NOTE - Make sure you have read Katy Perry vs Christina Hendricks Story by jsmith95

When Katy regained consciousness after her loss, everyone was still laughing. Her breasts were on fire, having been crushed to pancakes by her opponent’s bigger pair. Her bra had been torn apart after struggling to contain Christina Hendrick’s mighty melons, and lay in halves by her side. She ran from the arena clutching the pieces, and didn’t look back.

A week later, the pop singer found herself at a gathering of all Hollywood’s top stars. Her perky D cups rested high on her chest, and her cleavage was comparable to a deep valley due to her plunging neckline. She chose this dress in particular because of how it made her boobs seem massive, hoping the other actresses would draw their attention towards her. Hollywood was full of young women who think they have breasts to be proud of, but Katy would show any girl who confronted her that they don’t have the firepower to compete with her superior pair. After her devastating loss to Christina, she wasn’t leaving this party until she crushed someone flat in retribution.

As Katy walked through the crowd, she looked around. All the women were dressed similarly in a multitude of colours, each displaying their cleavage in low-cut dresses. Their sizes ranged greatly, with chests as flat as boards, and others having breasts that rivalled her own. She decided to stay clear of those women, and instead searched for one less endowed.

No sooner had she turned around when she bumped into Taylor Swift breasts-first, knocking the country singer’s drink to the floor.

“Are you kidding?” Taylor said with disbelief, checking her white dress for stains, “Try watching where you’re going,” As Taylor was distracted, Katy took this time to examine the girl. She was tall, taller than many of the men and women at the event. At 5’11”, she was a few inches taller than Katy who stood at 5’7”. Her dress hugged her body tightly, showing off every curve of her body. It was at this time that Katy turned her attention to the younger singer’s rack. She snorted.

“Sorry, sweetie,” Katy laughed, placing her hands on her hips and returning her eyes to meet Taylor’s, “but with those bumps, you’re easy to miss.”

Taylor’s jaw dropped, as she crossed her arms across her budding breasts. It was true, though; at only 32A, she didn’t come close to matching Katy’s larger boobs. She felt embarrassed, ashamed that she had the chest of a little girl in comparison to the older singer. Alas, she stood her ground as a crowd had formed around the two; everyone felt silent as they waited for Taylor’s comeback.

“Well, size isn’t everything. I’ll have you know my girls are a lot firmer than your soft titties,” Taylor replied with a sting. Taylor’s did look pretty firm, Katy noticed, but she was still just an A cup. The crowd exchanged giggles as Katy looked on. She was not going to be made a laughing stock again; this little girl was about to get flattened.

“Yeah? You wanna bet?” Katy challenged, stepping forward until she bumped boobs with the taller girl.

Katy’s breasts mushroomed around the smaller pair as the two ladies stood together, and Taylor looked worried. She had been in titfights before against other girls, and had won every match due to her firmer pair. Still, none of her competitors had the bust size that Katy did. She took a step backwards, still keeping eye contact.

“I do. Here and now, bitch.” Taylor accepted.

That was all Katy needed to hear. The pop star unbuttoned her dress from the back, slowly. As she did so, the crowd watched with heated anticipation. As the last button came loose, she let the dress fall to the floor. Everyone gasped. Instead of a bra underneath, Katy wore nothing. The busty singer was on full display, as her milky breasts seemed to defy gravity. Taylor couldn’t hide her awestruck expression.

“Whatcha think, dearie? They’re a lot bigger than those chicks you’ve fought before, I’m sure. These are real breasts.” Katy exclaimed, shaking her chest. Her bountiful rack jiggled with each twist of her body, causing Taylor to flush red with embarrassment. She stared down at her own breasts, praying to herself that their firmness could compete with Katy’s sheer size advantage.”

Instead of stripping herself down, Taylor wanted to end things quickly. Pushing her subtle breasts up on her chest, she dove forward and slammed into Katy’s rack with her entire body. She let out an audible grunt as she hit Katy hard, causing the shorter girl to stumble back a few steps. The audience cheered, backing up to give the two fighters more room.

“Bitch!” Katy screamed, recovering from the attack.

The country star was strong; she’d give her that. Katy approached Taylor again, and went to shove Taylor to the ground. Before she could, Taylor locked her hands in Katy’s own, and the two women struggled for control. Taylor was pushing Katy away, trying to pin her to the nearby wall. Katy’s face was red, and her breasts were heaving from the exertion it was taking to fight Taylor. She managed to stop Taylor’s approach, and for a few minutes the two were locked in a stalemate.

