With Summer Cummings

Tanya "The Body" Danielle was announced first. With an impressive topless boxing record at Double Trouble, Sabre Studios, and a few others, she was the odds-on favorite to win. Aggressive, strong, and tactical, the busty blonde had rung up a string of victories over her years of femme fighting.

The crowd hooted and hollered as she circled around the outdoor ring, waving her hot-pink-gloved hand at her legion of fans and admirers who nearly drowned out Tanya's entrance music. Her golden robe matched her golden blonde hair. Both were untied. Tanya's hair caught the strong ocean breeze and flowed enticingly. Her bare breasts caught the tempo of her stride and bounced even more enticingly. She wore matching hot pink high-top sneakers with white sweat socks rolled over the tops. Not the most feminine of footwear, but suitable for the situation. Besides, the rest of her was feminine enough.

Tantalizing Tanya climbed the steps and ducked through the ropes. After taking another lap inside the ring, she settled in her corner and let her robe slip off her milky shoulders and hang up on her elbows. As she leaned back against the turnbuckle pad, her creamy tits stuck up for all to admire.

Barocca's entrance music began to throb and pulse through the speaker system. The spotlight again turned to the entrance, lighting up an empty doorway. Now it was her fans' turn to make themselves heard. No Barocca. The music grew in volume, heavy on the percussion. The cheering rose. Still no Barocca. After almost a full minute, the ovation began to fade as her fans became hoarse. The spotlight panned the crowd before settling once again on the doorway. And on Barocca.

A deafening roar erupted as the Brazilian Bombshell, swathed in a white satin cape, picked up the beat of the music. You could tell she'd been a dancer. Moving her body to music came as naturally to her as breathing. Barocca swung her round ass left and right like the clapper of a bell, perfectly in sync with the drumbeats. The spectators picked up the rhythm, clapping and stomping their feet to the tempo.

The breeze lifted Barocca's cape like a gossamer wing as she circled the outside of the ring, revealing her purple booty shorts. Her firm, chocolaty cheeks thrust to and fro like a pendulum. Her white-shod feet danced up the steps and bounced on the apron a few times before Barocca leapt over the top rope. She whipped off the cape, twirled it once over her head, and let it sail out of the ring before settling in her corner.

No one noticed that Tanya had shed her robe, as all eyes had been on the luscious Latina. The blonde wore an iridescent hot pink thong that appeared sprayed on. The brunette's white belt emphasized her 21" waist and sumptuous hips. Both babes displayed plenty of cheek and were in perfect shape. Their gloves matched their bottoms but were smaller than the standard boxing gloves, with less padding to dissipate the force of their blows. Each beauty's headlights were on high-beam and aimed intimidatingly at her opponent, nipples at full attention thanks to the cool Pacific breeze.

The loudspeakers blared each woman's vital statistics and pugilistic credentials. They were a good match athletically. Physically Barocca was noticeably taller than Tanya but the two foxy boxers were nearly equals otherwise. Both bounced from one foot to the other, jiggling their juggs arousingly, to the delight of the spectators, male and female. They kept limber by throwing air punches, wriggling their shoulders, and banging their gloves together. They also tossed their hair constantly, but the stiff breeze never let it settle.

Referee Summer Cumming stepped to center ring and summoned the gloved gladiators to the ritual recital of the rules. Summer wore the traditional striped shirt but it barely draped over the front of her expansive upper balcony. There was room for only two buttons, which was one more than she used to keep her casabas contained. A black thong and micro-miniskirt and black patent leather high-heel calf boots completed the ensemble. The combatants fidgeted with nervous tension. Each knew she was up against a worthy opponent and a tough competitor.


Healthy mutual respect kept the curvaceous cuties at bay for most of the opening round. They circled each other warily at first, only tapping each other to test reflexes and hints of defensive stratagems. As they grew more familiar with each other and their confidence grew, those love taps gained force. By the closing bell they were exchanging respectable blows but nothing to stir their fans to the expected degree of excitement. That first round was an investment in learning how to read their opponents.


Tanya was the first to grow bolder. She bopped Barocca straight in the mouth before the bell stopped reverberating. That snapped the Brazilian's head back but nothing else. They traded solid body blows for the next full minute, using the complete expanse of the squared circle and keeping Summer on her toes to avoid getting in their way. Barocca tagged Tania with a sassy one-two combination: a left hook to the tit and a right jab to the jaw. The blonde snorted contemptuously and charged, battering Barocca's belly with a brutal barrage. The brunette backpedaled into the corner with Tanya in hot pursuit. That drumming set the Bombshell's boobs bouncing and the crowd went wild. Summer had to pry them apart. Upon re-engagement, Barocca arced a huge right into Tanya's abdomen, just above the belt. On a thong, the beltline is pretty low. A fierce left to the cheek spun the blonde babe around just as the bell rang.


