Supergirl as The Maiden of Might and Tylene Buck as Kathy
Best of Jonair

She was so weak she could barely stand up. Boom! Another punch to the face. Another! Another! Her arms were hanging limply by her side. Her legs turned into rubber. A punch to the midsection doubled her over. She clutched her stomach in pain as the air left her body. A roundhouse kick to the jaw sent her sprawling to the ground. She was in bad shape.

How could this be happening? How does the Maiden of Might, the invincible and powerful Supergirl find herself on the receiving end of a royal ass kicking? How does the strongest woman alive find herself helpless, on her back, on the floor, unable to get up, and unable to defend herself at the hands of a mere mortal woman?

It was dumb luck.

It all started a month ago. They were in the room together as always. He removed her skirt but left her otherwise clothed. He grabbed the narrow piece of blue fabric, the sole barrier between himself and his promised land, and slid it over to the side.

He entered her roughly and began pounding away furiously, his chest rising and falling above her majestic "S" logo. Her long, tan, muscular legs wrapped around his hips as she met each of his thrusts with one of her own. Her blond hair flew wildly as she shook her head from side to side in apparent ecstasy.

She was thinking Oscar. That's right. She was thinking that she definitely deserved an Oscar for this performance. As disgusted as she was and to still make it look so good. Definitely an Oscar.

Kathy had been married for 3 years now. She truly loved him and would have married him even if he had not been worth 400 million dollars. She couldn't believe she had gotten so lucky. Ben was in his mid twenties, very handsome, very caring, and very generous. They were the perfect couple.

Ben, by all accounts, was a very lucky man himself. Independently wealthy by 22, married to an incredible woman at 24, he was the envy of the entire town.

Kathy was a stunner. She was 5 foot 11, long blond hair, stunning blue eyes, 40d chest, 23 inch waist, 36 inch hips capping off the longest, shapeliest tan legs ever seen by man or woman. Her body, all natural, was the perfect blend of superb genetics and daily workout sessions.

She was also dumb as a shoe.

In all fairness, she was never really given any opportunity to exercise any intelligence. Her good looks had people fawning all over her from very early on, and she never had to fend for herself.

She was successful model by the age of 14, but poor career choices and unscrupulous managers kept her just shy of the super model threshold. She was thrilled when he asked her out, and they fell in love immediately. She stopped working and they spent most of their time together. Women were constantly coming on to him, but they all fell short of Kathy and never stood a chance with Ben.

Everything was great until the night of the big benefit.

Ben was on the board of Directors of a large charitable organization which was honoring Supergirl at its annual benefit banquet. It was his job to introduce Supergirl who had agreed to make a flamboyant entrance. As Ben began his introduction, Supergirl flew into the large ballroom. She flew until she was halfway to the stage and came to an impressive landing to the enthusiastic applause of the crowd.

There she stood, Supergirl, the Woman of Steel, the Maiden of Might, the Princess of Power, in the center of the room, legs spread slightly apart, hands resting on her hips, shoulders back. She surveyed the room then walked confidently up to the dais. All eyes were upon her as this most stunning of all women created walked up to the stage. All eyes, but especially Ben's.

He was completely awe-struck, a fact which was not lost upon Kathy.

For the first time in her life, Kathy felt jealous of another woman. Not just any other woman. Supergirl. Ben never looked at anyone they way he looked at Supergirl. Not even at her. She was always the center of attention. She was relieved when the ceremony was over and Supergirl made her exit. Ben made a clumsy attempt to flirt with Supergirl, but, to her credit, she ignored him politely and left.

That night, Ben and Kathy had incredible sex. The best ever. Kathy was impressed with Ben's newly found vigor, but did not connect it to any events which had occurred recently in their lives.

Two days later, Ben came home smiling from ear to ear. Filled with promises of an incredibly erotic evening, he presented her with a large box which she eagerly accepted. She opened it and her heart sunk. It was a costume. An exact replica of Supergirl's costume. Red mini skirt, skin tight blue body suit, large "S" logo covering her breasts so that when she looked down she could not see the bottom, yellow belt, and red boots. A very sexy ensemble she had to admit, but she instinctively understood the significance. He wanted her. Supergirl. He didn't want his wife.

