Prelude: Two blonde, buxom goddesses have agreed to compete in a combination beauty contest/catfight match in an apartment before several lucky audience observers. The beauty contest will be judged by the spectators and will compare 6 assets of the women. Entering the room are the two contestants in this beauty contest/catfight. First is the gorgeous, voluptuous vixen Missy Hyatt, who has been an announcer, manager and wrestler in several professional wrestling organizations. The other is fitness model, exotic dancer, and frequent nude model in Playboy's special issues, Kim Paul, who has a stacked 38-25-36 body.

Both are fully dressed in three-piece outfits so the focus will be on whichever area is being judged without other areas distracting or influencing the judges. The rules for the two contests are as follows: For the beauty contest, both women will bare each section of her body which will be independently judged -- the winner of the majority of the six areas will be the winner. Following the beauty contest will be a submissions only catfight match.

Beauty Contest: First, the beautiful face contest begins. Both women have gorgeous skin, long blonde hair and a sexy, come-hither look. However, Missy's features are a little better proportioned and Kim loses the facial beauty contest due to her nose and eyebrows. The score is Missy 1, Kim 0 as the bust contest begins.

To expose each woman's juggs, their top is removed to reveal their very heavy-duty bras. Those are also dropped to the floor to expose each woman's awesome boobs. Both sets are silicone-enhanced, but Missy must exchange Christmas cards with her surgeon since she has obviously made several trips. Although Kim's tits are huge, full with hard nipples, Missy wins out with her even larger tits overcoming the fact they're a bit saggy. Missy has grabbed a quick 2-0 lead going into the midsection/figure contest.

The garments covering their midsections are removed so their stomach and figure can be adequately judged. Neither has a great concave stomach, but Kim's is clearly the winner here as comments like, "Missy needs to push herself away from the pasta bar" come from both judges and the audience. With Missy's lead cut to 2-1, legs (including pussy) comes next and the last piece of their clothing hits the floor.

Once again, neither has sleek model-like legs, but Kim's are thinner and her pussy firmer according to several knowledgeable judges who are considered expert in this field. With all the front categories completed, Kim has come back to knot the contest at 2 wins apiece as they move to the fifth category, the upper back area.

Again, Kim wins this easily, a testimony to her rigorous exercise routine. After falling behind, Kim has her first lead at 3-2 with only the best ass contest to go. Both women's butts are a bit beefy, but Kim's has better shape and less volume so she soundly whips Missy Hyatt going away by a 4-2 score as some of the audience cheer while Missy begins her famous pout.

Missy turns her famous nasty mouth on Kim as she says, "You obscure whore! How much sex did you have to promise those guys - and I probably should include the females - to vote for you? I'm the first lady of professional wrestling, and you're just a Playboy model second stringer."

But Kim retorts, "You blonde blimp! If you ever visited a REAL gym instead of wasting time with that phony wrestling crap you might have competed better against me."

Catfight: Needless to say after that exchange, not too many expect the fight to begin with a handshake and they prove correct. The nude women approach each other raising their hands in the classic arm strength challenge. Opposite hands clasp fingers as grunts and grimaces accompany their deltoids and biceps being flexed by hand and arm pressure. Although their arms are initially vertical, Kim's more developed arms soon gain control. Missy's beautiful hands and arms are bent back and then Missy is forced to her knees, which seemingly puts Kim well in control.

However, as Missy is about to go backward onto the carpet, she wrestler employs a less than honorable tactic. Freeing a hand from Kim's grip, Missy brings her forearm upward, smashing it into Kim's crotch putting the blonde fitness model in immediate pain and leaving her vulnerable to Missy's follow-up slap to the face. Kim stumbles and falls on her back as a laughing and mocking Missy Hyatt stands over the stacked blonde as Kim shakes her head to stop the bells she hears. Missy kicks Kim several times in the stomach as she is trying to recover from the low blow but Missy gives her no time to recover as she drops a couple of elbows on Kim's ample chest, applying pressure to her most treasured assets. Missy throws herself across Kim's upper body, trapping Kim's left arm between her legs and pressing her right arm down to pin Kim's right arm. With her free left hand, Missy grabs and squeezes Kim's great tits, one and then the other. Missy eagerly mauls, mangles and massages Kim's globular goodies and her large, powerful hands apply enough force to make Kim shriek with fear and pain. When she isn't squeezing Kim's boobs, Missy slaps them, making Kim's perfectly circular nips hard as they become engorged and start to grow stiff.

