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There are three MAIN sections to this site (some w/sub-sections. Check them out & follow links):
Section 1 - "Mitzi in Hollywood" - Our pride and joy! This is the continuing story of a young woman's struggle for stardom in the movies. It takes place in an "alternate/parallel universe" so while the characters resemble those you may have read about in your own past, they're NOT THOSE people!

Section 2 - "Ginny's Stories" - Stories she wrote before we started "Mitzi in Hollywood". She'll add more from time to time if/when she finds time. (LOL!)

Section 3 - "Classic Fights" - Fights (reel or imagined) from Hollywood's classic fight era (50's to 70's). When we get stories that fit, we'll add them. This is where you'll find LINKS to other sites you may enjoy.

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While the women (and a few men) who inhabit 'our' universe look like their Earth counterparts of the 1950's, they act quite differently. Don't confuse our characters with their namesakes on your planet. In 'our' Hollywood, actresses fight to win roles in films instead of using the casting couch as some did on Earth. The role of business agent is replaced by fight managers in our world. Aside from that, most things are as it was on Earth in your past.

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Sunny McKay is a world-class 'adult' actress. We've written several stories about her fantastic adventures and you'll find them in this section.
Sunny used to appear regularly in a (now closed) e-wrestling fed with her 'mother' Ginny. This page has some of their more interesting "matches" and a link to the IFWF web site where you can read all the matches.

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Ginny wrote quite a few stories before we met - it was seeing one that brought us together! They're all here. She's busy working for me now, so not all the ones she started have been finished yet. The ones she has partially finished will be posted here when they're done - they'll appear here - first and exclusive!
ALSO IN THIS SECTION: The Adventures of Patti Pastor, girlfighter. Patti's always getting herself into some situation she has to fight her way out of - or try to!

Here you can read some CLASSIC FIGHTS from Hollywood history.
It also includes LINKS to other web sites.
Plus, there's a small Marilyn Monroe picture album honoring Mitzi's first opponent!

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