The Very Best of Irish... So Far
Karen McDougal vs Serinda Swan

Mike Warren, the DEA agent in charge of Graceland, brought his new agent to the beach front house known as Graceland. As Mike and the hot new agent Serinda Swan entered the house she was a little surprised that none of her fellow agents bothered to welcome her to the house. They all seemed preoccupied by looking out the sliding glass door towards the ocean. The oddest thing of the lack of acknowledgement was they each had their own pair of binoculars. Perverts! She thought to herself figuring they were checking out some unsuspecting woman in a swimsuit.

Rather than introduce her to her coworkers, Mike took a place at the door between Agent Paul Briggs and Agent Johnny Tuturro. What the hell is going on here? She thought as Mike grabbed his own set of prepositioned binoculars and took his own gazing position.

Just then Agent Charlie DeMarco came downstairs and welcomed Serinda to the house. “Hi I’m Charlie.” DeMarco said as she extended her hand to Serinda. “Oh, don’t worry about these nitwits!” she reassured Serinda. “They like to think they are enhancing their surveillance skills. Peeping Toms is a better description than DEA agents.” She said with a smile.

“Take it easy over there!” Paul yelled to Charlie. “The Sherriff just arrived and she is about to hold class!” he added as he pulled up a barstool for comfort.

“The Sherriff?” Serinda asked looking confused. “I don’t get it. Aren’t we on the same team as the local Sherriff?”

This brought a round of laughter from the three male DEA agents, and an explanation from the female agent. “You see, these guys refer to this stacked brunette out on the beach as the Sherriff. Unsuspecting woman who wander onto her beach get their asses kicked.”

“She has the Warden with her today!” Johnny said.

“That lucky bastard!” Paul added.

“Warden?” Serinda asked in confusion.

“That dude out there is her guy. He must like to watch her fights. It normally ends with her fucking him right there on the beach.” Charlie explained.

“What have I gotten myself into?” Serinda thought to herself.

“Wait! Here comes a blonde with huge tits!” Johnny advised his male house mates.

“Holy shit!” Paul added… “I have fifty bucks on the blonde!”

“You on!” Johnny said. “I’ll take the Sherriff and your fifty bucks!” the excited young agent added.

“Let’s see what has these idiots so excited.” Charlie said to Serinda as she took her by the hand and pushed to the front of the gathered agents. “Give ‘em up!” she commanded to Johnny and Paul, extending her hand to take the binoculars from the two horny agents. “Show the new girl what has you perverts all reeved up.” They handed the binoculars over after some whining. Charlie handed a pair to Serinda and the two women raised the binoculars just in time to see the epic battle. After about a solid five minutes of back and forth battle, the Sherriff gained the advantage and systematically took apart the stacked blonde.

Johnny took a step back and for the first time noticed Serinda’s body. Holy shit! He thought to himself. He slapped Paul to get his attention. He then pointed at Serinda’s curvy ass then inserted his hand into his mouth and bit down on his finger. Paul seemed to agree with the young agent’s assessment of their new coworker. “What do you think?” Johnny asked.

He didn’t have to go too far into the conversation; Paul was on the same wavelength as if the two men shared a brain. “I don’t know…” he added. “All I know is I want to watch!” he told his friend as they both enjoyed a laugh.

“Looks like you owe Johnny fifty bucks.” Mike told Paul. He didn’t seem to hear as he was still undressing Serinda with his eyes.

None of this escaped Serinda. The trained agent could see their reflection in the glass of the sliding door. She already knew in their minds that they were pitting her up against the Sherriff. Studying the Sherriff’s body closely, she two was comparing herself to the beautiful brunette.

When the Sherriff was the clear winner, and the post-match celebration began, Serinda turned around catching the two men still staring at her body. “Put your money on me Johnny.” she told the two blushing men. “I would beat her like a redheaded stepchild!” she added as she slapped the binoculars against Paul’s chest and headed over to grab her luggage.

