The Very Best of Irish... So Far
Karen McDougal vs Victoria Silvstedt Again

It was a chance meeting… or was it? By the gleam in Victoria’s eye I have my doubts!

The two elegantly dressed Playmates bumped into each other in the lobby of the hotel. Victoria Silvstedt, the tall blonde, dressed in white. Karen McDougal, the lovely brunette, dressed in all black.

But none of that mattered now… Both women’s lovely dresses were reduced to mere rags that hung tattered here or there exposing two heavenly bodies. All technique had been abandoned some time ago. Now the two beauties stood toe to toe swinging for the fences to the delight of all lucky enough to have a reservation for this evening.

In unplanned unison they threw the punch that they both hoped would end the scrum. Karen, the south paw, slammed a tightly clenched fist to the blonde’s chin. At the same time Victoria’s clenched right fist cruised under Karen’s arm and blasted into the brunette’s ribs. Both women were hurt.

Victoria staggered back a few steps struggling to stay on her feet. Blinking back tears she hoped that Karen didn’t follow up with another blow. She wouldn’t have to worry. She had worked Karen’s body soundly so far and the last shot dropped the brunette to one knee gasping for air as her rib cage felt like she had just been hit by a truck.

"Finish her!" Someone yelled from the crowd.

Victoria wiped her eyes clear and stepped towards the downed brunette. Karen not looking to suffer anymore punishment knew it was now or never and sprung forward from her crouched position. Before Victoria knew what hit her, Karen’s shoulder blasted deep into the blonde’s belly. Hooking the back of both of Victoria’s legs as her feet left the ground, the brunette charged forward until the tall blonde slammed back first into the wall, just to the left of the check-in desk.

Victoria groaned as all the air was expelled from her lungs. Still holding the blonde behind her legs, preventing her feet from touching the ground, Karen pivoted 90 degrees to her left and slammed Victoria down onto the concierge’s desk. The blonde was hurt pretty bad as the brunette drove herm palm under Victoria’s chin, bending her neck awkwardly as her head dangled off the far side of the desk.

"I give! I give!" She cried out her surrender.

Karen stopped the assault and propped herself up on her elbows, trying to catch her breath after the vicious fight. She still had Victoria pinned under her as the two lay across the desk. The blonde lifted head from the far side of the desk, almost crashing face first into Karen’s dangling, sweat covered breast. Angered by the slow moving brunette, Victoria sunk her nails into both of Karen’s breast. "Shiiiitttt!!!!" She cried.

Karen tried to pull away from Victoria’s frontal attack and that is when things went from bad to worse for the sexy brunette. The big blonde’s legs slammed shut around Karen’s waist and that is when Victoria started doing some damage to the brunette’s already sore ribs. It was now Karen’s turn to have tears welling up in her eyes. Victoria was very pleased with the sudden change of events and was satisfied just lying on her back on the desk and punishing the brunette that had just gotten the better of her.

"Did you see that shit?" One hotel guest exclaimed…

The brunette continued to let out pained wails every time the blonde constricted her powerful legs. Would it now be Karen’s turn to cry out her surrender?

Karen dug her nails into Victoria’s wrist and was able to reduce some of the damage being inflicted on her breast ever so slightly. If she didn’t do something about the crushing leg scissor around her waist she was afraid that she would pass out from the pain and would be at the complete mercy of the big blonde. And the way that things have panned out so far Karen didn’t think Victoria would be adhering to the rules of the Geneva Convention.

Struggling through the pain, Karen placed her knees on the front of the desk and started pulling Victoria’s body towards her, off of the desk. The blonde felt herself starting to slide and doubled her efforts trying to crush Karen’s midsection. "Fuck!!!!" The brunette cried.

When Victoria’s body had cleared the top of the desk, and Karen felt her full weight hanging from the front of her, the brunette spun to her left as fast as she could completing the circle. The blonde’s head smashed into the wall by the check-in desk and Karen felt instant relief as Victoria’s powerful scissor weakened. Spinning 180 to her right, Karen reset and spun full speed to her left once again. This time when the blonde’s skull met the hard mahogany paneling, her grip on Karen’s waist was broken and she crumpled to the floor at the base of the wall.

Karen started kicking Victoria repeatedly not allowing the big blonde to get back into the fight. When the brunette tired she placed her foot across the blonde’s throat. Grabbing hold of the bottom of the check-in desk for leverage, Karen straightened her knee and started pressing down cutting off Victoria’s air supply. When the blonde passed out IRISH came up and tapped Karen on the shoulder. “That’s it babe… You got her.”

Karen stepped off the fallen blonde and the two headed back to their room to change as the crowd cheered her performance taking out the big blonde… Twice!


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