“Aren’t you older than me, Kat? Are you really losing a test of strength to a little girl like me?” Taylor mocked, adding even more pressure until she regained control over Katy, “Your breasts aren’t helping you now, are they?

Katy groaned, feeling her ass finally touch the wall. Katy knew she was in trouble, and had to get the singer off her feet. She continued to struggle, but she couldn’t budge the tall blonde an inch.

“You know what I’m sick of?” Taylor continued. She kneed Katy in the stomach, as the black haired girl folded over in her grip. Taylor pushed her to the floor, and kneeled down beside her, “Women who think they’re such tough shit just because they have a huge rack. Look at us – we’ve already established who the better woman is here, haven’t we?”

Katy laughed, breathing heavily, “You call yourself a woman… with those mosquito bites for tits? Don’t make me laugh…”

“You keep commenting on my tits. I think you want to get closer to them. Well, I’ll make your wish come true.” Taylor replied.

She flipped Katy over onto her back, and straddled the bustier beauty, pinning her arms down to the floor. Katy couldn’t budge the taller girl, as Taylor stared down at her victim with a deadly smirk.

“They’re not the biggest boobs,” Taylor confessed, “but they’re big enough for this.” With that, Taylor lowered her chest onto Katy’s face. Katy’s eyes opened wide as she watched Taylor’s cleavage descend onto her face, before the pop singer found herself without oxygen. She writhed in Taylor’s stronger grip as Taylor laughed.

“Mmmf mmff!” Katy mumbled, struggling to breathe as Taylor’s cleavage engulfed her face.

Katy was turning redder than ever; she was being humiliated by a girl barely out of her training bra. She knew she had to turn the tables and fast, or else she was going to lose consciousness again. She buckled her body, thrusting her torso into Taylor’s in hopes of knocking the tall girl off. It seemed to be working; with each push, Taylor found her body slightly rocked. Katy was able to get in much needed oxygen as Taylor’s boobs were lifted off her face. With one final thrust, the country singer toppled off Katy, but quickly rose to her feet.

“You’ve got fight in you.” Taylor admitted, circling around Katy who had also gotten to her feet. Katy lunged, grabbing the front of Taylor’s dress and pulling the girl towards her. As she did so, the front of Taylor’s dress ripped, exposing her breasts to the crowd. They were extremely perky, and her rose-pink nipples were as hard as diamonds.

“Is the little girl turned on?” Katy teased, flicking the singer’s nipples. She noticed they were slightly longer than her own nipples, which were also beginning to grow hard. Taylor backed away, covering her smaller chest with her arms as Katy ripped off the remainder of her dress. What slight cleavage she had was pushed up by her arms, and she turned scarlet as the crowd whistled their appreciation. “Don’t be such a prude, sweetie. You have nothing worth hiding there,” Katy laughed.

Taylor scowled, dropping her arms to her side as her breasts returned to place. Fully revealed, she once again charged at Katy, slamming her smaller breasts into Katy’s jugs with all her strength. Katy was shocked as her boobs shook, not expecting the blonde’s rack to hurt as much as they did. Katy leaned back and returned the attack, slamming her larger pair into Taylor’s. Taylor grinned, as instead of Katy’s boobs knocking her flat, they bounced off her firmer pair and Katy let out a low grunt.

“Shit!" Katy thought, “That felt like hitting a brick wall! How can they be so firm…?”

Taylor continued her onslaught, slamming her tits into Katy’s reddening pair again and again. Katy tried to fight back, but Taylor’s breasts were a lot stronger than her mighty melons. Katy let out a wail as she felt her breasts succumbing to Taylor’s attack, and knew she had to act quickly. As Taylor went for one final breast slam, Katy wrapped her arms around the taller girl and squeezed as tight as she could.

“A bearhug?” Taylor mocked, “Really? You think you’re strong enough to beat me at this?”

“Are you scared?” Katy retorted, squeezing harder.

Shrugging her shoulders, Taylor returned the hug, and the two girls squeezed their breasts together. Both pairs trembled as they felt the pressure increase, much to Katy’s disdain – she had hoped that her larger pair would do quick work of Taylor’s, but Taylor’s firmness was making this one of her toughest fights yet. Katy’s jugs mushroomed around Taylor’s boobs, but the pop star couldn’t crush them like she was hoping.

Taylor, on the other hand, was having just as hard of a time fighting off Katy’s mammaries. They were huge, and easily the biggest breasts she had ever fought. The sheer size of them, despite their softness, was enough to make Taylor struggle as the bearhug continued. She was losing faith as her breasts disappeared into Katy’s enormous cleavage.

