With Heidi Klum as Ms White & Hayley Williams as Karissa

When most people look back at their college days, the thing they miss the most are usually the parties or the home football games or just hanging out with their friends in the dorms. My fondest memories of college are hanging out in the university library. More specifically, my favorite memories are of the librarian Ms. White. I've never met anyone before or since, that oozed sex appeal, like Ms. White. She dressed similar to almost every other librarian I had ever met, but she seemed to pull off the look better than any of them. Of course, it didn't hurt that she was taller, bustier, and curvier than any of them also. Ms. White always wore professional library attire consisting of a button up blouse, business skirt, silk stockings, and high heeled shoes. Her outfits did tend to be a little tighter than the norm, her skirts a little shorter, and she did have a tendency to forget to button the top few buttons of her blouse. Even her blonde hair pulled up into a tight, conservative bun did not detract from her sexiness.

Ms. White was all business in the library and her section was ran quietly and orderly. Most of the female students hated to be in the library when she was working. Any talking, other than a low whisper, was met with a stern look. Even though she was barely in her 30s, she had an intimidating, authoritative style that frightened many a college student. Besides her no-nonsense demeanor, she was also bigger than the majority of the students. In her heels, she stood an impressive 6 feet or more and probably weighed 165 lbs.

In addition to the exceedingly disciplined atmosphere she created in the library, many females were also intimidated by her extraordinary beauty. She had golden blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, and soft, pouty lips. Her slim, narrow waist divided her huge up-turned breasts and shapely hips. Ms. White always wore tight, short skirts that highlighted her full, well-rounded butt and shapely, powerful looking legs.

While the female students disliked her, we males tolerated her fascist approach to the library sciences. In fact, anytime she was working, there were sure to be numerous guys diligently working on their academic studies in her section. While she did not allow any form of horseplay or loud talking, she didn't seem to mind guys ogling her bounteous breasts, staring lasciviously at her long, shapely legs, or the lecherous gazes her ass received as she walked down the aisles. We even created a game called "Thighing". You gained 1-point every time you caught a glimpse of her bare thigh. We would stare at her, as she sat on her stool, waiting for to uncross her legs giving us a glimpse of her thighs. You received bonus points if you saw her panties. Guys would follow her around as she placed books on the shelves. Ms. White never kneeled down when placing books on the bottom shelves. Instead, she would bend over, straight legged, and place the books. If she was wearing a short enough skirt, you might get bonus points. It was played using the honor system. I graduated college as the schools 8th leading scorer of all time.

Another, unofficial, game that we played involved other girls. We would "encourage" girls to misbehave in the library. Some of us found it sexy to see Ms. White scold them for being disruptive. Even the brashest and cockiest chick usually became meek as a lamb under Ms. White's reprimand.

One of the exceptions involved a cute senior named Meghan. She was the student government president and seemed to have the impression that she could do whatever she wanted. Ms. White gave her 1 warning, which Meghan proceeded to ignore. I had never seen anyone blow off one of Ms. White's warnings before and was very interested to see what would happen. Ms. White did not get angry or flustered like some expected. Instead, she coolly grabbed Meghan by the ear and marched her to the door.

"Owww!" Meghan squealed. "What are you doing? Let me go!" Despite appearances, this was no child being towed out of the library. Meghan was a 21-year-old adult, as well as the star of the school's soccer team.

After marching her out the door, Ms. White said, "Don't come back until you learn how to act in the library." We wanted to cheer for Ms. White, as she headed back to her desk, but we were afraid she would scold us. Instead, we just stared admiringly at her sexy, confident body. As she went by me and some of her other regular admirers, I detected a slight smile. She also seemed to have an extra sway in her hips as she walked across the room.

Another librarian had seen what happened and came over to praise Ms. White.

"I am so glad you did that," the woman said, "That girl really had it coming. I wished I could have done that, but that girl would have pounded me."

"Girl's like that don't scare me," Ms. White bragged, "I grew up wrestling 3 older brothers. Besides, I bench press weights heavier than her every morning in the school gym." Ms. White looked sexier and more confident than ever. She really seemed to be enjoying the attention even more than usual. Suddenly, it hit me. All this time we thought she was oblivious to our lustful activities, but she was, in fact, in on it. While we were getting off on watching her, she was getting off on us watching.

I didn't tell any of my friends about my "discovery". If they knew she enjoyed them watching, someone would have ruined it by doing something stupid. I didn't feel quite as creepy staring at her anymore and didn't always look away when she glanced in my directions. A couple of times, she even smiled at me, briefly, then continued the routine of ignoring me.

