With Elisha Cuthbert as Felicia Hardy & Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Parker

It had been three months since MJ's humiliating loss to the Blackcat. She seemingly lost everything to that homewrecking bitch. Her apartment, her dignity, her man, and, thanks to the various bruises and broken nose that prevented her from modeling or acting, even her job. She had been brutalized and left naked in the hallway of her own home. She soon learned that New York City is one of the less desirable places to be dumped in the nude. However, rather than simply give up, she used the whole experience to drive her towards a single goal, revenge!

However she knew better than to challenge Felicia again without being prepared. She'd only be dominated and destroyed again. This is where her time as a Superhero's significant other came in handy. Through Peter, she had made many aquantances in the Hero community. After a few phone calls she was soon taken under the wing of the one and only Man Without Fear, Daredevil! Apparently Matt Murdock heard of the great injustice done and decided to help MJ get into fighting form.

Initially he was more or less impartial in the whole situation, but something didn't sit right with him, trained crime fighters shouldn't be beating on untrained civilians. So he made her work. Six or more hours a day Mary Jane pushed herself. She took herself to the limit daily, and saw results. Her strikes were faster, her reaction times were quicker. She was slowly transforming herself into a force to be reckoned with.

Daredevil was both impressed and worried about his student. He was happy she was taking the initiative and bettering herself physically, but wasn't especially pleased that her anger towards Felicia Hardy was still showing in everything she did. Wanting revenge was one thing, but letting that consume you is another. He had hoped that with her trainining would come discipline and she would be able to control her emotions... no such luck.

Three months into her training, Mary Jane entered the gym, looking stunning as always in her sports bra and extremely short sweat shorts. Matt, being blind, was one of the few people who couldn't fully appreciate her looks. She liked that, she wanted someone who would sharpen her to a deadly edge, not oogle her chest while she jumped rope. After working a solid 6 rounds on the heavy bag, she suddenly stopped. "Im ready, that bitch is finished! Pete will be mine again!"

Across the city, Peter Parker was going through a bit of a crisis. His "trophy girlfriend" was everything he ever wanted when he was in highschool. She was hot, fun, athletic, and independant. Unfortunately, while she was a amazing lover, (nearly every night she showed him SOMETHING new that boggled his mind) she was unfortunately not a great life partner. She'd get bored when he'd try to talk about more mild mannered things. She didn't repair his costumes, or do ANY domestic chores. Long hours at the Daily Bugle along with crimefighting meant he didn't have time to do them, so the apartment was a mess! When he'd come home stressed from a long day, her solution usually involved whipped cream, his webspinners, and enough banging around that his neighbors in the apartment below him had already filed four complaints. While at first he had no problem with any of this, he eventually felt the need to just talk to someone about his feelings without it turning into a sex game. Not to mention his Aunt May couldn't stand Felicia or her free spirited ways. After three months together, he still felt a twinge of sadness over what happend to his Ex, Mary Jane Watson.

Blackcat opened the letter from the phone company and frowned. Peter was secretly calling that red headed twit Mary Jane. She'd known about this for a while, of course, but turned a blind eye and never confronted him about it. Let him keep in touch. Those two had been together for a while, and it'd be cruel to Petey to expect him to quit the little shrew completely cold turkey. Besides, after just their first night back together, Felicia knew Spidey would never be leaving.

Apparently seeing her completely ruin his ex turned him on more than anything. Just seeing her fight in general turned him on. There's no hiding something like that in a spandex suit. Besides, Felicia would be lying to herself if she didn't admit it turned her on as well. Kneeing that bitch in the crotch then stripping her had sent shivers through Felicia's entire body, and a part of her wished she had dragged the entire thing on longer. When the phone rang and she heard Mary Jane's voice challenging her, she only grinned and licked her lips.

