NOTE - Make sure you have read Katy Perry vs Christina Hendricks Story by jsmith95
It had been a week since her win against Katy Perry, and the redheaded actress had been spending each night wondering which girl would have the courage to challenge her undefeated record. She sat in her recliner, finishing the last few drops of a bottle of red wine. Strung over the back of her lounger were the two halves of Katy’s D-cup bra, which was destroyed following its fruitless attempt at containing Christina’s much larger DDD breasts. Christina’s current bra was feeling tight enough, so the “small” bra of Katy’s had no chance at holding in Christina’s bosom. She decided to keep it, to remind herself of her easy triumph over the pop star.

As she finished the last sip of her drink, she felt her phone vibrate on her lap. She looked down and saw a text, and her face lit up. Someone had finally challenged her to another titfight. She read the full message, and was surprised to find that Kat Dennings wanted to fight her. She relished the thought of an actual challenge, knowing Kat had defeated many women herself with the strength of her breasts. They would fight the next night, and Christina would take Kat’s bra for her collection.

The next night, the arena was full for the long-awaited match. The crowd roared as Christina stepped into the ring, flaunting her imposing cleavage in a tight black number. A zipper hung down the front of the outfit, which hugged her body’s every curve. As she waved to the audience, soaking in the attention she and her breasts were receiving, she heard them erupt even louder as Kat Dennings approached from the opposite side of the ring. She glared, watching as Dennings entered the ring in an even tighter white dress. Her cleavage was also on view, and even Christina had to admit that she was massive. The Thor actress was definitely much bigger than Katy, sporting a set of 34DD boobs that easily put most women to shame. Christina wasn’t scared, but she knew it wouldn’t be a walk in the park this time around, either. As the two girls approached each other in the centre of the ring, Kat was the first to speak.

“Could you have squeezed your overrated tits into a tighter dress, whore? If you’re trying to intimidate me, it’s not going to work, C. My boobies haven’t lost a fight, yet,” she said with a confident smirk, pushing her arms together which made her cleavage look even huger.

Christina tried to suppress a laugh. She also pushed her arms together, looking down at her breasts as her cleavage nearly popped out of her top. They almost touched her chin, which made Kat gulp audibly. Christina smiled.

“I can’t wait to flatten that rack of yours, dearie. Your bra will look great next to Katy’s, after I rip it in half with my girls.” Christina threatened.

“Ha, like you could!” Kat replied. She had watched how easily Katy’s bra submitted to Christina’s mighty bosom, but knew that Christina’s boobs wouldn’t be able to do the same to hers, no matter their size.

“We’ll see soon, won’t we?” Christina retained her confidence.

“You fat ass cow… I can’t wait to milk your flabby tits with my pair.” Kat leaned in closer, bumping the older actress with her own breasts, until the two buxom beauties were separated by the referee.

They returned to their corners, removing their clothes save for their bra and panties. Christina wore a black bra, showing the maximum amount of cleavage that seemed possible. Kat’s white bra was more modest, but still did a good job at showing off her globes. The ref went over the rules: no hair pulling, scratching, clawing, or kicking – the same as Christina’s last fight. After both women agreed, the fight was underway. Kat was the first to move forward, circling around Christina as she searched for an opening.

“All I want is a hug, darling,” Christina motioned with her arms outstretched, but Kat backed away before the redhead could grab her. She remembered when Christina hugged Katy, and was surprised that the singer’s boobs didn’t pop from the pressure of Christina’s superior breasts. She wasn’t going to lose that way.

“Just like your tits, that’s a fat chance.” Kat quipped, as Christina lowered her arms.

Immediately, Kat went in, slamming her massive tits into the redhead’s own pair. Christina cried out, watching her melons shake as she was knocked backwards into the ropes. Kat slammed her some more with her tits, sending Christina’s breasts flying with each successful hit. As Kat went for another blow, Christina thrust out her bigger chest, connecting with Kat’s pair and sending the black haired actress stumbling back. Christina clutched her reddened globes, surprised at the power of Kat’s pair. This was definitely going to be much harder than she thought.

After Kat recovered from her stumble, she approached Christina again. She pressed herself into the Mad Men actress, gripping Christina’s arms and pinning them to her sides as she pressed the redhead against the ropes. Their heaving breasts met, pushing against each other’s pair in a battle for supremacy. For the first few minutes, neither pair yielded to the other, as both were locked in an utter stalemate. Very few women could compete against Christina’s sheer size advantage, but Kat’s boobs held up impressively well.

