Wonder Woman Battles A Soviet Spy starring Kelly Packard as Natasha
Wonder Woman's Interrogation by GW (female/Female Sex Wrestling )
As the Cold War dawns, Wonder Woman is challenged by a Soviet spy

It was 1946, the War was won but still enemies of the USA were active everywhere. WW had a tip that a secret rendezvous was planned that night in a deserted warehouse She picked her way carefully and silently through the gloomy darkness. Suddenly she was struck by a blinding flash of agony. She crumpled helplessly to the dirty floor.

A shadowy figure stepped from behind the large crate that head offered perfect concealment. "Hmm she's out cold but this lead loaded bat would have split the skull off a normal person. It didn't even spoil her hairdo. Before I take her to headquarters I'd best chloroform her too..

The gallant amazon woke slowly. "Oh my poor head!" Wonder Woman thought. "Oh no!" She knew that feeling too well. Someone had struck her with brutal force at the base of the skull; that was one thing that could knock even an amazon unconscious. She'd been chloroformed as well. Instinctively she felt herwaist. "Oh Dear Hera! Its gone! Aphrodite's Girdle is gone! My lasso is gone too, and my Tiara." Without the Girdle, Wonder Woman lost her super strength. Even more disturbing though, than the loss of her super powers, was her feeling that she had betrayed her mother's trust and failed the mighty goddesses who had sent her to bring justice here in the man's world."Hera forgive me." She prayed. "What arch fiend or demon did this? I must find who did this to me it was and get those precious things back." The beautiful raven haired crimefighter opened her eyes and looked around. She was in what appeared a large gymnasium. She sat up.

"Here let me help you up dear." Said a youthful female voice behind her. Two hands grasped her arm and helped her to her feet.

Wonder Woman was still a little woozy and her long, fabulous legs wobbled. She looked around and saw a pretty, young, blond girl scarcely more than a teenager. "Oh thanks Honey she said gratefully. "You must be a prisoner here too, Huh?."

"Well no, not exactly. You're half right though; YOU are a prisoner, but I'm your jailor. You've been kidnaped and I'm the kidnapper." The young blond said this with a sweet disarming smile.

Wonder Woman looked at the younger woman in disbelief. "You kidnapped me? Wwhy would you do such a thing? You must be out of your mind young lady. If you are really responsible for this, you'd best get my things that you took and show me the way out of here. If you cooperate, and agree to therapy of my approval, I'll see that no charges are brought against you.."

"You're the one who needs therapy, if you think I'm going to just let you walk out of here after all the trouble I had getting you here. I'm Natasha Gudenov of the KGB" The impudent little blond retorted to the incredulous amazon super heroine..

"Why would you do such a thing?" wonder Woman asked incredulously. "Our Countries are allies. Why you're government awarded me the Hero of the Soviet Union Medal for saving convoys to Arcangel.."

"Times change. The war's over, Honey! Now it's time for Communism to triumph world wide.."

"I think you must be mad, but just how do you think you're going to stop me from leaving, young lady? I'm Wonder Woman! I'm a super heroine, for Hera's sake. Now get out of my way!."

"Actually without your Amazon Girdle, bullet stopping bracelets and Magic Lasso, you're just another floozy with big boobs and a big butte, a really big butte, I might add."

Wonder Woman was slightly taken aback at the girl's knowledge of the source of some of her amazing abilities, but she didn't let on. Her eyes glinted in warning at the insult, though, but she took a deep breath and continued in a reasonable voice. "With or without them, I'm an amazon warrior and more than able to handle a little blond air head like you. Now get my things, and open that door! Now, before I really get angry!" Wonder Woman was so aggravated, she stamped her foot as she told off the blond.

Natasha didn't seem impressed by Wonder Woman's aggravation. Her smirk became even more insolent. "Temper, temper, Wonder Butte. Now I've got a little proposition for you. I've got the key to this room around my neck and your things are right outside the door. If you want to go out and get them you've got two choices. Number one, you fight me for the key; or number two you kneel down and eat my pretty little pussy. After that you answer a few questions for me. I'll verify whether you're telling the truth with your Magic Lasso. When you've done that, you give me your word as an Amazon Princess, that you'll leave and never bother me about this. Then you'll be free to go. Oh, one more thing, if you fight me and lose I'm keeping you around as my personal servant and slut of all work. So what'll it be?.

Wonder Woman was so angered by this insulting proposal that her magnificent bosom almost escaped its skimpy confines. Her dark blue eyes blazed sparks. "You twisted little snot! Who do you think you're talking to?. Wonder Woman demanded, with an angry toss of raven curls, astounded at the nasty girl's audacity.

"Why I think I'm talking to an arrogant, Amazon bitch princess!" Natasha retorted.

Wonder Woman took a deep breath to control her haughty temper. Then she snapped back in disdain. "I have broken men's necks for much lesser insults. Beware your own neck!.

The mocking sneer never left Natasha's face."Try to break my neck sweetie! I've heard how tough you're supposed to be, but, seeing you, I kind of doubt it. I'd say you'd look more at home serving drunken sailors in a waterfront brothel, than fighting crime! Even in a brothel, I doubt if you'd get more than two bucks for swallowing a drunken sailor's dick all night. I think, too, your big behind must fill the seat of your invisible plane to overflowing! Its a wonder it can get off the ground with you aboard.."

Wonder Woman's face flushed, and she drew threateningly near. You brazen little slut! You know what honey, I am going to take you up on your first offer. After I teach you who you're fooling with , I'm going to take you across my knee and give you the kind of spanking you should have gotten as a child."

Without warning, Natasha's foot lashed out at Wonder Woman's belly. "Less talk and more action Wonder Boob." The blond snickered as she kicked. The wily amazon crimefighter was alert for Natasha's tricks. She avoided the kick with a supple twist of her hips, not even blinking in surprise.

Wonder Woman grabbed Natasha's shoulders and shook her like a child's rag doll. Natasha laughed in Wonder Woman's face. The fastidious amazon princess winced at Natasha's garlic laden breath. "Have you ever thought of using a good mouth wash, sweetie?" Wonder Woman asked with a grimace.

Now Natasha's face flushed in anger as she jerked loose. She slapped the beautiful crimefighter across the face, twice. Wonder Woman stumbled, ears ringing. The power of Natasha's blow astonished her.

"Surprised Bitch?" Natasha laughed derisively.

So saying Natasha grabbed a long strand of black curls and pulled Wonder Woman's face close. She fiercely slapped the surprised woman's exquisite face. She kept it up until Wonder Woman's ivory cheeks glowed angry red. "Darn you!" Wonder Woman seethed. She tried repeatedly to kick Natasha, but the blond adroitly avoided her flying red boots.

