The Very Best of Irish... So Far
Fox and Friends

Carrie Keagan walking into the Fox news break room where her friend Lisa Boothe was already sitting at one of the lunch tables. Lisa never looked up as she entered. “Earth to Lisa!” she said to her friend trying to get her attention.

“Oh hi Carrie, sorry about that, hi Carrie…” and she immediately went back to the project that she was working on.

“What are you working on?” Carrie asked her friend trying to get a little lunch time conversation out of her coworker.

“They assigned me to do a one on one with Karen McDougal and I’m trying to get my notes together.” She explained to her friend.

“Let me know if you want me to take your place, I would love to mix it up with that bitch again!” Carrie said.

“Wait! You mean to tell me that you had a fight with The Karen McDougal?” She asked her blonde coworker as she was now surveying Carrie’s body.

“Let’s just say that bitch was given the pleasure of meeting my breasts up close and personal!” Carrie said proudly as she cupped her own breasts and lifted them up, showing Lisa her pride and joys. Lisa’s gaze was exactly where Carrie intended as the blonde’s dress seemed to be straining to restrain its cargo. “Karen got a firsthand taste of my boob sweat!” she continued to boast.

Lisa closed her note book and pushed it aside. She stared Carrie right in the eyes and said “OK, you have my undivided attention.”

“It was back in 2012 or so and I was doing a photo shoot with Sara Underwood. We were both dressed a superheroes. She was Bustice, and I was Power Girl. We were at the Playboy mansion and some type of party was going on, I don’t remember what, there seemed to be a party there every weekend.” Carrie began.

“So wait, you’re at a party, at the Playboy mansion, and you’re in a Power Girl costume?” Lisa interrupted.

“Yes, Power Girl… at first I thought it was completely odd too, but everyone was dressed kind of weird. As a matter of fact that slut McDougal was walking around in a lace bra and panties.” Lisa nodded in understanding trying to picture the scene in her mind and Carrie paused for her to keep up with the story.

“So I was hanging out with Sara and we seemed to be the center of attention. Let’s face it; in a building full of beautiful women, we looked the hottest! Anyway I don’t know what kind of history that McDougal and Underwood had with each other, but as soon as Sara saw Karen she lost her mind! One minute she was standing next to me, the next she was charging at Karen from behind. Now you know Karen’s reputation as a fighter and the fact that she had Sara by a good 5 or 6 inches. But I have to say, with the element of surprise in her favor, little Sara was definitely taking it to the bigger McDougal!”

“Wait!” Lisa interrupted, “I thought that you said that you fought Karen. So far it sounds like you were nothing more than a spectator.”

“Relax!” Carrie said to Lisa in a stern voice. “I’ll get to that part in a minute!” Lisa didn’t take kindly to be spoken to like Carrie just had. Standing at only 5’ 2” tall, she was now sizing up the large breasted blonde. Carrie was five years older than her and she fully planned on targeting Carrie's large tits. If she didn’t watch her mouth Carrie would soon find out that she too had been in a scrap or two. She had no problem testing her physical strength against Keagan.

“Like I was saying,” Carrie began not happy about being interrupted. “Little Sara had jumped the bitch from behind and started hammering away at her. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes! First the smaller woman was kicking ass, second nobody was doing anything to stop the fight. As a matter a fact, a crowd formed almost instantly and sides were being chosen.”

“Fuck her up Sara!” one Playmate yelled.

“That’s bullshit! She jumped her from behind!” someone from Karen’s camp yelled.

“Either way, nobody made an effort to break it up; they just formed a circle around the two women and cheered on their favorite.”

“After absorbing some pretty tough punishment, McDougal turned the tables and started kicking Sara’s ass. Many people accuse her of being on steroids; either that or that bitch just lived in the gym. Anyway Karen was now kicking the shit out of Sara and the very people that had no problem with her jumping Karen from behind were now protesting the size difference between the two women and how it wasn’t fair for Sara.”

“OK, I’ll ask again… How did you punish Karen with your tits? All I have heard so far was that you were just standing there like everyone else.” Lisa asked once again.

Carrie just glared at her and continued with the story. “I started to make my way through the circle of Playmates so I could pull Karen off of her. Now I had just met Sara so it wasn’t like we were good friends or anything, my only concern would be if Sara would be able to finish our photo shoot in the morning. My actions were clearly personal! Just as I grabbed Karen by the hair in an effort to pull her off of Sara, a few of the Playmates grabbed me and prevented me from interfering. Again, it was almost like two girls kicking each other’s asses was encouraged.”

“As I was held back, Karen did the exact thing that I was looking to prevent. She tore off Sara’s Bodice costume and started pounding on the small blonde’s belly and tits. Almost as fast as the fight began it was over. Karen’s friend escorted the brunette over to the bar to celebrate while Sara’s friends picked her up off of the floor and helped her back to her room.”

“So there I stood in utter shock at what had just transpired. How could this type of behavior been allowed. Well as it turns out hidden cameras were always rolling and there was a pretty high demand for the footage amongst the Hollywood elite. I reached down and picked up Sara’s costume off of the floor. Based on its condition, not to mention the bruises and probably a black eye or two on Sara, it was clear that there would be no photo shoot in the morning. That fucking bitch just cost me a lot of money!” Carrie thought to herself.

“I was seeing red! And now it appeared that my dance card just got freed up… Fuck that bitch! I mumbled under my breath, and headed over to where McDougal was standing.” Carrie continued.

