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Minka and Jessica stood across at each other with fire in their eyes. They fought recently and Jessica won but it just built a hatred. They were promising to tear into each other, rip the other's body apart, smash the other's faces. Two flawless women promising to make the other woman monstrous.

They were at a trail that led to where Anna and Lizzy fought each standing by the car that drove them there. Neither wanted to move, neither wanted to start walking next to the other they just wanted to fight. They wanted to rip the other's clothes off, then tie one up and whip them senseless.

“Alright you two need too.”

“Rip her tits off.”

“Beat her into a circus side show…”

They weren’t about to move to where they were supposed to fight and those comments were enough and they were hitting each other with slaps. “DAMN IT THEY'RE FIGHTING ALREADY”

Jessica pushed Minka onto the hood of her own car and yanked hard at the shirt lifting her off the car. She slapped Minka again and the shirt ripped off Minka’s amazing body. Minka Kelly got her feet up and pushed Jessica away. She got off the car and Jessica was already coming at her which she turned into a throw over the hood of the car.

“You’ve always needed your ass kicked and I always wanted to kick it.”

Jessica was on her feet and went for Minka’s hair and Minka caught her by the wrists but was pushed back and almost fell but ended up slamming Alba’s body to the hood of the car. Minka kicked Jessica in the ass “Always thought that was over rated and nowhere near as good as mine.”

Jessica hit a side kick to Minka’s thigh and pushed off the car going for a big back handed slap but it was ducked and Minka pushed forward and both went over the hood of the car. They traded a slap then scratched the others face. Up on their feet Minka went or a slap but it was blocked and Jessica pushed forward and again both women were on the hood of the car.

Minka KellyMinka grabbed at the middle of the shirt and was pulling it over Jessica’s head while Jessica clawed at her face. She was able to stop the face clawing and had the shirt half off and the two rolled off and onto their feet. Minka was about to choke Jessica with her own shirt when Jessica dropped to a knee and freed herself from her garment.

She immediately leaped up and drove her hands into Minka’s tits and put her down and started to dig into the amazing tits of Minka Kelly. “Don’t bother quitting I’m not stopping.”

Minka got her knee on her stomach and pushed Jessica away. Jessica had turned her back from the spin on the push and that was enough for Minka to leap at her and jump on her back with hands going on tits then clawing away at Jessica Alba’s tits.

Jessica reached up and flipped Minka over her back but lost her bra in the process. She kicked Minka in the back then picked her up by the hair and then swung her around. Jessica released when she got dizzy and Minka went down a little ditch.

Minka was down in the ditch and in the mud. She had fighting skills she knew that. She knew how to legitimately fight and for that matter, so did Jessica but neither wanted to take part in the sweet science. They wanted to take the other woman's body apart and stand tall as the better beauty.”

In her twenties, Jessica would let fights get personal and try to ruin another woman’s body. It culminated in a feud with Eliza Dushku, who fought the same. Dushku won the war but her career tailspinned. Jessica knew she had the ability to fight with outright disrespect for anothers well being, but to win. You had to show the skill… Minka Kelly needed to be scarred for life though.

“You should have forfeited when it was me you had to fight… You know I’m better than you and I take joy in hurting your bitch body.”

Minka reached down and grabbed Jessica's foot and yanked sending her ass to the ground. She then pulled Jessica into the ditch. “You got a lucky win you fake bitch and I’ll hurt you and hurt you… I won’t be stopped.”

Minka sat on Jessica’s legs and started to claw at Alba’s tits then hit a punch to the nose. “Did that nose break yet.” She hit another “How about now” Minka wanted and Jessica also wanted it as well, to wreck the pure beauty of the other and it was more and more obvious.

She hit another punch and after she saw some blood coming down “Oh I’m going to break your face first, then go down and you won’t be in any bikini's ever again.”

Jessica was violently bucking her hips and screaming incoherent words at Minka and finally got Minka off the top. She jumped on Minka’s back but it was slippery and she fell off Minka’s body and grabbed at the pants and as Minka was trying to get away Jessica was pulling the pants off.

Minka actually unbuttoned her own pants and Alba flew back. She spun in the mud on her hip and when Minka saw it, she kicked Jessica in the face putting her into the incline of the ditch. Jessica began to crawl out so Minka got to her knees between Alba’s legs and scratched at her back “We’re going to leave here scarred but I’ll leave here a fucking winner.”

She grabbed Jessica by the back of the hair and yanked then slammed her head into the dirt. Minka grinded her face into the dirt and mud and lifted it, there was a two inch hole where Jessica’s face had been. Minka reached across her face with her right and dug her nails across Jessica Alba’s perfect face. Minka slams Jessica's face back into the dirt and when she pulled Alba’s head out, she took dirt and rubbed it in her eyes. Jessica grabbed some mud and threw it back and got lucky. She blinded the bitch/ Jessica then spun and hit a back hand crunching the jaw of Minka Kelly and putting her face first into the small stream. Jessica ripped Minka’s pants off and just looked down and all her thoughts right now would put her in jail.

Minka had time to recover and kicked at the shin of Jessica Alba just below the knee. Alba fell and she was in pain. She was in more pain then she had ever been in before. Jessica was also having her pants removed down to her knees now her panties were being clawed to shreds “To the finish bitch, to the fucking finish.”

Jesica AlbaHer nails were digging into Jessica’s softest most delicate areas and Alba could do little as she fully took off Minka's pants but Minka only half pulled her's down so two weapons, her legs, were neutralized. Jessica had hit her head on the way down and was having trouble thinking about defence and now her tits were being ravaged.

Jessica was now getting punched in the face and then was turned around. She had no clue what happened but Minka was tying her arms with her pants. Minka disappeared and looked she was bloody and hurt too but she wanted to make Jessica regret this feud. Minka was back with a tree switch and began to whip Jessica Alba.

Jessica’s back was getting torn apart and she was quitting but her quits was causing her to eat mud. She turned and was on her back but now her tits and face were getting hit but it was mostly her tits. Minka was really concentrating on Jessica’s tits until her arms got tired. As she stopped and looked down at the woman she truly hated, she could hear her cry so she started again.

“Fuck you, you fucking bitch, you fucking whore you fucking no talent."

Jessica’s tits were red whip marks and Minka finally stopped “I think I’ll keep this. The day I whipped you the way you deserve.”

The fight was short overall but they took it to each other and one screw up cost Alba as she heard Minka walk away. She was getting out of her own pants and finally had time to untie herself from Minka's and yes she lost to Minka Kelly but the feud was far from over.

“I DESTROYED JESSICA” Minka was shouting as she held her arms over her head allowing the cameras to truly see how magnificent her breasts were. Even if they were damaged by Jessica.

Alba ran at the victor and shoved her into the car window. Minka’s head went through and Jessica grabbed the switch and began to whip Minka Kelly “You went to far.”

They pulled Jessica away as she got Minka on her back and was whipping her tits. “To far.” Minka was looking and tried to get up but they stopped her as well.

“I beat you bitch, I didn’t jump you when you won… Go home and take the loss.”

“I’ll kill you if I see you again.”

“Not if I see you first.”


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