“I’ll show you your room.” Charlie said to Serinda with a huge smile on her face. “That was so nonchalant!” she scolded her male coworkers as she left to bring Serinda upstairs.

Serinda closed her bedroom door and sat her bag on the bed. Taking out her cell phone she went to the window and used the camera feature to check out her competition. A quick pinch zoom had the Sherriff and the Warden in clear view. She looks tough, she thought to herself. But if I’m to make a name for myself here and maybe take a tumble with the Warden, it might be worth the risk.

Just before noon the Sherriff and the Warden packed their things as Karen McDougal had defended her beach once more. “Come on IRISH, let’s head home and pick up where we left off.” Karen said, grabbing her man by the hand.

“I like the way you think!” IRISH added.

Unknowingly the two were under just about constant surveillance from the beach house. The horny men on the first floor that seemed to study the beautiful brunette’s every curve. And from the new DEA agent on the second floor. She too was studying Karen’s every curve for a much different reason. While the men looked on lustfully, she was looking for a weakness should the day come that the two would tangle. Yes bitch, you and I have a date with destiny. Serinda mentally promised Karen.

The next morning Serinda came down for breakfast. “Are you getting all settled in?” Charlie asked her.

“Slept like a baby! Thanks. I still need to unpack and get organized.” she told the only other woman in the house. Serinda glanced over and Mike, Paul, and Johnny were already manning their positions at the sliding glass door. The two women looked at each other, smiled, and shared a laugh at how easy these guys were. Now it was Charlie’s turn to look Serinda up and down. Yup, I just might have to put some money down on my sister here and get in on the action. While the Sherriff had proven herself tough to beat, Serinda was also beautiful and looked very athletic in her own right.

Just then the morning routine was broken when Mike’s cellphone rang. After a short conversation that the agents only heard one side of, Mike hung up and instructed everyone to gear up.

“But the Sherriff just got here! “Paul complained.

“Let’s go I said!” Mike told Paul getting him to fall in line. Mike turned to Serinda and told her “Why don’t you hang back and finish unpacking, we got this.”

“I’ll stay back and unpack her bags!” Johnny offered.

“Let’s go!” Mike told the agents as the four agents headed out leaving Serinda behind.

Serinda headed upstairs and started unpacking her bag. She stopped when she pulled her bikini out of her bag. Having heard she was being stationed at a beach house, right on the ocean, she knew that she had to pack one.

She walked over to the window and looked towards where the Sherriff had set up they day before. Yup, there she was in all her glory, and she still didn’t have a challenger for today. She used her phone to zoom in on the warden, glanced back over at her skimpy bikini, and thought Oh what the hell?!

Serinda slipped into her bikini and stood before the mirror making some last minute adjustments. So far she had only worn baggy shirts in front of her coworkers. They would get quite the eyeful if they saw how her massive D-cup breasts filled the swimsuit. OK Warden, I’ll be right there. Right after I wipe the beach with your bimbo. After one last confident glance in the mirror, Serinda headed for the door. I just need to challenge that bitch before someone else gets here.

Leaving the beach house Serinda gracefully glided across the sand as she approached Karen from behind. I have no problem jumping her and taking her down. Shame on her for not being aware of her surroundings! She reasoned with herself. But Karen was like a cat and sensed her approach.

“Looks like we have some fresh meat!” Karen told IRISH as she saw the beautiful DEA agent approaching her. The girl looked amazing in her bikini. She was going to thoroughly enjoy tearing it off of her for IRISH’s entertainment.

IRISH glanced over his shoulder in the direction that Karen was looking. “Wow!” he thought to himself as she had gotten within fifteen feet of the two. It was clear to both the Sherriff and the Warden what Serinda’s attentions were. And it was fine with both of them!

Karen stood and charged at Serinda. The newcomer held her ground as the beautiful brunette charged at her. The Sherriff figured that she would drop the new girl with a spear, like she had done too many other women who wandered onto the beach uninvited.