Carried glare had returned. “I never said I kicked her ass! But one thing for sure was she absolutely knew that she had been in a fight! I bet a few of her photo shoots were cancelled as well! Now shut you fucking mouth or I will beat your ass for everyone in the news room to see!” Carrie didn’t wait for a reply from Lisa, she just continued with the story exactly where she left off.

“So I go storming over to where the bitch was standing with her slutty friends celebrating kicking the smaller woman’s ass. Hey cunt!" I yelled to her as I approached the group. "Why don’t you try picking on someone your own size!" I challenged. As she turned to face me, I threw Sara’s torn costume at her face as hard as I could. I definitely had the attention of everyone in the room at this point.”

“The costume hit her square in the face and seamed to just hang there. She reached up and grabbed it to pull it off of her face. For a split second you could see anger glaring from her eyes, but a second was all I gave her. I was now in full attack mode and just as the costume cleared her face, allowing her to see my advance; I blasted her square on the chin with one of the hardest punches I had ever thrown in my life! She just crumpled like a cheap lawn chair.”

“I was glad to see Sara’s friends had returned to the room after escorting her to her room and now the sides were a lot more even. As she dropped to the ground I reached for the gold rope that held my cape in place, and lifted it over my head allowing it to drop to the ground. If I was going to be in a fight, I might as well shed that and not give her the opportunity to use my own cape as a weapon against me.”

“The bitch just had started to stir; I think I might have even knocked her out for a few seconds. She rolled over onto her belly and pushed herself up onto her hands and knees. I just circled to her side, thankful for the new target that was now being presented to me. Just when she was about to rise I kicked her with everything I had right in her belly. God I love those blue boots! I still have them today!”

“Anyway the kick was so hard; she flew up in the air, flipped over 180, and crashed down hard on the floor. She just lay there flat on her back. She was clutching her belly, gasping for air, and her eyes were spinning in her head. My costume was kind of a white body suit. I brushed my hair out of the way exposing the clasp behind my neck. I undid it and peeled the body suit down so that my massive breasts popped free. You could hear the people gasp at their appearance. I was so hot right now my nipples stiffened with excitement! They were so engorged in size I probably could have cut glass with them.”

Lisa was now once again checking out Carrie’s massive tits. The fabric of her dress was straining to keep them in check. If we mixed it up would they be a weapon or a target to be exploited?

“Karen was still flat on her back and clearly not going anywhere soon. And I was about to make certain of that! With my massive breasts ready for action, I straddled her and sat on her belly assuring that she would be unable to use her hands, as her arms were now pinned beneath me. Her friends were now almost pleading with me that she had enough, but Sara’s friends and a quite a few others… enthusiastically urged me on. And they were about to get their wish!”

“I playfully slapped her face trying to gain her attention. Her eyes stopped spinning for just long enough for us to make eye contact. While she tried to remain defiant, I could see into her soul that she knew that her situation was dire. She tried to struggle which I found to be absolutely adorable. My unstoppable force was just about to meet the unmovable object, her pretty little face!”

“I see you staring at them… why don’t you give them a feel?” Carrie asked Lisa. When Lisa was slow to react, Carrie grabbed her hand by the wrist and placed it beneath one of her large breasts. “Go ahead… give it a lift to see just the kind of punch that they pack.” When Lisa didn’t respond, Carrie snapped out and grabbed her by the hair. “I said give it a fucking lift bitch!” the look of concern in Lisa’s eyes brought a broad smile to Carrie’s face. “Now picture them totally enveloping your face? I mean lights out complete darkness!” The blonde compelled her coworker. Lisa showed a new respect for Carrie and could only imagine what it must have been like for Karen. “Interrupt me again and you too could experience them first hand!” Carrie continued as if she was reading Lisa’s mind.

“I didn’t just lower my tits onto her face, I dropped them full force from the kneeling position. I could feel her facial feature distort under their mass. She was now in complete panic mode! But the fact that drawing a breath was now impossible and I had taken just about all of the fight out of her, the struggles could best described as just reflex movements. Kind of like when you cut the head off of a chicken… it still runs around until it’s over. And for this chicken it was over in a mere seconds!”

“Her lifeless legs just collapsed to the floor. She was out and there was a resounding cheer from Sara’s friends and Karen’s enemies alike. I kept my breasts in place relishing in the moment. I had just taken out one of the most feared women in the entire mansion! I just savored the moment. Not only were my nipples stiff as erasers, I now felt a tingling between my legs. I didn’t want this day to end… Just then I was snapped out of my trance as I heard the crowd chanting… At first I couldn’t make out what they were saying… but then it became clear as day like someone had just switched my hearing to high definition…”

“Fuck her up! Fuck her up! Fuck her up!”

“Well it became quite clear that everyone in attendance wanted a show, and who was I to deny the people what they want? I heard a very familiar voice and who was chanting the loudest? My new best friend Sara Underwood. It was clear that she wanted me to punish her nemesis.

“I sat up and pulled my body suit back into place and refastened the clasp at the collar. Karen didn’t move an inch and her face was covered with sweat. I took a moment to admire my handy work until she started to cough, kind of like someone who had just been pulled out of a pool after a near drowning. Bitch we are just getting started I reassured her.”

“I slipped off of her but I remained on my knees. Grabbing hold of her hair, I pulled her into a seated position. She was still not even close to recovering as I slid around behind her and took a seat with her between my legs. I had to hold onto her hair to keep her from collapsing. I now moved in close so that I was using my body to keep her upright. Next I undid the clasp of her lacey bra. Reaching around the front of the slut I grabbed it by the material between the two bra cups. With just a flick of the wrist I easily pulled down and off of her still lifeless arms.”

