It didn’t take long for Rihanna to start feeling welcome with Gen Next. She was barely in the group just a matter of a few weeks and she already helped out a fellow teammate out of a post-match situation. She had received Carrie Underwood’s gratitude for it. Lady Gaga, however, felt that she should have had some post match fun with Carrie following her comment at the start of the match. She was looking for either a rematch with Carrie so she could possibly finish what she started or even a match with Rihanna in order to get back at her for interfering.

One day while Gaga was going through her mail she sees an invitation to a bachlorette party for Katy Perry. It was going to be in India. As she is holding it in her hands, she looks at it quizzically.

“There’s something about this party that rings a bell… I just can’t put my finger on it.” mutters Gaga to herself as she thinks hard for a few more seconds before shaking her head and putting it aside. She puffs up her cheeks as she takes a sip of her soda and looks up at the TV. Her eyes widen and a slight smile creeps on to her lips as she sees Katy arm in arm with Rihanna. “Shit!” She curses to herself scurries for the remote remembering she had the volume low. She had the volume up high long enough to hear Katy looking forward to what Rihanna had in store for her bachlorette party. Gaga looks back and forth between the TV and the invite and finally chuckles realizing now what it was she remembered about the invite. “This is perfect… just perfect. I’m going to make this party one to remember for a very long time.”

She goes over to the invite, opens it up, checks off the box that she’ll be attending the bachlorette party, puts it in the return envelope and seals it up. She even went as far as planting a kiss on the front of the envelope before sending it off.


As the days approached for the flight, Katy and Rihanna each were getting excited about the upcoming party.

“Please Rihanna, I’m begging you, tell me what you’ve got in mind for the party”, asked a pestering Katy with pleading eyes and a big radiant smile.

“For the hundredth time Katy, I’m not going to tell you. You’re just going to have to wait until the party. This is going to be a surprise” replied a teasing Rihanna. After a couple seconds Rihanna continue, “I almost forgot, I should call Kelly Clarkson and tell her I’m going to be in India. She probably already knows, but I want to make sure.”

“Sure… nice way to avoid talking about my party.” replies Katy as she sighs. Rihanna replies with a soft and somewhat sympathetic ‘sorry’ as she dials Kelly.

“Hello?” says Kelly as she picks up the phone.

“Hey, it’s Rihanna. Got a minute?”

“Yeah, kinda caught me between things right now, but I got a minute. What’s up?” replied Kelly.

“I’m just calling to tell you I’m going to be in India for a few days. I’m handling Katy’s bachelorette party. I didn’t want you to freak out or anything if you couldn’t get in touch with me.” said Rihanna.

“That’s this weekend? Wow, does time fly. I hope you have a blast.” said Kelly.

“Thanks Kelly!”

“One more thing, before you go and before I forget, keep in mind that we could use some more friends in the league. If you see any celebs that could help us that aren’t in any of the other groups, please ask them to help. The ABA is growing in strength and looking to solidify themselves as top dogs in the league. Not to mention that ditzy, dumb ass twit Jessica Simpson and her group. We could use all the friends we could get.” Said Kelly.

“I’ll do that Kelly. You keep yourself safe while I’m gone.” Rihanna chuckles and shakes her head as she hangs up the phone.

She smiles back at Katy. “I’m sorry about that.”.

“No need to apologize. You’ve been a good friend to me since we met. I can’t thank you enough for taking on the daunting task of running my bachelorette party.” smiles Katy as she places as she places her hand on Rihanna’s arm and kisses her cheek.

Katy’s limo driver finally pulls up to her place and the two stars step out of the limo and head up to her house. They both spend the night at Katy’s place having a few drinks and having a few laughs. Katy tried a few more times to get some info from Rihanna about the party, but was rebuffed each time. After a couple hours of drinking, laughing and even some dancing the girls went to bed. They each had their luggage at Katy’s place so they carpool to the airport the next morning.

They got up the next morning slightly groggy and with a slight headache from all the drinking. They gathered their stuff into Katy’s limo and went off to the airport. As they made their way to the gate, Katy’s smiles over at Rihanna, “I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the party.”

Rihanna chuckles and responds, “Damn you’re persistent Katy. You’re just going to have to wait.”

“I know Rihanna. I just can’t wait, I’m so excited about it.” beamed Katy.

