Monica Bellucci vs. Charlize Theron


Monica Bellucci vs. Charlize Theron
Born: Italy vs. South Africa
Height : 5' 8" (1.73 m) vs. 5' 9½" (1.77 m)
Measurements: 35D-24-35 vs. 36B-24-36

Milan 1994. Fashion week. Last day before Joe’s Galliano collection. All the top models are here, Claudia, Naomi, Elle, Linda and of course the Italian fashion diva Monica Bellucci. Since she is in her home town, the other models respect her. She will close the pasarella and she can choose any dress she wants. She looks at the list with the top designer, for her final choices. She is very impressed with a white mini dress with black and gold stripes.

“This! This is what I want. Yes!”

Joe looks at the dress and makes a grimace.

“Well… I don’t think my goddess, that this is for you. It’s not inside my top 5 gowns. Basically, I made it for blonde women, the opposite of you. I made for you my top creation, the emperor…”

“No! Forget it. I will wear the ‘emperor line’, but also I will wear this and THIS! I love it!”

“Well… as I said this is for blondes and I already gave it to…”

“You gave it? Wrong choice, Joe. Anyway, who has it, I will go to get it. Claudia, Elle, Karen? They can’t refuse me. I am in my hometown. And I don’t think that any of them have the guts to say no. Especially after their experiences in my hands. We must hurry up. You must open it up in the bust. The C cup has many differences from a D …”

“Well, she is not a top one. She is a young model from South Africa. She is still unknown but she had won the “face of the year” in her country and she will soon be a big name. She is an angel with long legs and B-chest, the right person for this dress. I will…”

“An unknown kid with no-chest? Mama mia! You must be joking. I will go to get it. Where is she?”

“My lovely Monica. Come on. Take this second dress and tell me how you want to support my emperor line. Please, I already promised it to her… she is so cute…”

“Cute!!! Joe, you must be drunk. You would prefer the not existant girl over me? Your muse? Come on buddy. Your promises were never problems. You remember last year in Paris… this blonde with the long legs and name… Adriana Sklenaricova… was the same thing. After our friendly discussion, I had the dress and she had a destroyed ass. Anyway what’s her name and where is she? We haven’t time. In 5 minutes... I’ll be back.”

“Charlize Theron. She is in 309B. But Monica, be gently with her. She is so young and fragile… Monica…”

But Bellucci was already outside the suite.

Monica is walking across the corridor, in a black colane mini dress and high heeled boots of the same color. “An unknown model. God, he must be crazy. I think that the drugs have destroyed his brain. But it’s a pity. I wish it could be Claudia, I miss humiliating her. Anyway, I will find my time with her. Now I must take this dress and hope that this kid will not cry at the first word. Well, I must be here, the dream is over for Miss Charleston… no… Charlie Ron… anyway, who gives a cent about her name…”

She finds the door of suite 309B unlocked and walks inside. In front of a mirror, there is a young blonde girl looking at herself wearing the white dress. She turns and is surprised from the invasion. The two women look and measure each other up for a few seconds.

“Hmm… nice gal! This jerk was right. She is gorgeous… and her face. Hmm… if I find time I will come back to play with her. But now…” Monica thought inside.

“What the hell? Who are… Mrs. Bellucci? Oh my god… are you… I…”

“Mrs. Bellucci? What do you mean, little girl? I am old?”

“Ooo…no… I mean…” Charlize felt some embarrassment “I mean… you are great… I hope one day I will be famous like you! You were my goddess when I started. I think all models must have curves. I…”

“Ooo… now I am fat also!!!”

“Nooo… I mean… you misunderstand me. I… ” Charlize is stuttering, and red faced from the shame…

Monica enjoyed playing and embarrassing the young models and especially, this blonde was an ideal target. But also she had other reasons for this visit…

“In another case, I would kick your ass, little bitch, but now I haven’t time to waste… So you have my dress. I think it’s time to give it back. Hurry up we haven’t much time…”

“Ooooh, no! You must be wrong. Mr. Galliano gave it to me. He sews it specifically for my body. He can explain that…” Charlize said and turn one more time to the mirror with Monica looking at her back.