“I snaked my arms under hers and locked my fingers together behind her neck. Holding her in the full nelson allowed me to manipulate her body anyway I chose. I decided to press down hard, forcing her chin down into her chest, forcing her to stare at her own naked breasts. Using my legs, I kicked my feet up over her thighs, spreading her legs as far apart as I could. One party goer took the opportunity to drop down between them, camera in hand. Everyone knew that these degrading photos would soon be appearing in the private emails of many of the Hollywood elite.”

“Fuck her up! Fuck her up! Fuck her up!” the chants were back and louder than ever.

“Well Lisa, you see… my glorious breasts are not my only weapon. So I wrapped my legs around her slender waist, making sure that I was in real close, so that my muscular thighs could crush the life out of her. As soon as I locked my ankles together, and started cranking up the pressure, she just about jumped out of her skin. I could only imagine the wave of nauseating pain that had to be washing over her body like a tsunami! I rung her torso out like a dirty dishrag.”

“I saw motion out of the corner of my eye and my head snapped instinctively to see who it was. It was Sara… I couldn’t hear a word she was saying over Karen’s inhuman cries of pain. She bent down and grabbed Karen’s bra that I had discarded. She picked it up and lifted it to her nose. She inhaled deeply taking in the scent of the brunette. Did this originate with some beef between the two or was there some type of bent up sexual tension? I don’t know, either way Sara slipped into Karen’s bra and started to prance around like it was a trophy or something. We might have to have a talk of who the bra actually belonged to now… or maybe I would just be happy with Karen’s panties.”

“Holding Karen in the full nelson, my head was close to hers as I was looking over her right shoulder watching the show that Sara was putting on. I completely lost focus as I was now closely watching the little blonde’s impish, sexy, dance. The only thing that I could think of was that Karen must have felt my warm breath on her right ear; either that or she had extrasensory powers. While I was focused on Sara, Karen launched a kick that seemed to come out of nowhere and my head exploded in pain. I actually had to watch the tape to see what truly happened…”

“My grip on her arms had weakened and she was able to pull her arms free. Rather than try and escape, she grabbed me by the hair with both hands and dragged me forward. My neck was now on her right shoulder and she was squeezing down hard trying to choke me out. Looking at the tape once more it appeared that she was doing a damn good job! My face changed from red to purplish to blue and I felt darkness drifting in from my peripheral vision. I had to do something fast or I was done.”

“At first I frantically grabbed onto her right arms, sinking my nails into her biceps, and tried everything that I could to break her tight grip. I was clearly having no success as she fought through the pain and continued choke me out. Watching the tape you could see my eyes begin to flutter shut. That’s when I saw it.” Carrie continued.

“Saw what?” a now much invested Lisa asked.

“I saw opportunity!” Carrie proudly boasted.

“The only benefit of having your head trapped over the shoulder of your opponent was a clear field of view for target acquisition. Her naked breasts were bouncing all over her chest as she struggled to put me away. If I couldn’t break free by attacking her arm, it was time to move on to something else… something that would prove to be much more painful!”

“I have come pretty close to wearing out the tape on several different occasions… When you get to the next part on the tape, most people turn down the volume on their TV to the lowest possible setting… Not me! I turn the volume up to max and enjoy watching the tape in surround sound!”

“I have come pretty close to wearing out the tape on several different occasions… When you get to the next part on the tape, most people turn down the volume on their TV to the lowest possible setting… Not me! I turn the volume up to max and enjoy watching the tape in surround sound!”

“Karen’s body was covered in muscle. There were very few areas that would be vulnerable to attack. As it turns out her breasts were very sensitive and all the muscles in the world couldn’t help her right now. She was in a world of hurt as I savagely attacked her tits. You could see tears welling up in her eyes as the camera man zoomed in for a close up. Her face was a mask of shear pain as I dug away.”

“She let go of my hair with her left hand and was desperately clawing at my hands in an effort to try a foil my attack. It was actually kind of cute as it was totally ineffective and lacked anything close to the power it would have taken to get the job done.”

“The crowd was once again going wild. Even Sara stopped her little dance to seek out the source of Karen’s new formed pain.”

“Fuck her up! Fuck her up! Fuck her up!” the chant had returned louder than before.

“It seemed that more and more women were joining in. They were either Sara’s friends, Karen’s enemies, or perverse people who just enjoyed a good ole fashioned ass kicking. Many women were also jealous of the attention that Karen attained when she walked into a room. They were probably amongst my most vocal supporters.”

“I was no longer concerned that Karen still had her right hand sunk into my hair. I could now breathe easily as her powerful arms were no longer choking me. Sure the hair tugging was a bit uncomfortable, but the pure energy of the crowd had adrenaline flowing through every part of my body and I was now completely detached from the pain.” “Fuck her up! Fuck her up! Fuck her up!”

“Karen’s efforts to remove my claws from her breasts could be described as marginal at best. She was losing the war and we both knew it. With my mouth right next to her ear I began to taunt her. It wasn’t loud enough for the camera to pick up or for anyone else to hear but based on her facial expression I now wish I had said it louder for all to hear. It certainly would make watching this part of the tape that much more exciting!”

“I was now eyeing my next target. Sure destroying her tits was fun and all, but I think the crowd was starting to grow restless with the lack of action. My next move would bring her screams up in both octave and volume. That’s right, my next target that I had in my sights was the small piece of lacey fabric between her legs. Not only did I plan to completely tear it from her body, I planned for my claws to once again play a very active part in the attack south of the boarder.”

