37D-23-37 blonde bombshell Dian Parkinson battles 36D-24-36 sexy sultry brunette Raquel Welch over a commerical gig

Prelude: Two former beauty queens are trying to raise their profile... other than their humongous hooters which are obviously raised enough already with their D cups. Dian Parkinson, a former Miss World USA has done some modeling jobs and commericals, while Raquel Welch has done some movie bit roles and is a former Miss San Diego. Anyway, their paths cross as each is going after the same commerical for a company called Ridgid, which is a hand tool and chemicals outfit. Neither disappoints with Dian Parkinson showing off her stunning form with a patriotic bikini... red top with stars and blue bottom with stars. Raquel Welch counters with a fire engine red bikini that has the blood pressure rising of the spectators. So these two busty sexpots are showing every inch of skin allowed under nudity laws since each not only wants the commercial job. But once they see the competition, the rivarly against the other alone has them motivated.

Dian: "So Raquel, your commercial audition was okay I guess...at least I don't think you would drive away any customers!"
Raquel: "Dian, Dian.... sweet, naive Dian. Don't you know that bleached blondes went out with the Edsel! But hey, maybe Ridgit has a place for you inspecting hand tools or something. I think modeling may be a bit more than you can handle... you don't have the body!"
Dian: "Don't have the body??? Seriously??? I won Miss World USA and you won what.... Miss California Cactus or something?"
Raquel: "Miss San Diego, and yeah, your body against mine is like ground beef versus rib eye! Just another reason why I'm getting this commercial... and well... you aren't!"
Dian: "Tell you what, brunette bitch, how about you and I in a beauty contest and we will see who has the hotter body!"
Raquel: "You're on, blonde whore! And let's make it really worthwhile and have a no holds barred/submission only catfight afterwards! The beauty contest can be judged by the Ridgid people with the winner getting the commerical!"
Dian: "Agreed! I might as well humiliate you twice instead of just once!"

Beauty Contest: Dian and Raquel agree to have 8 anatomical areas compared with the winner being the babe who is judged better in more of these areas than the opponent. The regions to be evaluationed are facial beauty/tresses, tits, midsection, pussy, legs, arms/armpits, back, and ass. And of course since they are starting off in bikinis, for the more personal area, they will have to strip off their tops and bottoms when necessary. But the first area of facial beauty/tresses requires no stripping. Dian seems to have an edge with the judges on her blonde hair over Raquel's brown hair but more than that, Dian Parkinson won Miss World USA for a reason. One definite reason is her world class gorgeous face so she takes a 1-0 lead.

The next area to be compared is one of their most personal regions...their D cup caliber humongous hooters. So each takes off her top worn for the ad audition and then tosses her own top into the face of her competitor with disdain which only amps up the rivalry. Now each has freed her own world class twin peaks. This judgment will be closer than the just completed facial beauty one. However, in the end, the winner is the same...Dian Parkinson whose monster mams barely outpoint Raquel Welch's as the busty blonde extends her lead to 2-0.

The next area to be compared is another world class one for each of the babes...their luscious, shapely, and thin midsections. Dian Parkinson's is 1" less with her 23" waist measurement. However of the two, Raquel's midsection looks firmer and more concave so Raquel gets on the board with her win here to cut her deficit to 2-1.

The next area to be compared is their most personal one and to reveal their pussies, they now take off their bikini bottoms and slingshot the removed clothing into the face of the opponent. Each has a very hairy pussy with Raquel's even more fur lined than Dian's which makes it even hotter looking. Also, Raquel seems to have the larger orifice so for those two reasons, Raquel takes this judgment and ties up the overall score at 2-2 halfway through the competition.

The next area to be judged will be their legs. Each has sleek ones that look fit as well. In yet another close decision, Dian Parkinson takes this victory with her better tapered ones and retakes the lead at 3-2. The last frontside area to be compared will be their arms/armpits. This is not particularly a great one for either of the stacked babes as their arms/armpits are fine but not outstanding for a glamour model. However, of the two, Dian is given the edge with better armpits mainly so she extends her lead now to 4-2 with only the two backside areas of back and butt left to be determined.

