Martine Beswick vs Barbara Eden & Ann Margaret by Storyman

"Sweet dreams, honey!"

Whaack. Blam!

SWIIIIIIIIISSSH The fiery flame blazed forth again.

Beautiful eyes opened wide, glazed, then registered nothingness as the beautiful blonde's head snapped back, her gorgeous body staggered, her lovely legs turned to rubber and down she went out cold. Her victorious brunette rival watched with satisfaction as her not overly competent opponent dropped to the floor. In a symbolic move of woman vs woman victory Martine Beswick reached down and ripped Barbara Eden's shredded slip off of her along with the half intact lace bra, leaving the popular actress down, out and topless.

"That was really special lady. Now how about taking on a real woman?" The voice was sultry, calm and seemed cold as ice. Martine tossed Barbara's slip and bra towards a spellbound and quite lucky patron of the ritzy 70's nightclub. The brunette was truly enjoying herself. The rather boring evening had a rather hot change of venue when Barbara Eden walked up to her, called her a few choice names and tried to intimidate her with a tossed drink. Martine, bit her lip in a futile attempt to return verbal backlash but the tossed drink crossed the line. Instinctively she ducked avoiding the airborne liquid and drove her fist deep into the blonde's stomach. Hairpulling, slaps and punches turned into a full blown catfight with Martine quickly taking the lead and fast gaining control. She slapped Barbara silly, threw her into a couple of tables, punched her senseless, then slowly ripped her tight, short dress to pieces leaving her in a rather sexy, cleavage showing full slip. Martine, fantastic catfighter that she was only suffered some messed up dark hair, one stinging slap, and a torn blouse.

"Well, you gonna take me or just stand there like the dumb broad you are?" the gorgeous redhead taunted as she thrust out her arm pretending to grab something and delivered some make believe hard slaps. She snickered. Both brunette and redhead imagined for a moment they were both on the delivering end of those well acted out slaps.

"This is gonna be fun. Lots of fun," Martine whispered to herself as she stepped out to meet her now prancing, snarling redhaired opponent.

"Gonna slap you silly, then rip that pretty dress right off of you, honey," Martine snarled as she began her slow, sexy teasing and taunting.

"Like hell. I beat Raquel up with one hand behind my back in real life," Ann said with a sarcastic snicker. Everyone in the club wondered instantly when and where that fight took place. If only they could have seen Ann take on the fantastic Raquel Welch. Did it really, truly happen. Or was this just part of the redhead's "big talk?"

No matter. All stood breathless as Ann pranced and strutted, mocking Martine and daring her to make the first move. The redhead's sexy, short, lowcut dress made the outstanding crimson haired spitfire even more beautiful and hot than she had appeared in her films. She made a fist as did her newly found enemy.


"Nice move, 'Red'," the brunette whispered calmly as she quickly stepped out of Ann's way as the redhead charged past her. Martine zipped in right behind her and snapped a punch to her upper back just below the shoulder blade as Ann screeched to a halt at a wall. Martine grabbed lustrous red hair, jerked Ann around and brought her knee up hard in her crotch; Ann turned just enough to take the brunt of the blow to her thigh; hurt yes, but not near as bad as it could have been.

Anne buried her fingers in the brunette's hair and tried twisting her head off, wrenching her back and forth as she snarled threats and curses. Martine grabbed Ann's throat and tried to choke her.

"Whoooa. Uhhh-uhhhh," Martine grunted as she felt a strong leg hook hers, felt a solid upper body push and fell backwards. A kick to the ribs with a flashy pointed toe of an expensive heel greeted her ribs and she yelped, failed to grab hold of the retreating leg. She groaned as she made it to all fours and started to crawl quickly out of harm's way.

"Gonna run? You're not escaping sugar," Ann rasped as she leaped forward, grabbed the back of Martine's blouse, ripped hard and peeled the silky fabric totally off the gorgeous brunette's upper body. Grabbing the back of the bra and a handful of hair she soon had the angry actress on her feet, and slipped a half nelson on her, jerking the wild hissing brunette somewhat backwards.

"I got a tiger by the tail, now whatever shall I do?" Ann asked the bartender flashing him a big smile as she tried hard to keep hold of her wily prey. Not wanting to truly help out a customer in distress he shrugged his shoulders and smiled as he saw the redhead's free hand slip around, grab a thin shoulder strap, slide it off the shoulder and yank the bra cup down just enough to expose a fully erect long brown nipple. A good hard pinch and Martine screamed, cussed and grabbed the offending wrist.

Whoooosh. Whiiiissssh. Or such the sound of one experienced catfighter putting the moves on her assumed winning opponent. Ann grunted and gasped as Maritne jerked her off balance after breaking free, grabbed her by the head and flipped the redhead over and sideways. Several punches to the ribs, stomach, breasts and face and Ann's beautiful eyes went blank and her arms windmilled rather clumsily as she tried to defend herself from the furious brunette.

