34DD-27-32 Missy Hyatt and 34D-22-32 Terri Runnels are strutting around the beach resort trying to show who is the hotter woman
Prelude: Both Missy Hyatt and Terri Runnels have made a career acting more hostile than they really are, constantly having confrontations with both men and women, and wrestling to some degree in the squared circle. In general, the women get along better off the screen than led to be believed by their on screen characters. But every once in a while, the women's real competitive spirit gets the best of them. In this case, Missy Hyatt and Terri Runnels are both involved with wrestling promotions at a beach resort. And the women just love to strip down to the tiniest outfits possible and then some to try to be the biggest and most irresistible attraction on the beach. As luck would have it, this competition blows up into a full-blown and real hostile confrontation. Terri is holding court on the beach as Missy arrives and wants to take the spotlight away and doesn't mind throwing a few zingers Terri's way to do it.

Missy: "Well, Terri, I see you are acting just as trampy on the beach as you do on city streets. But hey, at least here you don't have to worry about standing on the right street corner, huh?"
Terri: "Why Missy, glad to see you found a bikini you could fit into. You know how they say the camera adds 10 pounds? Looks like the beach has the same effect on you, hon!"
Missy: "Dustin Runnels said you took the blonde bimbo bit to a new plateau. Oh, that was when he was married to you and screwing me on the side. But I understand the real problem in your failed marriage was that as Golddust, he ended up looking hotter dressed up like a woman that you did". {Laughing hysterically at her dig towards Terri}
Terri: "Listen, you overweight bitch, if you want to compete against me right here and right now in a beauty contest, I'm sure these guys and gals on the beach would love to judge the competition. And we can have a real submissions only catfight/wrestling match if you don't have a juggs doctor appointment to go to or something."
Missy: "Bring it on, whore. I would love to add your tacky clothing as victorious souvenirs to my trophy room. After all, I wouldn't be caught dead in some of your outfits, but then again with your body, what have you got to lose since you obviously have never shot for 'class' in your appearance."

Beauty Contest: The women have agreed on 8 anatomical areas to be judged with the winner of the beauty contest winning a majority of them. And the judges will be the men and women enjoying the beach at this moment. The first category will be which woman has the more beautiful face.

Each woman is above average in this area, but Terri Runnels is judged to have the more classic model-like features and thus takes the win rather easily to take a 1-0 lead. The second battle will be which woman has the better boobs. Terri's are firm and large enough to defeat the vast majority of women, but Missy has spent a lot of money to ensure hers are almost unmatched in not only the wrestling world but also women in general. Missy's overwhelming treasure chest victory pulls her into a tie at 1-1 in the beauty contest count. The next anatomical area for the competition will be the midsection, and Terri easily wins this one with a tauter and more concave stomach area. Terri is back in front with a 2-1 lead.

The next area to be compared are pussies, and this is one of Missy Hyatt's greatest strengths. Her oversized pussy with those luscious lips that Mick Jagger would envy are too way much for Terri to match, so Missy has now tied up the overall contest at 2 wins apiece. The fifth area of competition is which woman has the better legs. Terri has that perfect combination of muscularity and svelteness to give her the lead back 3-2 with three areas left to be judged. The last frontside area to be judged is which woman has the better arms/armpits. Both women are above average in this area with fit arms, apparently related to their wrestling duties, but Terri's are superior and made even more so with some of the best armpits in the world, much less wrestling. Add to that those biceps of hers when she puts her hands on her head, and Terri easily wins this competition to extend her lead in the overall contest to 4-2.

The women turn around for the last two areas to be judged…their backs and their butts. Terri wins the back contest with one that is both beautiful and well-developed while Missy's shows a little extra weight in that area. Terri now leads 5-2 with the better ass being the final anatomical area to be judged. The women stick out their butts to best advantage, but one is clearly more compact with better buttcheeks, that ass is Terri Runnels'. Her better butt finishes off Missy Hyatt in the beauty contest with a convincing 6-2 victory margin. Terri seductively poses not only to thank those who voted for her throughout the contest but to rub the victory in a little bit on the onlooking Missy Hyatt.

