Myleene is keen to wrestle, and Nelly has accepted her challenge.

Both girls are 38 now, but are still rather lovely. This should be a good fight, with the less experienced Myleene having a height advantage over Nelly.

The girls have already entered the ring separately. Nelly enters in blue cut off denim shorts and an orange bodice. Myleene makes her entrance in a red bra and knickers set, with suspender belt and stockings.

The opening bell rings, and Nelly surprises Myleene with her speed off the mark. Nelly throws her arm around Myleene’s neck and starts pulling her head downwards, and turning at the same time, getting Myleene in a leant-over position, with her neck under her arm. She then hiptosses Myleene to the canvas face up but Myleene escapes the attempted headlock by pushing on Nelly’s chin to get her head into position. Then Myleene slaps a neck-scissors on her, twisting her onto her back, and maneuvering herself into position by catching Nelly’s head between her legs. Myleene then claps her legs together at the ankles and begins to squeeze, but she can’t get enough pressure into the hold initially. The smaller girl, Nelly, separates Myleene's legs at the ankles with her free arm. They both roll away, then get to their feet.

Nelly grabs hold of Myleene’s panties band. Nelly pulls the fabric up towards Myleene's head, making the fabric cut painfully cut into the Brit’s crotch areas causing a great deal of discomfort. The sight might look spectacular however, the wedgie is meant to humiliate rather than cause actual damage.

Myleene raises her arms, and, with fists clenched together, she strikes Nelly right on the shoulder. That’s got to hurt and weaken the girl, who falls to her knees. Then Myleene pushes Nelly face down, and climbs onto her back locking both her arms in chicken-wing style. Myleene wriggles into position, and flips forward into a bridge, keeping Nelly’s arms locked, then flexes her bridge up and down a bit to add additional pressure to the hold.

Nelly moves her bottom upwards, closing the angle and releasing the pressure, so that Myleene has no choice but to let her go. However Nelly is still on the canvas on her stomach. Myleene jumps upwards into the air, extends her elbow then comes crashing down, hitting Nelly with her elbow across her back. The smaller girl squeals out in pain.

Nelly is clearly weakening. Myleene is standing behind her, and then steps between her legs, isolating Nelly’s left leg. Myleene bends it at the knee after which she locks it with her legs by lying sideways on the smaller girl’s lower back and bottom. In doing so, she then has her arms completely free to reach forth and clutch Nelly’s chin, pulling back on it, bending her upwards and sideways the same time. Myleene wrenches back and prolongs the hold, until the referee tells her that Nelly has managed to touch the bottom rope.

The girls are both back on their feet, facing one another. Then Myleene knees Nelly in the bread basket, making her bend forward. She pushes Nelly's head down, getting it between her legs, and then she leans forward, getting both arms around the smaller girl’s waist. She pulls up on Nelly’s bottom, until Myleene has her completely upside down, and delivers a kneeling piledriver, which effectively finishes the poor girl off.

To raucous cheers of her fans, Myleene mounts Nelly, by lying across Nelly's chest so that her entire body-weight is pressing Nelly's shoulders into the mat. Myleene grabs Nelly’s right arm with her hands, and her left arm with between her legs. Now it’s just down to the referee to count:

“One! Two! Three!”

Myleene dismounts, and poses with her foot on Nelly’s midriff. Myleene and her fans celebrate an easy win for the British babe.