“I have to admit, the attention that I was basking in was like a high that I had never experienced before. I was kicking the ass of one of the mansion’s most notorious badasses. No, check that! I wasn’t kicking her ass… It was a complete an utter inhalation! I had the slut bawling like a baby. How could this possibly turn out any better? I asked myself. It didn’t take long for me to come out with an answer. I wanted her begging for mercy in front of all the other Playmates and for the benefit of those watching at home! Of course mercy was a word that wasn’t in my vocabulary and you could be sure that I would be giving no quarter!”

“She sensed that something was up when I released her left breast. I still hang onto her right breast, but I had let up the pressure as I planned on using my energy on other fronts. I placed my left hand on her taught belly and holy shit, this girl didn’t have a six pack, she had an entire case! A lot of good it was doing for her right now…” Carrie said with a broad smile. It was clear that Lisa was now hanging on her every word. The thoughts of mixing it up with the blonde had long left her consciousness. She wanted no part of being on the receiving end of Carrie’s fury.

“It was clear that Karen sensed the worst when she felt my hand on her belly and her left hand latched onto my wrist in a feeble attempt on playing defense. Honey it was first and goal from the one, I had the refrigerator in the back field, and I was about to jamb the ball down her throat! There was absolutely no hope for the home team.”

“My hand continued its southern journey over her belly towards her bikini line with her left hand struggling to stop my advance. It had no chance! And the destination of my travels ended when I latched onto the fabric between her legs. I pulled hard and the thin material disappeared into her slit. Her screams once again started as I could only imagine the pain, discomfort, and humiliation that she was now facing. While all of this was great, I wanted the panties gone allowing me complete and unobstructed access to my next target.”

“Fuck her up! Fuck her up! Fuck her up!” “The chant was growing louder again. Could they read my mind and know what was coming next? Or were they living their own repressed fantasies through my actions? I’m sure any number of them would have paid good money to switch places with me taking out Hef’s #1 enforcer with Sara clearly heading the list. Too bad… no amount of money would keep me from completing my mission… Hollywood history was possibly in the making!”

“Carrie Keagan was about to become a house hold name… Just think of the action movies opportunities that my performance would open up? Fuck, if Power Girl was going to filmed, it was the easiest decision in the world who would be the leading lady in the cast. Maybe a TV series would be better… Didn’t Michelle Lintel get to kick the shit out of Playmates on a weekly basis? Didn’t those no talent sluts always play the villainess in Black Scorpion? This was going to be great! I needed to get those panties off and finish strong!”

“I now let go of her right breast so that I could use both hands to tear her panties from her body. This also freed both her hands to try and stop me, but her efforts proved fruitless as I was a woman on a mission! I was going to tear off her panties if it was the last thing that I did!”

“I was doing a pretty good job… The lacey material had now completely disappeared between her legs and the waist band had stretched by at least double in length. Yet the material fought on… What the fuck was Victoria’s Secret after all?”

“She had abandoned the attempt at defense as it seemed hopeless. She once again tried to wrap her arms around my head and tried to compress my neck against her shoulder. That’s cute bitch! I whispered in her ear. I mean I felt the pressure on my neck and the slight constriction of my airway. But like a postman, nothing was going to keep me from my appointed rounds!”

“Just then the lacey material failed and there was an eruption of cheers from the crowd. The stretched out waist band of her panties hung loosely from her waist and the bitch’s pussy was exposed for all to see, not to mention I just gained a completely unobstructed path to my next target. I was about to shred her inside and out!”

“When the panties gave way I probably would have been thrown backwards several feet and landed on my back. Luckily for me the stupid bitch still had a death grip on my head and I didn’t go anywhere. The fucking slut was helping me destroy her and she didn’t even know it!”

“Fuck her up!” Fuck her up!” Fuck her up!”

“I was surrounded by a school of sharks and they clearly smelled blood in the water!”

“The position that she held me in gave me a great platform to operate from. With my head pulled down I was completely focused in on my target. It was a little bit of a stretch for my left hand, but my right hand enjoyed some pretty easy access. I reached down with my right hand grabbing her on the inner thigh of her right leg. I pulled it to the side opening up the bitch a little wider. I could now easily see the inside of her moist pussy. Was this kinky bitch enjoying this? Who cares! Everyone in attendance was especially Sara and I!”

“Holding her right leg in place I tried to reach forward with my left hand to start my assault on the beach head, aka, the Promised Land for many Horney subscribers of Playboy magazine. But by pulling her right leg wide, exposing the target, it also pulled it just out of reach of my left exploratory force.” Carrie said while all smiles as if she was reliving every moment of that glorious day.

“So like I said, her pussy was out of reach of my left hand… but her left breast wasn’t and I kindly reminded her of that fact! Actually I don’t think she was very appreciative of my efforts. Both her breasts had been completely tenderized during my earlier attack and the damaged flesh was not able to stand up to my renewed attack. If I didn’t know better I would have bet that I had broken the damaged skin as I now felt a warm liquid running across my fingers. Once again she was wailing away at the top of her lungs.”

“Fuck her up! Fuck her up!” Fuck her up!” “The crowd cheered in appreciation of me drawing first blood. These folks haven’t seen anything yet… Just wait to my right exploratory force get deployed into action!”

“My right hand slid down the inside of her thigh on its short trip to the summit of her woman hood. Boy was she in for the surprise of her life! I was about to reach in and latch on to whatever would cause the bitch the most pain… her about to start screaming her submission to me was clouding my vision!”

“Wait! What do you mean about to? Your vision was clouded? Did you fuck her up or not?” Lisa Inquired.