The two nude babes turn around so that their backs can be judged first. Raquel has the advantage with her greater change in width in her back from the small in her back to the shoulders area, however Dian has the better delineation so the former Miss World USA wins another area to go up 5-2. With only the ass comparison left, Dian Parkinson has clinched the victory in the beauty contest which of course pleases her and displeases Raquel Welch. The final area to be judged is now the ass. Dian Parkinson has quite a flat ass which does not win her this area in comparisons very much. The same thing happens here as Raquel Welch at least is able to close the final margin of her defeat by having the better butt and thus the final score is Dian Parkinson 5 Raquel Welch 3.

So Dian Parkinson has won the right to be the Ridgid girl which of course pisses off Raquel Welch no end. But then again, the catfight is upcoming and no judging will decide that as the two battling babes will decide this on their own with one of them submitting as the loser. So Raquel has her chance for revenge there while Dian has the opportunity to make it a clean sweep over Raquel Welch. The two decide to reclothe for the catfight but of course will not be wearing the bikinis supplied to them by Ridgid for their commercial audition. Instead, they will use some bikinis they brought along themselves...Dian straps on a bright blue bikini while Raquel counters with a banana yellow colored one. The venue for the catfight will be a grassy area away from the sandy beach where Raquel for example shot her commercial audition.

Catfight: The two busty babes are ready to go at it from their recently donned bikinis. Dian is more pleased at the beginning of course due to her beauty contest victory than obviously Raquel Welch is. The latter clearly doesn't like to lose, particularly to a bleached blonde bombshell who was judged to be even more stacked than her own treasure chest.

Raquel and Dian circle each other like jungle cats trying to reposition herself to stalk the prey. Their first action is when both go for the other's hair in a classic catfighting maneuver and begin to pull the tresses of the opponent's... Dian's long blonde hair pulled at the same time that Raquel's long brunette tresses are being yanked viciously. The two babes stumble around the grassy area where this catfight is taking place with almost random motion based upon who is pulling better at the moment and in which direction. Neither really seems to gain the advantage so this ends without a winner but at least they got some initial frustrations taken care of as they clearly enjoyed trying to yank the hell out of their rival's scalp.

Dian ParkinsonRaquel starts the next action with a slap to the world class beautiful face of Dian Parkinson.... something that always pisses off Dian to the maximum since she is so proud of that face that she considers the most beautiful one in the world. So Raquel is expecting a slap back to her own face in retaliation but the former Miss World USA surprises the former Miss San Diego rival with a hard fist punch to the gut to Raquel. Not only is that blow harder than the one delivered to Dian's face due to the fist being harder than an open-handed slap but it also gives Dian Parkinson some extra satisfaction by torturing one of the three areas that Raquel Welch won during their just completed beauty contest... that hourglass midsection of her nemesis. It also is punishing enough to double over Raquel which gives Dian access to that back of Raquel that her opponent thinks should have won that area of judgment during the beauty contest also.

But Raquel does have that sexy back with a great difference in width between the lower back and the upper back which does indeed make it look hot. That only encouraged Dian no doubt to attack an area that obviously Raquel thinks is one of her better areas, just like Raquel knew that attacking Dian Parkinson's perfect face would piss off and humiliate the busty, bleached blonde opponent. With Raquel still doubled over by the fist attack to the midsection, Dian follows up that fingernail rake to the back with a double axe handle blow to the same area. That knocks Raquel down to her knees in front of Dian... a position that the former Miss World USA thinks is the proper position for Raquel to be in relative to her own to begin with.

Dian remembers the attack on her face earlier by her competitor for the Ridgid commercial and decides to attack the stacked brunette's face in kind. Dian reaches her hands around the head of her nemesis and grabs the corners of Raquel's mouth and pulls the sides painfully towards the outside... stretching Raquel's mouth more than should normally go which Dian Parkinson thinks has been too big to begin with, so she considers that quite an accomplishment. Dian enjoys knowing that now it is Raquel's face being attacked and that she is shutting off the opponent who Dian thinks talks too much. Raquel moves her hands up till she engages Dian's and is able to carefully grab hold of them as she doesn't want to hurt her mouth while trying to extract those hands of Dian from the corners. Raquel is able to move her tormentor's hands towards the middle of her mouth where Raquel puts the bite... literally... on those punishing hands of the busty blonde bombshell. Dian screams in agony and wants to now extract them away from Raquel, however the brunette has other plans.

