"Oh, excuse me," the heavily accented female voice huffed. "I thought this is the ladies room."

Barocca leaned closer to the mirror, reapplying her loose eyelashes. Although the Asian-accented voice sounded vaguely familiar, she was too focused on her cosmetics to pay much attention. "This is the ladies room. Doesn't it smell like one?"

"Something stinks," the voice replied, closer behind the Brazilian Bombshell now. "But if this is really the ladies room, what are you doing in it?"

"What's your problem, bitch?" Barocca snarled, straightening up and batting her eyes to avoid the vapors of the fresh adhesive. Turning, she continued, "Are you trying to start a fi-"

Her Asian antagonist glared at her, arms folded below one of the hugest chests Barocca had ever seen.

"Minka!" she spat, her lips curling with rekindled contempt.

"Hello, Barocca. It's been too long I see you." Minka's monumental mammaries dwarfed Barocca's impressive rack.

"I see you haven't wasted time straightening out your English." Reaching out and hefting the busty brunette's balcony, Barocca observed, "My how you've grown since I last saw you. What are you up to now? 99ZZZ? And it's all silly string, or so I'm told."

"Next to me, yours are mosquito bites, beetch," Minka sneered.

"That's 'bitch', with an 'i', Minka. I'm a bitch, not a beach. I'm not a stretch of sand running along the ocean. Jeez, learn to speak English, will you? You've been in America long enough."

"You're still a beetch just like when we made that videotape," Minka huffed, taking special delight in not correcting her pronunciation.

"Oh yes, that was what, almost ten years ago? Whatcha been doing since then? Oh, what am I saying? I mean who've you been doing. I'll be you've fucked at least ten thousand guys since we shot that video." Barocca turned her back, took out her lipstick and freshened her face. She seductively swayed her tightly encased ass at her former nemesis.

When Minka gently but firmly kicked that contemptuous ass, the Brazilian's lipstick traced a crimson arc up her right cheek, just missing her eye and the newly reapplied lash. The big Korean laughed uncontrollably as her victim snorted and reached for a tissue to wipe off the smear.

"You bitch!" Barocca roared.

"Beetch, beetch, beetch," Minka chided. "Are we going to stand here and call each other beetch? Or are you going to fight me real this time. No phony videotape pretend fight. I want to kick your ass real."

"You've been spoiling for a fight, you overstuffed Korean cow, so now you've got one," Barocca growled, slapping the Asian Amazon across the face as hard as she could. Minka spun and smashed boobs-first against a paper towel dispenser, releasing a cascade of towels onto her feet. The Brazilian Bombshell's foot on her ass slammed Minka against the dispenser again, this time denting it.

"I don't fight in toilet, beetch," Minka protested. "Toilet for shit like you. Come outside and fight me there."

"You're absolutely right," Barocca conceded, wiping the last traces of smeared lipstick from her cheek with one of the paper towels. "I'll need way more space than this to bounce your humongous titties around."

Both mega-busty porn stars tugged at the hems of their minidresses, resettling the stretched fabric over their derrieres. Barocca clearly had the edge in this department, endowed as she was with one of the finest booties in the business. Not too large, not too small, but just right…perfect. Minka, for all her bra-bursting splendor, was cheated by nature when it came to ass and thighs. But once she got her jumbo juggs jouncing, most men never noticed her boyish hips and bird legs.

Twilight was settling in when the rivals stepped through the restaurant's rear door and into the short alley. It was actually a short dead-end delivery area. The evening rush-hour traffic passed by the mouth of the alley, the commuters too preoccupied to notice the stunning sex goddesses who were about to brawl in public. They were going to miss a hell of a free show.

The catfight started when Barocca, only two steps past the doorway, slammed the steel door behind her, once again smashing Minka's bountiful upper balcony. She turned on the agonized Asian and sank a fist deep into each of Minka's massive melons. A hook toward Minka's head failed to connect when the top-heavy titan ducked at the last moment.

Before Barocca could recover from the air punch, she doubled over from Minka's hard right burying itself in her belly. The Korean cutie followed that with a knee to Barocca's bosom, a move that popped the side seam of Minka's skintight minidress up past her waistline. As she glanced at the revealing damage, it opened an opportunity that Barocca couldn't resist: she butted her forehead into Minka's mamms and bounced her off the steel door.

And smack against Barocca, who was rebounding from the previous impact. This second collision knocked the knockered nymph onto her bubble butt. Fortunately this short alley, having no through traffic, wasn't as littered as most alleys, and the only damage was to Barocca's pride. That was aggravated when Minka laughed at her graceless sprawl onto the blacktop.

"That's the second time you've laughed at me, you Korean cunt," the Brazilian seethed, rising awkwardly. "You won't have anything to laugh about when I finish with you." She clawed toward Minka's face, but the busty beauty pulled back reflexively. Barocca's descending fingers caught the plunging neckline of Minka's dress and another rip was heard. This one was just big enough for Minka's left lobe to flop out.

