Baywatch Chronicles


Pam Anderson has just finished taping her part of this week's episode of Baywatch. After taping Pam often loves to find a sparsely populated portion of the beach and take leisurely walks. She finds the breeze blowing against her face and flowing through her hair relaxing. The hot sand massages her tired bare feet as she walks through the thick sand on the upper part of the beach. After her leg muscles grow fatigued trudging through the heavy sand, Pam journeys closer to the surf. She finds the wet, cool sand just as therapeutic as the hot sand earlier on her tired feet. Pam takes a deep relaxing breath. She loves these relaxing moments. Life as a big celebrity can be very stressful. It's these moments that makes her able to survive and thrive in her fast paced, and highly competitive environment..

As Pam wanders on the beach, she senses someone else on the beach behind her. She turns her head and surveys the figure approaching. She can not make out who it is, but she notices flowing blonde hair and that unmistakable red Baywatch one piece bathing suite. Her curiosity is peaked. She wonders which cast mate has found her private asylum. She is too far away for Pam to distinguish who it is, but she looks familiar. Then Pam dismisses a thought. That person is no longer on the Baywatch cast. Pam continues her walk, but slows down a little, trying to get a good look at the blonde following her.

After the mystery woman has gotten a little closer to Pam, she calls out, "Hey Pammie! How does the swimsuit look? It's been a few years but it still fits like a glove!"

Pam turns to see her initial fear confirmed. The mystery blonde is Erika Eleniak. Erika was a member of the Baywatch cast initially. After she left the show, Pam was added to fill the hole. Once Pam hit the airwaves, the show's popularity sky rocketed. A natural rivalry initiated between the blondes.

Both blondes have graced the pages of Playboy magazine. They have encountered each other many times at the Playboy mansion and Playboy functions. Through those encounters they have learned one thing for sure. They do not really like each other, and did not mind letting each other know.

"Guess who's about to return to the show?" Erika says with a big smile. "That's right, me!" Erika answers her own question while Pam looks at Erika in confusion and dismay. "I thought I'd come down here and get a few thing straight with you, so there's no confusion between us." Erika begins in a threatening tone, "First, I don't like you. I've never liked you. And if you get in my way or cause any problems, I will bury you bitch. I will break that boney body, pop those fake tits and send you packing off this show forever. Do you understand me?" Erika finishes with her index finger in Pam's face.

Pam smacks Erika's hand out of the way, then takes a deep breath and rolls her eyes. "Erika, don't start." Pam calmly says. She knows exactly the reason for this confrontation. Erika was not just a cast, member, but the female lead of the show. That is now Pam's position on the show. Of course there can be only one lead. Obviously Erika wants it back. Erika foolishly left the show when she fell in love with her on screen boyfriend and trying to cater to his jealous nature. Pam knows Erika is issuing a challenge to determine who is the dominant female between them. However Pam does not intend on this being a long contest.

"You know the deal." Pam begins "It's David and the rest of the producers' decision whether you come back or not. But if you do, you're not running anything, and you're definitely not going to be the star!" Pam says with her voice getting louder. "And if it's a fight that you want, we might as well do that right now." Pam finishes very threateningly.

Erika scowl back at Pam. "Bring it bitch!" she spits back.

To Erika's surprise, Pam does not engage in any more posturing and junk talk. Instead she loops her fist low and buries it deep into Erika's belly. Erika yells out "OOoooommppptt" and doubles over holding her stomach with both arms and her eyes as wide as saucers. Erika seems stunned and hangs in that position for a moment until Pam straightens Erika back up with a looping upper cut to Erika's chin. Erika straightens up with a yelp and reels backwards.

Looking to conquer her rival quickly and easily, Pam pressed forward at her prey. Erika looks up and mutters "bitch" as she sees Pam coming. Erika barely reacts in time but is able to kick Pam in the couchie as she runs in.

Pam yells "Yeow!" and retreats back the opposite direction. Pam hops up and down and does a funny dance as she moans and holds her cunt with both hands. In fact Erika would have laughed her head off, if she was not still out of breath from Pam's initial punch to her stomach.

After a few seconds, Both Pam and Erika have recovered from the opening volley and are ready to continue. Erika closes in on Pam. She strikes with a jab to Pam's face as she nears. Pam immediately retaliates with a looping punch to Erika's temple. Next the blonde bombshells engage in a slugfest. Erika strikes with a straight fist to Pam's big bouncing boobs. Pam returns with another upper cut. Then Erika fires a right cross to Pam's lips. Pam stumbles but returns with her own sweeping left hook. They continue trading punch after punch. But after a while, it becomes evident that Erika is stronger than Pam. Her punches deliver more punishment than her rival's. Pam fights back valiantly but the outcome is inedible.

A flash combination to Pam's lips rocks and dazes her. Erika grabs her victim's long blonde hair and slings the stunned beauty to the sand. Pam tumbles ungracefully into the hot sand. Erika backs up several steps and prepares to leap onto her fallen foe. Pam's glassy eyes return their focus during Erika's leap and she somehow manages to raise her leg in time. Pam spears Erika right in the gut. Erika releases a loud gasp and rolls to the side, curled into a ball, tightly dolding her stomach.

