The Very Best of Irish... So Far
Karen McDougal vs Gail

Karen walked into the room just as Irish got off the phone. ďWho was that?Ē she asked.

ďIt was my friend Wiffo.Ē He responded.

ďWhat did he want?Ē she asked as he didnít offer any additional information.

ďHe wants us to come up to Canada so you can fight a friend of his.Ē

ďPlease tell me itís Pam Anderson! Iíll pack right now!Ē

ďHe said it was a local girl from Toronto. Other than that he didnít give me too much more info. So I doubt its Pam.Ē

ďWell letís take a road trip.Ē Karen said showing eagerness to get back in the ring.

Karen and Irish arrived in Toronto and Wiffo picked them up at the airport. Karen cut right to the chase. ďTell me more about your friend who wants to fight.Ē

ďSheís 5 years younger than you, 5í 4Ē, pretty athletic, I think it could be a real good fight.Ē was his answer, but he didnít volunteer any more information than that. Karen knew there was more to the story than he was offering, but she still held out hope that it might be Pam Anderson. The fight would be tomorrow night so the couple had some time to unwind a little before heading to the gym that would be the site of the fight.

Karen and Irish arrived at the gym and the Playmate slipped into her camo bikini and it looked like she was ready to go to war. The swimsuit offered absolutely no protection at all, but in these types of fights that really didnít matter. And if the fight went anything like most in this underground fighting circuit, she wouldnít be wearing it for long anyway. The most important reason to wear it was the effect that it had on Irish. He would crawl a mile through broken glass just to see his beautiful girlfriend in it!

Karen came out of the locker room first. Bright lights flooded the ring but there didnít appear to be any other lighting in the entire gym. The Playmate stepped between the ropes and entered the ring. Irish was close behind admiring the view the entire time. As the two stood in the middle of the ring discussing strategy, they heard a door open across the room and looked into the darkness to see who the opponent would be.

As they peered out into the darkness they heard footsteps getting closer and closer. They still had no idea who was there until Wiffo slipped between the ropes, into the light. ďWhereís your girl?Ē Irish asked his friend.

ďOh her, she likes to make an entrance.Ē Wiffo responded.

ďIs this entrance going to happen soon?Ē Karen asked as she started to grow irritated with all the mystery and games.

ďAs a matter of fact sheís right there.Ē Wiffo responded, pointing to the side of the ring behind Karen.

Oh great! Karen thought to herself. Iím going to get jumped from behind before we even get started! The Playmate turned taking a defensive posture for an attack that didnít come. She lowered her arms slightly but remained on high alert as the other woman emerged from the darkness and stepped between the ropes.

Karen looked her opponent up and down as the light washed over the smaller woman entering the ring. It was obvious that the woman was shorter than Karen by 4Ē but would be a formidable challenger for the Playmate. She was dressed in black knee high boots, tight black leather shorts, and a black leather bustier that zippered up the front. But what really stood out was the shorter womanís muscular, athletic build. Karen would have her hands full if she wasnít careful.

ďThis is my friend Gail Kim.Ē Wiffo said breaking the silence.

ďIsnít she a professional wrestler?Ē Irish asked as the two women continued with the stare down portion of the match up.

ďYeah, I think so.Ē Wiffo answered his friend as Irish shot him a look of annoyance.

As the two women grasped hands to shake, the smaller womanís power became evident to Karen with the firmness of her grip. Not intimidated, Karen tightened her grip too. Gail just smiled and squeezed harder wanting to send a message to the taller woman.

Kimís dark eyes stared deeply into Karenís baby blues. Neither woman would loosen or release their grip; it was now a matter of pride. With the two guys arguing about if this was a setup or not, Gail was anxious to get things started.

With both women looking to crush their opponentís hand, never breaking her stare with the Playmate, Gail fired a solid left hook that thudded into Karenís flank. The blow hurt like hell and caught her completely by surprise. Karen gasped as she felt the air leave her body. Another solid hook to the exact same spot loosened her grip on Gailís hand. When the third hook struck home both women knew that the wrestler had the Playmate in trouble.

Gail never released her tight grip on Karenís hand. Instead she used it to twist the Playmateís arm behind her back as the smaller woman rotated into place behind her opponent. Gail grabbed Karenís right wrist with her left hand and lifted the Playmateís arm into a position high up on her back. She finally released Karenís hand with her right which allowed her to hammer home some devastating blows to Karenís injured flank with her dominant hand.

Blow after blow hit home and Karen could do nothing but to gasp in pain with each fist. Having gained control of the Playmate, Gail easily placed her shoulder into Karenís back and drove forward with her legs. It wasnít until Karen crashed breasts first into the corner that her forward momentum stopped. With the Playmate pinned in the corner, Gail changed her target to hammering a couple of straight punches into Karenís right kidney.

Karen was trapped in the corner and could do absolutely nothing to mount a defense. Gail just swung away at will softening up her opponent. Gail pushed forward and the Playmate slumped over the top turnbuckle. Giving her right hand a reprieve from punishing Karen, Gail swatted the taller womanís hair aside, and over her left shoulder. This exposed the top string of the camo bikini. A gentle pull at the tail had the top bow undone.

Gail lowered Karenís trapped right arm slightly to expose the bottom strap of the swimsuit. A gentle pull of the black string and that bow was undone as well. The only thing that held the garment in place at this time was that the material clung to the moisture of Karenís glistening sweat on her large breasts.

With a firm grip still on Karenís right wrist with her left hand, the wrestler grabbed hold of the back of Karenís head by the hair and pulled her off the turnbuckle. She didnít pull the Playmate back too far, just far enough to reach between Karen and the ropes to grab the bikini between the two bra cups. With a quick flick of the wrist, the material fell to the canvas, baring Karenís large breasts.

Gailís right hand once again grabbed Karen by the hair. She placed her shoulder directly between the Playmateís shoulder blades and pushed forward. Soon Karenís breasts came in contact with the rough material of the turnbuckle.

The Playmateís nipples had stiffened due to the cool air of the gym. They were now driven up as Gail leaned in, crushing Karenís breasts against the turnbuckle. Karen let out a pained grunt when Gail worked the Playmateís upper body roughly back and forth across the protective surface of the ropes. Tears welled up in Karenís eyes at the abuse that her pride and joys were being subject to, there was no escape.

