Miami Heat dancer Sari vs. Phoenix Suns dancer Serene
Prelude: The NBA All Star game selects not only the best players but also the best NBA dancers to entertain at the game. This year's squad includes the busty, Italian, stringy haired blonde Sari Bagio from the Miami Heat and the sexy, lithesome, long-haired blonde Serene from the Phoenix Suns dancer squad. These two develop a personal competition between themselves. That rivalry leads to derogatory comments, which assure a physical confrontation well outside the choreographed dance routine. Sari finally has had enough jokes about her weight and her tits, which she considers just envy on the part of the smaller chested Serene. The final blow was the following comment from Serene:

Serene: "Hey Miami bitch, I have to say you look just as out of shape as your over-the-hill, overweight center Shaquille O'Neal"
Sari: "Let's see, he has 4 championship rings which, hmmm, is what, 4 more rings than your Phoenix "Setting" Suns have, huh?"
Serene: "Well, I don't blame you for defending his weight or making excuses since it looks like you haven't pushed yourself away from the old pasta bar much lately, have you?"
Sari: "Since I'm supposedly not in shape, guess you wouldn't mind putting your worthless ass on the line against me in a catfight?"
Serene: "You're on, Porky, and let's have a beauty contest first so I can humiliate you twice"
Sari: "Fine with me, just hope your inflatable bra doesn't have any leaks in it, or I'll be accused of competing against a boy"

Beauty Contest: : There will be 7 categories of competition in the beauty contest, with the woman winning the most comparisons winning the overall contest. The winner in each area will be decided by a vote of their fellow cheerleaders, and since they are from different teams, there shouldn't be much bias involved. The areas to be judged will be facial beauty, tits, midsection, legs, arms, back, and ass. The women will wear as much clothing initially as possible to cover up their bodies well. Only when a particular area will be judged will that area then be revealed for the contest.

The women begin by having their faces judged as to which one has the more beautiful face. Sari not only has great features but an exotic look, perhaps from her Italian and other heritages. Thus, despite an above average looking blonde Serene put up against her, Sari wins the facial beauty portion of the contest easily to take a 1-0 lead. The next area to be judged will be the chest area to determine who has the better rack. They unwrap that part of their hot bods, including taking off their bras. Just those bras alone say a lot, as Sari seems to have a reinforced bra while Serene's is rather thin and flimsy, not having to support a heavy set of juggs. Sari easily takes this comparison also to extend her lead to 2-0.

Sari can't resist a dig about Serene's smallish boobs with "Look at the bright side, slut, your bra can double as a Halloween mask October 31st".

The third area to be judged is who has the flatter, thinner midsection. This one is fairly easy as were the first two judgments, but this time, Serene is the overwhelming winner, since Sari has a rather fleshy stomach. Serene now trails only 2-1 as legs take center stage. As with the midsection, Serene's thinner frame and model-like legs easily defeat Sari's more hefty ones. Tied at 2 apiece, the next area will be who has the firmer, shapelier arms and better armpits. Serene's gym workouts seem to show up in this area, as she clearly has the advantage, as least in appearance if not strength. Serene leads 3-2 as the women turn around for the first time in order to showoff some backside assets. In the back comparison, Sari's bigger volume works to her advantage as she displays a full, yet fit back to tie the overall war at 3 areas apiece. The last category, which will decide the beauty contest overall, will be a comparison of butts. Both women has nice asses, but Serene's firmer and more compact one defeats Sari's in the minds of a majority of the cheerleaders.

Serene doesn't hide her satisfaction as she claps her hands and laughs in the direction of Sari. But both women are too focused on the catfight and how each hopes to destroy her opponent in front of her peers to do much in regards in celebration or depression over the 4-3 outcome of the beauty contest.

Catfight: The other cheerleaders have found the perfect venue to hold the old wrestling ring set up at their place of practice. The women are given the option to put back on bra and panties. The anticipation of ripping those off their opponent is too much to resist. So Sari and Serene partially redress with Sari recovering quickly from her post beauty contest downer by showing off her massive mams that they overflow her inadequate bra.