Carrie glared at her brunette coworker. “Maybe I’ll forget that we are friends for a minute and beat the living shit out of you right here in the lunch room!” and angry Keagan threatened her coworker. When her anger subsided Carrie continued with her story.

“My hand was in place and I gave her peach a mighty squeeze… I had her right where I wanted her and the future of my career was flashing before my eyes. TV, movies, Oscars, Academy Awards, Playboy Mansion Champion of Champions… I could taste it! And then….”

“And then what!” Lisa screamed. She was at the edge of her seat and needed to hear more.

“The bitch must have cheated, that’s what!” Carrie spat.

“She cheated? Did you go back and watch the tape?” Lisa pleaded for more.

“I released the squeeze between her legs. It was probably more embarrassing for her than painful, but I wanted to set the table and make her aware of what was about to happen. She had already felt the power of my punch and I easily dropped her. She also felt the overwhelming dominance and mass of my magnificent breasts. And she very painfully felt how strong I was and how sharp my nails were. She was about to be brought to a level of pain that she never felt before! Soon she would be screaming her surrender. This bitch was about to regret messing with Sara and fucking up my photo shoot!”

“I slide my fingers inside her ready to shred her insides. Then out of nowhere I was knocked silly. I had no idea what had just happened, and yes I had to watch the tape to see what had just transpired. It was clearly the turning point of the fight! So that is why I want the to do interview with her, no, that is why in need to do the interview with her!”

“OK, tell me the rest of the story and I’ll give you the interview.” Lisa bargained.

“The rest of the story isn’t worth telling!” Carrie insisted.

“No story, no interview!” Lisa said sternly. Carrie knew how much weight Lisa carried with management. While kicking her ass and taking the interview from the brunette would be easy, it certainly wouldn’t do much for her career with the network. Lisa could see the wheels turning in Carrie’s head and she knew that she had her at her breaking point. “Finish the story!” she demanded. Out of options Carrie gave in. “But this doesn’t leave this room!” she made Lisa promise before she continued with the story.

“Well as I was on my way into her with my claws, my head exploded in pain. She was still tightly holding onto my head trying to choke me, and stop my attack. As I easily did whatever I wanted to her I didn’t account for her legs. Held tightly into position she fired her right knee as hard as she could right into the top of my head. My mouth flew wide open as it felt like I just got smacked over the head with a baseball bat. My right hand fell away and she snapped her legs closed. The second knee to the same spot caused my teeth to slam together. I could now taste my own blood and was getting very dizzy. Everyone in the room knew that the momentum had shifted, nobody more than Karen and myself.”

“The fuck her up chant was now replaced with Go Karen! I knew she could do it! But the fight was still far from over. She let go of my head and slipped out from beneath me. At this point she was the only thing holding me up and I crashed face first onto the floor. I wasn’t completely out, but my limbs were not responding to my brain’s commands to get up. She must have taken a moment or two to regroup while I just lay there unmoving.”

“In the video you saw for the first time just how much damage I had done to her tits. I wouldn’t be surprised if she still didn’t have scars from the fight. If not physically, there definitely had to be some emotional scaring. She approached the first person she came to and snatched their drink from their hand. The poor girl protested until Karen glared at her and the girl backed away saying I’ll just get another one. Karen poured the cold drink over her damaged breast. The cold liquid must have felt good, but her face showed that the alcohol clearly stung her open wounds. The cold drink also caused her nipples to stiffen and she turned to face me.”

“A few women giggled at her sight, but none were brave enough to step forward and challenge her. And it was now I'm who would have paid good money to have one take a swing at her. Either to knock her out, or just to knock her down and buy me a little time to regroup and get back into the fight. I had her! I fucking had her! And she knew that I was quite capable of finishing her off. I wasn’t going to be another notch in her lipstick case… she was going to be one in mine! A victory over her, at the Playboy mansion no less, was sure to be the crown jewel for me. Unfortunately for me, the cold drink seemed to revive her, and she was pissed!”

“I was still lying face down as she approached me. Now she was the one clearly at the advantage as I had no idea where she was. That was until she did a double knee drop square on my upper back. Her knees hurt like hell, but what was worse was my poor breasts got pancaked against the floor. She swiveled to her right and took her place with a knee on either side of me, just above my waist. She must have seen my massive tit flesh oozing out from under my body. That was her first target of opportunity. I was down, hurt, and unable to defend myself. That fucking bitch started pounding punches straight down, crushing my overflowing breasts against the hard floor.”

“I still don’t think she had any idea who I was. This was my first time at the mansion, and prior to that I hadn’t done a lot of acting yet. Next she sat on my ass, grabbed me by my hair, and pulled me backwards placing one of my arms over each of her knees. I could feel it as she brushed my hair out of the way and went to work on the rear fastener of my body suit. She than began to peel it off of me like a banana. First one, then the next. Before I knew it the body suit hung from my waist just above where she sat. Now I had exposed my breast to the crowd early in the fight when I smothered her out, but now when I was stripped it was on her terms and I have to admit I really didn’t like it.”

“My arms were trapped and I was still too dizzy to fight back. She reached over each of my shoulders and slid her hands down each my breasts. I prepared myself for her to sink her claws in as deep as she could. I know that I would have if the roles had been reversed. If she had attacked my breasts I would absolutely destroy hers given the opportunity. But no, the bitch had other plans… she latched onto each of my nipples and used them to lift by breasts from where they hung. Now I don’t have to tell you that nipples were not designed as hand holds and they definitely were not designed to support the weight of the entire breast, especially not heavy hangers like mine! The pain was sharp as she lifted my breasts higher and higher. What the fuck did this sick bitch have in mind? It almost felt like she was trying to stretch them up and over my shoulders! To be honest, with the size of my breast, she came real close to doing it!”