“Getting tired yet, lamb?” Christina asked, struggling to escape Kat’s hold. The busty 28-year-old was sweating, but her grip remained like a vice. Christina hated to admit, but Kat’s boobs were beginning to take their toll on her own pair. They were heavy, and bigger than any other pair she had fought before. Still, she wasn’t worried. The little girl would give up soon enough.

“Oh, I’m just getting started. Why - your soft titties can’t handle my girls here?” Kat mocked, pressing in even harder. Christina gasped. For the first time in her life, she felt her massive boobs getting flattened against her chest, albeit very slowly. She couldn’t let this happen, especially not to a smaller and younger woman.

“You remember what I did to Katy, right?” Christina asked with a calm demeanor, a slight strain in her voice as she struggled not to be flattened any more. It was working, as Kat felt her breasts come to a halt as they once again fell into a stalemate, “If you don’t let me go, the same thing will happen to your weak ass titties. So, make your move.”

“My tits are weak? Why don’t you look down and say that again, bitch?” Kat replied.

Christina smirked, and breathed in deeply. Gathering her strength, she arched her back. Her chest threatened to break free from her straining black bra. The audience cheered, hoping that the garment would succumb to Christina’s powerful thrust. Kat’s eyes suddenly bulged, as she felt her breasts slowly losing the ground they had fought so hard to gain.

“Im-impossible. How…” Kat whispered, as she felt her breasts begin to burn with pain. She didn’t understand how someone’s tits could be so damn strong. Her huge melons were being crushed against her now by Christina’s even larger pair, as she struggled in vain to stop the redhead’s onslaught. She was forced to give up the hold, taking a few steps back and rubbing her sore breasts.

“I tried to warn you.” Christina merely said, smirking at her achievement. The crowd suddenly perked up, and began cheering wildly. Christina thought they were applauding her, until she noticed Kat gasp. Christina looked down in shock. In their epic struggle, Christina had thrust out her chest too much, ripping the straps off her bra and revealing both her nipples to the crowd. Kat stood staring, fixated on how the redhead’s naked breasts looked even larger without the bra concealing them. The size of her nipples even rivalled her own! They were simply enormous. Kat was always proud of her own pair, but the sight of a woman whose boobs were so much larger made Kat blush with envy. Is this how Katy felt?

“What’s wrong?” Christina asked, trying to regain her composure. She removed the bra, leaving her in just her pink panties. They cheered even louder, mostly the men but also some women. Christina’s breasts bounced as she walked toward Kat, who stood mesmerized by the show before her, “I thought you were proud of your “big” boobs, K? Guess you haven’t seen a real pair before.”

Christina stopped just short of Kat, bumping her heaving breasts into Kat’s pair still concealed in her white bra. Kat stared into the valley of cleavage before her, not even noticing as Christina’s arms reached for the top of her bra. The clip was on the front of the bra, which made what Christina was about to do a lot easier. In one fluid motion, her bra was also off. Before Kat knew what had happened, she watched as Christina twirled her own bra in her hands, before tossing it behind her. Kat pushed Christina away, in shock that she had just exposed her to the entire stadium.

“You bitch!” Kat cried, covering her chest with her arms. Her boobs were too big to be fully concealed, so the audience continued to cheer at the display.

“Well, come on. Let’s finish this,” Christina taunted, motioning Kat closer with her pinky, "unless you're not as proud of your rack as you say you are? Katy was the same way."

Kat’s face blushed as Christina stood - arms crossed - with a huge grin. Both girls pushed their tits up high on their chests. Kat replaced her embarrassment with anger as she stomped towards the buxom redhead. She was going to flatten this bitch if it killed her.

Kat ran forwards, tackling Christina hard onto the mat. The buxom beauty was caught off guard as she crashed to the floor, while Kat climbed on top of her and pinned her legs with her own. Her breasts – lined with beads of sweat - pressed down onto Christina’s own, as both women fought for leverage. Pumped by newfound adrenaline, Kat was able to remain on top of Christina, despite the latter’s size advantage. Both girls were panting hard, with their magnificent orbs heaving with each breath.

“Ugh, get off me!” Christina groaned, unable to free herself from underneath the younger star.