The fight starts off with some standard contact. Sari and Serene exchange slaps to each other's face. They are not quite as worried about temporary marks to their faces being away from their normal dance team girlfriends. But the women stop because neither is gaining an advantage, and there are so many other areas to punish and so little time. Sari and Serene's hands don't move far for their next attack as they grab the other's hair and begins to violently pull tresses. Neither woman has short hair so their fists are full of hair as they pull with all their might. But as with the earlier slapping, other than dispersing some frustrations, neither woman gains a useful advantage.

As they break contact, Serene holds her hands forward and above her head in the classic challenge for a contest measuring arm strength. Sari obliges, and their limbs strain with the pressure of the battle. Serene proves that not only were her arms shapelier and more fit in appearance, but they are stronger also. Serene is moving Sari's arms back towards her and away from vertical, when Sari decides to utilize the great equalizer, a right knee to Serene's exposed midsection.

As Serene doubles over at her waist due to Sari's well-placed, hard blow, Sari follows up with a double ax handle sending Serene to the mat on all fours. Sari kicks Serene in the exposed side as Serene is still trying to recover from the earlier attack. Serene falls onto her stomach as Sari continues the attack, this time with footstomps to her back. Sari grabs the back of Serene's bra and rips it off her chest. Sari doesn't throw it away to showcase her achievement, but instead employs it as a useful weapon. Sari wraps it around Serene's neck, tightening the bra noose to choke the Phoenix Suns dancer. Serene reaches for the bra to get her fingers between it and her neck, but Sari has already decided to let it go to move on to her next torture.

As Sari puts her body's weight on top of Serene's back, she straddles the trapped blonde. She moves her hands in front of Serene's face, clasps those hands, and cups them on Serene's chin in a great chinlock type maneuver. Perhaps, the wrestling ring has inspired Sari to bring out the best, or worst, in her fighting skills. Sari is obviously causing Serene pain as the petite blonde's head is bent awkwardly back. Fortunately for Serene, she is able to unclasp Sari's fingers, breaking the hold. Serene bucks off Sari to dislodge her from her back.

The women arise to face each other. Serene straightens her bra, that was still hanging around her neck to recover her breast. Then Serene immediately moves her hands to Sari's chest area with authority and rips off the bra of the huge busted Sari. Sari offered no resistance which makes most wonder if she didn't want that to occur to begin with so she could showcase her best asset to not only the crowd but to her opponent Serene. In fact, instead of moving her hands towards Serene's body to somehow extract revenge, Sari instead moves her hands towards her own monster mams and begins to fondle them right in front of Serene, obviously rubbing home the fact that her boobs are massive while Serene's are hardly noteworthy.

Sari moves forward and puts her arms and hands around Serene's waist in a bearhug as a prelude to a titfight. Sari's juggs are so prominent that it is next to impossible for Serene's face not to come into contact with Sari's chest whenever she drops her head to any degree at all. When that does occur, Sari is ready for a quick, yet very effective titsmother, which not only embarrasses her opponent, but restricts her breathing as well. Sari walks Serene back to the corner of the ring.

Sari has Serene literally "on the ropes" at this point, and her weight advantage plus her large boobs are dominating Serene, especially with her current location disadvantage. Serene drops from rope to rope as Sari continues the onslaught and gains even more of an advantage every time Serene gets closer to the mat by dropping down another rope level. Finally, Serene has dropped from the last rope and is sitting in the corner.

Sari apparently has thought this through ahead of time. She is ready with her right foot on Serene's neck and pushes her head back. Sari has a great choke going, and not like most strangle hold with a hand. This is being performed with a foot at the end of a powerful leg. Sari drops a knee to the midsection of Serene as the gorgeous, thinner blonde is really taking her licks at this point.