Catfight: The women are given the opportunity to remain nude or to put back on bikinis, and they chose to put back on their beachwear. Perhaps, there is some modesty on Terri Runnels who has never posed nude or perhaps the women want the satisfaction of trying to tear off bikini tops and bottoms to reveal the treasured assets of their rival. The women face each other only a couple of feet apart, the disdain for their rival etched on their faces.

Terri is quick to move her hands forward, but not elevated that much due to her height disadvantage to put them in position to challenge Missy to the classic arms test of strength. Missy mirrors Terri's arms' movement and clasps Terri's hands with the opposite hands of her own. Fingers intermesh as the test of arm strength and push of fit legs begins. Missy has above average strength in her arms, but obviously hasn't spent the time in the gym that Terri has. The smaller blonde easily wins this contest, bending Missy's arms backwards and sending the superstacked blonde to her knees on the beach sand.

Missy cries out in pain as her hands are awkwardly bent back until she is able to free her right hand from the clasp of Terri's left hand. Missy throws her right fist into Terri's thinly garmented pussy eliciting a scream of agony from the diminutive blonde as her eyes roll back in her head and she tumbles to the beach sand. Terri lands on her hard tits and that fit stomach of hers as she contacts Mother Earth, thankfully for her a softer landing than normal due to the location of the match.

As Terri is lying face down on the sand, Missy drops a hard knee to Terri Runnel's beauty contest winning back. Terri's body sinks deeper into the sand just as Missy mounts her back, keeping one knee protruding sharply into that anatomical area. Missy employs a chinlock at the same time which really works on Terri's neck by straining it and is hurting her back in conjunction with the knee there. Terri moves her arms up to her face as she apparently is getting ready to try to pull apart Missy Hyatt's clasped hands doing the chinlock.

Missy must have been waiting for her hands and arms to be in that local area since Missy quickly releases the chinlock and grabs each of Terri's wrists with her own hands and pulls straight back on the muscular blonde's arms to extend them awkwardly behind her head in a surfboard type maneuver. Missy terminates the knee into the back of Terri only to initiate that knee into the back of Terri's strong arms. However, Terri's arms are so strong, like this early in the match, she is able to pull them away from Missy's grasp. With no anchor-hold keeping Missy on her back, she is able to buck the self-proclaimed "First Lady of Professional Wrestling" off her back.

Missy Hyatt flies off Terri's back onto her own back on the sand. Terri gets up before Missy can arise, moves over to the "First Lady's" hot bod and stomps on the superbusty blonde's legs and pussy area, a little revenge for the uninvited earlier intrusion into her most private treasure. Terri attacks Missy's treasure chest with a couple of dropped elbows on those magnificent mams, getting some uttered "Ooooohhhhh"s to come from Missy's artificially enhanced lips.

The assault on Missy's huge hooters continues as Terri lies down near Missy's body and legsscissors her rival's big boobs with her strong legs. Missy yells again as her most precious asset is being abused yet again by Terri Runnels. Missy throws fists at Terri's legs, and the potential bruising from those gets Terri to immediately release the humiliating and painful hold.

Terri and Missy get up, but only to support themselves on doubled up legs. Missy starts the action again with a hard faceslap to Terri's beauty contest winning face. Terri probably doesn't want to get in a long faceslapping contest with Missy because she has more to lose with her more gorgeous face, but she also is not prepared to just take the slap and move on. Terri therefore responds with a slap made harder by her more muscular arm, and hoping to dissuade any further slapping exchange from Missy. Fortunately for Terri, that slap does end that particular confrontation as Missy moves her large hands to contact Terri's tits and begins to squeeze the smaller blonde's tinier, but firmer orbs.