"Just gotta do this," Martine laughed as she suddenly grabbed the front of Anne's lowcut dress, ripped it open, made a fist and delivered a perfect uppercut slamming the underside of the redhead's full left breast, knocking it clean out of both dress and bra cup. A sledgehammer punch to the lovely face, a slip behind the staggering, stumbling body, a quick grab for the back of the torn dress and it was torn down clean to the waist.

"Noooo. Uhhhhhh. Not by bra, please, uhhhhhh." The dazed redhead was conscious enough to be modest and she blushed fully as she realized Martine was snickering as she unsnapped her half-useless bra, and tugged firmly on the other shoulder strap moving it just past the shoulder.

"Hmmmmm. Now lady this is called a full nelson. Painful isn't it? Remember how to do this next time, okay?" Martine snickered as she applied her hold perfectly forcing the redhead to strut around the room, that fabulous chest upright, the two beautiful breasts jiggling and being slowly revealed by the loose bra that was three jiggles away from total surrender.

"Ooooooh myyyy," the lucky bartender owner sighed as he looked both at the gorgeous almost topless struggling redhead and into the fiery eyes of the now winning brunette. He swallowed hard and felt a bit warm and dizzy as he watched Ann's bra "give up" and flee from it's lovely once owned terrirtory.

"My woman, you're built. And you can act, sing, dance. Wanna dance for me-uhhh for the boss man?" Martine whispered in Ann's ear as she began to push, pull, turn her lovely captive forcing her to put on an even better show for the incredibly lucky one man audience. She caught the reflection of herself and the captive redhead in the mirror. Make that three total in the audience. One not so happy observer; two totally delighted observers.

"This is making me incredibly hot, Ann honey. Wanna cool off? How 'bout a drink Mr Barkeep?"

"I'm the best. Don't you ever, ever forget it," Martine rasped as she suddenly cut loose with a flurry of punches, flips and throws that made the busty redhead look like a paper doll.

"Uhhhhhh. Oooooooh. Umpppffh. Arggggggh," were some of the most understandable phrases Ann enunciated as the brunette catfight babe made her lovely face the choice target of her slaps and gave some extra special attention to those big beautiful breasts that had been so enjoyably bared to Martine's flashing, twisting, pinching talons.

"Let's have a quick dance around the room shall we?" Martine snickered as she cut loose with a slapfest knocking the redhead sending her sprawling into one table after another. In the corner a dazed blonde looked up and thought she saw a repeat of her own treatment. Barbara laughed to herself as she didn't like the redheaded Ann at all and though she hated and was scared of Martine she thought the ongoing show was the best.

"Done our dance number; how about a rest?" Martine quipped as she flipped the topless, breathless redhead to the floor and instantly put her in a scissors clamping her long strong legs tightly around her waist. Ann shredded what was left of Martine's dress and pantyhose with what remaining strength she had. Her weak attempts at scratching those beautiful legs only made the brunette madder.

"That does it. Now for the ending. Let's see how you like this?" Martine hissed as she gave a final long hard squeeze. She wrestled Ann over onto her stomach, slipped onto her lower back, grabbed her chin and executed a perfect camel clutch lifting the busty redhead's upper body up off the floor. Leaning back till she heard a muffled scream, the brunette cackled with glee as she reached around, cupped a firm breast and began to squeeze the firm full mound slowly and hard. Her fingers slipped onto the thick nipple and pinched it, then slowly twisted and yanked on it bringing louder muffled screams and tears to the fiery redhead's eyes. Martine rocked back and forth increasing pain on her lovely victim's back, neck, head and of course maintaining the rather erotic sexy hold on one of Ann's bountiful treasures.

"Had enough? I'm gettin' tired," Martine whispered condescendingly in Ann's ear. In a flash she was standing up, yanking the redhead around by the hair. She took a running sprint, released Ann and sent her headfirst into the solid mahoghany bar.

Kerthud. Long, sexy, quite muscular legs went weak. Another pull on that lovely hair, a perfectly positioned lovely face and Wham. The punch snapped the redheads head back; Ann's showbiz lights went out as her lovely body descended.

"Hey where the hell are you going blondie?" Martine shouted as she lunged at the fleeing Barbara Eden. A hair pull, a full spin around and punch number two signaled the blonde's final number.

"Gosh, I've worked up a real thirst and quite an appetite. Anything suitable in this place?"

The question seemed a bit rhetorical as while she said it her eyes moved about the room looking for possibilities. Her eyes then took in a most delicious blonde and scrumptious redhead.

"Hmmmmm. Dessert does sound most delectable too."


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