Missy switches hands, pinning Kim with her left and using her now free right hand to slap Kim's trapped face both forehand and backhand. Kim's face rapidly reddens from both Missy's slaps and her anger and embarrassment at being dominated at this early stage in their catfight. Again Missy switches positions and this time she straddles Kim's upper body with her doubled up legs, which she stretches over Kim's pinned arms, trapping them and freeing both of her hands.

Missy has a sinister smile on her face as she leans her upper body over and drops her mammoth mammaries on Kim's face. Missy grabs Kim's hair and jerks her head up until her nose and mouth disappear into the cleavage formed by Missy's gazongas which is already is perspiring profusely and odorous due to the blondes frantic activity. Missy rubs Kim's face between her boobs and then presses it against first her left breast and then her right. "Whatsamatta Kim," Missy giggles. "Having trouble breathing, you overrated slut? Be grateful you're up-close and personal with such a superior rack!" Kim struggles to free her mouth just enough to open it and bite Missy's right tit, sending the blonde wrestler into spasms of pain. When Missy grabs her pained globe in both hands, Kim uses Missy's distraction to free her arms and throw Missy off to the side. Kim scrambles up while Missy is still inspecting the bite marks on her tit.

Kim grabs Missy by her long blonde hair and maneuvers under Missy, using a wrestling move herself and flipping Missy over her shoulder. Missy hits the carpet with a thud and Kim plants her right foot on Missy's throat in an obvious choke. Missy gags when Kim pulls her foot away but only long enough to drop that same leg across Missy's chest, flattening her mammoth boobs. Missy again feels pain in her silicone-enhanced chest but Kim moves her attack down the wrestler's body as she stomps Missy's pussy in revenge for Missy's early low blow.

Kim drops to the mat and wraps her strong legs around Missy's midsection in an ever-tightening scissors. Sometimes, Kim raises her upper body a little on her elbows to increase the pressure on Missy's stomach which isn't very well-developed. Whenever Missy tries to raise her upper body and arms to try to slip her arms between Kim's legs and break the hold, Kim fights her off with slaps. Missy is soon groaning under the midsection assault, but eventually she starts to beat on Kim's legs with her fists, forcing the fitness goddess to release her scissors.

Both women stand with scorn in their eyes. Missy is mouthing something inaudible to the crowd while Kim is just nodding her head as if to say, bring it on. Their bodies smash together with those huge breasts overflowing to the sides. A classic tit battle is in progress and even though Kim has the advantage in arm strength, Missy's superior boobs punish Kim as they get tighter together. Missy enjoys rubbing her larger orbs on Kim's smaller ones. She backs Kim up against a wall and keeps her body trapped against that wall as she frees up her right hand to dig into Kim's pussy. Kim shrieks as Missy's dexterous digits dig deep in her most private area. Missy uses her left hand to shove Kim's chin up while both of Kim's hands are busy trying to remove Missy's hand from her pussy. Finally, unable to wedge Missy's fingers from between her legs, Kim draws her right hand back and slams a short punch to Missy's chin, which sends the blonde stumbling backward.

Kim rushes Missy, but Missy's wrestling experience comes into play. She sidesteps and grabs the back of Kim's left arm, shoving her to the carpet onto her stomach, then hammerlocks Kim's arm behind her back as Kim squeals in pain. Missy pressures Kim's strong arm until the blonde starts to slap the carpet with her right hand against the pain. Missy sits on Kim's back while pushing up her left arm with her own left. Then she reaches behind her and spanks Kim's shapely butt with her right hand to humiliate the exotic dancer by giving her an old-fashioned bare-butt spanking.

