The two fighters have spent weeks talking to the media about their fight. Neither one of them had any anger towards one another, but the media tried their hardest to make them hate each other. Most interviews would be fairly boring since neither one of the girls would say anything offensive, but one day Meme went on an uncensored radio show to talk about her match up with Esther. The radio host said, "I welcome the lovely Meme Lacour to the show. How ya been doin' girl?"

"I've been fine." Meme answers in a sexy voice.

"Alright lets get down to business, how are those big girls gonna fare against Esther's? You got any moves you wanna tell us about?" The anxious raido host asks.

"*Laughs* Down boy, all I can tell you is that my breasts aren't going down without a fight." Meme says while bouncing her breasts for the host.

The disapointed radio host then says, "Aw, come on girl, it's your boy. You know your big ass tits will have their way with Esther's. If you are not gonna tell me, how you're gonna crush Esther's soft and fat ass tits, how 'bout tellin' me what's up afta the fight. You plan on spankin' that ass? *Laughs* You know she deserves it."

"*Laughs* Now, now, Esther is a decent fighter. Her tits are big and firm and so are mine, but for that booty of hers... I don't know, I'd love to give it a couple smacks *Laughs*." Meme says.

The excited host says, "Alright! You gotta give her a couple slaps for me, but more to the point, you heard 'bout what Esther said, right?"

A confused Meme looks up and says, "Ummm, no? She said something that was different than her other interviews?"

Esther hadn't said anything that would provoke Meme, but the host was about to make something up. He then says, "Aw, girl, that's why you're actin' all coo up in here *Laughs*, I don't wanna say it, but that bitch Esther, said a few rude things 'bout you in a magazine article. She said that by the end of the fight, her fuller breasts would be squeezing yours until milk flowed out of them.

Meme gives a shocked looked and says, "MILK?!?" She squeezes her nipples through her shirt and says, "Do you think milk can come out these?"

"Well they are breasts, isn't that where milk comes from?" The host says with a smirk on his face.

Meme stares at the host like he's stupid and says, "You know what I mean ass-hole, I'm not pregnant, no milk is going to be coming out of my nipples."

"Maybe she's sayin' she goin' to beat your breasts up so bad that milk will start coming out of them to try to relieve pain or somethin' like that." The host suggest.

Meme looks even more shocked and says, "Okay? I don't know if she said that, but if she did, she is one stupid ass bitch. *Laughs* I'm not goin' to start lactatin' in the ring, that doesn't even make sense."

"I'm jus reportin' the news, ya know. This is real talk, so you got any plans for her afta that?" The host says, trying to egg her on.

"Well, I won't be milkin' her in the ring. *Laughs* But I will be makin' some pancakes, so maybe some milk might be somethin' good to drink with them *Laughs*." Meme responds.

Meme Lacour"So, let me get this straight, you gonna make pancakes out of Esther's tits and then squeeze some milk out of them to finish the breakfast off?" The host asks.

Meme frowns at the host and then says, "Okay, you're an idiot, I'm not gonna milk that bitch's tits, that jus seems weird, even if it is from the pressure of my heavier breasts. I'll tell you what though, if she does have milk in those saggy bags, I'll squeeze a couple drops out jus for you, okay?"

"ALRIGHT! Milk covered pancake tits are on the menu *Laughs*. You definitely have my vote and all of WK5 is behind you. So go out there and make sure to redden Esther's ass and flatten her tits, not only for yourself, but also fo your boy. We're out! Thanks for talkin' wit us Meme and much thanks for bringin' tha twins. Damn ma, what we doin' afta tha fight? *Laughs*." The host asks.

"Oh it was no problem, and my girls love the attention, but me and you, we ain't doin' nothin', and for Esther... I hope that bitch is ready for the worst beating in her life. I'ma make sure her weak ass tits get smashed up twice as bad as I did Chessika." Meme finishes.

The host comes back and says, "Oooh, strong words for an endin', and we're out."

The "On Air" sign turns off and the two people continue to talk. The host then asks, "But really Meme, what's up with us? You know you want me to at least give you one of my famous breast massages, right?"

"HELL NO! I told you no on air and I'm tellin' you no off air, my boobs are not for you, alright. So get over it." Meme yells and then storms out of the radio station.