Still laughing, Natasha flung the perplexed warrior maid on the floor. She stamped her foot on Wonder Woman's chest, and her pointed heel impaled Wonder Woman's upthrust, left breast through her thin satin top. Natasha arched forward pressing down with all her weight. Wonder Woman squirmed frantically to escape the excruciating pain in her bosom.

"You nasty witch!" Wonder Woman gasped. A furious heave of her broad shoulders toppled the precariously perched Natasha. Wonder Woman jumped on her, but Natasha planted her foot in the other girl's belly. She straightened her strong, wiry leg, flipping Wonder Woman on her back with an explosive pain in her middle.

Rising to her knees, Natasha grabbed a fistful of raven hair from behind. Natasha almost tore Wonder Woman's glossy hair out by the roots. The raven haired beauty squealed at the smarting pain. Natasha clouted her with several rabbit punches, then threw several more hard punches to her kidneys. Before Wonder Woman knew it, Natasha reached in front of her and tore open the straining red and gold top of her distinctive uniform. When Wonder Woman tore loose, the whole upper part of her uniform ripped away, and she found herself nude to the waist.

"You damned bitch, how dare you?" Wonder Woman snarled. Furiously, she lunged forward, breaking Natasha's painful grip on her hair at last. The two furious vixens both scrambled to their feet.

Wonder Woman's spectacular, nude boobies jumped wildly as she spun around to face her foe. She unthinkingly clapped her arms over her breasts, flustered at exposing her naked charms to the hateful young trollop. Natasha grabbed her arms "Come on, let me see. I still don't believe those melons are real." When Wonder Woman pulled loose from Natasha's claws, her big, coral tipped breasts sprang loose again. They boldly defied gravity, thrusting high up from her chest like milky church bells. "My God look at those big, fat tits! They must each weigh ten pounds, and see how they jiggle, like two Rottweiler bitches in heat" Natasha chortled.

Wonder Woman blushed furiously. The delightful flush extended to her naked boobies. "What are they, fat cheeses made from goat's milk?" Natasha demanded with a leering laugh. "I'm fighting a milk cow, or a sow with cow teats.."

" May Pluto carry you to hades!" Wonder Woman hissed furiously. Her breasts, though delicately formed, firm as ripe fruit and buoyant as hawks in flight, were, indeed, fabulous in their bountiful abundance, and such marvelous opulence, sometimes daunted the austere warrior damsel, Yet, Wonder Woman deeply resented Natasha's sneering gibes

Natasha extending her claws threateningly. Wonder Woman raised her arms defensively, and backed up a step. She was nervously aware that naked, her fabulous bosom, was especially vulnerable to attack. Natasha stabbed her finger into Wonder Woman's heaving right breast. Wonder Woman slapped her hand away. "Keep your filthy paws off me, Bitch!" She warned, her voice coldly furious. Wonder Woman furiously loosed a left, and then a right fist that rocked Natasha's head from side to side. The big, amazon maiden moved with smooth, delicate grace, but there was a brutal power behind her punches. Nonetheless, Natasha shook them off, and countered with a straight right to Wonder Woman's belly. Sleek, rippling muscles absorbed the blow easily. Wonder Woman didn't even wince.

Wonder Woman grabbed the smaller girl with both hands, and slammed her against the wall. Natasha grunted in pain, but smashed Wonder Woman's head sideways with a hard, two-handed punch. Wonder Woman pirouetted like a dancer, and her heel snapped Natasha's head backward.

Even as Natasha's head snapped backward, she caught Wonder Woman's upraised ankle. With a two handed twist, she flipped the half naked amazon. Wonder Woman landed on her hands and knees, but she lunged around and tackled Natasha's ankles. With a flick of her arms she upended the wicked witch. Both she-cats were on their feet in a flash, straining and tearing at each other. Seething with anger, the elegant Amazon Princess was no less savage than the vicious Soviet agent. She raked her sharp finger nails down Natasha's body tearing her blouse open to the waist, and baring her small bust. Wonder Woman was gratified to see she'd evened the score and even bettered it, leaving eight bloody furrows across Natasha's small bosom.

Natasha hissed furiously, at Wonder Woman's savagery. She tore at Wonder Woman's satin covered crotch in retaliation. Wonder Woman squealed indignantly, and flung the vicious witch away by the hair. Natasha instantly leaped at her, and grabbed Wonder Woman's own inky curls with both hands. She twisted sideways, and dragged Wonder Woman into a crouch, then tossed her through the air by the hair. Wonder Woman landed on her back.

Natasha dragged Wonder Woman around the floor by the hair, kicking her in the back and kidneys all the while. She slammed Wonder Woman's head into the wall, but lost her grip on the glossy black curls. Wonder Woman jumped up, eyes blazing and apparently unhurt. Natasha ducked low and charged. She butted Wonder Woman's bare middle, driving her back into the wall. Wonder Woman instantly kicked Natasha in the stomach tossing her backward. She charged the smaller woman.

Somewhat daunted, now, by her foe's seeming invulnerability, Natasha nevertheless, viciously kicked Wonder Woman in the crotch. Wonder Woman doubled over a moment, but straightened up at once, dark blue eyes still blazing dangerously, classic features savagely beautiful.

"All right, Bitch! Now I'm going to tear you to pieces." Wonder Woman promised, Natasha's eyes bulged, aghast at the fury that blazed in Wonder Woman's eyes. She retreated precipitously, but the swift amazon champion caught her arm an instant later. She wrenched so savagely, Natasha feared Wonder Woman would rip the arm from its socket. She hammered Wonder Woman's near naked body with her free hand, until at last she pulled loose from Wonder Woman's grip, with a desperate lunge. Natasha back peddled away, as quick as her legs would carry her, terrified that the violently enraged amazon would catch her again. Wonder Woman hurled herself at Natasha. Natasha jumped to one side, but Wonder Woman caught her by the hips, lifted her half in the air and threw her on the floor. Natasha scrambled madly to avoid the raging, bare-breasted amazon, but the bigger woman deliberately jumped on her. Wonder Woman landed across Natasha's legs. She raised up to fling herself across Natasha's upper body. Natasha feared if the enraged crimefighter pinned her down, Wonder Woman could well pound her to a shapeless pulp. Natasha coolly slithered one leg free and slammed her knee into Wonder Woman's jaw. Wonder Woman shook off the kick, but Natasha slid out from under her. Natasha jumped up, with Wonder Woman in hot pursuit.

Wonder Woman bounded after her retreating foe; frustration fueled her fury. She smashed her left fist into Natasha's chest hurling her backward; then followed through with her right fist. Natasha ducked the second punch, and buried her shoulder in Wonder Woman's rippling belly. Wonder Woman planted her solid legs apart, leaned over her crouching foe and grabbed for her waist, ready to lift Natasha off the ground in an upside down bear hug.