A more heated exchange began this round as the voluptuous vixens got down to business. Barocca staggered Tanya with a flurry of blows to her bust and face. Once the blonde bounced against the ropes, she had no option except to fight her way forward. That's exactly what she did. In the course of punching her way back to center ring, The Body nailed Barocca twice on the left eye. The rest of the blows, like the brunette's, were distributed randomly above her waist.

That strong ocean breeze was greatly appreciated as the women warmed up from the exertion. It quickly evaporated the light perspiration of these early rounds. Their fans, jammed together on the outdoor stands, were equally grateful for the natural air conditioning and the usual low humidity of Southern California.

In the closing seconds Barocca spun Tanya in a full circle with a roundhouse left hook that caught the pink-clad pugilist by complete surprise. A few seconds later she returned the surprise by pancaking the Brazilian's left bazoom with a lancing right. Barocca almost went down from the detonating pain. The bell closed the third round four seconds later.


The first knockdown of the fight was scored when Barocca plowed her right just below Tanya's navel and followed that with a windmill left-right-left to her head. The blonde crashed face-first onto the mat, the crowd leapt to their feet shouting, and Summer sent Barocca to a neutral corner. Danielle was back on her feet by six but Summer gave her a few more precious seconds by asking if she felt she could continue. How could Tanya deny herself the chance to strike back at the gloating gloved goddess studying her from across the ring? She had her gloves up in the classic en garde pose before Barocca took as step toward her.

Tanya noticed that Barocca's left eye, the one she'd nailed twice in the preceding round, was starting to swell. The cheek below it was getting puffy and Barocca kept blinking her left eye more than her right. The blonde know where to target he future attacks-starting right now. She feinted a tit punch so Barocca would lower her guard, which she did. Then Tanya put her pink glove straight into that injured eye again. This time Barocca's head went down, confirming that the damage was accumulating. The blonde's next punch caught the Bombshell on the shoulder but it staggered her back several steps. Tanya knew her foe was beginning to falter. She grinned.

The blonde again pressed the brunette but Barocca battled back. That slit of a left eye was watering badly. Tanya was certain Barocca wasn't crying; she was too proud for that. Besides, she kept wiping that eye only with the back of her purple glove, never her right eye. With her depth perception compromised for the remainder of the fight, The Brazilian Bombshell was no more vulnerable than she'd been in a long time…and Tanya was the beneficiary. Then the bell sounded. No doubt about it, the knockdown had won that round for Barocca.


The Body knew that Barocca's ego wouldn't let her show any sign of weakness. She'll probably come roaring out at me, throwing punches wildly, hoping to injure me, too, in some way, Barocca's real weakness is her predictability.

At the bell, the sexy Cyclops performed as expected, charging straight for Tanya and winding up for a blockbuster blow. Tanya was ready, not with a defensive strategy but an offensive one. At the last instant she dodged to her right and fired an angled left directly toward Barocca's demolished left eye. But the Bombshell had screeched to a halt just out or range and pulled her head back. Tanya connected with nothing and was off balance. She felt like a fool. So much for predictability.

While Danielle was criticizing herself, Barocca turned on her punching machine full blast. Just as Tanya regained her footing and balance, she absorbed blow after blow from the black beauty's arsenal. The barrage kept the blonde off kilter for over a minute until her back smacked against the turnbuckle pad. Trapped!

Summer was on the spot and pulled Barocca back. Tanya took advantage of the new direction the fight had just taken and rocketed a right at the brunette's face. Her pink glove came back with a bright red stain and Tanya smiled at the sight of Barocca's blood flowing down her lips and chin. After exchanging a pair of mild jaw jolts, Tanya saw that the blood was dripping onto the tigress's sweaty tits. Hah! First to draw blood Tanya thought.

Barocca was in a bad way and even her most devoted fans had to admit it. Her best bet was to avoid Tanya for the remainder of the round-however long that was-without appearing to be on the run from her. She figured she was a good enough actress to pull that off. Although the bout couldn't be called simply for blood, Summer gave her the mandatory standing eight count before signaling them to continue.