“I’m sure you’ll love it Katy. Come on, we don’t want to miss the plane.” replied Rihanna. Katy smiled in response. They got to the gate, showed their tickets and passports to the gate attendant and got on the plane. They spent the flight like most other people do. After they landed in India, a limo service driver greeted them and helped them get their luggage and drive them to the Taj Mahal.

As they got close to the hotel, Katy smiled and clapped her hands giddily, “The Taj, I love how it’s starting already.” They checked in and quickly went up to the suite that Rihanna had booked. They plopped down on the bed and rested for a couple hours. After they got up and got dressed for the party.

Rihanna had made some arrangements for in the party courtyard for Katy’s party. Some of Katy’s and Rihanna’s friends arrived to the suite (minus Lady Gaga). They made their way to the courtyard. There were some sword eaters, fire breathers, dancers of all sorts, hot rock walkers and other performers. Katy had a smile on her face while she was making her way through the courtyard. Katy met up with several dozen other guests that were invited, one of which was Gaga.

“Hi Katy!” said Gaga as she hugged Katy. Gaga then looked over Rihanna, “Nice to see you too Rihanna!”

“Hey Gaga!” replied a somewhat tense Rihanna feeling Gaga’s coldness.

“Everything good between the two of you?” said Katy sensing a bit of tension between them.

“It’s just that I still feel the sting of Rihanna’s kick after my match with Kesha and Underwood not too long ago. I’m looking to return the favor.” said Gaga.

“I see.” said Katy gulping a bit. Then after thinking for a couple seconds, her eyes widen and a smile returns. “I have an idea. Why don’t we have a match between the two of you and settle this. If Rihanna wins, Gaga forgives her for the kick. If Gaga wins, she has her revenge. How’s that sound? I don’t want any bad blood between anyone here.”

Both Gaga and Rihanna nod in agreement to the terms Katy set out. Katy sighs in relief, “That’s good.” She turns to the guests “Let’s all gather in a big square so we can give these two a makeshift ring.” Then she turns to Gaga and Rihanna: “You might want to strip to bra and panties for this match. Either of you want any stipulations for the match?”

“How about the loser kisses the winners ass or feet?” says Gaga.

“Fine by me. Just remember those words when you lose.” replies Rihanna as she raises an eyebrow.

Now that all this stuff is out of the way, let’s get the match out of the way. I’ll ref the match.” said Katy with a bit of a nervous tinge in her voice.

The two sexy fighters stripped to their bra and panties. Rihanna had a black thong and matching top while Gaga’s panties covered her ass. They each looked sexy in their outfits.

The two started to circle each other with their arms up defensively. They each jabbed at each other testing the other’s defenses. Each side easily swatted the other’s punches. Rihanna raises both her hands up in the air inviting Gaga to a test of strength. Gaga hesitates a second before accepting the challenge and intertwines their hands. They each start to push against each other straining their muscles. After about ten seconds of pushing against each other, Rihanna relaxes her arms bringing them back causing Gaga to come toward her. As Gaga came close, Rihanna head butts her several times causing Gaga’s head to snap back. This move caught Gaga by surprise.

Rihanna tries to release the hold she has on Gaga’s hands, but Gaga won’t let go. Rihanna knees Gaga’s side several times trying to free herself from the hold, but that only caused Gaga to grunt from the hits and to tighten the finger lock. Gaga returns the favor by kneeing Rihanna in the gut several times causing her to grunt and puff her cheeks by the air that was forced out. Gaga then plants her foot on Rihanna’s stomach as she rolls back flipping Rihanna to her back.

They each quickly got to heir feet and faced each other keeping a close eye on the other. They came close to each other throwing punches at each other’s chests and heads like a pair of boxers. They each had mixed success against the other as some found their targets while others were blocked or swatted away.

Rihanna started to throw her punches higher and higher as the two punched away at each other. By doing this, it caused Gaga to bring her defenses higher up to block them. Rihanna was able to bring Gaga’s defenses high enough so she could get a hard kick in to Gaga’s exposed stomach. Gaga grunted and grimaced from the kick to her stomach. Gaga brought her hands to her stomach. Rihanna peppered Gaga’s face and chest with a series of punches and chops. Gaga’s head snapped with each punch and her chest reddened with the chops. Rihanna then squats down and sweeps Gaga’s legs from underneath her. Gaga hits the ground in a thud.