Instead the snakelike Natasha flipped over in a hand stand. Her legs flailed wildly. A lucky kick nailed Wonder Woman's chin, and she lost hold of Natasha. Natasha took a wildly dangerous gamble, diving between Wonder Woman's wide spread legs. The Russian's gamble paid off. She scampered from Wonder Woman's grasp on her hands and knees.

Cheated of her prey, Wonder Woman snarled furiously. She spun around, stooping to get at her crawling foe. The crafty blond thrust her whole body into a backward, two legged, donkey kick. Natasha's heart stopping kick landed squarely on Wonder Woman's naked bosom, flinging her violently backward. Wonder Woman swallowed convulsively at the fierce pain that beset her sensitive boobs, but attacked again.

Panicky now, Natasha ran from the daunting amazon. She dodged behind a low table, doing her best to keep it between Wonder Woman and herself. Wonder Woman was in no mood for such games. She leapt up on the table, and then, screaming a fierce, amazon battle cry, she sprang at her prey like a big, sleek tigress. Natasha was penned in between the table and the wall with no place to run. With the desperation of a cornered rat, Natasha swallowed her panic. The ruthless Soviet agent braced herself and somehow intercepted Wonder Woman in mid-flight. She captured an extravagantly large breast in one hand, and snared Wonder Woman's crotch, with the other, sinking her claws in, venomously. Her grip secure, Natasha used Wonder Woman's own airborne momentum to hoist her heroically formed, half naked body aloft. Natasha's stringy muscles stood out like hempen rope, as she bounced Wonder Woman's mighty form helplessly overhead. Wonder Woman clawed wildly at thin air. She kicked furiously, snarling like a wounded tigress."Put me down, damn you!" It was no use; Natasha had her! With a triumphant screech, Natasha powered the hopelessly struggling warrior maid down across her out-thrust knee. Wonder Woman's body contorted almost double across Natasha's bent leg. She shrieked in wounded fury at the vicious, wrenching pain. Winded by her stupendous effort, Natasha lost her grip on the sleek muscled amazon warrior. Wonder Woman twisted loose and rolled to her feet. Her back hurt badly, but she was insensible to the pain.

Natasha rose from one knee, to face Wonder Woman. The raging warrior maiden, tigerishly eager to avenge Natasha's vicious assault, attacked furiously, striking with wildly, powerful blows. The momentum of Wonder Woman's big, full figured body drove Natasha backwards, but she soon recovered her composure. For a time she'd feared she'd bitten off more than she could chew, in single handedly attacking the mighty Wonder Woman, but then she craftily outfoxed the formidable amazon, and almost broke her back. That coup had restored her arrogant self-confidence. Natasha backed away, coolly encouraging Wonder Woman to swing wildly at her. At the same time she constantly flicked punches at the enraged crimefighter.

Natasha's back-breaker had done more damage than Wonder Woman realized. Pain sapped her formidable strength and agile grace. Yet, her royal amazon blood inflamed, Wonder Woman was heedless to anything but balancing the score with the vicious Natasha. She brushed Natasha's lighter punches aside as though they were gnats. She swung her shapely arms with unrestrained fury. Yet, the proud warrior maid's roundhouse swings seldom connected, while Natasha's more carefully aimed jabs rarely missed. . At an early age Natasha discovered the joy of dominating other girls and women. That had taken many physical clashes, and Natasha had learned that cool calculation, coupled with pitiless, unyielding viciousness always paid off in any catfight.

Natasha smiled with cold satisfaction, as Wonder Woman panted in frustration, unable to hit the elusive, smaller girl, solidly. "You'll pay when I get hold of you," Wonder Woman nearly sobbed in thwarted fury.

Natasha still backed away, her jabbing accurate thrusts never ceasing, patiently waiting for her heavier foe to tire. "See if you can get hold of me!" Natasha laughed.

With her amazon girdle, Wonder Woman's endurance was inexhaustible, but without it, pain and fatigue were taking their toll.. Natasha's patience was soon rewarded. Wonder Woman's heroic bosom rose and fell ever more rapidly. Failing to repay the evil witch, Wonder Woman's punches grew even wilder, and in her feverish eagerness, even less effective. Meanwhile, Natasha's cool jabs grew steadily harder, as it was less necessary to guard herself so carefully. She aimed skillfully, striking the tiring amazon's proud, beautiful body where she was most vulnerable. Small fists smacked solidly into erect breasts with meaty thuds, or sank painfully deep into firm, creamy, belly flesh.

Wonder Woman stumbled, and Natasha danced behind her and pounded her kidneys. Wonder Woman swung around to defend herself. She found the smaller woman waiting for her. Natasha hit her hard, with a left cross to the mouth, and a right uppercut to the jaw. Wonder Woman's huge, azure eyes glazed in confusion, and her guard dropped. Natasha added to her confusion, and pain, with a deadly right handed punch to her lower belly. Dazed by the blows to her face, Wonder Woman's strongly molded abdominal muscles weren't ready for such a cowardly low blow. Natasha's fist sank into the wrist. Then with calm deliberation, Natasha took hold of Wonder Woman's long raven hair, and jerked her head down into an upraised knee. Wonder Woman felt blood dribbling from her nose. She still struggled valiantly, but Natasha took hold of her right arm and easily twisted it behind her back, high between her shoulder blades. "Ow, ow!" Wonder Woman cried as the pain lanced through her shoulders.

As Natasha punished and tormented her captive arm, Wonder Woman struggled desperately, but to no avail, for the wily witch skillfully countered her every maneuver. So skilled was the young blond, that she pinned Wonder Woman's right arm in an unbreakable grip, with just her left hand. Then she reached in front of Wonder Woman, with her right hand. First, she clawed at Wonder Woman's huge arrogantly up-tilted right breast.. She twisted and pinched until Wonder Woman screamed, "Y-you vicious witch, l-let me go, damn you."

"Ha-ha, make me why don't you, Wonder Cow." Natasha taunted. As she taunted her, Natasha drew her sharp fingernails down Wonder Woman's firmly rounded, belly and abdomen. Her hand slid under the waistband of Wonder Woman's blue spangled tights. She couldn't quite reach the firm, fleshy mound between Wonder Woman's deliciously rounded thighs, but Wonder Woman shrieked in outrage at the threat to her intimate treasure. Instead, Natasha's clutched the muscularly sculpted, white flesh of Wonder Woman's lower belly. Her strong, fingers squeezed like pincers, until she was clawing deep into Wonder Woman's vitals. Gagging and moaning, Wonder Woman doubled over from the pain, as Natasha tore at her innards. Fluttering uselessly, her left hand tugged at Natasha's wrist, without effect. Her long rounded legs trembled and shook. The gallant amazon never anticipated one woman doing such a nasty thing to another.

