War of Witches

Tara (aka Amber Benson from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) vs. Sabrina (aka Melissa Joan-Hart from Sabrina the Teenage Witch)

For Tara and her girlfriend the chance to travel up the coast to do some Wicca research was a welcome break from the stresses of Sunnydale. It was also an excuse to have some fun in a nice hotel (funded by Willow's mothers VISA) away from prying eyes. Although the other members of the Scooby Gang had accepted their relationship there was some residual awkwardness. So the chance to get away, even under the pretence of research was a welcome one. The parental VISA card had also been stretched to provide a nicer hotel room than would have been found in Sunnydale, and it was an opportunity that they grasped with both hands.

The first day's research had gone well with just the two of them in the section of the library busily taking notes and enjoying the simple pleasure of being together. Although they loved each other dearly, Tara was very self consciously aware that she was something of an outsider and that she was a bit big and clumsy and not necessarily as sexy as some other women. Willow told her that this wasn't an issue for her and did everything she could to put her friends mind (and other parts) at ease

The second day had started equally (if later) pleasantly, the sun was shining and the two of them found the excuse to touch as they reached for books on the table. This ended abruptly when a blonde haired woman, slightly younger than them, appeared from nowhere and sat at an adjacent table. She had soon gathered a heap of tomes and was furiously making notes and occasionally speaking loudly into a mobile telephone from whence the deduced that her name was Sabrina. (Tara would have dearly liked to have cast a spell and put the phone somewhere, but the library itself was under the influence of an anti magic spell.) But it was her shapely figure and attire, sleeveless black leather top, matching leather jeans and ankle boots that caught Willows eye. Despite her best efforts to disguise the furtive looks, Tara realised what she was doing, and this added to her insecurities misplaced feelings of inadequacy. She found herself comparing her own attire, red t-shirt covered with a green gypsy top (that still managed to show off some of her navel) a long denim skirt and her red Doc Marten boots, and feeling decidedly second best.

Willow sensed that her girl friend was uncomfortable, but not why, and suggested that they go for a coffee. Tara readily agreed, wanting to be away from this perceived rival, and said she would catch up with her after she had put the books back. Thinking no more of it Willow put her notes and other stuff into her bag and with a quick peck on the cheek was on her way. Tara gathered a heap of books and took them back to whence they came from. As she walked past into the aisle Sabrina was there. They studiously ignored one another until Tara had put the last book back on the shelf when the younger witch said, in an off hand manner, "I hope you have put those back in their proper place you stupid frump."

"Pardon?" said Tara surprised by this outburst.

"You heard me you poorly dressed amateur. This is a library not a place for you and your bitch to come and make out." snapped Sabrina now facing the older and larger woman.

"What did you just call my girlfriend you slut?" snapped back Tara. She had never been really angry before, but this leather clad blonde bimbo was having an affect on her.

"You heard me you cloth eared cow, I called her a bitch…" at which point Tara had had quite enough of the blonde woman and slapped her hard across the face with the palm of her right hand. Sabrina stepped back clutching her cheek genuinely surprised at what had happened.

"Apologise right now for that you bitch!" snapped Tara who was now genuinely, and unusually, angry.

"Fuck you bitch!" snapped the blonde woman as she threw herself forward onto Tara, in a manner that the Sunnydale witch was unused to, grabbing her hair with both hands and tugging. Tara squealed and instinctively brought up her own hands into blonde hair and started pulling as she was pushed back. She had never before been involved in a fight (bar some friendly tussles with Willow) and never seriously considered herself capable of matching the skills of Buffy. As the blonde woman began to twist her hair round her fingers Tara's squeals became louder and she started to use her left hand to slap at her opponent, landing several stinging blows on her bare arms and face. Sabrina responded by using her grip on the older woman's hair and using it to shake and pull her about so that she was able position her with her back against a bookshelf.