Monica surprised from the naivety of Charlize, thanks her god for this lucky day. She was looking for years for a so sweet blonde to dominate. And now the god had sent this fragile angel. And Charlize had given her, all the reasons she wanted… She approaches Theron from behind…

“Look! It is a miracle! Tell me, I really appreciate your view after so many years in pasarellas. I … OOOOHH… what happens… oooh my hand …. What on hell…aaaaaiiiiiii” Charlize is surprised and screaming as Monica pulled her right arm and bent it behind her back. She leads the screaming in pain blonde across the room, then sits on a chair and puts Charlize over her knees. As she drags the white dress up and the panties down, Monica reveals a marvelous, firm, round butt. Impressed Monica began to caresses the white buttocks before she raises her open palm high…

“Hmm… very beautiful… Not like mine but better than Claudia’s. Hei… I know this! You’re the martini girl or better martini ass. Well this night has proved to beinteresting…” Monica said, before her hand dropped with force on her undefended target.


“AAAAIIII…. Ooooh… stoooop… wha… ooohh… aaaiiii…. My ass!!! Oooo… don'tt… ooo what are you doing… Stop… are you crazy… aaaaaaii…”


The sweet blonde is desperate because her ass accepted over 30 slaps, making this one of the most embarrassment moments in her life. The Italian brunette looks at her face, full in tears, by the mirror. Her palm is burning but the screams of her rival make her to continue…


When she finishes, Monica lets her victim dropped to the floor in front of her feet on all fours. Charlize is crying with sobs. She can’t understand why this has happened. She feels humiliation and her ass is on fire … Monica pulls and draws off the dress from the blonde’s body. She set her foot on her beaten booty and makes the semi naked woman scream in pain one more time.

“No damages… you are lucky. I haven’t time for something else. I think this spanking makes you understand that you never say NO to top models. There are rules. If you want to make a career, you must learn respect… little slut…” The Italian said as she investigates the dress. “It’s ok… so see you later… kid…”

She walks toward the door to leave but before she touches the door handle, Charlize rushes and grasps her legs. Monica dropped with Theron on her back.

“Youre not going anywhere, bitch. This dress is mine… you must kill me if you want it. You will pay for what you did… OLD BITCH…”

The brunette tries to react but Charlize is very fast. The blonde sits on Monica’s lower back, and pulls her neck and applies a camel clutch.

“Get off me little slut… oooohhmmfff… I …will… kiiiilll you… mmm… hhhhmmmbbbffff…”

Monica lets the dress go and tries to break the blonde's grip. Charlize throws the dress on the chair and cups Monica’s superior boobs. She begins squeezing them viciously. The surprised Italian is in pain and tries one more time to catch Theron’s hands, but the blonde is very fast. She changes her grips before Bellucci understands what happened. Now she catches Monica’s arms and drags them behind her and as the same time puts her foot on Monica's back. The surf-board makes the brunette’s bones creak and her gasp in pain. When she lets her arms go, the Italian dropped down with enough force, to send her xtra-large boobs crushing to the floor. Instinctively Monica rises to her hand and feet. She stands up and turns to face her rival. Charlize now is waiting with the hands on her waist, but her sensual face darted signs of fire. Monica is upset.

“You dirty bitch. You are finished…”

Monica rushed in from the front, but the tall blonde absorbs her vehemence, turns her body and sends Monica flying away. After rolling two times, Monica is on her feet again but now knows that she has a problem. The cute blonde is a tiger. She knows about wrestling, is strong, bigger than her and she refuses to hide.