Meme is still very angry about the things the raido station said to her. She just can't believe Esther would just come out and say rude things for no reason. She decides to go over to her house to talk to her woman to woman about thier fight.

Meme knocks on Esther's door. Esther looks out her peep hole and is only able to see two very large breast almost rubbing against her door. She lets out a laugh and then starts opening the door. She looks shocked since she can't believe Meme would come over to her house. She then says, "Hey Meme, how have you been doin'. I know we really don't have anything against each other, but doesn't this feel kinda weird, wit you bein' here and the fight comin' up in tha next few days, ya know?"

"Oh yeah, but girl, I jus wanted to know tha girl behind the big ass titties, *Laughs*." Meme says, while reaching for Esther's breasts.

Esther steps back and says, "Whoa, cowgirl *Laughs* These aren't for you, but what you come ova here for, if you wanna have a girl chat, it'll be better afta tha fight."

"Well, actually my busty friend, I want to talk about our little fight. I want to give a little more to the fans watchin'." Meme says while thrusting her chest forward to add emphasis to the word "more".

Esther then asks, "*Laughs* What did you have in mind, mud, oil, water, smother until submission? What do you wanna do to lil' ol' me? *Laughs*"

"I wanted to keep it simple. Jus some good ol' ass spanking for the loser." Meme answers.

"Oh, you like bein' spanked? I don't wanna make you cum all ova the mat afta I'm done wit your tits *Laughs*." Esther says with a chip on her shoulder.

Meme thinks that Esther doesn't want to do spanking so, she pretends that she's not interested either and says, "Oh don't worry 'bout it then, I got somethin' very special for your twins durin' tha fight anyway."

"Girl, please, you want spankin', we can have spankin'. What else you want? I wanna breastfeed you *Laughs*. Can I do that to you lil' baby?" Esther sings.

"Oh, so those udders do have milk in them *Laughs*." Meme says.

Meme thinks to herself that she's about to make the radio host's dream come true. Then Esther interrupts Meme's train of thought and says, "Well, no, they don't, but I think havin' your mouth on tha end of my nipple makes you look like the ultimate bitch. I mean there's only a few things worse than havin' a huge breast stuffed in your mouth, havin' everyone watch. It's a pretty painful experience. I don't even think you're ready for that kinda punishment *Laughs*, but no one cares if you're ready anyway." Esther stands a little closer to Meme and starts swinging her chest from left to right.

Meme looks on and moves in closer to lightly press her chest against Esther's. She then asks, "So, Esther, you wanna make this official?"

"We can make small stuff at the end of the fight official?" Esther questions.

"Oh yeah, the comissioner loves to sign off of stuff like this. Lets say after I'm done beatin' up your tits that you're in so much pain that you try to leave *Laughs*, you won't be able to because you signed in the contract, that I could beat you fat ass along with forcing you to suck on firmer breasts, after I'm crowned the winner." Meme proclaims.

"Alright, I'll sign off, but don't get your hopes too high. Do you really think you'll be touchin' my butt? *Laughs* And what's up wit you? Did tha media change you? You actin' all mean for no reason. We don't have ta hate each other to fight. We're jus two large breasted girls trying to prove who has the stronger pair. I'm tired of how the media spins things to make things look worse than they do. You don't have to be my friend, but neither do you have to be my enemy. So could we just be two girl competing against each other?" Esther asks.

"Awww, girl, you know, I jus been caught up in all this shit, ya know? I'm sorry, group hug?" Meme says. Meme says this but she still believes the things said on the raido. The two of them hug, but Meme hugs a little harder and Esther starts to hug a little harder, both of the girls' breasts begin to touch and when their firm orbs begin to notice that they're smashing one another, they let off and smile to each other.

Esther then says, "Ummm, that contract, lets go do that."

"Yeah, I'm sure this will make some of the media happy too." Meme says while still thinking about the radio station.

"Oh yeah, everyone wants Meme and Esther to battle it out. They want naked sweaty breasts, they want moanin', they want domination, they want cryin', they want smashin', ALL THIS BULL SHIT *Laughs* I jus wanna rub my tits on another pair of tits and make a bitch quit, you feel me?" Esther replies.

"Yeah, I feel ya, but lets go get this done." Meme says trying to get Esther to hurry up before she changes her mind about the contract.