Sari faces Serene as she sits down on her neck area in the corner, and using the old wrestling move, Sari hops up and down on Serene's shoulders, easy to do for her since she can utilize the ropes to keep her body stable while doing it. Sari quits that torture only to turn around with her ass near Serene's face. Sari backs up and slams that large butt of hers into Serene's gorgeous face, a facesit with even more authority than usual. Serene is probably trying to scream or cry or exclaim protests, but with Sari's big ass contacting her face snugly, only mumbles can be heard. But at least with Sari facing away from her, Serene does have the advantage of seeing the action, albeit too close for her comfort, while Sari just hopes the status quo continues. Serene begins to use her arms to push away Sari's heavier body and coils her legs with enough contact to let out a thrust kick which shoots Sari away from the corner. Sari's butt was a great weapon during the facesit, but also an easy target for a forcible move.

Sari lands hard on the mat, her prized tits and knees taking the burden of the fall as she ends up on her stomach. Serene is slow to recover, but Sari isn't moving even as fast as Serene. The Phoenix Suns dancer approaches the prone Miami Heat dancer, measures her broad back, and drops one of her pointed elbows into the small of Sari's back. Not only does Sari feel the direct pain to her back, but the pressure of the force smashes Sari's giant hooters even harder into the mat, along with her stomach, and her knees.

Serene mounts Sari's back, facing Sari's feet. Serene reaches forward and grabs Sari's ankles with her two hands. With a firm grip on each, Serene pulls back on Sari's legs, doubling them up and bending them to the extreme. But Serene apparently isn't satisfied by causing pain to Sari's legs, but now bounces up and down on her point of contact on Sari's back. This not only causes harsher pressure on the trapped blonde's back, but also once again presses those huge mounds that Sari is so proud of harder into the canvas. Serene tries to consolidate the holds on Sari's legs by crossing Sari's ankles and maintaining the new hold with one hand and her own legs blocking the extension back to normalcy of Sari's legs. Serene uses her free hand to pull on Sari's panties and rips them off. Sari, the buxom blonde is now completely nude, while Serene still has her bikini intact throughout the action at this point. Serene then uses her free hand to move it between the legs of Sari and explore that huge pussy of hers.

Sari is getting frustrated by Serene's domination at this point in the match, a one-sided affair which is making her look weak and suffer humiliation. But all she has been able to do so far is to slam her hands on the mat in frustration. Sari is finally able to get her legs free. With her body out of any Serene hold, she twists her body to throw the pussy-focused Serene off to the side.

The women get up, facing each other, and not hiding their animosity towards each other very well. Sari's bountiful boobs and exposed dense, dark forest of pussy hair dominate the focus of the spectator cheerleaders. That hair plus the tresses of each woman have become matted due to extreme sweating during the match.

Sari approaches Serene and uses an unexpected kick to the midsection to send Serene to the ropes. Sara seems ready to do a little exposing of her own as she reaches for Serene's bikini bottom. Pulling them into Serene's crotch makes the gorgeous blonde scream in agony, but that torture doesn't last long as the fabric gives way to Sari's strong pull. With Serene's bikini bottom ripped off, the only clothing remaining is Serene's bikini top at this point. But Sari isn't going for Serene's top as she moves her left hand deep into Serene's now bare pussy, perhaps for revenge purposes for the rough treatment of her own by the Phoenix Suns cheerleader.

Sari recognizes the usefulness of the ropes as she grabs hold of Serene's hands and one at a time, Sari crosses the ropes across Serene's hands to trap the beautiful blonde in the ropes. Sari kisses Serene, not so much out of love, but to show that she is the cheerleader now controlling the action. Sari moves her humongous hooters up against Serene's face and gives her best titsmother of the match. Finishing Serene's humiliation of burying the smaller blonde's face deep into her sweaty tits and depositing moisture on her face. As she removes her juggs, Sari slaps Serene a few times, not hard enough to do any damage, but once again to establish her domination.

Sari employs weapons not yet used in this match, a pair of sweat-saturated, smelly underarms. Sari moves her smooth, perspiration filled left armpit over Serene's face which not only embarrasses the gorgeous Phoenix Suns cheerleader even more but leaves more sweat on her face, particularly her mouth and nose. And Serene's reaction also implies the odor of that area isn't exactly that of perfume either. Sari enjoys Serene's torture and reaction so much, she follows suit with her right armpit. That maneuver also has interrupted Serene's normal respiration, which weakens the blonde somewhat due to the lack of oxygen in her lungs.

