Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader Nicole vs. Washington Redskins cheerleader Sooin
Prelude: Several NFL cheerleaders were selected to attend the NFL Pro Bowl game. The main attraction of the contest always being its setting…somewhere on the Hawaiian Islands. The players usually bring their families, and the cheerleaders usually have more than their share of adventures. But they happen to have one morning off, which would normally mean a relaxing lounge by the hotel pool as they have a great time "teasing and pleasing" the other guests. Some of the cheerleaders indeed show up, including Sooin, of South Korean descent, from the Washington Redskins, and Nicole from the Philadelphia Eagles. Many times on the football field there are tensions between players from division rivals, and sometimes there is even a little tension between the cheerleaders from those division rivals. These confrontations can sometimes become very interesting. And so it starts on this occasion:

Sooin: "Hey Nicole, there's a rumor that those Carolina Panther cheerleaders that got caught doing it in the Tampa barroom are now being recruited by the SLUTEagles to join your squad. After all, they have now met your high standards of conduct, huh."
Nicole: “Let’s see…your male fans are the ones who come to the stadium with dresses on and made up like pigs and proudly call themselves `the hogs`. Exactly how homely does that make you cheerleaders feel to know that those crossdressers end up more desirable than you whores?”
Sooin: "I'm here right now facing you. Why don't we let the other cheerleaders here chooose who is the most desirable!"
Nicole: "Let's go…oh, and after the beauty contest, I want a piece of you in a submissions only catfight. And after I'm finished with you, there will only be pieces left."

Beauty Contest: : The other cheerleaders get ready to judge the beauty contest, and after this battle is over, they will be spectators for the catfight. The women will put layered clothing over their bikini's and remove the article over the particular area being judged, thus ensuring that one area of their bodies doesn't influence the judging on the current part of their anatomies being compared. The areas to be judged will be facial beauty, tits, midsection, legs, arms, back, and butt. The winner of the most categories will be the victor in the beauty contest.

The first area to be compared will be their facial beauty. Although Sooin has a nice Oriental, exotic type look, Nicole easily takes this comparison with a model-like face and a 1-0 lead. The women next unwrap their chest areas and remove their bikini tops to show off their tits. Both have full ones, but Nicole's are larger and firmer, which the cheerleaders vote for. Nicole is now ahead 2-0 with midsection as the next anatomical area being rated. Sooin finally gets her first win as the other women love her tanned, firm, and shapely stomach area. Nicole's lead is now trimmed to 2-1 with legs being the next area of the beauty contest. Sooin wins this one rather easily with those tanned, slim legs versus Nicole's larger thigh areas.

With 3 areas left, the score is tied 2 apiece. The ladies lay bare their arms, and while both have shapely limbs, Nicole's arms are a little firmer with some more muscularity. She now has a 3-2 lead as Sooin and Nicole turn around to let the other cheerleaders rate their backside assets, in this case the back and the butt. The women first reveal their backs, and in a very close comparison, Sooin takes this category for better back and now has tied up the overall beauty contest at 3-3. Whichever woman has the better ass will win the beauty contest. Both are obviously fit in this area since they are cheerleaders, but Nicole is judged to have the slightly better one. As Nicole is announced the butt battle winner, which means she takes the beauty contest 4-3, a scream of ecstasy comes from her, while words best not repeated come from Sooin. The oriental girl thinks she should have won, but at least she can look forward to the catfight to try to get some revenge.

Catfight: The other cheerleaders perform their only task of this round of activity. They ask Nicole and Sooin whether they want to put back on their bikinis, and they answer yes. Usually, that is a sign that the combatants want to get the pleasure of ripping the pieces off, which is rather hard to do if the rival is already nude.

Nicole and Sooin approach each other, their hands forward and raised above their heads in the classic challenge for an arm strength contest. Hands clasp, and arm muscles strain as first one woman and then the other gains a slight advantage. Finally, Nicole bends Sooin’s arms far past vertical, and Sooin is driven down to her knees in front of Nicole. With the oriental girl’s head in front of her legs, Nicole takes the opportunity to lock on a standing legscissors using her athletic legs. It is always hard to keep one’s balance using that move, thus Nicole grabs some of Sooin’s plentiful hair to stabilize both the hold and her standing position. Sooin is able to slip her head out of the hold, but Nicole still maintains the hold of Sooin’s hair. Nicole is pulling it ever harder to punish Sooin for breaking the legscissors hold. Sooin legsweeps Nicole’s lower extremities to knock the feet out from under Nicole, sending the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader to the same level as Sooin…on all fours on the grass.