The two busty beauties drive down to the tit-fighting community's headquarters to ask the comissioner to agree to sign off on the request the girls made for the activities after the fight. The comissioner agrees to let the girls do what they want after the fight. He also states that if neither girl wants to not do the actions in the contract, they can be called off. When the girls hear that, they both look at each other and laugh.

Esther drives Meme home, when they get to her house, she says to Meme, "The next time I see you is when I'm crushin' yo titties in tha ring, aight?"

"*Laughs* I don't know 'bout crushin' titties, but you'll have a nice view of my larger breasts the next time I see you bitch." Meme says.

"Alright girl, get in some practice." Esther says while driving off.

Meme walks off switching her ass while smiling and thinking that she has put Esther in the perfect trap. When she gets inside her house she thinks about all the things she's going to do Esther's humongous breasts. When it's time for her to go to bed, she's so caught up in smashing Esther's breasts that she can't even sleep. She just laughs out loud about how she'll have Esther in tears when she bends her over for the worst spanking she's ever received.

Esther goes home, not really thinking about anything. She knows Meme will be a great competitor and she'll have ot be on top of her game if she wants to make sure she wins the fight. Esther is phsically ready for this fight. Her breasts are flawless, her nipples are sitting on top of her breasts unlike Meme's that are a bit sunken from going against Chessika a couple weeks ago. Esther goes to sleep hoping that she gives Meme a good fight and also hoping that Meme can at least with stand a couple of her tit slams so she isn't so embarrassed after the fight.

It is the day of the fight, both girls are reading themselves for their big battle. Meme decided to wear a pink bikini top and a matching pink thong. She remembers what Chessika did to her last thong bottom, but she could care less. If Esther tries to do the same to her, she'll just take the thong off. Esther is wearing a black bikini top and bottom. She remembers what Chessika did to Meme, so she decided to take no chances just in case Meme tries to do the same to her.

Meme's breasts are looking larger than ever since the top she is wearing only covers her nipples, it looks like her breasts are just bursting out of top from every angle. Esther has her breasts under control and she doesn't look as amazing as Meme, but everyone knows it takes a very big top to get those puppies down. Meme starts noticing that her top is beginning to rip, so she takes it off, her breasts don't move much since the top didn't provide much support, but the crowd does give a loud hoot from seeing her nipples. Esther looks on and laughs. She can't believe the crowd is clapping from the sight of her nipples. From where Esther is standing her nipples just look like blemishes on her large breasts. They have no kind of depth or status on the breasts, except for being larger circular things in the center of her tits. Esther then removes her top to give the crowd something to really cheer about. She does a little dance to make her breasts bounce up and down. Meme gets jealous and says, "Alright bitch, those tits are done for, I'm really gonna love crushin' your tits."

"Yeah... I can only say one good thing 'bout you right now, at least you don't talk as much shit as Chessika, so you're still on my good side." Esther says.

"I won't be on your good side after I'm done makin' you my bitch. Lets get this ova." Meme says while walking into the ring.

The two girls walk towards the center of the ring, Meme is no longer smiling. Esther still looks on with a smirk on her face. The two girls walk towards each other until both of them stand with their breasts smashed up against each other. A tit-fihgting community official comes to the center to tell the girls and the crowd how the fight will go down. The crowds yells and claps when they hear the words, "spanking, and after fight breasts sucking." Along with the information of after fight activities, the official also says that the match will be a bit different by saying, "Instead of having both girls fight until one quits, we will try out ten minute rounds. With rounds implemented we can find out who is the better tit-fighter, because it will show what girl can recover from a bad beating in a previous round or it will show what girl can continue to punish her opponent until she submits." The crowd could care less about what the official is saying. They're ready to see some tits getting smashed and they're ready to see it now. The two girls stop standing tit to tit and walk back to their corners.

The time has come to see what girl has the better tits, the crowd has come to a silence. Both girls stand tall and arch their backs, neither one of them no longer shows any kind of facial expression. The silence is broken with the ring of the bell, Meme shouts out, "You only got four minutes bitch."


"Alright, I'm so tired of this. You are just like all the other girls. You know what, I bet you're even worse than the other girls. I'ma give you one free-" Meme goes charging towards Esther and gives her hard tit slap before she can finish her sentence. Meme's knockers slamming into Esther's does cause a lot of movement in Esther's large breasts, but the hit didn't seem to cause any pain to Esther. Esther then says, "Alright, it's my-"

Again Meme cuts Esther off and corners Esther and says, "You really needa stop talkin' and try to fight."