The battered and bruised brunette gave the acting performance of her career for the final minute of the round. She even managed to connect to Tanya three times with solid blows to The Body's breasts and belly. Then just before the bell, Barocca managed to put her tormentor on her ass with a shot to her face. Tanya was enraged but the bell sounded before Summer reached three.


Tanya was confident as she approached Barocca. She had blackened and closed her eye, and bloodied her nose. Barocca was clearly on the defensive. Sure, the brunette had knocked her down twice, but Tanya still looked fresh while Barocca looked beaten up. They immediately began slugging away with solid punches but neither dominated.

At the midway point Tanya blasted Barocca in the face with a haymaker that sent the brunette to the mat, flat on her back. It took a few seconds for her gray-green eyes to refocus and to clear her head. That was a perfect punch and only Barocca's stamina prevented her from being knocked out. She was back on her feet at nine, a close call. Summer checked Barocca's eyes and confirmed that the Brazilian Bombshell was in good enough condition to continue.

Tanya was bitterly disappointed. She thought sure the bout was over and was startled that Barocca beat the count. Her premature victory dance was cut short and once again the blonde put up her dukes. Barocca gave her the Evil Eye-the only one she had left-to indicate just how serious the situation was.

For the remaining minute plus, the Bombshell hammered The Body mercilessly. Now Tanya clearly was on the defensive as the woman scorned avenged that humiliating knockdown.


The glamorous gladiators were plainly tiring. They threw a greater percentage of their punches at each other's head, going for a quick KO. But neither was so fatigued that she'd let a KO punch get past her defenses or put her on the canvas. The grace and artistry had vanished from their styles and the fought as though this was a barroom brawl.

The action moved South as both buxom babes began battering their boobs. The previous rounds' punishment had already caused their breasts to swell at least one cup size beyond their original impressive dimensions. Tanya's puppies were now visibly bruised and discolored. Barocca's darker skin tone made it harder to tell from a distance, but you knew from her reactions that each tit punch hurt more than before. One jab from Tanya into Barocca's boob was particularly painful, and the brunette lashed back with a right cross to The Body's face that spun her along the ropes.

When Tanya stopped twirling, everyone could see that Barocca had damaged her nose. Blood poured from both nostrils and dripped onto her sweat-soaked chest and bosom. Now they were even on that score and Barocca felt vindicated. Tanya felt vindictive and launched herself at the big Brazilian with a rain of angry blows. At the bell, Tanya had restarted Barocca's nosebleed, so both boxers finished the round red-faced.


Most fans agreed that this would probably be the final round but now nobody wanted to speculate on who would win. Oh, they had their preferences, to be sure, but neither Amazon had a decisive lead. As Tanya and Barocca approached each other, their bleeding had stopped…for now. They still looked like hell, in a sado-masochistically erotic way.

Tanya hooked a low right onto Barocca's white beltline that elicited a loud "Oof!" Her follow-up punch glanced off Barocca's right cheek. The Bombshell countered with a rapid one-two-three combination to Tanya's left tit, lower abdomen, and right tit. Tears of pain welled up in the blonde's blue eyes and she cradled her black-and-blue breasts protectively. Barocca treated herself to an audible chuckle and paid for it with a hard pink glove to her own swollen left melon.

After another rapid exchange of jabs, they clinched. Summer rushed up to separate them just as they broke off on their own and Tanya threw an angry right. Barocca pulled her head back just in time to feel the breeze of the passing fist. But Tanya's errant blow caught referee Summer Cummings squarely in the face. Summer was instantly knocked out, stiffened, pivoted back on her heels, and hit the deck with a loud crash.

The fans jumped to their feet screaming with excitement. The Body's accidental knockout punch distracted her just enough for Barocca to clobber the cute contender with a blindside left. The Body staggered and the Bombshell detonated a lethal right on her left cheek that bounced Tanya off the ropes. And directly into Barocca's saved-for-a-rainy-day right uppercut to her chin.

Tanya rose on her toes and crumpled to the mat. With the referee in Dreamland, Barocca had no choice but to start the count in a hoarse, gasping voice. The crowd immediately took up the count as Barocca backed away form the heap of brutalized flesh and bone at her feet. Tanya remained as motionless as Summer…well beyond the count of ten.

Barocca wiped her face with the back of her glove on its way to an overhead V-for-victory pose. Her nose was bleeding again but she didn't care. She had flattened the great Tanya Danielle and once again reasserted her claim as the Femme Fighting Champion of America.


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