Vanessa L. Williams vs. Vanessa A. Williams


Prelude: Name confusion has been going on for years. Two gorgeous black actresses have the same name, Vanessa Williams, and besides their name and race being the same, they are the same age and hail from the same state, New York. Each thinks the other undeservingly gets some of her own earned glory because most people get confused due to all the similarities.

One, Vanessa L. Williams, is a former Miss America who had to give up the crown when a lesbian photo shoot of hers appeared with obviously provocative pics. She became an actress, singer, and married basketball player Rick Fox, now one of her ex-husbands. AMong her many movie accomplishments include Soul Food. The other one, Vanessa A. Williams, is also an actress and was a member of the original cast of Melrose Place. One of her biggest roles was in Soul Food a cable TV series. Add to that the fact that each is incredibly hot along with being talented, and anyone can imagine the animosity that has been building up inside each woman, having to hear occasionally about the other and being confused with the other when fans approach and ask for autographs.

This comes to a head at a banquet for African-American entertainment figures, and awards are being given for contributions by some actors and actresses of black heritage. As fate would have it, the name of "Vanessa Williams" is announced, and a couple of seconds later, not only one woman approaches the stage, but two do. Vanessa L and Vanessa A Williams come face to face in a most embarrassing moment near the microphone. Their past embarrassments flash in their minds and meld into this current one. The audience is stunned…some laughing…some gasping…whispers heard all over the room as this awkward episode seems to go on forever. Really only a few seconds go by before a dialog begins in front of the gathering. Fortunately for the audience, they are close enough to the microphone for their catty remarks to be picked up and broadcast throughout the room.

Vanessa L: "Uh, honey, the award is for significant accomplishment in acting. I don't think Melrose Place and some of the other crap, grade D movies you have appeared in would qualify."
Vanessa A: "Now that's funny coming from a tramp whose most famous photos were with a woman and made you give up your Miss America crown…not that you deserved to win the title to begin with. And since then, your career has been on the downside, that is when you have time to pursue it between divorces."
Vanessa L: "Listen slut, the award just announced is for significant accomplishment. I don't think many would consider a hideous hairdo as an accomplishment. Psst, that hair style didn't even look good back in the 70's, and the Sally Struthers look is definitely out now. But then again, looks like you are packing on the pounds like she did too, huh?"
Vanessa A: "Bitch! I guess we know you weren't voted "Miss Congeniality" at your little beauty contest. How many judges did you have to sleep with to get handed the crown, tramp?"
Vanessa L {pointing her right index finger into the green clothed chest of Vanessa A}: "Quite the little smartass whore, aren't you. Tell you what, Miss Frizzies, let's have a beauty contest here and now and this audience can settle who the hotter woman is….a beauty contest winner like myself or a 'woman' who apparently gets her perm from a mail order catalog."
Vanessa A {snapping some fingers on her right hand in Vanessa L's face}: "Let's do it, gggiiirrrlllfffrrriiieeennnddd, but I'm sorry you won't have time to sleep with all the people in this room to get some votes."
Vanessa L: "And now the stakes, babe. The winner gets to use the name 'Vanessa Williams' while the other has to keep the initial, so get used to being referred to as 'Vanessa A. Williams', because you're going down, bitch!"
Vanessa A: ""Fine with me, but then again changing my name to just Vanessa Williams will cause some confusion since I have so many credits, while an unknown like you won't be hurt as badly. Oh, and those films and television appearances you are ashamed of, you can just say it is another Vanessa Williams since the initial will be there."

Beauty Contest: The women agree to compete in 8 anatomical areas with the winner of each competition earning one point. Whichever woman has the most points at the end of the contest will be declared the beauty contest winner. The crowd will be the judges in this contest, but in the submissions only, no holds barred catfight, they will only be spectators. Since the women are already dressed, they will strip down the areas one by one so that one unjudged area will not influence the analysis of the current body area being judged. The areas of competition will be facial beauty, tits, midsection, pussy, legs, arms, back, and ass.

The first category to be judged is the face, and both women are above average there. But Vanessa L. Williams isn't a past beauty queen for nothing. Her classic beauty in the face carries her to a reasonably easy win and a 1-0. Also, the other Vanessa's frizzy hairstyle might have turned off some of the voters. The next area to be judged is the chest area, not particularly a strength for either woman. Neither woman has had implants, thus their juggs have a nice natural look but do sag to their outside of their bodies somewhat and certainly aren't huge by any standards. Vanessa L seems to have the noticeably better tits and this win puts her 2-0 ahead of Vanessa A.