She was very upset, but did not show it. She put on the costume and looked fabulous. She thought she even looked better that the real thing. The sex was amazing.

Over the next few days, they had sex with her in costume until she finally said she needed a break from it. She told him she sent the costume to the cleaners. Sex that night was marginal at best.

The following morning was nothing amazing either. That night she was back in costume, and the sex was the best ever.

He kept on insisting she put on the costume and she really began to resent it. She hated Supergirl.

She hated her.

A week later, Kathy was watching "Style with Elsa Klensch" on CNN when the newsroom broke in with a breaking story. Supergirl showed up to stop a crime in progress and was somehow overpowered, letting the criminals escape. They had exclusive footage from the closed circuit security camera. The tape was very clear. Supergirl burst into the room and confronted the criminals confidently. She stood there the same way she stood at the banquet before climbing the stage. One of the criminals foolishly rushed her. Within a blink of the eye he was a crumbled unconscious heap in the far corner of the room. Another 2 began to shoot at her. The bullets bounced off her perfect chest. Kathy was mesmerized.

Supergirl quickly and effortlessly disarmed the two idiots and turned her attention to the leader who was holding a hostage. Supergirl confidently walked toward him, knowing that she could react quickly enough to avoid any chance of the hostage being hurt. Suddenly there was a flash of light and Supergirl stopped dead in her tracks. Her jaw dropped down, her eyes opened widely. her knees began to wobble and her arms were by her side. What was happening here? The criminal's cap was taken off revealing her to be a woman. Poison Ivy, the notorious female felon. These were not her usual stomping grounds. She rushed the stunned Supergirl and punched her right in the jaw. She went reeling backwards. Ivy followed up with another strong punch to Supergirl's jaw. And another. And another. And another. Supergirl's eyes were glassy. She was barely conscious. Ivy grabbed her by the waist and pulled her tight. She squeezed and squeezed until Supergirl's arms hung lifelessly by her side and her unconscious head rested against Ivy's shoulder. She let go and Supergirl fell to the ground. Poison Ivy took off. Supergirl came to several minutes later.

Kathy was amazed at what she had seen. That was the answer.

The next time CNN ran the footage, she taped it. When Ben came home, she showed it t him thinking it would knock Supergirl off the sexual pedestal upon which Ben had placed her. This would make her number one again.

Ben couldn't take his eyes off the tape. He found it incredibly arousing.

That night, when it was time for bed, Ben told Kathy he had work to do and would be staying up later. He never did that before. Kathy went to the bedroom, but soon went to find Ben. She needed him.

She quietly approached his study. He was on the phone with his right hand man, Ronnie. He was watching the CNN tape and telling Ronnie how hot he found it. He told Ronnie that buying her the Costume was the best thing he had ever done. Kathy was devastated. She watched as he rewound the tape and began watching it again, only this time he was touching himself as he watched. Within seconds he had a serious erection in hand. She felt ill. It was a tremendous blow to her ego seeing her husband like that. She went to bed in tears. He disgusted her.

She needed to get him back. She needed to defeat Supergirl herself. " That shouldn't be too difficult" she thought. After all, she was nearly perfect. That had to count for something.

The next day, she called Ronnie and asked to meet with him. They had become friends, and while she knew he was fiercely loyal to Ben, he often helped her out with many things. She wanted his help. She wanted him to find out what happened to Supergirl yesterday. How was she beat up like that. Ronnie, recalling last night's conversation with Ben, told her he'd get right on it. As the right hand to a multimillionaire, Ronnie was well connected and it took him only a few hours to get back to Kathy and tell her that Poison Ivy had exposed Supergirl to Kryptonite.

She could hardly pronounce it, much less understand what it was. Ronnie laughed when she asked him to get her some. He politely explained that it was not easy to get and very expensive if and when available. He suggested she find a cheaper toy to play with.

She also had her connections, mainly from the old lean and mean days. She contacted Louie and told him what she wanted.

10 days and $500,000 later, Kathy was in possession of two synthetic kryptonite sticks which resembled green highway emergency lights. Louie assured her that it was better than the real thing. All she had to do was snap the stick and it would work. It was the same stuff Poison Ivy used. She trusted him.

