An Angel Catfight

Cordelia Chase vs. Lilah Morgan
Charisma Carpenter vs Stephanie Romanov

It had been a tough day at Wolfram and Hart for Lilah Morgan. So many projects to be managed, far to few competent subordinates who weren't after her own job who could be trusted to see to the most menial task and Angel Investigations getting in the way. But she hadn't gotten to her current position by not being able to handle some stress. On this hot Los Angeles day she had chosen to stay at her desk rather than join the junior staff going for a beer, though she had no doubt that she had earned one. Her planned diligence had caught the eye of a senior partner who had offered her some words of support as he did the rounds. Always useful to have those on the off chance that a project didn't go as well as planned.

Her good mood was, however, dispelled as she stepped out of the elevator at her apartment to see a young woman standing next to her door. She had short dark hair and was wearing black leather trousers, a figure hugging white vest top and square heeled sandals, with a large bag over one shoulder. Although she couldn't recall the name she recognized her as the arrogant little bitch from Angel Investigations. She looked round and having satisfied herself that there was only the two of them present she strode towards her apartment. The dark haired woman looked up, her attractive face was full of intent that set off alarm bells in Lilah's brain.

"Home from a hard day summoning evil demons?" sneered the young woman.

"What the fuck do you want? Has Angel been reduced to sending message girls now?" snapped back Lilah

"No I have come her to see you alone bitch!" snarled Cordelia. Lilah was about to tell her to leave her alone, when she saw a door up the corridor open. She didn't need a scene in public in an expensive apartment block like this.

"Then you had better come in then hadn't you."

Lilah opened the door and stepped inside, switching on the light. As she had been doing recently she instinctively slipped off her light grey business jacket and walked to the drinks cabinet, leaving her guest to close the door. As Lilah poured herself a large drink, Cordy closed the door just a bit too loudly to catch the older woman's attention, and as she turned to face her deliberately slipped her bag to the floor. Cordelia was vaguely impressed at Miss Morgan's taste in office dress; expensive knee length skirt with a thigh high slit, lustrous silk blouse, stockings and heels that appeared to be from the latest fashion collection. She also admired the tastefully expensive furniture that by is very scarcity (a drinks cabinet, large sofa, reclining chair, shelf units, deep carpet and a large home entertainment system) emphasised the size of the room. Lilah might be a bitch, but she knew how to dress and decorate to best advantage.

"I see being an evil bitch pays well."

"Did I invite you in to stay? Why don't you pass on your message and then go back to Angel like a good little Angel!" snapped Lilah taking a drink as the young woman walked towards her. She stood standing to emphasise the fleeting nature of the meeting as Cordy walked towards her only stopping when they were almost face to face.

"Oh Angel didn't send me, I came to see you all by myself."

"And whys that then?" said Lilah trying to remain levelheaded.

"Because Miss Power Dressing Slag you have messed with my mind, with my friends and what's more, frankly, you have pissed me off. And I have had enough of it so I thought I'd come and see you so we could sort it out."

"You might have been a bitch in Sunnydale girlie, but here you are out of your league, so go home before you get hurt!" retorted Lilah smiling, but the irritation clearly seeping through. She took another drink.

"I don't need magic to hurt you Miss Lilah I slept my way to the top!" said Cordelia sweetly smiling at the older woman. And before Lilah Morgan could fire off a reply, Cordelia had grabbed hold of the wrist of the hand holding her drink, pulled it down spilling some on the carpet and with her free hand slapped her hard across the face. Lilah was taken aback completely by this. As a Wolfram and Hart employee she was immune from the physical impact at her work and she had left such actions behind her at Law school. While the shock sank in, Cordy reached with her right hand and grabbed her hair, pulling hard. Lilah squealed as she dropped her glass and the younger woman spun round, dragging her with her and slung her unceremoniously across the room. Miss Morgan staggered across the carpet only stopping when she caught hold of the arm of the sofa.

