The Titfight Rematch
Esther Baxter vs Chessika Cartwright


After the beating Chessika Cartwright put on Esther, Chessika laughed at the beaten Esther as she ran out of the area holding her bruised breast. Esther's breast were a light purple color from all of Chessika's slamming and smashing. Her nipples hurt the most, due to all the grinding that went on when each of the warriors' breast would collide. Esther knew that she couldn't let no one embarrass her like this again, so she knew some time in the future she would have to fight her again.

When Esther got home, she went to the bath room, to fix herself up. She took a shower, every time she touched her beaten breast she would wince from the pain. When she was done with her shower, she turned on her TV and she saw her breast getting smashed by Chessika. After the highlights of the fight, they had showed the interview with Chessika Cartwright and Melyssa Ford. Chessika was standing topless, with a smirk on her face as if she knew Esther was watching.

Melyssa FordMelyssa Ford began asking Chessika a series of questions, "So the one and only Chessika Cartwright, how does it feel to completely own Esther Baxter in a fight that a lot of people said that you would lose."

Chessika said, "Well, it feels pretty good, but I knew I was gonna own the bitch from the start. As soon as I saw the whore walking in the ring like she owned the place, all I could do is laugh at her when she thrust her tits forward like that was going to make the small thangs look any bigger *Laughs* And what dumb ass, went against me?!? It's pretty obvious my tits would send the poor lil' bitch runnin' home wishin' she neva met me."

"Alright, so Esther was a push over, but I'm pretty sure a lot of people want to know how you were able to dominate her so easily," was the next question Melyssa asked for the champ.

Chessika begins to laugh before she answers the question, "Come on Melyssa, you saw me beat the bitch. It wasn't like her tits were firm like mine, the only slam she could take was the first one *Laughs* she barely even took that one. As soon as she knew that she was dealing with way more superior tits, she knew it was over. After every blow to her tits, she would moan like she was being fucked or something. As soon as she fell on the floor, I was either gonna let this bitch have it easy by smothering her with my tits or give it to her hard by smashing her tits with mine, I know you know which one I picked Melyssa..."

"Oh yeah, you had the poor thing crying before you let her quit." Melyssa said.

Chessika then continued with her story, "The main reason I couldn't just put the bitch out of her misery was because of how those soft mounds that I slammed into were still standing up even when she was lying down, so I was like, I GOTTA FLATTEN THOSE THINGS BEFORE THIS IS OVER! So that's what I did and as soon tha bitch started cryin', I was like, shut tha fuck up bitch, so I smothered her with my tits, and that's when she when she started strugglin' for air, but it sho did shut tha bitch up. *Laughs* As soon as she stopped movin' I got up, wiped the slobber and tears off my tits and spat on tha bitches tits. Then I was crowned the champion."

"Great story! I know this is a bit early and a little funny but one word can sum it up, rematch?" The interested Melyssa Ford asked.

With a smile on her face Chessika said, "I'd be happy to beat up Esther's tits again. Maybe the next fight will be more interesting, maybe I'll be able to make Esther lose a few cup sizes-"

Esther turns off her TV in disgust. She looks up at the clock and realizes how late it is and gets ready for bed. Even sleeping has become very difficult for the still very much in pain Esther Baxter. When ever she rolls over on her tits, she wakes up from the from the pain. She finally starts to get used to the pain in her breast and she is finally able to get some sleep.

As she sleeps, she has a dream about Chessika continuing to completely dominate her in the fight. At one point when Chessika has her breast completely over Esther's face, Esther get her mouth open. Chessika takes her tit as Esther is trying to take a bite out of her tits. Chessika then stuffs one tit in Esther's mouth and says, "Try and bite that bitch." Esther's jaw is stretched to the max and she is still not able to breath since the single tit still covers her whole face. Esther wakes up short of breath as if she was still being forced fed that one massive tit.

The next morning Esther wakes up thinking about what she is going to do. She writes down her guide to recuperating for the rematch. She thinks to herself why she should fight Chessika again, due to the fact that she completely had no chance of winning. She then says to herself, "I still need to prove to everyone and myself that I can at least match up to Chessika and her breast, even if I lose again. At least this time around I'll put up a better fight." Esther starts a new diet and begins training. She starts doing yoga to get her mind in the right mood and to get her body in the right mood just in case she starts taking a beating from Chessika's massive chest.

It's been a couple months now, and Esther's wounds have healed. Her breast are heavier and now require a 34DDD bra to house them, she feels and looks great. She knows that this is probably the best shape she can be in to hopefully take out Chessika. Esther decides to call up Chessika, to talk about setting up a rematch. Chessika answers the phone and says, "Hello?"

Esther nervously says, "Hi Chessika, it's me, Esther Baxter, I just wanted to..."

Chessika interrupts, "OH, I REMEMBER YOU BITCH *Laughs* what do you want? You want me to pay for your medical bills? I know it had to cost a few bills to fix those beat up titties. I can't believe you're callin' me, like this, I mean, do you have somethin' you need to get off your chest, cause ya know I'll jus beat em back in *Laughs*. "You know what I..."

"Excuse me, but I was still talking and I wanted to ask you if you were up for a rematch." says the still very nervous Esther.

"Oh, so that's what you called me for? Esther Baxter wants a rematch *Laughs* that's really cute. How drunk did you have to get to make you think you could beat me this time?" Said Chessika.

Esther then says, "Well, I'm not saying I'll beat you, I'm just saying that what you saw last match wasn't me at my best."

Chessika starts to laugh and then says, "Oh, so tha bitch that was covered in my tits and tha one that I made cry was only half tha bitch that you are today. You know I can see straight through this noble shit Esther, don't try and come at me like I'm tha bad person now. You were tha one flaunting your stuff like you were about to win *Laughs* I guess trying a different approach might help you out some how, cause your first approach sho as hell didn't work."