Sari grabs the ropes herself and establishes a leg scissors from the side of Serene, surrounding the midsection area of the still trapped blonde. This drives air from Serene's assaulted body, while Sari is having the time of her life as she destroys her rival at this point. Due to the amount of action involving the ropes, they begin to untwist from Serene's right hand. That happens to the side that Sari is located on with her legs scissors. Serene winds up and delivers a strong right fist to the Sari's face, jolting the buxom Miami Heat cheerleader enough to immediately unlock her legs in the scissors hold and dropping the beauty onto her ass. Taking advantage of her stunned opponent, Serene has to unwrap the ropes from her left hand to free herself completely from the ropes.

Serene is the first to recover and moves over to Sari's form, sitting in a dazed state on the canvas. Serene recoils her right leg and foot and delivers a purposeful and vengeful kick to the Miami Heat cheerleader's crotch area. Serene grabs Sari by the hair to pull her to her feet only to quickly follow that up with a clothesline to knock her back down again onto her back. Serene doubles up her own legs on each side of Sari's midsection, sits on the abdomen of the prone Italian heritage blonde, and begins to aggressively fonder her massive mams. Serene puts her hands on her head to claim dominance in this match, but that showboating costs her the advantage. Sari reaches up, grabs Serene's hair, and hurls the blonde off her body by those tresses.

Even as fit as these women are, they are noticeably slower getting to their feet. Not only have they had to move around the ring for several minutes, but each has had to endure physical harm put on her by her opponent. Their bodies are drenched in sweat, while Sari's lingerie and the bottom half of Serene's bikini have been discarded after being ripped off by their opponent.

Serene charges Sari like a bull seeing a waving flag. The force pushes Sari into one of the corners of the wrestling ring. Serene backs away just enough to get some leg room, so to speak, as she delivers kick after kick to Sari's soft midsection. Serene then delivers some fist blows to Sari's tits as this match just keeps getting more personal as the minutes go by. Serene lowers her shoulders and makes repeated short charges into Sari's stomach area. Her blows literally lift Sari's feet off the mat as contact is made. Serene grabs Sari's right hand and wrist with both her own hands and in a good old-fashioned arm whip slings the busty blonde into the diagonally opposite turnbuckle. Sari hits hard into that corner, and her body slumps in a position about halfway to the canvas. But by the time Serene gets to the location, Sari's body has collapsed completely to the mat.

Joanna Cameron - IsisSerene backs her sweet ass into the corner, just like Sari did to Serene earlier in the match. But the revenge is short-lived as Sari has enough strength left to push the lighter blonde away from her. Serene recharges into the corner but Sari has gotten to her knees at this point and delivers a strong right fist to Serene's midsection as the Phoenix Suns cheerleader unfortunately makes the blow even more potent with her forward momentum.

With Serene doubled over due to the pain and within arms distance of Sari, the Miami Heat cheerleader grabs handfuls of Serene's long blonde tresses and quickly pulls the petite blonde down to the canvas in front of her. Serene's body makes quite a sound as her stomach and knees contact the canvas with a resounding thud. Sari mounts Serene's back, grabs Serene's right arm, and pulls it behind her back in a hammerlock. Sari raises her body up and comes down knee first on that held right arm and hand.

There haven't been that many yells or screams of pain. Apparently the force against the opponent has been a little less than observers would have thought. Plus the women don't want to give their opponent any encouragement that they have the upper hand. But Serene does yell out this time, giving evidence that Sari scored with this blow. Sari moves forward and sits her large ass on top of Serene's head. Sari rubs her butt back and forth grinding Serene's face into the mat, much to Sari's delight. But Sari's has put her entire body above the front part of Serene's body in this facesit. This allows Serene to squirm her body back behind Sari's position. With the extreme amount of sweat on their bodies, they almost appear to be oiled up and incredibly slippery at this point.