Now they start to circle each other. With a sudden move Monica grabs Charlize's short blonde hair but the South African girl does the same. Both women begin to shake each other by the hair until the hairpulling changed to a double headlock, as both trying to drop each other down. One more time Charlize with her height advantage and her stronger legs takes the edge and both dropped down with the blonde on top. But at this point Monica, with her experience turns her body and break Theron's grip. Charlize, still in a headlock, feels the handle of Bellucci tights on her neck. Charlize slaps the back of brunette until in her desperation, she catch her buttocks and pushes inside her middle finger. Surprised, the Italian let's Charlize escape.

They stand on their feet breathing heavily. Monica can’t remember other fights like this. Her fighting spirit propels her against the sexy blonde. They grabbed each other by the shoulders and push each other. Charlize, stronger, pushes her rival steps back. But the experienced Italian reacts when her back hits the wall. She strikes Charlize knee first into the blonde’s crotch and after that, her chin. Theron doubled over in pain. Two kicks to the ribs cut her breath. Bellucci lifts Theron to her feet by the hair and applies a reverse bearhug. Tightening more and more, she squeezes the air out of Charlize. But Monica is also exhausted. She drops the blonde down, screaming, “Stay down bitch… I don’t want to hurt you… just give you up, ask for mercy and I will leave…”

The blonde is on her knees is looking at her with the eye of the tiger.

“You chose the wrong woman old bitch…”

Now standing face to face then entangle in a bearhug with Monica’s arms inside and Charlize’s outside. They tighten their grips until they choke their rival into defeat. Red faces, heavy breaths, moans and gasps until Monica’s hands slipped by Charlize’s back. The blonde felt the weakness of her rival and lifts her up. Monica's eyes roll back until her head, helpless drops on the blonde’s right shoulder. The fight was over. Charlize lets Monica dropped on the floor. Her Italian spirit screams “fight” but it is impossible. Bellucci has been beaten by an unknown model! Her royalty is over, and the big blonde was astride over her…

“My ass has opened a bill with you. You like it? So eat it!”

Charlize’s firm butt landed on Monica’s face. As her breath is cut her brain parades all the dominated models… Claudia, Rebecca, Karen, Linda… all with ironic smiles. “It’s time for retirement old bitch. There is a new queen in town. You were destroyed by a kid!” With these confused thoughts Monica passed out.

“Wake up old bitch… time to go away…” the fresh water in her face, makes Monica open her eyes.

“What happens?... Where I am?... Ooh shit… my head is… what on hell!”

A gorgeous blonde woman is standing over her and shaking a strap on dildo. Monica's memories come back like “déjà vu” …the dress, the blonde, the beating…

“Oooh shit, she opened my bag…”

“What in hell is this? It writes “blonde’s ass punisher”… Claudia, Elle, Rebecca, Karen… you old bitch must be sick. You are an old, Psycho, pathetic freak… you are lucky that I don’t want to participate to your sick games, although I have a good opportunity to take revenge for the blondes. Anyway I make a douse. If I find you here when I finish, I will think it again…”

She throws the dildo on Monica’s body and goes into the bathroom. Monica stayed confused with her hand covering her face. This gal is more the nemesis for her arrogance. But she can’t run away. She takes off her dress and the boots, and now she is only in her black underwear. "Think", Monica said to herself. “She is tough young and inexperienced. I need intelligence, coolness and over all perversity…”

Charlize gets out after 15 minutes and is dressed in white satin lingerie. Monica's punch found Theron in her lower back. Falling down to her knees, Charlize accepted the second fist on her chin. Down on her back, Theron sees the foot of the brunette going to her crotch. Dazzled but flexible Charlize catches Monica's foot and pushes it back. Monica lands on her ass. Both rise to their feet, and look at each other.

“Yee… my poor old bitch. You need another beating. Okay, but this time, there is no mercy for your fat ass… old bitch!”