As Wonder Woman bent nearly double at the waist, Natasha followed her, her own body glued to her foe's broad back. Her long blond hair fell past Wonder Woman's tangled raven locks. Wonder Woman was still fiercely alert, despite the twisting agony of Natasha's hold. Her strong left hand twisted a handful of Natasha's hair in a painful grip. Exerting the last of her fast dwindling strength, Wonder Woman tossed the evil aggressor head over heels. Natasha landed on her back with a stunning thud.

Wonder Woman drained by the effort, slumped to her knees clutching her hurt belly with both hands. Gasping for breath, she glanced warily at her foe, instinctively knowing Natasha was not seriously hurt, and that in moments, she must face her anew. Natasha turned over on her stomach, and started to get up. Despite her distress, Wonder Woman exerted her imperious will, flung herself atop Natasha.

Natasha struggled with the furious strength of a madwoman. Her cruel claws raked Wonder Woman's bare arms and back until they were crisscrossed with deep painful scratches. Her knees thumped relentlessly into Wonder Woman's injured mid-section. Wonder Woman vainly tried to counter Natasha's furious assault and pin her shoulders, but Natasha wrapped her strong, deceptively slim legs around Wonder Woman's taught waist, and adroitly rolled the amazon over on her back and slid on top of her.

Natasha grabbed Wonder Woman's wrists and tried to pin them to the floor. Though badly hurt and flat on her back, Wonder Woman's epic strength was still too formidable for the smaller girl to accomplish that, though. She threw the yellow-haired witch completely off her.

Natasha scrambled to her feet, while Wonder Woman struggled to just sit up. The blond reached down and took hold of two handfuls of tangled raven black hair. Viciously she twisted it, as she dragged her screaming foe up on her knees, and then to her feet. Wonder Woman lunged forward. Her heavy body lent her the momentum to break free from Natasha's clutching hands. The pain of tearing loose, sharpened her dulled senses. She whirled about, swinging furiously. Natasha deftly avoided her raging foe by inches.

Wonder Woman reached for Natasha's throat. Natasha grabbed her wrist, planted a sharp heel in Wonder Woman's belly and dropped backward. She pulled Wonder Woman off balance, then jerked downward, and sent her flying head over heels. Wonder Woman flipped lengthwise in midair and landed on her back with a bone jarring thud. When Wonder Woman looked up, Natasha was already standing over her. Wonder Woman raised her arm to ward off another attack, but Natasha casually kicked her in the head. Her pointed toe drove into Wonder Woman's temple. The gallant amazon's mind reeled. She tried to raise her head off the floor but the pain was too intense. Natasha reacted with the unthinking deadliness of a striking snake. Her booted foot lashed out with devastating force into Wonder Woman's huge left breast. With a scream of pain, Wonder Woman flopped over on her back again. Natasha jumped to her feet and Wonder Woman tried to shield her vulnerable bosom with trembling arms, but Natasha's next kick drove into her side. Wonder Woman rolled over the other way onto her other side. Then two more brutal kicks to her kidneys, rolled her on her belly.

Natasha looked down at her incapacitated foe, with a smug grin. She leaned over and grabbed two handfuls of tangled curls, and dragged Wonder Woman to her feet. Wonder Woman twisted and struggled to claw at Natasha. She couldn't swallow her continuous, wailing cries, more of rage than pain. Natasha laughed out loud at the beautiful amazon's rage and frustration. Natasha was arrogantly sure of herself now. She let go of Wonder Woman's hair, knowing the furious crimefighter would wheel to face her. Wonder Woman's anger glowed hotter than ever as she turned. Before she could vent her fury, though, Natasha's left fist smashed her jaw, followed by a right uppercut to the chin. "That's the second time you walked into my one-two combo you stupid capatalistic sow!" Natasha chortled. Wonder Woman stumbled and almost fell, her mind reeling. Natasha seized her waist in a bone wrenching bear hug.

Wonder Woman extricated her left arm from Natasha's encircling arms at the last second, but her right arm was pinned at her side. The blond's thin arms were incredibly strong, and the big crimefighter was badly hurt. Wonder Woman flexed her powerful, trunk muscles to loosen Natasha's grip. Instead, fierce pain paralyzed her slim, taut middle, and Natasha's eagerly thrusting abdomen mashed against her weakened belly with aggressive dominance.

Wonder Woman screamed in hatred at the vicious spy mistress. Raging nearly hysterically, she clawed at Natasha with her free hand, ripping and tearing her evil foe's arms and face. The pain inflicted by Wonder Woman's claws only intensified Natasha's perverse delight at the amazon champion's torment. She rolled her arms up and down Wonder Woman's back, squeezing every last drop of agony from the hold. Natasha joyously squeezed her spitting, struggling captive, until her ferocity choked Wonder Woman's cries to sobbing gasps. Wonder Woman's back arched helplessly, until her glossy curls dangled down to her wonderfully full behind, and the sharp, coral tips of her out-thrust breasts targeted the ceiling. She shuddered uncontrollably for a few moments, before her gorgeous body went limp in shock.

Natasha held on tight to Wonder Woman's waist, so she didn't pitch to the floor. She licked her lips greedily, seeing the atrocious suffering mirrored in Wonder Woman's beautiful face. She arrogantly rubbed her flatter chest against trembling amazon's sumptuous, jutting bosom. Wonder Woman shuddered in disgust. She wriggled feebly, but Natasha was too strong for her now, and she continued to cling leech-like against Wonder Woman's bosom. Natasha subdued Wonder Woman's feeble struggles by reaching around her and clutching her jutting, weighty bottom, then cruelly pinching and twisting the big, solid, globes of pleasure. She taunted her helpless foe. "Do you like me pinching your overripe bottom melons, my noble Amazon Princess?" Wonder Woman's gulping, strangled wails were the only reply.

Natasha worked Wonder Woman's satin tights up into the tight crevice dividing the full harvest moons of her incomparable behind. Grasping the waistband in both hands, she jerked upward. The thin, strong material bit, with exquisite pain, into the sensitive valley of delights between Wonder Woman's matchless legs. Natasha pulled Wonder Woman up on tiptoe suspending most of her weight from the thin satin band cutting into her most intimate juncture. "AWonder WomanWonder Womanwrr St-stop it! Ohhh stop it!" Wonder Woman mewled. No one had ever given the invincible amazon champion a wedgie before. Natasha eased the pressure with a sneer, but used her sharp finger to poke the wadded satin right up into Wonder Woman's body. Horrified, Wonder Woman recoiled like a startled doe, plastering her prodigious breasts against Natasha's skinny chest. Natasha snickered in delight, just as Wonder Woman's overtaxed legs buckled.