"What's wrong, Tay? Where'd your titties go?" Katy mocked her opponent, looking down as her rack covered Taylor's smaller boobs.

"It's not over yet... My breasts are better than yours." Taylor responded. She increased the pressure of the hug, watching as their breasts pressed together even harder. While Katy's continued to eclipse Taylor's boobs, the country star's assets still kept their firm shape, refusing to yield to the bigger pair.

Just then, an idea popped into Taylor's head. Her nipples were still rock hard, and she knew Katy wouldn't be able to compete with them. She lined up her nipples with the pop singer's own, and then slammed them into Katy's pair.

"Ow!" Katy cried.

She looked down and gasped at what was happening. Her nipples, though hard, were being forced to the side by Taylor's bigger pair. Katy grunted as she tried to match the power of Taylor's nipples, but soon found that hers being overpowered. Taylor's nipples drove Katy's to the side, digging into them like a pair of drills. The pain was unbearable, as Katy struggled to regain dominance. No matter how hard her nipples fought to stop Taylor's, they just weren't strong enough to compete. Taylor looked into her opponent's eyes with a bitchy grin, loving the expression of fear plastered onto Katy's face. The busty girl was under her complete control.

"You really shouldn't have mocked my breasts earlier, you know," Taylor warned, sending another jab into Katy's breasts, "I've got just the right level of perk to handle your flabby titties any time, any day. If you thought Christina's boobs were painful, you're going to be on your knees crying in a few minutes; I'm going to invert your weak-ass nipples with my own and there's nothing you can do to stop me. ... That is, unless you want to admit defeat?"

Katy scowled. She couldn't give up, not to a pair of A cups. She'd be a laughing stock all over again.

"Not likely, bitch," was her reply.

"Very well. How about... now?" Taylor asked.

With that, she ground her nipples into Katy's, sending a jolt of pain through the black-haired girl's body. Instead of pushing Katy's nips to the side again, she had a different plan. As hardened as they'll ever be, she forced them straight on into Katy's, sending the pop singer's nipples into her own flesh. They were being inverted by Taylor's stronger pair. Katy wailed in pain, biting her lip as she felt her proud nipples being abused like never before. She felt them softening until Taylor's assault, while Taylor's remained as large as ever. She loved watching the pain-racked expression on Katy's face, and found herself becoming aroused knowing she was torturing the older star like never before.

"Now that your nipples are flattened - which was way too easy, actually - let's see if we can't do the same to those big jugs of yours!" Taylor exclaimed in joy. With a loud grunt, she thrust her chest out. At least, she tried. Katy's breasts were heavy, and required a bit more power on her end.

"You can't flatten these. You know you don't have the tits..." Katy mumbled.

"Oh, I think I do," Taylor retorted.

With another burst of power, Katy's jaw dropped slightly. She looked down at the two bulging breasts, and couldn't believe her eyes. Taylor's smaller tits, though very slowly, were beginning to flatten Katy's own against her chest.

"No..." Katy mumbled in disbelief.

Taylor was shaking from the exertion it took, but it was worth it as she heard Katy groaning in agony. Katy's were mushrooming against Taylor's, until finally they were flattened against her chest. Katy broke the hug, but Taylor still held the singer firm. Katy's eyes began to water up, as she saw her breasts pancaked against Taylor's smaller, firmer pair.

"Well, that's that." Taylor laughed, still holding the hug tight.

"My boobs... Not again..." Katy whispered to herself.

"Yeah. Honestly, they put up a pretty good fight against my girls, but..." Taylor trailed off, inviting Katy to join her in surveying the damage. Katy's breasts were reddened, while Taylor's still retained their white colour and perkiness, "we all knew whose were stronger. Right, Katy?"

"Yes. Just l-let me go, please." Katy pleaded.

Taylor laughed, finally releasing Katy from the bearhug. The 30-year-old slumped to her knees in defeat, as Taylor kneeled down in front of her. Katy stared at the singer's boobs, which hung subtly just inches from Katy's face. They were pert, and the nipples were still hard as diamonds. Katy's were easily twice her size, but she couldn't match the incredible power that the little breasts had. Taylor grabbed Katy's hair, pulling the actress close until their faces practically touched.

"I'll let you relax for now," Taylor said. She picked up a nearby piece of paper and, after borrowing a pen, scribbled an address and stuck the scrap in Katy's mouth, "If you want some revenge, meet me at this apartment tomorrow night if you're woman enough. I have a friend who's just dying to meet you."