Serene and Sari arise once again very slowly and begin to hair pull again, perhaps the only maneuver they have strength enough left to perform. Both women go down to the mat and begin to roll over each other, first one is on the top, then the other one. Serene ultimately ends up on top and it quickly becomes evident what her top priority is. Serene moves her hand past Sari's face, lowers that right shoulder, and grinds her sweaty and odorous armpits all over Sari's once gorgeous face. Just like earlier, a rare scream of protest arises as Sari not only doesn't want the humiliation, but both women have been breathing very heavily. Anything that inhibits that breathing could mean the difference in the match at this point.

Serene moves forward for the first pussy smother of the match, and just like the underarms area, her fur and the surrounding area of her pussy are moisture-drenched. And just like the armpit smothers, Sari gets embarrassment and cutoff of oxygen with the water and the foul stench. The women are near the ropes, so using those ropes as leverage, Serene head scissors Sari. Those ropes just improve the force behind it as she grabs them for support. However, sweat is affecting most holds now, and Sari's head doesn't stay captive long to Serene legs; Sari easily slips out from between those locked legs and escapes before any harm can be done.

The women are exhausted and contact each other in a bearhug. It is hard to tell whether they are squeezing with any significant force or just leaning on each other as support and pretending to wrestle. Serene's arms are stronger than Sari's, but the Miami Heat cheerleader has a thicker waist which required more effort by Serene just to surround it. But at this late stage, neither woman's arms are as strong as they once were.

Sari forearms Serene's neck area, a very effective move since Serene was perfectly still and in close contact. Sari then brings a knee up to Serene's midsection. The smaller blonde drops to the canvas onto her belly. Sari puts her left foot on Serene's neck to keep her from moving and grabs the ropes with her hands as she sits on the back of Serene's head. Sari grabs Serene by the hair, pulls her onto her feet, and throws her the short distance into the ropes. Serene rebounds off those ropes, and Sari waits with a shoulder block into her midsection. Serene once again lands on her stomach.

Sari mounts Serene's back, pulls Serene's arms behind her by grabbing the Phoenix Suns cheerleader's hands, and implements a nice surfboard type maneuver. After punishing Serene's back with this straining maneuver, Sari reverses her position and now faces Serene's feet. Sari hooks her own arms around Serene's legs and pulls with what strength she has left in a Boston Crab. It isn't the most technically sound execution of a hold during this match, but both women are very tired and any pain inflicted is amplified. Sari has given enough punishment in both the stomach and back regions to give Serene fits in those areas, particularly with Sari's heavier body behind the torture. Sari asks Serene to give up but Serene just shakes her head as she tries to resist. But Sari is determined to make this the final hold in the catfight and wants revenge for her earlier loss in the beauty contest. Sari probes Serene for an answer yet again about a submission:

Sari: "Listen you pathetic Phoenix Suns slut, I definitely see your sun as having set in this match. All that you control is how much pain I put you in the rest of this catfight."
Serene: "I must admit I underestimated how much extra weight you have on you. While the other cheerleaders hit the regular scales, do you go to the butcher shop and get on the livestock scales or something"
Sari:{laughing}: "Hey, that's really funny, especially coming from the mouth of someone who is getting their ass kicked and has had their face ground into the canvas much of the match."
Serene: "I give up, whore. My back is killing me. I will just have to make sure I get in my weight class the next time. I'm a lightweight in size going up against a HEAVYweight."

For those weight jokes, Sari gives a couple extra tugs on Serene's legs in her Boston Crab hold. But to be honest, Sari looked like her fuel tank was just about on empty anyway. The cheerleaders who favored Sari let out applause and loud cheers while the ones who preferred that Serene kick Sari's butt are sullen and obviously quiet. All the cheerleaders doubt this is the end of this encounter. The rules of this match allowed the winner to use the loser as her servant after the match, and although Sari is obviously tired, I doubt anyone in the audience expects the submission to be the end of tonight's fight.

Postmatch: The first order of business for Sari is to remove Serene's bikini top, which she looks like she will be saving as a trophy along with the Phoenix Suns cheerleader's bottom piece of the outfit. Sari tosses it aside next to Serene's matching bottom. But Sari doesn't grab Serene's tits, but finds her own so perfectly irresistible that she highlights her best asset by fondling her own massive mams in front of all the other cheerleaders and her defeated opponent Serene. She then orders Serene to worships her boobs and places Serene's hands on top on those mountainous mounds with the instructions to massage them until she is told to stop.