Missy releases the hammerlock to use both hands to pull back at the corners of Kim's mouth, a painful hold to be sure. Kim eventually shakes her mouth free on the hands, but Missy immediately flips the tall blonde over onto her back. Missy spread-eagles the Playboy model, then batters Kim's boobs and pounds her pussy as she raises and lowers her own body on Kim's trapped frame, using herself like a battering ram as Kim grunts with every impact. Missy moves up a little bit so she can rub her right armpit across Kim's face which, as with the cleavage move earlier, leaves a damp film of her perspiration on Kim's beautiful face as it smears her make-up. Again, Kim's body is being controlled by the heavier blonde who has the experience to know exactly how to embarrass an opponent. Kim begins a side-to-side rocking motion, which she uses to roll their bodies over and put Missy on the bottom and herself on the top.

However, they are both rolling side to side with hands in the other's hair in what has become a cliche of a catfight scene. The two enmeshed bodies are rolling over and over, reversing positions each time they roll back the other way. Since no advantage is to be gained, they finally break apart and resume the battle from a standing position.

This time, Kim is the aggressor as she leads with a hard right that thuds deep into Missy's abdomen, working on her vulnerable area. As Missy's upper body jerks forward, Kim knee lifts her, her knee catching Missy square in the face. With Missy stunned, Kim grabs her and swings her around by the hair, then lets go! Missy stumbles clear across the room until she tumbles headfirst over a chair.

Kim walks over to Missy as she rolls over on her back, grabs Missy's left leg and drags her back to the middle of the fight area. Kim begins to drive her foot into Missy's thigh to weaken that part of her leg. Kim rolls Missy over on her stomach and while facing her feet, grabs both of Missy's legs by the calves and bends her own body backward, basically putting Missy in a Boston Crab. Missy's back is being pressured as her long legs are bent back toward her shoulders, bending her body double like a pretzel. Missy shouts some non-repeatable epithets as she slaps and claws at the carpet. Finally, Missy is able to get a grip on the carpet and turn her body enough to make Kim lose her balance. As she falls, Missy escapes from the hold.

Missy sits up on her butt just as Kim rolls over and ends up sitting in front of her. Kim throws a roundhouse right slap to the left side of Missy's gorgeous face snapping her head to the right. Missy rocks back and replies with her own right which turns Kim's head. They trade slaps blow by blow until both their faces are red from the contact. Kim shoves Missy backward and Missy's head hits the carpet, hard. Now Kim mounts Missy's body and uses her legs to cover Missy's arms and pin them to the floor. Kim lowers her own tits and traps Missy's mouth and nose between them in that deep crevice she possesses. She shakes her tits back and forth so Missy can't get her flesh in her mouth to bite while the added motion makes it even harder for Missy to breathe. Much as Missy did before to her, Kim pulls Missy's head under her left armpit, which by this point is even sweatier than Missy's was. Missy contorts her face to show her displeasure as Kim laughs. "Well tramp," Kim hisses, "least my armpit's well-toned - unlike yours that are flabby and with loose skin." Kim periodically reaches back with a free hand and punches Missy's abdomen with her fist to make her breathing even more difficult as well as causing her pain.

As the match reaches it's climax, Kim moves her nice ass up to cover Missy's head and facesits the fallen blonde. Kim poses with her hands on her head as she flexes her muscles and shows off her well-formed armpits. Missy has trouble breathing with her nose deep in the crack of Kim's shapely ass until Kim moves her butt up past Missy's head.