They continue the contact without even getting off the ground. The cheerleaders slap each other with Nicole working in a closed fist against Sooin’s midsection. Perhaps, that is revenge for Nicole’s losing that contested area when the midsections were judged during the beauty contest. This attack draws the first scream of agony from either lady, as the Washington Redskins cheerleader can’t contain her audible admission of pain when Nicole’s fist plunges into her stomach. Nicole uses Sooin’s stunned state to move behind the girl and drives a right knee into the small area of Sooin’s back. Keeping the knee in contact with Sooin’s back, Nicole is able to grab both of Sooin’s wrists and extend her arms behind her back. Pushing Sooin forward with her right knee at the same time Nicole is pulling back on both of the cheerleader’s arms is obviously taking its toll on the thin Sooin’s back. However, Nicole loses her balance with so much pushing and pulling going on, but not before putting the hurt on her opponent.

In fact, Sooin is holding her back, but this turns out to be a clever ruse as Nicole charges her only to find that Sooin can move faster than she thinks. The Redskins cheerleader avoids the charge, and as Nicole misses her, Sooin’s left fist finds its mark on Nicole’s left side. This blow knocks Nicole off balance and sends the Eagles cheerleader stumbling to the ground, landing on her back. Sooin footstomps Nicole’s midsection in a little payback for the agony put on her own back by Nicole earlier in the match when she was pounding fists into Sooin’s belly. Sooin moves higher on Nicole’s hot body and lands a footstomp or two on Nicole’s prize possessions…her treasure chest. Sooin reaches down and with her hands rips off Nicole’s bikini top to once again reveal, as was presented during the beauty contest, an awesome set of tits. Actually, as the top is removed, Nicole’s ample assets bounce quite a bit, which impresses the cheerleaders watching even more.

But Sooin goes back to her attack on Nicole’s midsection, dropping a couple of knees on that exposed area to try to affect the Eagles cheerleader’s breathing in addition to giving her some very sore ribs. Sooin picks up Nicole’s bikini top which she discarded close to the action, wraps it around the gorgeous brunette’s luscious neck, and begins obvious choking of the cheerleader using her own bikini top. Although under duress, it doesn’t take much strength to go to the opponent’s hair to get out of trouble, and that is exactly what Nicole does. She grabs Sooin’s tresses with both hands, and where the hands and hair goes, the head goes. Nicole violently pulls Sooin’s hair to one side sending the Redskins cheerleader away from her body and ending the onslaught to her midsection…at least for now.

NicoleAs Nicole is getting up, she grabs Sooin's bikini top, rips it off, and throws it on the ground in disgust. Both are now topless which encourages the cheerleaders to thrust out their chests to try to intimidate their opponent but also to show off for the cheerleaders acting as spectators. They move towards each other, engage in a mutual bearhug, and begin a "tit"anic battle to see who has the stronger set of boobs. Nicole has the advantage with her bigger, harder juggs, but Sooin has the firmer midsection, which allows her to tolerate the bearhug portion of the contest in more comfort.

Nicole is able to get in a couple of quick titsmothers as Sooin’s head droops on occasion enough to put her face in range of Nicole’s massive mams. As they move apart a little during this battle, Nicole grabs Sooin’s left arm and implements an arm bar. Using her other arm’s elbow, she comes down on Sooin’s trapped arm, the force of which drives the Redskins cheerleader to the ground. Sooin lands hard on her tits, and while she is stunned by her sudden crash to the ground, Nicole sits down on the right side of Sooin near that shoulder. Nicole puts her feet on either side of Sooin’s shoulder, pulls her right arm straight out from her body, and tries to dislocate Sooin’s shoulder. But the sweat that each woman has worked up during this strenuous match helps save Sooin on this occasion. Nicole loses her grip on Sooin’s wrist, and she quickly retracts her arm from Nicole’s vicinity.

Nicole is disappointed her hold is broken so she changes to an easier goal…stripping the last piece of clothing from Sooin’s body. Nicole moves her hands towards Sooin’s ass, grabs the bikini bottom and pulls it from the back. That maneuver sends the front of the material deep into Sooin’s crotch, until the fabric eventually rips, releasing Sooin from the pussy pain. Nicole kicks Sooin over onto her back in order to expose that lush forest of pussy, now visible with her bikini bottom gone. But Nicole’s obsession with humiliating Sooin by making her the first one nude has a price. As Nicole is admiring her handiwork, Sooin thrusts out her legs, which find their targets on Nicole’s legs, sending the gorgeous brunette careening away from Sooin.

Nicole lands on her tits, and Sooin mounts her back and implements a chin lock. Nicole is in obvious pain until she is able to unclasp Sooin's fingers. But Sooin is still on top of Nicole's back and uses one of her now free hands to spank the sexy brunette to embarrass the Eagle cheerleader, and perhaps try to get her to lose her focus and act with total emotion in the match. Sooin pulls back Nicole's legs to double them up, which strains even the athletic limbs of a cheerleader. Nicole twists her body, which temporarily at least dislodges Sooin from Nicole's back.