“I was now the one who felt the warm breath of my opponent on my right ear. What the fuck was she doing? Looking at the video you can see an absolute crazed look in her eyes. She wasn’t able to get both of my breasts into the position that she was trying to, so she released my left breast and concentrated solely on my right one. Cupping my breast with her left hand to hold it in place, she released my nipple with her right. The pain subsided, but it was short lived. She now had my right breast tightly grasped between both of her hands, and it really didn’t feel good!”

“Out of the corner of my eye I saw that she had extended her neck so that her head was now next to mine. She squeezed her hands together, elongating my tit, so it almost looked like a torpedo. What the fuck was she doing? I now felt her warm breath as she leaned forward and her mouth approached my nipple. What was this sick bitch doing? Was she going to lick it? Kiss it? Suck on my nipple? I had no idea. Suddenly I let out a scream as she bit down on it, and sucked my nipple between her lips.”

“It fucking hurt like hell! My legs were useless, my arms were trapped… how could I stop her? In desperation I slammed my head into the side of hers. Now it was definitely not the world’s greatest head-butt, but I was able to get her to release her teeth and she withdrew her head back behind mine so she was no longer in my range. Fucking whore!”

“She released the grip on my tit allowing it to drop down in place, hanging from my chest. Why don’t you fucking let me up and fight fair! I taunted her, but after what I had already done to her, I don’t think that was in the cards. As it turns out the only reason why she released my tit was to free up her hands for her next attack.”

“She placed both of her hands under my chin and interlocked her fingers. She was soon leaning back exerting unbelievable pressure on my lower back. I heard screaming again, but this time it was coming from me! I think she felt she had softened my up enough and eased the pressure. Her hands moved from my chain to my hair and it was about to get a whole lot worse for me. She was now pulling my head back as far as she could. The pain in my neck and lower back could only be described as torturous.”

“Pulling down with just her right hand now, she kind of did a swim move with her left arm, bringing it down across my throat from the front. My head was now trapped under her arm pit and she locked in the headlock crushing my throat once again. I thought the pain couldn’t get any worse, but boy was I wrong! My body was being bent in the wrong direction and muscles and tendons I didn’t even know I had, were being stretched to their limits.”

“My body ached from the buildup of lactic acid in what felt like every cell. This bitch had me. But she was far from finished in seeking her revenge. Still tightly clutching my head with her left arm, it freed up her right arm and more specifically her right fist to start a new attack. With me bent over backwards, my massive breasts jutted from chest and the wicked bitch planned to exploit the opportunity. A fact that I was about to painfully learn. She hammered down on my right tit as hard as she could. Not only the impact of her knuckles hurt, but my tit was being stretched to its limits before snapping back up into place didn’t feel real good either!”

“Blow after blow found its mark as I was crying in pain. The only respite my right breast felt was when she moved her target to the left by several inches and it was now my left breast that was the target of her fury. After what seemed like an eternity, she finally stopped, leaving my breasts battered, swollen, and black and blue. What was once the source of great pride for me now hung defeated and deflated from my chest. She must have been cramping from holding me in this awkward position so she released my head and stood. Before I had a chance to crash face forward on my own, she placed her foot on the back of my head and forcefully helped the process.”

“I prayed that she was done and released all of her pent up anger. No such luck… Placing her foot on my hip she rolled me over on my back. She got to admire her handy work for the first time as she saw the damage that she had done to my breasts. She reached down and undid the blue belt of my costume. Soon she grabbed hold of my rolled up body suit that was gathered around my waist. I offered absolutely no resistance as she easily rolled the rest of the material under my ass, and down my legs. With her just wearing the waist band of her panties around her waist, I was now just wearing my tights and blue boots. You could tell by the look in her eyes this just wouldn’t do.”

“I was still unresponsive when she grabbed my tights and panties at the waist, and started rolling them down my legs too. I soon felt a cool breeze between my legs as the clothing cleared their most important area to protect and to cover for modesty. This was the first time that I had been exposed in public, and it was being done in a crowded room by another woman. I was completely humiliated and it had the effect of someone hitting my chest with a defibrillator if I were having a heart attack. I was now completely aware of my surroundings and could hear the chants of the crowd. But this time they weren’t cheering for me, they were cheering for Karen to strip me completely for their entertainment.”

“She reached my knees with my clothing but could go no further because of my knee high boots. Did I mention I loved those boots? The sudden obstacle that was thrown in her path brought her progress to a complete stop and frustrated her. I could only image what she had in store for me once I was completely stripped. When she had little Sara down and out she took a few liberties that the little blonde certainly didn’t appreciate. The crowd loved it, but that didn’t help Sara. Now I was dangerously close to the most humiliating night in my life.”

“I don’t know if she was just tired or just plain stupid, but it finally dawned on her that the tights were not coming off with my boots in place. When the light bulb finally came on, she dropped to her knees and went to work trying to remove my left boot. They were a bitch to put on, and when I cocked my foot within the boot I knew that it would be pretty close to impossible to remove.”

“She was completely focused on my boot and was burning a lot of energy in the process. I had gotten my second wind with the little break that her struggles offered me so I reached down and grabbed hold of the top of my tights. I didn’t plan on pulling them completely back on, well not just yet anyway; I just needed to get the rolled material above my knees. Her struggles had slowed greatly as we both were now running on fumes at this point.”