Esther began to get a little impatient and tired of Chessika trash talking, Esther then said, "OKAY, are you on or not? We can chat on the phone later."

Chessika surprisingly said, "Well, look who wants to have her tits a nice purple again. Sure I'll beat those titties again, but... This time, we're gonna make it a bit more interestin', if that's alright with you bitch."

Esther relieved that she agreed to a rematch then says, "Okay, what are we betting?" Esther jokingly says, "Loser has to get their tits completely smashed before leaving the area?"

"Well, that's pretty good, but I was thinkin' more like slave to the winner. If I win, you suck on my tits 30 minutes after tha match, while we break for some titty slappin' and if you want it, some titty smashin'. I'd be happy to crush your tits again *Laughs* of course only if you want that part of the wager." Chessika said.

Esther began speaking with more confidence, "Alright, so pretty much loser is a slave to the winner, I think that'll work out, no titty smashin' though, I just want you callin' me momma when we take our breaks *Laughs*."

Suprised by how Esther has changed Chessika says, "Okay bitch, I'll be smashin' those tits so much in the ring, your tits will be flat by then end of the match any way."

Esthen then says, "Alright, so you ready for a new Esther at the end of this week?"

Chessika replies, "Oh I ready to own you right now."

A very ready Esther says, "OKAY! Lets go then, meet you at the arena, and get ready to lose some tit mass."

The two of them meet up at the arena, Chessika has called up some media people to add some drama. She made sure to tell everyone that Esther is the bitch she made cry at the last match, just in case they did not see it.

Esther BaxterThey both enter the ring. Chessika is very surprised at how much Esther's breast have grown over the past months. She then says, "I see that you're wearing a more padded bra. It's not going to help you when I ripped tha shit off."

Esther then says, "*Laughs* I'm not wearing a padded bra." She then takes off her bra to reveal her larger and much fuller breast. Chessika stands with amazement as to how well her breast have healed, it looks as if no one had ever beaten them. Esther then thrust he chest forward showing that she is ready.

Chessika then says, "Oh, so you haven't learned much, you still walkin' 'round with a chip on your shoulder. *Laughs* All this growth and still none in your brain, stupid bitch. Get ready to lose."

The fight begins and Chessika, takes her bra off to show what's she packing. Chesskia takes the first charge and says, "I wanna end this fast. Lets just see how much stronger these bigger tits of yours are." She slams right into the unprotected chest of Esther, who seemed to be ready for her charge, but she didn't realize how much force Chessika packs when she slammed into her. Chessika then says, "Wow, all this trainin' and I'm still 'bout to make this dumb bitch cry."

Esther does get back up from her crouched position and readies herself again. Chessika comes with an even stronger blow, but this time instead of letting off, Chessika tries to go for the kill. She keeps the pressure on Esther, but Esther is not going down, her tits have definitely matured and the yoga has paid off. Esther has completely allowed Chessika to put all her weight on her breast, but there is no way she could win with Chessika tits flattening her tits.

At a point Chessika says, "Don't you remember when you were like this before, the only differnce is that, you're still on your feet. I guess you want to lose with pain all over your body this time, fine with me." Chessika applies more pressure, then says, "WHY DON'T YOU JUS GIVE UP BITCH, YOU LOST!"

Esther then says, "Why am I still competing if I lost?"

The very lost Chessika then says, "Bitch, I don't undastand one thing you just said, just give up already."

Esther replies, "Are you gettin' tired my little titty crusher?" Esther begins to push up, noticing that her foe is very tired and is not as well conditioned as she is. Esther begins her own rath. She begins with a very strong titty slam that Chessika is able to withstand. She then gives her another one which she could not hold off so well. She then says, "Wow, for a very tired person you sure can take a beating." Esther slams Chessika's tits one more time and that's the one that weakens her to no recovery. Esther then says, "I hope you like suckin' on big tits as much as you like beatin' on them *Laughs*"

Chessika says, "It's not ova yet bitch." Chessika attempts to get up and is able to. Esther tells Chessika to look at her battered breast. Chessika looks and Esther delivers another titty slam that puts Chessika down again. Esther then threatens, "Stay down bitch, I really don't think you want your tits to lose their shape, cause I'll make those things look like squares."

Esther gets on her knees and crawls over to her beaten opponent. Esther then says, "Bitch... Tha match ain't ova yet." She begins smashing Chessika's tits like Chessika did to hers, but this time Esther applies more pressure by bouncing up and down a pushing down on Chessika's very flat tits.

Chessika lets out a scream that everyone in the arena can hear. Esther yells, "Shut up bitch!" And then smothers her with her breast. The match is almost over, Chessika is barley holding on and Esther is only trying to apply more pressure to her foe's face. Chessika's tits look like some one ran over them, everyone in the arena knows that this match is over, they're just waiting for Chessika to realize that the match is also over too.

Chessika's arms stop moving, Esther hasn't realized it yet, but she soon does after the crowd tells her, "THAT'S ENOUGH, WHAT U WANNA DO KILL A BITCH?!?"

Esther laughs at the remarks and tells the beaten Chesskia, "Get ready for some more titty bitch." She then stuffs one of her tits in Chessika's mouth, she then says, "I want you to suck on my nipple, not just hang your mouth on it bitch!"

Chessika begins crying and then says, "Yes momma, I'll will suck on your nipple, sorry."

Esther then says, "It's alright," She then slaps Chessika's tits for discipline. Esther Baxter is crowned the new champion. She goes on to say her first match with the largly breasted Chessika was a learning match that really helped her get ready for kicking her ass in the rematch. She also said she would be happy to slap those tits around for a third time.

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