Mid Summer's Night Dream
Esther Baxter Vs. Summer Walker


It's the night before the match with Esther Baxter, and Summer has no worries. She clutches her massive breast before rolling on her side. She says to her breast, "Lets show Esther what happens when you guys get rammed too often into those milk filled udders of hers, okay?" She laughs a little, and then she closes her eyes. Very soon, she's fast asleep. Her eyes begin to gently move under her eyelids, as her mind begins to drift off into dream land.

Her mind takes her to center ring, topless, and chained to Esther as they stand tit to tit. Esther shakes all over at the sight of Summer's massive flesh balloons. By the look of the chain, it looks like it can be taken off, so Esther's fast to try taking it off. As Esther tries to take it off, Summer glares at Esther and then slams her tits across her face and says, "Ummm, no momma." Those DDD hooters feel like a knock out punch from a boxer. Esther's hands quickly stop fidgeting around with the chain, and she stands a little dazed. Summer giggles at her dazed opponent and says, "It looks like someone needs a wake up hug!" She grabs Esther and squeezes the life out of her. Their breast being smashed together in the process. It definitely gets Esther to wake up.

"Oh gawd! I think they're going to pop!" Esther screams.

"Me too. Just relax your body now, I own you." Summer calmly says. Summer continues to hug Esther, she starts to wrestle her around, making her body look like a rag doll. Every now and then, she stops swinging Esther's body around and says, "C'mon Esther, I'm just resting my tits on your's." Esther stabilizes her legs and gives her a push, her entire body shaves and quivers. "Come on, a little harder. I know this can't be that painful, you just went through child birth." Esther breathes harder and harder. Every time she exhales, Summer's thick immense flesh pushes Esther's titties back. Esther tries to keep up, but the only way she can hold her ground is by holding her breath. Summer takes her tits off Esther's a few times and slams them right back into Esther's chest, after the third blow, Esther's out of it.

Once Summer notices, she lets Esther's tired body fall to the mat, but with the chain still binding their bodies, Summer follows Esther down to the mat, with her tits crashing right into Esther's over worked titties. An audible, but not very loud, "Spzzzz" sound is heard, which sounds like air being forced out of Esther's nipples. Esther's eyes roll back in her head, as she looks at Summer's evil grin, the only thing she's trying not to do now is cry. "So, this is all the fight you got for me?" Summer says as she bounce her firm breast on Esther's deflated mountains, "These people paid top dollar to see an amazing show, I don't think ending it now would be a show that they deserve." Summer says as she grinds her boobs from left to right, completely destroying what's left of Esther's bosom.

At first, it's not very recognizable, but when Summer starts to crush Esther's tits from different angles, small streams of milk start shooting out of Esther's bruised nipples. The crowd sees these two long streams of milk shoot up into the air, and they begin to laugh at Esther's humiliation. "Whoa Esther, you're like a water gun." Summer says as works her tits even harder into Esther's, trying to out do the length of the stream each time. Esther tries to put her hands over her nipples to stop the milk from being shot up into the air, Summer looks at poor Esther and laughs, "Come on now Esther, you have to be proud of your maternal qualities."

"But I stopped lactating a month ago..." Esther says in a pouting tone of voice.

"Well, it's obvious you still have some milk in those pathetic sacks that couldn't get squeezed out without my help." Summer says rudely while pulling Esther's hands away, and slowly mashing her tits into Esther's, she then whispers in Esther's ear, "You should thank me after this is over." Esther will be mad/destroyed/hurting, but all she can think about is the big puddle of milk being created on body sides of her abused titties. Every time Summer feels Esther's nipples expand to shoot out some milk, she'll be even more driven to crush those deflated titties into dust.

As Summer becomes more dominate in her position, she does even more creative moves. As she basically roller pins Esther's udders flat, she says, "Moo for me bitch..." Instead of mooing, Esther will try to pull herself away from Summer, by pulling on the turnbuckle. Summer smiles and says, "This might leave a mark." Instead of continuing her attack, Summer stops moving and rest her juggs on Esther's. With all the milk, Esther's tits slip and slide very nicely under Summer's heavy meat, but that doesn't mean the pure weight of Summer's knockers doesn't affect Esther's boobs. As Esther pulls herself away, her ruined titties are stretched to incredible measures. She doesn't even get that far away, since she's still chained to Summer. "So, do you feel better?" Summer says to Esther who is still only a few inches away from her, but their breast are no longer in contact. Esther looks like a milky, heaping mess as she lies completely drained. Summer looks at her, she wants to clean up the mess she has made, but by only using her titties.

