Jessica Biel vs Courtney Peldon


Prelude: Yet another 100 Hottest Women list has been released by yet another magazine and as usual Jessica Biel is battling the likes of Jessica Alba, Scarlet Johansson, and a few select other hotties for the top spot. Meanwhile, it is just another dagger right between the tits of blonde bombshell like Courtney Peldon, who thinks it is long past time that she gets her due. As fate would have it, Jessica Biel and Courtney Peldon are attending the same function, and it is no shock that sparks fly when their paths cross.

Courtney: “Well, if it isn’t Jessica Biel, a supposed top 10 beauty for the umpteenth time as judged by another obscure magazine.”
Jessica: “Sorry hon, but I’ve signed all the autographs I can for today. But I tell you what…I’ll send you an 8x10 glossy in the mail. Just make sure you give me credit in your ‘Dear Diary’ entry for today”

Courtney: “Why you arrogant, overrated little cunt! I’m tired of taking a back seat to you in these hottest women contests! After all, you aren’t anything more than a flat chested little whore with apparently a miracle worker for an agent”
“Well doll, by the tramp look of you, one thing I know you would have experience in would be ‘back seats’ and I bet it never was never hard for a guy or gal to get you there either.”
Courtney: “Yeah, maybe I’ve made it with guys about one-tenth as much as the number of lousy movies you have made. Is it true that the only thing invisible about your movie Stealth was the audience?”
Jessica: “Shut up, you little silicone shit! At least I’m in movies and not left on the cutting room floor! By the way I think I have seen you in a movie or two. Don’t you specialize in being billed in the credits as “bimbo blonde getting fucked.”
Courtney: “I’ve had it with your overrated, exaggerated worth. Bitch, you aren’t worth squat as an actress and sure as hell aren’t much of a woman. Let’s have it out right here and right now…a beauty contest judged by some of the people here to see which woman really belongs in the most beautiful list.”
Jessica: “Would love to and let’s have a catfight and I will be shoving my fist in all your big orifices starting with your mouth!”
Courtney: “My guess is after that fight is done, the only list you will make is 100 Most Black and BlueWomen!”

Beauty Contest: Courtney Peldon and Jessica Biel agree to 7 anatomical areas to be judged by dozens of people who definitely have nothing better to do than to see two sexy, sizzling women compete in a beauty contest. They will also be hanging around for the catfight where they will just be spectators in the no holds barred, submissions only fight.

The first area of competition is facial beauty and this one is a mismatch with Jessica Biel’s gorgeous face against a beautiful but flawed Courtney Peldon face. The bleached blonde’s nose has a real ski slope on it which counts against her when going up against the likes of Jessica. Jessica takes a 1-0 lead going into the tits contest but everyone knows it is about to be tied. Courtney has had a great tit job and Jessica is flat out flatchested. Courtney ties it up at 1 win apiece as their midsections are now compared. Both have nice stomach areas, but Courtney’s gymnast background helps her here with not only a curvy waist but also one with muscular delineation, so the much lesser known blonde takes her first lead of the overall beauty contest by winning the midsection area and is now ahead 2-1.

The fourth battle will be which woman has the hotter legs. This isn’t especially either woman’s best asset but both clearly have above average legs nonetheless. In a hotly contested skirmish, Jessica wins the legs contest, with many on the other side of the vote thinking her name recognition gave her this victory. Regardless, it is tied 2-2 with only the arms/armpits area left on the frontside comparisons. This area is one of the better ones for each woman as each has very firm arms and great underarms. This close vote however goes Courtney’s way with better armpits and more muscularity in her arms due to her gymnastic background perhaps. Courtney retakes the overall lead at 3-2 with the backside areas left to be judged.

The women turn around and each has a nice back but here is where Jessica’s larger frame helps her. She has a more tapered back since her back has more surface area to begin with due to her being several inches taller than Courtney. Jessica’s win ties up this very close contest again at 3 wins apiece with only the ass contest left. The women stick out their butts to be judged, and just like most areas of their bodies, they have great asses. Each is tight due to their fitness, but Jessica is judged the close winner and takes the overall beauty contest 4 wins to 3.