Meme begins to push on Esther's breasts with her own pair. Esther's breasts still have their full round shape even with Meme trying her hardest to make her breasts overwhelm Esther's. Esther then teases, "*Laughs* your tits are pathetic."

Meme looks eye to eye with Esther, then she grabs Esther's arms and holds them agaist the ropes. She begins to grunt with everytime she tries to apply more pressure to Esther's firm breasts. Esther's tits still look greats smashed up against Meme's. Meme is starting to tire out from pressing her chest against Esther's so she tries to give her a bearhug before she stops her attack. Meme picks Esther up and pushes Esther's back hard into her big tits. For a second Esther is silent but then Meme hears a moan, Meme knows that she has softened up Esther's breasts enough to feel pain now. She then throws Esther down to the mat and says, "I've got you bitch, those tits are gonna be flat enough to set a cup on them."

Esther looks up and sees Meme getting on her knees to lie her firm tits on top of her soft, beaten breasts. Meme gets on top of Esther and says, "*Laughs* You sure aren't sayin' anythin' now, what happened?" Meme then lowers her chest on top of Esther's.

Esther lets out a louder moan, Esther then says, "*Moans* It's not ova yet."

Esther arches her back and then Meme affirms, "*Grunts* Oh it's ova, I've already started makin' pancakes." Meme crunches down even harder on Esther's flatten tits. Esther begins to breath deep and Meme says, "Yeah, bitch, breath, submit your weak ass tits to my stronger pair. Let me show everyone what firm tits are really supposed to be like and let me show all the up and coming girls what they have to go up against. They'll definitely fear me after how bad I've abused your tits *Laughs* You're a big fat tittied joke!"

Esther arches her back again but Meme laughs and puts her back in her place by pushing her tits even harder into Esther's, but this time Esther's soft breasts slip in between Meme's vast amount of cleavage. Meme begins to laugh some more and then says, "I've made jello out of her tits. Now for a bit more heat and we'll have pancakes *Laughs*." Meme lets the pressure off of Esther and gives her one extremly hard two breasted breast bump. Esther lets out a low scream and is sent falling backwards into the mat.

With a couple seconds left in the round Meme decides to walk to her corner and let Esther sob in pain. She then says, "I'll be done wit cha in tha next round bitch, I gotta go find a real opponent and I gotta make the people at WK5 happy."

Esther's corner crew helps her over to her corner when the bell rings to end the match. They pay a lot of attention to her badly bruised breasts. They apply many creams and lotions to stop the swelling and to try to make her breasts firmer. Meme's corner crew also applies creams to make her breasts firmer, but she thinks they're feeling her up so she yells at them to stop.

Esther whinces every time her crew touches her badly beaten breasts, but she still thinks she has a chance. Meme notices Esther's facial expressions and teases, "Aw, is tha baby gonna start cryin'? *Laughs*" The crowd was a little disapointed in the way the fight was going. No one thought this was going to be such an easy battle for Meme. They wanted to see two larger breasted vixen trying to gain an edge, not just a pair of tits taking one extremely bad beating from a stronger pair. With a couple seconds left before the next round starts, both girls remained sitting down waiting for the bell to ring.


The second round bell rings and Meme starts rushing towards Esther to try pick up where she left off. She starts off with a couple tit slaps, Esther tries to fight back and gives her own. Meme takes Esther's weak tit slaps and moves in for a bearhug. When Meme is close enough Esther starts to grind her breasts against Meme's, Esther's hard nipples do bring pain to Meme's nipples, but Meme still grabs Esther and gives her one strong bearhug. Esther wails in pain and Meme begins to grunt and try to make the hold even tighter. At this point both of the girls breasts are crushed up against each other. Meme definitely has the advantage, but she's also feeling pain from Esther's hard nipples stabbing into her soft nipples.