Monica throws a chair at Charlize. She drives it back, but the Italian takes the opportunity and jump on her. Both women are entangled and rolling on the floor then stopped on their sides. Monica now knows the abilities of blonde. She begins slapping her and rolls to the other side. On their knees they entangled again with vicious hairpooling. But Monica has the advantage at this since the blonde's short blonde hair moves Charlize’s head right and left, back and forth, easier. Bellucci unbalances her rival and tries to pin her. But the blonde warrior gained the second advantage by rolling until she sits on her belly. She cups Monica's big boobs and claws them. Monica desperate, from the pain, kicked her legs and bucked her hips to unseat Theron. She succeeds, and the blonde hits the wall with her head. Monica grasps the dazzled blonde by the hair and drives her face on the edge of bed. With a fast full nelson Monica forces her face into a soft pillow. Charlize feels the air passage closed and starts in panic to squirm and kick. But it is not use. At least, her last effort succeeds to bend her arms and push Monica’s chin back. Monica's grip breaks but the brunette has still the advantage by being behind the blonde.

She drags Theron into the middle of the room. The Italian grabs her by the neck and tries sending her to sleep with a dragon sleeper. But Charlize, an ex ballerina, kicks the side of her face, right on Monica’s temple. Now both are dazzled from the hard hits. As they rise to their feet Charlize applies a reverse bearhug on her rival and with her strong biceps, flattens the Italian's breasts, as much as possible. She pushes with her crotch aginst Monica’s superior firm butt until she feels the brunette’s body become helpless. Then she lets her drop like a sack of potatoes. Theron wraps up her strong legs around Monica’s waist and locks her ankles. Now the big brunette is traveling in a world of pain. The world of Charlize’s leg scissor. She can’t move, she can’t breathe. But she succeeds in landing a punch on blonde’s chest. Charlize screaming but simultaneously tightens her scissor. The pain makes Monica sends more punches until she feels Theron's legs open. Both girls roll apart on different sides.

They start to rise and stand with their hands on the knees. Both exhausted ladies breathe heavily as they study their final move. Monica extends her hands, a last challenge to test strength. Charlize accepts the challenge. Hands locked, hard breaths, wrists bend back and forth, and biceps are pushed to their limits, but this time Bellucci refuses to go back. She lifts one leg as their bodies meet each other. In their private contest Monica’s super boobs engulf the perky blonde's pair at the same time her nipples tortures Theron’s sensitive pair. But one more time Mother Nature send her orders, and the stronger woman bends her opponent's arms back. The Italian tries to resist but Charlize leads her arms behind her back and keep them locked. As her hug tightens Monica feels that the end is coming. She dropped to her back with the blonde woman upon her. When Charlize felt her rival’s body go limp, she breaks the grip. She is standing, on her knees, over her beaten rival. Charlize grabs Monica's big boobs and start to squeeze them. The moans of Italian make her do it harder and harder. But then Monica’s legs close, with the sexy blonde’s waist inside them! The experienced brunette uses her rival’s specialty. Charlize is surprised but before she understands what is happening, Monica’s hands close behind her head and pull it down inside her deep cleavage. And this is HER specialty. As the blonde is trapped inside her hug, Monica turns her body until she puts her rival under her. Charlize now knows her big mistake but is unable to react. Desperately she is kicking wildly on the floor and sends hard punches into Bellucci's ribs.

"Unnggh… mmmmmmm… mpffffffmmm… anghhhh…..mmmmm…”

Monica feels thunderous punches hitting her body. But she knows that if she loses her grip it’s all over. The younger girl will overwhelm her. But the time is at a end for the gorgeous blonde. As time goes past Charlize’s hits are losing power, until they became first slaps and after just pushes. With the air passages blocked the pretty girl feels dazzled. Her tears are lost in Monica’s boobs. The Italian goddess feels Charlize’s body unmoving but she keeps the smother a little more. In full emergency she loosens her grip just a little to check the blonde. But it isn’t necessary. The taller woman has passed out. Her eyes are closed and her arms are lifeless. Monica sits on her belly and takes some deep breathes. Her body is in pain, but in full ecstasy she raises her hands in the air screaming in victory. She is waiting to find her power and starts slapping Charlize’s face. The blonde's head is going right and left until her eyes begin to open. The dazzled blonde see her brunette conqueror sitting on top of her.