Jessica takes it as confirmation as what she already believed….she is one of the hottest girls in the world. Courtney takes it as confirmation of what she already believed…that Jessica Biel gets all the breaks due to name recognition and not because she is really a superior woman.

But Courtney can look forward to the catfight where the women will decide that solely by themselves in a no holds barred, submissions only fight. Jessica gives Courtney her stare of superiority and purses her lips in a fake kiss Courtney’s way…rubbing in her beauty contest win even more which only makes Courtney angrier in the process.

Catfight: The women are given the choice of whether to redress to some extent or just stay nude as they ended the beauty contest. Both decide to put on something skimpy and both disappear briefly with Courtney Peldon looking animal sexy in a leopard bikini to show off all her assets while Jessica Biel comes back looking sizzling in a white bikini. Courtney: “Well bitch, I’m ready to tear that smug smile off your overrated face.”
Jessica: “Shrimp, I hate to take advantage of some little girl who comes up to my neck. Should I start on my knees and give you a chance?”
Courtney: “Tramp, I’ll be putting you on your knees soon enough. You just might want to have another picture taken because you will be a perfect before and after example. And I think you would prefer how you look before I kick your overrated butt!”
Jessica: “Let’s get this started, silicone girl…some of us have movie sets to be on tomorrow and can’t sleep in like you do all the time.”

The women stare at each other as they circle their rival looking for an opening. Both women look incredibly sexy, strong, and fit as they hunt their prey. Courtney puts her hands in front of her midsection with fingers beckoning Jessica to accept the challenge and meet her hands with her own. As fingers from opposite hands clasp together, each woman braces with her strong legs and pushes with her arms to try to prove she can move her opponent with her superior strength. Biceps become more visible as stronger than normal arms strain in the classic test of strength. Courtney might have a slight arm strength edge but Jessica has the weight advantage due to her larger frame so it ends up being a wash as to which woman has the advantage here and both come to realize it as they release their grips on their competitor’s hands. But Courtney can’t wait another minute to start her revenge so this standoff only makes her more frustrated to accomplish that. Courtney pulls back her right arm and slings it forward, an open handed slap making a harsh sound against Jessica’s beauty contest winning face. Jessica rubs her left cheek to the accompany of “You bitch!”.

Jessica as every spectator knows isn’t going to take that without reprisal and brings up one of her beauty contest winning legs, her left one to be exact, into a thrust kick into Courtney’s midsection. Even the fit abdomen of the former gymnast feels that heavy blow and doubles over holding her midsection. Jessica moves closer and double axe handles the stacked blonde in the back, sending the sexy blonde to her knees.

Jessica mounts Courtney’s back and her first order of business is as personal as it gets as she rips Courtney’s leopard top, the stacked blonde’s boobs bouncing in reaction to the force applied. Jessica bounces up and down on Courtney’s back causing the diminutive blonde to lose her all fours position and crash down to the ground, her humongous hooters contacting first. Jessica is still straddling Courtney as she pulls back on the stacked blonde’s long, curly locks in an excruciating hairpull. Courtney screams in agony as her head is jerked awkwardly back by her blonde tresses. Jessica lets go of the hair with her left hand and wraps that arm around Courtney’s throat in a chokehold. Now, in addition to the pain of her hair being pulled, Courtney is gasping for air as her lovely neck is being pressured via Jessica’s crooked arm.

Jessica moves her right hand from Ms Peldon’s hair and moves it behind her own back and begins the spank the blonde bombshell while still maintaining the choke. Jessica does more damage as she pulls Courtney’s bikini bottom hard against Courtney’s most private and sensitive crotch area. But now that Courtney’s hair is not being pulled, the blonde is able to better utilize her own hands as she reaches for Jessica’s bent arm that still surrounds her throat. Using both of her hands, she easily overpowers Jessica’s left arm before she can rush her right hand and arm up to Courtney’s head to help. With the arm gone as an anchor for Jessica’s body, Courtney easily bucks Jessica off, sending the acclaimed beauty flying away from her body and landing hard on the ground.

