It’s been a few weeks since her first match in the league and Carrie Underwood was looking to get another match and some more experience under her belt. She had been training off and on with Kelly and Keira. Kelly hadn’t been in a match ever since she lost the songbird title to Jessica Simpson. She had taken time to train the girls in the group. That didn’t mean though that she didn’t want to have a match or two to keep her skills honed. She had the most experience of all of them and was using that in the training.

Rihanna had work with her tours and just had her own match with Beyonce not too long ago. She was able to find time in her busy schedule to come in and train when she had some days off and was nearby where the girls were training. Rihanna was the second most experienced fighter in the group next to Kelly when it came to the league fights. Keira had some training, but it was in regards to her various movie roles such as King Arthur, Domino and The Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Kelly had put in a call to G-Man to help her get some matches for the girls and even for herself if he could. One day while they were taking a break from the training, Kelly gets a call from G-Man. Kelly checks the caller-id as she picks up the phone.

“Tell me you have some good news G-Man.” said Kelly.

“Hello to you too Kelly.” said G-Man not expecting such a greeting.

“Sorry… Hi! I’m in training mode.” says a slightly apologetic Kelly.

“Anyway, I do have some good news. I was able to get a match for Carrie. The committee wants her to face Taylor Swift at STONE RAGE NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH!. They apparently want to inject some young blood into the league… you know… to help spice things up.” replied G-Man.

“That is good news. She’ll be happy to hear that. Were you able to get anything for me?” asked Kelly.

“Well…the committee has someone in mind for you to face. They wanted your permission before announcing the match. It will be against one of the title-holders, but they want it to be a non-title match. They could change it to a title match if we really want.” Said G-Man nervously not sure how Kelly will react.

The names of the title-holders go through Kelly’s head as he talks, “A Non-Title match? Do they want me to Jessica again… but not for the songbird title? I’ll finish her this time around even if it’s not for the title.” says Kelly.

“It’s not Jessica…” replies G-Man and continues after a second pause “…and it’s not Beyonce either. She just had her title match.” said a nervous G-Man. Kelly starts to get a bit nervous now as the possibilities narrow.

“That just leaves two ti…” says Kelly as she nervously takes her hand through her hair.

“It’s Britney. They want you to face Britney.” blurted out G-Man interrupting Kelly. Kelly gulped and took a moment to think. “Kelly? You there?”

“Yeah, I’m still here. I’m kind of surprised that they want me to face her. She beat Shakira not too long ago. You think she might be the one demanding this match, especially after her first match with Shakira?” asked Kelly.

“I don’t know. It’s certainly a possibility. You did kick her off Shakira in that match.” said G-Man.

“Anyway, I’ll take the match and I want it to be a title match too with her. I’ll smother that bitch out.” said Kelly.

“Ok, I’ll set it up with the committee.” replied G-Man as he hung up the phone. After she hangs up the phone, Kelly tells Carrie about the match.

“That’s awesome news. I’ll make sure I’ll win this time.” said Carrie.


A week after G-Man told Kelly about the match for Carrie, the fighters arrive at the arena. They get to their respective locker rooms and begin preparing for their match. Carrie had Kelly and Keira with her in the locker room. It didn’t take much longer for the matches to start. As the time for her match comes, Carrie gets a bit nervous in an excited sort of way. Both Kelly and Keira smile as they see her getting nervous.

“Don’t be nervous about the match Carrie. You’ll do fine.” said Keira.

“I know. It’s just pre-fight jitters.” smiled Carrie.

“As long as you get those jitters out of your system by the time the fight gets around. When the fight comes, stay focused and don’t get over zealous or fancy.” continued Keira.

“Yes ma’am.” replied Carrie in a mix of a friendly and, ‘I know I have to do that’ tone of voice punctuated with a salute, to which Keira raised an eyebrow. Keira wasn’t sure if that was some sort of country girl put down or just Carrie’s nerves talking.

“Kiss my ass.” replied in her heavy British accent in a half joking manner.

“Girls… be nice!” chided Kelly. Both Keira and Carrie looked at Kelly for a second before smiles broke out on the both of them.

“Sorry Keira… I’m just nervous that’s all.”, said Carrie as she approached Keira for a handshake and a hug.

“Me too.” eeplied Keira as she shook Carrie’s hand and hugged her.

“You do have a nice ass. You’d have to make me kiss it though.” whispered Carrie in Keira’s ear as she slapped her ass.

“Pervert!” teased Keira. “You’ll kiss it after I kick your ass.”

“You’d have to kick my ass first.” smirked Carrie as she stepped away.

