Pow. The tight fist snapped the lovely busty babes' head back; lightning fast fingers grabbed the thin straps of her dress and in a flash the thin silky fabric tore revealing two big beautiful breasts completely exposed.

"Argggh. Uhhhhh. Noooo-let go of my boobs," Carmen Electra screamed as Akira Lane mauled her stunned surprised rivals luscious breasts.

The beautiful busty Asian Akira smiled maliciously as she captured Carmen's big thick super sensitive nipples in her fingers and twisted the mouthwatering love nubs viciously, tenaciously.

Bonk. Whump. Two blows-knee to pussy and Carmen's eyes glazed.

"Not much of a fighter, huh sweetie?" Akira snarled. She snickered as the dazed Carmen grabbed her blouse and more by instinct than intention tore the blouse open exposing the sexy lacey see-through black bra.

"Go ahead bitch-rip my bra off," Akira teased as she looked over at Stone Rage and a few others who had been invited to the latest tryouts-pitting the up and comers (including many sexy Asians) for the latest babes to make Stone Rage's Hall of Fame.

"This is hot-so hot," one observer/judge noted. All had seen Nicole Oring work over Jennifer Anniston to win entry. What a hot fight!

"I'd love to," Carmen hissed gaining her somewhat weak second wind. She grabbed the front of Akira's bra and yanked hard; front bra-clasp-how convenient. The bra clasp broke and Carmen yanked one loose bra cup clean off and fired a punch square into the tender aerolae.

"Aieeeeee," Akira winced. She responded with two hard punches; one to the side of Carmen's jaw; the other, a solid punch to Carmen's solar plexus. As the former Baywatch Beauty doubled over, Akira punched her in the back, grabbed her by the hair and threw her into the nearest wall.

Bonk. Nasty head versus wall confrontation. Wall wins. Akira atacked Carmen with full catfight fury, slapped her silly, then slowly stripped her down to only her panties. She spent a few minutes pretending Carmen's big beautiful boobs were punching bags. Putting her in a nasty sleeper hold then dropping her unconscious body was the grand finale. Go Akira! You win!



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