Ester BaxtherAfter five minutes of being in the bearhug, Meme throws Esther down to the mat. She then says, "I'm gonna crush 'em flat, I'm sick of lookin' at them. Your tits are ugly as hell! *Laughs*. I'll take the liberty of removing them from your chest so no one will to look at those bruised mounds." Meme then jumps on Esther's beaten tits. The crowd expected a loud death like scream, but instead Esther's jaw drops and nothing comes out. Meme then laughs and says, "Beat my tits until milk comes out *Laughs* You are one stupid bitch and you're 'bout to have no tits, I want you to scream for WK5. I know that they want you to be my bitch, so scream for them now, bitch."

"*Moans* I didn't say I was gonna milk your tits bitch, you seriously needa get some help." Esther says.

Meme pushes down on Esther's flat tits, "I need help? *Laughs* You're tha one that's 'bout to have pancakes for tits. Maybe this time you'll learn not to talk 'bout your opponenets behind their backs." Meme tries to push down even harder on Esther's breasts.

Esther then explains, "*Moans* The media got to you, too bad your brain isn't as big as your tits." Esther then wraps her legs around Meme's lower back, she then starts to move from side to side to roll Meme over on her back. Meme laughs and put her knees down on the mat to stop Esther from rolling. Since Meme was no longer in a position to smash Esther's breasts, Esther gives Meme a bearhug.

The crowd watches in a amazment as Esther hangs from Meme's frame and pulls her breasts in to Meme's. After twenty seconds or so, Meme's body tires out from holding Esther's body up and Esther was also able to start bruising Meme's humongous knockers. Meme's arms tire out and the two girls go crashing into the mat. The fall hurts Esther's breasts a little but she does manage to get Meme's tired body off of hers.

She then picks Meme up and props her up on a turn buckle. Esther cups her bruised up mounds of titflesh. She looks at Meme's breast meat and says, "I might hurt myself more than I'm gonna hurt you, but it's well worth it, jus to teach tha media a lesson and you, but I still forgive you. You're just a stupid bitch, tryin' to get mad ova somethin' that's not there, but now I'm gonna make you really mad *Laughs*."

Esther grips the ropes and begins to smash Meme's huge tits. She starts off with three very hard tit slaps that gets Meme moaning pretty loud. She then switches to breasts smashing. The two girls are now moaning really loud. The crowd is beginning to get back into the fight. Esther is starting to show why she's the tit-fighting queen. She then starts to grind Meme's black and blue tits. A few tears come down Meme's face. Esther's eyes only show anger, as she grinds Meme's tits. She tries to apply pressure, so it's like she's doing two moves, with every grind. Esther's digs her tits deep into Meme's very soft breast meat.

Esther lets off and Meme slides down the turnbuckle. Meme's breasts sag a little, but it's still obvious that she has enough round titflesh to make two very big pancakes. Esther then pulls Meme's legs so she's lying down on the mat. There's only a couple seconds left in the round, but Esther could care less. She sits on Meme and starts to lower her tits on top of Meme's. She then says, "You can quit during the break if you don't want to take another beatin' in the third round." Meme can't believe Esther just said that, the bell rings and Esther slowly gets off of Meme's beaten titties.

Both girls now have badly brusied and beaten breasts, Meme's breasts have started to sag, and Esther's still have the welts form the first round. Their corner crews both work hard and apply many medications to their breasts. Both girls stare each other down and give little signs of pain when their corner crews touches their most sensitive spots on their breasts. The crowd is cheering both of the girls on. They don't want this fight to ever end, but it doesn't seem like it can last for that much longer, since both of the girls tits seem to be pretty messed up. With the clock ticking down, the girls stand up and await the third round.


The third round bell rings, both girls go running into each other. A lound slap can be heard when the two pairs of mammoth breasts collide. Meme tries to take advantage by hugging Esther. Esther arches her back and puts Meme back in her place. Esther then starts to grind Meme's breasts. Meme tries to grind with Esther, but she notices that she just can't out grind Esther. So, she backs up and gives Esther a hard breast bump. Esther falls back and Meme runs after her to give her another hard breast bump into the turn buckle. Esther goes flying into the turn buckle and she arches her back from the pain. Meme then slams her tits back down so her back is parallel with the turnbuckle. Esther starts to panic as her breasts are being dominated.

