her.

“I’ve got something to show you.” said Gaga as she slowly started to take off her swimsuit. Carrie’s eyes bulged and her face was in near disbelief as she saw Gaga do this. Once Gaga took off her swimsuit, she thrust her crotch towards Carrie, “See… not a Herm.”

It took a few seconds for Carrie to overcome her shock to respond, “You’re one weird… *ahem*… woman Gaga.” An awkward grin appeared on the two of them as they looked at each other. Gaga was the first to extend her hand out. Carrie cautiously held her hand out and shook Gaga’s hand and pulled her closer, “You fought pretty well tonight, but I still don’t like you all that much.”

“I don’t like you all that much either, but you did beat me.” replied Gaga as the two finished shaking hands. “I’ve got to go play nice with Cameron and the Resistance and yuck it up with them… for Kelly’s sake and for Gen Next.” Gaga then picked up her swimsuit from the mat and the two of them left the ring together, but quietly. Carrie went to her locker room and was congratulated by Kelly and Rihanna on her victory. Gaga on the other hand took her time showering up and relaxing a bit before she left.

A couple days later, Gaga enters the gym where The Resistance is practicing and heads towards Cameron, “Hey Cameron. It’s nice to see you again.”

“Good to see you too Gaga.” said Cameron as she hugged Gaga. “What brings you here?”

“Remember when I was practicing with you guys a few months back and you practically jumped through hoops to get me to join? Well, I’ve thought about it and I want to join you guys.” said Gaga with a smile.

“That’s awesome.” beamed Cameron as she clapped her hands rapidly almost like a seal. “I’ll give you the grand tour of the place and get you your own locker and all. I’m sure you’ll feel right at home with us.”

“I’m sure I will.” Said Gaga as she followed Cameron and looked around.