"Let go of me you big fat old dyke!" hiss Sabrina as she pushed Tara back into the bookshelf and banging her head into a large Eastern European book dating from the 18th Century. Tara groaned and put her left hand across her opponents face keeping the other in her hair then pushed away from the bookcase. Now it was Sabrina's turn to be slammed into the wooden bookcase, which rocked causing several lighter paperbacks to fall off. Sabrina's groan was then muffled as Tara slammed into her trapping her. As their bodies collided Sabrina thought that the fight had taken a new turn, and it was a route she had no desire to travel down. It made the blonde woman struggle to break free, and she now started to kick out, but their position meant she was completely unable to land a meaningful blow.

Tara was meanwhile not sure of what to do next. Having pinned her opponent she could keep her there and pull at her hair as hard as hers was being pulled, but what next? Sabrina made the decision for her by driving the heel of her right boot into the top of Tara's left DM. Although a substantial piece of footwear this still made Tara squeal and step back. She then went as if to claw at the elder Wicca's face making her taking another step back and dropping her left hand. But instead she grabbed a handful of Tara's gypsy top and used this, coupled with her hold on her long light brown hair to twist and send her sideways into the bookcase.

"Let go of my clothes you nasty bitch!" hissed Tara with more confidence than she actually felt, using her free hand to take a grip of Sabrina's tight leather top.

"Stop trying to grope me you skank!" snarled back Sabrina who resumed her two handed attack on Tara's hair shaking her head from side to side. Tara now managed to get a hold of the neckline of the leather top and used this to pull Sabrina back and forth. Unintentionally, despite using all her strength Tara pulled so hard that several of the buttons down the front strained and then burst leaving the item flapping open, showing of a white lacy bra and ample amounts of flesh. Tara was momentarily tempted to apologise, when accompanied by a loud scream of "BITCH" Sabrina dropped her hands and grabbed hold of Tara's tops. And as she tried to rip them down she began to attack the older woman's breasts, squeezing them as the material got scrunched. Tara screamed as this was the first time she had ever been attacked in this way before.

"Bet you like this really." Snarled Sabrina to the sound of tearing material. Tara tried to pull her opponents hands off of her, but to no avail so instead began to rain slaps and punches down on her younger opponent, turning her cheeks red. After several powerful blows had been landed Sabrina could take no more and stepped back, in the process ripping a hole in both Tara's t-shirt and top exposing her chest and bra.

Both women paused to catch their breath and take stock. As they did so, whatever inhibitions either of them had had about cat fighting before had now gone out of the window.

"You bitch," snarled Tara, "Willow bought these for me and you've ruined them slut. I am going to dust you!" Before Sabrina could reply or ask the meaning of dust, Tara was on her pulling at her hair as if possessed and forcing her back towards the tables. Sabrina tried to defend herself, and landed some slaps and raking scratches to the cheek, but these did not stop her opponent. Tara had one pulling at her opponent's hair, forcing her head as far back as possible, while the other sought to pull open more of the leather top. Again Sabrina's mind turned to a possible sexual motive in her opponent and she started to shake Tara's head from side to side by her hair. Both of them were grunting with their own exertions and wailing at the pain they were suffering (luckily this room was in the basement of the library and access was available only on request, not that either of them would have stopped had they been disturbed).

As the last buttons on Sabrina's top flew off Tara was now able to use her right hand and squeeze hard on her opponents pert left breast, encased as it was in its white bra. Sabrina let out a string of expletives (that were most unsuitable for television before 9pm) and now tried to both defend herself and rip at the older woman's top. With one hand pulling hard at the thin red material of the t-shirt, she caused a large hole to appear showing off her white bra, while the other sought to prise the hand that was now squeezing her breast. Getting desperate at the affect of these attacks, Sabrina let go of Tara's t-shirt and instead drove a fist into the elder woman's stomach. Tara grunted loudly as a pained look shot across her face and she stepped back slightly letting go of her opponent so that she could clutch herself.