Natasha let Wonder Woman drop helplessly to the floor. The dauntless amazon somehow rolled over on her hands and knees and tried to get up. Natasha's lumpy thighs straddled Wonder Woman around the waist.

Natasha reached under Wonder Woman's body. She grabbed a big, vulnerably dangling breast in each hand. She twisted and clawed until Wonder Woman lunged free, only to fall flat. Natasha grabbed Wonder Woman's vulnerable breasts again, and levered her over on her back.

Natasha pinched an exquisite, pink nipple between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, and viciously twisted the tender buds. Wonder Woman was afraid to breath. The slightest movement added to her unbearable torment. Natasha laughed joyously at Wonder Woman's tormented whimpers. Contemptuously she spat into her victim's beautiful suffering face just for the joy of defiling it. "Is that the best you can do, you nasty hag?" Wonder Woman choked. The gallant gibe provoked Natasha to drop without warning, knees first, into Wonder Woman's quivering belly. Her knees drove deep, midway between Wonder Woman's sweet, deeply indented naval and the tight blue satin bulge outlining her most beguiling treasure. Wonder Woman sat half way up with a jerk, then dropped flat still quivering. "You fat titted, sow! It's time you learned to respect your betters." Natasha chortled. "You'll beg me for mercy?"

Wonder Woman's fierce pride flared. "I'll see you in Hades first!" she gasped.

"Have it your own way, Wonder Boobie." Natasha snickered, and stood up. Tugging on Wonder Woman's captured breasts as she rose, she pulled her to a sitting position. The amazon princess was too weak to sit erect unaided, and so those ripe melons of ecstasy were the only supports for her heroically formed body. The tormented flesh stretched fantastically. Tears poured freely down Wonder Woman's exquisite face. Wonder Woman couldn't restrain an anguished cry.

"Stop it! Ohhhh for Hera's sake, stop it! Let go, you Bitch!" Instead of stopping, Natasha twisted and tugged Wonder Woman's straining, elongated boobies even harder.

When Natasha did suddenly let go, Wonder Woman's atrociously elongated boobies snapped like over stretched toffy. Wonder Woman's agonized body flopped backward, vulnerably spread-eagled. Racked by constant tremors, her curved legs lolled helplessly apart, Wonder Woman's mind swirled with impotent rage. No amazon ever yielded to defeat, especially not the Princess of Paradise Island. Her only desire was to get her hands on that vile, hateful bitch again. She didn't care how much pain it cost her. She struggled with the courage of a wounded tigress, until at last she got up. Once on her feet, Wonder Woman gallantly attacked.

Natasha was amazed to see the beautiful, raven haired crimefighter get up again. She'd been sure the amazon was finished "You still want to play games with me, you amazon bitch?" Natasha sneered. Wonder Woman grabbed Natasha's neck in an unyielding grip and briefly wiped the sneer off her face.

"Yes! Let's play some more games!" Wonder Woman's voice strained hoarsely to repress pain, but it still throbbed with menace.

Quickly recovering from her surprise, Natasha grabbed Wonder Woman's right wrist with both hands. She twisted viciously, thrust her foot between Wonder Woman's ankles and tossed her down. Natasha dragged Wonder Woman big, shapely body out flat on the floor, and then she jumped on her middle.

Once atop Wonder Woman, Natasha twisted her thin legs around the crimefighter's weighty thighs, like insidious vines entwining sturdy young trees. Natasha's wiry limbs trussed Wonder Woman's strong legs up so tight, the amazon couldn't exert any leverage. When she tried to hit Natasha back, her strong arms thrashed harmlessly. Meanwhile, Natasha smacked Wonder Woman's face, and clawed at her epically formed, nude breasts until the amazon was dizzy. Feeling more confident, Natasha let loose of Wonder Woman's thighs. She pressed her back flat on the floor, and slid up on her chest.

Natasha's fat bottom, though hardly equal to Wonder Woman's magnificent derriere, was weighty enough in its own right. To the unhappy amazon, it seemed like two bags of sand weighed down her chest. She could hardly breath! She tried to push Natasha off. She bridged up desperately. She kicked her shapely, muscled legs. She tried to wriggle over on her side. This time, nothing helped. Natasha had already injured her too badly. The evil, blond spy rode down Wonder Woman's struggles with the same skill that amazon warriors of old mastered unruly warhorses.

While Wonder Woman exhausted her last reserves of strength, vainly thrashing about to free herself, Natasha carefully pinned the crimefighter's shapely upper arms under her own knees. Breathless from her vain struggles, the brave amazon maiden gradually ceased her fruitless squirming and lay trembling tensely, eyes flashing, nostrils flaring, like a tigress aflame with vengeful fury ensnared in a trap, waiting for some chance to free herself and retaliate.

The wily Natasha wasn't about to give Wonder Woman any such chance, though. She rained punches down on Wonder Woman's trapped face, battering her head back and forth, until Wonder Woman saw stars. That didn't satisfy the pitiless Natasha, though. Her small hard fists battered Wonder Woman's beautiful face, until her own knuckles were bruised and bleeding, and her arms grew weary. By then Wonder Woman was hardly conscious.

Pausing to admire her handiwork, Natasha noted with satisfaction that Wonder Woman's nose was trickling blood, her left eye swollen nearly shut and rapidly discoloring, and her full, sensuous lips a scarlet, jellied smear. Natasha drew back her right arm, took careful aim and smashed her fist into Wonder Woman's chin with all her strength. The warrior damsel from Paradise Island stiffened, shuddered and went limp.

When Wonder Woman's eyes glazed over, Natasha rose from her stricken form Nearly swooning, Wonder Woman's arms lay by her sides, her legs sprawled apart, her robust limbs twitched and trembled. Her magnificent body lay helplessly spread-eagled, vulnerably displayed to Natasha's scornful inspection. Natasha danced between Wonder Woman's helplessly splayed legs and kicked her where no woman should be kicked. A shriek of unnatural agony echoed through the chamber. Still not satisfied that she'd completely disabled the American champion of justice, Natasha hauled the half conscious amazon princess to her feet. She shoved Wonder Woman against the small table. Her buttocks balanced precariously, against the table, Wonder Woman could barely stay on her feet. She couldn't raise her numbed arms to defend herself anymore. She couldn't even focus her eyes on her attacker.

