Esther Baxter Vs. Summer Walker


Esther walks into the studio. She goes to her dressing room and changes out of her street clothes and into a matching sheer red bra and panties set. She decides to put some thigh highs on as well and struts her stuff out on the set. Her bra doesn't provide very much support, so with every step, her breasts bounce up and down in a memorizing way. She's three hours early, so no one else has arrived at the studio. Esther starts to play around on the set to pass the time.

Summer comes on the set wearing a white bra and panties. Her enormous tits bouncing up and down. She sees Esther messing around with the music. "What the hell are you doing here Esther?"

"Oh, hey Summer, I guess you're in this video too, that's cool. Well, you know me, I show up early and leave late to make sure everything is perfect. I'm just testing out the speakers and making sure the set is safe. How have you been?" Esther continues toying with the audio equipment. She bends over and notices one of her breast slipping out of her top. She smiles, since Summer's the only one there and says, "Whoops, how'd you get out there, get back in there." She then stuffs her large tit back in her top and says, "I guess it wanted to say hi. They haven't seen you in a while. I've seen yours have grown a little. How much did you pay to get them big like the big girls?"

"Excuse me! These are real! They have grown since we last spoke and no, they are not big LIKE the big girls, but BIGGER, much bigger. Not even you could stack up to me." Summer then arches her back, her huge tits bulging out of her top up and out till her tits are up to her neck.

"Impressive, so, you took some boobie pills to make them bigger. I didn't even know those things worked." Esther says while laughing at Summer arching her back. "So, now you can get in all the top notch videos. Weren't you already in all the top notch videos? I mean, you're a beautiful girl. Who wouldn't want you in their video, and since I'm getting older and starting to move on from this life, you're pretty much all hip-hop got for really big boobs. I guess Khrysti Hill, but you and I both know Khrysti, nor Chessika can hold a flame towards us." Esther stops playing around with the stuff and arches her back out as well, her large DDD breasts bulge out in all their glory. She then says, "We're the last of our kind girl."

"Again you disrespect me. These tits ain't fake and no, I am not taking any boobie pills. They grew naturally, and as far as I am concerned, you cannot even put yourself in the same category as me. My tits are WAY bigger than yours. Summer arches her back and her bra straps to her EE cup bra starts ripping. Your tits are just another Khrysti or Chessika in my opinion."

"Oh, is that right girl? So you really think since your boobs got a little bigger, you can stand up to me now? How much have those new tits of yours been through? Are you sure you wanna talk all this crap without having them prove themselves? I really don't want to embarrass you again. I want you to be in the video with you as well, but if I smash your tits up, I don't know if they'll shoot just your ass. So maybe you should just keep your mouth shut and go back to your dressing room and play with your nipples or something?" Esther says while putting her hands on her hips showing that she means business.

"Alright bitch! It's time for you to shut up now." Summer runs at Esther, rips her top off and gives Esther two real hard breast slams on the sides of her breasts.

Esther's breasts get knocked out of her flimsy top. She makes a face of disgust as she sees how Summer reacts. She takes a step back and says, "Alright then, I guess I'm gonna have to beat you like my daughter once again. Maybe this time you'll learn, but after I'm done, I got something special for you. You'll be sucking momma's breasts for everyone to see." Esther then attempts to bearhug Summer, "Lets see how much flesh needs to be flattened now, huh?"

Summer invites her into the bearhug and wraps her arms around Esther's back and rubs her enormous tits into Esther's smaller boobs. "Bring it bitch! You really think you can handle all this titty?! You don't know who you're fucking with!"

"Neither do you dear, once a bitch, always a bitch." Esther steps up to the challenge and wraps her arms around Summer. She flexes her titty muscles and grinds her powerful tits into Summer's expanse of flesh. She moves one of her hands high up on Summer's back and pushes Summer into her, "I won't be going easy on you like I did last time, you've stepped too far out of line."

Summer returns the favor and wraps her arms around Esther's upper back and thrusts her giant boobs even more and smiles as her bigger tits smash Esther's flat. She laughs. "C'mon Esther! Is that all you got?"

"Oh no girl, *Grunt* I got so much more for you." Esther notices that her breasts are giving in a lot to Summer's firm boobs, but she doesn't worry, she figures Summer will tire out from squeezing her the way she is. Esther decides to hug Summer even tighter, this time making sure her arms wrap at the level where Summer's breasts are, then she pulls her in with all her might. Esther bends Summer's back to the point where she can't stand up straight to support herself, but no worries, Esther's got her and their breasts continue to smash into one another, to the point where they're almost face to face now. "I hope this is enough for you Summer, if it isn't, I can give you some *Grunt* more." Esther says while she begins to sweat, continuing to press Summer into her.

Summer with her back being bent by Esther's strong hold, grips Esther harder, loosening her hold on her, allowing her to get her back straight again and thrusts even harder into Esther's firm boobs, with her bigger, firmer pair. Summer grips even harder and starts grinding her huge, heavy tits.