She felt her prized assets being contested once again, as the weight of Kat’s rack was starting to press her mighty boobs into her body. For the first time in the fight, Christina was beginning to doubt her victory. She couldn’t budge Kat no matter how much she tossed and turned. Kat’s body was pressed against her so tightly, as the young actress was trying her best to crush the redhead flat. Any other woman would have had their tits engulfed by Christina’s sheer size advantage, but Kat’s were proving to be a formidable challenge.

“Not until…” Kat grunted, trying to hold the writhing Christina still, “you submit. You know I’ve got you pinned.”

“If you don’t let me go right now—“

“You’ll what, bitch?” panted Kat, curling her lips into a grin, “You’ll crush me flat?” She turned her eyes down to their struggling tits, waiting for Christina to do the same. She gasped, not used to seeing her boobs being deformed by another woman. This bitch was strong – a lot stronger than Katy ever was, “Look at our tits. The same tits you called weak earlier – well, now whose are weak? Whose are caving in whose boobs?”

“Your boobs… are nothing.”

“You seem to be obsessed with my tits, C. I know they’re huge and all, but maybe you just want to see them up close. I can help with that.” With those words, she scooched forward, slowly moving her bosom until it hung over Christina’s face. Her eyes widened, as she knew exactly what was about to happen.

“Don’t even think about it, whore— mmmph!”

In a flash, Kat had lowered her boobs down, enveloping Christina’s whole face in her deep cleavage. Christina struggled more, her arms bulging as they fought to escape Kat’s iron grip. She could do nothing but scream against the younger woman’s mighty melons, slowly succumbing to their power as she found herself needing air.

“I can’t hear you, bitch,” Kat taunted, “You like ‘em?” She raised her breasts.

“Get those sweaty things away from me—MMPH.”

“Wanna give, yet?” Kat asked, taking pride in Christina’s now-red face. Christina grimaced, shaking her head in defiance. Kat shrugged her shoulders.

Kat lowered them down again, eclipsing the redhead’s face as Christina continued to struggle. Christina was filled with shame. She had never been on the losing end of a breast smother, and to be getting one by a younger woman than herself? The worst part was, Kat’s boobs were actually very close to making her go unconscious. She didn’t know how much longer she could hold on for. Luckily for her, Kat wanted to see her good work, so she relented on her smother once again.

Christina huffed. “If you don’t let me go right now, when I get up I’m not just going to crush your tits. I’ll crush everyone else’s that you hold dear. Your friend Natalie (Portman), maybe? How about little Beth (Behrs)? She’s such a fragile little thing; I’d turn her tits into putty with just one of my beauties.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“I’d make it hurt, too, until she screamed my name while her rack disappears in my cleavage. Her boobs wouldn’t stand a chance, would they?”

Kat glowered. She’d show this bitch. Just as she was about to press down again, the buxom redhead used Kat’s loosened grip to break her arms free. Kat gasped, trying to reclaim Christina’s arms but found herself quickly pushed off. She fell on her ass, as Christina rose to her feet and stood above her.

“I warned you, dear…” Christina panted. She rubbed her aching breasts, unused to the feeling of nearly being crushed. They still retained their round shape, which seemed to intimidate Kat all the more, who had hoped to do more damage with her hold, “I can’t believe you thought your breasts were going to make me give. What an overinflated ego you have.”

She was not about to share that it was Kat’s ego that saved her from a quick loss.

“Well, get up. It’s time to end this - what do you say?” Christina asked. Kat stood up, eager to try another tactic this time. As the two circled each other, their breasts continued to heave up and down. Their nipples were harder than they had ever been before, standing at attention towards the opposite pair. They seemed to be about the same size, which was surprising considering Christina’s size advantage.

After a few minutes, Kat had an idea. She grabbed Christina, wrapping her arms around her chest as she attempted to push the redhead to the ropes once again. She had hoped that Christina’s weakened breasts would make this time more successful than the first time she tried this. To her horror however, Christina expected the attack. As Kat’s arms wrapped around her back, so too did Christina’s arms wrap around Kat’s – a double bearhug. Both girls gave it their all, gritting their teeth as they pressed together with all their strength.

“I hope you know you’ve sealed your fate, love,” Christina taunted, pressing tighter as both pairs of breasts pressed into each other, “No woman can handle my bearhug.”

“I’m different, bitch!” Kat reassured her buxom foe. Taking a deep breath, she arched her back and thrust out her tits, driving Christina’s mighty rack into her chest. Christina cried out in surprise and pain, as Kat’s globes enveloped her larger pair. She gritted her teeth.

