Maria Sharapova & Anna Kournikova vs Serena & Venus Williams


After several months of preparations and hyping by the Battle Zone League, the second match of the tag team tourney is days away. It is to be two pairs of tennis’s female super-stars, the Williams sisters and the combination of Russian born stars Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova. At the press conference the day before the match, each pair of girls were confident in victory the next day.

“Those Russian bitches got nothing on us. One is a has-been with no talent and the other has been trailing off these past few years. Meanwhile, Serena and I have been stomping the hell out of everyone these past few years. Besides, who wants to go up against a pair of sisters with pipes like these.” said a confident Venus to the press corps as she flexed for them.

Anna and Maria rolled their eyes when they heard about Venus’s comments. Maria pointed at one of the camera guys and spoke in her heavy Russian accent, “Those American girls know nothing about tennis training in Russia. It was just as tough after communism fell as it was before. These girls are in for a big surprise in the ring tomorrow.” The press conferences went on for another half hour with both sets of girls trading jabs during their respective press conferences.

The following night, the Knickerbockers’ Arena was filled for the fight. Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova were introduced first. They were introduced to a medley of popular Russian Music Video. They received a loud applause, a good bunch of who were actual tennis fans of theirs while others were fans of their other ‘attributes’. A good number of their fans had quizzical looks on their faces when they were listening to the intro music, not sure what to make of it mostly because they’re not used to listening to Russian pop music. Anna and Maria each went down the aisle shaking hands and occasionally flirting with the fans. They had matching tennis shorts/skirts, tank tops, sneakers and each had their hair in a ponytail. They eventually made it to the ring and quickly started stretching while they waited for Venus & Serena to show up.

A moment later, the Russian music stopped and “American Woman” started playing and the pyrotechnics started flaring on the ramp. Venus and Serena strutted onto the top of the ramp. They both had their hair loose and wore a pair of matching single piece leather outfits. The top was a tank top that went into leather shorts stopping that didn’t even make it to the mid-thigh. They each had calf high leather boots too. The front of the tank top had an American flag on the front. The crowd cheered loudly for them as they made an appearance on the ramp and started to make their way down to the ring. Venus and Serena shook their fans’ hands as they made their way to the ring.

They slid under the bottom rope and did a ‘fake out’ charge at Maria and Anna to gauge their jumpiness. Maria and Anna saw their fake charge, scoffed and rolled their eyes. Venus and Serena smirked at their opponent’s reaction. The referee called all four to the center of the ring and quickly explained the rules to the girls and made the two teams shake hands. The referee called for the bell and the fight officially started.

As the referee took a step back, Venus and Maria went to their corner to watch Serena and Anna start to circle each other. Anna and Serena both lock up with each other. They struggle against each other for a few seconds, but Serena uses her superior strength to start pushing Anna back and practically shoves her into the corner. Serena rushes in to start wailing on Anna before Anna can start fighting back. Anna reacts faster than Serena expected and blocks most of the punches. She sends a couple of knees and a kick to Serena’s ribs to force her to stop the punches and take a couple steps back, which Serena does. Anna quickly jumps up and sends a pair of quick kicks towards Serena’s head forcing her to step back and bring her arms up to block the kick. As Anna lands on her feet, she sends a sidekick to Serena’s stomach. The kick causes Serena to take a couple steps back and hold her stomach. She squints at Anna as she expected her to be a pushover.

Anna smirks back at Serena as she sends a couple kicks to her stomach and her head all of which Serena blocked. With the last kick, Serena was able to grab the ankle with both hands and give a good yank on it. This caught Anna by surprise as she staggered towards Serena and right into a bear hug. Anna groaned and her face contorted as Serena put the squeeze on her ribs and lifted her off her feet. Anna composed herself long enough to head-butt Serena a couple times and send a pair of karate chops to Serena’s neck making her head snap and groan in pain. This was good enough to have Serena loosen the grip on Anna who in turn sent a handful of fists to Serena’s ribs. Serena finally let go of Anna and watched her scamper off towards Maria to tag her in. Serena thought better of going after Anna and went over to Venus and tagged her in.

Venus and Maria eyed each other as they circled each other. Neither wants to underestimate the other. Venus looked to lock up with Maria, but Maria didn’t take the bait. Instead, Maria went for a drop-kick, but got nothing but air as Venus step to the side and let her drop to the mat. Venus promptly started to stomp and kick on Maria’s prone body the instant she fell to the mat. Each kick and stomp caused Maria to grunt and body to jolt. After nearly ten stomps, Maria was somehow able to catch Venus’s ankle and pull on it hard making Venus unstable and fall like a tree. Venus hit the mat in a thud. Just as Venus hit the mat, Maria spun around a bit and sent a kick to Venus’s back making her yell in pain.

Each girl held herself as they slowly get up with Venus getting to her feet first and was the first to strike. She came in and kicked Maria’s exposed stomach sending her back to the mat. Venus tried to follow up her attack with a few more kicks, but Maria rolled out of the ring and fell off the edge. Venus took a step back and made a quick move towards Anna. She didn’t go far and only did this to distract the referee and it worked as he stepped between the two.