When she was satisfied that she had taken the will to fight out of her opponent, Gail slid her hand over Karenís shoulder and started down her arm. ďWhy what big muscles you have!Ē the wrestler teased. ďToo bad they are all show and no go!Ē

After a playful squeeze of the Playmateís bicep, Gailís hand made it to Karenís side. The area around Karenís rib cage was tender to the touch causing the Playmate to jump at Gailís touch. It was also showing the early signs of some heavy bruising. ďUggghhhhh!Ē Karen grunted as Gail fired one more punch to Karenís side for good luck.

Gailís hand continued its southern journey over Karenís curves until she found the black strings that were tied into a bow holding the right side of Karenís camo bikini closed. A gentle tug on the string and the small triangles of cloth that covered Karenís intimate parts fell to one side baring their hidden treasure.

Karen nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt Gailís hand make it from her hip, around front to her taught belly. She tried with all her might to push out of the corner to free herself, but Gailís ring experience showed as she kept the Playmate hopelessly trapped against the turnbuckle. Not only were her breasts and nipples still suffering from the wrestlerís tactics, Karen soon felt the downward trajectory of Gailís hand as it slid over her taught abs towards her pubic area.

When the wrestlerís hand made it all the way down to the apex between the Playmateís legs, Gail curled her fingers between Karenís legs and gave a dominant squeeze. It wasnít harsh or too painful, it was more of a message saying I own you and there is nothing that you can do about it!

Gail leaned in and whispered in Karenís ear so that only the Playmate could hear. ďLetís give the boys a good show, shall we? Pain or pleasure? Whatís it going to be slut?Ē Karen wasnít ready to give up just yet and renewed her struggles trying to push out of the corner. ďIsnít that cute!Ē Gail said just before she closed her right hand into a claw over Karenís love mound causing the Playmate to cry out in pain.

Wiffo was impressed how his girl had been schooling the tough Playmate. Sure Gail was a professional wrestler but Karen was no slouch. Besides this was a NHB fight, not a wrestling match. He just wished that Karen had relieved Gail of some her clothes before his girl took command and stripped the Playmate. Speaking of that, the bikini bottoms still hung off of Karenís left hip and with the beautiful Playmate facing the corner, breasts flattened against the turnbuckle, the guy couldnít see much.

Suddenly Karen surprised all of them, Gail especially as she spun counter clockwise with her left arm extended. Like it had eyes Karenís elbow struck Gail directly in the temple. The wrestler released the Playmate and staggered backwards two or three steps. Following up on the sudden change of events kicked out with her right leg smashing her foot into Gailís face.

The smaller woman staggered backwards not knowing what hit her. Karen glanced over at Irish who was all smiles at the sudden change of events. Karen took a moment to gather the two black strings of the right side of her bikini bottom and retied them ensuring that they would continue to stay in place. Wiffo wasnít happy with this sudden change of events.

Karen didnít have a moment to waste before Gailís head stopped spinning. The Playmate ran past the wrestler and bounced off of the ropes behind her. As Karen came speeding back towards Gail from behind she kicked out her right foot striking Gail right behind the wrestlerís left knee. The effects of the move were immediate and devastating as the smaller woman just crumpled to the mat clutching her injured leg.

With Gail wreathing in pain in the center of the ring, Karen bent forward placing her hands on her knees taking a moment to catch her breath. This little bitch is going to pay for the earlier abuse that she dished out to the Playmate. Just a moment was all Karen would allow herself to bring her breathing under control before she walked over to the fallen wrestler and straddled the upper body of the fallen wrestler.

Before Gail knew what was about to happen, Karen dropped her shapely ass down on Gailís belly driving all the air out of it. The wrestler soon found out it was a bad idea to wear a bustier with a front zipper. The Playmate grabbed the top of the leather garment and with one swift tug had the zipper pulled down to Gailís waist.

The two sides of the bustier dropped to either side of the fallen wrestler baring her large breasts. ďNow weíre getting somewhere!Ē Wiffo excitedly yelled at the sudden sight of the second womanís beautiful body. Karen didnít wait long as she buried her sharply manicured nails into Gailís twin globes. The result was an instant blood curdling scream from the fallen woman.

Karen went to town inflicting as much damage as she could to her fallen foe. But for some reason Gail wasnít enjoying herself as much as she was earlier and didnít plan on staying in the bottom position for long. With Karenís free hanging breasts dangling invitingly right in front of her, Gail sunk her sharpened nails into Karenís breasts returning the favor. It was now the Playmateís turn to let out a scream.

Each woman bit in to her lower lip trying as hard as she could to not let her opponent know just how much damage she was inflicting. Tears welled up in their eyes as they tried to hold on as long as they could, make their opponent surrender, and release their opponentís painful grip on their own breasts.

Suddenly Karen felt Gailís grip loosen as she sighed in relief and felt the pain in her breasts subside. Of the two she was the more experienced catfighter and the fact that she held the upper position on her foe was working out to her advantage. Or perhaps it was something elseÖ

Karen could feel Gail squirming beneath her. As she turned up the pressure she felt like the smaller woman would be crying out her surrender at any moment. ďHoly shit that has to hurt!Ē Irish said to Wiffo who just nodded in agreement. Karen was really taking it to his girl now.

Still straddling Gailís waist and tearing apart her breasts Karen easily had the smaller womanís upper body pinned to the ground. She was feeling confident in the outcome for the first time in the fight. The Playmate allowed her mind to wander at just what she planned to do with the wrestler once she had finished her off.

But Gailís upper body wasnít what Karen should be worried about. Gail wasnít squirming beneath her; she was moving her lower body into position for her next move. RepositioningÖ ReloadingÖ Karen didnít realize this until Gailís knee found its mark exploding directly between her legs. Her mouth opened with a gasp and her tight painful grip on Gailís breasts was an afterthought. The Playmate was in a world of hurt.

Gail instantly felt the pain being inflicted on her breasts fall away. Waves of nausea washed over Karen. The wrestler couldnít help but smile as she looked up into Karenís pain racked face. Watch this! She thought to herself as she balled up her left fist. As Karen fought through the waves of pain radiating from the epicenter of the well placed knee, Gail let rip with a hard punch to Karenís already heavily injured right flank. The Playmate collapsed forward landing on top of the smaller woman.

ďFuck!Ē Karenís brain screamed as the messages started racing home from her bodyís pain receptors. Shifting to damage control mode her brain tried to take a roll call of the damage that had been inflicted.

ďHey rib cage whatís the damage?Ē

ďMayday! Mayday! Mayday!Ē Was the response from her battered side. ďIt fucking hurts like a bitch! Donít let her do that again!Ē

Karenís vagina chimed in with ďYou have no fucking idea what pain feels like!Ē While all this was going on, Gail reminded Karen that she was still in control of the fight.