As Dian tries to pull her hands away, Raquel keeps them in check and uses her leverage of having the lower position to pull Dian over her shoulder and flip her down in front of her own form on the soft grass. Now it is Dian's turn to be stunned and dazed after h unceremonious dumping of her beauty contest winning bod on the ground. With Dian supine, Raquel actually executes a move that is more of a wrestling type maneuver instead of catty as almost all the action has been up to this point. Raquel grabs hold of Dian's arms by the wrists and pulls those fit and sexy appendages straight behind her head and establishes a painful push/pull action by then placing her feet on the shoulders of the former Miss World USA winner. So while pulling on those arms, Raquel pushes on Dian's shoulders which elicits some screams, grunts, and several words of profanity from those incredibly luscious lips from that beautiful mouth of her opponent. Dian tries to pull her hands free but can't immediately do that. So Dian then tries to move her body enough in an attempt to shake those feet of her torturer off her shoulders. Since Raquel's feet are not that solidly established on the smallish shoulders of Dian, that second escape attempt does work and gets rid of the push part of the push/pull conflict. Dian is then able to free her arms also since Raquel is surprised by the other escape. At this juncture, Dian quickly gets up to a sitting position as does Raquel with them facing each other. And again, catty maneuvers take a back seat to more of a wrestling type confrontation as each raises her arms in front of her body in order to participate in the classic test of arms strength. Their opposite hands interlock fingers with those of the opponent with the goal being to push the other's arms back towards that body and send her nemesis over on to her back in the process of overpowering those arms. Their arms tremble in the beginning from the vertical/neutral position and then as this duel continues each gains an edge by pushing the other's arms back only to have that sexpot rally and return their arms to the vertical position. But finally, Dian takes the advantage and keeps it as she sends Raquel's arms back towards her body and eventually indeed over on to her sexy back on the grassy area where this catfight is still situated.

Raquel is now supine on the grass with Dian following her over as she covers her defeated foe in the arms strength competition. Dian rubs her firm form down upon Raquel's trapped body to reinforce her position of dominance at the present time. But she isn't just going to mirror Raquel as her opponent soon finds out the hard way. Dian moves forward just a bit from her top position and quickly whips off her bright blue top to lower those beauty contest winning monster mams on top of Raquel Welch's face in what amounts to a world class titsmother. Her naturally flexible humongous hooters are perfect for titsmothering as every inch of her breasts seem to contact the face of her nemesis and of course that means more sweat and foul body odor staying in contact with Raquel's face in this humiliation of the brunette. Dian Parkinson sports the typical sadistic smirk that occupies her face when things are going well for her in a catfight, as they certainly are right now. Dian gets her satisfaction with this assault but isn't finished going after her stacked siren nemesis. Dian changes from the titsmother to armpit smothers... first utilizing her left pit and then her right pit to once again transfer sweat and foul body odor right into the face of an obviously resentful Raquel Welch who is doing everything to try to get her blonde bombshell torturer off her form. Finally, she is able to slip out from under the foe and escape any possible future smothers.

The two get up to standing positions for the first time in a long while. Of course, Dian Parkinson is now topless, and Raquel Welch isn't about to let her rival get all the attention with her twin orbs hanging out while her own are still covered by her banana yellow bikini top. So Raquel takes off that top to reveal her own impressive twin peaks and no doubt anxious to prove that it is she who should have won the comparison of their racks during the beauty contest. And she adds to the spectacle of her top disrobing by slingshotting the removed bikini top right into the beauty contest winning face of her foe... clearly an attempt to show even more disdain for the former Miss World USA.

At this juncture, both are more than motivated to have their naturally world class twin peaks ram against the other's treasure chest and have another catfighting staple ... a good old fashioned titfight. They wrap their arms around the other's midsection not to pressure that area but instead to ensure that their bodies stay tightly pressed together to try to prevent either set of monster mams from being able to escape. As this begins, grunts and profanities and expressions of determination fill the air or shown on their faces. As might be predicted by the fact that both of these stacked babes have natural D cup gigantic gazongas, neither dominates from the very beginning of this battle of the boobs. However, there was a good reason that Dian was awarded the better tits win during the assets comparison competition. And soon enough, the busty blonde does indeed gain the upper hand in this very sexual and important skirmish. Even Raquel realizes it and knows she must try to end this particular battle and refocus on some other duel where she might have a better change to prevail.

Raquel is hardly one to shrink away from any type hold and so she goes for the throat....literally for the throat...as she suddenly removes her arms and hands from around Dian's midsection to send her hands up to Dian's throat as she starts a primal chokehold on the beautiful delicate neck of the blonde hottie. And of course Dian immediately feels the pressure of the hold which would endanger herself in perhaps becoming unconscious. So she immediately have to end her embrace of Raquel Welch's midsection for the titfight and instead has to either defend her own throat or go after Raquel's neck in the same way hers is being attacked.