“I’m going to give you – ugh – one more chance, K. Submit right now, and I won’t destroy your tits.” Christina bargained. Her words were shaky, barely able to escape her lips as she fought through the pain. Having to fight hard for her win was a first for the well-endowed redhead, a fact that was slowly beginning to turn her on. Her nipples felt like granite.

“Forget it, bitch,” Kat shot back, “This is for Katy.”

With that, Kat arched her back, sending her breasts ballooning out into Christina’s chest even further. Or so, that was her plan. Instead, she found herself at another stalemate. Christina’s mighty bosom didn’t budge like she had hoped, and instead she saw a sly grin cross Christina’s lips. With a grunt, Kat tried again, but she didn’t have the power anymore.

“Well, are you doing something?” Christina questioned, “No? Okay, my turn, then!”

With a mighty grunt, Christina’s breasts shot out as she arched her back, easily pushing against Kat’s quivering bosom. Kat gasped, closing her eyes and gritting her teeth as she let out a wail.

“Oh God! God, I think they’re going to burst!” Kat cried, moving her arms as she began to pound Christina’s back in agony, “Let me go, let me go!”

Christina continued to thrust her chest out, forcing Kat’s boobs back to even. Beads of sweat dripped from both women’s foreheads as they fought for breast supremacy, but Kat was losing ground quickly. Christina’s melons just kept expanding, and Kat was powerless to stop them. With one final thrust, Kat let out a scream as she breasts were finally flattened into her chest, completely eclipsed by Christina’s proud mammaries.

“Arghhh!” Kat cried, throwing her head back in pain. 'It’s no use! Her breasts are just too damn strong', she thought to herself.

“Is this all you’ve got? C’mon, Kat, give me more of a fight! For Katy, remember?” She squeezed her tighter.

Kat didn’t reply. She wondered how anyone could stand up to this woman, if she couldn’t. She arched her back, trying desperately to stop the massive breasts from flattening her completely. Her tits were failing her for the first time. She felt like a little girl as Christina grinded her tits back and forth across Kat’s pair.

“Oh, I felt that! Keep trying, girlie.”

Kat gave one last thrust, but it felt like she was titfighting a brick wall, She was spent. She just couldn’t give it any more.

“Give?” Christina asked, not letting lose her hold around Kat. The black haired star struggled to get out words, feeling her ruined breasts squished against her mighty opponent.

“Y-yes, dammit, yes!” Kat admitted. Christina released her hug, and Kat fell to the floor before her. Christina leaned down, her breasts looming just inches from the battered actress’s face. Kat gulped, not able to look Christina in the eyes as the redhead spoke.

“Shame. I really expected more from you,” she admitted. To be fair, this had been the hardest fight of her career. Her breasts still ached, but she didn’t dare let Kat know. Instead, “So, whose breasts are bigger?”

“Yours are…” Kat mumbled.




“Y-yours are…”

“Good girl. Now get out of my sight.” Christina ordered. Kat obeyed, rising to her feet as she made her way past Christina. She stopped just below the rope, reaching down to grab her bra.

“Leave that. I still need it.” Christina demanded. Kat nodded, exiting the ring with her huge tits bouncing with each step. She was in a hurry, and didn’t dare look back. “Now,” Christina said, loud enough so the audience could hear her well. She picked up Kat’s bra, twirling it between her fingers by the strap, “It’s bigger than Katy’s, but I still think I can do this.”

She fastened the bra around her chest, clasping it shut as she spun around for the crowd to see. With Katy’s bra, simply breathing in caused the bra to snap apart at the seams, a feat not many women could accomplish. Kat’s bra had more room for her girls to breathe, but still felt very constricting compared to her normal DDD bra. She breathed in deeply, smiling to herself as she heard the straps creak with exertion. She wished Kat was here to watch her rip apart her pathetic bra, but she would enjoy doing so nonetheless.

The bra remained strapped as Christina breathed in and out, but she knew what to do. Taking another deep breath, she arched her back slowly, watching as her chest expanded outwards towards the audience. The bra groaned louder, struggling violently as it fought to contain the redhead’s mighty globes. She continued to balloon out, and then she heard it. She knew the bra couldn't resist her strength forever. The bra straps tore, as the bra fell to the floor. The audience cheered at Christina picked up the beaten garment. The seams were ripped up the front, having lost the battle to the superior power of Christina’s melons.

Christina slung the bra over her shoulders. She picked up her dress and heels from the referee and walked down the aisle as the audience chanted her name, another victory under her belt.