“She shot a quick glance at me, and seeing me still flat on my back she figured she had some time to play with. She took a quick breath, and went back to work on my left boot. I once again locked my foot at an awkward angle within the boot to ensure its remove would not be happening soon. What she failed to notice was the fact that I had pulled up my tights to about mid-thigh. With her still looking down, focused solely and getting my boot off, a let go with the hardest kick I could possibly muster at this point.”

“Speaking of points, that was exactly what made contact with the side of her head, the point of my right boot. She dropped to the ground like she had been shot. With her lying at my feet, I rolled to my right coming up to my knees. I grabbed the tops of my tights and panties and regained my modesty. I knew that I wasn’t in the best of shape, but neither was she.”

“She slowly made it back up to her hands and knees but she swayed, completely unstable. She saw me approaching her as fast as I could and also rose to her knees in an effort to meet my charge. While she stood flat footed, or flat kneed if that’s a word, I had the advantage of momentum. While it wasn’t the charge of a Special Forces operator my mass and propulsion easily bowled her over. We crashed to the floor and luckily I was on top!”

“Fuck her up! Fuck her up! Fuck her up! They chanted as new life was introduced to the rowdy crowd after the sudden change of events and they looked forward to more carnage.”

Karen let Pam up and the blonde made a beeline for the door. As she left the room she bravely spat insults at Karen and quickly made her exit. Karen feigned, chasing after her causing the blonde to stumble and almost fall in the process.

“I used my weight to try and keep her pinned to the ground and my hands went on a blind search for any target that I might be able to exploit. My left hand found her damaged breast and immediately went to work. My right hand slid down her back but was denied entry between her tightly clenched legs. No worries, I just sank my claws into her precious little ass and dug in for the long haul. The nail from my index finger found her asshole and I plunged it inside. Her little yelp was music to my ears. I suddenly thought I had a chance once more as she cried and squirmed beneath me. This was going to be good!”

“That’s amazing! “ Lisa said, “So you did win?” but she could tell by the look in Carrie’s face there was more to the story…

“Karen was in survival mode. She wasn’t about to just lie there and take the punishment. She too sent her hands out on a seek and destroy mission. While she was lying on her side with me on top of her, she certainly wasn’t ready to crawl into a ball and give up. She too had come dangerously close to putting me away and claiming victory. She too grabbed hold of my injured breast and once again set off to sink her teeth into them. I knew I couldn’t let that happen.”

“I withdrew my right hand from her ass and you could almost sense a sigh of relief from the bitch now that her tight little ass was no longer being violated. So I placed my hand on her left shoulder and I powered her over until she was flat on her back. She must have taken this as a small victory as her rear passage was now protected. But while we continued to inflict damage to each other’s breasts, my right hand traveled off of her shoulder and up her neck. I turned my hand so the my palm was on her chin and I started to drive forward with all I had left, pushing her head back at an awkward angle.”

“She grunted and gurgled and strained with all she had left. I can see the pain in her eyes. We were literally inches apart, practically nose to nose. As I held her head in place we still viciously attacked each other’s breasts. She kicked one of her legs up and over my left leg and clenched down on it with both legs, trapping it in place. Her legs certainly were formidable… But so were mine! My thighs were very strong and that was what exactly what she was trying to exploit. So basically it was just a stalemate.”

“She must have thought that she was making progress on the leg front, so I just let her continue to drain her energy reserves. I now moved the palm of my hand from her chin, to the side of her face. With the advantage of position, I easily just turned her head to the side so that her right cheek was now being pressed against the floor. Again, it wasn’t intended on being an overly painful attack, it was however very satisfying as her facial features were oozing between my fingers. You ready to submit bitch? I asked her and her response was the most hysterical things that I ever heard! I think what she meant to say was fuck you! But with her face mashed to the floor and all distorted it came out fumghha yhhh!”

“I don’t know why I found that so amusing, but I had a sudden tingle between my legs. Once again I was very confident that it was only a matter of time before she was begging me to stop hurting her. So just a quick update…. I was dominating her face. Our hands were just about a draw. She was giving just as well as I was giving her but she was using two hands to my one. I guess I did a better job softening hers up earlier. And for our legs, like I said it was just about a non-factor. She was doing everything she could to try and hurt me or distract me, but it was having little effect and that frustrated her. Time for me to win the leg battle as well.”

“She still had both legs wrapped around my left leg and I’m sure she was feeling pretty good about herself. Sure it would have been almost impossible for me to pull it free, but that wasn’t my plan. Instead I shifted all of my weight to my trapped leg and swung my right knee as hard as I could into her left thigh. She instantly let out a pained cry… I mean a pained ummmghh!” Carrie said with a laugh.

“Her grasp had loosened ever so slightly and I found my new target. I drove knee after knee into the injured area basically giving her a dead leg. Both her legs dropped to the floor and I had regained use of my other leg. Fuck her up! Fuck her up! Fuck her up! The chants were back again. Rather than go in for the kill, I decided to have a little more fun at her expense.”

“I shifted further up Karen’s body allowing me to shift more of my weight to my right hand, the one that was pinning her head to the floor. It also allowed me to lift my right knee up and I carefully lowered it so that it now pressing down on her little slutty landing strip of hair between her legs. She once again frantically struggled trying to throw me from my perch. I wasn’t hurting her, but we both knew that any moment my mood could change. If she though me hammering my right knee it her thigh hurt, we both could only imagine how one well-placed blow would feel, never mind what a rapid fire pummeling would feel like.”

