34D-24-32 sultry sexpot Santana faces off against hot blonde 36D-25-35 Tanya Danielle in an enounter destined to occurs

Prelude: Two of the hottest video wrestlers, Santana (aka Diva in adult films and Tina Hollimon in more mainstream movies) and Tanya Danielle are waiting for their opponents in two scheduled individual matches to show up. Their opponents are driving to the studio in a car, the same car that has had mechanical problems and those women will be long delayed in arriving. Santana and Tanya arrived a while ago themselves and were ready to wrestle and have been going stir crazy in the dressing rooms. As it turns out the women are brought out with the proposal being made to each that they face each other instead and at least save one match for video today. In true competitive spirit, each has quite a bit to say about the other woman and her abilities or lack thereof.
Santana: “Hmmm, I don’t know. I was expecting some competition, not some grade C jobber wrestler with grade C- looks! Does anybody really think anyone would be interested in a video where one woman wasn’t able to really compete?”
Tanya: “I don’t know….let’s check how well some of your video wrestling matches where your ass was kicked….well, let’s see I guess that would be just about all of them, huh, and find out how well they sold. I’ve heard that you aren’t too believable anytime you have the advantage but I do hear you are one hell of a screamer!
Santana: “Oooooohhhh reallllly, is that so. Tell you what, bleached blonde bitch…I can kick your out of shape body all over this ring and can beat you in a beauty contest before that. Up for that, blondie, or are you afraid of me?”
Tanya: “Honey, the only thing I’m worried about getting close to you is your hygenene. Do you shave your pits or ever wash your hair for example? I’d be glad to put you down where you belong…underneath my incredible bod!”

The filming crew usually just handles catching the catfighting action on tape but in this case they will also be acting as the judges for the beauty contest that will precede the wrestling/catfight battle. The women agree on 8 anatomical areas to be judged…facial beauty, tits, midsection, pussy, legs,arms/armpits, back, and butt. Whichever woman wins more of these will be declared the winner of the overall beauty contest. After that has been decided, the women will then start the typical no holds barred, submissions only catfight part of the filming. As it turns out the beauty contest will also be shot since that event may be an extra bonus that some of the purchasers of the video might like to see.

Beauty Contest: Santana and Tanya look with disdain at the other as the comparison of their assets begin. The first competition will be between their faces as to which woman has the more beautiful face. Santana wins this area handily with better facial features, that luscious long hair which counts in this category, and her exotic Polynesian look…as it turns out is a mixture of Italian and South Pacific parents. Santana takes a 1-0 with their tits the next area of judgment. Santana has tried to get her tits enlarged but has had less than stellar results with some underbreasts scarring and Ds that really don’t dominate her upper body area. Tanya Danielle on the other hand has huge, well formed tits and fantastic areoles, and this contest isn’t close either, but this time it is Tanya that comes out on top so to speak to tie the overall contest at 1 win apiece. The next area of competition will be the midsection of each woman pitted against the other’s stomach area. Neither woman has a wasplike, model type shape but each woman displays a flat stomach and fitness in that region. However, Santana seems to have more development in her abdomen and stomach, showing more ripples when the center of her body is bent as she poses to highlight them. Thus, Santana wins the shape/midsection contest to take a 2-1 lead. The fourth area of competition is between the women’s most private area….their pussies. Both the blonde and brunette have luscious ones but Santana’s is the one that is simply irresistable. Her pornstar background probably doesn’t hurt since certainly some of the judges can remember her sex scenes where her dense forest of pubic hair was proudly shown along with some cumming frames within those scenes. Santana takes a 3-1 lead with this win as the focus shifts to their legs as the next battleground.