Not a moment after they hug, one of the ring side attendants knocked on the door and poked her head in, “Carrie, you’re match is up next.” Carrie nods to the girl and breaths in deeply trying to get focused.

A moment later, the introductions were made for the match. The first one to be announced was Taylor Swift. She had a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and knee high leather boots on. As she entered the arena and headed toward the ring, she received a bunch of cheers from the crowd. She smiled and waved to the crowd as she got to the ring. She took a moment to stretch a bit after she got into the ring. A short moment later, Carrie’s intro music started playing and the crowd started cheering for her. She had a one-piece swimsuit on that had mini-shorts attached to them that went partly down the thigh. She also had a pair of calf high boots on. As she went to the ring, she waved and smiled to the crowd as well as shaking a few hands. After she got inside the ring, she extended her hand out to Taylor Swift, who promptly took it and shook. The ref quickly explained the rules to them and the both nodded and waited for the bell to ring.

Just as they were about to start the match they hear: “I’m sorry for interrupting and I’m going to let you girls get on with your fight, but before you continue… I’ve to say that Beyonce could kick both of your asses.” They look around and notice Kanye West jump out of the crowd with a microphone in hand and get on the edge of the mat.

Taylor sighs and looks at Kanye in aggravation, “Not again!”

“My girl Beyonce is the best War Queen title hol…” continued Kanye as he looked at the girls, but his talk was interrupted by a kick to his balls from Taylor causing him to drop the microphone, grab the top rope with one hand and his balls with the other.

Taylor was about to do more, but Carrie Underwood stretched out her hand, “Let me do the honors!” Taylor nodded and stepped back as Carrie stepped forward, jumped in the air swinging her leg out and connecting with Kanye’s jaw sending him to the floor below splayed out. The crowd cheers seeing the duo do their work on Kanye.

“Thank you!” nods a smiling Taylor.

“You’re welcome!” nods Carrie as she squats down a bit and brings her hands up. “Now, let’s get our fight on!”

Taylor nods at Carrie as she squats down a bit, brings her arms up and squints her eyes. The two starlets circle each other sending an occasional jab at each other’s head and chest to test the other’s defenses. They each block or swat away the other’s punches. Carrie tries for a left hook knowing that Taylor will block it, which she does. Once Taylor blocks the hook, Carrie then swings her left leg up and connects with Taylor’s ribs. Taylor grunts from the kick and staggers back a couple steps.

Carrie steps in to continue her attack and swings out her right leg. Taylor has recovered in time to react to Carrie’s kick by grabbing it with her left arm and hooking it her elbow around it pinning the leg against her side. This takes Carrie a bit by surprise. While Taylor has a hold of Carrie’s leg, she sends several kicks to Carrie’s gut. Carrie grunted with each kick and her cheeks puffed up from the air being forced out of her body. After a few kicks, Carrie becomes a bit wobbly on her knee and hunches over. Taylor takes the opportunity to release Carrie’s leg as Carrie is bending over. Just as this happens, Taylor uppercuts Carrie’s jaw as it comes down. The sound of the connecting punch reverberates throughout the arena. Carrie’s head snaps upwards, her arms flail outward as she staggers back towards the ropes. The match has barely started and Carrie is feeling a bit light headed and started to see stars.

Taylor quickly moves in towards Carrie, as she is about to hit the ropes, grabs one of her arms and sends her hurtling towards the ropes on the other side. Taylor bounces off the ropes she is near and heads toward Carrie to keep Carrie from getting any wind. As Carrie bounces off the ropes, Taylor is right on her tail as she extends her arm out clothes lining Carrie sending her to her back in a bit of a thud. Taylor follows that up with a guillotine kick across Carries chest causing her to body to spasm on the mat.

Everyone, including Carrie, was expecting this to be a decent match-up between the two fighters, but nothing like this. Taylor cracks a smile as she is dominating Carrie in the early goings of the match. She steps to the outside of the ring, walks over to the corner and gets up to the top turnbuckle. She steadies herself just before she launches herself at Carrie. After she does, she does a back flip and she briefly sees Carrie’s eyes widen up like saucers. Just as Taylor as about to connect with a belly flop, Carrie brings her knees up to her chest and Taylor lands squarely on the knees. Her eyes bulge, cheeks puff up from all the air being forced out of her. She tries to scream, but there’s no air in her lungs. Carrie pushes her off her legs and watches as Taylor flops to the mat curling up and holds herself.

