Fake by ImposterVS

Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl & Nikki Cox as Fairchild

It was a day where dreams are realized & trashed. It was a convention where writers & directors try to sell ideas for new TV shows to various TV executives & producers. One writer had an idea for a weekly series for Batgirl. To help convince executives, he had Alicia Silverstone with him in her full Batgirl costume from the movie. Another young writer had a concept of a series based on Image Comic’s Gen 13 book. To aid his argument, he had his projected star, Nikki Cox in the green & purple tights of lead character Fairchild. As the writers feveriously argued the values of their respective shows, Nikki & Alicia stood back and watched.

“Do you think they will buy our shows?” Nikki asked Alicia.

“I know they will buy mine, but I don’t know about yours. Although it might be good booking if they put our shows back to back, it would definitely help your ratings” Alicia continued.

Nikki was a little vexed by the arrogant response, but replied, “If they don’t buy mine, maybe I do a few guess appearances, and add a little sex appeal your show will definitely need it.” The little dig at Alicia’s sex appeal did not go unnoticed. “But I must admit, that latex holds your figure together amazingly, it even keeps your buns from dragging the ground.” Alicia was furious. She has a well documented battle with her weight that inspired tabloid nick names of 'Fatgirl' and 'Buttgirl'. But rather than cause a scene she walked away. Nikki laughed to herself at her verbal victory, and continued greeting fans.

Alicia returned 30 minutes later and handed Nikki a note. It read, “If you got the guts to back up your insults, meet me in storage closet B in 15 minutes."

Nikki walked into a storage room where leftover props for the convention was stored. Crates and cardboard boxes were stacked against all four walls.

Alicia was sitting on a crate when Nikki walked in and immediately stood and struck a heroic pose, placing her hands on her hips. “Oh no!” Nikki exclaimed, its “Butt Girl” and started laughing. Alicia was in no mood for any more jokes or insults, she charged Nikki, and knocked her back against the wall. A couple of slaps across the face showed Nikki the time for fun & games was over. The larger girl pressed her body against Nikki, keeping her trapped against the wall. Nikki raised her knee in between Alicia’s legs, striking her cunt. Alicia grunted and her knees buckled. Nikki’s knee struck again & again, until Alicia had to retreat covering her pussy. Alicia was forced to retreat a few steps back, allowing Nikki to measure her for a right cross across her chin. Alicia was seeing stars. Nikki clasp her hands together and swung them like a club, hitting Alicia in the temple, and sending her crashing through a cardboard box.

Alicia could see Nikki charging her through cloudy eyes, and was able to raise her foot and kick the approaching beauty in her ample bousom. The kick sent Nikki flying, landing in a heap several feet away. Alicia grabbed her smaller rival, yanking her to her feet. Alicia drew her fist back to deliver a crushing punch, but Nikki quickly countered with a short punch to Alicia’s stomach before that blow could reach its destination. Again & again Nikki punched the soft belly of Batgirl. driving her back across the room. Lucky for Alicia the latex rubber costume weakened the effectiveness of the blows. Once Nikki realized she had not inflicted the damage she had intended, she switched tatics. She backed a few steps and kicked Alicia into her inviting gut. That worked as Alicia doubled over, gasping in pain.

Alicia charged forward with her head lowered like a bull. She speared Nikki in the midsection and sent her crashing into the cardboard boxes that Alicia had fallen into earlier. The two struggled for supremacy in the close quarters of the pile of boxes. Alicia easily overpowered Nikki in the close confines, but Nikki got in several stinging blows of her own. Alicia grabbed Nikki by her shoulders and slung her out of the boxes, to the ground. Alicia was able to stomp Nikki a few times, until Nikki caught Alicia’s foot. She threw a kick up into Alicia’s crotch that hit pay dirt. Nikki sprung to her feet and pulled the larger woman off balance then pulled her feet out from under her. Alicia flew in the air and landed hard on her back. Her cape fluttering in the wind added a particular flair to the maneuver.