“Good morning sleeping beauty… how do you feel? Are you ready for your humiliation? I beat you bitch! Give up?”

“What happens… oooh… I … oooh… I …fuck of …oooh… old bitch…my head…”

“Just say the fucking words slut. I GIVE UP and ask mercy or I screw you…”

“Never give up… fuck of…”

Monica can’t accept it. She changes her position and put her round ass on Charlize’s face.

“Alright… you wanted it. Take a look of the top buttocks in the fashion world… and sweet dreams… little slut!”

“Oooh NOOOO… not again..ooohmmmmmffffnnn… don’tttttmmfff… stopppphhh…mmm…"

For second time this night the blonde feels the air stopped. She can’t breathe. She kicks her feet panicky on the wooden floor and in the air, but it’s no use. Monica waits to feel her rival become unmoving but keeps her smothered. She starts moving back and forth. Charlize’s face and the victorious ecstasy gives her a great orgasm. But her blood is still burning. She turns over her unconscious rival, sits on her back and gives her the second hard spanking. But Charlize was already far away. Only her moans show signs of life. This calms Monica. She lifts her rival to her feet by her armpits and puts her on her right shoulder. Throw her on the bend and sits on her belly...

The second round of slaps wakes the beauty blonde.

“I can waiste all night here, beating and humiliating you. You must say these fucking words. In a different case I would fuck you until your ass bleeds. So…”

Charlize looks at her dominator with a wild gaze wild. She is out, but with a last effort she liberates her hands and tries to unseat her. Surprised the Italian beauty wraps her wrist and tries to re-pin her. The fight is short because the blonde is weakened from the smothers, she stops resisting and Monica forces her arms down under her knees. She tightens Charlize’s nose with her fingers and pull her hair down with her left hand. Tears are running down Theron’s cheeks. She is beaten, weak, humiliated and over all she is unable to fighting more.

“Give up bitch…”


Monica is surprised by this girl. She is really tough. She never before met someone like her. She is totally beaten and defeated but she continues with her resistance… she is crying like a little girl but she doesn’t surrender….

“Why you are so stupid? A mule head… little slut?”

“I am from South Africa old slut…guhh… in my homeland you can die… sniff… but never give up… so… gguhhh… you win… do your sick habits, take the fucking dress and go away Italian whore… sniff… but you must know that one day… sniff … I will screw you harder…ooooh… OLD BITCH…”

This behavior changes something inside Monica and breaks her toughness. She catches herself admiring the young girl, not only for her beauty but also for her spirit and pride. She is not the classic weak and delicate model. She is a proud, strong , tough and also a brave woman. And she is so gorgeous. Even now crying and sniffing with sobs; but when she looks her deep into her blue eyes, and sees the fire is still burning.

“How years old are you?” asks Monica with a motherhood type smile.

“19… sniff…almost 20…sniff…”

“Too young… so far away from home…”

The young model continues sobbing, and looking away to her left. She doesn’t want to see her dominator’s eyes. Monica cleans Charlize's face with soft caresses that clears Theron’s flushed face from the blonde hair that was covering it. Charlize's face is red but unbelievably sensual. She cups her hands around Charlize’s face and starts sweeping the tears from her cheeks with her thumbs. Monica kisses Charlize softly in her mouth. The blonde doesn’t react. She bows her head again and forces her lips on Charlize’s. Their mouths sealed in a long and passionate kiss. The blonde doesn’t refuse but nor encourage her. The Italian bombshell starts kissing the naked blonde’s body. As she kiss her neck, Charlize’s moans helps Monica understand her desires and sensitivities. She licks the perky tits and turns the girl over onto her belly. Theron accepted unresisting as Bellucci is running down her back with kisses, lickings and caresses. But the magic moment comes when she cups the blonde’s magnificent bottom. The famous martini butt! So perfect, so delicious! She begins rhythmic roundly caresses. She loves this full flesh bottom. Kisses, caresses, lickings and soft bites make Charlize hug her pillow in desire.