"Want some more bitch?" hissed Sabrina feeling full of venom. She grabbed hold of Tara's hair with one hand and used this to pull her towards her so that she could now punch her in the midriff again. This time, however, Tara's arm blocked the blow and there was little affect. Tara now wrapped put all her strength into pushing the young blonde away from her sending her staggering backwards until her butt collided with a table. No sooner had Sabrina realised that she wasn't going to fall onto the floor, than Tara had leapt on her, both hands in her hair dragging her head down by her roots. Sabrina screamed and lashed out with her hands trying to protect herself as she was forced back down onto the tabletop and her feet left the floor. Tara adjusted herself so that she was now stood between the blonde's flailing legs trying to bang her head onto the table surface.

"Apologise you nasty bitch!" shouted Tara as the two women grappled. Unable to break free Sabrina now reached up and pushed both hands inside the ripped t-shirt and took hold of both Tara's bra encased breasts squeezing hard. It was something of a surprise to Sabrina that underneath the baggy, scruffy clothes Tara was a full-breasted woman. All the more to hurt she thought as she squeezed hard. Tara screamed and arched her back in pain, but could not get away.

Instinctively she began to shake the blondes head from side to side violently. But when this brought no relief to the burning pain, she released her hair pulling hold and moved her hand down inside the ruined leather top and returned the favour of the two-handed breast attack. Now Sabrina's screamed and arched her back in pain, but she still clung onto her opponent for dear life. This may have been a new experience for both of them, but they soon learnt how to maximise the suffering of the other woman by what they were feeling and their opponent's reaction.

The blonde now upped the ante by bringing up her legs and wrapping them round the midriff of her older opponent, locking her ankles together and starting to squeeze. Tara screamed at the affect of the twin assault on her, sinking her fingers in to Sabrina's breasts harder. Sabrina wanted to start to cry, but bit her lip and flexed her legs. This may have been Tara's first fight but she knew she was in trouble and she reluctantly let go of her opponents breasts, giving them one last scratch for good measure to try and free herself. Sabrina responded, partly because her opponent shifted her stance making it harder to keep hold, by letting go of Tara's now sore breasts and pulling at her long hair, pulling her forward making it harder for the older woman to free herself.

"It'll take more than magic to get you out of this bitch!" snarled Sabrina as her face was grimaced with the effort of squeezing her opponent. Tara squealed and groaned as she felt herself start to go faint. In desperation she slammed one hand down into the now exposed skin of her opponents stomach and was rewarded with some relief as Sabrina screamed. Simultaneously trying to sit upright and keep up the pressure through her scissors. The next blow was delivered with all the force and anger that Tara could muster. This time it fell on the crotch of Sabrina's leather jean pushing the metal zip against the skimpy panties underneath. The teenage witch reacted as if connected to electrodes jumping off the table screaming loudly. As she landed, her face pale and tears welling in her eyes she rolled off of the table pulling Tara down with her so they the pair of them landed on the lush carpet in a sweaty sobbing heap of womanhood.

They lay there momentarily breathing hard and sobbing, trying to untangle themselves from each other. Tara was up first and started to crawl away from her younger opponent, which was actually no easy task given her long skirt. Breathing hard and her mind full of vengeful thoughts, Sabrina rose onto her knees and started to look for her opponent. Tara was crawling away round the corner of the table, obviously seeking refuge. Sabrina twisted herself round and threw herself across the carpet at her retreating opponent. But the gap was too great and all Sabrina was able to was grab two handfuls of Tara's skirt which caused her to stumble forward onto her face with a loud squeal, followed by a near hysterical "Get off me you bitch!"

Sabrina got onto her knees again pulling at the skirt so that it started to slide off of Tara revealing some lacy white panties. Tara struggled to get up and continue crawling away scarcely aware of the fate of her skirt. When she heard a ripping sound she stole a quick look, saw the developing hole and in frustration lashed out with her booted foot. Sabrina had to throw herself to one side to avoid the heavy boot, which enabled Tara to clumsily continue crawling away. This time Sabrina stood up and scuttled after her opponent, slamming her foot down on the flapping skirt so that Tara again fell forward.