This was what Natasha was waiting for. She cooly launched a vicious attack on Wonder Woman's aching lower belly. Calmly and deliberately, with all her strength, she drove punch after punch into Wonder Woman's clenched aching tummy. Her fists penetrated the firm flesh like spears. At each blow, Wonder Woman's gorgeous bosom bounded like two startled deer shot by cruel arrows. Wonder Woman gagged and choked helplessly. She nearly vomited. Her beautiful face took on a deathly greenish pallor.

Natasha remorselessly worked her over, until Wonder Woman slumped to her knees. She shuddered a moment and then pitched face first to the floor. It was obvious she wouldn't be getting up any time soon. Natasha jumped up and down, and raised her hands over her head in triumphant jubilation."I did it! I did it! I beat Wonder Woman and I really kicked her ass good, too!" When she finally calmed down, Natasha pushed Wonder Woman over on her back with a contemptuous shove of her foot, then knelt beside the kayoed champion. With casual insolence, she grasped Wonder Woman's tattered tights and rolled the wadded satin down her long, strongly curved legs exposing her inky black fleece and coral lipped treasure to Natasha's evil leer. "Just one peek, before she wakes up and we get down to business. She looks like a little girl down there, between her legs. Doesn't the dumb bitch ever get screwed?.

Natasha mused nastily. Though unconscious, Wonder Woman moaned and her flesh shivered in nameless dread at Natasha's touch.

It was a long time before the beaten superheroine began to regain consciousness this time. As she started to stir, she moaned at the terrible pain it cost her. "Oh dear Hera that nasty bitch beat me!" Was her first horrifying thought. "Athena forgive me for my weakness." The blow to her amazon pride was even worse than the physical pain she felt. She hurt so physically, though, it took all her amazon determination to sit up. Her blue spangled tights were pulled down around her full thighs. "Oh that little bitch pulled down my pants and looked at me naked!" The thought of her scornful enemy inspecting her, perhaps even touching her there, horrified the chaste amazon princess and her face flushed in mortification. She quickly tried to pull her shorts up to cover herself, but when she looked down at her body, she gulped in further shock. Her muscular abdomen was black and blue from her rib cage to the inky curls between her thighs. "Oh Dear Hera, look what that hateful little bitch did to my poor tummy! How did she beat me up this bad? I guess I'm not as tough as I thought!. As Wonder Woman agonized over her devastating defeat, Natasha came back into the locked room. She was wearing a robe and almost prancing in delight at her victory over the fabled Wonder Woman. Through the tangled raven curls hanging half across her face, Wonder Woman's blackened eyes noted, except for a few bruises, Natasha looked untouched by the vicious catfight. "Hera help me! It doesn't even look like I hit the little slut..

"Hi there Wonder Slut! Well for a "trained amazon warrior" you sure didn't put up much of a fight You're a real pussy! Well I gave you an out but you made your choice to fight me, so now your ass belongs to me. I'm going to really enjoy breaking you in..

"I don't belong to you or anyone else!" Wonder Woman cried out in protest "I'm an Amazon Princess!" Gagging in distress, she rolled over on her hands and knees. She struggled stubbornly to get up. Natasha eagerly grabbed two fists full of tangled curls. "Here let me help you." Natasha pulled and pushed, until she had Wonder Woman crouched on her knees, supporting herself with one arm. The arm trembled and shook at the effort.

Natasha grasped Wonder Woman's chin and lifted up her face. She looked into the hurt scared blue eyes. "Boy you're a real mess. The first thing we've got to do, is clean you up. I don't want any maid of mine looking this messed up." She said with an evil grin.

"All right up on your feet big girl!" she snickered, and grabbing Wonder Woman under both arms she hauled her to her feet. The hapless superheroine couldn't stand up on her own, and Natasha had to hold her up as she led her into a small bathroom.

When Natasha let her go, Wonder Woman had to lean against the wall for support. She gasped for breath. "All right strip, baby!" Natasha ordered. Wonder Woman didn't have much left to take off, only her bedraggled short tights and her high heeled red boots, but she still wasn't ready to take orders from the sadistic young blond. "I'll do no such thing!" she snorted.

'Would you rather I undressed you, Wonder Boobies? It's OK with me, it should be fun." The thought of the vicious blond's hands on her body changed Wonder Woman's mind.

"All right" she murmured and slid down on the floor in a sitting position. One by one she took off her boots. Natasha had to help her get up again. She just slid her tights down and let them drop to the floor then stepped out of them unable to raise her legs.

Natasha turned on the shower in the small stall and adjusted it. When it was ready she gave Wonder Woman a shove OK get in there! Wonder Woman stumbled into the hot water, grateful for the soothing spray on her aching bruised body. She was appalled though when, a moment later, Natasha shoved her way into the cramped cubicle.

Wonder Woman was mashed against the wall when Natasha pressed insinuatingly against her broad buttocks. Her big upswept breasts, unbelievably tender after their severe punishment, were crushed against the marble. Wonder Woman moaned in distress. Worse was to come, much worse!

Natasha wrapped her arms around the wet amazon's svelte, taut waist and pulled Wonder Woman even closer. "You have a really big behind for a princess. It must be because you are decadent capitalistic royalty." Natasha laughed and slid her hand down Wonder Woman's belly to her prominent, fur-sheathed mons. At first she tickled the outer lips. Wonder Woman shrieked and began to struggle like a wounded tigress.

"Let go! Let go! You let go of me! Don't you dare touch me there, you nasty witch!" She screamed in alarm.

Natasha laughed at Princess Diana's outrage. "Shhh! Shhh! Stop you're wiggling my little royal dumpling Just relax and enjoy it while you can." She slipped her fingers inside Wonder Woman's tight dry pussy. Diana shrieked again, even as her gorgeous muscular body shuddered in reaction to the bold invasion.

"Stop it! Stop it, please!" She wept. It was no use; Natasha was in total control and she remorselessly forced the beaten amazon to respond to her crude violation. Diana's nipples stiffened as they rubbed against wet marble and her tight pussy loosened and swelled as juices flowed over Natasha's invasive fingers. Shuddering and weeping in despair Wonder Woman endured a violent, hateful, orgasm.

Natasha let the violated amazon slide to her knees. Diana knelt there weeping in shame. "Oh Dear Hera forgive me! I let that hateful vicious woman make me come." Natasha slid her leg astraddle Wonder Woman's neck from behind. She snapped her scrawny legs shut. Strong thighs worked against Wonder Woman's beautiful face and ears, rasping her ivory flesh, until it seemed her aching head would burst. While she tormented the hapless amazon, Natasha rinsed off. Finally she danced lightly from the shower stall, leaving Wonder Woman crouched on the floor, sobbing in despair.