Santana and Tanya show off their muscular legs in posing since those assets can be considered also in the beauty and appearance of their legs. Neither seems to gain a huge advantage in that comparison so it comes down as it usually does in this area to which woman has the shapelier legs. In a close decision, really the most narrow of decisions so far, Santana edges out Tanya with her slightly more tapered and beautiful legs to take a commanding 4-1 lead with only three areas left to be judged. The last frontside area of competition will be arms/armpits which includes both beauty and muscularity included in the comparison. This is another area where each woman is clearly above average but not dominating versus the other woman. In yet another close verdict, Santana takes this competition with perhaps the more beautiful arms and slightly better pits. That win puts her ahead 5-1 and clinches the overall beauty contest since only the two backside areas of back and butt are left to be judged. The women turn around and show off their backside assets to the filming crew to be judged. The backs are similar between the women but once again the close victory goes to Santana, perhaps due to her tan or maybe better delineation in her back muscles. Regardless, Santana continues to pour it on with yet another triumph and extends her lead to 6-1 with only the ass contest left. Neither woman has what would be described as a bubble butt but still nice indeed and above average for women, even celebrity or fitness ones. Santana’s is judged to be a little tighter and smaller and takes the final area, the butt contest to swamp her blonde bombshell opponent and make the final margin of victory 7-1.

Tanya is furious that not only was she judged the loser but by such a wide margin. Each woman is putting back on her original bikini she wore to begin this contest but Tanya can’t save her disappointment and fury for the upcoming catfight. She challenges Santana to an immediate test of strength, and after Santana agrees to it, opposite hands clasp as the two sexy women go at it. Legs and arms strain as each woman tries to gain an advantage. Santana bests the blonde bombshell and is able to twist her rival around to implement a full nelson while their bikini tops slip to display their delectable tits.

Tanya: “Let me go, bitch, or I’ll kick your pygmy ass before the catfight even starts!”
Santana: “Oooooo, I’m so scared since I’m the one who has you in the full nelson and could probably end this before we even get to the ring. But I’m going to prove that not only am I the much more beautiful woman but also merciful. Besides, I want to humiliate your sorry ass in the ring with everyone watching and film rolling!” {Santana releases the full nelson and the women get ready}

Catfight: Santana struts confidently to the ring entering the squared circle and immediately takes off her bikini top in an obvious display of how proud of her fit body she is. Meanwhile, Tanya enters the wrestling ring across from Santana’s position but easily within eyeview of Santana’s antics and obviously doesn’t like the way the Polynesian beauty is obviously trying to show her up in front of many spectators, in this case the filming crew. Tanya is wearing an orange bikini as she enters the area while Santana is wearing a multi-colored, flowery type bikini with blue and purple being the more dominant colors. Santana continues to act non-interested in the corner with Tanya’s presence so the busty blonde bombshell can’t take it anymore.

Santana almost looks unconscious as the sexy, athletic woman has been devastated by Tanya’s continuous attack on her face, upper body, including some fists to both her chest and her developed midsection. But the nonstop aggression by Tanya has also winded the stacked blonde in this case so she backs away briefly to catch her breath, get her second wind, and hopes to move in for some more punishment on her hated foe. Tanya indeed moves toward the corner once again and bends over a bit as she goes for Santana’s hair. But Santana doesn’t have to be completely recovered to coil up a right leg and thrust kick an incoming Tanya in her own chest. That is exactly what happens and with her leverage of her body propped up against the ropes and turnbuckle, the sensual, raven-haired siren is able to get quite a bit behind the thrust kick. It contacts Tanya in her cleavage area and sends the superstacked blonde stumbling backwards and landing hard on the canvas with her back taking the brunt of the force there. Santana is slowly able to lift herself up with the help of the ropes and stands in the corner trying to recover from that earlier Tanya attack on her upper body. Tanya is not able to take advantage of Santana’s sluggish movement as she herself is also trying to recover…from the thrust kick and ultimate drop to the canvas she just suffered.