But suddenly, terror comes in Theron's brain, the picture of her on all fours and Monica drilling her from behind with the strap-on. A blonde’s contraction sends the Italian at the next step as her experienced tongue slides inside her clit. Monica knows very well how to make a woman crazy in passion. She uses her lips, her teeth and over all her long tongue for submits the sensitive point of Theron. After a few minutes the blonde’s body contracted from the Italian earthquake and between loud sobs moans and desire screams explodes in a tremendous orgasm! The blonde bites hard on her pillow, crying from delight!

She had in school years, encountered in a boarding school, some lesbian experiences but nothing serious. She was just testing her sexuality with her schoolmates. But this was different. The experiment with the Italian gal made her a slave of passion. She was an energetic personality but now was ready to submit in a delight without limits.

For a half hour, Monica plundered the voluptuous body of the sensual woman. When she finishes, with her body exhausted and her blonde lover in the world of a sweet erotic nirvana, she leans with her back on the pillows and lit a cigarette. She is confused with this girl. She is afraid that she begins to love her. Charlize feels the break and moves besides her conqueror. She is grinding like a kitty cat on her body and uses Bellucci’s big melons for pillow. Now she also understands that she feels strange for the woman who had dominated her. Normally she must hate her but no, she feels sweet beside her. Monica abstractedly playing with blonde’s hair and caressing tender her cheeks and neck. A magnificent, hot icon with two divine beauties, side by side. It could be a regeneration’s drawing with title “the mistress and her little slave”. The blonde breaks the silence.

“Thanks Monica that you didn’t rape me. I really appreciate it…”

“Oooh… my little cuty… this is for the arrogant bitches who want my position. You are so different… you gave me the hardest fight I ever had. And you force me to break the rules for first time in my life, when I hit you in the face and not only. And of course I appreciate too, the fact that you could have done the same to me but you didn’t. But I must admit that your perfect, provoking ass made me think twice… little bitch…”

Both girls start to laugh. Monica continues to caresses tenderly the blonde woman.

“But why… why all those… I mean… I can’t understand”

“You are so young and innocence. The fashion world is a jungle. When you are on top, all the others want your throne. You must make them afraid of you. The punishing is the only way… there are many punches under my belt… no mercy. You must be careful. You are a very tough girl but your face says that you were born for dominating. This sweet face will attract all the sharks… You need protection. But don’t be afraid. I will protect you… my sweet slut…”

Charlize turns her sight on Monica’s face.

“I was born for dominating? Well thanks but you think yet, that I am the little weak girl… so…”

She starts to lick the superior boobs of Monica. Gently and softly in the beginning, more gluttonously afterward. She tries to engulf the big melons. Bellucci’s nipples give an unequal fight with Charlize’s lips, teeth and tongue. Very tired and much irritated, Monica surrenders her concerns of the sexy blonde who intrudes her fingers inside her labia. Charlize is still an amateur in the Sapphic world, but as a super erotic woman, she knows the clit anatomy so well. It’s time for the Italian brunette to scream in desire after her second orgasm from the strokes of Charlize. Theron put her body on Monica’s and the Italian, exhausted, finds the opportunity to grope one more time her beloved booty. They exchange passionate kisses for 5 minutes. Over all, they feel great in each other's embrace.

“Well, tell me now who was born for dominating… my sweet old bitch…mmmmmmm…. mmm…” Charlize said and sealed her lips with a long kiss.

“Ok… you are good enough… but you must learn to respect your teacher… little slut…” Monica answers and topples Charlize under her.