Billionaire inventor and Avenger's member Tony Stark, aka the Iron Man, used his considerable means to put the entire thing together. After all, who could appreciate a pair of gorgeous ladies going at it more than Tony Stark?!? An arena was privately rented and costumed to the affair. Heros and Villains were all invited under a banner of truce to watch. Both contestants wanted it this way. They wanted the victor to bask in the cheers of the world's most powerful people, and more importantly wanted the loser's defeat to be the talk of Superpowered community. However more than just pride was on line, MJ, Felicia, and Peter Parker all agreed on the stipulations. Essentially, the winner would recieve a LARGE cash prize, rights to Peter, as well as ten minutes with the loser at the end to do whatever they wanted with her rival, short of killing of course.

Every big name filled the arena. It was almost commical to see so many varied people share space. Dr. Doom ordering the ushers to bow before him, The Hulk trying to squeeze into his chair, and Dr. Octopus holding beers, popcorn, and a cigar in his mechanical hands. When all was said and done, there were easily over four hundred spectators, including some ninjas, clones, and a few blue mutants. All were eager to see one of these well known ladies destroy the other. Most of the participants knew Parker's identity by now, and also knew the stakes involved. Mortal enemies were brought together to witness something most of them had fantasized about at one point or another.

In the middle of it all stood a pro-sized wrestling ring. Nearly exactly the same as seen on WWE programming. Blue five foot high ropes surrounding a unforgiving mat. Tony Stark enters wearing a impressive looking tuxedo and holding a martini. He grabbed a microphone and the crowed hushed as he speaks...

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are all brought together tonight for one reason, to see two of the hottest babes tear each other to pieces." The crowd briefly erupts. "Now allow me to go over the rules one more time. The fight will be divided into four minute rounds with one minute rest between them. It will go on indefinately until one contender is either no longer able to continue or until she submits. After which, the victorious vixen will be allowed to have her way with her vanquished rival, undisturbed, for ten minutes. So lets get ready too... ah hell you know the rest."

Lights flash, the crowd cheers, and Mary Jane Watson appears from the curtain of the entrance ramp. She is wearing a red satin boxer's robe that covers but clings to her amazing body. The crowd erupts but she seems focused. Odd that she was more nervous fighting privately in her living room than now in front of all these well known people. Hate has a way of calming the nerves. Behind her walks Daredevil, her designated cornerman for this evening. He is instructed to wait outside the ring in her corner while she enters and begins to stretch, still robed.

Felicia Hardy now makes her entrance. She doesn't bother teasing the crowd with a robe, she wears a modified version of her Blackcat costume. It's More like a bra and panties than a functional crime fighting uniform, the crowd can't get enough of it. Black silk with tufts of white fur, her outfit says it all. Her top can barely contain her massive titts, and her ass has never looked better. She is still wearing her standard mask, and it somehow adds to the hottness of the entire costume. A few spectators notice that while she isn't allowed her wear her claw gloves, her long red painted fingernails are sharpend to a wicked edge. Spider-man is walking behind her, but his mind is obviously elsewhere. After a few poses in the rampway to drive the crowd further into a frenzy, she notices MJ staring holes through her. She pauses, grins, then decides to add more fuel to the fire. She turns around, grabs an unassuming Spidey, and proceeds to lift his mask a little and make out with him right at ringside. The crowd cheers and MJ is visably seething. Her fists clench into tight fists. After nearly a minute, Felicia pulls away, winks at Mary Jane, and slides seductively into the ring.

Tony instructs them both to get to their mutual corners, and with a wide grin, tells MJ to drop the robe. Mary Jane siezes the moment to steal Felicia's thunder and struts to the middle of the ring and gradually drops the robe. The crowd goes nuts at her red string bikini thong. Her own chest barely contained as she twirls in a circle, and uses some moves learned from her modelling to really get the spotlight back on her. Felica, with a hand on her hip, tries to look unimpressed, however even she can't fully take her attention off the spectacle.

