Galya portrayed by Mila Kunis vs Tanya portrayed by Paris Hilton

It happened at one of the girls' gatherings. We drank wine, discussed men and all our friends, at work and at home. We were all friends, but today two of our girlfriends were not very fond of each other... Every now and then they made fun of each other, sometimes rudely and even doing too much; going personal. We thought that all this was at an end. But after talking, when everyone was about to leave, they decided to sort out their relationship.

Galya was leaving the conversation, and wanting to make excuses to get away from Tanya. Galya was a short brunette, thin, but with large and beautiful legs and booty. She was wearing a cream-colored skirt and a brown blouse. Her brown hair was tied in a ponytail. Tanya is a tall blonde with a haircut under a bob. She has long arms and legs, and a rather large ass. She was then dressed in black jeans and a pink braided sweater. She had small breasts and a thin upper body. Tanya was heavier and taller. Galya could have problems if it came to a fight.

They were discussing something, waving their hands, then Galya wanted to turn around and leave, but Tanya grabbed her hand and pulled her towards her. Galya gave in and came close, while raising her hand, wanting to get out of Tanya's grip. She looked Tanya in the eyes without fear, like a little shit. Tanya smiled. She took her friend by the collar with her other hand and their noses almost touched, considering that Tanya had to slightly bow her head.

"Listen to me, baby... or you will be sorry, or I will right here and now finish you!" Galya did not respond to Tanya's threat. She just looked into her friend's eyes and waited. Tanya got furious and pushed Galya backward, pressing her back against the wall.

"What do you really want?!"

Galya smiled.

"I have been waiting for this for a long time."

With these words, Galya's free hand clenched into a fist, and she forcefully hit Tanya under the chest. Being a friend, Tanya did not expect this, she shouted "a" and bent a little from the blow. Galya struck even harder. Tanya bent down even lower and groaned. She let go of Galya, and immediately, Galya grabbed her friend by the hair and hit her in the face with a knee full of force. Tanya straightened up from the blow, grabbed her nose with both hands, and took two steps back. We didn’t want to interfere, and we were also interested in how it would end.

"Oh you bitch!"

Tanya screamed, either from pain, or from fear. Rivers of blood began to flow under her nose. Galya walked forward. She gave Tanya a slap on the left, then on the right side of her face. The blows were strong, and Tanya's head was shaking from side to side. She lowered her arms, and the blows fell right in the face. Galya turned her hand away from herself, and swung the back of her hand to Tanya in the face. Tanya was turned 180 degrees from the blow and she hit the wall with her shoulder. Tanya held her lower lip with her hand. She was broken. Galya comes forward again. This time Tanya grabbed her friend's hand and hit her cheek with the other. Then she struck Galya again. Next Tanya grabbed Galya by the hair with her hand, pulled Galya forward toward her, and hit her with her knee in the stomach. Galya went limp. Tanya's blow was strong, and it repulsed Galya's will to fight. Tanya struck two more times. Galya's ass was bouncing from the blows, as she moaned in pain. Tanya lifted Galya by the hair and pushed her towards the doorway. Galya hit her forehead on the door frame. Tanya grabbed her friend by the hair and drove her head into the door joint. Galya screamed. Her shattered eyebrow oozed with blood, a river already flowed from her nose. Tanya turned Galya to face her. She didn't resist. She dropped her arms and waited.

Tanya began to hit Galya in the face with her palms, putting all her strength into the blows. Galya's head spun from the blows, and her hair fell on her face. His cheeks were flushed from the blows, hairs were clinging to her bloody cheeks. Tanya stopped her beating, grabbed Galya by the collar, and forcefully hit her in the nose, causing Gayla to begin swinging her head violently. Galya collapsed to the floor. She moaned, unable to get up. Tanya sat down on top of her, while pressing her with her long legs on the sides. Galya groaned, but could not help herself. Tanya raised her hands, and her slaps fell on her friend's face, one after another. She beat, and with each blow Galya cried out. Then her moans stopped, but Tanya did not stop. She clenched her right hand into a fist, and began to beat Galya's nose with her fist. We decided that it was enough and dragged Tanya away. Galya's face was covered in blood. She was breathing heavily, we helped her up and took her to the bathroom. Later, a month later, they had a revenge fight.