With Elisha Cuthbert as Felicia Hardy & Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Parker

Felicia Hardy slowed her motorcycle to a stop in front of Gotham City Museum of history and art. She made fantastic time by pressing her bike to its limits and driving speeds way too fast for the current weather conditions. As usual for this time of year, it had been raining heavily over Gotham and had only recently let up. She looked over the large historical building. It was a impressive sight. Large marble lions greeted visitors at the bottom of the stairs. Behind her helmet she smiled. All of this for a cat figurine she probably wouldn't even keep. Still, she felt like she needed one last great caper to really close her career as one of the world's premiere thieves. Peter would object of course, but he wouldn't know. He recieved a call from the Fantastic Four's resident genius, Reed Richards asking for assistance with some sort of experiment. He'd be gone all night.

She turned turned off the bike and quietly wheeled it into a alleyway behind the museum. She fired her grappling hook into the sky and within moments was on the roof...

Less than twenty minutes later she was exiting a skylight on the room of the museum with a small bag attached to her belt. She had bypassed some pretty tight security, taken the jade cat, and made it out without triggering any of the alarms. Once safely on the roof, she pulled the small cat out of the bag. It was dazzling. About twelve pounds, sparkling ruby eyes, and beautifully crafted by Egyptian artists thousands of years ago. In Felicia's time as a thief, she came to appreciate the value of historical pieces, but this little trinket was something else altogether. She could get lost in its red eyes.

"Quite a piece you have there, kitten." said a voice that startled Felicia and stole her attention from the statue. Across the roof stood a slim, athletic looking woman in full costume. Clad in a dark purple body suit and thigh high leather boots, Felicia knew instantly who this was. Catwoman. Her long dark hair hanging freely under her half mask, complete with cat ears. Oddly, a long thick tail was connected to the rear of her costume. She also noticed her clawed gloved hands, both of which were resting on her shapely hips.

Selina Kyle, world reknown burglar. Felicia had never personally met Selina before, they worked seperate cities. But they had both heard of each other, and there was some strong professional rivarly there. When one would make off with a especially large heist, the other would duplicate it and then some in her respetive city. The media would also play the whole thing up. One paper would call Felicia a wannabe upstart while another would say Selina is past her prime and can't keep up with the younger competition. Secretly both women had wanted a confrontation for a long time. The world can only support so many cat themed female thieves afterall.

"I hope you weren't planning on coming into my city, stealing my mark, and taking off? It wasn't enough you tried to steal my persona?" Selina mocked, moving one hand from her hip to her face and blowing on her claws."

"Hardly, but I do have to give you credit. At your age I wouldn't think you'd be able to get up here. I didn't notice a wheelchair ramp. And so bold to try and pull off that costume with those old sorry boobs." Felicia replied as she returned the cat to its pouch. Catwoman had been in the game for nearly a decade before Felicia got started. However looking across the roof at the woman, she certainly looked to be in her prime. Lean and muscular with a rack that easily matched her own, Selina Kyle was a impressive sight. Felicia also noticed Catwoman's jaw clinch slightly at the age comment. She had struck a nerve. Not wanting to give her time to reply, she added, "And that tail is a bit over the top. You've taken the cat thing too far if you ask me."

"I didn't ask you. The tail enhances my already superior agility by acting as a counter balance. Its really no concern of yours though. You aren't leaving this roof with my cat." Selina replied.

They glared across at each other. Both sizing the other woman up. Nearly identical in height, very similiar in build, this would be a crucial battle for both women. A victory would cement Black Cat as one of the best thieves in the world. A win for Catwoman would prove shes still in the game and as good as ever. Both ladies wanted sole rights to the cat moniker and the reputation that goes along with it. Each of them wore gloves with wicked sets of claws, there was no doubt in either's mind that victory would come at a great cost. However more than pride was at stake here. For both battle hardend women, this would be one of the most intense fights of their lives.

Slowly they stalked each other, circling as they glided through the puddles of water that had collected from the heavy rain. Neither wanting to rush the first move and give the other a potential advantage. As they closed in, Selina Kyle made the first move. She slashed out twice with her sinister claws. Felica tried to avoid them rather than block and risk being cut early. Catwoman fired a high kick that narrowly missed taking Black Cat's head off. Without fully withdrawing her kick, she lashed it out again, this time taking Black Cat in the stomach. Felicia's tight abbs were able to handle most of the blow, but it served as enough of a distraction for Selina to blast Felicia in the face with arching left first that staggered the tall platinum blonde. Quick to follow up, Catwoman delivered a spinning thrust kick that caught Black Cat squarely in the stomach and took her off her feet. She landed with a hard thump on the stone surface of the roof top. Her hands reflexively went to her tender stomach, but she had no time to recover. She rolled away maybe a second before a long black boot wooshed by where her face had just been. Catwoman followed up with a series of kicks towards Felicia's head, which she continued to narrowly avoid.