Terri responds immediately by grabbing as much of Missy's monster mams as she can, limited somewhat by her smaller hands and the much larger volume of Missy's mounds. But each woman scores in her goal of punishing her opponent's treasure chest. Terri does have the advantage of having made Missy's boobs sore a little earlier with the elbow drops and the legsscissors. Neither woman is going to get that much of an advantage in this maneuver, so Terri moves her arms to wrap around Missy's waist in a bearhug. Missy does the same, but each woman finds out once again that no great advantage is being obtained. Terri's arms are stronger and thus more pressure can be applied, but she is trying to encircle a 27" circumference waist. Terri's waist is only 22" which allows easier squeezing, but Missy's arms aren't as strong as Terri's, so she can't apply the same amount of pressure.

The women remain on doubled up legs as the match's first hairpulling begins. Each woman gets into an enthusiastic implementation of grabbing rival's tresses and yanking hair with as much force as possible. The very long blonde tresses of each woman give her opponent a lot to work with, and both Missy and Terri take full advantage. The women go down to the sand and begin to roll around the beach area, first one woman on top and then the other gains the upper hand. Terri Runnels eventually ends up on top, and uses that advantage to slyly move her right hand down to Missy Hyatt's top and boldly rips it off, revealing Missy's massive mounds for the first time since Missy won the tits portion of the beauty contest.

Terri vigorously massages and mauls Missy's titanic left tit with her right hand as she continues to slam Missy's head into the sand with her left by yanking her golden blonde hair. Missy is finally able to throw the smaller Terri off her since Terri becomes too focused on punishing her tits than actually physically destroying her blonde rival's body.

Missy gets on top of the diminutive Terri Runnels with a schoolgirl pin. Missy starts doing pushups on Terri's body, the real reward being the dropping of her body each time she comes on the downstring and lets her much heavier form crush Terri's trapped bod. Missy remains down on her last cycle of this maneuver and apparently has become irritated at Terri's attacks on her beauty contest winning chest up to this point in the fight. Missy rubs her awesome boobs across Terri's face in an incredible titsmother, even under the best conditions a devastating maneuver. Add in the sweat that has accumulated on her body, including her tits, the foul body odor that she is now generating due to the strenuous nature of the match so far, and the sand that has stuck to her tits due to that moisture, and Terri is getting destroyed by Missy's unmatchable mammories. Muffled mumblings of assumed protests can be heard by the spectators as Missy Hyatt uses her most prominent asset to its full use.

After a minute of so of humiliation via the titsmother, Missy moves a little to place her large right armpit over Terri's face and does another effective smother, this time with her heavily perspiring and even more odorous right armpit. The area under her arm becomes a real weapon as she is able to dominate Terri's rather compact face and not only humiliate the smaller blonde, but also to restrict her breathing just like the earlier titsmother did. Missy continues the torture by switching over to a left armpit smother, using the same process to put more stress on Terri's trapped body. To complete the trifecta, Missy pulls her bikini bottom down her leg so that she can bear her pussy and use those gigantic, luscious pussy lips of hers to cover most of Terri's face and nose. The perspiration and odor reaches a new high as that area deposits both onto Terri's mouth and nose.

Now Missy laughs as she embarrasses her opponent at the same time she is hurting her respiration as evidenced by Terri's coughing. With her legs around at Terri's head from the pussysmother, Missy does a legsscissors to put a different kind of pressure on Terri's head. But unfortunately for Missy, the same sweat that gave her an advantage in all her recent smothers allows Terri to slip her head out from between Missy's thick legs. That lubricating effect along with the use of Terri's strong arms and hands allows Terri to escape.

Terri brings up her own legs, coils them up, and thrust kicks Missy onto her back. Terri arises from the sand, and with Missy still stunned and lying on her back, Terri stands between Missy's extended legs. Terri grabs one of them, and she twists it until she turns Missy onto her side. Terri doubles back that leg and gives a vicious kick behind the knee to that leg, eliciting a scream of pain from Missy. Terri falls backward with the held leg in a painful hyperextension of Missy's appendage. Terri drops onto Missy's back after doing it, getting a twofer, first the painful overextension of Missy's leg and then secondly the forceful drop of her own body onto Missy's midsection.

