Classic Hollywood Fight Stories:

Here you'll find some of the most discussed fights in the history of Hollywood's "classic era" - the late 40's to the early 70's. We didn't write these (ours are elsewhere on the site). They've been culled from other sites, bulletin boards, newsgroups or submitted by fans.
Where known, the author or source is shown. All are true (as far as we know) unless identified otherwise. Many of these accounts were written after the fact, some many years later; so we can't vouch for their accuracy or the memory of the author.
Many are, naturally, 2nd hand accounts told by a witness to a friend or two before someone wrote it down. As you may expect, distortions invariably crept in during that process. (Remember the party game where you whisper something down a line of people and laugh at how distorted it gets?) That's certainly possible, so don't believe EVERYTHING you read here.
If you'd like to see pictures of the women in the stories, you can go back to Mitzi's page and check out the photo albums. Where we have them, we've included a small picture of each woman in the story just to make it easier to envision them as you read.



Wrestling Classic: Jane Russell vs. Esther Williams From 1950! This fight looks like it was the fifth in a long series - the tie-breaker. Esther signed for this match to perpare for an upcoming fight with Marie Windsor and it is often overlooked; being treated more as a training match than a 'legitimate contest.' Nevertheless, both women took it seriously!

Wrestling Classic: Jane Russell vs. Esther Williams From mid-1951. These two women had developed a real, visceral, disliking for one another over time. This is possibly the fifth match in a series - depending on which historical reference you use - between two evenly-matched women.

Catfight Classic: Kim Novak vs. Nancy Kovack (1963) by simguy Upstart movie producer looking to break into the big time pits his "Jason And The Argonauts" star (Kovack) against reigning Hollywood 'tough girl' (Novak); held in a Hollywood Hills mansion back yard.

Catfight Classic "Bugsy's Girls" - Wendy Barrie vs. Virginia Hill (1947) Vegas mobster 'Bugsy' Siegel was having trouble deciding between lovely actress Wendy Barrie and mob moll Virginia Hill. What better way to settle matters than hold a fight at his Flamingo Hotel/Casino (and raise money by selling tickets!) What could possibly go wrong?

Catfight Classic (1965?): Sophia Loren vs. Kim Novak (from the Free Catfights Message Board) An "eye witness" account of the legendary brawl between two of the sexiest "big names" of the 60's and early -70's!

Titfight Classic (1956): Sophia Loren vs. Jayne Mansfield Two of the greates of the 'big boob battlers' square off in Romanoff's Restaurant. With Jane Russell and Gina Lollabrigida, these two were among the "giants" of the genre! This was the first of several fights with these two legends (a series sadly shortened by Mansfield's untimely early death in an autombobile accident.)

Catfight Classic: 1962 Yvonne Craig vs. Ann Margret Legend Ann Margret faces a new challenger, this one a young dancer who would go on to fame as TV's 'Batgirl'.

Catfight Classic: 1967 Yvonne Craig vs. Ann-Margret (Rematch) It's five years later, but neither woman can let it go and they're back on the apartment floor again!

For the Soldiers! Lola Falana vs Joey Heatherton Those USO tour contretemps can get wild and Joey and Lola settle things the old fashioned way, with their fists!

For the Sailors! Lola Falana vs Mitzi Gaynor Outraged by Lola's diva-esque behavior, Mitzi intends to set her straight, using her right - and her left!

Catfight Classic: Mitzi Gaynor vs. Yvonne Craig (3 fights) Between 1959 and 1966, Mitzi Gaynor and Yvonne Craig faced each other at least three times that we know of. Once in a 'Battle on the Beach' and twice in more formal boxing matches. These stories have been compiled by us and are presented here (together) for the first time ever!

Catfight Classic: Mitzi Gaynor and Joan Collins Two tough, strong-willed women get down and dirty.

Catfight Classic: Mitzi Gaynor vs. Tina Louise When Tina makes a remark in a bar, Mitzi after a long hard day of rehearsal takes offense and the usual fireworks ensue!

Catfight Classic: 1966 - Sophia Loren vs. Raquel Welch A rising young Latina starlet faces off against a cagy European veteran as two women tangle to see which is the 'top cat' in one of the all-time great 'big bust' catfights ever recorded!

Catfight Classic: Yvonne Craig (Batgirl) vs. Joanna Cameron (Isis) At a sci-fi fan convention, "Batgirl" Yvonne Craig and "Isis" Joanna Cameron are up for an award; so naturally, a beauty contest/catfight is the ONLY way they can determine the winner!

