Kesha has reached the end of her European tour, a tour in which she has entertained her fans on stage, and entertained her entourage at times with some superb catfights, all of which she has won, against various celebrities across the continent, each of her victims paying the ultimate price of being taken to her bed for a couple of days where she has used them up more than any man ever could with her array of dildos and vibrators, and it is rumoured that she put French model Noemie Lenoir in hospital, she was so badly torn.

And now she is in London, and wants a showdown with the beautiful singer and dancer Alesha Dixon, and has been told that the fight is on, because Alesha is determined to teach her a lesson before she goes back to the USA.

The girls management teams have arranged for the fight to take place in the back room of a London pub, which is often used as a fight venue, and which has padded walls and floor for protection, with each girl allowed to bring an entourage of 10 supporters. The fight will be over when one girl has had enough, and surrenders, after which the winner can do whatever she likes with her. Alesha has already said that she will have Kesha gangbanged by her crue, whilst Kesha makes no secret of her desire to bed the lovely Brit.

Alesha is first to arrive on the selected evening, and she’s looking very much ready for the fight, wearing black leather shorts and a white bra top, with Kesha in a shimmering gold bra and panties set.

Kesha seems much taller than Alesha as the girls face off, and she tells her, “Wanna kiss me now, babe? C’mon, let’s lock lips!”

Alesha pushes the taller girl away, “Fuck right off!”

Kesha gives Alesha a mock glare, and pretends to be upset by her language, “Aww! Alesha! C’mon! You know you wanna try some girl on girl with me!” As Alesha recoils, Kesha grabs her, and wraps her arms around her, lifting her off her feet, their mouths almost touching, and Kesha sticks out her tongue, allowing it to brush Alesha’s lips, the Brit keeping her mouth closed as the big American tells her, “Oooh! I want you!”

Alesha writhes and wriggles in Kesha’s arms, the big blonde not really squeezing her in a full bearhug, and she escapes, although maybe Kesha didn’t really want to stop her, as she smiles, “Oooh! I like a girl who plays hard to get!”

Kesha moves towards Alesha, who kicks her to the thigh. Kesha rubs her thigh rather excessively, so Alesha gets in closer, and tries to kick her to the other thigh – but Kesha’s too quick. Kesha grabs her leg, using it to pull Alesha towards her, then hugs her again, lifting her off the floor, before she sits down hard, slamming Alesha back-first onto the padded floor. The Brit gasps and squeaks.

Standing up quickly, Kesha looks down at Alesha, who stirs quietly. Kesha pulls her up by her arms, then reaches between her legs, grabs her crotch and hoists her up. Kesha is grinning, and promising Alesha, “This is gonna be fun!”. She turns her completely upside and sits down with her legs thrust apart, so that Alesha hits the floor between Kesha’s wide-spread legs, shoulders first.

KeshaAlesha is laying on her back, groaning. Kesha is soon grabbing her again, and lifting her back to her feet, before she again reaches between Alesha’s legs and hoist her up by the crotch, with her free arm over the Brit’s shoulder. She grins towards Alesha’s supporters, “Your girl like pain?” then turns her bottom up while slamming her downwards. In the last moment she kneels down slamming poor Alesha across her extended knee, and for a few agonizing seconds, she keeps the Brit draped across her knee and pushes down on her chin and knee in order to exert pressure on her back. Alesha is screaming with pain, before Kesha tips her back to the floor.

Kesha stands again, and walks around the fighting area, preening herself, telling Alesha’s supporters, “I’m gonna have your girl! Have her big time!” But Alesha has got to her feet as well, and she jumps Kesha from behind, and she slips her arms under Kesha’s and then reaches up to grab the back of her neck with her hands, getting her into a neat full nelson. The powerful American raises her arms and then brings them down hard, making Alesha’s clutched hands slip open.

Kesha grabs Alesha’s arm and uses it to irish whip the Brit back-first into the padded wall. The lovely girl hits the surface with a loud ‘splatt’ and a split second later Kesha charges into her. The remaining air is knocked out of Alesha as the bigger girl’s full weight lands on her body in a big hurry. Then Kesha whispers in her ear, “Had enough, babe?” and nibbles gently on her ear lobe, “Mmm – you taste nice!”