Terri regrabs the one leg and this time grabs the other one also. Terri crosses the legs and pulls them awkwardly towards her body. And although this is an effective maneuver, the more Terri pulls Missy's legs towards her, the closer her own upper body trunk gets to Missy's upper body and thus her arms. Missy reaches forward with her hands and is able to grab some of the hair of Terri Runnel's as it is dangling behind her head. That painful grab of blonde tresses causes Terri to immediately release Missy's legs in order to move away from the hairpulling of the larger blonde.

Missy and Terri are both standing for the first time in this lengthening match. Missy thrust kicks Terri in the midsection, and despite Terri's gym earned firmness, she feels the effects of the thud of Missy Hyatt's large right foot into her stomach. The breath is temporarily driven from Terri's body and doubles over an already short Terri Runnels. Missy grabs Terri's right wrist and wrenches it painfully behind the smallish blonde in a classic hammerlock. Missy raises up Terri's bent arm in a chickenwing, and then lowers it down again so she can drive her left elbow into the pretzeled arm. That blow sends Terri to her knees in a show of control by Missy Hyatt.

The "First Lady of Professional Wrestling" walks over the top of Terri's head. As she straddles it she situates her legs around Terri's head in a standing legsscissors. Thus, Missy still has the armbar in place with her right hand at the same time her legs are squeezing Terri's head like a grape. Terri didn't like it when Missy did the lying down legsscissors earlier in the match and doesn't like this any better this time. However, balance is hard to maintain, so once again Missy ends up with a lying down legsscissors of Terri's head and has to release the armbar.

Missy voluntarily removes the legsscissors and targets Terri's shoulder and armpit with her long legs and large feet. Missy puts her feet at the end of her extended legs against Terri's left shoulder at the same time she grabs that affected arm and pulls it towards her, perhaps in an attempt to dislocate the shoulder and most probably put an end to the match. Terri is able to make her way up to a sitting position and then a standing one, with Missy's feet still pressing against her shoulder and her arm still held fast by Missy Hyatt's two hands. But the standing allows Terri to target an open Missy pussy with a well-placed foot of her own. Missy's pussy is on fire after that attack and immediately releases both Terri's arm and shoulder.

Terri is now the one stomping on a Missy Hyatt area, in this case her soft midsection, not nearly as muscular as Terri Runnel's. Terri reaches down and grabs Missy's tresses and pulls her up. Terri performs a great snapemare of Missy's body over her own shoulder, with the larger blonde landing hard, even taking into account the soft sand that stops her flying body. Missy's tits and stomach take the brunt of the contact with the ground. Terri grabs Missy's wrists and crosses the superstacked blonde's own arms underneath her throat in a clever chokehold. While performing this torment of her rival, Terri squats over Missy's back and rocks back, each time pulling Missy's head and neck area off the ground. And with that elevation, Missy's own arms are pulled against her throat. Terri likes the way that Missy's breathing has been affected by her hold and the pain she is causing in the neck and back of the "First Lady of Professional Wrestling."

Terri thinks Missy Hyatt is ripe for the picking, and I'm not talking about those huge melons that Missy possesses. Terri releases Missy's hands suddenly and lets the blonde's head flop into the sand. Terri grabs Missy's arms again, but this time pulls them back behind the taller blonde's head and hooks them around her own doubled up knees. Terri moves her hands under Missy's chin at this point and pulls back with all her strength on Missy's still sore neck and head. Terri has her in a classic Camel Clutch and is able to use her powerful arms to make it formidable and her legs to keep Missy's arms trapped.

Terri: "Ready to concede, bitch. I've got you exactly where I want you, and your big tits dangling above the ground and your pussy against the grains of sand aren't helping you now, are they?
Missy: "Listen, you grotesque little pygmy, I can't imagine giving up to you, so just dream on."
Terri: {pulling back harder with her muscular arms and rocking back further with her lower body weight to increase the pressure with her Camel Clutch hold}: "Then perhaps I need to improve your imagination."
Missy: "Ooooooooooohhhhhhhh, I give….I give…you dwarfy little tramp!"