Rihanna smiles as she sees Gaga on the ground in pain. She wants to end this match quickly. She moves in leaning over and grabbing Gaga by the hair to bring her to her feet. As she is doing this, Gaga is able to punch Rihanna deeply in the gut several times. This causes Rihanna to puff out air from her stomach and let go of Gaga. Rihanna instinctively hold her stomach in pain and bend over.

As Gaga finishes getting to her feet, she uppercuts Rihanna causing her to grunt in pain and her head to snap back in pain and stagger back a couple steps. Rihanna is now dazed from the uppercut and winded from the gut punches. Gaga then charges at her and jumps as she got close slamming her feet into Rihanna’s chest. Rihanna goes flying into the air, her arms flailing and grunts as she hits the ground. Katy sees the hit that Gaga put on Rihanna and winces in pain. Rihanna holds herself and groans in pain.

Gaga smiles and plays to the crowd a little bit. She taunts Rihanna a bit as she gets closer to her, “I’m not sure whether I should have you kiss my ass or feet? Maybe I should have you kiss both.” Rihanna flips her off as Gaga said that. Gaga scoffs at her response, “That’s not a response for someone who is about to lose a match.”

Gaga comes in close to finish off Rihanna… or so she thought. As Gaga reached toward Rihanna, her eyes widen in shock as she sees Rihanna get to her knees and launch herself at her chest. Rihanna tackles Gaga to the ground and straddles Gaga’s stomach and starts to send one punch after another to Gaga’s chest and head. Gaga was in too much shock from being tackled that she wasn’t able to put up much resistance to the punches. The crowd stopped counting after 20 punches. Rihanna even raised her ass and slammed it into Gaga’s stomach to get her winded. Once Rihanna did that, she rose up and added a couple kicks to her ribs. Gaga grunted from the kicks from Rihanna. She snickers down at Gaga who is now in pain, “So much for me about to lose to you.”

Gaga rolls on the ground in pain holding herself. Rihanna plays to the crowd a bit and winks at Katy before returning her attention to Gaga. She screams at her, “Get up bitch! Fight me!”

Gaga slowly gets to her hands and knees. Instead of crawling toward Rihanna, she heads toward the crowd. Some of those in the crowd help Gaga to her feet. Instead of just letting her stand there, they push her back into the ring and right at Rihanna. When Rihanna saw her coming at her, Rihanna opened her arms and wrapped her arms around Gaga’s chest in a bear hug. Gaga’s eyes widened as she came closer to her and because the crowd pushed her so hard, she was unable to stop. Gaga groaned as Rihanna tightened the bearhug. Rihanna was able to get her knee between Gaga’s legs and slammed it hard several times into her pussy. Gaga screamed in pain from the hits.

Rihanna released the hold a bit enough to get a little space and then knee Gaga in her gut a couple times. This caused Gaga to leave her feet, become winded and slightly weak kneed. Once Rihanna released the hold, Gaga doubled over and grabbed her stomach. This gave the chance to grab Gaga’s head and slam her knee into Gaga’s forehead. After the knee, Rihanna kept her hand on Gaga’s head keeping it from snapping upward. She did this so that she could squat down in front of Gaga and rear her right fist back. Only then did she release Gaga’s head. She stood up fast and connected with an uppercut to Gaga’s chin. After the uppercut, Gaga’s head and body snapped upward. Her arms flailed and she staggered backwards a couple steps before falling down on the ground.

Katy and the crowd let out a collective groan from the series of hits from Rihanna to Gaga who by now was nearly out on the ground.

Rihanna went over to Gaga, laid down next to her and placed Gaga’s head into a figure-four scissor hold. Gaga could do little more than weakly swat at Rihanna’s thighs or try to pry them off. She had little strength left in her arms or body after the recent attack. The rest of her body twisted and turned as she to free herself. Rihanna tightened the hold every few seconds causing more air to be deprived to Gaga. Katy walks over and squats a couple feet away from Gaga’s head, “Do you give up Gaga?” The only response she got was groans of pains and a pained look from Gaga. “Rihanna’s got strong legs. I suggest you give up before she knocks you out.” Gaga again responds with more groans of pain.