It became clear that Serinda held an advantage. She knew that she was challenging a tough, experienced, fighter. Karen thought she was charging at a novice as she was already planning on stripping the defeated woman for IRISH. The more that she humiliated her opponent, the more she enjoyed the sex afterwards. Was it her or was it IRISH? It didn’t matter to her; she was already getting damp just thinking about it.

At the last moment Karen left her feet having the newcomer dead in her sights. Well almost the last moment. You see there was still time for the beautiful DEA agent to side step the charging brunette. Karen knew she had made a mistake as she whiffed on the spear attempt. A mistake that was magnified when Serinda lifted a knee into the Sherriff’s belly.

Karen doubled over in pain as all the air was driven from her body. Things went from bad to worse when Serinda lifted her both of her hands high above her head. As Karen gasped for air, trying to figure out what had just happened; Serinda swung a double axe handled blow to the back of her head. The Sherriff collapsed face first down into the sand. “Holy shit!” IRISH cried in surprise.

“Holy shit!” came the chorus of voices from the beach house. There little call to action was all a ruse. Once Serinda had left the house they were back in their favorite stalking positions watching the fight. Of course there was some very expensive, high tech government surveillance equipment recording the event for prosperity. “I told you the new girl was going to kick the Sherriff’s ass!” Johnny said trying to sound convincing to his house mates. They all just looked at him in a dismissive way before returning their gaze back to the action.

As Karen wreathed on the ground holding her belly with one hand, and the back of her head with the other, Serinda followed up on her advantage by leaping on the fallen brunette’s back. Grabbing the Sherriff by her long dark hair, she ground Karen’s face into the course sand.

Serinda looked over her shoulder at the Warden. The look on his face was once of complete disbelief. But as she felt his eyes wash over her body, checking her out, she knew that she would be riding the muscular Irishman once she finished off his girlfriend. “Dominate!” she told herself. “Don’t let there be any doubt whom the better woman was!”

Leaning against Karen’s head with her full weight, pushing her face into the sand, Serinda used her right hand to pull the strings of the Sherriff’s bikini top. First she undid the bottom string, flicking the untied strings off to the sides. Next she brushed Karen’s hair aside to access the top string. A slow seductive pull soon had that one untied as well. Pulling up on the back of Karen’s hair, she brought the Sherriff’s upper body off of the sand, leaving the lovely brunette’s bikini top left behind still on the sand in front of her.

As Serinda pulled back on Karen’s hair, the Sherriff started to struggle to break free. The lovely DEA agent just rode out the storm, balled up her right fist, and fired three powerful blows to the side of the Sherriff’s face. The blows absolutely stung Karen as she tried to blink back her tears. “Holy shit! Our girl is kicking some ass!” Johnny yelled to his housemates.

“Come on Serinda! Strip off her bottoms!” Paul added.

When Serinda cranked back to throw another blow to the side of Karen’s face, the Sherriff started to rise in an attempt to throw Serinda from her back. This caught the DEA agent by surprise. She frantically tried to reestablish her grip on Karen’s hair to hold her dominant position on the prone woman. Her swing missed the intended target and instead passed under the right arm of the rising woman.

Karen suddenly cried out in pain. Serinda latched onto whatever she could get her hand on and in this case it was the Sherriff’s bare right breast. “You better watch out Charlie! The new girl fights dirty.” Mike teased the other woman of the beach house.

Serinda tried to hang on for dear life. She knew her sharp nails were doing some real damage to her opponent. But Karen was an experienced fighter. The beautiful brunette grabbed hold of the DEA agents arm, dipped her shoulder, and tossed the woman from her back.

Karen immediately clutched her injured breast and surveyed the damage. She looked down to see the angry scratches that the other woman had done to her. IRISH cringed at the battle damage and the pained look in his girlfriend’s face. Unfortunately for Karen Serinda hadn’t been thrown too far.

Using her training from the academy, the agent rolled on her shoulder and immediately came to a fighting position on one knee. She was pleased to see Karen still down on her knees, clutching her breast. With a smile, she quickly stood and closed the distance on the Sherriff.