"You strip me, you beetch?" Minka snarled. "I keel you, Barocca."

It was Barocca's turn to laugh. Enraged, Minka lunged at her only to receive a knee to her pussy. Pain exploded throughout her body and she crumpled to her knees. Her Latina tormentor strutted around, safely just beyond Minka's reach.

"C'mon, Minka, you wanted to fight. All you've done is get punched, tear your dress, and grovel at my feet. I'm getting bored."

Minka rose and busied herself trying to stuff her bazooka back into her torn top It wasn't until Barocca stepped forward for her next assault that she realized Minka had baited a trap. The cunning Korean grabbed Barocca's spaghetti straps and yanked with all her might. The Bombshell's relative smaller hooters depended on the minimal support afforded by those straps; without them those chocolate cupcakes succumbed to gravity and fell out of the top of her dress.

"You bitch!" Barocca roared, flailing with unaimed fury at her nemesis. But Minka easily fended off this display of frustration and enjoyed seeing Barocca's boobies bobbling before her.

"So you call me beetch again," she taunted. "Think up new word, Barocca." The mega-mammed Minka reached out and latched onto Barocca's breasts with her talons. The Seoul sister trimmed her long nails with almost square ends, and the sharp corners bit into Barocca's tender titflesh. Pride prevented the Brazilian from screaming out in agony and she stoically kept silent even when tears of pain welled in her dark eyes. Fighting fire with fire, she ripped apart Minka's top, dug her fingers into that big bountiful bosom, and bore down with all her might.

As a former tennis pro, Minka had a slight edge in arm strength and an impressive grip…but it was Barocca's throbbing tits she was gripping now. The haughty Brazilian began to sink to her knees, praying that Minka would soon release her clamp and give her crushed bosom some relief. It wasn't until Minka had her victim squatting on her heels that Barocca's wish was granted. She gasped as her numb knockers tingled from the ordeal, her eyes tightly shut from the agony. They opened just in time to see Minka's powerful uppercut rocketing toward her clenched jaw.

The blow rolled Barocca into a backward somersault. Luckily, as her legs unfolded, they caught Minka full in both hanging honeydews and the Asian also stumbled back from the impact, crashing into a stack of nested empty cardboard cartons and falling onto her side.

Both brawlers took a few minutes to recover, keeping wary eyes on each other. What had begun as a pleasant dinner out for each had quickly transformed into a super-size order of knuckle sandwiches with plenty of crow. For the past decade, Barocca and Minka had boasted to friends and fans about what they would do if they ever met again. Now that day had come and dreams of an easy one-sided victory had evaporated.

Minka struggled to free herself from her corrugated cocoon. Barocca was grateful for the respite, letting her breasts, now swollen to the next larger cup size, recover from Minka's mauling. She discovered that her minidress, not yet a week old, was hanging together by just a few threads. That'll last about another two seconds, Barocca assessed, so she ripped off the remnant and tossed the rag aside. There she stood in her hot pink thong and red high-heel pumps. The shoes were scuffed and discolored, but amazingly were structurally intact.

For the first time Barocca noticed that Minka was wearing 2" platforms. Yes, that's why the 5'-8" Korean could look the 5'-10" Brazilian straight in the eye back in the ladies room. Platforms with heels would make Minka just a little more unstable, a fact Barocca filed away.

Growing impatient, Barocca grasped Minka's arm and tugged her out of the collapsed cardboard. Minka indeed emerged, but a loud, long tearing sound announced the demise of her minidress. "It must've caught on something," Barocca grinned evilly as her adversary stood facing her clad only in black lace thong panties, shredded black hose, and those smoky black platform heels.

As porn and strip club veterans, both beauties were accustomed to being naked and being seen naked, although the commuters kept rolling past the mouth of the alleyway, oblivious to the eye-popping lovelies catfighting in plain view. Millions of men and an impressive number of women would be willing to fork over a fortune to watch a video of these two torpedo-titted tigresses engaged in a staged catfight, and yet this genuine catfight was being completely ignored.

As if by a high-pitch signal only their sensitive ears could detect, Barocca and Minka inhaled a deep breath that puffed out their battered busts and assumed the classic fistfighting stance. They slowly circled each other, each filtering out all extraneous sensory stimuli, and concentrating only on the nearly-nude combatant before her.

Minka threw the first punch, which glanced almost harmlessly off Barocca's cheek. She countered with a straight left into Minka's belly, followed immediately by a right hook to the Asian's left milk can. Each blow elicited a grunt, but Minka's shot to Barocca's nose drew a louder grunt…and some blood.

More infuriated now, Barocca began battering Minka like an enraged wildcat. The Brazilian punched, clawed, and kicked her oversized opponent. Of course, Minka didn't just stand there and take all this; she fired back with equal gusto, although Barocca was more motivated and inflicted more damage. As the slutty sluggers traded blows, Barocca blackened Minka's left eye, which quickly swelled shut after a few more punches landed in the same place. The Korean continued to focus on her foe's now hyper-sensitized breasts, which kept swelling under this barrage and gained yet another cup size.