Catfight Classic: 1961 - Ann Margret vs. Juliet Prowse Two rising young stars on the celebrity catfight circuit face off for the first time. Two women enter, one woman leaves!

Catfight Classic: Raquel Welch vs. Linda Evans Raquel has been 'hired' by some other women to deliver a message to Linda Evans. In her usual, inimitable style, Raquel makes sure Linda 'gets the message' loud and clear!

Catfight Classic: Brigette Bardot vs. Claudia Cardinale (wild west catfight) These two gritty actress get down and dirty in a 'dress rehearsal' for their awesome catfight in "The Legend of Frenchie King"

Catfight Classic: Barbara Eden vs. Elizabeth Montgomery Barbara and Liz get into it at a party after both have had a little too much to drink. Inhibitions (and a lot more) are lowered.

Catfight Classic: Diahann Carroll vs. Elizabeth Montgomery Liz Montgomery made the mistake of saying something derogatory about Diahann's show "Julia". Diahann stops by Liz's to "set her staight." Mayhem ensues!

Catfight Classic: Faye Dunaway vs. Ann Margret Faye had a well-earned reputation for brawling and so did Ann. After this, only one of their reputations was still intact!

Catfight Classic: Barbara Eden vs. Stella Stevens Stella challenges Barbara in a private club and one girl learns that people remember a humiliating defeat for a long time when it's in public!

Catfight Classic: Joan Collins vs. Barbara Eden By the mid-1960's both women had established themselves at the top of the Apartment Catfight food chain. In this 1966 match, one woman takes the next step on her way to achieving 'legend' status!

Catfight Classic: Honor Blackman vs. Kate O'Mara Mid-1980's catfight at a demure English tea party. Well, OK, maybe NOT a tea party, but it was quite a party!

Catfight Classic: Barbara Eden vs. Sophia Loren Mid-1960's action involving two legendary women with great catfight pedigrees!

Catfight Classic: Angie Dickinson vs. Ann Margret In Vegas when one woman makes a rude remark to another when she's on stage entertaining, you just KNOW there's going to be fireworks!

Catfight Classic: Jacqueline Bisset vs. Lauren Bacall (catfight) In the 1970's, many young actresses thought Lauren Bacall's acting AND fighting careers had both run their course. Jackie Bisset found, to her dismay, that the old cat's claws were still sharp after all!

Wrestling Classic: The Photos (wrestling) For years there were rumors of a fight between Barbara Eden and Stella Stevens. This report appears to confirm it. (Note: Both women appear in the Mitzi in Hollywood story as teenagers. This fight takes place later in their careers.)

Time Travel Classic: Barbara Feldon vs. Marilyn Monroe 'Get Smart' star Feldon always wondered how she'd fare against the legendary Monroe. Now, thanks to a time machine, Barbara gets her wish!

(most - but not all- penned by the legendary 'simguy' of FCBA fame!


Boxing Classic: Mitzi Gaynor vs. Abby Dalton From 1964. Before her daughter (Kathleen Kinmont) became a title contender in the 1990's, Abby Dalton was one of the top boxers of her generation.

Boxing Classic: Mitzi Gaynor vs. Doris Day What started out as a 'friendly workout' quickly deteriorated in this studio fight story.

Boxing Classic: Mitzi Gaynor vs. Angie Dickinson In 1960, Mitzi faced tough young up-and-coming Angie Dickinson at the Sands Hotel/Casino. Mitzi said, "I saw something." Was it the end of the tunnel or just the headlight of an on-coming train?

Boxing Classic: Mitzi Gaynor vs. Ava Gardner Mitzi Gaynor steps in to face Frank Sinatra's wife when she feels Ava is treating Frank badly.

Boxing Classic: Mitzi Gaynor vs. Susan Hayward Mitzi was always underrated, but in this match against the fiery redhead Susan Hayward everyone came away shocked at the sudden and brutal conclusion.

Boxing Classic: Mitzi Gaynor vs. Jocelyn Lane The 1960's saw a resurgence of what was dismissed at the time as "bimbo boxing". Jocelyn Lane was one of the top "beach bunnies" in B-movies at the time while Mitzi was near the end of her career as a major motion picture icon.

Boxing Classic: Mitzi Gaynor vs. Janet Leigh During the decade of the 1960's saw many familiar screen names turn to boxing to supplement their income. Others had been doing it for a while and it showed when they met in the ring. Mitzi's screen career was near it's premature end while Janet's was starting to plateau. Both women were hoping for a 'bounce' out of this match.