After a couple minutes of Serene's fondling Sari's tits, Sari's voice commands yet another action, "Now, suck my nipples!"

Serene purses her parched lips against Sari's great areoles and begins to suck on Sari's extended nips, pleasing the Miami Heat dancer. All the time, Sari is straddling Serene's midsection, her doubled up legs on each side of Serene's abdomen. As Serene continues to obey Sari and excite the bigger blonde with her lips on Sari's nips, Sari asks the cheerleaders for a dildo. Several are thrown her way, but she accepts a fiery red one since that is one of the Heat's team colors. Sari forcefully inserts the toy just slightly behind her back in Serene's throbbing pussy. The shock of the action causes Serene to briefly quit servicing Sari's boobs, but she quickly resumes.

Sari predicts, "Time for me to drill for some Serene the slut's cum!"

It doesn't take long for Serene to become excited into oozing out some of her most precious asset. Sari collects some of the cum and wipes it across Serene's face. Sari then grabs another one of the dildos thrown and begins to excite herself until she feels an orgasm cumming on. Just before she is about to eject some of her own cum, Sari orders Serene to stop massaging her tits. Sari wants to lay her pussy on top of Serene's face. Sari pussy smothers Serene at the same time she is depositing her own cum on top of Serene's earlier cum. Sari wiggles her dense forest of pussy hair. The matted pubic hair acts like a brush to smooth it across Serene's face.

SereneAfter a couple of minutes of that, Sari slides her body down Serene's in order to set up another smother of Serene's face. One armpit smothers her as she did earlier in the fight. Sari moves first her left armpit over Serene's face, and her moisture level is now at its highest as I'm sure the odor level is. Serene is obviously both humiliated and in extreme respiratory duress, along with having a foul smell being deposited around her nose and mouth as she tries to breath in air. Sari finishes the left underarm smother only to begin the right armpit smother.

Serene is obviously beginning to cry as the torture and disgrace is beginning to mount on her. Serene begins to beg, "Please let me up. You won the fight and can take my clothing home with you, but I beg you to stop."

Sari gives Serene her answer to that plea as she gets partially up, on doubled up legs again and moves forward into a facesitting position. The one thing about having a large ass as Sari does is that it is perfect for facesitting. She is able to cover up Serene's face. Sari grinds her sweet butt both sideways, forward, and backward and does a good job of spreading her cum and her sweat around Serene's face. Sari puts her hands on her head as the ultimate sign of victory.

After a couple of minutes of this, Sari is probably too exhausted to continue for much longer. Sari does however grab Serene's hair and makes her walk on all fours behind her to the ropes on one side of the ring. Placing Serene's back against those ropes, Sari twists the ropes as she did during the catfight, but this time not only ties up her hands, but also her feet. After that action, Sari seems to be ready to walk away. Sari grabs her own clothing along with all of Serene's clothing, but she makes one stop in a gym bag she apparently has just outside the ring. Perhaps anticipating a catfight victory, she has brought along some red spray paint. Sari walks outside the ring behind where Serene is caught up in the ropes and writes with the paint, "Sari's bitch" across Serene's back. Sari walks around the ring past a turnbuckle. She wants to reenter the ring one more time without endangering the twisted ropes that keep Serene tied up. Sari has a towel with her and wipes off Serene's lips just before she gives the beautiful Phoenix Suns cheerleader a French kiss with all the energy she has left. Serene seems to enjoy this one part of the postmatch process and seems to be kissing back.

Sari raises her hands one last time and waves to the throng of cheerleaders. She borrows a camera to put Serene's predicament on film as yet another trophy. Sari then walks out of the room with a victory and several trophies, along with a story for her fellow Miami Heat dancers when she gets back home. After Sari leaves, some of Serene's friends walk over to her and frees her body from the ropes. Serene tumbles to the mat on her back, unable to move, but at least alive enough to feel the pain of the match.


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