Dian like Raquel always likes to go on offense when possible so she puts her hands around Raquel's throat as this quickly turns into a mutual chokefest. As hot and fit as both babes are, their necks aren't particularly their strong suit so each suffers dramatically at the hands of the other. Each has her eyes rolling back a bit in her head in addition to coughing and obvious struggling to breathe. Although each loves dispensing torture via the choking of the opponent, having to withstand choking herself not nearly as much fun. But they would continue if they thought they would definitely prevail over the other and render the nemesis unconscious before she herself would be put in that state. Thus, eventually both decide that the result is not predictable and neither wants to take the chance to lose the catfight based upon herself being choked out so they end this particular duel.

Raquel and Dian have been able to remain in standing positions for quite a while which is convenient now as both are ready to rid themselves of their sweaty and smelly bikini bottoms due to the perspirations. So they take off their panties by lifting one leg up at a time with the removed clothing being tossed with disdain into the face of the rival.

This portends apparently a standing pussy war as the two put their bodies close enough so that their right hands can and do vigorously explore the other's snatch....past the thick stand of fur that guards their most persoanl of orifices. At this most personal of skirmishes begins, each screams and issues forth some profanties as each of the stacked babes so wants to force the opponent to cum before she herself is forced into climax. As this continues, Raquel ends up being the victor is this particular duel as hinted out by Dian's louder and more frequent screams and Raquel seemingly being able to really juice up her penetration into Dian's inner sanctum. The hint of the winner gets confirmed when Dian's hand is retracted from Raquel's pussy with no white fluid on it while Raquel's extraction from Dian has some of Dian's most precious liquid on it. In addition, Dian staggers backward and falls down on her ass on the grassy area where this catfight has been taking place. Raquel follows Dian down and does a full body cover as she takes advantage of Dian's currently dazed state after being brought to climax. But just like Dian did earlier, doesn't stay in that position for long as she moves forward and implements some revenge smothers as she drops her humongous hooters full of sweat and thus foul body odor on to that world class gorgeous face of Dian Parkinson in a great titsmother. Then, as Dian did earlier, Raquel switches over to armpit smothers which are not as impressive from a visual point of view but probably delivers more sweat and smell from those pit areas that Raquel lowers over Dian's beautiful face. However, just like Raquel did earlier to Dian, the former Miss World USA is able to slip from underneath her tormentor's cover to escape potential other punishment by the busty brunette.

The two babes remain sitting on the grass and a challenge is made and accepted by the two babes to test appendages that haven't been measured up to this point as their arms have been. So they will have a confrontation to pit their beautiful and fit legs against the other to see who has the more athletic/stronger legs.

There are several ways to test this but Raquel and Dian decide to have a mutual legscissors where each allows the other to surround her midsection with those legs. And to perform this simulaneously, they will interleaf their legs to physically allows this to occur. The two do this and start the mutual legscissors which is obvious even if not visually witnessing the event. Each screams and grunts and spews forth choice words as the tightening legs across their firm but thin midsections causes immediate anguish. And both of the busty babes continue to suffer under the legs of the opponent. However, as this continues, it is Raquel Welch who seems to be getting the better of this mutual legscissors for two reasons. Not only do Raquel's legs seem to be a bit stronger but also that midsection of hers seems to be a bit firmer which of course means that Dian Parkinson has to exert more power from her legs to effect Raquel than vice versa. So as this continues, Dian is clearly suffering more than Raquel so she moves her arms and hands towards her tormentor's legs in order to try to fist those appendages and thus cause enough pain to force Raquel to end the legscissors. It begins to work so to not be left behind on the torture, Raquel does the same to Dian's legs including a couple of fists and pinching to force the Miss World USA to give up her legscissors also.

Even though Dian has forced the end to the legscissors skirmish, her luscious midsection suffered more under Raquel's legs pressure than the busty brunette's beauty contest winning midsection due to Dian's beauty contest winning legs. So it is Raquel with a bit more energy at this point than Dian has left in the tank it appears. Dian tries to stage a strategic retreat for the moment but Raquel grabs hold of Dian's long, bleached blonde tresses and keeps her from getting out of reach. Raquel pulls Dian back towards her and slings her to the grass yet again on her back. Raquel mounts Dian from the top and sits on top of those beauty contest winning monster mams of her rival but that ends up being the lesser of the tortures as she slides her legs under the back of Dian Parkinson and once again turns her legs into a scissors...but this time not around the midsection of her foe but instead the world class, beauty contest winning twin peaks of the former Miss World USA winner.