Both women arise at about the same time since no great punishment was handed out in the previous encounter. The main difference now is that Courtney’s beauty contest winning tits are visible with her leopard bikini top discarded on the ground. Courtney makes the most of her situation with a quick pose thrusting her chest out with great pride for the spectators. The women approach each other and on this occasion it is obvious that perhaps Courtney is the quicker of the two, possibly Jessica’s size working against her in the speed department. Jessica swings with a roundhouse right fist which Courtney ducks and then brings a right forearm uppercut of her own to contact Jessica’s chin. The sexy brunette stumbles back from the blow and ends up supine on the ground.

Courtney PeldonCourtney quickly follows the flight of Jessica’s sizzling bod and footstomps the hottie’s abdomen, which is in great shape but not as muscular as Courtney’s. With each contact of her right foot onto Jessica’s body, the brunette’s body bounces slightly off the ground in reaction. Courtney zeroes in on Jessica’s chest area, probably as payback for pulling her top off just a while ago. Courtney uses her talented foot and toes to reach underneath the front string of Jessica’s white top and yanks with her foot which rips off the stringed top with only a reasonable effort. Now, it is Jessica who is the newer to be topless, although her chest compares in a puny way to Courtney’s silicone tits.

This humiliation does distract Courtney from her physical torture of Jessica’s midsection and allows the brunette to catch her breath and recover from the repeated stomps to her stomach area. Courtney readies to reestablish that torture but as her foot comes down, Jessica catches it with both her hands and pushes hard in return, sending Courtney tumbling away from Jessica’s body.

The women are still on the ground as they crawl the short distance to the other’s body and begin a mutual hairpulling session. Jessica already has some experience yanking on Courtney’s long blonde locks but it is the blonde’s turn to do some hairpulling of her own, the target is Jessica’s straighter, but still long brunette tresses. Faces grimace as the pulling of hair gets serious, violent enough to reposition their rival’s head on occasion and hurtful enough to cause exclamations or profanities and screams of non-words. The pulls are too forceful for Jessica and Courtney to remain on doubled up legs, so they fall to the ground and are facing each other as they lie on their sides. The hairpulling action soon causes their bodies to roll one over the other as each takes a turn being on top. Courtney is on top as she is able to stabilize the rolling for a time and wants to take advantage of it. Courtney moves forward a bit on Jessica’s body and drops those magnificent melons of hers down onto Jessica’s beauty contest winning face and gives her a great titsmother, complete with sweat that has accumulated on her jumbo juggs during the catfight and the odor that has come into play due to the strenuous exertion.

Courtney and her sister Ashley put out a group of perfumes but no one really believes that the body odor she is forcing upon Jessica at the present time is part of that line. And the perspiration from her huge hooters is transferred to the mouth and nose area of Jessica’s gorgeous face along with restricting her breathing when her mouth and nose are tightly covered by Courtney’s mounds sealing them shut.

Courtney gets all the mileage she can out of her chest, so she moves her right shoulder above Jessica’s beautiful face and lowers her right armpit flush against as much of Jessica’s face as she can cover. And if Jessica thought that Courtney’s boobs has a lot of sweat on them and a foul odor, that turns out to be nothing compared to the underarm sweat and smell being transferred to Jessica’s beautiful face in a devastating armpit smother. Courtney gets all she can out of her right armpit and switches over to her left armpit for the same torture, using her beauty contest winning arms/armpits in a humiliation of the sexy brunette. Finally, Jessica is able to grab enough of Courtney’s hair with a good enough grip to pull the busty blonde off her and assumes the top position herself. She is steaming about her embarrassments and lowers her own right armpit to give Courtney a taste of her own medicine.

Now, it is Courtney’s turn to be exposed to the sweat, foul smell, and humiliation of her face being buried as much as possible in the concave area of Jessica’s pits and the brunette does a great job of revenge. Courtney is struggling to breathe as the larger underarm area of Jessica Biel is able to cover more of her face than she was able to do with Jessica’s. But Courtney has a better angle to get at Jessica’s hair earlier so only after some right armpit smothering, the blonde bombshell is able to pull Jessica’s hair and with a simultaneous kickout, she removes the sexy brunette from her body.