Alesha tries to punch Kesha to her midriff, but it’s a weak effort, and Kesha laughs, “Oh goody! You want more!”

Back between Alesha’s thighs goes Kesha’s right hand, and once again the big blonde grabs her crotch, smiling broadly as she does so. Then she picks her up, and when she has Alesha completely upside down, she pauses for a split second, and then crashes to the mat with the Brit in tow, driving her shoulders-first into the canvas. Alesha is looking really dazed now, as Kesha again gets up, and makes another grab for Alesha. This time getting hold of her by the hair, Kesha then turns with her back towards the Brit and kneels down onto one knee, pulling Alesha’s head down and forward by the hair, flipping her over unto her back.

With Alesha looking pretty exhausted, Kesha drags her back to her feet, and laughs as she stands her up and faces her. Then she laughs even louder when the smaller girl punches her in the belly, and chides, “Now that, babe, was a mistake!” and she punches Alesha’s belly instead, very hard, once, twice, and once more for good measure.Kesha is holding her with her left hand as she punches her with her right. Alesha drops to her knees, squealing and gasping. Kesha again pulls her upright, and swinging her around, tossing her back first into the padded wall again. Alesha slides slowly down it.

Alesha Anjanette DixonKesha’s right there again, picking Alesha up and onto her feet and bending her over. But this time she grabs hold of Alesha’s hair on the back of her head with both hands. Then Kesha jumps into the air, and as she comes down, she spreads her legs, effectively sitting down and driving Alesha’s face into the padded floor, and now she seems to be finished.

Alesha is face down on the floor, and Kesha casually flips her over with her foot, so that the lovely Brit now lays on her back, eyes flickering open as she comes around. Kesha is slowly parting Alesha's legs with her foot, and standing between those spread thighs, before she stoops and grabs Alesha’s ankles. the Brit gasps, “No more! Please!”

But Kesha laughs, “Now! I wanna hear you really begging, babe!” She lifts up both of Alesha’s legs, hooks them under her armpits and slowly turns her over onto her stomach.

Alesha is panting, “Not this! Please! I’m begging!” But Kesha easily and almost casually leans back into a semi-squatting position, pulling Alesha’s long and shapely legs towards her head, and the Brit squeals, “I give! I give! You win!”

Kesha keeps the hold locked in, and she demands, “And how will you show me you concede?”

Still squealing in pain, and now past bothering about being humiliated in front of her friends, Alesha calls out, “You can have me if you still want me! I’ll be your bitch!”

At last Kesha releases Alesha’s ankles, but she sits down on her back, and starts to stroke the older girl’s ass through her knickers. Kesha then runs her fingers down Alesha’s thighs, before getting to her feet. She turns Alesha over again, so the lovely Brit on her back now, and Kesha gets between her open thighs, kneeling, surveying Alesha’s sweaty body. Then she leans forwards, and her mouth is hovering over Alesha’s as she demands, “Kiss me!” Alesha isn’t exactly enthusiastic about the idea, but she purses her lips, and the girls kiss, Kesha’s tongue inside Alesha’s mouth. The older girl decides that she’d better respond, as she copies her conqueror, who is now tearing open her white top, and exposing her tits.

Alesha groans as Kesha fondles her nipples, and arches her back in supplication when the blonde leans forwards and kisses her throat, making sure she leaves big, blotchy lovebites on either side of her windpipe, telling her, “When your boyfriend strips you off next, he’ll know you’ve been with someone else, babe!”

Alesha just groans, “Yes – he’ll know!” and she soon feels Kesha’s nimble fingers removing her leather shorts, as she is sliding her thong down her long, smooth thighs at the smae time. Alesha is grunting as Kesha removes them completely, and starts fingering her pussy. Kesha stops short of bringing Alesha to an orgasm in public, and takes her back to her adjoining dressing room, where she strips and scissors the Brit, before returning and telling her remaining supporters to take her and her new lesbian lover to her Hotel suite.

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