The third area to be judged is the midsection and the figure of each woman. Both are curvy, but just as in the first two categories, whatever asset Vanessa A has, Vanessa L seems to be just a little bit better. That is true on this occasion also, as her midsection and shapeliness surpasses her rival's as she takes a commanding 3-0 lead. The next area to be compared is the pussy of each woman. Neither has a shaved pussy, so bush is part of the comparison. There isn't much difference to choose from, but for whatever reason, Vanessa A. scores her first win and "shaves" her deficit margin down to 3-1. The next area is the legs competition, and Vanessa L. easily wins this one. She has always had very shapely legs while Vanessa A's are a little heavy. Thus, the former Miss America now has a 4-1 lead with three categories left which means Vanessa A would have to win all of them just to force a tiebreaker.

The last frontside comparison will be the women showing off their arms/armpits to the crowd. Both women are fine in this area, but Vanessa L has that great combination of shapely arms and yet possessing strength, so she is judged the winner and now has an insurmountable lead at 5-1. Vanessa A is obviously disappointed as she knows she is eliminated from winning the beauty contest since only the backside areas remain. The women turn around and give the crowd a glimpse of their backs. This one is a close contest with Vanessa A getting the edge in this area, only her second win of the entire competition to cut the deficit down to 5-2 with only their butts left to compare. Neither woman is going to win a buttcheeks contest as they have rather large butts, but Vanessa L's is a little tighter and not as large, so she ends the beauty contest like she began it…with a victory and a convincing 6-2 win over Vanessa A. This can't be too much of a surprise to the crowd or really to Vanessa A, because after all, Vanessa L is a former Miss America.

Catfight: Vanessa A is obviously pissed, not so much that she actually lost the beauty contest, but anticipated a much closer final score. Losing six out of eight categories was not what she expected, and her angry look tells everyone so. The women are given the option to put their clothes back on, but they don't want to wait that long to attack their rival. The women circle each other with each woman looking over her namesake's form, perhaps trying to find a weakness to attack first.

Vanessa A WilliamsBoth Vanessa Williams decide to just go for the quick fix as each grabs the other's hair and begins to yank. Vanessa L Williams gains a quick advantage due to her stronger arms and also those dreadlock type braids of Vanessa A gives her great grips on her opponent's hair. Vanessa L turns around in a circle while holding her competition's hair and then lets go to send Vanessa A tumbling into the legs of a table. Vanessa L stalks her prey as she is still recovering from her stunning encounter with the table. Vanessa L grabs her by the hair to lift her up to where her upper back is resting on the edge of the table. Vanessa L follows that up with a forearm across Vanessa A's chest area bringing audible evidence of pain from the blow as Vanessa A screams in agony. Vanessa L grabs Vanessa A's head with both hands and slams it backward on the table, her voluminous hair saving her from more pain. Vanessa A is able to sweep her legs around, contacting Vanessa L's body and sending her spinning off to the side of the table.

Vanessa L Williams is still the aggressor as she hurries back over to Vanessa A's body. But the latter Vanessa is ready for her as she delivers a hard right-handed slap to the face of the former Miss America, almost a shocking move to a former beauty contest winner. But this beauty contest winner is tougher than most and responds with a right hand slap of her own to the beautiful face of Vanessa A Williams, sending the message that she isn't going to be pushed around by slaps. Vanessa A moves down her rival's body and throws a fist to double over the former beauty contest winner. She then brings up a knee into that stomach area sending Vanessa L tumbling over a chair and on to the floor.

As Vanessa L is lying on her back holding her head with her hands trying to recover from the hard fall, Vanessa A quickly approaches to deliver some midsection footstomps to follow up on the knee damage. Vanessa L's body bounces in response to each blow, and Vanessa A decides to move her target a little lower as she delivers a hard kick to Vanessa L's most private area, her pussy. Vanessa A then drops an elbow smash into the defenseless abdomen area of her stunned rival. Although her pussy is still on fire from the low blow, Vanessa L takes advantage of her opponent's proximity to grab some hair with her free hands and sling Vanessa A off her body.

The women arise and face each other, already their bodies are becoming so sweaty it gives their forms that oiled up appearance. The women move to contact each other, wrapping their arms around the other Vanessa and squeezing with all their might to try to crush their competitor's midsection. Both women's stomach areas are firm enough to resist pressure, but Vanessa L's arms are strong enough to cause the other Vanessa some discomfort.

Normally, a tit battle might also be taking place but neither woman has boobs that protrude far enough in front of their body to really take advantage of the close contact. Thus, this remains more of a bearhug contest which Vanessa L Williams continues to dominate. But Vanessa A. removes her arms from around her black goddess's waist and rams her hands up against the chin of Vanessa L to push her away from her body. She is even able to throw a fist to Vanessa L's face as she is being pushed away.