Terri gives a few extra pulls with her arms and a little extra rocking motion with her lower body to really give it to Missy Hyatt, probably for her derogatory comments even when she submitted. After several more seconds of painfully torturing Missy, Terri lets Missy Hyatt's upper body flop back down to the sand. As before, her gigantic gazongas take the brunt of the contact. At the end of this catfight, Missy is nude while Terri still has both parts of her bikini still residing on her sizzling bod. Terri spies Missy's beachwear and intends to keep those as trophies for her victory. She picks them up and tosses them to one of her admirers so he can keep track of them. But everyone knows she will not stop there with that little of a humiliation of her superstacked opponent. Missy Hyatt is still resting face down on her monster, mountainous mams as Terri approaches for perhaps a little post-catfight activity.

Postmatch: Missy is moaning and mumbling as Terri grabs her hair to pull her off the soft sand. Terri pulls her in tow over to a nearby lifeguard station and plops her down on her ass against one of the support poles. Terri Runnels pauses briefly to give the spectators her trademark "horny little devil" pose as she places her hands behind her head and sticks up fingers to simulate horns. The crowd erupts in approval, but Missy Hyatt is too destroyed at this point to "appreciate" the embarrassment. Terri follows this up with her best armpit smothering of the day. First her left armpit soaked with perspiration, full of foul odor, and with that annoying mixture of sand that has stuck to the moisture in her pit. She grinds as only Terri can, and then switches over to the right underarm and give Missy the same torture double-barrel style. Terri quits that in order to turn around and gives Missy's face the old "stink face" as she grinds her ass over a sitting Missy just like some wrestlers have done in the corner of the wrestling ring when their opponent is helpless against the corner ropes and turnbuckle. Terri still has her bikini on, and perhaps to the crowd's disappointment, it appears it will stay that way.

But Terri is not shy about taking advantage of Missy's nudity. She asks for a dildo and is thrown one by a fan enjoying this beach humiliation of "The First Lady of Professional Wrestling." Terri's strong right arm comes in handy as she forcefully moves the toy in and out until the huge pussy of Missy gives up a decent volume of cum. Terri takes some of that and wipes the whitish liquid on Missy's face in a move meant obviously to embarrass her defeated opponent. But Terri has much bigger anatomical targets to literally milk, as she now moves her small, but very strong hands to Missy's now sagging monster mams. Terri not only mauls Missy's huge hooters but pays special attention to squeeze harshly the nipples of Missy between her fingers. It doesn't take long to get Missy's giant gazongas to give up some of her milk that Bordens would be proud to call their own. Terri sucks some of that from her fingers as she rubs them across the secretion and leaves some of it on Missy's tits so that it is clear to the spectators that Missy's treasure chest was no match for her powerful hands and determination.

Terri Runnels is obviously enjoying herself but she is learning what other catfighters and wrestlers have found out during their matches on the sand….you use up a lot more energy just moving your body around the beach area than you would in an apartment house match or in a wrestling ring where the surface is very solid and not like quicksand. Therefore, Terri decides to call it quits with just one more humiliation, signified as she holds up 1 finger to the crowd, and not the middle one but the index finger…she raises one of her dirty, now disgusting feet and rubs that foot across Missy's face, spreading some of the earlier deposited cum at the same time she is depositing even more sand on Miss Hyatt's face.

Terri: "Well, supposed `First Lady of Professional Wrestling`, looks like I have proven who the real `Queen of the Ring` is, haven't I? Since I blew you away in the beauty contest and then destroyed your sorry butt in this beach catfight, there isn't much left of the `Most Overweight Tramp of Professional Wrestling. Might want to try the Jenny Craig diet, Mmmmmiiiiiissssssssiiiiiiiieeeee and try to get back into shape. Boys, do what you want to with this piece of garbage and clean up the beach, ok?"

With those cutting remarks, Terri starts strutting around the beach and does a little fashion show to prove how vibrant she still is after the long match. On the other hand, Missy is helped to a lying position on a lounger by some of the audience and soon begins to masturbate as she lusts after Terri Runnels taking over the beach. Milk is still visible on Missy's tits since she hasn't even bothered to wipe it off yet.

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