Karen looked up too late when Serinda’s shadow crossed in front of her gaining her attention. Serinda planted one foot and buried the other into Karen’s flank. The brutal kick knocked the wind out of the Sherriff as she slumped over to one side. The lovely DEA agent looked over at IRISH as he had a concerned look on his face. “Don’t worry baby!” she reassured him. “I’m going to make you forget all about this slut.”

As the Sherriff made her way back up onto her knees, still clutching her side, Serinda set herself swing another nasty kick into Karen’s side. This one hit with a thud that could be heard back in the beach house. “This is going to be over quick!” Paul told his coworkers. It seemed he was a bit disappointed that Serinda was still wearing her bikini.

This time though Karen trapped Serinda’s leg against her body. Standing quickly the Sherriff had the DEA agent hopping up and down on one foot as she struggled to maintain her balance and pull her leg free. Karen lifted Serinda’s leg high before she swept the DEA agent’s other leg out from under her. Serinda crashed down on the sand hard getting the wind knocked out of her.

Although hurt, Karen knew that she had to follow up on the sudden change of event. Wasting no time she dove on top of the agent and started pounding punches into her face. Serinda was stunned as blow after blow struck home. Having taken some of the fight out of her opponent, Karen stopped swinging and tore off Serinda’s bikini top. This brought a cheer from the beach house as the gathered group of agents feasted their eyes on their coworker’s magnificent globes.

Looking down at the angry scratches on her own breast, Karen returned the favor by digging her sharpened nails into both of Serinda’s D cups. Pulling, twisting, and dragging her nails across the DEA agents massive tits had Serinda screaming in pain. Karen looked over at IRISH who was admiring her comeback. “Yes! The sex is going to be awesome today!” she thought to herself.

Still staring into her lover’s eyes, Karen’s nails left Serinda’s breast flesh. She now pinched down as hard as she could on Serinda’s stiff nipples and started to twist them as hard as she could. This elicited a primal scream from the DEA agent. “I should go help her!” Charlie said to her housemates.

“Don’t you dare!” the three men answered in unison.

Enjoying her opponent’s screams and gazing into the IRISH’s proud face, Karen’s day couldn’t get any better! The new girl had her in trouble early because she was sloppy. Now it was clear who the queen of the beach was… Karen still had no idea who her opponent was. And for Serinda, you don’t become a decorated undercover agent by being a wuss… Before Karen knew what hit her Serinda’s legs slammed shut around her injured waist. By the time her hands left Serinda’s nipples and began trying to pry her legs apart to gain her freedom, the lovely DEA agent locked her ankles and started to squeeze Karen’s midsection.

Serinda was all smiles! She flexed her powerful legs sending excruciating pain pulsating through the Sherriff’s body. The beautiful brunette began to panic as she felt like she was trapped in a vise. As much as Karen struggled Serinda was able to control her easily. The lovely DEA agent rotated her body at the hips, bringing Karen’s body crashing down to the sand sideways.

“Get your hand out of your pants you disgusting pig!” Charlie scolded Paul who was thoroughly enjoying the show. In his mind the only way that this day could be any better was if he was in IRISH’s shoes. The lucky bastard had a front row seat of the action. And the lustful glances that both women kept shooting his way almost guaranteed that he would play a role other than spectator with the woman who came out on top.

In desperation, Karen once again lashed out at Serinda’s breasts, latching onto them. Karen’s sharpened nails hurt, but it startled the lovely DEA agent more than it hurt her. Weathering the pain, Serinda just smiled and taunted the Sherriff. “Is that all you got bitch?!” she asked as she loosened her thighs only to tighten them once again as hard as she could. Karen had grown pale and was in a world of hurt. Serinda glanced over her shoulder to make sure that IRISH wasn’t moving on her from behind to free his girlfriend. Nope! He was enjoying this too much and she would be sure to reward him in another few minutes.