Selina was looking to end the fight early, and perhaps got a little overzealous. Felicia baited her in, left her self open, and dodged at last moment as a particularly wide kick missed her face by inches. She kicked out herself and caught Catwoman in her knee. The taller dark haired beauty was caught unaware and was taken off her feet. Both ladies were now prone on the ground. Just as Selina was sitting up, Felicia dove on top of her. Her head was driven back onto the hard surface of the roof with a light thud. She felt Felicia's hand at her throat. Black Cat's intention wasnt to choke her though, she was holding her head in place while she cocked her arm back and delivered a massive punch that landed squarely on Catwoman's lips. Selina gritted in pain, her once white teeth covered in blood. She tried to sit up again but her head was brutally slammed back down against the roof from Felicia's second punch, this one taking her in the cheek. Felicia used this moment to try and reposition herself more on top of Catwoman to get a better punching angle.

Selina's head was still spinning, she knew she was in a bad situation. She felt Felicia begin to shift on top of her. Instict and experience kicked in as she reach past Felicia's restraining arm and grabbed the blonde by her shoulders. Holding her in place, she fired her knee up as hard as she could and felt it connect with Felicia's cunt. Felicia's face instantly screwed up with pain and she collapsed on top of Selina, both hands going to her sore pussy.

Selina laid there with the blonde writhing on top of her. She collected herself and pushed the injured woman off her. She spat a mouthful of blood onto the ground. Anger replaced pain as she turned her attention toward Felicia, who had made it almost to her knees, one hand holding herself up, the other trying to sooth her crotch. Selina walked towards her casually and with a disgusted look, kicked Felicia in the ribs, knocking the blonde over onto her back. She stood over Felicia, savoring the moment before dropping down in a sitting position on the blonde's stomach. A small "oof" escaped Felicia as the brunette's perfect ass landed on her. Grabbing the blonde's wrists and struggled forcing her arms above her head and pinning them to the ground. Under normal circumstances the two ladies would be roughly equal in strength, with Felicia arguably having a tiny edge due to being a tad bigger. However the blow to her crotch had drained much of her strength, and she wasnt able to offer full resistance. Smiling, Catwoman scooted forward so her huge bossom hung like a pendulum over Felicia's face.

"Fuck y-" Felicia was cut off as Selina's chest filled the blonde's face. Felicia thrashed and bucked wildly. She knew from experience that a good smother was just as effective as any chokehold, though she hadn't been on the recieving end. Her eyes went wide as she felt her lungs starving for air. Selina grinned as she felt the blonde's mouth first trying to bite her breasts then simply trying to suck in air. Her struggles began to grow weaker. Just as it seemed the younger thief was about to pass out, Catwoman lifted her boobs from her face and sat up, still mounting her opponent. Selina was just as famous for her sexual nature as she was for her burglar skills, and she was fully aroused. Never had she put down a specimen like the Black Cat, and she'd hate to end it this soon. Felicia was still on the brink of unconsciousness and hadn't begun to regather her sense. Catwoman spun around so she was facing the blonde's legs. She seperated the material covering Felicia's crotch from her body and using a clawed finger, cut a large hole in the costume, exposing her womanhood. Next she removed both of her clawed gloves and tossed them aside. For what she had in mind, she needed her fingers unobstruted. She turned and looked over her shoulder, Felicia was starting to come around, so she had to act quickly.

She stood up and grabbed Felicia's left leg and secured it under her arm. With a grunt she stepped over and turned the blonde until she had her locked into a single leg boston crab. She wrenched back as hard as she could elicting a "Arrgh" from a now coherant Felicia. The blonde's hands curled into tight fists and she gritted her teeth, but she was otherwise powerless. After a few moments of full pressure, Selina relented a little and eased off the pressure while still holding Felicia's leg.

"Sorry about that, kitten. Just want you awake for this." With that, Selina reached down with her free hand and gently brushed the back of her knuckles across Felicia's pussy. Using her middle and index finger she stroked the full length of her snatch, sending a shiver through Felicia's body. She focused the blonde's labia, manipulating it and causing her rival to spasm beneath her. She felt herself getting equally as aroused as her rival, although her condition was voluntary while the other was forced. Once she was certain the time was right, she plunged her fingers into Felicia's pussy and started to work them masterfully. The plan was to force the bitch to orgasm, probably multiple times, then have her way fully with the wannabe while she's completely out of it. Felicia's free leg kicked wildly but was essentially useless. Catwoman leaned back into the boston crab while still fingering the blonde. She closed her eyes and smiled, enjoying the moment. Much like Black Cat, she got as much if not more pleasure from this type of domination as she did from any traditional sexual act. She might orgasm herself before releasing the hold.