“I eased some of the pressure off of the side of her head. Not enough for her to pull it free, but enough so that she would be able to be heard, very clearly, by everyone in the room. OK bitch it’s over and we both know it. Now in your sweetest, most sincere voice I want you to ask me to grant you some mercy. Well the stupid bitch didn’t know that she had no chance and refused to comply. OK have it your way! I said as I shifted even more of my weight between her legs. Tears welled up in her eyes once again. Now in your sweetest, most sincere voice I want to hear you beg and plead for mercy. And if it isn’t the most spectacular surrender the me and all of these nice people ever heard, I’m going to make sure that it will be weeks before you can even walk again. And as far a sex life, like a sorry slut like you even has one, you will need a calendar before you even think about using that nasty thing between your legs again. So what’s it going to be! I demanded…”

“In anticipation of her answer, somebody rolled a microphone next to her. Don’t ask me where it came from, but everyone anxiously looked forward to the most demeaning and humbling moment of Karen’s life and they wanted to make sure that it was preserved for prosperity. Speak! I commanded.”

“But rather than capitulation and excepting defeat she just stared back in defiance. And I have to admit, her icy blue eyes certainly looked menacing. I certainly didn’t want to let her back into the fight so I lifted my knee off of her swinging it back into a position to deliver a blow that would probably require a hospital stay. Is this stupid bitch this proud that she rather be knocked out than surrender? Oh well, it’s her funeral!”

“Most people looked away. They anticipated the bone crushing sound of my knee meeting her pubic bone. If she wasn’t knocked out instantly, you could just about imagine the sound that was about to be bellowed from her skanky mouth. Then there were the sadistic people and the absolute Karen haters… they didn’t look away but rather stared intently at the foreboding demise of their sworn enemy.”

Suddenly Carrie stopped telling the story. Lisa was on the edge of her seat… “What! What happened next! Finish the story! No story, no interview, no chance for revenge!” Lisa reminded Carrie.

Carrie reluctantly picked up the story again. “I don’t know how, but while I was staring her in her eyes the fucking bitch was making her move. When I reared back, my legs parted, and that fucking cunt latched on between my legs with her claws and dug in. The pain was instantaneous excruciating. My knee crashed down harmlessly next to her as she twisted her hand cranking up the pain.”

“I tried to fight through the pain and I was even able to land a few pretty solid blows to the side of her face. But it was almost like she didn’t even feel them! I shot my hand down and dug into her wrist with my claws. I desperately needed to break her grip. While I was solely focused on the pain between my legs, the crafty little bitch grabbed hold of one of my dangling breast once again. She pulled it down and lifted her head at the same time and bit down hard. It felt like my nipple had parted from my tit, but like a mad dog she wouldn’t let go. I was in big trouble!”

“Attacking me on two fronts, Karen used her grip on my tit to roll me over onto my back. This time she didn’t seek distance between us and fueled by pure adrenaline she continued her vicious attack. She kicked her leg over me and now held the high ground. She abandoned both claw attacks and instead settled for swinging for the fences. Blow after blow rained down on my face from alternating direction. I just prayed that she would wear herself out so that I could toss her off of me.”

“I don’t know where her sudden burst of energy came from but the tide had shifted once again and she was absolutely beating the shit out of me. She finally stopped swinging and stood up. Both my eyes were pretty much well on their way to swelling shut. Using her foot she once again rolled me onto my belly. From watching the tape, I saw that she picked up my cape and removed the golden rope from the top of it. She placed her knee in the small of my back and using the rope she bound my wrist together behind my back.”

“She went to my feet and grabbed hold of both of my ankles. Using them she flipped me over onto my back. Still holding them high, she stomped down between my legs. I was completely helpless as she ground her heal down into my wounded womanhood. She dropped my left leg and was easily able to pull the boot from my right. She slammed that leg down to the ground and picked up the other one, that boot too was soon tossed to the side.”

“Still holding my right leg high she started kicking my hamstring as hard as she could. She soon grew tired of this and dropped it to the floor. She was just about spent and soon collapsed to her knees between my legs. But in my current condition she really didn’t need much energy to finish me off. She crawled forward on all fours until she was able to grab hold of the top of my tights once again. And like earlier she easily began to roll them down my legs. But this time she had removed my boots and nothing stopped her from completely rolling them down my legs and off of my body.”

“So there I lie… completely naked in the center of the room with my wrist tightly bound behind my back. I could do nothing but stare up at the ceiling. The party continued and the guest just mingled about, stepping over me, or even on me. It was like I was the bear skin rug in the center of the room. Just another trophy in the game room. It wasn’t until the early morning hours that a housekeeper found me and untied me. With nothing to wear home I took one of the drapes from a large window and wrapped it around myself and headed home.”

“I still have that drape. I plan to use it as Karen’s burial shroud when we meet again. I have years of pent up anger towards that bitch. Anger that I am going to channel into the worst ass kicking that she ever succumbed to. So Lisa my friend… That is why I need to be the person to interview McDougal. Our ratings will soar when I kick her ass and strip her on live TV. I told you the story, even the embarrassing parts, so now the interview is mine!”

Lisa saw the look in Carrie’s eyes and knew that it would be highly unhealthy to deny her coworker her chance for redemption. “OK, just one stipulation and the interview is yours…”

Carrie looked at her crossly. “What!” she demanded.

“I want to watch…” Lisa said with a smile. The two women shook hands and it was set. It would now be Carrie who was the one who was busily preparing for the interview. But instead off burying her nose in research, she went to the gym.


Charlotte Sartre vs Sheena Rose