The next day she rented a warehouse and had state of the art video equipment installed. She would capture Supergirl, destroy her , tape it on video, and show it to Ben. Then he would see that she was truly the Supergirl. She had no idea how she would do it, but she knew she had to.

She asked Ronnie how one would get in touch with Supergirl. He suggested she get in touch with Linda Danvers.

That was it! She would kidnap Linda Danvers and Supergirl would be sure to find them. Then she would be right where she wanted her.

The next day, she waited outside Linda's office. When Linda appeared, she walked up behind her, stuck a gun in her back, and told her that innocent people may get hurt if she tried to resist. Linda was amused at this stunningly beautiful, yet totally unprofessional woman with a gun in her back. She asked her what she wanted. Kathy didn't respond. She would have been able to disarm her in seconds even if she wasn't Supergirl. She decided to humor Kathy and go along with her. After all, she was Supergirl. She could handle herself.

She could have ran away when Kathy tried to stop a taxi. She could have run away when Kathy's attention wandered in the taxi. She could have ran away when the taxi stopped at the warehouse.

She didn't.

Kathy now held the gun to Linda's head as they entered the warehouse. She sat Linda down on a chair and tied her arms behind her back. A baby could have gotten out of those knots. She took off her street clothes and was now dressed in a very sexy workout outfit custom made for her. The colors were fabulous and perfectly coordinated. Her low cut cropped top barely held her perfect breasts in place. Her high cut bikini shorts accentuated her perfect legs, and her high top rebocks and little white sweat socks topped off the perfect outfit. Linda could not help but be impressed.

Kathy pulled out a polaroid camera and began taking pictures of Linda. Linda asked her again what she planned. This time Kathy told her that she was using her as bait to lure Supergirl. Linda almost broke out laughing. Can this really be happening? Linda asked her what she wanted with Supergirl. Kathy's face became red. She reached into her bag and pulled out the two liquid kryptonite sticks and tossed them on the table. She was angry and not quite in control of her emotions. She slammed her hand down on the table accidentally hitting one of the sticks. She heard a snap and the stick began to glow. That made her even angrier.

She began ranting and raving about how Supergirl ruined her life, but Linda heard none of it. She was in serious trouble. The effects of the Kryptonite hit her out of the blue and they hit her hard. She did not expect this at all. She was badly weakened before she even understood what was going on. The knots which she made fun of now gripped her like steel. She was tied to the chair and could not escape.

Kathy was totally oblivious to what was going on and continued to rant and rave, all the while holding the green glowing stick in her hand. Supergirl's powers were being drained at a rapid pace. Her head fell forward and she was barely conscious. What a sight! Supergirl, disguised as Linda Danvers, hands tied behind her back, powerful legs now completely weakened, chin resting on her chest, hair covering her face.

Kathy finally noticed Linda. She didn't understand how she could fall asleep at a time like this.

She slapped her sharply and told her to wake up. Linda emitted a low moan as her head snapped back and then returned to her chest. Frustrated, Kathy went into the other room for a moment.

Almost instantly, Supergirl began to regain her powers. She was amazed that Kathy hadn't figured it out, but felt very lucky. Her stupid overconfidence nearly involved her in a situation she couldn't handle. Well, she wasn't going to make that same mistake again. Within 2 minutes she was strong enough to break the ropes which held her. She slowly rose to her feet. She had to get out of there. She needed to fly out of there immediately. She began to change into her costume. She took off her wig and jacket, and began undoing the buttons on her shirt just as Kathy walked into the room. Both women froze. Kathy asked what she was doing. Supergirl walked backwards towards the window hoping to make a break before she became too weak again. It was too late. She became weaker as Kathy, oblivious to the true nature of the circumstances, walked closer to her. She was up against the wall. She had nowhere to go, as Kathy, kryptonite in hand, closed in on her. She was standing 2 feet away when Supergirl's legs began to give and she slid slowly to the ground. Kathy was commenting on how her hair had changed color when Linda began to slump to the ground. She grabbed her shirt in an effort to hold her up but it was no use. The shirt ripped and Linda slumped to the ground. It was then that Kathy finally realized. It was then when she saw the Blue fabric peeking out from under the shirt. She couldn't believe it! "So you're Supergirl" she cried out. She rushed over to the console and activated all the video equipment. She needed to catch every second of this on tape.