Summer stands up, forcing Esther to follow, the milk continues drip from Esther's saggy sacks. Milk even drips from Summer's breast, of course it's Esther's, but at times, it looks like Summer is lactating as well. With one big push, Summer slams her tits into Esther's smashing Esther's back into the turnbuckle. She pulls on Esther's bikini bottoms causing Esther to get a wedgie and arch her back, making it easier for Summer to flatten all the flesh. Esther started to drip milk at an incredible rate, almost as if she were being milked by a machine. Summer lets off and gives Esther a titty upper-cut, causing Esther's saggy, deflated, milky sacks to hit her in the face. As they hit her face, small streams of milk spew out into the air.

Now, a little annoyed with Esther's milk, Summer leans Esther forward, and crushes primarily Esther's cleavage, so her nipples are pointing down towards the mat. "Alright, I've had enough of your milk, lets make you dry now." Summer says as she slams her tits into Esther's. When she has Esther's tits locked in a position, so that her nipples are pointing down, she straightens their bodies, pulls Esther in tighter by her back, and the milk falls down on the mat, like she's pouring a bottle of wine. The milk continues to splatter onto the ring, when the stream gets weaker, Summer presses harder, trying to make the stream stay consistent. The last drops of Esther's precious milk hits the ring, and Summer lets her fall in it.

Summer stands a little exhausted now, she falls to her knees, take take tension off the chain. She then breaks for a second and the crowd begins to boo. Summer rolls her eyes at the crowds disappointment. Summer stays still for a few more seconds, her body glistening in sweat and milk. Esther's body lies in her milk, she doesn't move, but the crowd still wants more. "Well, the crowd wants the fight to continue, so I guess I'm going to have to give them what they want." Summer says to Esther, "Lets get this chain off though." she says while removing the chain that binds them together. She then steps up and away from Esther, who's still on her knees, with her tits and her face in her own milk.

Esther feels Summer's steps as she gets closer to her, when she stops walking, Esther puts her hand up, signaling to stop, the crowd laughs at Esther, then shouts, "FINISH HER!"

Summer then kicks Esther's arm away. The crowd cheers as Summer picks Esther's body up, her wet, saggy tits droop down almost to her belly button. Esther stands under her own power now. Summer thinking, she's still holding Esther up, gives Esther's curvy forty inch ass a hard smack, which gets Esther to wince, but also straighten up. Esther's hair is a mess, she can barely see with it all in the way, but she notices that Summer is just standing there with her hands on her hips, with a little grin on her face. "So, it's time to put you out of your misery. I'm tired. You look, smell, and probably are tired, so what needs to be done will be done right now." Summer says while arching her back, lifting her still firm tits up a little higher. Esther doesn't try to compete with Summer in this competition. She knows her tits have been trashed, but she doesn't back down. She does finally pull her wedgie out, along with straightening her panties, but other than that, she stands there waiting for what Summer has in store for her. "This is going to hurt, I can already tell." Summer says as she starts to hop over to Esther, her firm breast knock into each other while bouncing from side to side.

Esther looks away as Summer's big round boobs go crashing into hers. She grits her teeth, but doesn't make a sound. As Summer's feet splash in Esther's milk, she says, "So, do you know who's going to be responsible for this mess. Is it my fault or your fault?" Esther doesn't reply which makes Summer a little upset. She smashes her breast into Esther's chest another time, this time holding her position, "I think it's your fault. You're the one who brought your flabby udders here. You knew what was going to happen when they were matched up with my girls."

Esther knows her legs are about to give out again, but she tries to straighten up, and Summer notices her efforts, "Lets go momma, give my tits a hard push." She says while pretty much giving Esther a free shot. Esther's knees shake tremendously, as the sweat rolls down her nose. She blows out, letting Summer get a decent glimpse of her mouth when her hair is moved up, and then back down over her entire face. Esther arches her back, which makes her knees lock, now making her legs ridged and stiff. When she's finally in this position, she throws her head back, and lets out a loud groan. From a top view Esther's defeated titties can be seen getting sucked up right into Summer's cleavage, but since her flesh has been beaten so much, her titties get no where near filling up Summer's deep cleavage.

Summer raises her eye brows at Esther's efforts, not really feeling much of a difference. She then leans in a little farther and says, "Ummm, my turn?" Summer takes Esther's arms and raises them straight in the air, giving the crowd one of the best views of how Summer owns Esther. Summer starts off by swaying her tits from left to right, knocking Esther's poor chest around like clothes in a washing machine. With her knees locked in place she doesn't give up my space to Summer's attacks, "So, your tits need a little more kick, huh?" Summer says to Esther, thinking that her attacks aren't causing much damage since Esther isn't moving, but the look on her face shows her pain and torment. Summer moves Esther's arms horizontally, now hiding the destruction a little, but still giving a decent display to the crowd. Summer now puts all her weight on each attack, from left to right, with her right tit and all her body weight crushing Esther's worn out left bosom, and with her left tit and all her body weight crushing Esther's deflated right titty. These attacks start to wear out poor Esther at a very quick rate. With Summer pushing on her so strongly, she decides to let Summer push her back, and hopefully let her fall.