Reaching up from under Karen, Gail grabbed a handful of the Playmateís hair and yanked her off to the side. The wrestler continued with Karenís roll keeping their bodies pressed tightly together as they changed positions. Soon it was the smaller woman who was lying flat across the top of the larger woman.

Gail lifted her body up slightly, up onto her elbows. Looking down at her injured foe she threw an elbow smash to the side of Karenís face. The blow tossed Karenís head to the side where Gail leaned down pressing all of her weight on her forearm. The results were Karenís beautiful facial features were distorted due to downward pressure being exerted on the side of her face.

Even with her face being mushed, Gail had to admit that Karen was a beautiful woman. Maybe it was time for her to show complete dominance over the Playmate. Still leaning with her weight on her right elbow, Gail rotated slightly, gaining some space between the luscious bodies of the two women.

Once again Gail sensuously passed the palm of her hand over Karenís abs. She held the position for just a moment enjoying the warmth of her opponentís body heat. Gailís touch lingered for a moment longer until she felt Karenís body shudder. Did the Playmate have a premonition of the very near future?

Karen struggled to get out from underneath Gail. The futile attempt just brought an evil smile to the face of the wrestler. She just pushed down harder on her forearm keeping the Playmate pinned to the canvas. With the threat of an escape by Karen neutralized, Gailís left hand was once again on the move.

Gailís touch was gentle as her hand seemed to just glide over Karenís tight lower belly. Feeling for the thin material of the camo bikini bottom, the wrestler took care to slip underneath the material and never broke contact with the skin of Karenís most sensitive area. The Playmate could do nothing to prevent the smaller woman from parting her lips, and inserting her fingers inside her.

Karen was repulsed and mortified by Gailís sudden intrusion. No matter what she tried, she couldnít force Gail off of the top of her. The wrestler allowed the Playmate to tire herself out before she full exploited the situation. When Karenís struggles waned, Gail smiled and began the humiliating stimulation of the Playmate.

ďNoÖ Please donítÖ.Ē Karen quietly whispered in Gailís ear as she pleaded with the smaller woman not to continue. The Playmateís breathing and pulse rate were rapidly on the rise as the wrestler brought her closer and closer to climax. Bringing Karen within a millisecond of an explosive release, the experienced wrestler suddenly stopped short leaving the Playmate sexually frustrated.

The wrestler looked over to where Wiffo and Irish were standing. ďI thought you said that this bitch would put up a good fight. Sheís worthless!Ē Gail complained. ďIím just going to have to beat the shit out of her for wasting my time!Ē

Gail stood grabbing Karenís hair as she did. She used the grip to pull the Playmate to a standing position. With Karen swaying on wobbly legs, Gail grabbed her by the arm and whipped her into the corner. The taller woman crashed back first against the turnbuckle. Before she knew what happened, Gail charged forward with her shoulder lowered. The smaller womanís shoulder crashed into Karen just below her breasts. The shot drove all the air out of the Playmate.

Grabbing hold of the black strings on either side of Karenís hips, Gail gave a tug untying both of them at the same time. The results were the thin material falling to the mat between the Playmateís legs. ďNow youíre talking!Ē and excited Wiffo called out at the magnificent unveiling. ďWell that was fun!Ē Gail teased her opponent who was left gasping for air. ďLetís give it another try, shall we?Ē

The wrestler backed out of the corner and grabbed hold of Karen by the arm once more. She easily controlled the Playmate as she spun, turned, and whipped her opponent across the ring. Karen struck back first once again as her body buckled from the impact. Not giving her opponent a moment to breath, Gail lowered her head and charged across the ring looking to score with another high impact spear.

At the last possible moment Karen lifted a knee. Instead of driving her strong shoulder into the Playmateís softened belly once again, she found out that the taller woman still had some fight left in her. The results were a painful impact with Karenís knee.

Gail dropped to her knees clutching her injured shoulder. Still with her back to the corner, Karen climbed to the third rope. Just when Gail glanced up, Karen leapt landing another knee into Gailís injured shoulder. The Playmateís momentum carried her towards the middle of the ring where she turned to face the wrestler. Karen remained on her knees trying to recover a little bit while the wrestler was now face down on the canvas, in the corner, clutching her shoulder.

When Karen had caught her breath, and willed the tingling between her legs to subside, the Playmate walked with a purpose towards her fallen foe. Grabbing hold of the two top ropes, Karen started stomping down on the wrestler. The targets were Gailís head, upper back, and of course her shoulder. The momentum of the fight had drastically shifted and Irish breathed a sigh of relief.

Stepping off of the wrestler, the Playmate grabbed hold of her by both of her ankles. Using them as handles, Karen easily dragged Gail to the center of the ring tits down. Not releasing her hold, Karen flipped Gail over so that she was lying flat on her back looking up at the bright lights.

Karen knelt down and crawled up Gailís legs until she reached the wrestlerís waist. The Playmate grabbed hold of Gailís tight fitting shorts and started to pull them down the legs of the smaller woman. Because they were so tightly fitting, this was no easy task. It took much longer and forced Karen to expend much more energy than she had planned. But now the smaller woman was flat on the canvas wearing just a pair of black boots.

Pushing Gailís knees aside, Karen crawled up between the wrestlerís spread legs. It was now Karenís turn to insert digits into her foe. The difference was that Karen was much less gentle than the smaller woman. She had three fingers inserted and was doing all she could to bring Gail to a rapid and decisive climax.

The wrestler had other plansÖ It seems the sudden stimulation was reviving her. As she began to stir Gail clenched all the muscles between her legs and seemed to trap the Playmateís hand in place. Karen noticed the developing issue when she felt her hand stopped the pumping motion and it started to cramp up. She looked up to see what was happening just as Gail was delivered a straight right punch right between her eyes.

The Playmate was staggered and as she swayed, Gail kicked her legs up and wrapped them around Karenís waist. Locking her ankles, Gail immediately squeezed with all her might inflicting tremendous damage to Karenís already injured sides. As the Playmate cried out in pain a broad smile crossed the wrestlerís face.

Karenís hands shot to Gailís knees as she franticly pushed down and tried to free herself. If she could just part the smaller womanís legs she hoped to slip from the vice like grip of the wrestler.

Unfortunately for the Playmate her efforts were proving to be futile.