Dian has little chance of bucking Raquel Welch off her body with the brunette's legs wrapped around Dian's world class humongous hooters like a python. And Dian's hands and arms are controlled by Raquel which keeps them at bay and away from her body in which they might be used to push against her. In fact, Raquel is able to pin Dian's arms to the grassy area using her superior position to ensure she has enough strength to do that. As Raquel's dominance continues in this situation and Dian feels the pressure of Raquel's fit legs crushing her gigantic gazongas, she realizes the hopelessness of her current situation.

Dian: "Ooooohhhh sssshhhhiiiittt.....aaaaaeeeiiii.....uuuuugggghhhhh....I give up....you win....I can't take the pressure....aaaaeeeiiiii.... on my tits anymore....please let me go!"
Raquel: "Too bad, you overrated bleached blonde bitch that you want to give up so early....I was hoping to crush those titanic tits you are sssssoooo proud of from D cups down to maybe B's."

Postmatch: Raquel is indeed disappointed that Dian didn't hold out for longer since of course she could have tortured the beauty contest winning blonde bombshell to a greater extent if she had. But since Dian gave up and there are witnesses to that, Raquel Welch is obligated to get off of Dian's form and of course in the process terminate the punishing legscissors around the gigantic gazongas that Dian possesses. But Raquel fully intends to take the spoils of her victory since after all, the busty brunette is still pissed off that her defeated foe will still get the Ridgid gig since after all, Dian won the earlier beauty contest and the job was the prize for winning that competition.

So after Raquel catches her breath from the just completely catfight that exhausted her also, she is ready to go after Dian again in some postmatch humiliation acts. Dian Parkinson has been almost motionless since her concession so Raquel hasn't had to rush to get after the busty blonde. Raquel first goes after Dian's pussy which she has already brought to climax during their earlier pussy war and gets the same results once more bringing the former Miss World USA to climax a second time.

Then, Raquel goes after those monster mammories that she tortured which resulted in Dian's ultimate submission during the catfight but this time she goes after them with her hands in a titmauling exercise. To ensure she can control those humongous hooters she uses both hands on each of the bodacious boobs as she eventually is able to milk them which of course excites the spectators immensely. And with each successful extraction of the whitish liquid through the nipple of the breast, Raquel swipes the secretion off the bodacious breast and sucks her fingers dry using her mouth.

After finishing up the attacks on Dian's assets, Raquel goes back to utilizing her own assets to go after Dian in humiliating ways. She starts with encore smothers using her own humongous hooters to perform a titsmother and then switches over again to armpit smothers. In all these smothers, there is plenty of foul body odor coming from the profuse sweat that all these areas still contain after the long, strenuous catfight match.

After these repeats, Raquel moves on to some new type smothers starting with using her sweaty and smelly crotch region to perform a pussy smother. Raquel won this area both during the beauty contest and the catfight and is particularly effective with her heavy forest of fur surrounding her pussy which not only accomplishes transfering sweat and foul body odor against to Dian's world class gorgeous face but the extensive pubic hair restricts Dian's breathing also. Raquel Welch then moves on to the classic smother which is facesitting as she sits her ass on top of Dian's gorgeous face for the most humiliating smother of them all.

Raquel puts her hands on the top of her head to show off her firm arms and armpits while of course signifying how dominant she is at this point in the postmatch action. She has some still pictures and video taken of this particular pose before finally getting off of Dian's face and standing right next to her defeated catfighting foe. Raquel rubs the bottoms of her dirty feet across that gorgeous face that the former Miss World USA winner is so proud of. Then, the busty brunette victor collects her own banana yellow bikini to wear again in the future perhahps before collecting Dian's bright blue bikini to be taken as a trophy no doubt of her catfighting victory. Of course, it still haunts Raquel Welch that Dian Parkinson won the beauty contest which she will get the Ridgid commercial gig. And Raquel doesn't leave before letting everyone know of her opinion of that selection.

Raquel: "Ridgid people...just to let you know that you got the second best girl for your ad campaign. I know it, Dian Parkinson clearly knows it, and you know it also!"{strutting away with the clothing she just collected and getting the final word in the discussion"

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