Vanessa L stumbles backward from the fist as Vanessa A pursues her from behind. She rakes the back of the former Miss America, eliciting the first scream from her in this catfight. Vanessa A reaches forward to grab Vanessa L's wrists with her own and awkwardly extends her arms behind her. At the same time, Vanessa A raises her knee and puts into the small of her rival's back to painfully stretch Miss Williams' body. Vanessa A pulls harder on the arms of her ebony rival while she continues to grind that knee into Miss William's back. But Vanessa A. Williams has to be balanced on one leg to be doing all of this, and the other Vanessa is able to move around enough to upset her equilibrium and send her to the floor without the hold anymore. Vanessa A falls on her back and the former Miss America wastes little time in covering her with a schoolgirl pin.

The two beautiful black bodies mesh as Vanessa L mirrors Vanessa A's trapped form. Vanessa L lifts her upper body in the air supported by her strong arms only to let that portion of her body drop on top of Vanessa A's body. She does this repeatedly to not only cause Vanessa A some pain but also to drive the breath from her lungs as her body crashes against Vanessa A's. Finally, when Vanessa L's body is flush against her own, Vanessa A grabs handfuls of her rival's long tresses and using them as leverage, she slings her off her body.

The women only arise as much as doubled up legs supporting their sitting bodies before they each move their hands towards the smallish tits of her opponent. Each squeezes those titties trying to gain a significant advantage or even perhaps get a submission if lucky. But the tits of these women are not that imposing to begin with and neither woman has strong enough hands to dominate this type of competition, so they give up on this. Quickly, Vanessa L undoubles her legs and thrust kicks Vanessa A in the midsection to send her flying backward on the floor.

Vanessa L moves in to return the "favor" on that earlier pussy stomp by the other Vanessa and plants her own right foot into the crotch area of Vanessa A for ample retaliation for that earlier low blow. Vanessa L does a leg drop across the midsection of Vanessa A, her body convulsively bouncing off the floor due to the blow. Vanessa L puts her feet against the right shoulder of her competition and with her hands she pulls Vanessa A's right arm towards her in an obvious attempt to perhaps dislocate that shoulder. But perspiration is really building up on each woman which causes Vanessa L's legs to slip off that shoulder. Without that added stability to the hold, Vanessa A is able to throw a left fist into Vanessa L's midsection and force her to release her arm.

Both Vanessas get to a standing position and face each other in the classic test of strength position. Each sexy ebony beauty raises her hands in front of her as opposite hands with her rival clasps her own. Legs strain and arms tremble as each attempts to push her competitor backwards and to the floor. Vanessa L uses her stronger arms to bend Vanessa A's arms back from vertical, and the beautiful black woman is pushed down to her knees.

Vanessa WilliamsVanessa L puts on a standing legsscissors and utilizes those beauty contest winning legs to squeeze Vanessa A's head like a grape. Vanessa L puts her hands on the top of a table to stabilize her standing position while maintaining the scissors hold. But the perspiration soaking Vanessa A's head and her banging of her fists against Vanessa L's legs forces the former Miss America to give up the hold.

Vanessa A shoves the former Miss America away and legsweeps her to the floor. Vanessa A moves over to the other Vanessa's form and gives some footstomps around the prone body of her rival, paying specific attention to deliver blows to her chest, arms, and legs. Vanessa L's grimacing and grunting verifies the effectiveness of the onslaught.

Vanessa A. stands between Vanessa L's legs and grabs them with her hands. She crosses the legs and then using those turns her rival over onto her stomach. Vanessa A twists the legs to apply pressure not only to the legs but also to Vanessa L's back. Vanessa slams her hands on the floor since she feels almost helpless in this hold by Vanessa A. Vanessa cradles Vanessa L's legs in her arms as she changes her hold over to a Boston Crab. That puts even more pressure on Vanessa L's back, but the problem is that Vanessa A's arms aren't strong enough to hold even the other Vanessa's shapely legs for very long and has to release them. However, she has plenty of strength to turn around to face Vanessa L's back and stomp on that area which has already been softened up by the recent leg holds. Vanessa L takes several of these stomps before she rolls to the side with Vanessa A missing on the last stomp and tripping herself up with her foot awkwardly coming down on a body no longer there.

Vanessa L moves over to her opponent and covers her. The women reach for each other's hair and begin to roll around the floor, with first one woman on top and then the other. When each woman is on top, she performs a titsmother, rubbing their smallish chest against the mouth and nose of the beautiful woman on the bottom. Add to that humiliation the more effective armpit smothering that each woman executes and the goal is not to be on the bottom for long under these conditions. As each woman lowers one of her armpits over the face of the other, sweat and foul odor is pressed against the face of the other Vanessa. The woman underneath at this point becomes animated as she tries to get away from the very unpleasant exposure and of course seeks revenge when she is able to do the same to her rival. After trading these maneuvers back and forth, Vanessa L finally ends up on top as they end up wedged against a wall. Vanessa L gets in a little extra smothering with her final position's advantage before Vanessa A is able to buck her off to the side.