Tanya gets to her feet at about the same time that Santana is able to make it over to her blonde opponent’s position near the middle of the ring. Santana and Tanya are staring at each other with disdain. Santana’s boobs look great with her dark areolas and so squeezable and suckable nipples and with her tits great shape. Tanya looks hot even with her bikini fully intact at this point. Santana seems to be looking for a little revenge for the faceslaps that she endured while trapped in the corner earlier as she cocks back her right hand and gives a roundhouse slap across Tanya’s face. The blonde’s head snaps to the right from the blow but recovers quickly to send a fist back into Santana’s midsection to send the beauty contest winning goddess stumbling back a step or two. Neither woman really won that exchange but keep in close contact as they circle each other looking for an opening to gain an advantage in an attack. Finally, Tanya lunges forward towards Santana who avoids the contact but is able to grab Tanya’s arm as she goes by her. Santana immediately uses that arm as leverage and the blonde’s own momentum to whip her into one of the corner turnbuckles.

Tanya hits the turnbuckle and then drops to the canvas due to the force of her body smashing against the unforgiving padded metal and tight tension of the ropes. Santana remembers her situation in a corner earlier and is ready for some payback. Santana stalks her prey and extends her strong right leg and pushes her foot on to Tanya’s throat area in a great choking maneuver. Occassionally Santana retracts her foot some only to repress it against Tanya’s neck…the reset perhaps applying even more force than the previous encounter. Tanya reaches up her hands to try to remove the foot but Santana has her body’s weight behind it. Santana abandons that particular maneuver but sticks with the pattern as she stomps Tanya’s flat and fit abdomen with that same right foot. Tanya’s body recoils off the canvas with each stomp, and she is getting pounded just as much if not more than Santana did when she was trapped in the corner. Santana reaches down with her right hand and yanks on the blonde bombshell’s hair to pull her up to a standing position. Santana gives her foe’s midsection some shoulder blocks to take the breath out of her body and punish that stomach area even more. But as Santana starts one of her shoulder block approaches, Tanya brings up a knee to connect with Santana’s head to stun the raven-haired beauty and send her stumbling backwards and to land on her beauty contest winning butt.

Tanya is a little slow to get out of the corner after the abuse she just took from Santana. But Tanya’s knee to her foe’s head has left the beauty contest winning brunette groggy and gives the blonde the opportunity to make her way over to her. Santana is still lying on her back as Tanya hovers over her, briefly perhaps eyeing where to attack. Tanya remembers some of her rival’s footstomps and decides to go that direction as she unloads some with her right foot. She pounds not only Santana’s midsection for sweet revenge when Santana did that to her earlier but also zeroes in on those great orbs of her rival which have been exposed since this match began. Tanya does a leg drop across Santana’s throat area, the force causing a recoil in her opponent’s sizzling bod after the mat. Tanya lays her body into a mirror position on the top of Santana’s and does pushups over her rival’s body, causing quite the damage every time she comes down during the downcycle. Tanya doesn’t really brake her body speed in that direction and lets gravity and her body weight crash down on to Santana’s trapped form. After several repetitions of this process, Tanya stays down and simply rubs her body across and then forward and back to make her weight press against Santana’s tits and the rest of her form. Tanya pushes her body up but presses her hands down on to Santana’s wrists to pin her arms. This isn’t significant as far as winning a submissions only fight but perhaps gives her a psychological edge. Santana is able to power up her own arms off the mat and twists her body to dislodge Tanya from covering her form and sends the blonde off to the side.

But Santana is the one winded at the moment from the many times Tanya’s form came down on her own hot bod. As Santana moves to get off the mat, Tanya grabs her hair and slings her down again, this time the black haired siren hitting the mat hard on her frontside area. Tanya moves quickly on top of her foe’s back, sitting on doubled up legs that surround Santana’s sides. Tanya reaches forward to grab Santana’s wrists with her own opposite hands and then crosses Santana’s arms under her own neck which straightens out the blonde goddess’ arms. She pulls upward in a great crossarm chokehold as her foe’s own arms are pulled up against her throat. Occasionally, Tanya pulls up on Santana’s arms with a little extra effort to put additional pressure on the beauty contest winner’s throat and sometimes follows that up with a relaxation of the upward force to let her rival’s head and neck crash down onto her forearms to increase the pressure on the windpipe that way. But Santana has strong arms….more powerful than Danielle’s and the length of this match has caused both women to sweat profusely which makes Tanya’s grip on Santana’s wrists slip off as the hold is finally broken by that combination. Santana hits the mat with her hands in frustration as Tanya still controls her foe’s body by being on top of her back.