Summer notices how Esther's start to glide backwards, but since she's holding her. She knows she has all the power to either let Esther move backwards, or to pull her in. With a double-breasted push, Summer bruises Esther's mounds, causing Esther to fall ass first into her puddle of milk. A splash can be heard, and for the people sitting close enough, they can actually see Esther's milk fly up into the air. Esther makes a very distressed face, knowing what she's sitting in. Summer continues to hold her arms, she even starts to crack a smile, knowing why Esther is looking the way she is.

The crowd seems pretty satisfied if the fight ends here, since they haven't started booing, but Summer's not done yet, it's obvious just by the look in her eyes. She pulls up on Esther, and once Esther's standing straight up again the crowd burst into laughter, "Did somebody wet their panties?" Summer whispers in Esther's ear as the crowd continues to laugh.

Now with milk soaking panties and milk dripping off her still lush ass, Esther hangs her head low wanting this nightmare to end. Summer then delivers three powerful blows to Esther's chest, causing the entire ring to shake. She bumps Esther into the turnbuckle and continues to attack, holding nothing back now, trying to completely destroy what's left of Esther's chest. Esther's eyes tell the entire story. She lets out a few sounds, but as her eyes water, and then shut. Summer grins even harder. She breast bumps Esther two hard times, on the second one letting go of Esther's hands and letting her crash into the turnbuckle. Instead of falling, Esther stands up a little curled up.

Summer walks over to her, "Oh, now, now, you're almost done." Summer says as she pulls her arms away and leans into Esther, smothering her chest, ribs, clavicle, and almost her neck. Esther drools a little, now starting to get beaten to sleep, Summer stops her attack and props Esther up. "Alright, I've done my job." Summer says as she looks at Esther standing on her wobbly legs.

Summer then turns her body to the side, getting ready for her final blow. She then comes back quickly, rocking Esther's tits in the process, causing Esther's saggy flesh to wrap around her body, hit her back, and then droop down even farther. The blow sends Esther wobbling sideways and then crashing into the mat.

Esther BaxterThe crowd cheers at Summer's knock out move. Summer stands proud of her victory, taking it all in at once. She raises her arms as the crowds cheers. She then lifts her huge breast up, letting the crowd cheer for her charms. As Esther starts to move, Summer starts to get out of the ring, she waves and blows kisses to her fans, and then skips off to her dressing room.

Ki Toy Johnson and Bria Myles get in the ring to help Esther up and get to her dressing room. On the way to her dressing room, Summer is stopped by reporters. As she answers questions, Ki and Bria walk by with a robe covering all of Esther's body. Summer smirks at Ki, knowing that they have Esther under that robe. She then goes back to listening to the interviewers' questions, as Ki, Bria, and the covered Esther walk by, her and the interviewer. Summer steps on Esther's robe, causing it to fall off Esther's body. Knowing, she's been uncovered, Esther just stands up in shame. The crowd turns around and all of their jaws drop at the sight of Esther's terrible looking milkers. They can't believe their eyes, Summer continues to stand with a big smirk on her face.

Esther's colorful, deflated titties, look like emptied water balloons, her tears have dried up on her face, but a few more run down her face as she starts walking into her dressing room.

Summer laughs and then says, "So, do you guys have anymore questions for me, or are you too interested in the freak show?" Ki slits her eyes at Summer before turning around and following Esther, "What bitch? Is it my fault Esther's titties ain't shit compared to mine, I know your flat chested self doesn't want none of these." Summer says to Ki while arching her back, "They're still hungry, and I"m sure this small crowd would love to see another display of my pure titty power." Summer continues.

Ki rolls her eyes at Summer now, which makes Summer even more upset, Summer walks over to Ki before she gets into Esther's dressing room, she pulls her and Bria back and says, "Do you want any of this?!?" The two girls don't reply, but it's obvious they don't want to compete with Summer's big boobs. "DO YOU WANT ANY OF THIS?!?" Summer repeats. The two still have nothing to say to Summer.

Summer growls ferociously in their faces before grabbing them and giving them a hug, instantly smashing both of their small titties flat with her single massive pair, "Let's let Esther see." Summer says while punching the door open so Esther can look and see what's happening to her friends. Esther's friends scream as their tits are destroyed. Summer looks up at Esther, as she looks at her, she hears Esther's phone ring.


Summer is woken up from her dream by the sound of her cell phone ringing at her bed side. She answers, and it's Amber Fox calling to say good morning. "So it's the big day, are you ready to milk Esther's pathetic titties girl?"

"Oh, I'm ready." Summer replies getting up out of bed, ready for the big match.


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