Boxing Classic: Mitzi Gaynor vs. Gina Lollabrigida Another classic fistic match from the incomparable 'simguy'. It's the early 1960's and Mitzi's facing a much heavier woman; a classic Italian big body banger. She has to try something different to avoid biting the dust yet again.

Boxing Classic: Mitzi Gaynor vs. Ann Margaret A ringside report (possibly transcribed from a reporters notes) of one of Mitzi's fights when she was at the height of her popularity. This was the fight in which Mitzi proved she was "for real" as a boxer, something she did infrequently.

Boxing Classic: Mitzi Gaynor vs. Marilyn Monroe Another of Mitzi's brutal boxing matches. Remember, in the 50's gloves weren't as good as today and they didn't wear headgear. Marilyn was one of Hollywood's superior wrestlers in the late 1940's and early 1950's but she often appeared in celebrity boxing matches when an opponent was particularly appealing.

Boxing Classic: Mitzi Gaynor vs. Rita Moreno Mitzi climbs through the ropes to face the tough little Puerto Rican dynamo Rita Moreno. Rita is short, but uses her fists like flashing switchblades to cut opponents to ribbons!

Boxing Classic: Mitzi Gaynor vs. Kim Novak (their first 2 matches) Mitzi's first two encounters with big, tough Kim "Ice Princess" Novak. The first one followed by the rematch. Classics in every sense of the word!

Boxing Classic: Mitzi Gaynor vs. Kim Novak (III) The third of Mitzi's famous fights with big, bruising blonde bomber Kim Novak. The two fights below were both classics and THIS ONE exceeds even those for excitement!

Boxing Classic: Mitzi Gaynor vs. Bettie Page Page never made it as a legit actress, but the studios used her as a 'trial horse' when they wanted to test a young woman. Mitzi hates fighting shorter women. This was one of Mitzi's first fights.

Boxing Classic: Mitzi Gaynor vs. Debra Paget Mitzi hates fighting women shorter than she is. She really has problems when they can duck inside and work over her soft, curvy body.

Boxing Classic: Mitzi Gaynor vs. Raquel Welch Late in her career, Raquel Welch finally granted Mitzi the fight Gaynor had been seeking for a decade. Older, softer, but heavier, Mitzi can't resist the siren call of the ring for one more fight.

Boxing Classic: Mitzi Gaynor vs. Esther Williams From the same period. This bout took place shortly after the one reported above. Again, these look like notes transcribed during/after the fight by someone who was at ringside for the match.

STORIES ABOUT OTHER CELEBRITY BOXERS (Both classic and modern eras) are stored in the Female Celebrity Boxing Association "archives" CLICK HERE to be linked to that site!
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Boxing Classic: Raquel Welch vs. Ursala Andress (Rematch-1966?) After being embarrassed by Andress in their first fight, Welch really buckled down; getting serious with her training and diet. But Andress was a handful for anyone and experts doubted that Welch had what it takes to handle her. Were they right, or did Welch win the fight of her life?

Boxing Classic: Britt Ekland vs. Caroline Munro (1974) Bond girl Ekland ("Man With The Golden Gun") faces off against Hammer film feline, Caroline Munro, in this London penthouse boxing match promoting the new Bond film.

Boxing Classic: Raquel Welch vs. Linda Evans (1965) A young Raquel visits the set of "Beach Blanket Bingo" for a noon contest with up-and-coming starlet Linda Evans. (The first of many meetings between these two legendary beauties!)

Boxing Classic: Anita Ekberg vs. Bettie Page Bettie was lured out of 'retirement' to face young up-and-comer Anita. Will the wily veteran have what it takes to 'school' the youngster?

Boxing Classic: Joan Collins vs. Ann Margaret At a secluded inlet near Crete, on a small 'battle barge' - a flat bottomed, canopied boat with a ring in the middle surrounded by seats for a privileged few.

Boxing Classic: Barbi Benton vs. Caroline Munro Playmate Benton was being groomed to face Raquel Welch and sending her to England to face tough little Munro was part of the plan.

Boxing Classic: Betty Hutton vs. Dorothy Lamour According to Hollywood lore, the film with the most on-set scraps between female participants during shooting was Cecil B. DeMille's 1952 circus epic, 'The Greatest Show on Earth.'

Boxing Classic: Marilyn Monroe vs. Bettie Page Bettie Page was one of the great unsung fighters of the 'classic' era. Here's an example of her ability several years after her fight with Mitzi (below).