The hot water revived her, and Wonder Woman was finally able to crawl out of the shower herself. She climbed to her feet on shaky legs. Natasha handed her a towel and ordered her. "Dry me off bitch!". Beaten and despondent Wonder Woman abjectly complied patting her blond conqueror's body dry with servile dabs of the towel.

"Now you can dry yourself Wonder Slut! A slave doesn't need a clean towel of course." Natasha snickered. With obvious distaste the fastidious amazon princess obediently dried her own bruised body. When she was finished Natasha sneered: ""I was nice enough to jerk you off Wonder Floozy. Now its only fair you return the favor Princess..

"Wh-what?" Wonder Woman croaked warily.

"Can't you guess? Aren't you Wonder Woman, the Wise? Come over here and eat my pussy, you capitalist sow!" Natasha ordered harshly.

Wonder Woman bristled angrily at this insulting demand. Her spine stiffened and her hands clenched at her sides. "Go to hell you dirty bitch!" the outraged amazon screamed in a passionate fit of temper. Her anger wiped out the memory of her previous defeat and she was suddenly ready to renew the fight with Natasha if that was the only way to preserve her virtue.

Natasha laughed sarcastically. Then, she struck with the deadly quickness of a snake. It only took one moderate belly punch to totally disable the valiant amazon. Wonder Woman doubled over in terrible agony as Natasha's fist sank into her bruised abdomen.

"You silly bitch, after the beating I gave you today, it'll be weeks before you can fight again! You better just do what I tell you or I may cripple you for life..

Still crouched over, gagging for breath, Wonder Woman looked up through a tangled damp mop of raven curls hanging over her bruised face and gasped. "Y-you may have beaten me and raped me but you don't own me and you can't make me do that to you, you nasty pervert..

"Oh no? Well we'll just see about that. I'm betting that within fifteen minutes you'll beg to worship me. I won't even need that Magic lasso of yours for that, either."

Without further ado Natasha grabbed a handful of inky curls and dragged the enfeebled superheroine to a bench against the wall. She skillfully twisted Wonder Woman's hair and flipped the big amazon onto the bench; then sat down beside her.

Slumped against the wall, Wonder Woman turned her head aside, from the sight of her gloating foe. Natasha pulled a short stout riding crop from her boot. It was an instrument that had given the cruel KGB interrogator many pleasurable hours with past victims. She knew from experience what a viciously efficient device it was for her purpose. "Now for that mountainous behind of yours." She crowed eagerly. Wonder Woman glanced wildly over her shoulder, horrified by the hideous instrument in Natasha's hand. Her generous, thrusting breasts jiggled wildly about her broad chest in alarm. Before she could defend herself, the vicious witch struck.

The whip whistled in a vicious swipe across Wonder Woman's heaving chest. A thin scarlet wound cruelly lacerated the upswept tips of her exquisite bosom. Wonder Woman stiffened convulsively. With a high pitched keen of renewed agony she sat bolt upright in shock. She clutched her tormented boobies with her both hands. Natasha snatched Wonder Woman's tangled curls and jerked the enfeebled amazon face down across her lap. Wonder Woman struggled frantically to escape her humiliating predicament, but Natasha locked her leg around Wonder Woman's knee and twisted her arm behind her, rendering the crimefighter helpless. The firm, rubbery flesh of her incomparable bottom gleamed like ivory, thrusting vulnerably in the air, begging for Natasha's savage cruelty. To demonstrate her mastery, Natasha swatted Wonder Woman's naked behind, so firm and rubbery, until Wonder Woman squealed in dismay Natasha cackled with sadistic glee. She finally had those beautiful, fleshy melons in range. "You amazons certainly have big enough behinds! You look like somebody shoved a couple of volley balls up your arse and left them there." She chortled, then she struck carefully, but with all her wiry strength. Wonder Woman's body leaped in shock. Natasha struck with heartless fury, again and again, never missing her broad, undulating target, until she had crisscrossed Wonder Woman's magnificent ivory behind with fiery welts that scalded like hot coals.

Already devastated by defeat and degrading humiliation, Wonder Woman couldn't control herself In her dreadful distress, the wretched, warrior princess shrieked hysterically, finally crying out: "Stop Stop please, pleassssssse! Oooh it burns! it hurts so!.

Natasha paused a moment. She twisted Wonder Woman's head around with a painful grip on her ear, so she could look into her victim's beautiful, suffering face. She sneered scornfully into tear-drenched, cobalt eyes. Wonder Woman choked back her screams and glared back with impotent loathing at her diabolical tormentor. "Would you like me to stop Wonder Slut?" Natasha sneered sweetly. An involuntary thrill of hope gleamed in Wonder Woman's big, passionate eyes. "I'll stop whenever you're ready to pleasure me, you stupid Capitalist cow!. Natasha snickered.

"N-no, no, not ever, never!" Wonder Woman whispered hoarsely. Natasha read the alarmed disgust in Wonder Woman's gleaming eyes, but she knew the delightfully beautiful warrior maiden was hers for the taking. It was time for another tack just now though. She threw away the cruel blood stained whip and rolled the stricken superheroine off her lap. Wonder Woman wailed as her fiery bottom scraped the floor as she landed. She crouched helplessly at Natasha's feet, too hurt to move. Her eyes hypnotically followed Natasha's every move with dread. Natasha leaned over and scooped Wonder Woman's ankles up in her left arm, and raised her long gorgeous legs in the air. She pressed Wonder Woman's thighs down flat against her belly, literally folding the amazon maiden in half. Wonder Woman wriggled feebly in resistance. Then, she parted the tight crevice between Wonder Woman's large scarlet streaked, bottom cheeks, bearing her tiny anal opening. Wonder Woman's big bottom gyrated furiously, but the villainous Natasha stuck her finger into the struggling victim's forbidden portal. Wonder Woman jerked in agony as Natasha's finger crudely penetrated her tightly clenched sphincter and wriggled inside her body.

"Oooohh you filthy vile animal!" Wonder Woman screeched in outrage. Natasha laughed in delight, and poked and twisted some more, until Wonder Woman shrieked: "St-stop! Stop! Ohh damn you! You'll pay for this! AWonder Womanrrrr, take your hateful finger away! Oooh, you dirty, rotten Bitch. Let me alone!" Natasha laughed fiendishly. She had accomplished her immediate purpose. The haughty amazon princess had felt the first taste of the anguish and shame her defeat would bring her. She pulled her finger loose with a plop, and let Wonder Woman's long, gorgeous legs drop to the floor. Wonder Woman's big body quivered and twitched. The proud amazon maid couldn't hush agonized sobs of shame.