However, Felicia's interest in MJ's figure is a bit different from everyone else's. MJ is pretty ripped! Before her abbs were merely sleek, now they were a tight sixpack which would rival even her own. MJ's arms had a lot more definition, and her legs were also a lot more muscular. While she wasn't worried about how she matched up with her redheaded rival physically, she was a little concerned with what else MJ had been working on. Her attention was stolen however when she saw Peter's still unmasked mouth hanging open at the sight of his ex. MJ took notice too and blew him a kiss. Felicia got his attention with a quick elbow surprising him. He quickly exits the ring and gets in her corner.

Stark motions for them both to come to the center of the ring for the prefight intstructions. He could almost feel the hate as they came together, their chests barely touching each others. Felicia had a slight height and weight advantage, and used it to look down on her fiery rival.

"Alright ladies, essentially there are no rules other than breaking at the end of each round. Remember the stakes, and know that for ten minutes there will be no help for the loser. Other than that, just know I spent a lot of money on this, so make it good!" With that Tony sends them back to their corners and exits the ring. He takes his seat in the front row and settled in for what would be a very memorable night.

The bell rings to start round one. As they neared the center of the ring, they each dropped into a fighter's stance. Mary Jane attacked first, she fired a jab that Felicia blocked with some effort, but Mary Jane then followed with a full on tackle. Taking the platinum blonde's legs out from under her, they both go down with a thud. Each grabbing for the other's hair, MJ had clearly surprised Blackcat, who expected the fight to stay upright. As a result, MJ had the top position. She reached for Felicia's throat hoping to choke the bitch out early. Felicia, still trying to keep a hold on MJ's hair, was again taken by surprise when she felt a pair of thumbs pressing in on her neck. She released MJ's hair and raked her sharpened nails down MJ's arms, causing instant red streaks and even drawing a little blood. MJ grunted and released her throat, instead grabbing her wrists. They were nearly face to face now, and MJ's murderous expression made her more experienced enemy a little hesitant about what to do next.

MJ made the decision for her, with a burst of adrenaline she rolled them both onto their sides and quickly wrapped her legs around Felicia's waste. Squeezing for all she was worth while still holding the blonde's wrists, she felt her rival's body strain for breath. Barely a minute into the fight, Felicia was already in serious trouble. Her hands immobalized, her body being robbed of oxygen, and her ribs being crushed between her enemies thighs, the night was not starting well. She clenched her teeth and thought frantically about what to do.

After nearly a minute of being squeezed, Felicia looked up at MJ, who was smiling visciously at her through gritted teeth. "Soon bitch, soon this will be over." grunted MJ. With no other options, she pulled her restrained hand towards her and bit MJ's arm. The redhead screamed and released Felicia's wrists and lessend the pressure on her scissor hold. This was all that Blackcat needed, she fired a punched squarely into MJ's jaw. Mary Jane, not used to be struck in the face, was clearly surprised by this, andequally surprised by the three punches that followed. Her leghold released, she was still dazed when Felicia got to her feet and fired off a kick into her ribs. Felicia was pulling back to deliver another one when the bell rang. Not wanting to risk a disqualification, she hobbled back to her corner, still nursing her ribs.

Mary Jane took a extra moment to recover. She knew she had dominated most of that round, and more importantly knew Felicia was scared of her now. She had to be, why else would she resort to such cheap tricks. Biting! Despite the pain in her jaw and cheeks, she smiled as she looked across the ring. Felicia was clearly in pain. One more round and she'd finish this. She looked down at Peter and smiled more widely. Her attention was brought back when the bell rang to start round two.

The two fighers aproached each other again, both a bit more cautious this time. "Didn't look so hot there, didja skank?" Taunted MJ as they circled each other.

"That was just round one, for that I'm going to really hurt you little girl." replied Felicia.

"Oh really?" laughed MJ "Your calling me little, I completely overpowered you! You had to cheat!"