As she felt a hand grab the back of her hair, tugging it out of its styling she turned and faced her young opponent using her right hand to slap her back. She was rewarded with a satisfying thwack that must have hurt Miss Chase, despite her lack of outward emotion.

"You dirty little slut I'll kill you!" hissed Lilah full of venom.

"Bring it on skank, if you are woman enough!" sneered Cordy showing what she felt about her opponent as both hands reached up and grabbed the lawyers hair pulling furiously. Lilah retaliated in kind, sinking her own long fingers into the investigators shorter darker hair. They staggered about the room battling for supremacy each tugging and yanking viciously at the others hair, grunting and squealing with the exertion and pain. Being the taller woman gave Lilah a slight advantage that was more than offset by Cordelia having more hair to grab hold of and pull about. Neither woman's footwear was exactly ideal for a catfight, nor did the thick carpet make matters any easier. Cordelia yanked Lilah's head viciously to the right, dragging her body with her as she spat venomous insults at the older woman.

The heel of the lawyer's expensive shoe gave way (after all that had been intended to look good in and not provide a stable platform for a catfight) and she stumbled to the floor dragging her younger opponent down with her as neither would release the hold on one another's hair. Lilah landed on her back reaching up into Cordelia's hair as she knelt on the carpet having landed heavily and she was quick to follow up by getting her left leg over her prostrate opponent so that she was straddling her waist.

"Bet being on your back reminded you of how you got your position slut!" snarled Cordelia as she tried to push Miss Morgan's face down into the carpet. Lilah said nothing as she battled back from the disadvantageous position, trying to shake Cordy's head from side to side as she lent forward over her. Realizing that her shoes were now a liability Lilah managed to slip off the now broken shoe, but the other refused to slip off so easily. As she felt her cheek start to burn from its rubbing against the carpet pile the lawyer pulled one hand from Miss Chase's hair used it to try and bring some relief by pulling the hand away from her head. Now thoroughly pissed off with the shoe not coming off she kicked her leg up and the shoe flew into the air. By some quirk of physics the show hit Cordelia's head and bounced off with enough force for the young woman to sit back upright and let out and expletive.

This brought considerable relief to Lilah, who hadn't gotten where she was today without knowing how to exploit a situation to her own advantage. She now let go of Cordelia's hair and instead reached up and fastened her hands over her enemies breasts squeezing them hard through the thin damp material of her vest top. Cordelia let out a string of expletives at this unexpected assault.

"You third rate tramp lets see if you are half the bitch you thought you were in Sunnydale!" snarled Lilah as she exerted more pressure. But Cordelia Chase was no novice catfighter (how else do you become head bitch at school?) and she reached down and grasped Lilah's breasts through her blouse squeezing so that it was now the legal eagle's turn to let out expletives not often heard in court.

"I am sure I could teach an old dog like you a few tricks!" hissed Cordelia despite the discomfort. The efforts of a long day at work and a sultry Los Angeles summers day meant that both women were now covered in a sheen of sweat.

While the two women continued to squeeze each other's breasts, Lilah was able to bring up a knee and plant it firmly into Cordy's back. Miss Chase let out a squeal of pain that increased in volume when Lilah was able to land a second painful blow causing the young woman to slide off and away from the lawyer. Miss Morgan took this opportunity, letting go of her opponent and using her hand to break the grip on her and then rolling away across the carpet. It must have been at least 5 years since she had been involved in anything like this and although she was in shape she needed a breather. But it was to be only short lived when she saw the angry young woman approaching her on all fours. Lilah reacted by trying to lash out with a stocking clad foot, aiming for the head but this was easily dodged. A second such swipe resulted in Cordelia catching hold of her by the ankle and pulling her closer.