Nicole is still on her back as Sooin recovers from her spill and uses her bare pussy to smother Nicole's face. Sooin concentrates on her mouth and nose to restrict breathing and force Nicole to get that "fragrance" and "liquid refreshment" from her odorous and perspiring crotch area.

After getting enough satisfaction from this smother, Sooin moves her right shoulder above Nicole's face and drops her underarm over Nicole's face and gives her the foul smell and moisture-drenched exposure to her right armpit region. Nicole especially seems to resent this process even more than the pussy smother just a minute or so ago. But Sooin seems to be going for the trifecta as the oriental babe facesits Nicole. Sooin reaches down, grabs Nicole's bikini bottom and violently rips it off, giving Nicole a little fabric burn in the process. Probably aided by her fury and her humiliation, Nicole gathers enough energy to buck Sooin off her face.

Both women are now totally nude, saturated with sweat over their entire bodies including making both their tresses and their pussy fur matted. As Nicole found out up close and personal, any deodorant or fragrance enhancer wore off long ago. They also are becoming exhausted as even athletic cheerleaders have their activity limits before breaking down to some degree. The women approach each other and go for their rival's hair in a hairpulling frenzy, perhaps another sign they are looking for a short cut to down their opponent. The women hit the ground as their heads are jerked around, and the obligatory rolling around on the grass begins. First, one woman is on top, then the other, then the initial one again, and so forth.

Nicole ultimately ends up on top and doesn't waste any time squeezing Sooin's oversized orbs. Nicole moves off to the left side of the downed Sooin and executes a crossbody cover as she legscissors Sooin's left arm to immobile it and holds down Sooin's right hand with her own right hand. Nicole continues to fondle Sooin's tits even after the hold is established since Nicole's left hand is free to do so. Nicole switches to using her left hand to hold down Sooin's right hand so she can do a little revengeful armpit smothering of her own, using her free right shoulder to lower her very odorous and wet underarm to cover Sooin's nose and mouth. Sooin is now getting a taste and smell so to speak of her own torture of Nicole, but again perspiration also aids her in this case. Her left arm is very slippery due to all the sweat, and Sooin is able to slip that trapped arm from the legscissors hold. Sooin delivers a left fist to the back of Nicole's head sending a stunned Nicole off her body.

The cheerleaders arise, obviously more drained than ever in this fight. The women charge towards each other, and while Nicole goes for Sooin's tresses, the Redskins cheerleader moves her hands around Nicole's neck in a blatant chokehold. Nicole quickly abandons Sooin's hairpulling and grabs Sooin's hands trying to pry them away from her throat. Nicole fails at trying to unclasp Sooin's hands but does land a right fist to Sooin's head, accomplishing the same result as the stunned Sooin quits choking Nicole. However, Nicole is still coughing and trying to regain her breathing at the same time Sooin moves behind the gorgeous brunette and slaps on a full nelson. Nicole tries to pull her own arms down in order to unclasp Sooin's hands, but she is having trouble doing that. Nicole takes a nasty shortcut by bringing her right foot up behind her and scoring a direct hit on Sooin's crotch.

Sooin's pussy is reeling from the brutal low blow from Nicole as she releases the full nelson hold. The Eagles cheerleader grabs Sooin by the hair and slings her to the ground. Sooin lands on her stomach, and Nicole quickly follows up with footstomps on Sooin's back. The force of the kicks presses Sooin's tits hard into the ground. The kicks are also effective in robbing Sooin from her normal breathing, and in her already exhausted state, that is perhaps more important than the embarrassment she is dishing out to Sooin.

Nicole pulls Sooin from the grassy area to the pool and rolls her from the pool edge into the shallow end like a depth charge being launched over the side of a naval ship. Nicole walks down the steps that lead into the water at the shallow end of the swimming pool. Nicole makes her way to Sooin's position in the pool, and she has just begun to stand up in the three feet water. Nicole grabs Sooin by the hair and pulls her head under the water time and time again. At the conclusion of each new dunking, Nicole asks Sooin if she is ready to concede, but Sooin just spits water out and continues to shake her head as a denial. Nicole keeps Sooin's head underwater longer this time, and Sooin doesn't even wait for her resurfacing. Nicole feels Sooin nodding her head, and Nicole takes that as a concession. But as Nicole brings Sooin's head above water, she demands the Washington Redskins cheerleader Sooin admit defeat verbally so that all the other cheerleaders can verify that Sooin gave into Nicole in the catfight.

Nicole: "Let's hear you tell all the spectators here, including the other cheerleaders, that you weren't woman enough to compete with me in a catfight and come out of top. C'mon you oriental whore from the Washington Deadskins, let's hear it!"
Sooin: {tears streming down her cheeks and her words halting and emotional: "You Eagles slut….you were just lucky… but you won this one."