Gail rotated her lower body by twisting her hips to her left. The results were Karenís sudden and unexpected fall to the canvas. Her head bounced off the canvas stunning her. The wrestler enjoyed the sight of the Playmateís eyes spinning in her head. When Karenís right breast hitting the mat, it caused both breasts to jiggle and gave the smaller woman a target to focus her next attack on. Reaching out with both hands she clamped the thumb and index finger of each hand tightly on the erect nipple of each breast presented before her.

The sudden squeeze and massive pressure being exerted on Karenís stiff nipples had the Playmate just about leap out of her skin. The great force of the leg scissor around Karenís injured waist was the only thing that kept the larger woman from gaining her freedom.

Karenís hands shot to Gailís wrist as she desperately tried to break the grip and pry Gailís hands free from her nipples. With a wicked grin the wrestler rotated her handsÖ Left hand clockwise, right hand counter clockwise, twisting Karenís breast towards the center.

The screams were loud, passionate, and instant as the Playmate howled in pain. Karenís squirms and struggles were renewed with a new found desperation. The wrestler used her powerful scissor to maintain control of the Playmate while she savagely continued her breast attack. Despite her best effort, escape was not forthcoming and Karenís strength was waning.

Gail felt Karenís hand leave her knees and fall to the mat. The wrestler released her scissor and slid out from beneath Karen. As she stood, Gail reached down and grabbed Karen by the hair. The Playmate felt herself being dragged up to her feet. Karenís legs were like rubber and if it wasnít for Gail supporting her weight by her hair, the Playmate probably would have crashed face first back to the mat. Using her wrestling skills and experience, Gail grabbed Karen by the wrist, spun, and whipped Karen back first towards the ropes. Before the Playmate could bounce off of them the wrestler charged in right behind her burying her knee deep into Karenís belly. As the Playmate grunted and began to double over, Gail fired the palm of her hand into Karenís chin, snapping her head backwards.

Karen grabbed hold of the top rope in an attempt to stay upright. With her breasts jutted out, the Playmateís tits were now Gailís focus with painful blistering slaps to the sensitive flesh. Karen didnít seem to have an answer to Gailís onslaught and seemed totally helpless as she hung from the top rope.

Gail took a step back and admired her handy work. Glancing over to the guys she enjoyed seeing Wiffo all smiles and the absolutely dejected look on Irishís face. With Karenís arms still hanging over the top rope, Gail figured that she would tie up the Playmate in the ropes and continue with a savage beating that Karen would never forget. Then she planned to toy with and humiliate the larger woman in front of the guys. Yup, Karen was going to be in for a long night!

The wrestler moved in and reached over the top rope and grabbed the middle rope. Gail pulled the rope up, stretching it looking to get it up and over Karenís arms, locking her in place. The Playmate could feel the rope brush against her and knew Gailís intentions. What she didnít know is what the smaller woman had planned for her once her arms were restrained. What she did know was that she wasnít going to like it and it probably was going to hurt like hell!

Gailís mind raced with her next moveÖ "Do I destroy her tits leaving them dangling as shriveled up wreckage? Do I work her body over like Rocky beating the side of beef in the meat packing plant? Maybe Iíll grab my strap on, step between her legs, grab her by the back of her thighs leaving her dangling by her shoulders. Then Iíll pound the living shit out of her pussy ensuring it will be months before she will even think about having sexÖ. I love that idea!" She told herself but in the meantimeÖ. "Yo Adrian!"

Out of the corner of her eye Karen saw Gailís broad grin rapidly developing. She didnít know what was racing through the wrestlerís mind; she just knew it couldnít be good. Fuck this! She thought to herself as she lifted a knee scoring a direct hit directly between the legs of the over confident wrestler.

Gailís mouth dropped open wide as she pitched forward coming to rest with her head on Karenís shoulder. What the hell just happened? She asked herself as waves of pain and nausea washed over her. While her mind was still processing what caused the sudden excruciating pain, Karen lifted a second knee to the exact same spot. The wrestler weakly staggered back. It was more of auto pilot than a planned response as her brain commanded her body to get out of the range of Karení knee. Karen still was using the top rope to keep herself upright, but at least she was getting a brief reprieve from the smaller womanís sustained attack. Her experience told her that she couldnít just stay there and allow the wrestler to recover. Her experience also told her that if she did, Gailís response would be very painful and decisive. With Gail out of the range of her knee, Karenís new weapon of choice was her right foot. The results were another direct hit between Gailís legs.

The wrestlerís hands shot between her legs as she desperately tried to massage away the source of the pain. With Gail pitched forward slightly, Karen changed the location of her target. The next kick struck the wrestler right on the point of her chin causing her to stagger backwards. It was now Karenís turn to glance over at the guys. The pride in Irishís face gave the Playmate a second wind. Drawing on the last reserves of her strength Karen forced herself to push off of the top rope and peruse her foe.

Karen knew that she had hurt Gail, but she also knew how close she had come to being the wrestlerís plaything. One thing she couldnít do is allow the smaller woman to go back on the offensive. Karen knew how close to defeat that she had gotten and she had to take advantage of the position she now had the smaller woman in.

As Gail barely remained standing before her, Karen decided to put her down and try and end the fight right now. With the wrestlerís arms hanging down uselessly at her sides, Karen decided if it ain't broke donít fix it! Going into a windup, the Playmate delivered a spinning kick to the side of Gailís face instantly dropping her foe like a sack of potatoes.

The smaller woman had landed on her left side and Karen used her foot to roll the wrestler over onto her back. The Playmate reached down grabbing Gail by each of her wrist and placed them on top of the wrestlerís belly. Running on fumes Karen took a seat on Gailís forearms, trapping Gailís arms on her belly, rendering them useless. Taking a moment to catch her breath, the larger woman contemplated her next move.

Karen felt the pain pulsing through her breasts and glanced down to see the visual damage that the smaller woman had inflicted on her. Seeing Gailís barley damaged breasts, Karen decided it would be time to pay back the wrestler in kind. Her next target had chosen itself! The Playmate began with blistering slaps knocking Gailís smaller breasts all over her chest. Karen kept this up until Gailís breasts were glowing red. With her arms trapped and the entire weight of the larger woman pinning her to the mat, the smaller woman could do nothing but absorb the punishment and hope for an opening.

When Karen was satisfied with the pain that she had inflicted on her foe, she sunk her sharpened nails into the tops of Gailís breasts and raked down leaving bloody furrows in her wake. The wrestler let out a blood curdling scream. The worst part, when the Playmateís nails tore across her sensitive nipples. ďIím going to fucking kill you!Ē the wrestler protested. Karen just had to smile at the veiled threat.