This was not what Lilah had intended at all as she felt herself being dragged across the carpet struggling. Cordy rose up on her knees and reached out to grab the lawyer's skirt, but instead grabbed stocking and pulled anyway leaving a large hole and ladder. Lilah managed to catch the younger woman on the hip with her foot, but although Cordy winced she continued. Cordelia now managed to grab hold of Miss Morgan's expensive grey skirt with her right and pulled hard so that Lilah was now in range. But at the decisive moment the skirt ripped open violently coming away in her hand and Cordelia toppled over backwards so she didn't see Lilah's hi-cut white panties. Before she could recover Lilah had pounced forward on top of her, unintentionally (in the sense of it being unplanned as opposed to not intending to hurt Cordelia) driving a knee into the crotch of Cordy's leather trousers. Cordelia let out a loud shriek and then a groan. But she had no time for recovery with Lilah on top of her and both hands in her hair, shaking her head from side to side.

"You dirty little skank, so you want to rip clothes do you?" snarled Lilah.

Cordelia's response was to let go of the now ruined skirt and plant both hands in her opponent's longer and lighter hair, pulling her head back so that the smug, bitchy smile was wiped of her face.

Lilah squealed and clamped one hand across the young woman's face trying to dig her short nails in, with little actual affect. With her free hand she took hold of the Investigator's vest top and pulled hard so that despite the young woman's struggles, it ripped open, like a magician revealing a surprise. In this case it was Cordelia's breasts encased in a white bra. Lilah then followed up by punching Cordelia's in the stomach to stop her struggling. She was rewarded with a loud groan, which was followed by a slackening of Cordelia's hair pulling, so that Lilah now sensed victory. Instead as one hand fell away it was brought up in a vicious slap that stung Miss Morgan's cheek.

"Not finished with you yet skank!" shouted Cordelia as she now used her hand to grab Lilah by the throat and started to squeeze. This sudden reversal of fortune allowed Cordy to roll Lilah to one side and then follow up so that she was now on top. Lilah struggled with both hands to break the grip round her throat, and was at least able to breath. But it was when she saw Cordelia take a handful of her blouse that she renewed the offensive. As buttons started to strain unnaturally, Lilah pressed both hands up against Cordy's breasts, pushing the white bra forcefully up and aside so that she could sink her fingers cruelly into her opponents firm but sensitive flesh. As the look of shock crossed Cordy's face the lawyers blouse came apart from top to bottom so that it flopped open to reveal an equally expensive designer bra to match her panties. In desperation Cordelia aimed a series of slaps at her hated enemies face. When this produced no discernable relief she took hold of the bra, yanked it down so that the older woman's slightly larger breasts were now exposed and without further hesitation sunk her fingers in. Lilah howled so loudly it could have waken the dead, which in her job could well be considered a useful ability.

Neither woman was very experienced at breast squeezing as a method of inflicting pain and suffering. But they were both fast learners and both believed that they were an aggrieved party and set about the task. Cordelia concentrated on squeezing and squashing the sensitive flesh between her fingers. Lilah meanwhile went down the avenue of pulling her opponents breasts apart and in different directions. Each new movement wracked the other with pain which was given expression in moans, groans, squeals and shrieks of hurt, interlaced with crude expletives and insults. Cordelia had suffered longer from this attack and was trying to catch up in the hurt stakes when Lilah discovered what happened when she pinched and twisted the younger woman's erect red nipples.

"Oh FUCK!" wailed Cordelia, "You dirty demon screwing whore!" as she let her head back, face contorted and sweaty, with pain. Lilah would have smiled but she too was suffering. Now Cordelia realized that she needed to break off from the fight to recover and check for damage. She pushed Lilah's breasts hard into her chest so that the lawyer now screamed oaths and invective probably never heard in court, and in doing so she let go of her cruel grip on Cordy. This allowed Miss Chase the opportunity to let go of Lilah and start to move back on her knees while Miss Morgan rolled over in pain. Both women badly wanted to cry but weren't about to in front of the other if they could possibly help it. Cordelia started to crawl past the prone Lilah trying to get her bearings in the strange room and trying to find her bag.