During this distraction, Serena jumped down to the outside mats and ran over to Maria who was slowly trying to get to her feet. Maria was facing away from her on her hands and knees. Serena moved in and punted her right between the legs from behind making her butt and knees to come off the mat and then fall back to the mat. Maria screamed in pain and held womanhood. Serena leaned over, grabbed Maria’s hair, pulled her to her feet keeping her bent over and sent her into the metal steps leading up to the ring.

Just as she does that, she hears a yell from behind her a second before Anna jumps on her back. This made Serena stagger forward and drop to a knee. Anna applies a scissor hold around her waist and a sleeper-hold. At first Serena grabbed at Anna’s arms to pull the sleeper-hold off and simultaneously tried to shake her off. Neither of those worked, as Anna stayed stuck to her back. Serena struggled to get to her feet and it was by sheer will and strength that she did that. She moved back and slammed Anna’s back into the edge of the ring several times. This didn’t work in breaking the hold Anna had on her. She was slowly succumbing to the sleeper hold and had to do something before she went out. Serena turned to her side and leaped and fell backwards. The two of them fell on the hardened mat with Anna sandwiched between the muscular Serena and the floor. Both girls grimaced in pain from the fall, but it was enough to break both holds Anna had on Serena. Anna took what strength she had and rolled Serena off of her so she could breath.

In the meantime, the referee was already up to 10 on counting out Maria who had barely gotten to her hands and knees at this point and Venus was yelling taunts at her the whole time. From the looks of it, she didn’t seem to have the physical strength in her to get back in the ring in time. By the time Venus got outside the ring, the referee was already at 15. Venus quickly went to Maria, grabbed her hair and rolled her into the ring. She rolled in right behind her when the referee reached 19.

Venus got to her feet and went to pull Maria to her feet and was careful not to get sucker punched by Maria as she did that. Venus sent a quick flurry of punches to Maria’s head making her stagger back towards the ropes. Once there, Venus sent a kick to Maria’s stomach doubling her over. Venus grabbed Maria’s hair and kneed her in the head snapping it back up and making Maria stand upright. Venus then grabbed Maria’s arm and shoulder and hurdled her across the ring to the other ropes before bouncing off the ropes near her. As the two got close, Venus went for the clothesline, but Maria ducked underneath the arm and sent a gut punch into Venus’s exposed stomach as she ran by and bounced off the ropes. On her way back, Maria bulldogged Venus.

Maria rolled Venus over and went for the cover, but Venus kicked out before the referee could get to 2. Maria went for the throat grab with both her hands and started slamming Venus’s head on the mat. Venus was grunting with each hit of her head to the mat. As she was getting her head slammed on the mat, Venus reached her hands up to Maria’s face. One went to push Maria’s face and the other to rake her eyes. Both worked in making Maria release her chokehold.

Maria sat on her ass and tried to readjust her eyes. Venus quickly got to her knees, leaned in and grabbed Maria by her throat squeezing it. She slowly rose to her feet and watched as Maria grabbed her wrist with both hands to pull the hands off. Maria also sent a few kicks to Venus’s ribs and stomach, but Venus continued to keep the hold despite the pain. In an instant, Venus pulled Maria toward her, put her free hand on Maria’s back before lifting her up and slamming her on the mat. Maria grunted as her body hit the mat.

On the outside, both Anna and Serena got to their feet just as Venus choke slammed Maria. Anna’s eyes widened and Serena smiled when the saw it. Anna went to roll in the ring, but Serena saw her try and quickly grabbed her around the waist holding her in place. Before Maria could recover, Venus dropped to her knees and went for the cover. Venus hooked Maria’s leg and leaned back laying herself across Maria’s shoulders. The referee came in and administered the three count. Anna screamed “NNNNNNOOOOOOOOO” as the third hand came slamming down. Maria tried to kick out, but had no leverage due to Venus’s well-done cover.

Once the referee called for the bell, Serena tossed Anna to the mat like a rag doll and went inside the ring to embrace Venus. The referee raised both their hands in victory. Both Venus and Serena waved to the cheering fans. They then headed back to their locker room. As for Anna and Maria, Anna got back to her feet fairly quickly and headed to check on Maria.

“You ok Maria?” asked Anna as Maria was getting to her feet.

“Do I look ok to you? I just got choke slammed and pinned by Venus. You could have helped out a little bit.” replied a snippy Maria.

“I tried to, but I was being held back by Serena.” said Anna.

“Bullshit, if you had any talent, you could’ve gotten away.” Maria grumbles.

“I saved your ass when Serena came after you outside the ring.” pointed Anna.

“Gee thanks for ‘saving’ me after she kicked my pussy and threw me into the metal stairs. You know what, I’m not dealing with this right now.” Growled Maria as she shoved past Anna and headed back to the locker room.

The spat in the ring may have sprung from the lack of time spent together to train for the match and also each being a bit hot headed at times. They had never done anything together and that includes playing doubles tennis or as tag partners in other wrestling leagues. The only thing the two have done together is hung out occasionally as friends. A few nights after the tag team match, Maria called Anna to apologize for going off on her in the ring and asked if they can still be friends. Anna accepted Maria’s apology and told Anna that she’d still like to be friends.


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