ďSure thing little girl!Ē was the now confident Playmateís response. Remembering the absolute torture that her own breasts endured while Gail savagely twisted her nipples, Karen decided that it would only be fitting to pay her back now that she had a chance.

Reaching down Karen latched onto Gailís stiffened, bloody nipples. She pinched as hard as she could just as Gail had done to her earlier. With Gail now squirming and thrashing beneath her, Karen began the same inward rotation of her hands that she endured earlier from the wrestler.

Gailís screams were now reaching new octaves and her thrashing had reached the next level. The wrestlerís bucking and thrashing had magnified tenfold. In desperation the smaller woman sunk her nails into Karenís bare ass. The Playmate felt the act of desperation but was determined to destroy Gailís tits. She counted on her adrenalin to ignore the pain as best she could and continued to dish out the punishment on the wrestler.

The wrestler was astonished at her southern attack wasnít having its desired effect on the Playmate. She could feel that she had drawn blood as it ran down her fingers. How is this big bitch withstanding this? Gail asked no one in particular.

Gailís fingers slid over Karenís luscious ass until her probing fingers found what she was betting on would gain her freedom. First one than the other of the wrestlerís fingers found the anal canal. When both fingers were in position, the wrestler started to plunge them in as deep as she could and to pull them apart stretching Karenís lower opening.

This both startled and created a new source of pain for the Playmate. It caused Karen to jump and lose her dominant position. The task of punishing the smaller womanís nipples was suddenly an afterthought. Karenís forward momentum had her ass crash down onto Gailís breasts, and her hands landed on either side of the wrestlerís head as they left her nipples.

Gail was ecstatic when she felt Karenís crushing grip leave her sensitive nipples. But she wasnít out of the woods yet. Karenís ass crash landed onto her injured tits, flattening them, and making the simple act of breathing extremely difficult.

She had to do more to gain her freedom! With the bulk of Karenís body weight off balance, Gail continued to push against the Playmateís ass as she set her feet flat on the floor. Pushing upwards caused the bigger woman to slide forward even further as the Playmate was just about to lose her dominant perch. Karen slid forward until she found Gailís chin slip between her legs. Still desperate to escape, the smaller woman came up with a new strategy.

The wrestler jutted out her tongue feeling it part the Playmateís labia. Karenís eyes grew wide as Gail plunged her tongue in as deep as she could. Karen panicked and tried to pull away. But before she could the wrestlerís hands shifted from pushing against the Playmateís ass trying to dislodge her, to rotating over her legs to the tops of Karenís thighs. In effect she had the larger woman trapped and in a very vulnerable position for someone who was rapidly approaching empty. Struggling with all she had left, Karen was in trouble!

Gail could feel the momentum of the fight shifting. Karenís attempts to free herself seemed to fade away. Soon the wrestler could feel the Playmateís hips thrusting in rhythm with her talented tongues handy work. Karenís eyes rolled back into her head, she tightly grasped her own breasts, and started rocking like she was riding a horse in the home stretch of the Kentucky derby. ďI got you now bitch!Ē Gail thought to herself. ďWould you just cum already?Ē as her tongue started to cramp from the extreme activity it was now participating in.

The Playmate knew the extremely dangerous road that her body was now barreling down. She held the dominate position and had done a pretty good job roughing up her opponent. She had been extremely close to losing herself. All she had to do is finish off the smaller woman, but here she was powerless to stop the smaller woman from completely draining her sexually. The experienced wrestler now had the Playmate in her crosshairs it was a downhill rollercoaster ride from here. The wrestler proved that she was not only tough, but very cruel as well! Just as the Playmate was about to experience one of the greatest orgasms she had ever had, one that seemed to start in her toes and raced upward, the wrestler suddenly stopped the in and out plunging of her tongue. Just as Karen looked down in dissatisfaction at Gailís sudden stop of pleasuring her, the wrestler clamped down on Karenís clitoris sucking the sensitive nub between her lips and into her mouth.

The larger woman was now the one who was howling in pain. The wrestler had brought her within a split second of an explosive climax, her sensitive area engorged with blood and stimulation, when she suddenly stopped. Not only was Karen left sexually frustrated, but it now hurt like hell between her legs.

On the verge of passing out, Karen fired a straight punch down into Gailís face effectively breaking the hold. Once free the Playmate rolled away from the wrestler looking to put some distance between them and to try and recover as quickly as she could. She would not be fresh again for the rest of the night; she just needed to by a little time and go right back on the offensive.

Karen crawled over to the corner of the ring and with great effort started to pull herself up onto unsteady legs using the ropes. Gail also needed a moment. The weight of the Playmate had been lifted off of her chest and she could now begin to draw in much deeper breaths with a whole lot less effort.

As soon as she could get her body to respond to commands, Gail rolled over onto her belly and forced herself up. First to her hands and knees, and then making it up to a kneeling position. Gail now willed herself to make it up all the way to her feet, assuming a standing position. It took great effort, but when she made it to her feet and turned towards Karen, she saw that the Playmate was just making it to her feet with the help of the ropes. The sight of this caused the wrestler to have a sudden pep in her step as she charged at the Playmate from behind.

As the wrestler closed within five feet of her foe, she left her feet and dove at the unsuspecting Playmate attempting to spear her, and trap her in the corner face first so that she could start working her body over all over again.

Call it a sixth senseÖ call it blind luckÖ whatever you choose to call it Karen stumbled in her attempt to make it to her feet. The results, as her body fell off to the side after losing grip of the ropes; Gailís body sailed right past where she had been standing a split second before. The results... The wrestler impacted with the corner post at a high rate of speed shoulder first.

Gailís body came to rest on the middle rope and turn buckle, face down. This presented Karen with a very inviting target as she started hammering away at the wrestlerís kidneys. Not that her punches had a lot left in them, Karen began to start pounding away with downward straight punches. Gail could do nothing but absorb the beating at this point.

Feeling that she had softened up the wrestler as much as she needed too, Karenís mind returned to the tingling feeling between her legs. The Playmate shifted her hips forward until their pussies brushed together. There it was! That tingling feeling between her legs! The Playmate held the wrestler in this position by maintaining her grip on her legs, just above the knees. This allowed Karen to hold Gailís legs fully extended, and parted wide enough to allow her access to the wrestlerís Promised Land. The larger woman began to grind her body against Gailís. Slow and sensual at first, but with increasing passion as their bodies began to heat up.