Tanya increases that control again by grabbing Santana’s hair and using those tresses to raise and lower Santana’s head from and to the canvas time and time again as she mashes that beauty contest winning face hard to the padded canvas, sometimes even grinding her face side to side in a complete humiliation and harsh punishment against the mat. Santana screams when the force is particularly hard against her face and head. Tanya drops Santana’s head for the last time but regrabs her wrists and on this occasion pulls straight back as she painfully extends her foe’s arms behind her back. Santana screams during the initial yank and her yells get even louder as Tanya pulls back harder and harder on those arms. Add in an occasional knee into the small of Santana’s back, and the hold at that time becomes more of a true surfboard hold. Tanya rocks up and down on Santana’s body to sometimes press Santana’s luscious melons harder into the mat. Santana is moving her arms as much as she can to try to get her hands to slip from Tanya’s grasp. Once again, the problems that Tanya has are that Santana’s arms are strong and the sweat laden hands and wrists are hard for Tanya to keep a firm grip of. Finally, Santana is able to free her hands and before Tanya can grab anything else of hers to anchor her body on top of her own, Santana twists her body to throw Tanya off to the side and for the first time in a while free herself from her blonde amazon competitor.

Santana and Tanya are only on doubled up knees as they stare at each other with hostility yet again. Their bodies are now soaked with sweat which makes this almost have that oil wrestling look to it at this point. Santana starts the new action with a right hand to Tanya’s face, but this time her hand is closed and the fist rocks Tanya more than the earlier slap did. Tanya’s head is resting on the canvas after the blow as Santana grabs her rival’s hair and uses it to ram that blonde tressed head into the mat with force. That collision stuns the huge titted blonde and gives Santana the opportunity to get behind her rival and start working on that orange bikini top. The beauty contest winner unties that large top and uses the stringed document in a chokehold as Santana wraps it around the blonde beauty’s neck and gives her a choking she will not soon forget. Tanya’s eyes get wide and her eyes almost seem to roll back in her head before she is finally able to get her hands between the garment and her neck in order to at least take the pressure off her throat. Santana sees that the effectiveness has been reduced by Tanya’s hands and thus releases the bikini top but doesn’t back down from her position. Santana gets to a standing position behind the blonde goddess and gives her a knee in the small of the back at the same time she cups her hands together in front of Tanya’s jaw in a great chinlock. Tanya’s neck is being painfully bent backwards at the same time the rest of her upper body is being pushed forwardy by Santana’s knee in the back. Tanya again needs her hands to help her escape much as they just did with the bikini around her throat. Tanya moves her hands up to Santana’s and is able to loosen them from around her jaw enough to slip her head out of their grasp. Tanya is then shot forward by Santana’s knee in her back, and the blonde bombshell lands on her frontside, which in her case means her formidable tits.

Santana hunts her prey as she is still standing while Tanya is lying in front of her on the canvas. Santana stops briefly to pick up the orange bikini top she just removed from Tanya and tosses it into the corner. Santana foes for Tanya’s calves as she footstomps them and then cradles them in her arms. She uses her strong arms and those appendages to lift up the lower body of her blonde foe and pulls up until Tanya’s contact with the canvas is limited to her neck and head, yet more strain on that area of her body which has been recently worked over via the chinlock. Tanya’s silicone enhanced tits stay very erect despite her body being essentially upside point at this point. Santana turns her opponent over to put her in position for a Boston Crab hold and leans backwards in a squatting position with her own ass hovering over Tanay’s large one. Tanya hits the man in frustration with her two hands but all the while is twisting her body the best she can to put the most pressure on Santana’s powerful arms as she tries to hold up Tanya’s legs with the cradle she has around those knees. Tanya’s heavy legs along with the motion she is making with the rest of her body makes it too hard for the beauty contest winning siren to maintain the Boston Crab, despite the fact that Santana knows that she is hurting her foe’s back with the hold. Santana has to release the legs but isn’t about to give the clear advantage she now has in this fight.