Meme's breasts start to overwhelm Esther's soft beaten titties. Both of these girl stand tall with their sweaty breasts smashed together. Meme has the advantage, but she's very tired and is slowly thinking about her next move. Esther arches her back and is able to push a large amount of Meme's titflesh back. At this point Esther gives Meme a bearhug to regain dominace. Esther tires out from holding Meme's large frame. Meme stands like a zombie when Esther lets her go. Esther laughs a little and says, "Ummm, are you doin' alright? You might wanna move a lil' if you tryin' to win."

Esther then goes in for the kill, with Meme not even trying to defend herself. Esther gives Meme an atomic tit slap, the force behind the slap is so strong that Meme's breasts continue to ripple, seconds after the hit. Meme's bruised up orbs begin to sag even more. They now droop down past her ribs. She is speachless, tears fall down her face, but no emotion is shown from them. Esther knows what she has to do now, she readies herself for a hard breast bump. When Esther comes in, Meme's tits are crushed flat on impact. After the hit, Meme falls to the mat like a rag doll. Esther then says, "Im not gonna give you tha easy way out bitch, I feel sorry for you, but letting my tits sit on your face would be too nice of me."

Esther positions Meme for her final attack. When Meme is facing up, Esther falls on Meme's very distorted tits with her own bruised up juggs. Meme lets out a terrifying scream. She kicks her legs up and throws her arms out just trying to get Esther's heavy knockers off her abused tits. After a couple seconds, Meme stops moving and tries to regroup herself. Esther continues to flatten Meme's battered breasts. From a side angle, it's obvious, that Meme's tits are being completely engulfed by Esther's firmer breasts.

Meme knows she can still come back if her breasts are still lined up with Esther's so she arches her back for one final push. Esther struggles to keep Meme down, but she pushes down even harder on Meme's strong breasts. Both girls moan in pain and grunt. It is still not clear who will tire out first.

Meme's breasts begin to reappear under all of Esther's titflesh. She is even beginning to push even harder and Esther's tits start getting smashed into her chest. Though Esther's breasts are losing the battle, she still holds the dominate position over Meme. Meme begins to push even harder. Esther can't believe that Meme's tits are holding up under her large expanse of breast meat. Esther's moans begin to grow louder and Meme's big boobs gain more and more visibility. Meme starts to grin because she knows she's about to get Esther's tits off of hers. Meme arches her back again and she's able to get Esther's tits off of her's but Esther doesn't fall off of Meme's body, instead Esther's boobs go falling right on Meme's face. Esther gets her tits off of Meme's face pretty quick, because she still wants to hear Meme beg for mercy. Esther then puts her boobs right back on Meme's and starts grinding Meme's very tired out breasts. Esther's tits look like a steam roller as she moves them from the bottom of Meme's tits to the top. As Esther moves over Meme's nipples, Meme lets out a few deep moans. Esther then says, "Girl, you got some firm ass tits, I gotta give it to ya, I mean you really got my girls workin', it's never been this hard to make melon juice *Laughs*."

Meme Lacour Esther stops grinding Meme's tits after she noticed how much damage she has caused. Meme's breasts haven't lost that much size, but they have definitely lost their firmness. Her flat nipples have turn a burnt red color from all the beatings Esther's nipples have put on them. Her breast meat itself is a dark blue on the bottom and pretty much black on the top. This is probably because Esther pushed Meme's titflesh down, so most of it traveled to the bottom of her breasts and then it was smashed flat down there when Esther noticed what she was doing. Esther then says, "You're done, right, I'll let you off the hook if you just quit now. I don't have to hear you beg and I'll tell you what, I won't humiliate anymore with the contract we signed."

"I'm not quitin' to you bitch. WK5 wants to see some famous milk covered Esther pancakes, along with a red ass, and I'm gonna give it to them." Meme refutes.

"*Laughs* It was nice fightin' wit you Meme. Your tits are definitely the best I've gone up against. It's too bad you don't know how to quit though. Your tits are gonna be shit afta I'm done wit them. Don't you want to keep fightin' in the tit-fighting community?" Esther asks.

"FUCK YOU BITCH! Your small ass, weak ass, pathetic ass, tits ain't got nothin' on my big ol' juggs. I'm 'bout ta milk those small ass things, and we'll see who is tha one who should be quitin'."