Honorable defeat by another warrior would be bearable, but she'd been basely vanquished by a woman, smaller and weaker than herself. Worse, the depraved Natasha had foully dishonored her, stripped her naked and vilely abused her. On the bench where she'd sat to spank her victim, Natasha had previously deposited a black bag. Now she opened it and took out a huge 15 inch, wrist thick dildoe. "Ever seen one of these on Paradise Island Princess?" Natasha laughed. She planted her foot on Wonder Woman's quivering bosom to emphasize her total mastery over the defeated heroine. For the first time in her life, Wonder Woman's gallant heart thumped fearfully in her bosom, for she knew worse was to come. "You didn't much like my finger up your butt; how'd you like me to ram this baby up there?" Natasha demanded. Wonder Woman's eyes rolled in terror.

"No, no Natasha please!"

"Ready to do what I told you then?"

Wonder Woman gulped hard to swallow the lump in her throat then sobbed. "All right, I'll do it!"

Natasha lay down across her body. Involuntarily, Wonder Woman stiffened to resist, but Natasha wrapped bony arms around Wonder Woman's shapely upper limbs, and snaked bony legs around the captive maiden's sumptuously powerful thighs. The weeping heroine couldn't move. Natasha rubbed against her naked body and sneered tauntingly in her face. "How do you like lying helpless under me, Wonder Woman?"

Natasha let Wonder Woman's arms drop helplessly, and seized her head with both hands. She twisted Wonder Woman's ears and hair. She leaned closer and kissed her trapped victim's full, luscious lips. Wonder Woman gagged. There was nothing she could do to protect herself.

Natasha forced her sharp tongue into Wonder Woman's mouth and ruthlessly explored it. She could taste revulsion and growing fear. She eased one leg between Wonder Woman's thighs and rubbed her own plump thigh against Wonder Woman's vulnerably exposed treasure. She rubbed her chest against Wonder Woman's sharp tipped melons.

Natasha's cruel manipulations appalled Wonder Woman, but they were impossible to ignore. Every effort to resist failed. Once again, Wonder Woman throbbed in arousal at Natasha's bidding. Her loud harsh sobs were choked off by the passionate agitation of her bosom. In almost no time her body shuddered in another hateful enforced response. Natasha smirked lewdly in triumph Wonder Woman was racked by convulsive sobs. Her second, humiliating, unwanted submission to Natasha left her defenseless. Natasha slid up to a sit on her chest. "You've had your pleasure, now its my turn." She sneered, spreading her legs wide to expose her large lipped pleasure passage, dripping and agape. Poor Wonder Woman almost vomited in horrified disgust, but she had no strength to resist when Natasha seized her beautiful, ravaged face and pulled it between her plump thighs.

Wonder Woman stiffened her neck and resisted. She swallowed convulsively a couple of times, and nervously licked her full coral lips. She realized how scared she was of angering the maniacal bitch. "What more can I do?" She wondered fearfully. She let Natasha shove her gorgeous face against her crotch. Inexperienced as she was, Wonder Woman knew what Natasha expected. She timorously kissed Natasha's hateful pussy, and extended her delicate pink tongue. She thrust it reluctantly between the thick purple gash, gagging and gulping in disgust. Her desperate fear lent her a seeming expertise. She sucked and licked with simulated enthusiasm. Her eyes drenched in tears closed in revulsion. She felt only shame and weakness. Natasha finally came with explosive energy. Her thighs snapped shut as though in a convulsion around Wonder Woman's trapped face and head, nearly breaking her neck, then suffocating her. The defeated amazon mercifully lost consciousness. Natasha had had her way with Wonder Woman and sucked every ounce of enjoyment from the total humiliation and degradation of the heroic beauty.

Now it was time for business. When Wonder Woman awoke for the third time she found herself helplessly strapped into a gynecological examination chair, feet in stirrups higher than her head. Leashed around her neck was he own Magic Lariat. Natasha standing over her, held the other end in her hand. "Now Wonder Slut its time to answer a few questions. First of all what are the coordinates of Paradise Island? If it's only defended by pitiful wimps like you we shall capture it easily. It will make an admirable submarine base.."

Wonder Woman gulped Her body stiffened to resist. Her mother had only entrusted the Magic Lariat to her after she had trained for long hours to resist the effects of it herself. Yet even her amazon determination could not resist forever and Natasha had deliberately weakened her will by defeating and vilely abusing her. Her self-esteem was in shambles and she looked wildly around, but there was no escape. "Must resist for the sake of my people!" She grimly told herself.

"I order you to tell me the coordinates of Paradise Island, NOW!" Natasha commanded sternly. Wonder Woman's lips remained tightly shut. Sweat broke out on her forehead. Her jaws were clenched so tightly they ached. Natasha mused silently "The amazon is tougher than I thought. After what I did to her, I though she'd break immediately. Well, I've got one more trick to play on my stubborn princess. With her free had she picked up the giant dildo she'd threatened Diana with earlier. With all her strength she rammed it against Wonder Woman's anus. Strong as the Russian was she didn't succeed at the first try. Wonder Woman screamed in terror when she felt the giant knobby head probing her vulnerable rectum

"Oh Dear Hera! Pl-please no! Not that!" She wept. "Tell me those coordinates!" Natasha repeated probing harder. Wonder Woman couldn't think. All her thoughts concentrating on the threat of a horrible anal violation left her resistance in tatters. She suddenly heard herself blurt out the coordinates of her Homeland. At the same time Natasha rammed the giant phallus home. Wonder Woman let out a piercing shriek of violation. She felt like her whole body was stuffed full. For the next twelve hours Wonder Woman answered question after question. Sometimes she'd try to resist but Natasha had only to wriggle the dildo around inside her body, and she would weepingly babble out answers. When the interrogation was done, Natasha had learned not only the defenses and weaknesses of Paradise Island but most of the secrets of the American Intelligence Service as well. She'd also learned all of the secrets of Wonder Woman's girdle, bracelets and Invisible Plane.

Next day Natasha kicked the hapless Amazon Princess out of her own Invisible Plane several feet off the ground of Paradise Island. When she was found later in the day by an amazon patrol, she was babbling incoherently. Wonder Woman was a broken wreck, nearly mad with shame and guilt at her monstrous betrayals of her home, her people and her adopted land as well. Amazon physicians and healers were able to restore her former self with the magical Amazon Purple Healing Ray.

Meanwhile Natasha had problems of her own. Her very success proved her undoing. Jealous rivals in the MVD convinced Comrades Stalin and Beria that she had been tricked by Wonder Woman and made a dupe of Western Intelligence. She was sent home from the Russian Embassy in disgrace. Natasha spent the next ten years in a Gulag and the invaluable information she had extracted from Wonder Woman was discredited. Wonder Woman's plane, girdle, bracelets and tiara remained hidden in Natasha's secret headquarters until Wonder Woman reclaimed them later.


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