Missy gets one deep breath before Kim quickly turns around, slips her legs under Missy's arms and locks them together in a leg scissors around Missy's chest. Besides the normal pressure of a leg scissors, Kim has the extra pleasure of flattening Missy's huge tits, which are still aching from her leg and elbow drops earlier. Kim grabs Missy's arms and pulls them straight back behind her head in a classic submission move. Kim squeezes her powerful legs pressuring Missy's upper body while continuing to stretch Missy's arms straight back behind her head with her own strong arms. Missy begins to sob in pain and Kim asks her, "First lady of wrestling! Are you ready to submit to me and call me 'Mistress'?" Missy hesitates, then shakes her head slowly. But Kim's relentless pressure and the pain finally forces her to concede the catfight. Kim gives Missy a couple of extra leg squeezes and an extra yank on her arms before she releases the holds.

Postmatch: Kim is now ready to shut Missy's mouth once and for all. With Missy lying flat on her back, Kim sits down straddling the bleached blonde. Kim's legs surround Missy's bust, the area Kim has decided to deal with first. She quickly and forcefully grabs two handfuls of Missy's monstrous tits and, even though Kim's hands are large, they can't begin to hold all the flesh that Missy possesses. But she does squeeze with enough force to soon have Missy sobbing in pain.

Next, Kim massages Missy's mammaries to arouse her, sliding her fingertips around Missy's hardening and lengthening nipples. Kim is obviously attempting to milk the wrestling blonde and her skill and determination are quickly rewarded. Missy's nipples begin to express a white liquid at which point Kim leans down to suckle Missy's heavy boobs dry.

With Missy drained, Kim next turns her attention to Missy's soft pussy. She uses a dildo tossed to her by a member of the audience, plunging it in and pulling it out of Missy's lower body as the prostrate blonde bucks her hips and kicks her legs. Again, Kim's patience bears fruits and Missy's big pussy begins to cum. Kim reaches down to capture some and wipes her wet hand on Missy's breasts. Of course with the size of Missy's hooters, it does a poor job of covering them. Then utilizing another plastic toy, Kim excites herself until she is ready to eject some of her own juice. Moving her pussy close to Missy's face, she deposits her treasured liquid all over the grimacing blonde's red face. Then she moves her big ass up and rubs her smelly butt across Missy's face to spread her cum.

With Missy totally trapped by Kim's weight on her face, Kim puts her hands on her head again and shows the audience her firm arms and well-developed underarms. "Missy, you overrated whore, I guess we know who the more beautiful and stronger woman in this match was -- oh, I forgot, I can't hear you with my ass covering your mouth. That alone should win me an award for shutting up that nuisance." Kim continues to embarrass the heavy blonde as the audience laughs at her insults.

Kim has one final event planned for Missy. Both women have always been proud of their blonde locks, so Kim has decided to abuse that area. Grabbing a pair of scissors supplied by a spectator, she moves her ass onto Missy's neck and pins her arms with her legs, keeping the defeated buxom beauty beneath her. Snips are audible throughout the room over the sound of Missy crying and screaming as Kim first snips her hair and then tosses it in the air, most of it landing on Missy's midsection. Kim continues to snip and laugh which is only interrupted by Missy begging her to stop.

Kim finally tires of the punishment, so she spread-eagles Missy and raises her body up with her strong arms and legs only to crash down on Missy, punishing the blondes massive orbs and sore pussy. In a final gesture, Kim moves forward, pulls Missy's head up off the floor and rubs her beautiful face in her right armpit. Missy is exposed to Kim's sweat and odor generated in the intensity of the match.

Kim stands up straddling the beaten blonde and asks for a quarter from the audience. She catches it as it is thrown, and drops it on Missy's stomach. "Here tramp, buy yourself some perfume, cause you really stink. And this time, get yourself something that doesn't make you smell like the cheap whore you are," Kim sneers as she struts past the audience one last time and flexes her right arm as she seductively exits the room.

Missy lies almost motionless, her buzz cut head resting on the floor with her eyes tightly closed, her massive chest heaving and her soft belly rising and falling rapidly with her sobbing. The most animated part of her body, however, is her big bust, which heaves erratically as she struggles to breath normally.
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