One evening, at the library, I was trying to do some actual research. It was difficult because Ms. White was looking great, as usual. I thought about moving to another section of the library, away from her, but Ms. White's seductive body held me in place like a magnet. She wore a white silk blouse, with the top buttons unbuttoned showing off her magnificent cleavage. Her gray skirt appeared tighter and shorter than normal and her silky, tan stockings barely reached the hem. Every time she uncrossed her legs, I got a view of her creamy thighs. A couple of times, I caught a glimpse of her white panties.

A couple of girls from class joined our study group. One of them was a redhead named Karissa. I did not care for Karissa. Once, at a party, I noticed Karissa sitting off by herself. She was thin, with small tits and an average face and I didn't find her particularly attractive. Still, she looked sort of lonely, so I thought I'd be nice and ask her to dance.

"Me dance with you?" she laughed. "That's sweet, but no. I have a boyfriend." She looked away and said to no one in particular, "I must really look desperate." Then laughed again, like she had told a great joke. Needless to say, I was not a big fan of hers.

As I sat there, I realized that I was not going to get much work done. Added to the normal distraction that was Ms. White, I began to think about how much fun it would be to see Karissa dragged out of the library by her ear. She would be so humiliated, even more humiliated than I had been at the party.

I began asking Karissa questions about the project. Karissa was normally a loud-mouthed person. This time though, when she wasn't ignoring my questions altogether, she was answering in low, hushed tones. It seemed even Karissa knew not to mess around in Ms. White's section of the library.

Finally, I got a break when Karissa began asking for a copy of the notes from class. No one at her table had them, so she asked me.

"What was that?" I asked. I had heard her clearly, and no, I did not have the notes.

"Do you have your notes?" She asked again.

"No, I don't have my coat. It's so warm outside, I didn't think I needed one."

"Not coat, you moron, notes. Do you have your notes?"

"Nose? Of course, I have my nose. What..."

"NOTES!!! DO YOU HAVE YOUR NOTES!!!" She yelled.

Immediately, Ms. White was over us with her most disapproving look on her face.

"That's enough of that, young lady." She said. "You will keep your talking to an acceptable tone or I will have to ask you to leave."

I was hoping Karissa would take a defiant attitude with Ms. White, but instead, she just mumbled "OK". Satisfied that she had made her point clear, Ms. White turned and walked away. Staring at Ms. White's ass wiggling off into the distance, I looked back just in time to see Karissa flip her off. Clearly, the redhead had been infuriated by Ms. White's reprimand, she still needed some encouragement to be openly defiant.

"I didn't mean to get you in trouble like that," I said, "I know Ms. White can be very scary."

"I'm not scared of that cow."

"Yeah, sure. That's why you waited till she had her back turned to shoot her a bird."

"So you think I'm scared." With that, she stood up and said loudly, "Does anyone have their notes from yesterday's economics class!??!"

Immediately, Ms. White marched back over. She placed her hands on her shapely hips, like a sexy superhero. Her cheeks were flushed and her breasts were heaving excitedly. I think she knew she being challenged.

"I've warned you once, now I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

Karissa responded by extending her middle finger. The redhead was really throwing down the gauntlet and Ms. White had no choice but to respond with force. If the strapping soccer star Meghan was drug out by her ear, I knew the sexy librarian would have no trouble with the smaller, unathletic looking Karissa.

"Now you're really in trouble." Ms. White said as she reached out to grab Karissa. What happened next was a blur. Clearly, Karissa was expecting Ms. White's move, because she seized the librarian's outstretched arm and judo tossed her across her hip onto the floor. Ms. White landed with a thud on her plump ass. We were all shocked, but none more so than Ms. White, who lay there with a stunned look on her pretty face.

The red-faced librarian, propelled by anger or shame or both, scrambled to her feet and lunged at Karissa. The redhead grabbed her arm and again hip tossed her onto the floor. This time Ms. White seemed to be hurt and not in a hurry to get up.

I did not feel to good myself. Seeing the beautiful librarian tossed to the floor by a girl I couldn't stand, gave me a sick feeling in my stomach. Ms. White's bun had come undone and her long blonde hair spilled out along the floor. Her skirt had ridden up to her waist, uncovering her lovely thighs and lacy white panties. I had pictured her looking thusly many times before. But in my imagination, she was in bed waiting for me to make love to her and not lying on the floor with a wounded expression on her face.

With her tremendous size advantage, I still believed Ms. White could take Karissa, she just needed a smarter approach. The librarian was hurt though and the two falls had bruised her confidence, along with her sensational rump. She struggled to roll over and got on to her hands and knees. Karissa jumped on her back, driving her down onto her stomach. Grabbing a handful of her thick, blonde hair, Karissa slammed her beautiful face into the carpet multiple times. Then the redhead grabbed Ms. White's arm and twisted it behind her. The curvaceous librarian squirmed sexily between Karissa's thighs and her bare, shapely legs kicked helplessly. Karissa pushed Ms. White's arm as far up her back it would go, to the point I thought she might break it. The blonde's big body began thrashing around like a wild woman, as she squealed in pain.