With Lilah behind her she didn't see the lawyer get on all fours herself and set off in pursuit. In fact Cordy only realized what was happening when Lilah grabbed one of her sandals intent on pulling the young woman closer to resume the fight. As Cordy looked over shoulder the sandal slipped off her foot and she was able to scamper forward, while at the same time kick off her other sandal so she was barefoot. In frustration Lilah threw the useless shoe at her opponent where it hit her lower back making her squeal. This encouraged Lilah sufficiently to throw herself forward in a manner she hadn't done for more than a few years and grab hold of Cordelia's designer leather trousers by the waist. Before Cordelia was fully aware of what was happening, Lilah had grabbed hold of her hair with her other hand pulling her head back hard so that Cordy screamed. Lilah was deaf to this as Miss Chase struggled to break free and she slide the hand over the leather and up between the young woman's legs. Cordelia tried to defend herself from what was coming but Lilah pulled her hair even harder while the other fumbled with the buttons of the trousers. But despite Cordelia's struggling and writhing the buttons came free and Lilah started to pull the trousers that almost seemed to peel away from the young detective's skin. As she did so she stopped when she realized that Miss Chase wasn't wearing an panties, and barely had she uttered "You dirty little slut!" then Cordelia's right foot shot back and her heel made contact, although not as solidly as she hoped, contact with Lilah's crotch. Her underwear might have been expensive but it offered no protection and she fell back clutching herself while Cordy struggled forward as best she could with her trousers half off.

As Lilah groaned, Cordelia Chase realised that she had some space and awkwardly slide off her damp leather trousers and stood up, her sweaty naked body on full view had anyone been able to spy into the 13th floor apartment. Lilah was slowly getting to her feet, using the arm of the sofa staring malevolently at her opponent's crotch and negligible pubic bush, in a way that could be interpreted many ways. As she stood upright Cordelia charged at her sinking both hands into her dishevelled and frayed blonde hair pulling hard as their bodies collided. The force pushed Lilah back, despite her best efforts to hold her ground and strike back until her back was up against the wall. As their already sore breasts rubbed and flattened together Lilah decided to concentrate on pulling the young woman's hair.

"Can't handle a real bitch fight!" she snarled, as she twisted Cordelia by the hair and reversed their positions against the wall.

"Don't worry skank I can handle you any day!" hissed the ex Sunnydale Bitch through clenched teeth, in obvious pain. As Lilah attempted to pin her against the wall, Cordelia put one foot against wall and now pushed away from it again forcing Lilah backwards. Before Lilah could protect herself her foot stepped on a discarded shoe and twisted so that she fell backwards, Cordy dragged down with her in the mutual grip of hair pulling. Miss Morgan landed badly, not only from her fall but also from having a twenty something woman land on her and knocking the air from her lungs.

Both women squealed and screeched from pain, but it was Cordelia who, having come out best from the fall, resumed the hair pulling first pulling her opponent's head back and forth across the carpet. Lilah screamed and reached for Cordy's hair but Miss Chase had moved and was now sat astride the lawyer, her hair out of reach. Lilah resorted to pinching and scratching at her opponent, hands trying to grab battered breasts. But Cordelia was having none of that and started to push down on her opponents' stomach, making Lilah wail, before starting to move forwards. Lilah's screeches and flapping was cut short when Cordelia lowered her crotch onto the older woman's face, moving it back and forth making sure she fully covered Lilah. The legal eagle's struggles grew weaker and weaker, and to finish her off Cordelia grabbed Lilah Morgan's hair and pulled the face up and close to her wet crotch. Lilah's capitulation was total and was marked by a distant sigh.

Cordelia stayed in the winning position for some minutes taking stock of the cost of her win; the battered breasts, carpet burns and ruined hair do. But as she got up and looked down at the defeated woman she knew it was worth it. She walked over to her bag and pulled out a pair of knee boots and skirt. She collected what was salvageable from her clothes and helped herself to one of Lilah Morgan's more expensive designer blouse. Before departing she left a card reading "Angel Investigation Babes 1, Wolfram & Hart Sluts 0", turned up the stereo to an annoyingly loud level and left the scene of the fight, leaving the door open to any curious passer by………


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