Boxing Classic: Yvonne Craig vs. Ann Margret Yvonne made her mark in 60's TV as 'Batgirl' but in her ring career, it was this fight with tough Ann Margret that really opened eyes in tinseltown!

Boxing Classic: Ann Margret vs. Dyan Cannon Fought on a yacht in the Mediterranean after a movie shoot in the South of France.

Boxing Classic: Kim Novak vs. Jane Russell Kim Novak was just a youngster when she faced wily veteran Jane Russell in a battle of two big women bent on destruction.

Boxing Classic: Kim Novak vs. Gina Lollobrigida Kim Novak braves a long trip to face Gina in Southern Italy. Was the trip a mistake, or did it only seem so in retrospect?

Boxing Classic: Mae West vs. Clara Bow A well-researched account of the much debated fight between two early 20's glamor stars. Includes a summary of the fight and there's even a bonus, a West-Boardman bout! Don't miss this - one of the most thorough match stories we've seen in many years.

Boxing Classic: Susan Hayward vs. Debra Paget During the 1950's Susan Hayward was considered a "journeyman" boxer. Later, her reputation increased in light of the subsequent records of her victims. Debra Paget in this fight was much younger and less experienced than Susan.

Boxing Classic: Honor Blackman vs. Angie Dickinson During the 1960's, Angie Dickinson established the reputation for fighting prowess that continued throughout the next decade. This bout shows her at her best.

Boxing Classic: Goldie Hawn vs. Jill St.John Jill promised she'd "sock it to" Goldie when they met in this European battle in 1971. You'll have to read it to find out if she made good on her boast.

Boxing Classic: Cyd Charisse vs. Esther Williams Two of the greatest fighters of their generations meet in this classic era match.

Boxing Classic: Shirley Eaton (Goldfinger) vs. Jill St.John (Diamonds are Forever) Two Bond girls meet in a classic sluggers brawl.

Boxing Classic: Julie Chrisie vs. Raquel Welch Raquel earned her reputation as a boxer at the 1966 Cannes festival. Christie was the toughest woman in Europe at the time. A classic by any definition of the word.

Boxing Classic: Sophia Loren vs. Ann Margret From the mid-1960's. This was their much ballyhooed rematch after Sophia had upset Margaret in their first bout.

Boxing Classic: Loni Anderson vs. Raquel Welch This match took place in the 1980's, well after Raquel's career had started to wane. Loni Anderson was one of the "new breed", a buxom blond pumped up with TV hype and years of gym work.

Boxing Classic: Jayne Mansfield vs. Mamie van Doren Two busty blonde bombshells lace on the gloves with the intent to do 'bodily harm' to one another. When the smoke has cleared, one blonde is left standing over the body of her beaten opponent.

Boxing Classic: Angie Dickinson vs. Ann Margaret During the early and mid-1960's these two women were among the best in the business. This report covers one of their classic fights in which one of them establishes her dominance over the other for good.

Boxing Classic: Betty Grable vs. Anita Ekberg Another Simguy ringside reconstruction. Toward the end of her long career, Betty Grable faced Anita Ekberg, the 1950 Miss Sweden and a woman who was not only 15 years younger but had a big size advantage to boot. All Grable had was her ring experience and a champions heart. Two of the all-time favorite blonde battlers from this Classic Era.

Boxing Classic: Tina Louise vs. Julie Newmar A mid-60's bout involving two tall fighters. Tina Louise, the big redhead on the "Gilligan's Island" TV show meets big dancer Julie Newmar who played 'Stupifyin' Jones' in the movie "Lil Abner". Recreated from a reporters ringside notes recently found.

Boxing Classic: Jane Russell vs. Esther Williams From the early 1950's? This looks like it is possibly notes that had been transcribed after the fact. Maybe from a reporter at ringside for this classic-era boxing match.

Boxing Classic: Mammary Lane A boxing match between Jayne Mansfield and Jane Russell. Although not given, this fight probably occurred in the mid-1950's - around the time Jayne Mansfield was a member of Frank's league with Mitzi Gaynor.

Boxing Classic: Betty Grable vs. Marilyn Monroe Another Winston Penn account, this time of the famous New Years 1952 boxing match between the two top blondes of the age.

Boxing Classic: Barbara Eden vs. Dawn Wells From the 1960's. This boxing match took place between two of the eras TV starlets. Eden ("I Dream of Jeannie") and Wells ("Gilligan's Island") were popular sex-symbols in a medium not generally known for its sexy women. (Recreated from reporters notes found recently.)

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