As Santana releases Tanya’s legs, the blonde is too punished at this point to even roll away from the danger. Santana reaches down with her hands and grabs fistfuls of those golden tresses of Tanya and slings her across the ring with it. Tanya ends up on her back, and Santana as usual is right behind her to follow up her advantage. Santana lies down just behind Tanya’s head and moves her legs on each side of that area in preparation for a crossing of her muscular legs across Tanya’s neck. Santana completes that and now has Tanya Danielle’s head trapped in a figure 4 type headlock. Tanya’s face turns into a big grimace with her dental work clearly visible as teeth are gritted due to the pain and pressure applied by Santana. Tanya moves her hands up immediately towards her head and neck as she begins to try to remove Santana’s strong legs from the headscissors she finds herself in. Tanya tries kicking out but still her head is stuck between the raven-haired siren’s strong legs. Tanya tries to get her hands between Santanan’s right leg and her neck but that doesn’t work either. Finally, she begins to hit Santana’s legs with her fists. Santana doesn’t keep the legsscissors on long after that begins because she is afraid that her beauty contest winning legs will be marked up with bruises by the blows.

Tanya rolls away from Santana to make sure her escape is complete. Each woman quickly gets up and with the best view yet of both women, the filming crew audience is noticing how sweat is permeating each sizzling form. Their hair is becoming matted due to the sweat from their scalp. The women move towards each other, and as Santana approaches Tanya, the blonde brings up a right knee into Santana’s very fit abdomen. As Santana doubles up over the blow, Tanya brings down a fist on to Santana’ s back which sends the sexy siren stumbling towards a corner holding her back. Tanya follows her towards the turnbuckle and throws a fist to her rival’s jaw to send her reeling into the corner. Tanya rushes her body into Santana’s and stuns her as her larger form crashes full into Santana’s muscular body, with no place to go with the turnbuckle behind her. Now, it is Tanya’s turn to choke her foe as she moves her hands around Santana’s throat and tries to choke the hell out of her opponent. Santana quickly moves her strong hands to engage Tanya’s and is able to remove the blonde’s hands from around her neck before too much damage is done. Tanya tries to reestablish the choke but Santana’s hands fight off Tanya’s so the best Tanya can do at this point is to grab one of Santana’s arms and sling her away from the corner and down to the mat.

Santana falls to the canvas on her back and Tanya gets behind Santana’s head much like the raven-haired beauty recently did when the blonde was lying down in front of her. Tanya slides her legs down Santana’s slinky form and crosses them in legsscissors around her rival’s lower waist and thighs area. Meanwhile, Tanya crooks her right arm around Santana’s neck in a choking type maneuver, that right arm stabilized by gripping her left hand on the left side of Santana’s head. Now, it is Santana’s turn to grimace and scream out in agony as she is choked by Tanya’s arm around her throat at the same time her lower waist is being crushed by Tanya’s strong legs. Santana moves her hands up to engage Tanya’s hands and arms and is able to power out of that crooked arm that Tanya has used to choke her. With her neck extracated, Santana can concentrate on trying to get rid of Tanya’s legscissors. Instead od moving her arms down to engage or more precisely try to disengage Tanya’s legs, Santana goes for the more violent route…an elbow thrown backwards into Tanya’s face which does a remarkable job of getting Tanya to release her legsscissors.