Esther looks at Meme in disbelief, she then says, "You don't know when you're done, that's a serious problem. Especially in tha mood you got me. I seriously want to tear your tits up *Laughs* I'm endin' this once and for all." Esther takes both of her own breasts into each of her hands and begins to fall back down on Meme's colorful and oddly shaped breasts. Esther then spreads her breasts apart and brings them back together with Meme's enormous juggs trapped in between. The crowd looks on with amazment as Meme's boobs spread Esther's very far apart, when Esther took her hands off her breasts it looked like Esther's tits were doing the splits. Esther then says, "This is going to hurt *Laughs*." Esther then puts her hands on the sides of her breasts and starts to smash her own breasts together with Meme's trapped inside. Meme screams in pain Esther also feels a lot of pain crushing Meme's massive pair of breasts. Esther continues to smash Meme's breasts. Meme is no longer able to scream and she just continues to breath very fast.

Esther cannot do this much longer, she is beginning to bruise her own titflesh with her hands. She then pushes her hands together even harder hoping that Meme would quit. Meme's tits are now flat and completely gone in Esther's cleavage. A milky liquid begins to appear running down Esther's breasts. Esther knows it's not coming from her since her nipples are pointing towards Meme. Esther begins to push a little harder and she notices with every push, more of this white liquid appears on her breasts. Esther then says, "I've beat your tits to a milky pulp, you need to quit now."

With only a couple minutes left, it looks like Meme is trying to hang in there for another round. The entire arena is silent and can't believe how quiet Meme is, it's almost like she's in a shock. The officals watch with fear in their eyes. They don't want Meme to be completely abused, but if she keeps going the way she is, Esther is going to keep crushing her tits until she quits, and the way Meme is acting right now, that won't be until her tits are erased clear off her chest.

Esther then takes her hands off her breasts and pulls Meme's lactating tits out of her breasts. Meme lies on the mat with her deflated tits still spewing milk, Esther then says, "I seriously wish you would quit." Esther then jumps up and falls on Meme's flat tits, Meme lets out a loud scream and Esther lets out a loud moan from landing on Meme's ribs. There's technically nothing left for Esther to smash, but she pushes down anyway to see if Meme will say that she quits. With only a minute left in the match, Esther starts to panic and get on her knees to give her tits more leverage. She starts to flatten her own tits by slamming her tits into Meme's hard ribs. She then picks Meme up for a bearhug, Esther pulls Meme's entire body in her beaten cleavage. The crowd can hear bones cracking and they know all the bones are Meme's. Meme's body falls limp in Esther's hold. She then silently says, "I can't do it anymore. I have failed, my tits are no more, Esther is too much for me. I quit..."

Esther then begs, "I'm sorry, but you're going to have to say it louder or they'll think I'm lying when I drop you."

"I QUIT!" Meme yells.

The bell for the round to end rings, but it's too late for Meme, she has announced that she has lost. Esther lets her fall to the mat. She then puts one foot on her flat titty and says, "You put up a good fight, I'm glad you ended this before the next round. I seriously think I would've killed you, I'm too tired to let you suck on my breasts or spank your ass, can we reschdule? *Laughs*"

"Sure... *Smiles*" Meme says.

Esther's breasts are still covered with Meme's milk. The bruises and welts are very visible. She tries to jump once for the crowd but the pain from her breasts bouncing up and down is too much, she then looks back at Meme and says, "I was happy to fight against you. I hope the media doesn't get in your head for your next fight." Meme doesn't say anything, she just lies there in pain. Her flat milk oozing tits, are one ugly mess, the milk seems to make the bruises and welts appear ever better, Her nipples have seemed to appear, but with the milk coming out of them, they make her breasts look even worse.

Meme's corner crew comes to pick Meme up and give her bra that is more suited for her beaten titties. Esther goes over to her corner crew to ask for some medical attention. Esther gets out of the ring and is stopped by the WK5 radio host, he says, "Hey Esther, it's your boy. You oblitorated Meme's weak ass tits. How does it feel to know that bitch ain't got nothin' on you?"

"Well, it was hard work, she can definitely compete with tha big girls. I'd be happy to rub tits with her again sometime in the future." Esther says.

"Tha fuck is that? *Laughs* Why tha hell would you want to go up against her again? Her tits bruised yours up pretty bad, you're not lookin' so suckable right now." The host rudely says.

"Okay, you need some help, I like to tit-fight, I like to see what girl has the better tits, that's all." Esther says while leaving the arena.
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