“Should I bring him back to the beach house or fuck his brains out right here with his girlfriend watching? That might be more fun and more damaging to the Sherriff’s psyche.” She thought to herself.

The lovely DEA agent turned her attention back to her trapped and wounded foe. "Should I really make her suffer or just put her out of her misery and get down to business?" She thought to herself as her gaze came back to Karen. What she saw was a blur of motion as the Sherriff snapped her head forward, head-butting Serinda right across the bridge of her nose. Serinda’s legs dropped to the sides as her hands shot to her nose. Karen followed up by driving her knee directly between the agent’s legs as hard as she could. Serinda had found a level of pain that she had never experienced before. As she lay on her back dry heaving, Karen relieved her of her bikini bottoms completely stripping the agent.

All of the agents back at the beach house cringed at the devastating blow. Their girl seemed just moments from sure victory but the tide of the battle had changed once more. Johnny offered to run out with an ice pack for their coworker, but they all knew that they could not come charging out of the undercover beach house. Nope, they would just have to sit back and enjoy the view of their now very naked coworker.

IRISH looked over at Karen with admiration. His girl had taken quite the beating but showed absolutely no sign of quitting. Instead, Karen dove on top of her fallen foe pinning Serinda to the sand. Before she had the chance to react, Karen inched her way up the lovely DEA agent’s body. As Serinda started to struggle, Karen dropped her large sweaty breast onto the agents face. The size and sweat help form a good seal cutting off Serinda’s breathing passages.

Darkness began to creep into Serinda’s peripheral vision. Her lungs were on fire and she truly felt that she was in the fight for her life. The lovely DEA agent was able to roll to her side. Karen rolled with her and wrapped her arms around Serinda’s head making for an even tighter seal. Serinda struggled to her knees, but this only allowed Karen to wrap her legs against Serinda’s midsection. It was now the DEA agent who felt the power of her opponent’s legs crushing her midsection.

Serinda fired flurry of punches to Karen’s injured ribs. It was just enough for her to turn her head slightly and draw a much needed breath. The Sherriff’s legs loosened ever so slightly, allowing her diaphragm to move, chest cavity expand, and much needed air to rush into her lungs. Showing an incredible amount of strength and determination, Serinda powered herself up to a standing position. Karen reapplied her crushing hold to Serinda’s midsection with her powerful legs, and squeezing for all she was worth around Serinda’s head. IRISH had no idea where Karen’s challenger was getting the strength from. By all accounts she should be unconscious by now.

Serinda’s body swayed slightly and her coworkers back at the beach house sensed the end for their new friend. She had fought a great fight but the experience and grit of the Sherriff was just too much for her to overcome. “Hey she did great! Even if she didn’t pull it out…” Johnny told his friends. That got to witness an epic battle and between the two women, the only remaining piece of clothing was Karen’s bikini bottom. The men thoroughly enjoyed the show, even if the Sherriff wasn’t completely stripped and defeated.

For Serinda it was a struggle just to remain on her feet. It had been a few moments since Karen first locked her up, and her last good breath of air felt like years ago. “The poor kid looks exhausted! She should just give up!” Charlie said.

With her tank completely on empty, Serinda tried one last trick before she succumbed to the darkness of unconsciousness. Her body blows were no longer effective in an attempt to gain her freedom. Instead she followed Karen’s curves down her magnificent body until they reached her hips. Grasping hold of bikini strings on both side of the Sherriff’s swimsuit, the lovely DEA agent would make sure that her opponent was stripped as well. “Fuck yeah!” Paul yelled as the last article of clothing fell to the sand.

Karen felt the sudden draft and wondered what had just happened as the cool ocean breeze caressed her now naked bottom. Serinda’s hands were on the move once again as they moved over the smooth skin of Karen’s bare ass. Karen panicked when she felt Serinda’s fingers slip between her legs from behind.