The women get to their feet for the first time in quite a while, both topless at this point with obviously Courtney holding the chest admirers more than Jessica in that regard. But both women look incredibly hot with only their bikini bottoms on, and their bodies are soaked with sweat as if they are in an oil wrestling contest. That glimmer off their bodies is extraordinary although they are beginning to lose something in the hair department with stringy and matted hair taking the place of fluffy and full bodied tresses due to the scalp perspiration. Each woman is beginning to show some hints of pussy hair through their bottoms due to them being moisture laden at this point also. The women rush towards each other and wrap their arms around the other’s waist in a mutual bearhug contest.

Both women are above average in arm strength and also have tougher midsections than the average model or actress, close to athletic in fact. But Courtney won the midsection comparison and the arms competition in the beauty contest for a reason….she not only looks hot in those areas but is also more delineated in her muscularity. So it comes as no surprise to the audience that Courtney gains the advantage in the bearhug situation both in dishing out the punishment to Jessica’s stomach area and also being able to hold up better to Jessica’s forceful arms. There isn’t the normal tit battle at the same time because of the height difference but Courtney is taking full advantage of her arms being wrapped around Jessica’s abdomen and squeezing the air from the gorgeous brunette’s lungs. Jessica knows she has to get away from Courtney’s grasp but the blonde’s hands are locked together solidly behind the brunette’s back. Jessica releases her own bear hug and goes for a short cut by pulling on the corners of Courtney’s mouth away from the center and dishing out a little facial pain of her own. It is a crude maneuver but works fine in forcing Courtney to break her bearhug.

Courtney is checking her mouth for bleeding as Jessica unexpectively recovers quickly and puts Courtney head in yet another kind of pain…a headlock. The brunette’s extra height is an advantage as she is able to get good leverage on Courtney’s neck which is caught in a viselike grip of Jessica’s arms. Jessica uses her arm strength, the locked in hold, and her height leverage to violently move Courtney’s head awkwardly around, eliciting screams of anguish from the buxom blonde. Courtney moves her hands up to engage Jessica’s and try to remove the headlock hold but as she does, Jessica switches to a one armed hooked headlock and uses her other hand to pull Courtney’s hair to distract the blonde bombshell from the headlock.

Courtney frees her hair with her hands but instead of again going for Jessica’s arms around her neck, she instead throws fists into the side of Jessica. The brunette tightens the headlock but that only makes Courtney madder and encourages her to throw harder blows into Jessica’s side. Now, it is the sexy, beautiful brunette who is screaming in pain as each fist hits her side. Jessica makes one last violent move with Courtney’s head but then releases it to move away from the blonde’s punishing fists.

The women separate and in a challenge to Jessica to match her in total nudity, Courtney pulls down her leopard spotted bikini bottom to expose her luscious stand of pussy hair and thus dares Jessica to do the same. The brunette knows that she will be called cowardly if she doesn’t match Courtney nude area for nude area so she pulls off her own white bikini bottom and shows her cameltoe pussy area. The women rush at each other with at least the amount of energy they can muster after this long match and hands clasp different areas of their rival in almost random fashion as they try to gain an advantage.

Finally, Courtney’s maneuvering turns out to be a little better than Jessica’s as she has the larger brunette in a hammerlock, her left arm trapped behind her back. Courtney periodically pulls up on it to turn it more into a chickenwing, and in either location, Jessica is paying the price in pain for her arm in an awkward position. Courtney gets her mileage out of the hammerlock, but then she moves Jessica’s left arm away from her back and uses it to sling the brunette away from her body. Jessica’s body hits hard on her frontside on the ground and Courtney moves quickly to take advantage of her.

Jessica BielJessica is lying on her stomach as Courtney approaches from her legs area and footstomps her beauty contest clinching butt and follows that up with some stomps to that beauty contest winning back of the brunette. Both women are obviously very tired because although both are fit, they are not used to this physical and long encounter. But at this point, Courtney is “on top” and that is all that matters at this point. Courtney mounts Jessica’s back and crosses her hands in front of the gorgeous brunette’s head to grab the brunette’s wrists. Courtney recrosses her hands so that they are now straight in front of her but has the effect of crossing Jessica’s arms. Courtney pulls up with her still strong, gymnast arms, and that has the effect of choking Jessica with her own arms contacting her throat. Jessica coughs as evidence that the choke is working and Courtney’s arms seem strong enough to keep up that pressure. But unfortunately, the sweat that each woman has on their hands, arms, and the rest of their bodies makes the hold hard to maintain, particularly since Courtney is reaching across Jessica’s head to do the hold to begin with.