The wrestler wasnít used to be the submissive participant in an encounter such as this. But she had to admit that it didnít feel bad and she was heating up too! Unable to escape, she might as well enjoy it. Besides, Karen was the one expending all of the energy while she sat back and enjoyed the ride. She could feel some of her strength returning and decided to just bide her time until she had an opening to go back on the offensive and return to punishing the Playmate. From the guys point of view the fight was over and Karen had won. They just watched on as Karen was now dry humping the wrestler into submission. Imagine if the beautiful Playmate was wearing a large strap on? Imagine if it was Gail pounding Karen? Imagine if they were the ones enjoying the close encounter with the sexy wrestler? The guys were snapped back to reality when Karenís grunts and moans were reaching a crescendo. It would be all over soonÖ

The Playmateís body suddenly shuddered as she had a massive sexual release between Gailís legs. Completely drained of strength, the Playmate dropped the wrestlerís legs to the mat. Karen only managed to take a three or four steps backwards and just collapsed to the mat sitting on her ass. She closed her eyes and felt wave after wave of sexual energy draining from her body as every single muscle pulsed. It was a state of euphoria the only Irish knew the directions to. That was amazing! She thought still trying to recover.

Irish started to slide under the bottom rope to go over and congratulate his girl. It was a hell of a fight and more than once he felt that she had met her match. Gail was a tough and experienced wrestler and put up a hell of a fight. Just as his feet left the ground he felt Wiffo grab one of his legs and pull him back out of the ring.

ďWhere you going?Ē his friend asked.

ďWhat do you mean? Itís over.Ē Was Irishís reply.

ďNo itís not!Ē Wiffo said as he pointed towards the ring. Irishís gaze followed Wiffoís extended finger to where he saw a pissed off Gail standing in the corner of the ring. She didnít fight Karenís sexual attack, but rather to choose the time and place to get back in the fight. Unfortunately for Karen, that time and place had arrived.

Karen eyes were still closed as she just started feeling like her breathing and pulse rate were returning to normal. Gail just took a moment to look Karenís body up and down carefully choosing her next target. Should I take her head off? Maybe Iíll rip her tits off of her chest... She smiled and nodded to herself as she stepped out of the corner with her well thought out plan of attack in motion.

The wrestler had picked her target and left the corner towards the unsuspecting Playmate. Irish wanted to call out and warn her, but as if he was in shock, he simple couldnít find his voice. Gailís journey out of the corner seemed to be in slow motion to Karenís guy. But in reality it was only about two steps before she strategically planted her left foot.

The slow motion effect continued. Planting her left foot Gail fired her booted right foot for all it was worth. The point of the boot drilled Karen in her belly. Her normally taught abs were in a relaxed position due to the fact that she was still recovering from her massive orgasm. With the Playmateís deflector shields down, Gailís foot penetrated painfully, deep into her belly. Karenís upper body flew backwards as she crashed landed hard on the mat, her head bouncing as it abruptly made contact.

When Karenís body flew backwards her arms naturally flew with it. She landed with both arms above her head. Gail just looked down at the unmoving Playmate completely intent on humiliating her tenfold for the attack that Karen had just carried out while she was trapped in the corner. The wrestler knew that the guys saw everything and was out to prove that it was just a fluke, and that she was the better woman. Karenís body began to move ever so slowly. And pretty much the only thing that moved were her arms as it seemed to be pure reflex. Soon both of the Playmateís hands were cradling her injured belly. It hurt to breath and she truly had no idea what had just happened. Karenís eyes were still tightly clenched shut as Gail moved forward with the next step of her plan.

The wrestler stepped forward with a foot on either side of Karenís unmoving body. She sat down roughly on Karenís belly, trapping her hands in place. Gail now intended on taking advantage of the completely helpless Playmate. Reaching down she once again savagely grabbed hold of both of Karenís nipples. With no reaction from her opponent, the smaller woman twisted hard. In fact it was much harder than before expecting the Playmate to beg for mercy. When there was no reaction, Gail moved on to the next step. ďThis is going to be much easier than I had planned!Ē

Gail released Karenís nipples and slid forward. She was now sitting on Karenís breasts and looking down between her legs at the Playmateís angelic face. She only took a moment to enjoy the view before she was on the move again. Sliding forward even more she could now feel the warmth of Karenís breath when the Playmate exhaled. She slowly lowered herself into position coming to rest directly on top of Karenís nose and mouth.

The smaller woman grabbed hold of Karenís sweaty hair to make sure that the modelís facial features remained in position. She could feel Karen squirming beneath her as the Playmate struggled to breath. This was of no real concern to the wrestler as she was feeling pretty fresh and Karenís movements were just about nonexistent. A smile cross Gailís face as she was reminded of her favorite mixed drinkÖ ďThis is what I like to call a slow comfortable screw!Ē the wrestler called to where the guys were intently watching the action. "Fuck this bitch!" Gail tilted her head backwards, staring up into the bright lights. "Maybe this useless bitch does possess some positive qualities after all." The wrestler continued the slow grind until she felt herself nearing climax. Soon she was forcefully grinding away on the Playmateís face. Not only was she in desperate need of the sexual release, she wanted to pay back the larger woman for the rough treatment she previously received when the Playmate sought to ravage her when she was trapped in the corner. ďItís my turn now bitch!Ē the wrestler proclaimed loudly.

The only saving grace for Karen was the fact that she had slipped into unconsciousness do to Gail sealing off her nose and mouth with a now very wet slit. Suddenly Gailís body stiffened and began convulsing like she had just been struck by lightning. It was clear to both Irish and Wiffo what had just happened. There wasnít a cloud in the sky and the wrestler was the only storm front for 100 miles.

It appeared now that Gail was only holding on to Karenís hair like it was the horn of a saddle and she desperately didnít want be throw off of her prized stallion! When the wrestlerís body was completely drained of energy, amongst other things, the wrestler just sat in place until her pulse and respirations began to return to normal. Gail began to stand and it was clear that she was rising on some very unsteady legs. It took a moment for her to find her footing and get the circulation to return to her stems. I guess that Mick, Rockyís trainer, was rightÖ Women weaken legs!

When she was confident that her legs would hold her weight Gail looked over at the guys. Lifting her right foot she stepped down on Karenís large breasts, flattening them against her chest. The wrestler then struck a double bicep victory pose on top of the fallen Playmate. Karen couldnít have moved if she wanted to.

Irish and Wiffo had no idea if Karen was still alive or dead at this point. It wasnít until she started weakly coughing that Irish felt a little relief. Gail looked down with pride. The coughing was an involuntary response to the Playmate trying to clear the obstructions from her breathing passages. More specifically, Gailís sexual dischargeÖ.