Pam crawls over to Erika. She rolls Erika over so that she can wrap a head lock around her head. With Erika captured, Pam starts peppering her victim's face with endless rapid fire punches. The short punches carry a hard impact. They send Erika for a trip down dream street. By the time than Pam is done, Erika is stunned with distant very glassy eyes. Pam releases Erika and stands leaving Erika stretched out and lying dazed on the sand.

"So you want to comeback to Baywatch bitch?" Pam asks in a evil low tone. Then she reaches down and captures two handfuls of Erika's golden hair and pulls the intruder up to her feet. Erika is grunting and moaning, but complies with Pam's strong grip and wishes. Pam unloads an explosive three punch combination. The first lands to Erika's midsection, the other two to Erika's gaping jaw. Erika's body jolts with each blow, and she is sinking back down. Pam grabs a handful of hair on the crown of Erika's head and holds her upright. Then Pam proceeds to launch punch after punch to her injured prey. Erkia pathetically whimpers, mewl, and whining pitifully trying slowly to move her arms to protect the vulnerable areas that Pam is pounding. Erika's feeble attempts prove only to be a minor annoyance, as Pam targets points all over Erika's body. Pam's assault first punish Erika's eyes, nose, lips and jaw, then switches to pound her tits, stomach, and cunt. Erika's foggy, dazed mind could not figure which parts to protect. She slowly moves her arms wherever the pain is, but never able to stop the punishment. Pam knows that she is delivering a merciless brutal beating that no human being should have to endure, but she wants to prove her point. She wants Erika to never come back for a rematch.

Pam ceases her assault and releases her victim. Erika crumples to the sand in tears. Pam does not speak, just heaves deep breaths over the sobbing woman. Then through her tears Erika starts ranting, "You fucking bitch... I'm going to kill you... You're not getting away with this... I'll kill you... I'm a get you..."

Pam blows in disgust. She wants this conflict over once and for all. "You're still talking? You still want some more?" Pam asks with her frustration showing in her voice. "Fine I'll give you more till you learn not to come around here ever again!" Pam threatens and reaches down and grab Erika's ankles. She drags Erkia across the hot burning sand, scratching and burning Erika's body in the process. Erika scream and cries louder and harder as the abrasive sand punishes her skin. Small shells dig and scratch her flesh as Pam drags her toward the surf. A wave comes crashing into the beach and envelopes Erika. To Erika's relief the water recedes, allowing her to breath again. The poor blonde struggles, but can not break Pam's grip. Pam is cruelly pulling Erika deeper into the water.

Once the water is above her navel Pam lets Erika's ankles go. A moment later Erika's head breaks through the water's surface gasping for breath. Pam allows Erika to inhale desperately for a few seconds, then pushes her head back under the water. Erika desperately flails trying to reach the water's surface, but Pam cruely holds her under. Pam truely regrets being this mean and cruel to another person, but she wants to teach Erika to leave her alone. Apparently Erika is a little thick headed. Erika's failings finally slow to a bare minimum, then Pam pulls her above the surface and starts hauling the water logged girl to the beach.

Erika lies on the sand completely defeated and heaving air. Her body is limp and the beautiful blonde looks like a drowned rat. Erika in thankful that this battle is over. She wants no more parts of Pam ever again. "Stupid bitch!" Pam rambles. "I didn't want to do this, I just wanted you to leave me alone. I didn't want to kick your ass like this." Pam reaches down and starts peeling off Erika's Baywatch swim suit. Erika lies unmoving as Pam strips her naked. "You don't deserve to wear this suit!" Pam says. "You come back when you know how to act! When you can treat others, like me with respect!" Pam says as she finishes removing Erika's suit. Pam then walks away leaving a broken Erika lying nude on the sandy beach.

Fifteen minutes later a disheveled Pam walks into David Hasselhof's office and tosses a wet Baywatch swim suit onto his desk. "You better get someone other than Erika Eleniak to fill this suit. I don't think she wants any parts of a show with me on it anymore." the blonde vixen announces proudly.

David stand with his jaw gaped. "Whoa, wait a minute." he stutters. "Erika was a finalist, but she did not win the part." David says to Pam's dismay. "We made an offer to one of Barker's Beauties from The Price is Right show. You'll love her. She is blonde, five foot nine with the body of a goddess. She's built like a real jungle cat. Her name is Gena Lee Nolin."

Pam's jaw falls open. She is stunned that she has just gone through that fight with Erika for nothing. This new girl that David is explaining looks like she will be even harder to put down than Erika was. Pam wears a dazed expression. She silently turns and wobbles out of the office. David laughs out loud. He knows Pam must have gone through an ordeal to get this suit off of Erika, and he also knows she in for an even bigger challenge once Gena gets here. He laughs loudly again.