"Fighting is good for you," the Asian Amazon observed between punches and grunts. "Punching your titties makes them grow. I could punch them every day until they are as big as my titties."

"Fuck you, bitch." Barocca firmly rejected the offer with a punch to Minka's mouth that sent a trail of blood trickling from the corner. Minka smiled maniacally and spat blood onto Barocca's face, blinding her for a split-second. That was just long enough for her to hook an arcing right into Barocca's pussy. The Bombshell hit the blacktop and instinctively curled into the fetal position as the fire raged in her femininity.

Minka rushed toward her and aimed a kick at Barocca's bosom, but the Brazilian had enough sense and luck to grab the Korean's ankle and throw her off balance. Minka corkscrewed in her fall and landed flat on her bulging breasts. Hot, rough blacktop and bare, tender titflesh aren't an ideal combination, plus the impact knocked the breath from her lungs. While the Asian gasped and struggled to regain her respiratory rhythm, Barocca had time to recuperate from that cunt kick.

Getting to her feet first, Barocca grabbed a handful of Minka's thick hair and hauled her up. Then she backhanded the cocky Korean across the face, starting a new stream of blood from the other corner of her mouth. A quick one-two to her lower abdomen bent Minka over, and she blew a mouthful of blood onto Barocca's feet. The battered Bombshell was now coated from head to toe with her rival's blood…and some of her own flowing freely over her lips and chin.

Minka didn't like being slapped like a child and she registered her displeasure by sinking her fists into each of Barocca's bazookas. Then she returned the backhand-with interest. By now the Brazilian Bombshell's chest was a raging inferno of stabbing pain and wide-spread aches. She should have known Minka would pummel her puppies. For all the boob bashing Barocca had dished out, Minka was just too well padded for it to cause her anywhere near as much suffering as Barocca was enduring. She wondered how long she could stand it. Could she defeat Minka before her own agony became too unbearable to continue?

Both brawling babes were beginning to stagger. They were soaked entirely in sweat and enough blood to make them look like disaster victims who just barely survived. Tired of teetering on their high heels, they paused for a moment to kick off their ruined shoes and finish this fight flat-footed.

Barocca head-butted Minka right between her gazongas and Minka grabbed her by the waist while Barocca was still bent over. The Asian rolled onto her back and carried the Latina with her, flipping the black beauty against the dumpster.

"Better I should throw you inside the dumper," Minka chuckled. "Maybe next time." She charged at Barocca, who had rolled onto her back.

"There won't be a next time," she snorted, ramming both feet into Minka's lower abdomen, just above her lace thong. Minka's grunt brought forth another shower of blood and Barocca snatched up her discarded dress to wipe off her face. Before she finished, she felt Minka grab her around the waist from behind.

The ornery Oriental hoisted the blood-smeared Brazilian off her feet in a vertical spin. Barocca crashed down onto Minka's knee, the victim of a devastating back-breaker. That maneuver was aptly named. She heard her spine crack-shatter by the way it felt. Barocca though she'd been bisected, the new Black Dahlia whose severed torso would be found days later dumped in this deserted alley.

BaroccaMinka shrugged her victim off her knee as casually as you'd brush food crumbs from your lap. Barocca flopped face-first onto the blacktop, but she scarcely felt it. Her extremities had gone numb from the moment her backbone slammed onto the steel beam that was Minka's knee. She tried to flex her fingers and toes, but got no sensory feedback. As far as she could tell, she was now a quadriplegic, lying bloody and half-naked in a filthy alley.

When an eternity had passed, the broken Brazilian blinked her eyes open. The blurred vision above her slowly came into focus: the smug, sneering face of that she-devil Minka glaring down at her. "Welcome back," the overinflated Oriental chided. Sensation was returning gradually to Barocca's fingers and toes and, with a low groan, she stirred slightly to reassure herself that she hadn't been crippled.

"See, beetch?" her Korean conqueror gloated. "I can kick your fat black ass any day I want. You are not a match for the great Minka," she added, flexing her biceps. She nudged he prone prey with her foot and Barocca moaned with an all-consuming ache. "Yes, I beat you, Barocca. I beat you, beetch. You ever run into me again, I beat you another time, too."

Barocca was too demolished to respond. With a throbbing sigh she closed her eyes, listening to her much-abused chest heave with deep breaths. She was sure she heard Minka walk off before she passed out from exhaustion.

An hour later it was dark when she awoke. The traffic was still passing the alley entrance, the Los Angeles perpetual motion machine. As she summoned the strength to rise, Barocca noticed that she was totally naked; Minka must have stripped off my thong. How am I going to get out of this alley? How had Minka?

"Oh, fuck!" Barocca groaned.


DOWNLOAD - RagDoll Vol.17 (Cali vs. Destiny vs. Sam)
DOWNLOAD - RagDoll Vol.17 (Cali vs. Destiny vs. Sam)