Santana and Tanya roll away from each other, each wanting obviously to regroup for the next contact. The women rush towards each other and for the first time in the fight, an extended hairpulling event begins. Each woman normally has long, luscious hair but the perspiration has made their tresses matted somewhat…but still pullable. This starts with each woman in a standing position but their heads are so violently yanked that they can’t stand for long and fall down to sit on doubled up legs. Neither woman gains an advantage so they end up lying next to each other on the mat, hands still entwined in rivals’ hair. The women begin to roll around the canvas with Tanya able to get on top first. Tanya immediately lowers her massive mams over Santana’s face and deposits lots of sweat, foul odor, and reduces Santana’s breathing as the blonde’s bodacious breasts contact Santana’s mouth and nose areas. Santana struggles to try to get Tanya’s titanic tits off her face, but Tanya does it voluntarily. That is the good news….the bad news is that Tanya lowers her right armpit onto Santana’s face and exposes that beauty contest winning area of Santana to ample amounts of sweat and foul odor from that now unpleasant area. Tanya grinds that pits area into Santana’s face getting satisfaction that she is not only humiliating her rival but also restricting her breathing just like the titsmother did. But all this attention to moving around on Santana’s body to do these smothers have left her not covering some of her foe’s body. Santana reaches up with her hands to yank Tanya’s hair with enough force to flip their positions and put herself on top of the blonde’s body. The filming crew can take a wild guess that payback is going to be a bitch!

Santana is now on top of Tanya Danielle and she is apparently ready to take advantage. She releases Tanya’s hair and uses her hands to pin her blonde foe’s arms to the mat much as her opponent did to her earlier in the fight. Santana crashes her own body down on top of Tanya’s and keeps it in contact with her as she rubs her orbs across Tanya’s larger ones, pounds her pussy repeatedly into Tanya’s, and otherwise squirms and wiggles her hard body across every inch of Tanya’s that she can get to by being on top. Santana then lowers her right shoulder area near Tanya’s face and makes sure her very sweaty and smelly armpit goes flush against Tanya’s face, depositing as much sweat and foul odor on to that area as possible. Santana rubs her underarm forward and back and from side to side to ensure that. As if her right armpit wasn’t unpleasant enough, she changes over to the left one and does exactly the same thing. Santana ends that double barreled armpit torture only to drop her tits on to Tanya’s face for her own reduced version of a titsmother. The beauty contest winning brunette doesn’t have the heavy artillery in her chest area that Tanya has but she uses what she has effectively to deposit sweat and foul odor on to Tanya’s face for revenge.

Tanya ends the titsmother and utilizes an area that Tanya didn’t get to when she had the advantage….a facesit. Santana moves past Tanya’s head briefly only to lower the boom with her beauty contest winning ass by sitting on Tanya Danielle’s face in a very effective and very humiliating maneuver. Santana squirms as she tortures her blonde bombshell victim and puts her hands on the top of her head occasionally to show off her firm arms and gorgeous armpits and to demonstrate she is now in control of this match. But not only is the humiliation bad for Tanya, but as Santana is facesitting, she is cutting off normal breathing for the blonde and also depositing a lot of sweat and perhaps the worst odor yet to Tanya’s face. Santana’s wiggle and squirming only increases all of the above. Finally, Tanya is able to generate some bucking motion by trying to kick out and catches Santana at one point where she is showing off with her hands on her head. Santana tumbles off of Tanya’s head and for the first time in a while, the blonde goddess is free of the sexy Polynesian’s torture!.

But Tanya’s recent punishment she has endured has left her weaker at the moment than Santana. The raven-haired beauty is able to be the aggressor once again by getting up quicker and moves to straddle Tanya who is still lying on the mat…as of now on her frontside. Santana remembers the painful pulling of her own arms behind her back and the surfboard type move that Tanya used against her and is now ready to return the favor. She is straddling Tanya’s butt area as she reaches forward for Tanya’s arms and pulls back using the wrists of those arms. Santana’s physique looks magnificent as her tits are still more erect that might be expected this far along in the match and her arms have sinewy muscularity to them as she strains to pull with all her might. Tanya screams in agony as her back, arms, and shoulders are put under pressure by the move. But even for a fit and strong Santana, it is hard to maintain the hold since Tanya is a little bigger than she is plus the moisture on the blonde’s arms make a firm grip hard to maintain. Finally, the blonde is able to pull her wrists away from Santana and twists her body to throw the beauty contest winning siren off her body.