I knew Ms. White could still win, she just needed some help. If I pulled Karissa off and gave Ms. White enough time to recompose herself, I was sure she could still overpower the nasty redhead. But looking around the room, I noticed something peculiar. I seemed to be the only one disturbed by the turn of events. Even Ms. White's most faithful admirers were enjoying the show. I had no doubt that if I interfered, I might end up thrown out the window.

Without my help, Ms. White was still able to buck Karissa off. Her cool confidence was gone, Ms. White now had a look of desperation as she tried to crawl away from the redheaded student. Karissa grabbed her skirt, in an attempt to stop her escape, but it slid down the blonde's long, shapely legs. Ms. White was able to scramble to her knees before Karissa grabbed one of her ankles. She had lost her heels early in the fighting, leaving Ms. White barefooted, except for her stockings. Karissa, viciously, bit down on Ms. White's toes, causing the librarian to cry out in pain.

Realizing she couldn't run away from the quicker Karissa, Ms. White lunged at her. The two fell into a pile on the floor. My hopes were renewed, as Ms. White quickly gained the advantage. Using her superior strength and size, she was almost able to pin her foe several times. Now it was Karissa who seemed desperate. She began struggling like a caged wildcat, slapping, and clawing, and pulling hair. Her dirty tactics gave Ms. White problems, as the blonde was hardly an experienced fighter. She was still able to maintain her position on top of the redhead though until the feisty college student grabbed her blouse and ripped it open. Then Karissa reached up and pulled Ms. White's lacy, white bra down, allowing her sensational tits to spill out. The cruel redhead slashed the well-rounded melons several times with her nails before Ms. White could get her hands up in their defense.

Karissa scrambled to her feet. Realizing she had a disadvantage wrestling the big woman, she allowed Ms. White to stand up also. When she did, Karissa grabbed her arm and judo tossed her back onto the floor. Ms. White's enormous tits bounced wildly as the impact knocked the wind out of her. Her sweet lips parted wide as she gasped for breath. Karissa gave her a chance to stand up again, only to flip her back onto the floor. This time, the battered librarian did not try to get up, so Karissa grabbed her bra. She yanked Ms. White up, tearing the bra free at the same time. Karissa tossed it to some lucky onlooker. Then the redhead proceeded to hip toss her back onto the floor. Karissa helped her up again, before once more tossing her back onto the floor. Karissa repeated this several more times. I didn't know how much more Ms. White could take.

Finally, she helped Ms. White up again but did not immediately flip her onto the floor. Ms. White stood there with a hurt, dazed look on her face. I was hoping Karissa was through and would let Ms. White leave. She had clearly taught the librarian a lesson no one would forget.

One of my buddies nudged me and made a comment about how hot Ms. White looked. I couldn't understand how he could watch the woman we had fantasized about for our entire college career being brutalized and think she looked hot. Her long, blonde hair hung disheveled over her shoulders and breasts. With her hands on her aching back, Ms. White's plump breasts jutted out even more impressively. For the first time in the fight, I let it sink in that Ms. White's most desirable body was almost completely bare before me. Why not enjoy the fight? Ms. White was not my girlfriend and if I had asked her out, she probably would not have been any nicer than Karissa.

Even though Ms. White appeared dazed and helpless, Karissa hit her in the face with her fist. Ms. White screamed as her head whipped backward. Karissa began punching her repeatedly, easily penetrating Ms. White's feeble defense. It reminded me of a boxer punching a heavy bag, as Karissa really began pounding the full-bodied blonde. Karissa knocked her backward with each punch. She hit her in the boobs and in the stomach, and, every so often, right between the legs. Ms. White groaned with each blow. Backed up against a wall, Ms. White couldn't retreat any further. She just stood there getting punched. While Ms. White leaned helplessly against the wall, Karissa put everything she had into three right-fisted uppercuts into Ms. White's gut, just above her panties. It was a real strange feeling to see such a big, powerful-looking woman getting beat-up that way. After the third punch, Karissa stepped back away from her. Ms. White's mouth was hanging open like she wanted to scream, but no sound came out. She just gagged, like she was going to throw up, and her face was white as paper. She took one step away from the wall, but her long legs wobbled crazily and she fell down on her knees.

Karissa grabbed a handful of hair and yanked her head back, forcing Ms. White to look up at her.