The gorgeous brunette let out a shriek when Serinda’s sharpened nails found pay dirt. She tried to clutch her legs together tighter than she already had been squeezing in an effort to hurt the other woman and denied her access to the Promised Land. As much as she tried to withstand the pain and finish smothering out Serinda, Karen knew that she couldn’t hang on much longer before she had to release the hold and get away from her attacker.

All eyes from the beach house and from the lucky Irishman were glued to the two very beautiful, very naked, women. This fight was about to hit a crescendo and still could go either way. Who had the will to put the other away for good? “What the fuck is she doing?” Mike asked nobody in particular.

Mike watched as Serinda arched her back backward taking the beautiful brunette with her. Was the Sherriff about to but their friend away by riding her down and pinning her to the sand? Just as they thought it was over for their new coworker, Serinda pitched forward, jumped in the air, and slammed Karen down to the sand.

The DEA agent rode the Sherriff all the way down to the sand. The brunette crashed back first a split second before her head smashed to the ground. Serinda’s entire body weight crushed Karen and drove all the air from her lungs. Her leg scissor and breast smother just fell away as she lay staring up at the sky. “What the fuck just happened?” she thought to herself.

Serinda knew she had to follow up on the sudden role reversal and it was now the DEA agent who dove on top of her foe. Before Karen’s pain wracked brain could process what had happened, Serinda drove a knee between Karen’s legs. “You tried with your pathetic, plastic tits… Let me show you what a real woman’s tits look like up-close!”

Sliding forward, Serinda dropped her large natural breasts directly on Karen’s face. The large sweaty breast made a perfect seal as they enveloped the Sherriff’s entire head. Karen had been hurt by the lovely DEA agent and now she was too tired and too weak to gain her freedom from under her opponent. IRISH just stared on with his wide open mouth as Karen’s struggles faded away as she just lye still under Serinda.

“Did you see that? I knew our girl had it all along!” Johnny told his coworkers as he slapped Paul on the back.

“Just look at that amazing site!” Paul said in response as hi binoculars were now focused directly between Karen’s legs.

“You have everything set on record I hope!” Mike asked his subordinates. They just gave him a look as if to say what a stupid question!

Serinda felt Karen’s struggles cease and held the smother another minute more to make sure that Karen was truly out. The lovely DEA agent sat up and glanced back to the beach house. She knew that her coworkers had only feigned going on an assignment and had surely doubled back to the house long ago. “Let me give them a show that they won’t soon forget!” she told herself as she started to stand.

Serinda lifted her lush breasts off of Karen’s face. She smiled as she stared down at the Sherriff. The brunette’s mouth was agape and her eyes just stared off in the distance. She lowered her nipple down to Karen’s mouth and teased her by circling her lips with the moist nub. “You don’t mind if I go fuck the shit out of your guy do you?” Karen remained unmoving. “Yeah, I didn’t think so!” she added.

The lovely DEA agent slid forward and grabbed Karen by the hair. Lifting her head slightly she brushed her pussy against the Sherriff’s beautiful facial features. “Maybe later I’ll give you a little taste of paradise.” She said as she ground against Karen’s face.

“That’s my girl!” Paul yelled at the brief lesbian encounter. “Wait! No! Go back!” he added when his coworker started to stand.

She glanced over at IRISH who looked stunned. It wasn’t often that Karen suffered a defeat here on the beach. Especially to a new comer! As the victor stood she seductively brushed the sand off her amazing body. Stepping over Karen, she began to walk towards IRISH.

As she approached she lifted her foot and placed it on his shoulder. With a playful push, she eased him down to the sand on his back. Next she grabbed the waist band of his swimming trunks and slid them down his legs. He didn’t say a word or offer any protest as he just glanced over at his slumbering girlfriend.

When the swim trunks cleared his knees, she straddled his thighs before taking hold of his stiff member in her hand. He was amazed at how soft and gentle her touch was after such a brutal fight. After a sensuous stroke or two she was ready to move forward. “I believe this is my seat now… There’s a new Sherriff in town!” she said as she lowered herself onto him. He didn’t get the last part, but at the moment he really didn’t care either!