Vanessa A attempts to get up on her own, but Vanessa L has a better idea. She grabs Vanessa's hair and slings her to the floor with a hard fall on her stomach. Vanessa L moves swiftly to the proximity of her rival's prone form and grabs her arms with her arm. She extends Vanessa A's arms straight into the air while putting her foot on the back of Vanessa A, causing screams of pain from the awkward orientation of her appendages. Vanessa L continues the agonizing pressure on Vanessa A's back and arms using her own strong arms to stretch her arms and her weight on Vanessa A's back to hurt that area. Vanessa L gets even more vicious with her torture of the other Vanessa by moving her foot from her back to the back of her victim's head.

Vanessa A is now in desperate straits with unbearable pressure on her head at the same time her arms are being stretching beyond their normal range by the former Miss America, still proving to be surprisingly strong. Vanessa A has tears rolling down her cheeks due to the excruciating pain, so Vanessa L knows it is time to ask for a submission.

Vanessa L: "Name stealing bitch, looks like I'm going be known as Vanessa Williams from here on out, and you will known as the Vanessa with the initial, huh?"
Vanessa A: "I haven't given up yet, tramp!"
Vanessa L {laughing maniacally at this point}: "The operative word here being 'yet'. You have two choices…give up now and avoid further pain or endure more agony, make me even happier, and give up later. Which one, whore?"
Vanessa A: "I give! I give! You twisted monster!"

Postmatch: Vanessa L Williams, or as she will now be called, Vanessa Williams, yanks on Vanessa A. Williams arms one last time and then releases them, letting her flop flat onto the floor. She also removes the foot from her defeated victim's neck, ending that pressure on the sensitive area. But Vanessa A Williams lies almost motionless on the floor, devastated by the stronger former Miss America. The victor is also spent to a large degree but few in the room expect Vanessa Williams to just walk away without taking advantage of the current situation.

Vanessa sits down behind her conquered foe and spanks her nice ass, the target of those blows too weak to do anything but verbally protest. Vanessa turns over Vanessa A Williams and mirrors her body on top of her trapped rival. She moves her body up and down to punish her a little bit more before perhaps moving to the more humiliating acts.

. That comes soon enough as Vanessa Williams moves down her defeated competitor's body and centers her attention on the other woman's throbbing pussy. Vanessa asks for a dildo to be thrown to her and the response is a virtual launch of missiles heading her way through the air. She catches one of them and vigorously begins to employ it inside of Vanessa A's most private of assets, her pussy. It doesn't take long for Vanessa to elicit a strong stream of cum from the beauty contest and catfight loser, and she really enjoys her domination of her namesake as this point. She takes some of the cum on to her fingers and moves up Vanessa's prone body to wipe some of it on her face.

Vanessa Williams lies on top of her beaten rival and moves forward so that her tits are above Vanessa A's face. Vanessa drops her juggs on top of her victim's face and rubs the cum around the face as she performs a good titsmother. Vanessa changes over to a nice right armpit smother, once again spreading sweat and depositing foul smell across the beautiful face of Vanessa A. Williams.

The victorious Vanessa is apparently now ready for a little self-satisfaction. She grabs another one of the toys that were thrown her way earlier and begins to work on her own vagina, bringing herself to an exciting climax and an expulsion of some whitish liquid of her own. She catches some of the secretion and wipes it upon Vanessa A. Williams' face in yet another humiliation and show of control. Vanessa Williams then moves her great ass over her defeated rival's face and squirms and wiggles her beautiful butt to spread that cum around Vanessa's face.

Vanessa Williams puts her hands on her head in the classic victory pose to show off to the large gathering of people for this awards banquet. She flexes her arms while in this position to show everyone once again why she won that area in the beauty contest and why that area helped her subdue Vanessa A. Vanessa Williams arises slowly from the other Vanessa's body, partly perhaps due to milking every moment of her triumph, but probably more due to the fact that she is exhausted herself.

Vanessa is now standing as she rubs her left foot across the face of the downed Vanessa A. Williams, a woman doomed to have an initial between her names the rest of her life. Vanessa enjoys the humiliation of her victim as she grinds that dirty black foot across her beautiful face. Vanessa Williams goes over to her place setting at her table and in a great symbolic move she picks up a red magic marker and crosses out the "L." on the "Vanessa L. Williams" name with the comment to the crowd,

Vanessa Williams: "Looks like I won't be needing my initial anymore, so let's get rid of it right now. There is only Vanessa Williams now, and I'm her. That pitiful imposter of me is going to sink into obscurity now that more than just one initial over another separates us."


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