"Care to prove it?" and with that Felicia offered a hand in the air, offering a test of strength. MJ was a little hesistant, remembering the last time they did this, however that was the old Mary Jane, she was much stronger now, she accepted! They locked fingers, first with their one arm, then quickly with both. The crowd went crazy as they both suddenly strained with all they had. Chest pressing against each other as they locked up close. Felicia's larger tits began to flatten MJ's, just as in their first encounter. MJ frowned, not only at this minor loss, but because she was starting to lose ground. She suddenly wondered if this was a good idea. Slowly but surely Felicia began to get the advantage. MJ was stronger than before, no doubt, but Felicia was still a world class athlete.

Panic washed over MJ's face, first when her firm breasts were being flattend out, then when her wrists began to turn back. "shoot! Not again! Not in front of all these people!" she thought to herself.

Felicia smiled down on her. "You just can't match up with me. I'm twice the woman you are." She taunted. Before she could force MJ all the way down to her knees, she added "And I wasn't cheating, I was fighting dirty." With that she delivered a powerful knee to MJ's stomach. While it didn't sink in like in their first fight, she could still hear all the breath whoosh from MJ's lips. Felicia released her hands and allowed her to slink to the ground.

Felicia figured about two minutes had passed. She quickly pushed MJ over onto her back. Mary Jane's face was red from the body blow, and she clutched her stomach. Felicia pulled MJ into a sitting position, then sat down in front of her. She put her own legs around MJ's stomach and locked them tight. Revenge is a bitch. Squeezing for all she was worth, she felt MJ's taught body begin to give way. Mary Jane used all her available strength to push at Felicia's knees, trying to create some breathing room. To add to her discomfort Felicia dug her clawed fingers into MJ's breasts. Mary Jane instantly howled in pain as the honed daggers etched across her breasts. The crowd went nuts.

"Thirty Seconds left!" Yelled Spider-man, who was obviously excited about the scene. Felicia couldn't help letting her mind wander to what they'd be doing after this fight. But only for a moment, she was enjoying this herself. Deciding that a little humiliation was in order, she went from clawing her MJ's flesh to clawing at her bikini top. Just as the bell rang she got the garmet loose.

Getting up she twirled it around her head and tosses it to crowd. Just as it was about to fall into the waiting hands of The Thing, a stretched arm grabbed it.... a really stretched arm, from 4 seats down. Reed Richards snatched it and pulled it in. His grin was soon stolen by a elbow from Sue Storm, who was calling him every obscenity in the book. "Yer' a bitch, Reed" grumbled the Thing.

Back in the ring, MJ was mortified. Not only had she completely lost the advantage, had her prized breats damaged, but now she was topless in front of at least four hundred people. Covering herself as best she could, she walked to her corner. Her stomach and ribs were sore, and her boobs were on fire. The minute rest period went by way too fast for her liking. She wished she could get a replacement top at the very least. However she realized that was the least of her troubles. Across the ring was a 5'10" bimbo who wanted to finish her off. All her mental discipline began to drain away at the thought of this bitch not only gaining another victory over her, but also torturing her for ten minutes then screwing her ex-husband.

The bell rang to start round three. Mary Jane came to the center a lot more slowly this time, still covering herself with one arm while the other was clenched and ready to punch. Felicia smiled, thinking she had broken the redhead's spirit. "Aww don't be ashamed of those bug bites. Everyone here knows you paid good money for those, why not show them off? Its not like there's more than twenty people here who hasn't seen them" taunted Felicia.

Several people in the audience erupted in laughter, most noticably the Rhino, who let out a loud "Har Har Har!" before downing a beer. MJ's face reddend, her natural breasts weren't that much smaller than Felicia's. However the tiny difference was something Felicia rubbed into her face for as long back as she could remember. Her temper took over. She fired a quick sidekick into Felicia's thigh, which connected with a loud slap. She charged the bitch, intending to wrap her up into a headlock and drive her into a turnbuckle. Felicia had other plans, she slipped behind her enraged foe, punched her in the kidney, then locked her into a standing full nelson.

