Super Rivals

by Ronin
Super Rivals


Lana Lang lay sprawled on the canvas. Not far from her, standing in a neutral corner, Lois Lane beamed. Lana could hear somebody counting. It was Wonder Woman. She was up to five. Lana rolled over on her stomach. She could hear her Aunt exhorting her to get up. The red head had gotten to her knees as the amazon princess reached seven.

Superman had gone to New Krypton for a well deserved vacation. Lana had gotten a call from Metropolis. It was Lois, of course. "Listen Bitch," Lois began abruptly, "Superman and I would have been married if you didn't keep getting in the way. Either stay in that hick town of yours and out of Metropolis, or come face me woman to woman."

Lana was taken aback by the vehemence of Lois's verbal attack. She was outraged by it. Her anger got the better of her as she answered her raven haired rival. "I'll fight you anywhere you want!" the redhead screamed over the phone.

"Come to the city in two weeks." Lois demanded, "Superman is going out of town then, way out of town. We can have it out, then."

"You got it!" Lana exclaimed, and hanged up loudly.

Lois smiled wickedly. It had gone exactly as she had planned. For the last year, she had been spending two hours a day in the gym. She had been taking lessons in boxing and wrestling. It was useful in her profession to know how to defend oneself. So, not withstanding encounters with the odd mad scientist, the sporadic hostile alien, or the random super criminal, she would be found at her fitness club hitting the heavy bag, lifting weights, or running the track. She expected to take Lana apart with ease.

As soon as she hung up, Lana had gone to her local Y. She signed up for two self defense classes. She had been going to her health spa twice or three times a week. She was in good shape, but her regimen was no where as demanding as her big city rival.

So, the two weeks had gone by, and the two young women had met at the Metropolis Municipal Gymnasium An old boxing ring was set up there. It was relatively small, not leaving much room to maneuver. They were wearing bikini briefs, boxing gloves, and cross trainers. Lois was wearing black briefs. Lana's were red. The gym was full of Lois's friends. Lana had brought her Aunt Lottie for moral support.

The ace reporter smiled at the small town girl. "I'm going to wipe the canvas with that hick bitch." she told her seconds. She shadow boxed in her corner. She was eager for the fight to begin.

Lana was not as enthusiastic. For two weeks the small town beauty had trained intensively for the bout. She had immediately regretted her outburst two weeks ago. She feared she had fallen into a trap set by her dark haired rival.

Her fear was justified when the bell signaled the first round. The redhead was rocked by a left to the jaw, followed by a right to the bustline, and another left deep into the solar plexus. Lana doubled over in pain. The sudden shock of being hit three times was like nothing she had ever imagined. She staggered when Lois hit her square in the face with a right jab.

The reporter laughed maliciously, "C'mon Honey," she exhorted, "The fun is just starting!"

Lois whacked the redhead in the jaw again. Lana went reeling into the ropes. Relentlessly, the dark haired beauty pursued her redheaded rival, ruthlessly attacking Lana's breasts and belly. The poor small town beauty could only try to endure the beating as she laid helplessly on the ropes.

Mercifully, the bell rang, ending the round. Lois strolled confidently back to her corner. Lana struggled to return to hers. Lauren, Lana's cousin and second, was appalled, "How much more can you take of that, Sweetheart?' she asked Lana.

"I can stand anything if it means having Superman all to myself." Lana replied.

Superman & Sexy Lois Lane Round two began as the first round had. Lois was beating the redhead around the ring. The small town beauty tried to stand her ground, but the Metropolis reporter was just too skilled. Lana wrapped her lovely arms around Lois's flawless shoulders, but the dark haired girl just continued to bang at the redhead's gorgeous body. Lana went to the canvas when Lois executed a text-book perfect upper-cut. Wonder Woman began the count. Lana was up at seven. Her eyes were glazed. She spent the rest of the round desperately holding on to her rival, trying to stay on her feet.

To Lana's relief, the bell finally signaled the end of the round. She staggered back to the corner. She sat down heavily on her stool. Lauren broke a capsule of amonia under her fighter's nose. Lana sat up with a start. She was revived a bit, but in terrible pain. Her beautiful body was paying an awful price for her love for Superman. Lois Lane looked across the ring at her rival. She smiled maliciously. Her plan had worked perfectly. Within two more rounds, Lana would be reduced to a pile of bruised flesh, and the Man of Steel would be hers.