Nikki once again targeted Alicia’s soft belly, stomping her time & time again. Alicia was able to roll and rise to her knees, but Nikki had no interest in letting the strong girl rise to her feet again. The red head came in behind and put her forearm around Alicia's throat. She was able to punch Alicia with her free hand. But being so close, Alicia was able to grab two handfuls of hair, and flip Nikki to the ground. Alicia reaches down and grabs Nikki by her hair and arm and flings her across the room into the large wooden crate that she was sitting on earlier.

As Alicia approaches the fallen Nikki, the redhead notices the blonde breathing hard. She thinks that Alicia’s stamina is no match for hers. When Alicia reaches Nikki she reaches down for the smaller warrior. Nikki reaches up for Alicia. She grabs a hold of the cape around Alicia’s collar. Nikki pulls down and falls back, everything worked to perfection. Alicia’s body is thrown forward, and her forehead comes crashing down on the unforgiving wooden crate. Alicia screams and crumples to the ground. Nikki springs to her feet again and stomps the fallen blonde. Alicia is fading fast from the punishment. Once Alicia is rolled into a fetal position, and no longer resisting, Nikki yells, "Come on Butt Girl!”

She reaches down and pulls Alicia to her feet. Nikki tears into Alicia’s midsection with her fist, that do not even allow her foe to draw a breath. Nikki is pummeling poor Alicia. She retreats till her back is against the wall. With Alicia trapped, Nikki lets lose with everything she can muster. Alicia tries desperately to draw a breath in between the piston like punches. Alicia’s face is turning pale & blue from lack of oxygen. Finally she slides down the wall, landing unconscious on her famous ass.

Nikki is near exhausted but is drunk with the rush of victory. With Alicia helpless, Nikki mutters, “Batgirl my ass!” and pulls at the rubber costume. The costume is comprised of many parts that are glued together by the makeup department, it easily tore away into sections. It only took a minute for Nikki to rip each section off Alicia’s body. The blonde was left only wearing her Batgirl utility belt, mask & cape. “Let’s see what the producers think of Batgirl now” Nikki exclaimed.

Alicia was coming to, and realized Nikki intended to expose her to the producers. This would put a humiliating end to the hopes of a weekly series. Nikki turned to leave the storage room when she felt someone tap her on the shoulder. Nikki turned to be greeted by a thunderous right fist that landed on her nose. The sound rung out from the blow and propelled Nikki like she was shot. Nikki was sent crashing into the door, hitting her on the hard oak wood. Nikki bounced forward right back into Alicia’s waiting clutches. Alicia grabbed Nikki by the top of her tights and slammed another thunderous right into her face. Alicia spent a very groggy Nikki around and started marching her backwards with punch after punch. Poor Nikki’s head was bouncing around like it was in a hurricane. Her red hair slings sweat everywhere as one crushing blow after another pounds her face. Alicia had Nikki cornered in front of a large open crate when she reared back and delivered the most unforgiving blow of all. Nikki was sent flying back inside of the wooden crate, with her arms and legs dangling lifelessly outside the box, like in a cartoon character. Her head rolled around listlessly before dangling back in unconsciousness.

“I’ve got something for you” Alicia said as she rummaged through another box. She came out with a prop for an upcoming Medieval convention. She smiled mischieviously looking at a metal bar with stir ups for hands & feet.

Alicia left the room and returned outside the door with the TV executives pondering giving her the TV series. “I want to answer a few questions for you”, Alicia announced. “First, the question of my weight.... ” Alicia says and opens her cape. She revealed a nude body, thanks to Nikki, but one with muscles & soft curves instead of the rumored fat & flab. Executives jaws dropped at Alicia’s boldness, but they were totally unprepared for what transpired next. “And if you don’t think Batgirl isn't tough enough.....” and she opened the storage room door, to reveal Nikki hanging from the ceiling in the medieval torture device. Her hands & feet bound high above her head, giving one hell of a view of her cock. "Ask Fairchild what she thinks!"

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