In her corner, Daredevil was worried . MJ let her redhead's temper get in the way of her judgement. Felicia applied some pressure, pushing MJ's chin into her own chest and painfully pulling her shoulders back. However the intention of the move wasn't to inflict pain. That become obvious when she began rotating slowly, showing off MJ's topless form to all sides of the arena, even shaking her left and right to make them jiggle. MJ's face reddend, both from pain and from embarassment. Felicia's face was already next to MJ's ear, so she took the chance to taunt her some more. "Sorry Mary Plain," a nick-name MJ hated, "But This round is your last."

With that the quickly released the full nelson, Felicia wrapped her arms around MJ's waste in a reverse bearhug, then without hesitation hoisted her up into the air and drove her down crotch first onto Felicia's waiting knee. A perfect atomic drop. Even Peter winced, however MJ's expression was blank. At least at first, it took a moment for the shock to fully hit her. Tears welling up, she fell onto her side holding herself. Through the pain she remembered their last encounter and how focused Felicia was on destroying her pussy. She felt the effects for weeks after.

Felicia stayed in position, on one knee. She looked around and smiled at the cheering crowd, then to her left at the crumpled redhead's body on the mat. She was getting turned on again. She wasn't bisexual by any means, but something about dominating women got her worked up as well as any man could. She slowly stood up, thinking of what to do next. The fight was all but over. Once Mary Jane could speak she'd certainly submit. "No, Im not going to be happy with that" Felicia thought to herself. She wanted a complete victory.

Pushing MJ onto her back, she crawled on top of her, planting her ass on MJ's heaving chest. Mary Jane was only barely starting to get her wits about her, the pain in her crotch subsiding to mere excrutiating levels. Felicia struck a pose, sitting on her rival's chest while girlishly putting a finger to her temple as though she were thinking of something. She then said aloud "A-ha!". She grabbed two handfulls of redhair, then shocked everyone by pulling MJ's head up into her crotch. She locked her legs together behind MJ's head and essentially mounted her face. Her suffocating rival noticed the dampness in Felicia's crotch, and began to thrash weakly beneath her.

"Yes, fight it, I like it when you struggle." purrs Felicia and she grinds her crotch across MJ's face and oxygen starved mouth. Slowly at first but gaining speed as she goes, Felicia keeps a hold of MJ's redhair with one hand while rubbing her own body with the other. Her fingers carress her sides and stomach and she rides MJ's face with growing intensity. With still a entire minute left in the round Felicia knows this fight is over. MJ's struggles grow weaker the harder she grinds. Her panties are soaked as she runs her free hand through her hair and across her chest. She takes just a second to look across at Peter who is almost enjoying this as much as Felicia. MJ's arms go limp before Felicia can climax and the bell sounds ending the fight.

MJ, unable to continue, is declared the loser. Felicia continues to grind away regardless. The crowd was nuts. Well at least most of them were, some watchers were sitting there silently in awe of the platinum blonde goddess riding her rivals face to a climax. As she thrusts get more and more erratic she finally pulls MJ's face in tight to her crotch with both hands, arches her back, her magnificent breasts heaving and climaxes through her panties onto her rivals face. She slowly releases her legs and climbs off her defiled enemy.

Tony Stark's voice comes over the microphone, "Urm uhh, that was... more than I had hoped for. Your winner, Felicia Hardy!" he announces, though it's obvious to anyone watching. "Sorry babe, you already used up four of your post match minutes with that, eh, show you put on for us. So you only have 6 remaining."

Felicia stood up and placed a foot on MJ's face, feeling her own liquids that seeped through her panties all over MJ's face. She couldn't help smiling. Never had she experienced something like that before. It was.. amazing. But now it was back to buisness, she had less than six minutes to ensure this bitch was no longer a nuisance.

She walked to the ropes and instructed Spidey to hand her a water bottle. He obliged but before she turned away she whispered to him "I hope you didn't have any other plans when we get home." Taking the water bottle in one hand she stroked his masked face with the other before turning her attention back on MJ.