Felicia shuttered. She tried to reach back and claw at Catwoman's legs but couldn't get a good position for it. She tried to turn over to break the leglock but Selina had a wide stance and wouldn't be shook that way. She was powerless beneath the purple clad catburglar. The pain in her lower back, while intense, was the lesser of her problems. She knew she'd orgasm soon, after which all the fight in her would likely be drained away.

Suddenly she noticed something swaying above her head. It was that stupid ass tail that Catwoman said helped increase her agility. Not wanting to miss a opportunity by wildly grabbing at it, she waited until Selina let her guard down. This happend quickly as the sexy brunette leaned back further, intensifying the leglock but leaving herself vulnerable. Flecia grasped at the flowing tail with both hands while simultaniously bucking the leggy thief. Selina's wide stance, while ideal for preventing Felicia from rolling to either side, put her at a disadvantage for this tactic. She lost her grip on her rival's leg then her footing. Tripping over Felicia's arms she fell harshly on her back. Felicia quickly rolled over onto her back and grabbed each of Catwoman's ankles. Before she could react, Black Cat stomped the heel of her boot squarely into Catwoman's pussy, then grinded it in. She screamed so loud that for a moment Felicia worried a museum security guards or a resident in one of the nearby buildings would hear and alert the authorities. Keeping a tight grip on the brunette's ankles, she continued to pour pressure into her cunt. Finally satisified, she released and instantly Catwoman curled into the fetal position, holding her crotch. Felicia struggled to get to her feet. Her legs were wobbily, both from the boston crab and from her near orgasm. Her eyes narrowed at the sight of her wounded foe. Selina tried to push herself upright with one arm while still clutching herself with the other. She was met with a brutal kick to the side of the face that nearly knocked her out.

She reached down and wrapped her hands around the costume tail that had changed the complexon of the entire fight. With a quick grunt she pulled on it with all her strength. First it lifted Selina's ass off the ground, but soon the material gave away and it tore free the fabric from her ass all the way around to nearly her belly button before ripping free. Selina's pussy still glistened with excitement from her previous advantage, but was now starting to bruise over. Felicia circled her, tail in hand, and dropped down behind Catwoman. Wrapping her legs around Catwoman's waist and forming a tight scissor hold, she strangled the older woman with her own tail. Selina's hands first went to Felicia's knees, trying to free herself from the python hold, but soon she felt her oxygen being cut off directly at the throat. Gasping she clawed at the costume attachment. Spittle began to run down her chin as she fought for her life. Felicia's grip was too tight, fueled by adrenaline and pure hatred. Closing her eyes and gritting her teeth, she choked the bitch for all she was worth. After a few moments she looked down, Catwoman was limp. Releasing the choke and easing the scissiors, she noticed there was still no movement. Dead perhaps? No she was breathing though very lightly.

"Good." she whispered to herself. While Felicia was no killer, she wasn't overly concerned with the life of Catwoman. This had been a anything goes fight to the finish and there was no assurance of either woman walking away. However she was relieved because she didn't feel satisfied yet.

Moving aside so Selina could fall onto her back, Felicia straddled her waist. She made sure to pin the unconscious woman's arms beneath her knees. Below her laid Selina's magnificent breasts, barely contained beneath her purple spanded costume. Felicia almost admired them, rarely had she seen a set that could match her own. This was short lived however as she raised both arms above her head, almost in a victory pose, before smashing down simultaneous hammer fist blows to the huge orbs. The sunk in deep, creating craters and the boob flesh encompassed her fists. This instantly brought Selina back into consciousness. Before the more mature vixen could even scream, Felicia bagan alternating blows between breasts. It almost resembled a amateur playing bongo drums and she pounded Catwoman's tits. Initially they held firm against the beating, but after several blows they were litterally tenderized. Selina attempted to cry out in agony, but only a whimper escaped her lips.

Moments later, Felicia was satisfied with her work, but wasn't finished with Selina's breasts. Adjusting both clawed gloves, she tore into her rival's orbs with reckless abandom. The purple spandex offered no protection as it was torn into ribbons. Now Selina was able to scream, and scream she did as her famous tits were torn into. Thin lines of blood criss crossed in every direction. Looking up into Felicia's eyes, she knew she could expect no mercy. She struggled to get her arms free but that was futile. After what seemed like a eternity she felt herself passing out again. This time it was her body shutting down from a pain overload rather than lack of air.

Felicia once again got control of herself when she saw Catwoman go limp. The fight was over. There was however one last thing to do. Sliding forward, her belly brushing Catwoman's mangled bust, she positioned her snatch atop Selina's face.