The women are moving the slowest as at any time during the match as they make their way to standing positions. Their bodies are sweat laden but still look incredibly sexy. Both women still show off their fit midsections, stronger than average arms, and those nice tits still more erect than would be expected due to implant support. Tanya’s in particular look just as delicious as when she won that portion of the beauty contest. The women rush towards each other, and this time, Tanya is able to maneuver her arms into a position to turn Santana’s body and get her. Tanya reaches down and rips Santana’s bikini bottoms off, revealing her firm, beauty contest winning ass and part of her pussy area. Tanya implements quickly a full nelson. Her hands are firmly clasped behind Santana as evidenced by her victim’s cries of pain as her head and neck are being tortured by the hold. Santana’s ripped abs are on display as her body is stretched by the hold, and her precious pussy is on display for to the filming crew for the first time since the beauty contest when that area was judged. Tanya is also impressive with her fit arms showing muscularity as she tries to maintain the hold. There are multiple ways to break the hold, but Santana apparently wants to do it the old fashioned way to prove she indeed is the stronger. She pulls her arms down with such force that her stronger arms are able to move Tanya’s arms and eventually break the contact between the blonde’s left and right hands which maintain the full nelson. For additional good measure, Santana stomps her feet behind her own body on top of Tanya’s nearby ones to finish the escape.

Tanya stumbles backward from the attack on her feet and Santana is quick to follow up with some knife edge backslaps to send Tanya to one of the corners. There, Santana unleases a barrage of left and right fists to Tanya’s midsection which is not as hard as Santana’s to begin with and certainly both womens’ abdomens have suffered some during the course of the fight and made them more susceptible to a successful attack. Santana hooks Tanya’s arms behind the ropes so that she will remain upright as she continues the fist assault to her midsection along with some humiliating slaps across her face, more for filming effect than for punishment. Tanya seems to be getting exhausted faster than Santana who also is running lower on steam after this long and exhaustive fight. Santana puts her arms on the ropes, turns around, and backs and then moves forward from the corner several times to pressure Tanya back into the corner and knock the breath out of her. Santana sees that Tanya looks ripe for the picking and with her back still to Tanya’s front, she reaches backward with her right forearm and crooks it around Tanya’s neck to implement a snapmare of the blonde bombshell’s body to the center of the ring. Tanya’s butt lands hard on the canvas but remains in a sitting position.

Santana moves towards Tanya Danielle with a brief stop to pick up a small, stringed black something she brought into the ring with her. Perhaps an extra top or whatever, but it is not the blue and purple top that goes with her bottoms but more of a domination type top. Anyway, she gets behind her superstacked blonde foe and wraps it around her neck in one of the more punishing chokes of the entire match. Tanya moves her hands up to the straps and the fabric to once again try to get her hands between the clothing and her neck but Santana has it forcefully against her rival’s throat area and Tanya doesn’t have the strength she had in her hands when she defended her throat from attack in a similar manner earlier in the fight. Santana continues to pull the strapped fabric back on itself in a circle of Tanya’s neck and finally gets her wish as Tanya’s body slumps over to the canvas…landing on those super tits of hers. The only disappointment to Santana is that Tanya is so dehabilitated by the maneuver that she is in no position to give up, as she is unconscious by the choking maneuver and the restriction on her windpipe and lack of breathing. Santana lifts up part of Tanya’s upper body using the blonde’s tresses but as she releases the hair, Tanya simply drops back down on her face to the canvas. Santana is declared the winner since Tanya was unable to continue, and Santana poses by her unconscious victim in classic poses….arms flexed in bent posture…hands on her head and showing off her biceps and great armpits that way….thrusting out one leg in front of her body and flexing that appendage, etc. Tanya sees none of that but the filming crew catches the initial post match celebration. But that isn’t the end of it, but only it is the beginning. Santana requests a pitcher of water, and as she rolls Tanya over on to her back to get access to her face, the raven-haired goddess pours water on Tanya’s face from several feet up to awaken the blonde bombshell.