Jessica is able to finally free her arms from Courtney’s grasp partly due to her own strength and partly due to the perspiration factor. With Courtney simply on top of her back, Jessica is able to buck her off and send the diminutive blonde flying away from her body.

Even as fit and athletic as each woman obviously is, both Jessica and Courtney are moving much more slowly now having absorbed a lot of punishment and lost other energy in holds they applied to their rival. But each wants to desperately defeat her foe and humiliate her in postmatch activities. Thus, neither backs down and in fact each approaches the other with a still present fierceness. Jessica Biel starts the new confrontation with a hard righthanded slap to Courtney’s left cheek, sending the stacked blonde staggering a step or two to the right as her sexy body follows the movement of her head. Courtney recovers to throw a right fist into Jessica’s face knocking one of the most beautiful women in the world down to the ground on her stomach. Courtney pursues Jessica’s downed form and gives a couple of savage footstomps to the back of the beauty contest winning brunette. Jessica’s body bounces up slightly into the air in recoil from each downward stomp, but not before her chest and pussy have been pressed hard against the unforgiving ground.

Courtney Peldon mounts Jessica Biel’s back and scissors her legs underneath the fallen beauty to anchor her position. The supersexy blonde moves her hands and arms underneath Jessica’s shoulders and brings her hands clasped together behind Jessica’s head in a great full nelson hold. So not only is Courtney punishing Jessica with a midsection legscissors and a full nelson, but the weight of her body still rests on the back of Jessica. Occasionally, Courtney pulls back a little bit more and with a lifting motion to lift Jessica’s head off the ground only to release her upward lift to let her head fall face first and contact the ground. Grunts and screams flowing from Jessica’s sexy lips and mouth prove how effective Courtney’s submission holds are dishing out the pain and punishment to her hated rival. Jessica’s legs are useless as they are at the wrong end of her body from all the action, so her only hope is use her strong arms to pull apart Courtney’s hands. After a lot of effort, she indeed is able to separate Courtney’s hands and hopes to now get up and break the legscissors somehow. But unfortunately for Jessica, Courtney quickly reestablishes the full nelson before she can free her arms from their prone position. Jessica tries to break the clasped hands of Courtney again but can’t do it this time. The former gymnast’s powerful legs are still crushing Jessica Biel’s midsection at the same time that the superstacked blonde’s strong hands and arms are torturing Jessica’s neck and sending the gorgeous brunette into a desperate state.

Courtney: “Well bitch, looks like just like I predicted I’m kicking your overrated ass into submission, huh?”
“Oooooooohhhh, you fucking, envious little whore. Just wait until I break this hold and I will show you who the better woman really is just like I did in the beauty contest.”
Courtney {laughing in disbelief}: “Honey, I don’t have that much time because you aren’t going anywhere….I’ve won, and you and I both know it. You might as well give up now and maybe I will take pity on your puny body and not take advantage of you as much afterwards.”
Jessica {trying one last time to escape and failing}: “Alright tramp!! I give up!! I give up!! You are the stronger woman! Let me go!”
Courtney: “Did I miss the ‘please’?”
Jessica: “Pppppllllleeeeeaaaaassssseeeee, let me go!!”
Courtney {giving her midsection one more strong squeeze with her powerful legs and one more tightening clasp of her hands in the full nelson}: “Now that wasn’t so hard was it?”

Vanessa gives a few extra tuggs to punish Dian for her insults toward her while giving up, but then releases the blonde bombshell and former 37D-23-37 Miss World USA and lets her body flop to the floor. Vanessa is almost in the same state as she herself lies down just behind Dian's body. But few in the audience think that the former Miss America is going to let this be the end. Too much sweat and energy has been expended to just leave Dian alone at this point.