"So you like my pussy so much? Why don't you have a closer look?" With that she worked to finish what Selina had started. Grabbing Selina by the back of the head she pulled her in closer. Catwoman remained motionless throughout the event, unaware of her face being used sexually. Felicia came quickly and glazed Selina's sleeping face. Catwoman had primed her well earlier and it only took perhaps a minute or two for her to climax. Arching her back and thrusting her chest in the air, Felicia let out a soft moan as she forced Selina's face fully into her crotch and holding it there while she trembled. After a moment or so she rolled off and laid next to Selina, completely exhausted. Glancing over she noticed that Selina was out, entirely. Felicia Hardy laid her head back down and closed her eyes, her chest still heaving from exertion.

When she opened her eyes she realized she had passed out. The moon was still out, so she couldn't have been out more than a hour or two. Beside her still laid a unconscious Catwoman, breathing lightly. Not wanting to wait around any longer in case the night watchman at the museum discovered the jade cat missing from its display case, Felicia collected herself and her trophy. Quickly scaling down the fire escape, she moved to the back ally and retrieved her bike. As she silently pushed it towards the road she was alarmed by a weak voice behind her.

"Not a bad, kitten. I really didn't expect things to go that way at all. I...don't think anyone has ever handled me like that."

Felicia spun around, there stood Selina Kyle topless and bloodied with her battered crotch exposed through the destroyed portion of her costume. Her chest was a canvas of scratches and gashes, and Felicia wondered if she would ever heal fully. Selina however seemed strangely at ease, as she continued.

"I suppose I've finally found my equal." Selina added with a slight grin.

"Equal?" scoffed Felicia. "I don't think so, when you crawl back home you need to take a look at yourself. Maybe consider hanging up the claws and calling it quits, your time is up bitch."

With that Felicia turned and continued to push her bike towards the street. She could hear Selina laugh behind her.

"Well its obvious you aren't going to figure this out on your own, but us meeting here wasn't chance. You didn't find the letter you got odd? Or the two of us showing up to steal the same priceless artifact on the same night a bit suspicious? Clearly thinking isn't your strong point." Selina spat back defiantly. "Only because you barely got the upper hand this time, Im going to tip you off. I was paid to be here by someone who apparently doesn't like you very much. She couldn't nearly afford my usual rate, but because its you I gave her a discount." Selina chuckled again.

Holding the bike upright with one hand and placing the other on her hip, Felicia threatend "You had better tell me what you know, or I can use your face has my toy again."

The threat hit home, Selina noticably stiffened up. Still she managed to keep her bluster "I don't ask names, but she was really rather striking. Sassy little redhead, little shorter than yourself. I really got the impression it was personal, 'Inflated plastic bitch' I think is what she referred to you as. Anyhow kitten, that's a freebie. Don't think this is over." Selina slipped back into the shadows and disappeared into the night.

"That little bitch!" Felicia growled through gritted teeth. Checking the saddlebag attached to her bike for a spare set of clothes, she sped off down the street. She had to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time.

Mary Jane Watson left her apartment at roughly 5:00 am every morning to report to her new job. She had lost her role as lead actress in what would go on to become the summer's biggest action flick because of bruises she sustained the night she lost Pete to that skank Felicia Hardy. Furthermore she became the laughing stock of many inner circles in Hollywood after her second, more public and humiliating defeat to that same blonde bitch. Now she was reduced to small time lingere and modelling jobs.

It was still dark when she left her apartment, which caused her to squint when checking her cellphone as she walked the short sidewalk towards her car. No new messages. That was odd, Catwoman should have sent her a image by now of a broken Felicia Hardy, sexually and physically destroyed. Perhaps the arrogant bitch Selina Kyle was taking her time and dragging it out. She grinned. Because of her downgrade in employement, she'd normally never be able to afford the services of someone of her caliber. However when told who the mark was, Catwoman took the job all too willingly. Obviously she wasnt the only one sick of the whore's antics.

She got to her car and fished through her pocket for the key when she heard footsteps very close behind her. Turning around she saw a tall platinum blonde woman in a leather jacket with a badly swollen eye and small scratches on her face and neck. Before she could even register who the woman was or react she was caught with a brutal uppercut that connected squarely under her chin. Next all she saw was black.

She awoke a few moments later to see she was back in her apartment. Had it been a dream? No, the throbbing sensation in her jaw was definately real. Strangely she found herself laying in her own bathtub. She groggily climbed out and stumbled towards the door. What had happend? Out of the corner of her eye she noticed something odd on the mirror. Turning the light on, her eyes widened. Her head of beautiful red hair had been shaved, and written on the mirror in red lipstick were the words "Better luck next time, sincerely, B.C."