Postmatch: As the water hits Tanya’s face, the blonde comes around slowly and spits out some of the water that made its way into her mouth. Her arms are still perpendicular to her body with coughing and spitting the main sounds coming from her along with an occasional moan or groan. Finally, she moves her hands up to her hair and pulls it back, moving some of the strands that were covering her face. Santana on the other hand is just starting with the postmatch embarassment, all of which will make its way on to this catfighting video. Santana rubs her right foot across Tanya’s face with the blonde making a half-hearted attempt to remove it with her hands…yet another sign about how spent she is from the match. Santana requests a dildo from one of the crew and makes a great catch of one thrown in her vicinity. She immediately moves down to Tanya Danielle’s bikini bottom, which is the only piece of clothing still left on either woman at this point. Santana rips the blonde’s off much like Tanya did hers near the end of the fight. Santana skillfully moves the toy in and out and doesn’t take long to get Tanya excited and to a climax. A stream of cum oozes from that sexy orifice and Santana collects some in her hand and moves her body closer to Tanya’s face. Santana smears some of the cum across Tanya’s face, once again just like with her foot rubbing across the blonde girl’s face earlier…she meets little resistance due to Tanya Danielle’s condition. Santana asks for yet another dildo and repeats the performance, but this time it is her own pussy she is bringing to a climax. It is also her own cum that she adds to the earlier Danielle cum that is already residing on Tanya’s face. Santana decides to smooth the whitish liquid, and she chooses to do it by placing her crotch and pussy area over Tanya’s in a great pussy smother. Santana again is turning herself on as her great hairy pussy area rubs and grinds against Tanya Danielle’s face and indeed accomplishes her goal of smoothing the cum across that area. Add to that however her satisfaction that yet again, she is exposing Tanya’s face to yet more sweat, more foul body odor, and more humiliation and embarassment.

Santana is fixated on smothering after this experience and next moves her sweet ass over Tanya’s face to repeat her recent facesitting process that she ended the catfight with. Santana once again squirms and wiggles her great butt across Tanya’s face and puts her hands on the top of her head to show off for the filming crew and thus the video being filmed. But this time Santana has obviously something else in mind as she leans over and grabs Tanya Danielle’s huge orbs in a great episode of tit squeezing. The raven-haired beauty contest winner grabs those monster melons of Tanya, occasionally biting the blonde’s nipples and most of the time trapping her nipples between her owns strong fingers. Her forceful massaging is bringing Tanya to another level of excitement, and Santana strong massaging comes to fruition in the form of a few drops of milk seeping from the blonde bombshell’s naughty nips. Santana puts her lips against those luscious breasts and sucks up any milk that is secreted from those gigantic gazongas. Santana is having the time of her life but unfortunately is pretty tired herself. Since Santana is already close to the normal armpit smother positioning as she leans down to drink those drops of milk. Santana goes with her right armpit as she lowers it on to Tanya’s face much like she did during the catfight. The duration is shorter this time due to her own condition and tiredness but she knows Tanya will still remember it.

Santana: “Well, Tanya honey, I guess I proved who the more beautiful woman is…who the better fighter and wrestler is…and who the better woman is! I’m sure you won’t be wanting to challenge me again in any contest because frankly, my bleached blonde slut, you aren’t even in my league! Oh, and by the way, I’m sure you won’t mind if I take that ugly orange bikini of yours as a trophy for my total destruction of you….don’t worry, you can buy another one and wear it yourself and not have to be concerned about me wearing it at the same time. I wouldn’t be caught dead in that garish color! Take care, baby, and spend more time at the gym. Your lack of wrestling and athletic ability is showing, slut!”

With that, Santana struts out of the ring as only the arrogant Santana can do while Tanya is still almost motionless after losing to Santana in the beauty contest…in the catfight…and then getting embarassed and taken advantage of yet again in the postmatch activities.


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