"Do you know how long I've wanted to kick your ass?" Karissa asked. "You've been such a bully, but you're not so tough now, are you?"

"Please, no more!" Ms. White begged. "Stop, stop… just…please… leave me alone!" Suddenly, the big, sexy librarian began to sob. As big crocodile tears began streaming down her bruised cheeks, her dominant, authoritarian persona began to melt away. Kneeling at Karissa's feet, she looked so pitiful and submissive.

In a strange way, I didn't feel sorry for Ms. White anymore. Even though her, once beautiful, face was bloodied and swollen, and her battered body was covered in bruises, and her massive tits, which had taken such a colossal beating, seemed to be sagging, she still looked sexy as hell. Still, I felt like I had been conned. She had given the impression that she was this tough, capable dominatrix, when, in fact, she was a wimpy fraud.

Karissa was probably the first person to ever stand up to Ms. White, and when challenged she turned into a big, sexy punching bag. The sad thing is that, other than her impressive judo tosses, I don't think Karissa was that tough. Her punches were slow, inaccurate, and did not appear very powerful.

Karissa reached down with both hands and grabbed Ms. Whites huge breasts. Her hands were too small to get a grip on the heavy mounds of flesh. Instead, she pinched the nipples between her fingers and pulled the squealing librarian to her feet. Then the curvy blonde was marched over to her desk. She passed by us with her head hung low, ashamed to make eye contact. Before, she had craved our lustful stares, but now all of her sexy confidence had been shattered before our very eyes. She was whimpering and sniveling like a naughty child, who had just received a well-deserved spanking.

Along the counter, by Ms. White's desk, was a slot for the book return bin. At first, I thought Karissa was going to shove Ms. White in it, but it clearly wasn't big enough to fit a full-figured gal like the librarian. Or was it. Karissa crammed Ms. White's head inside, and then, with both hands placed on Ms. White's plump ass cheeks, shoved the shapely blonde into the opening. Ms. White screamed as her huge tits were smashed and scraped against the sides of the slot. Surprisingly, Karissa was able to cram her in all the way to her shapely hips, leaving the well-formed ass jutting out. Then Karissa slid Ms. White's lacy thong panties down her well-rounded thighs and calves.

"So boys, who wants to do my research paper?" She asked, holding the panties above her head. After a brief bidding war, I agreed to do 3 research papers and a book report.

Content that she had tortured the pathetic librarian enough, Karissa finally left. With all the excitement, the other students gave up on trying to study and left as well. Before they departed, several decided to take advantage of Ms. White's exposed and vulnerable position. By the time the library had cleared, her sexy butt has been fondled, caressed, patted, and most definitely, spanked. They left her, previously pale ass, a bright pink.

After everyone else was gone, I stayed behind. At first, I didn't know what to do. It was late, all the other librarians had left and I was pretty sure Ms. White was supposed to lock up the library. I didn't want her to stay there all night, but I wasn't sure how to get her out of the book return. Sitting back, I decided to see if she could get out on her own. At first, when the others had left, Ms. White barely moved. She just lay there crying. After a few minutes, deciding she was alone, she started squirming around, trying to slide out. Her tits were too big for the opening though, and, by the painful sounds she was making, trying to force them out was agonizing. It had to have been excruciating when they were crammed in there, to begin with.

Sitting in the library, watching Ms. White's juicy rump wiggle, as she twisted and turned, making these erotic whimpering and whining sounds, was the most erogenous experience of my life. I've relived this moment in my fantasies ever since. Unfortunately, after it was too late, I realized that I could have recorded the moment with my cell phone. I will always live with the regret that I could have had it all on video.

Finally, I decided to help. It wasn't easy, but with some hand lotion, and a couple of bathroom breaks so I could masturbate, I was able to slide Ms. White's soft, curvy body out of the book return bin. She never thanked me or even acknowledged my presence. Her clothes were gone, collected by the spectators as special mementos of the occasion, so she had to put on a raincoat someone had left on the coat rack. A half an hour before, Ms. White was a dreamy goddess, with neatly done hair, perfectly applied makeup, and a sexy wardrobe; all of which accentuated her beautiful features. Now she was a disheveled mess. Her long blonde hair was wild and tangled and the only clothes she had left was her ripped up pair of stockings. Ms. White's face was really a disaster. She was still crying and one of her eyes was swollen and turning blue, her once pouty lips and pretty cheeks were puffy and trickling blood, and her nose was bleeding and was snotty from all the crying.

After that, "Thighing" ended. Not only did Ms. White dress more conservatively when she finally came back to work, but after seeing her completely naked, a glance of thigh seemed kind of lame. The good news is my grades improved since I was able to get more work done in the library.