Esther starts to feel a burning sensation on her aching breasts. She can't believe how fast Summer was able to recover from her back being bent. Esther decides to go on the defense and let Summer have a little dominance. She puts her hands on Summer's biceps to weaken the attack, and says, "I guess you've learned some new tricks, it's too bad you haven't learned enough." while breathing really hard. Esther creates a little bit of space and starts to sway her breasts from left to right, making sure to smash Summer's tits into their arms.

Esther's tit slams caused some movement in Summer's massive breasts, but not that much. The first two hits where just strong enough to make Summer's tits hit her arms. Every hit after that barely even moved Summer's huge heavy tits. Summer smiles. "Looks like you're having a little trouble there Esther. Your weak ass tits aren't really having an effect on my better boobs. Here, let me show you how it's done." Summer slams her giant boobs into the sides of Esther's tits knocking them violently to the sides, stretching them out to the sides as far as they can go.

Esther feels the pressure from Summer's tits slamming into hers and pinning them down. She breathes hard and decides to think of something to slow Summer down. As she tries to preserve herself, Summer continues to dominate her breasts. Esther starts to push back, which turns into the biggest mistake she has made. As both Summer and Esther's breasts smash into each other, Esther starts to feel her warm milk come out of her nipples and slide down between their breasts. Noticing that it's too late to stop the milk from dripping out, Esther continues to push back on Summer's breasts.

Both girls are now in a bearhug. Summer smiles as she realizes she has already started milking Esther's tits. "Damn girl. I'm just getting started and my girls are already milking yours. Now you wanna bearhug me?" Summer welcomes her in the bearhug and wraps her arms in the bearhug Esther started, bringing Esther in closer and starts rubbing her bigger, thicker nipples into Esther's as more and more milk start to ooze out of Esther's breasts, while smashing Esther's tits flat.

Esther starts taking quick breaths. She tries to control her emotions, and as of now, she's doing a good job doing that. She feels her milk start to run down her body. She arches her back, just to try to knock Summer off balance. She take another deep breath, to relieve the pressure, she's putting on herself, ramming her already hurting boobs into Summer's dominate rack.

As Esther arches her back, her smashed up titties get engulfed by Summer's bigger firmer boobs. Summer looks down at her tits and then looks at Esther. "Oh no. Where'd your tits go?" Summer then starts to go to work on her breasts and loosens up on the bearhug, giving Esther's tits some air, now revealing the black and blue welts on Esther's juggs then Summer brings her back in, smacking Esther's tits head on and engulfing them. Summer starts giggling all the while, really getting into smashing Esther's tits. "This is so easy! I could keep this up all day!" She repeats this five more times and with the last hit, Summer pushed down on Esther's tits, using the weight of her tits to stretch Esther's down to her stomach.

Esther starts shaking from all the pain. She tries to continue on with the battle. Her legs shake tremendously, and her hair covers her face, but her sniffles and moans can be heard. She doesn't try to arch her back, she's too weak to stand up straight, but she does try to bring her saggy breasts back up to Summer's level. As she grips her worn out, bruised up, titties, some milk still seeps out of her abused nipples. She then begins to lift her beaten titties with loud roar of pain.

Summer breast bumps Esther, pushing her up against the wall. Summer grabs Esther by her wrists and lifts their hands over Esther's head and starts smacking her tits side to side, clubbing them back and forth. The video producers come in talking about the girls in the video. "Like, I was saying, no one has better tits than Esther Baxter."

Esther Baxter"Yeah, no doubt. Chessika doesn't even come close."

"What about this Summer Walker chick?" Then they walk into the area that Esther and Summer are fighting in.

"Holly shit! They're tit-fighting!"

"My GOD! Look at the size of Summer's juggs! THEY'RE ENORMOUS!"

"No doubt! She's crushing Esther. She's smacking the shit out of her much smaller tits."

"DAMN! Those black and blue welts where all made by Summer just smashing her tits in?"

"With tits that big, is it that hard to believe?"

Esther looks over and sees the two men standing there with their mouths wide open. Esther looks like a mess. She knows that she's been beaten, but she doesn't want to just lie down. She starts to slide down the wall, as her legs give out. Her mouth is open and some drool starts dribble from her lower lip, her head hangs low, and she doesn't try to pick it up.

Summer laughs as Esther just slides down to the ground. "So, 'Miss Super Tits,' wanna give or do you really wanna feel the pain? I can't believe you put your weak ass titties up against mine."

Esther looks down for a while, her mind still lost. Then her eyes are finally visible, she looks up at Summer with her glassy eyes, then down at her sore, colorful breasts. She lightly massages them and grimaces every time she touches them. She stares long at Summer's massive breasts, and is still at quandary about how Summer has gotten so large and powerful. She then says, "I give..."

"Okay. But I wanna have a little more fun before we're done." Summer mounts on top of Esther and stuffs Esther's tits in her cleavage and presses her tits together, crushing Esther's tits in between her massive firm melons.

"MY GOD!! Esther's tits just disappeared in Summer's cleavage."

"Poor Esther she doesn't even look half the size."

Summer then takes Esther's red bra and puts it on and thrusts her tits over the cups until her tits overwhelm and rip the cups and bra straps, dismantling Esther's bra with her superior tits.


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