Smackdown by ThePac
Announcer Jim Ross explains, "This will be a no holds barred School Girl match. As you can see the ring is filled with classroom objects, complete with desks and blackboards. Now our combatants make their way to the ring."

Torrie makes her way to the ring first for the school girl match, dressed in a small white shirt tied up below her tits exposing her abs and a very short red and black school girl skirt. With her hair tied back into two pigtails she looks hotter than ever. The fans seem to think so as well by their cheering loudly and taking pictures.

Her opponent, Victoria, makes her way to the ring with a dark look on her face, while dressed a long black shirt and a green and blue pleated skirt. She slides into the ring while Torrie is distracted by teasing the male fans by dropping a pencil and slowly bending over to pick it up.

Victoria smacks her forearm into Torrie’s back making the blonde cry out as she failed to see it coming. Victoria pulls Torrie to her feet then decks her with a right fist that knocks Torrie over the desk that stood in the middle of the ring.

With Torrie still dazed Victoria grabs hold of her pigtails and uses them to slam Torrie’s face into the desk. Victoria then picks a textbook up from the desk and hits Torrie clean in the face with it sending her crashing to the mat. Torrie is again punched over the desk and as she hits the mat with a dull thud. Victoria creeps up from behind and drops Torrie down with a neckbreaker, smashing the blonde’s neck on the canvas.

With Victoria now in command of this match, she decides to beat this plastic Playboy cover girl down as she reaches down to grip the bottom of Torrie’s shirt. Using pure strength Victoria rips away the shirt letting everyone see Torrie’s massive chest encased in a very small black bra. Victoria looks at the shirt for a while then rips it again making it useless then Victoria drops her left knee right into Torrie’s spine.

Torrie screams out in pain as Victoria drags her to her feet by her pigtails nearly pulling the hair from her scalp. Then with Torrie standing Victoria throws her into the chalkboard standing in the corner of the ring. There is a loud crack as Torrie’s head hits the board making the diva see stars and staggering around. She walks right into Victoria who kicks her in the gut then lifts her high up in the air. Victoria then powerbombs Torrie straight into the mat allowing the sound of the impact echoes all around the arena.

Torrie is now in real pain, her back and head are very sore and she is unable to defend herself when Victoria kicks her in the ribs. Victoria picks up a pen from the desk and a sadistic smile creeps across her face. She moves towards Torrie then sits on her chest holding the blonde down allowing herself a free reign over the blonde. Victoria then stabs the pen into Torrie’s forehead. Victoria starts to push the pen all along Torrie’s forehead making a deep gash that slowly starts to trickle with the former Playboy playmate’s blood. Victoria tosses away the pen then gets a few bare-knuckle shots to the open wound until the ref steps in and tells Victoria to get off her.

Slowly Victoria gets up off a bleeding Torrie Wilson smiling at the damage she has caused to that pretty little face, but Victoria has planned a lot more for her blonde opponent. Picking Torrie up, Victoria has no problem in hooking her up for her finishing move, the deadly Widow’s Peak, driving Torrie’s body into the mat and knocking the diva out cold.

Torrie is now at the mercy of Victoria who doesn’t pin her for the win instead she pulls Torrie over to the desk and bends her body over it so her ass is sticking out. Victoria then picks up a stapler off the floor and uses it on Torrie’s pigtails, stapling them down to the desk holding Torrie in place. Torrie comes to only to find herself stuck to the desk by her hair. She tries and tries to free herself but the staples are stuck in too tight. Torrie is struggling and yanking at her hair trying to get free when suddenly from behind Victoria kicks Torrie right in her pussy making her moan out loud and also stops her struggling. Five more times Victoria kicks Torrie in the crotch driving all the fight and strength from Torrie.

Victoria now looks under the desk and pulls out a cane, the kind used at schools to hit naughty children. She looks at Torrie’s bent over ass. With one pull Torrie’s skirt is ripped off her leaving her ass held in a black thong exposing most of her bare cheeks. Victoria can’t wait. She raises the cane up and swings it down on Torrie’s left cheek. The crack sound is soon followed by a loud scream from Torrie as a red mark slowly appears on her asscheek. Three more cracks from the cane and Torrie’s eyes are welling up with tears as the spanking starts to make her ass burn.

Spank after spank now rain down on Torrie’s defenseless ass and the red marks get larger and more painful until finally one spank catches a mark at just the right angle to cut the skin. Victoria stops her spanking and looks to see Torrie’s right cheek had been cut open and blood was now leaking from the wound.

Slowly Victoria reaches a hand out and takes a little bit of blood on her forefinger. Then to the disgust of the live crowd licks it off then carries on with her spanking. In an even more evil move, Victoria is making sure every cane shot hits the busted open part of Torrie’s skin. The pain is unbearable for the blonde who is still stapled to the desk. A big swing back from Victoria results in a loud crack right on the cut bringing a horribly sick scream from Torrie who starts to tap her hand on the desk like mad to signal she gives up.

The bell rings and Victoria is named the winner but the brunette hasn’t finished giving out pain to Torrie and continues to cane away on Torrie’s ass. Eventually security is called to drag Victoria away, which they do. Torrie has the staples pulled out of her hair and is put face first on a stretcher while the medics try and stop her bleeding ass.

After the match

Victoria is suspended for 30 days for the assault but it helps her as when she comes back Mr Mc Mahon makes her his diva destroyer.

Torrie has to spend three weeks in hospital after having 23 stitches in her ass and can’t sit down for nearly 6 months.