Postmatch: Nicole accepts that half-hearted concession, because she is incredibly anxious to get the spoils of her victory. Nicole walks Sooin up the steps from the shallow end of the pool only to fling her with contempt to the ground on her back. Nicole starts off with a classic armpit smother, first using the left underarm. Nicole grinds that very wet area over Sooin's mouth and nose, restricting breathing and keeping that area moist with water from the pool. The bad news for Nicole is that dip in the pool got rid of a lot of the body odor she was counting on to be present in her armpits, but the good news is that the treated water has some chlorine and other chemicals in it that she ensures will become concentrated on Sooin's lips and deposited in her nostrils. Nicole finishes with the left armpit only to switch over to her right underarm. Since Nicole is naturally right-handed, the Eagles cheerleader is able to get some additional force behind the grinding of her pit into the face of Sooin, as evidence by Sooin's increased difficulty in breathing….and her louder protestations.

Nicole next lays her luscious pussy on top of Sooin's face and once again her goal is to humiliate the defeated 'Skins cheerleader even more along with shutting off her air supply in order to put her under more duress. Normally, the winner might want to try to work up an orgasm for herself so as to mark her victim with some cum, but Nicole explains why she isn't doing that to the other cheerleaders.

"This whore isn't even worth me exciting myself in order to give her some of my most precious asset."

However, Nicole certainly doesn't pass on doing a number on Sooin's pussy as she asks the cheerleaders for a dildo. Apparently, the cheerleaders' long trip to the Pro Bowl away from their boyfriends has yielded a bonanza of the toys from those spectators. As could have been guessed by the other cheerleaders, Nicole picks the one whose color is closest to "Eagles green" and begins to work it vigorously in and out of Sooin's throbbing pussy.

"Oh's" and "ahs" and "Stop, please….don't stop's" fill the air as Nicole is masterfully bringing Sooin to a climax. That orgasmic point arrives as Sooin begins to secrete her whitish liquid. Nicole collects some of it and wipes it on Sooin's face to show up the Oriental beauty and to prove who is still in control here.

Sooin's outpouring of cum subsides, so Nicole moves her huge hooters over Sooin's face and begins to give her a world-class titsmother. Not only does Nicole show off her massive mams up close and personal to Sooin, but she is spreading that cum over the Redskins cheerleader's face. Nicole also squeezes her boobs together to increase the dynamics of her cleavage, trapping Sooin's mouth and nose in that deep canyon on occasion.

Nicole laughingly boasts, "Sooin, my little servant whore, guess there isn't much doubt even in your mind now why I won the tits contest, huh?"

Sooin can't really respond as her mouth is still contacted firmly against Nicole's absolutely impressive juggs, and any comment she might want to make would come out only as mumbling at this point. Nicole reorients her body for perhaps what might be her final humiliation of the Washington Redskins cheerleader. Nicole moves her ass from being on Sooin's midsection to over her face.

"My little Korean tramp, time for me to close you out - I would hold an auction for your services for a week, but quite frankly after losing both the beauty contest and the catfight, as they say in the securities markets, your stock is a STRONG SELL!"

Nicole begins to squirm with as much energy as she can muster after this long morning of contests. As she moves her sweet butt back and forth, sideways, and up and down to some degree, she has spread Sooin's cum as evenly as she can. And Sooin's breathing is the most labored it has been yet due to the amount of surface area covering her face. Nicole is laughing, and some of the cheerleaders who have been rooting for her the entire time are joining in the fun.

Finally, it appears that Nicole tires of the torture of her victim, plus exhaustion seems to have really taken its toll on even the winner in this case. Nicole gets up, spits on the face of Sooin, and begins to collect not only her clothing, but also anything that Sooin had brought with her to the pool from her room. Special prizes will be her bikini pieces and perhaps a Redskins memento that she can deface and take back to her Eagles cheerleader gals in Philly. But she has one more task to perform.

She obtains a can of green spray paint, turns Sooin onto her stomach, shakes the spray paint can to get the best consistency, and begins to spray some words on Sooin's back. Nicole collects her belongings, exchanges some laughter with the other cheerleaders, and says she is heading for the whirlpool to try to relieve some aches and pains. After Nicole leaves the area, the cheerleaders are curious as to what she wrote on Sooin's back. And they have the time to find out, because Sooin is near unconscious at this point and certainly not going anywhere anytime soon. They walk over to where she is lying, and they read the following, "Eagles Property". Sooin does have some friends among the cheerleaders, and those lean over to try to help her regain her wits as she recovers. The others leave the scene of the fight, some perhaps anxious to add a remarkable entry to "Dear Diary"!


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