Carrie takes a quick moment to collect herself before getting back to her feet. After she gets back up, Taylor is still holding herself after getting kneed. Carrie reaches down with her left and pulls Taylor up by her hair. Even after she brings Taylor up to her feet, Carrie is still holding her hair and even pulls her hair back causing Taylor to squeal a bit. She starts to rapidly punch Taylor’s face and chest causing her to grunt.

After nearly a minute of the punching Taylor is hurting and is slightly woozy from all the head punches. Carrie then brings her right hand up and grabs Taylor’s hair. She quickly brings Taylor’s head down just as she swings her knee up. Taylor’s head snaps up and her arms flail after the knee as she staggers back. Carrie quickly charges at her and clotheslines her sending to her back in a thud. Carrie smirks as she looks down at Taylor. She goes for an elbow drop on Taylor Swift, but just as Carrie is about to land the elbow on Taylor’s chest, Taylor rolls out of the way. Carrie grimaces and groans as her elbow hits the mat. She quickly grabs it giving it a massage.

Both fighters slowly getting to their feet and eye each other as they do. Taylor moves in with a few jabs towards Carrie’s head and chest, all of which Carrie is able to block or swat away the punches as she steps back towards the ropes. As she hits the rope, Taylor quickly swings her leg out towards and connects with Carrie’s gut. Carrie doubles over from the pain and her cheeks puff up as air is forced out of her. The only reason Carrie hasn’t dropped to her knees is because she grabbed onto the ropes. Taylor quickly steps in and grabs one of Carrie’s arms, sends her hurtling towards the opposite set of ropes and then bounces off the ropes they were both near. As they each bounce off the ropes and come at each other, they extend their arms out and clothes line each other. The crowd cheers seeing the back-and-forth fight between the starlets. The starlets each groan in pain from the fighting while on the mat.

They try to ignore the pain they have and get to their feet. Carrie is the first to her feet and the first to attack as she sends a kick to Taylor’s mid-section while she’s getting to her feet. Taylor isn’t able to react fast enough as Carrie’s shin connects with her stomach sending her off her feet and forcing air out of her. Taylor lands back on her feet albeit a bit wobbly.

Carrie doesn’t waste any time as she moves in with one chop after another to Taylor’s chest making her squeal in pain and forcing her back to the ropes. As she got Taylor to the ropes and before she could do anything, Carrie grabs one of Taylor’s wrists with part of the top rope with one hand and the Taylor’s throat with the other and slams her thigh into Taylor’s gut hard a dozen times. By the time Carrie had finished her attack, Taylor could barely breath and groaning in pain.

Realizing that Taylor is practically done for, Carrie grabs Taylor’s t-shirt and leads her into the center of the ring before releasing her. Taylor’s legs are like rubber at this point, her arms dangling at her side and her head wobbling around on her neck. Carrie takes a step back as she measures up Taylor for her finishing move. Carrie then spins around before planting her foot and jumping in the air mid twirl. As she jumps up, she swings her right leg out and brings the toe of the boot to Taylor’s jaw. Taylor’s eyes widen a bit as she sees this but is powerless to stop it. The THWACK of the boot connecting resounds throughout the arena as Taylor’s head snaps and her body twirls with full-on arm flailing before falling to the mat face down.

Carrie chuckles as she sees Taylor lay on the mat while walking over to her. Carrie goes to her knees beside Taylor, flips her onto her backside, hooks the leg and applies the cover. Taylor isn’t completely out from the kick but sufficiently out of it that Carrie doesn’t bother to apply much pressure to her shoulders. The referee comes over and does the three count before calling for the bell. The referee raises Carrie’s hand in victory.

Just as she’s about to leave the ring, Carrie remembers that Kanye is outside the ring. She slides out the ringside where Kanye was and smirks as he is coming about and is trying to get to his feet. Kanye chuckles a bit, “You won?”

“Yeah I won. What’s it to you?” said Carrie with a bit of country attitude. Kanye’s smile grew.

“Congratulations, but I have to say that Beyonce could still ki…” started Kanye.

“Shut up!” snarled Carrie as she kicked Kanye’s chest forcing him to his back and continued on with some country spunk as she points at Kanye “Beyonce may be one of the best champs this league has seen, but don’t you EVER interrupt MY match again because I’ll give you an ass-whipping you’ll NEVER forget. We Texas girls know how to fight.”

After she finished, Carrie swung her leg out and hits Kanye’s jaw with the heel of her boot knocking him out again. She then snapped back to her nice country girl smile and started waving to the crowd as she left the ringside for the locker room. Kelly and Keira were both there to greet. They each hugged her and congratulated her on the win.


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