When Karen started to show signs of life, Gail removed her foot from the Playmateís breasts, placed it on her side, and used it to roll the larger woman onto her belly. This revealed a whole new set of choice targets for the still angry wrestler.

Gail kneeled down on the backs of Karenís legs, pinning her to the mat. Next she reached under the Playmate, grabbing hold of her hips, and pulled backwards. The results were that while Karenís breasts and face were still flat on the mat, her lovely ass was jutted up in the air. Still wishing she had something to punish the larger woman with, Gail had to make do with what she had, her hand.

Still holding Karenís hips in place with her left hand, Gailís right hand slowly and seductively made itís was from her hip, over her bubble butt, to the space between her legs. Still looking to display complete domination over her foe, the wrestler turned her hand so it was now palm up and started to rub her fingers between Karenís folds. When the Playmateís body started to respond to the stimulation, the wrestler slipped two fingers inside her.

Karenís level of awareness was quickly returning. But in her weakened state she was unable to push forward with her legs to break Gailís hold on her hips and gain some distance to try and regroup. In Karenís mind she was still not out of the fight. If you asked Gail she would have a difference of opinion in the fightís status. Thinking Karenís struggles were cute and of no real threat, the wrestler increased the speed and depth of thrust of her probing fingers. For good luck the cruel wrestler added a third finger to the Playmateís humiliation.

Gail brought Karen to the periphery of another explosive climax. There is no doubt that this would be something that the Playmate would be unable to recover from. But the sadistic smaller woman made sure to stop just short and denied the Playmate the release that she now desired. Instead she withdrew her fingers from Karenís intimate area and placed her hand flat against the Playmateís ass. With a rough shove she sent Karenís body back to the mat.

ďWhat the fuck is she doing?Ē Irish asked Wiffo, but the host had no idea and had not discussed a battle plan with his champion. In fact he was just as surprised as Irish and now Karen that the smaller woman would suddenly stop the humiliating stimulation of her foe. And to be honest all sense of humility had left Karen long ago and she was looking forward to another orgasm at the hands of the wrestler.

Gail retreated on her hands and knees the length of Karenís body, down her long sculpted legs. When she reached the taller womanís boots she just grabbed hold of each of her ankles with the corresponding hand. Before she knew what was happened, the sexually frustrated Playmate felt her feet leaving the mat.

The wrestler didnít lift Karenís legs all the way up, just to about the height of her waist. This made it extremely uncomfortable as she started dragging Karen across the course mat towards the corner. It was comfortable for Gail, but since Karenís battered breasts were getting dragged across the mat I would bet that she had a difference of opinion on how comfortable her latest status truly was.

Gail continued to drag the Playmate until her own back bumped up against the turnbuckle pads in the corner of the ring. The wrestler dropped Karenís legs and slid out of the ring under the bottom rope. Once standing outside the ring, Gail once again grabbed hold of each of Karenís ankles. Using them the smaller woman flipped the Playmate over, flat on her back. Gail now had one of Karenís legs on either side of the steel corner post. Irish cringed at what was coming next.

As it turned out Gailís plan was not to bring Karen to climax in the center of the ring after all. Her plan had been to bring the Playmate as close to climax as possible ensuring that Karenís most sensitive area was completely engorged with blood. She wanted to make sure that she inflicted maximum pain and damage to her fallen foe.

The wrestler used her grasp on Karenís legs to center the Playmate as best she could. She wanted to make sure when Karen lifted her head and glanced down her body towards the smaller woman that she dotted the eye. And what I mean by that is as Karen looked down her taught belly and over her neatly manicured landing strip, the dark threatening steel corner post would be in perfect alignment.

Ready to punish her opponent and put her down and out for good, Gail fell backwards causing Karen to hurdle towards the unforgiving steel ring post at break neck speed. The wrestler held onto Karenís ankles for all she was worth knowing this was checkmate!

Gailís backwards momentum abruptly stopped when Karen crashed into the steel ring post. But to the wrestlerís dismay the Playmate had gotten her hands up just before the painful impact. This stopped the smaller womanís crowning achievement in its tracks. Still holding onto the Playmateís ankles, Gail glanced up wondering why the larger woman wasnít howling in pain after this devastating move.

Now sitting at a right angle with her legs extended, Karen fell backwards towards the mat. The net results were Gail being catapulted towards the steel ring pole when she failed to release Karenís legs. Rather than the pole impacting directly between Karenís legs as she had intended, Gailís head struck home at full speed. Gail immediately released Karenís legs and crumpled to the ground.

Irish let out a loud cheer as he witnessed what seemed to be an impossible move by his girl. This caught the Playmateís attention as she put on her best smile although her sweat soaked hair was matted to the side of her face. Brushing it aside, she knew that she had to get back on the move once more. The last few minutes brought her way to close to complete and utter destruction. Gail had put her down and rode her face. What would the wrestler do to the Playmate had she awoken tied up in the ropes or restrained using another method. The pain and punishment could last days.

Karen rolled under the bottom rope and used the ring apron to steady herself as she made her way to where Gail was lying in a heap. She started stomping and kicking away at the downed wrestler. There wasnít much to the strikes, but it was all she had left. As far as Gail was concerned it felt like she was getting hit with a sledge hammer.

Soon Karenís legs were feeling like lead and she could kick no more. She wasnít sure if Gail was going to recover and punisher her so she had to keep on going. The Playmate reached down and grabbed Gail by the hair. Using just about what she had left in the tank, Karen pulled the smaller woman away from the ring steps.

Either losing her balance, a trip, or just a stumble, Karen soon felt herself falling to the arena floor. And like Gail failing to release her legs earlier, the Playmate failed to release her grip on the wrestlerís hair as she fell. The end results were as Karen crashed down she pulled Gail on top of her trapping her legs beneath the wrestler.

When Karen fell, both Irish and Wiffo lost sight of the two women. They ran around to the far side of the ring to try and reacquire their front row seats as the battle continued. Irish was heartbroken when her saw Karen flat on her back with Gail lying across her legs. The Playmate was the first to start moving again and Karen was doing all she could do to pull her legs out from underneath the wrestler. Things werenít going too well and she was expending a lot of energy. Good thing for her was that Gail was still out of it.

The sight of the intertwined naked bodies of the two beautiful fighters was a sight to see. As she struggled to free herself Karenís large breasts were bouncing all over her chest. Neither Irish nor Wiffo were complaining about this at all. As the Playmate struggled, the wrestlerís senses were returning. She was moving slow at first, but she was starting to move none the less.