After about fifteen seconds and her eyes start fluttering, Gaga slams her hand down on the ground signifying her submission. Katy smiles at Gaga: “Smart move.” Katy smiles at Rihanna as she stands up. Rihanna held the scissor hold for a couple seconds before letting go and standing up next to Katy. After Rihanna released the hold, Gaga gasped desperately for air. She tries to get to her feet after a moment, but gets a tap on her shoulder.

“Not yet Gaga. There’s something you have to do first, remember?” said Rihanna. Gaga curses under her breath after being reminded of the agreement they made before the beginning of the match. She looks up at Rihanna.

“I forgive you for the kick Rihanna. Now what do you want me to kiss?” says a somewhat contrite Gaga.

“From what I remember, you threatened to have me kiss both your feet and your ass after the match.” said Rihanna stroking her chin and a growing smile. She looks at Katy and then back at Gaga, “I’ll have you kiss both of my feet and both my ass cheeks.” Gaga grits her teeth a bit as she leans over and plants a few kisses on each of Rihanna’s feet. She even went so far as to lick each foot then lifted her head up to kiss her ass. Katy and Rihanna giggle as she did this. The crowd murmured a bit as well. Rihanna then turned around to show Gaga her ass and patted them. Gaga gulped regretting her own words as she planted a couple kisses on each cheek. She finally stood up and Rihanna turned to face her.

“I hate eating my own words Rihanna about wanting to make you kiss both my feet and ass and I hate losing. I really do forgive you for the kick you gave me though after the match. You gave as good as you got in the fight and you have my respect as a fighter. If you need help from me in the future, you let me know.” said a somewhat contrite Gaga as she extended her hand toward Rihanna.

“That’s real mature of you Gaga. I will be in touch with you though if I ever need your help.” Rihanna responded as she took Gaga’s hand. The two then parted ways, with Katy going with Rihanna.

Katy leans in and whispers into Rihanna’s ear, “This is already an awesome bachelorette party. You have all these quirky, fun things. You won a fight and made a new friend. I was kind of turned on by it. Plus you look sexy as hell in that thong and bra. Once the party is all done, we should go back to the suite and fuck each other. I want to be able to tell people I fucked my maid-of-honor before my marriage.”

Rihanna smiled at Katy’s words and responded, “That can be arranged.” The two of them went about and had fun during the rest of the party. There was plenty of singing, dancing and drinking during the night.

After a few more hours of partying, Katy and Rihanna went to the suite in the early hours of the morning. It didn’t take long for them to strip naked. They started kissing each other as they made their way to the bedroom. Rihanna briefly broke the kiss to go to one of the dresser drawers to grab a strap-on dildo and put it on. Katy smiled and laid on her back on the bed. Rihanna got to the bed and hooked Katy’s legs. She blew a kiss at her before she reamed the dildo into Katy’s pussy. She reamed Katy’s pussy until she climaxed. Katy looked up after Rihanna made her climax, “Let me use it on you now.”

Rihanna quickly un-strapped the dildo and gave it to Katy and switched places with her. Katy now fucked Rihanna in the pussy like she just got fucked and quickly brought Rihanna to a climax. They each took turns fucking each other with dildo in multiple positions until they could fuck no more. They then lay down next to each other tired but happy for the next hour before finally going to sleep.

After they got up later the day, they reminisced about the night before. Rihanna remembered Kelly’s instructions before leaving for India and placed a call to her from the room.

“Hello?” said Kelly

“Hey Kelly, it’s Rihanna. How’s it going?” replied Rihanna.

“It’s ok. What’s up?” said Kelly.

“I got some good news. I’ve got a couple free-lance helpers for us. I just thought you might like that news.” said Rihanna.

“It’s Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.” replied Rihanna.

“Gaga? How’d you get her to help us? She didn’t seem too happy after you knocked her out in her initial match.” asked Kelly.

“She was at the bachelorette party and we buried the hatchet so to speak.” said Rihanna biting her lips hoping she won’t ask many details about how that happened.

“I see.” said Kelly wondering how that happened, but deciding not to push it too far as she probably doesn’t need to know the details. “Anyway, that’s good news. We can use really their help. We can catch up later.” They each hang up the phone.


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Mia Little vs Will Tile