She dragged Supergirl's nearly lifeless body to the center of the room. She bent down on one knee and began to strip Linda down to Supergirl. All Supergirl could do was moan and shake her head from side to side.

Kathy removed her shirt and admired Supergirl's once powerful but still fabulous upper body stunningly accentuated by her form fitting costume. She focused in on her "S" logo and watched it rise and fall with each belabored breath Supergirl took.

She removed Linda's skirt exposing the Supergirl's red mini skirt and her fabulously long, shapely and tan legs.

The transformation was now complete. Kathy's plan had worked better than anyone could have expected. She had Supergirl right were she wanted.

Supergirl was trying to stay conscious. There had to be a way out of this. Kathy began to rant and rave again about how Supergirl ruined her life, how her husband only wanted to have sex with her dressed as Supergirl.

Supergirl could barely make out what she was saying. She tried desperately to talk to Kathy, to get her to stop, but Kathy's sanity had long gone. She just went on and on and on about how Supergirl wrecked her life.

She lifted her up. She could hardly stand. Kathy punched her in the stomach. Supergirl groaned as the air left her body. She was doubled over and about to go down when Kathy kicked her right in the face. That straightened her right up. Her arms were by her side. She was defenseless. Kathy punched her right in the jaw. Her head snapped back. She punched her again. She began to go down. Kathy picked her up in the air and threw her up against the wall. Supergirl slumped to the ground. Kathy kicked her in the ribs. Her body rose about 3 inches from the ground from the force of the blow. She kicked her again.. Supergirl doubled over in pain. She picked her up again and punched her in the face....She was so weak she could barely stand up. Boom! Another punch to the face. Another! Another! Her arms were hanging limply by her side. Her legs turned into rubber. A punch to the midsection doubled her over. She clutched her stomach in pain as the air left her body. A roundhouse kick to the jaw sent her sprawling to the ground. She was in bad shape.

She was about to cross into unconsciousness, perhaps for the very last time.

Kathy lifted her up and raised her weakened body over her head. She faced one of the cameras and look straight into it. Her eyes were glazed over and she had a look of someone who was completely deranged. "This is your Supergirl, Ben" she said to the camera. "This is the woman who makes you so hot. Well, now you see who the true Supergirl is. She is nothing! I have defeated her. I kicked her ass and it was easy! Now what do you think of your Supergirl? She's no Supergirl!" With that having been said, she threw Supergirl up against the wall again. Not giving her a second to recover, Kathy lifted her to her feet again. She mercilessly pounded her face again and again with powerful punches.

Supergirl was about to fade for the last time. She was being beat up so badly she actually welcomed the impending unconsciousness. She was about to go down again when she stopped feeling any pain. She assumed that this was the quiet before the storm, that she had been so thoroughly defeated, that she was numb from the pain. To her surprise, her legs became stronger. Kathy's punches no longer had any effect. Her mind was clearing. Her eyesight was clear.

She was getting her powers back!

She looked at the kryptonic stick and saw that it was fading out. The liquid Kryptonite only had a limited duration. This was great!

Kathy continued to pound away at Supergirl, again oblivious to what was happening. Supergirl just stood there absorbing all the blows, feeling nothing, and looking bored. She finally made her move. Supergirl caught Kathy's fist in mid punch and began to squeeze. Kathy was stunned and in serious pain. Supergirl continued to squeeze and Kathy sunk to her knees is pain. Supergirl continued squeezing, pushing Kathy on to her back. Kathy tried with all her considerable might to get free from this powerful grip. Her massive chest heaved as she put everything she had into freeing herself. Supergirl released her grip on Kathy's fist and grabbed both her wrists. She pinned them to the floor behind Kathy's head and straddled her chest.

"You were saying, Missy?" Supergirl taunted. "Who's no Supergirl? Who's ass did you kick?"

Supergirl was angry. Mainly at herself for nearly falling into this trap, but also at Kathy. Who did this woman think she was? Did she really think she could defeat Supergirl? She didn't even have a realistic plan. Did she really think she could defeat the most powerful woman in the world? She was really angry and was about to take her frustrations out on Kathy- within limits though, as she did not want to kill her. She would, however, show her what its like to be conquered at the hands of Supergirl!