For the next hour both women eroticly attacked each other as both want to be the boss. Charlize proved a very good student but it is impossible to win her Pygmalion. The experience of Monica drives crazy the blonde bombshell until she screams, between the sobs: “I GIIIIIVE UP… STOP MONICA… PLEASE…mmmm… oooh my goooood… you…kiiiillling… meeee…yyyeeeeaaaaiii…”

Between the orgasms Charlize accepted her third spanking. The blonde protesting affectedly as the brunette slapped her butt, but it was with her permission since she had put her body on Monica’s lap! She felt humiliation for this but she couldn’t resist. And it was so strange that she had revealed it! Monica laughed as the blonde, without real desire, tried to stop her.

Satisfied and happy they slept entangled. Next morning, when Charlize wakes up, Monica has left. She finds the white dress on the chair, which she had taken her first spanking, with a message: “For my sweet little slut. You've earn it. See you in pasarella.

Epilogue (pasarella)

The crowd applaued the Italian goddess, as she is walking across the pasarella. At the end of show Joe Galliano takes her by the hand and walks between the other models for the big finale. But as they are walking Monica grasps a young model by the waist and takes her together. Both gorgeous women walking side by side, stop with the designer between them and applaud him.

All together they come back to the backstage. But while there, Monica grabs again the unknown model by the waist and drives her in a covered place. She embraces Charlize, looking right and left for undesirable observers. Both hugged face to face. Charlize’s eyes light up with happiness. She puts her elbows on the older woman’s shoulders, wraps her head and gives her a deep, passionate kiss. She stops, wondering if she was out of limits, but Monica looking at her sweet and requite the kiss as her hands slide from Theron’s back to her magnificent ass. She couldn’t let the chance past to cup, grope and squeeze the most famous point of Charlize’s body.

“Thanks Monica. It was unbelievable! No one did something so special for me until today. You are a…”

“I am an evil bitch. From today on all the models are jealous and hate you. Now the only way is for you to stay by my side, for me to protect you. You are tough but you can't face all these bitches. So… do you want to be my little bitch… little slut?” Monica says smiling with affectionate wickedness.

“Hmm… I know that you are the worst bitch ever, but I am afraid that I will disappoint you. This was my last show. I am leaving modeling forever. I am an actress too. And my agent told me that we signed my first role in a movie! It is a short role with a few words, but … surprise … in my best scene I will be wrestling with a brunette TV star. And as you saw yesterday this is my real life role… So what you said … my big old bitch?”

“You, little slut… you make it! Fucking bitch, I screw you up…” Monica said and claws hardly her buttocks and her fingernails are digging into the full fleshy butt… They exchange a last long kiss.

“So you will leave…”

“I am flying back to LA tomorrow. If you give me back my ass of course…”

Monica smiles, gives Charlize’s ass a last hard squeezing and leaves. She turns to the sexy blonde for a last time…

“By the way… I am an actress too. Who knows maybe one day… somewhere I'll meet you again… and then… no mercy… your name will be written with big golden characters… little slut…”

“I hope so also… and I WILL BE THE ONE WHO WILL WRITTE YOUR NAME… so kiss my ass… old bitch!

“You know that I live for this… little big slut!”


As Charlize returns to her room, she don’t pay attention to two famous blonde models discussing in the corridor.

“That is the slut. The new Monica’s bitch. I will destroy her ass! She will pay for all the humiliation that I have accepted from her mistress. Look at the whore. She walks like a queen. I want to make her pleading for mercy…I will end her smile…” an angry Claudia Schiffer said.

“Be careful Claudia… Monica is so dominant and aggressive. She will not let this pass easily… we all have been humiliated by her… but this kid… look at her… She looks so sensitive and fragile. Don’t go hurting her…” Elle answers.

“And my ass was sensitive, but now it is written on that Italian bitch’s dildo… So I will write her slut’s name on mine! I already hear her crying… I will stop being considered the weakest blonde on fashion world. At least I found my victim…”

Claudia approach Charlize’s room. She turns the handle and goes inside. But this paradise is ever so close to hell…



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