Mary JaneThe water wasn't for her. Sure she needed a drink after THAT, but she could get that afterward. No, instead she unscrewed the cap and poured the contents over MJ's face, causing the redhead to stir. She wanted the bitch to be awake for this. MJ began to regain consciousness. She hacked at first, trying to get some air back in her body. Despite the pain in her crotch she noticed a odd taste in her mouth. "That fucking bitch! She didn't!" she thought, but she knew the smell. She had just been knocked out and violated in front of the man she loved, and in front of all these people. All her training had failed her. Her body which she was so proud of had failed her to. The shock of all this combined hurt nearly as bad as her throat, lungs, and crotch. Nearly.

As her eyes came into focus she saw Felicia Hardy, hands on her hips, standing directly above her, smiling down wickedly at her. She began to sit up as quickly as she could, but that was exactly what Blackcat had wanted. As soon as she was upright, a foot smashed her chest and sent her back down. Felicia hauled MJ up by her hair and directed her into a corner. She propped her up against the turnbuckle and laughed at the sight. MJ had love juice spread across her face, from her chin to her eyebrows. Even Felicia was a little embarassed that she had given into impulse in front of all these people, but that passed quickly. She was now the most popular super-heroine in the world, plus she had about five minutes left to further destroy the helpless redhead.

She drew back and delivered a smashed blow to MJ's jaw, causing bloody spit to rain into the first two rows of the crowd and especially splatter The X-man Cable, who merely shrugged. Felicia then backed away a couple of steps, then charged forward delivering a soccer style kick deep into MJ's wounded vagina. "Damn I love this part" Felicia said to herself quietly.

Before MJ could collapse Felicia grabbed two handfuls of red locks and forced MJ against the ropes away from the turnbuckle. She pulled up the middle rope, pushed down the top one, and put MJ's arms between them. The ropes were the only thing holding the once proud redhead up. She then sized her up and fired a rap succession of punches into MJ's tight abbs. After several blows the six-pack was becoming tenderized. MJ's face began to slump to the side but a cracking smack brought it back up.

Felicia leaned in close and whispered "Aww what a shame, all that working out for nothing. You could dedicate your life to it and you'd never have a body like mine." She made a point to rub her breasts against MJ's while saying this. "Oh, don't think Ive forgotten your girls here, although they ARE easily forgetable" she giggled.

"F--shoot you whore" MJ replied through gasping breaths.

Felicia took a step back and pouted. Her face suddenly contorted to anger as she grasped hold of MJ's boobs with both hands, digging her claws in and twisting them in every direction. After thirty seconds of this, she pulled back, admiring her work. They were definately in rough shape. Bleeding and maimed, Felicia suspected there might even be permenant marks. Spidey yelled in to her "You only have about a minute left Cat!"

Felicia acted quickly, she unfastend the ropes, allowing MJ's ravaged body to drop. She grabbed both of her ankles and turned her over onto her back. She dragged her towards the turnbuckle by her ankles and for a moment everyone expected her to stomp MJ's crotch. To their surprise she didn't, she let her legs drop. Instead she climbed to the 2nd rope and stood there a moment, taking a moment to wave down at Daredevil who only stood there. Then she jumped off and landed feet first squarely into MJ's stomach. The redhead immeadiately sat up but fell back down, completely out.

The bell rang indicating the end of her "Post match victory". Acting as if she were disgusted she pushed MJ's body out of the ring with her foot. With a cruel thud it dropped the three feet or so to the ground. Peter entered the ring and they hugged. She could feel through his costume that he was definately excited. She was as well, however, she had something else on her mind.

As they hugged she scanned the crowd. Sue Storm, Kitty Pryde, Psylocke, and a dozen other beautiful ladies were out there. Felicia, being a person of impulse, had the strongest desire to dominate one of these other costumed bitches. But which one... well thats a decision that'd have to wait. For now, she had a man with heightend endurance and stamina and she had never been more hot than she was now.



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