As the third round began, the big city girl continued to dominate her small town rival. Soon, Lana was on the ropes, as her dark haired opponent continued to batter her voluptuous body with blow after unrequited blow. Then Lana caught Lois on the side of the head with a haymaker that came out of nowhere. Miss Lane staggered as her legs turned to rubber. Lana connected again with an under hand to the belly coming from the floor. It lifted Lois' feet off the canvas, before putting her on her back.

Wonder Woman had reached six before the reporter was able to stand up. The redhead pounced on the big city girl like a tigress on a wounded antelope. Lois was not given a second to recuperate before she was battered with rights and lefts. The dark haired beauty tried to keep her guard up, but Lana bore down with renewed fervor. She knew she could not afford lo allow her dark haired opponent to rally, so she was relentless in her pursuit of her rival. The redhead pummeled Lois' tits and tummy. She sent jab after jab into her antagonist's pretty face. Lois began to stagger around the ring like an inexperienced B girl who has had too much to drink. Lana was hitting her wherever and whenever she wanted.

Lana & Superboy The fiery redhead backed the dark haired beauty into a corner, thrashing the gorgeous reporter without mercy. Again and again, Lana drilled Lois' body with short, hard rights and lefts. Her arms hanging over the top ropes in a desperate bid to stay erect, the big city girl was helpless under this onslaught. The small town girl laughed as she repayed Lois for every dirty trick and insult to which the more cosmopolitan woman had subjected her.

Finally, the bell rang ending the third round. Lois slid down the ring post to her derriere. She was a mess. She was bleeding from her mouth and nose. Her left eye was shut. Her body was mottled with bruises. Her corner girls helped her to her stool, and tried to revive her as best they could.

Lana returned triumpantly to her corner. The truth was, though, she was no better shape than her dark haired rival. The first two rounds had taken their toll on the fiery maned beauty, and her seconds worried that she might have punched herself out that last round.

When the bell rang to begin the fourth round, both fighters put on a brave show. At first, Lana tried to take advantage of the pounding she had given Lois in the last round, but the dark haired beauty had recovered quickly enough to defend herself. They came toe to toe in the center of the ring, and began to pound each other with complete abandon. Every blow was answered with another blow. Lana landed a right to Lois' head. Lois responded with a boob buster to Lana's left tit. The small town girl buried her left deep into the ace reporter's midriff. Lois' eyes went round with shock. She hit the redhead in the jaw. The small town girl was dazed, but managed to launch a right to the big city girl's bustline. The combatants were fueled by white hot passion. Niether could imagine life without the Man of Steel. Both knew the loser would forfeit Superman's love forever. By the end of the round, both women were weak from fatigue. They wrapped their arms around each other in a sweaty clinch of mutual exhaustion. Their hot, sticky bodies seemed glued together by perspiration. They glared at each other with baleful hatred.

When the bell rang, Wonder Woman had to physically separate the rivals. The two antagonists stumbled to their corners. Their seconds worked feverishly to revive them. Everyone was sure that the upcoming round would be decisive.

The bell rang. The two adversaries advanced slowly on each other. Lana, eager to be done with it, launched a haymaker at Lois' head. The dark haired beauty easily slipped under the punch, and planted her gloved fists deep into Lana's gut. She followed this with a devestating upper-cut to the redheaded vixen's breasts. Finally, Lois unloaded with a straight right hand into Lana's face. For a moment, the small town girl just stood there, a blank look on her pretty face. Then, she toppled to the mat.

Someone was counting. Lana heard someone else exhorting her to get up. It was her aunt. She got to her hands and knees. Wonder Woman was up to seven. The redhead got her feet under her. She was ready to stand up. Then nothing happened. The redhead could not move another millimeter. She tried to summon every last ounce of will to rise, but there was nothing left. All her strength was gone. She collapsed back down to the canvas in a fleshy heap. She had given everything she had, and it had not been enough. She whimpered in abject despair. Her once beautiful body was reduced to a mass of bruised flesh.

Lois, standing in a neutral corner, raised her arms in victory as Wonder Woman reached ten. She kicked her defeated rival onto her back, planting a foot on one of poor Lana's battered boobs.

"I told you you should have stayed in that hick town of yours." the dark haired beauty said, standing over her conquered adversary, "Come near Superman ever again, and I'll do worse."

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