"Get up here you skank!" hissed Sabrina reaching down and grabbing Tara's hair with both hands making her shriek. Slowly and painfully Sabrina dragged her elder opponent up onto her feet taking every opportunity to inflict pain, as she stood upright. As she was dragged to her feet, tears started to roll down Tara's cheek, but these soon turned to embarrassment, nay humiliation as her ripped skirt feel about her ankles.

"Does your bitch dress you from charity shops?" hissed Sabrina in Tara's ear, letting go of her tangled long hair to slap the Sunnydale witches butt, covered as it was by the white panties. Tara yelped and wailed as her arms flailed seeking a way to fight back. Sabrina then brought the hand up the front of her opponent's body and grasped her left breast cruelly. Tara instinctively moved a hand to protect herself. The other hand took hold of a large book (a rare 17th Century edition entitled "Ye Black Art for Dummies") from an adjacent bookshelf and swung behind her head. The leather bound tome made solid contact with the side of Sabrina's head sending her staggering back, letting go of Tara. The Scooby Gang member dropped the book and turned to face the stunned blonde, her body sweaty and battered now only wearing her boots, panties and the tattered remnants of her tops, breasts completely exposed. She grabbed hold of Sabrina's hair, undeterred by the younger woman's halfhearted defence and dragged her forward. She then flung her opponent forward into the side of a table with an audible thud. Sabrina screamed and slumped forward onto the table, before sinking to her knees.

Sabrina tried to use her hold on the table to pull herself back. But as soon as the fog of pain and befuddlement started to clear, she felt a hard blow (One of Tara's boots) at the base of her spine sending her sprawling across the floor. She knew enough to try roll over on her back to defend herself, but as she opened her eyes she couldn't see her opponent. This was because Tara was now stood behind her head and now dropped to her knees across Sabrina's breasts. The blonde never knew what hit her, as Tara hit her, pressing her breasts back against her rib cage. The blonde witch arched her back in pain, only for her face to collide with the panties covering the older woman's butt. Her hands flailed, slapping and scratching at Tara's exposed skin turning it red. The Sunnydale resident bit her lip and lent forward to rip open the teenagers leather jeans so that her white panties saw the light of day.

"I wonder if this is a move the slayer knows?" said Tara loudly and rhetorically as she pushed her right hand down inside Sabrina's panties and launched a cruel claw against the teenager's smooth, shaven crotch. Sabrina's initial reply might have been muffled, mainly because she was trying to bite Tara, but when the wave of pain hither brain her scream would have woken the dead. Her abuse and obscenity turned in seconds to sobs, tears, whimpers and hoarsely whispered pleading to be left alone. Tara let go of her opponent and stayed sat on her for a few moments listening to her crying. As she stood up she wondered what she was going to tell Willow, only to see her stood in front of her, jaw hung open clutching two take away coffees.

"Oh Tara my poor baby, I don't think that's a move Buffy knows…" Tara wasn't sure what to do, cry from her hurt, the embarrassment, the ruined clothes or the state she must look.

"She was being a nasty bitch, she called you a slut, and she ruined the clothes you bought me." Whispered Tara haltingly as if searching for a justification. Willow dropped the coffees and embraced her girlfriend in a hug.

"Lets go back to the hotel, the car is just outside and you can tell me all about it. I'll make it better where she has hurt you I promise. We'll go and buy some new clothes…tomorrow." Willow kissed Tara and looked into her eyes and was rewarded by a smile. They managed to cover Tara up enough to get her to the car and up to the hotel room (Where they stayed long in to the following night). They left the crying teenage witch on the floor where she remained long after the two Sunnydale women had departed. The final humiliation being that she had to find a pay phone to get a taxi after her mobile telephone had met an unfortunate accident with the heel of Tara's boot.