Postmatch: Courtney Peldon shows the wear and tear of the match as she almost flops off Jessica Biel’s hot body as she unclasps her hands to end the full nelson and uncrosses her legs ending the stomach legsscissors. In fact, her calves seem to almost be cramping up on her as she pulls back on those luscious toes of her to stretch out her legs muscles. But she still is in far better shape than the normally athletic and vivacious Jessica who is lying almost motionless with only a few moans and grunts to show she is conscious. Courtney has done a number on one of the more beautiful women in the world and few in the audience think this is yet the end of this rivalry. Courtney takes a minute to two to catch her breath and gets a drink brought to her to keep her exhausted and drained body hydrated. She is in no hurry since Jessica is going nowhere in the near future judging by her condition.

Finally, Courtney seems ready to proceed with perhaps a little postmatch celebration, unfortunately for Jessica Biel, all at her expense. The women have been nude for the latter portion of the catfight so Courtney’s first order of business is to grab not only her clothes for later redressing but also to take Jessica Biel’s clothing as trophies for her victory. She tosses them to one of the spectators for safekeeping until after she is finished here. Courtney uses her foot to roll Jessica onto her back which doesn’t affect Jessica much in her condition. Her eyes only occasionally open and her arms are also perpendicular to her upper body in almost an ultimate surrender pose.

Courtney straddles Jessica’s midsection and extends her arms to press down with her hands to pin Jessica’s wrists to the ground, as if that is really necessary in the brunette’s current state. Courtney bends down her upper trunk and gives Jessica both barrels of her still firm and large boobs in a great titsmother, made even better than her earlier one during the catfight due to the larger amount of sweat and more foul body odor caused by the long and strenuous match. Courtney has her way at this point in the contest since Jessica has little energy left in which to use to resist. Courtney rubs her massive mams back and forth and forward and back across Jessica’s gorgeous face, yet another obvious indication about how destroyed Jessica Biel is at the end of the fight. Courtney finishes up the titsmother and moves on to a right armpit smother of Jessica’s face and follows that up with a left armpit smother. Each embarrassing act not only deposits huge amounts of perspiration and odorous smell but also restricts the fallen brunette’s breathing when Courtney has her underarms flush against Jessica’s nose and mouth. She gets her satisfaction with this disgracing process and then obviously is going to get more personal as she asks for a dildo to be thrown her direction by a spectator.

Courtney catches the toy and immediately puts it to good use by moving it in and out of Jessica’s defenseless pussy to vigorously probe her most personal asset. Jessica shows the most reaction to anything since the end of the catfight with her protests to the invasion that soon turn to erotic begs for more action. “I beg you to stop….please…please….stop….don’t…..please don’t stop!”

Courtney laughs as her initial protests did indeed turn into acceptance and the busty, victorious blonde is rewarded as Jessica begins to secrete cum through that normally well clothed orifice of hers. Courtney catches some of it with her right hand and paints Jessica’s face with it to mark her possession so to speak. After Jessica’s pussy appears to be running its course of oozing cum, Courtney discards the toy and works her right hand into her own pussy and excites herself to a climax. That terminates with her pussy hovering over Jessica’s face and letting her whitish discharge drop onto Jessica’s face which increases the volume already there from what she just wiped on her.

Courtney moves her ass over Jessica’s face and drops it down on top of that beauty contest winning area and grinds it around to smear the cum around Jessica’s face. Of course, she takes time to put her hands on her head in the classic winning pose and in her case, it is a particularly sexy pose. Courtney Peldon has better biceps than almost any celebrity due to her gymnast training and that was proven when she won the arms/armpits portion of the beauty contest over Jessica, who also has more beautiful and stronger arms than the vast majority of celebrities.

Courtney keeps the facesit going for quite a while as snapshots are taking of her posing with her great butt on top of Jessica’s great face. Occasionally, Jessica moves her arms a bit but may be almost instinctive and reactive and not really in a position to resist Courtney’s pleasure.

Courtney apparently has accomplished all she wanted to in embarrassing her gorgeous rival so she gets to a standing position and rubs her dirty right foot across the beautiful face of Jessica Biel and then struts away to the spectators’ applause while Ms Biel is still almost motionless on the ground, nude and with all her clothes nowhere in sight.


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