Rather than try and crawl up the fallen Playmate and pin her to the ground, Gailís struggles had her just roll off of Karenís legs as she sought something to grab onto and pull herself up. This was a very welcome turn of events for the Playmate.

Karen made sure to clear her legs out from under where Gail had just had her pinned. She rolled onto her stomach and pushed herself up onto her hands and knees. The ring steps were just feet away and Karen planned on using them to try and make her way back up to her feet. She started a slow methodical crawl to what she saw as her salvation.

Gailís attempts to make it back to her feet were not going well. Her hands slipped off the material of the ring apron and she was unable to maintain a firm enough grasp to pull herself up. The wrestler glance over her shoulder and the first sight that she saw was Karenís firm ass as she crawled away. Not knowing where she was headed and afraid to find out, Gail forced herself to roll over. In desperation, just as Karen was reaching the ring steps, Gail lunged out and was able to grab hold of Karenís boot. With a tug of desperation she was able to pull Karenís hands off of the bottom step.

The Playmateís heart sank. She was sure that if she could just get back to her feet she would be able to hurt Gail to the point where she wouldnít be able to come after her. Instead she felt the wrestler grasp her ankle and puller backwards off of the ring step. What was worse was she felt like she was caught in a Star Trek tractor beam as Gail pulled her closer and closer to where the smaller woman was waiting for her.

Karen was in a bad way. Once again she found herself being dragged tits down, this time across a course concrete surface. When she had pulled Karen close enough, Gail crawled up the Playmateís legs.

Reaching Karenís sexy ass, the wrestler sent a stinging slap as hard as she could against Karenís soft flesh. The blow wasnít too damaging on its own, but it certainly stung and sent a message to the Playmate.

The wrestler slid to the side off of the taller woman and reached down and grabbed her by the hair. Using this handhold Gail pulled Karen to her knees. Trapping her in this position, Gail worked her way around the front of the Playmate. With Karenís hair still wrapped around her hand, Gail used it to tilt the Playmateís head backwards, causing the Playmateís lips to brush up against her sex. Karen was now being forced to make eye contact with the smaller woman.

Were those tears in Karenís eyes? The wrestler thought. Either way the Playmate proved to be a much tougher opponent than any other woman she had faced in a catfight. She almost had respect for the taller womanís effort. But she had to make sure to send a clear message to any new comers. She especially wanted to discourage Karen from ever challenging her again. Both women were spent, but here the wrestler had the Playmate right where she wanted her.

Gail looked off to the side where the guys had taken up their new seats when the action shifted from the ring. Wiffo seemed to be beaming with pride as his Canadian favorite was defeating the American beauty. Irish on the other hand didnít seem as pleased.

The wrestler turned her attention back to the Playmate. While she had put up quite the fight, the battle weakened woman just looked pathetic to her. How dare she get in the ring with a professional wrestler? "Yeah bitch this is going to hurt you more than itís going to hurt me." Tilting Karenís head back for the death blow, Gail cranked her fist back ready to put the Playmateís lights out for the night.

Gailís fist started its downward trajectory intent on flattening Karenís nose against her beautiful face. This would surely end the fight. And not only would it establish who the better fighter was, but the smaller woman was intent on rearranging Karenís facial features to establish who the hottest woman was as well.

Not wanting to just sit tight and allow the wrestler to take target practice on her face, Karen threw everything she had left into an upper cut. Her fist struck the smaller woman directly between the legs causing Gailís fist to harmlessly sail past Karenís head.

As the wrestler staggered back half a step, Karen pushed forward. Her shoulders impacted with the wrestlerís legs just above the knees. The results were the taller woman continued her forward lunge dumping Gail onto her ass. Still driving with her legs, the Playmate toppled the smaller woman flat on her back. Both womenís bodies were glistening in sweat. The hot bright lights coupled with the deadly dance had both women completely exhausted with nothing left in the tank.

Karen reached up with both hands and grabbed hold of Gailís shoulders. Between the glistening sheen acting like a lubricant and Karenís remaining strength, the Playmate pulled herself up the wrestlerís body until she was directly on top, breasts to breasts.

The Playmateís larger breasts were flattening the wrestlerís smaller pair. In a battle of their magnificent mammarys, Karenís larger, firmer breasts had the clear advantage. Gail was in trouble and unable to get out from under Karenís body weight. Luckily enough for the wrestler was that Karen was in no shape to go on the offensive. Not daring to wait, Karen grabbed hold of Gailís hair and started pulling her body up against the wrestlers. At first her breasts inverted Gailís causing the smaller woman a great deal of pain. Her nipples were just about turning inside out as the Playmateís breasts continued upwards.

Irish, Wiffo, or Gail had any idea what the Playmate had in mind. The only thing that the smaller woman knew for sure was it was getting pretty hard to breathe due to the inability to expand her rib cage due to Karenís weight.

With great effort, Karen slid forward even further. If Gail thought it was hard to breathe before, she couldnít image how difficult things would become when Karenís large breasts completely enveloped her face. The wrestlerís breathing passages were now completely closed off between the Playmateís magnificent cleavage. Either of the guys would have loved to change place with the smaller woman at this point of the fight.

The last few feet of her journey up Gailís body completely drained Karen of all of her remaining energy. Having reaching her desired target and having the desired effect, the Playmate collapsed down in complete and utter exhaustion. At first Gail frantically struggled to get out from under the Playmate. But soon her valiant efforts died away and she drifted off to dream land.

Irish and Wiffo looked at each other, back to the women, and then back to each other. ďAre they dead?Ē one wondered as neither woman would be moving anytime soon. They both hopped off of the seats they had taken and rushed over to the two women. Irish lifted Karen and lovingly cradled her body in his arms. Wiffo sat Gail up and rested her back against his knee trying to revive her.

The two men helped their ladies back to their respective locker rooms. Afterward both guys and both women would claim victory for their side. ďKaren ended the fight on top! She won!Ē Irish argued.

ďDid you see the beating that Gail put on Karen? Did you see her knock her out and cum on her face?Ē was Wiffoís reply.

ďDid you see Karen grinding her in the corner?Ē was Irishís counter.

ďLetís see when the next time Karen wants to have sex after what Gail did to her pussy.Ē Was Wiffoís reply.

One thing was for sureÖ A new rivalry was emerging and both women vowed to tear apart her opponent the very next time that she had the opportunity. The panned dinner party was cancelled as both women nursed their injuries and plotted their revenge.