Kathy tried fruitlessly to free herself from Supergirl. Supergirl lifted her to her feet, gauged the proper amount of strength she intended to use, and punched her right in the jaw. Kathy was stunned. Supergirl followed up with a series of lefts and rights to Kathy's jaw which landed with deadly accuracy. Kathy was severely dazed. Her proud and powerful chest now heaved forward, her shoulders were slumped and her arms hung heavily by her side. "Not so super, huh? What do you think now? WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK NOW!!" She was furious. She could have ended this right now. It could have been all over, but Supergirl needed to teach Kathy a lesson. She lifted her up and threw her to the other side of the room. Flying at super speed, she arrived at the same time as Kathy. She lifted her again and threw her across the room. Kathy was nearly out of it. She lifted her up high over her head and walked her over to the table. She slammed her down on the table which was shattered by the impact. Kathy was out cold. The party was over.

Supergirl was about to call the police and have them pick up Kathy when she realized that Kathy knew her secret identity. This was a problem, but one that could be solved with Wonder Woman's magic lasso. Supergirl walked up to Kathy and tried to pick her up when she was once again hit with a massive wave of weakness. She couldn't lift her up. She saw the green glowing light of the second kryptonic stick less than 1 foot away. Kathy landed right on it and activated it. She tried to get away, to flee beyond the deadly effects, but her legs gave out. She crashed to the floor. She began to crawl away from the kryptonite, but her arms gave out. She couldn't move. She couldn't get away. She just lay there powerless and helpless.

Kathy began to stir. Her body ached. She slowly rose to her feet. She had no idea what had just transpired here. She saw Supergirl lying face first on the floor not moving. Somehow she had won. She had defeated Supergirl despite the beating which she took. She was truly a Supergirl.

She took the time to admire Supergirl's prone body. She took a long look at those long, tan, and shapely legs the tops of which disappeared into her short sexy red skirt which did absolutely nothing to minimize the fact that Supergirl had THE perfect ass. She was overcome with desire. She had to feel Supergirl's body up against her own. She rolled her over, raised her skirt to expose her upper thighs, and straddled her body. She lowered herself so that she was lying on top of Supergirl. Their bodies were nearly identical. Kathy was in heaven as their bodies touched. She felt a billion volts of electricity shoot through her nipples as their breasts met. She nearly creamed instantly as she felt the warmth of Supergirl's upper thighs as they met her own.

She began to rub herself rapidly up and down Supergirl's prone body, her entire body tingling with excitement. She spread Supergirl's lifeless legs apart, straddled one of them and brought herself to an incredible orgasm. The best she ever had.

Minutes later she regained her senses. She got up, put on her street clothes, grabbed the video tapes and prepared to leave. She was at the door when she took one last look at Supergirl's powerless body. Her body began to tingle once again as she replayed the events which took place moments ago in her mind. She approached Supergirl.

Supergirl was just beginning to stir. She had no idea of what had just gone on, but was surprised at how wet she was between her legs. Through half shut eyes, she saw Kathy approach her.

Kathy bent down next to her. Supergirl braced for what was about to come, but to her surprise, she felt a pair of warm lips up against her own. Her eyes popped open in shock. Kathy's tongue parted Supergirl's lips as she began to kiss her passionately. Supergirl shut her eyes and desperately tried to summon the power to move her arms. To move her head. To put her arms around Kathy. To respond to her passionate kiss. She could not. She was still too weak Kathy got up, adjusted her clothes and walked out the door. Supergirl tried to cry out to her, but she could not.

Kathy was real pleased with herself. That night she wore her sexiest lingerie in anticipation of the evenings lovemaking. She took Ben into the study and put on her video tape. "You think your Supergirl is so great?" she asked him. "I'll show you who the true Supergirl is." They watched the tape together. When it was over she asked him what he thought. His mouth was dry and he could hardly conceal his massive erection. " Could you go put on your Super costume?" he asked. Kathy's heart dropped. " AFTER ALL I WENT THROUGH TRYING TO IMPRESS YOUR SORRY ASS you STILL want me to wear that FUCKING SUPERGIRL COSTUME???" she raged.

"No" he said, I want you to put on YOUR Super costume. The one you wore when you defeated Supergirl." She beamed. She smiled from ear to ear. She was happy. They lived happily ever after.

The End.