“Maybe I should go check on the Sherriff!” Paul told his coworkers.

“You aren’t going anywhere!” both Mike and Charlie said in stereo. Soon the DEA agent’s respirations started to increase.

“Damn this is nice!” said the beautiful woman as she rode the Warden. Each of her male counter parts would have killed to change places with the lucky Irishman at this very moment.

“Oh shit! Look out Serinda!” they tried to call to their coworker, of course she could never hear them. As their coworker lustfully rode the Warden, the Sherriff sat up like the Undertaker from the WWE. Karen being the loving and caring girlfriend that she was, kindly just waited until the right moment. At first it burned just to breathe, but now she was just being courteous. She patiently waited until she recognized a familiar facial expression that she had seen on IRISH’s face many times in the past. Her man was done, now it was time to reclaim him.

Serinda felt the warm feeling of the Warden cumming deep inside of her. It felt amazing! And with her nosey coworkers looking on, it was even more satisfying. The best part was doing it in front of the Sherriff. Too bad she wasn’t awake to witness her riding her boyfriend and claiming him for herself.

With that thought she looked over her shoulder to where she had last left the Sherriff. “He’s mine now bitch!” or at least that is what she started to say. Her expression changed instantly when the Sherriff was no longer there. “What the fuck?” she asked as she rose off of IRISH’s rod and started to turn in that direction.

As Serinda looked on in disbelief, Karen had circled just out of sight of the agent. “Behind you!” the agents yelled from the beach house, but it was never heard by their coworker. Karen glanced down and smiled at IRISH who had the “Cat that just swallowed the canary” look on his face. He had no idea how long she had been standing there or how much she had seen, I guess he would find that out later if he was forced to sleep on the couch. The lovely DEA agent saw a long shadow on the sand in front of her and a chill washed over her. She spun 180 hoping to be able to put up a defense, but Karen drove a brutal kick right between her legs. No sound escaped the agent as her hands clutched her womanhood and her knees grew weak. As Serinda pitched forward at the waist, Karen circled around behind her once again.

Karen wrapped her arms around Serinda in a tight bear hug. The DEA agent’s arms were trapped at her sides rendering her completely helpless. The brunette picked up the agent and violently shook her like a rag doll. Serinda’s head rolled side to side like a bobble head. She was nauseous and desperately looking for a way to escape.

With no resistance from her foe, Karen easily lifted Serinda off of the ground. She held her there for just a moment before stepping forward and extending her right leg. As Serinda rapidly descended back to earth, her downward motion was stopped when Karen’s knee met the sweet spot directly between her legs. The lovely DEA agent just pitched forward and crashed to the sand.

Karen reached down, grabbed Serinda by both ankles, and started to fold the DEA agent in half the wrong way. She held the Boston crab until she was able to get the heels of Serinda’s feet touched the back of her head. Still holding onto the agent’s ankles, Karen continued the rest of the way over until Serinda was flat on her back with her legs extended up. The Sherriff bent down and grabbed the agent around the waist. With a grunt she was able to power her up onto her shoulder. Karen once again stepped forward, this time slamming Serinda down flat on her back. The agent’s arms sprawled out to the sides as she was completely motionless. Karen stepped down on Serinda’s belly as hard as she could before striking a double bicep pose for IRISH. Of course the beach house crew caught this as they hung their heads in disappointment. Their girl was so close to defeating the Sherriff!

The lovely brunette approached her guy. The poor Irishman didn’t know if he was in trouble or not. He was unsure of how much that Karen caught of Serinda riding him. She reached down, grabbed his hand, and pulled him to his feet. “This isn’t so bad…” he thought to himself.

Once he was standing Karen grabbed him by his still erect member. “Oh shit!” he thought once more. Leading him by his front handle, Karen led him to the water’s edge. He still had no idea what was going on as she led him into waist deep water. She suddenly stopped and started to wash him off. “Let’s get any remnants of that skank off of you! Let’s go home! Fighting makes me horny!”


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